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The morning star and Catholic messenger. (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, March 31, 1878, Morning, Image 2

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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·.u. No.t.ra-a Manti' nsatr'
NNW OtLL iAN m. i -..V I' .,
y 'i a URIY .OF "' "tI : P1'. h'l. i..
p r o p h e t ic i i t i, " i h .t f, c ti" ti, , a ' r uii . E lv Ier y
lineis pregnn,, N , , " " t thhuga thiit
have comrn or arc -0.1 cu alillg to past.
A lee11 li t.', X X I . n t ' ii' it de' r
. ... . ," ,it .. i,
I r t 1 ,1 : 1 111. , t l 1 ' , l I '" ,1 ;
T e , i t, t 111*l - .. { ,* mlt n i , l
}"f . 11i I .,',. .. 't . At: t,, II, al ,. u
.ii ttitii . ,i l th.i , , lliil '
H bIlf e 11.'11 ,,l dI11l,. r- a, "
t ltlll l, . , l t. - 1 "", In . ,,, I le tlI:,tL n.
tlit.i 1-t1tit i t ii] nli,.4, lp . I,, -.,t'i 1 °  ll,,l
cat I ', tn Jr hll ,. . 1 r;I I ,, ,',',+
'W i , i *f r .,,ti' , t I ti it ,' ''t . ' i
'I t it"',I". t , 't ''
I a hai , ' "
Fo r e lt th I. a. ittf
"It n .h '1'1 : , , . , "l
A ~l r t 'y, t I,". 1 {.x , "''" "'"t 1n h
F o r ut ". 1. '"t I.. 1",.1 ' ' n t . w
y lcd . I , It, . . . . . . ., t , i t
' l tie 1 , , '... {'.. I. ' '1 , r 11,"r. "I,!t
( t h 11." .it , ' 1 1 ' '.- " I I I'"r_ - ... ..." 1
L.. 11: Is rl
f., ur"fielicc, ii - 1t~"t'
Tilt II.'. it"ic -l.tt tic a." I.,, fir wiir k i
I 'ot ,. r i' ,. ti t.i.i , it" ..'., tii fb l i' larg, . n
l'o hlt' ,r 1r. t , 1," ,, t 1i..11 ,. ."  t e ,,, t i tii, i ri
Itll . 1o h1, 1, 1 ),.t ,
SjtW httlr eit a t1 1 (I I- i art-RooII II che; l''s
reIn tlcr a i I I l i.t,, , stinu there si , r
a) topc - wii, fiiiraltl i '. a1if i.V1ifi tly hu
neverthelrrr, a bt <ts' ;: " ith i g:' . -1 I. n
hbut it , ei.t. ti l ItI i ur t oii e. Thi-a" i t, i ti i
are A, i c.rt . t l h i ti, n tIt. t t i. e e of the iiy , N
Thef court-hi.'l t - a t lvre for workers, fliuiy i
st bee, A, t l . l,. i i tplli..l iI i t many i i ..I
and woeu. n, iand ,I -* ti,-g its w ht if app
doent a . lli l.. 5r r, ; t. r of t, anh r The city tcii
"is not large, i lth.agh r Eea it. largo shire
people alrt r i , i si trr. t ii n e.cu ttfl' h pit-r a
ot . alv.iis thii, lI:, .) ,, ight i e w re t re tieid
expectedi at th.. i., fiIt 1-. e, tI t. i.it t r fof m
At topic fi-f intl.i.rta i-ce, i .. i everii lw y tells
One morning in SeptI ber, ihont tel min- r
atea before the t1't for the dot's work to ht
gin, an eager gr p Ntod t I window in t. .
d lme, ei... ly talk, , ,,gi
"Oh, w lat i , ,e, ra, . cr d another, a
young ... .... wil.. . . .... g Angle and dru y
of her 1.',.1 . T','fi i i.s'har, and a step
aothirt , at, i it.. ' i sit p . trit, and rothe"ls,
mtore or Ie 'I . , I t, r it r' i' In , o. . . ittptit.. ,
hIa d tf nt.'it irr , il -itali t , and 11,i ol,
E hvel, le t at, is Lt Rhoudc rs I di
nit i ,"te 0t ., ,1 Let ' .oke 1I heardli .
r ielll t v-a IsI , ,,' i t,. g , ' .c l i, t htit ,itil, i€4,
ni%.tdit,,. tittit tll i'cl ti te f h - it iii,-t
"Ali !i uttit.h l i ci nft ,
ciyhere l.'i .
T" nlr I ::ltt , "". 1 .i t l-r 1. r' . l ilt 1, w
it n. t 1* i t r," , , (S iu ' i I pa l ry
-4o' t.t r." .  1 1 i "4 , , ,, ,i ,. ., 1, J
illo k . m ,< , n ., r , 5 . 1 : , h ,4.
] t l }i I l. ' , .rl ", " 5. , "' 1 , ' ,' .
wasaI gn 111· 1 1*:r :. 1+ , 11. 11 'I1 +1(1'1%. irlt lh
Jamro ll'l r ce 1,1 ,, t¢.,rty h -oll , .1ulht, wIh hl d
c"lled name, alwan s blh IIF r \ I.1 ler l readyt o
a*cc[ unt1'I ton , - t:" ..r 11 nw ht- Isn, adr olfl r
othn'r a,, y , , : " lwa 1 I I re lly d |nr shaib t
lld f s,1 aIr , easthor IP , 1tid r  tql thl, all 14t
lovlu . , ,, clb h t ts, he hd (hiear
her erave I" norm Eep a w fll rn od
lie** , Ia : * h ,,.' r t, l.(lr 1.! olt. Tu o
tbera.'. I , utt he 'il,, tr , oh d ch ;"
lrn lt o go wn l.r,,,,, ".t'l l o'.. "haus:,li! as'
iLod r, ;l.~l p:s m ,ti t L, ,! ;.,\fr i,: J asl. n , urt,
Ilulnt-fr a :at-s. , t:c!.v 1.18 Compat , IIIl,, a tn
* aIulllt Ha I(h I U11 !. " tC 1H.1 lour li y'w d netl **
ol-a lhll v e ,'t " , AI , d vl h ; cr s eTl e t. gr~al
riid t.I . i . I1 -aw Y e fP It L h 1O l. i t m llll','
A w111t t. dT, :11.1.bll i o ih'".
"rlla i a' " 1 . h '1:,n l.h i t.i : f r.l].l." l .tillt h
,i4t1. i'rl:t ell; ' at an tit 1h ;i b!. . 1 li '" II
ihere alwar). I htipn she will nver. hat' tg, g i
a%. a.. (ih, ino, tIlat's iot 1 1ir. I iy o e , 1i
thittii wll! t url rI ao thnt hre ilay lii. tii, Ha to
dr: t+ : ige ; her lit., blit her.
Ilseblrn watched her, too, tlhor.;:htfnilly. I
wasn lc t iacini torlllnitd to tpienld tIri: 'h tLIhough!r t
oni the clerks who were .abordrllnrIt, in lltlr.
This gull, hlowever, warn evidently nio Cirt.iOlrn
pornot. She won hir p''y bIy tier ievident
ield. his a.lmiratiron bry hetr lovely iranu 1it s.
lie took Linie legal Id.Ontleltsi ottue ev itl1nllg
anld Iditlr hIll wat) it thile "bit of a cttage Oil
High stirtet." A round rosiy boy Ii liin shirt
,ilerve opene.l the dtitr d lland urshered tlimn at
nii..o linto thlle ittingl roorn. 'i'here nal Evrelyn,
witlh t1h, lampiighht uliiiingt ol heir fllo , ieluld
hr.g a ijackr' whic was too inprt'.ably hier
brotillt a unly uone, arnl explained his appear-l
"Ia ardlton aiy call, .ltis itetriard," Rll1a t rl
ail: "I ad meaniirt to ,rk iyou! If 3tyou woir i
I1, I hIlh. ,* xtra r i ti it l tod lriL tof hiours. It
It ,ini,' Ii u li ' ly !rotii pray, rnld noner of rI.. oil
",' 1, t l t. I f ,.got to uils.*ix o it, to yon 'it
I! Il: 'I , I! I Intus l hlav it. !galiln tL day
afi r Iti ":t, l',r. ,'
al ' 4i:k .. f i t It i *..tp iof tor kiri'gitg i i tl e
l .:t.l. I r .' .i d "it .d. 'itenll u1irtl d
lii t' t ' ; ti .... i -. - t h l i i "
)f na .it frt. " t" . il r root t ti upon rLr
Httr Ir an *r " I . " ii.1. i Itt-lIrt l i'tl 'n
:itit1'1 I t' " 1t.. .. i , l. 11111; ,1':.ift ,
tii.t u  t .tt. ti lt h 'o i ltr i w.it i it lit'n ,
if'i n i I I t i o ir t . Ihtv :tI r r d t lUl, t
f .iii te cra t ~lnt I I,:o.l it, liuri i lliinei t'
iei" n: i t 1 " : II .." t .., ''I hi i 61 il thu' i"i',
ad ahle e.. ai 'n ,,,rei t'' ,S i ll can C to her
ith artl i , ri l 'l r.i :1f .,lt i Iit', ' ,t 1 .:I v f+ :l ilc l ir
'tI airti I ctrtl di w r't'fr. " r. i, ;mpt ra -If
flint: ..'i 1 i1 ',, , t .ie) fi ie I , it t i a t if
Fli-y 1111o i " aly IrIWWG i -n11 Ti lT1 r MTt T
lih Itr.r1 t, ttr"c r 'r Sr . to it i her , ,c,. i ..e
wls" l i t )11, out olll f the r,) ml it arle t !.,n c"'l l e
riing that 1i1, f half htour to attlnll to tilhe
wa'ite , r tr invalti t tn.oti erI iar,. v.L L.ad
in|hed ti i, ; ruket and i r guli i to tt lirta i b :awn til
before tri r ti il Irt. r i -l 'tit g , t.
JI worter wheiin llyou dintd it" e itidt. "Aift r
I rawwll tyou h:ndi to I. I1 ht B nll t, I blllul t' nl
llf for lO inel , n ll o li to ti:g anlly t .trr l o}iter
work to t0o."
She milel briglhtly. "I d',n't hlano yon,"
he| said. "1 thank )on lc'h. Yon know I
oipy tery fi.nt, and beildei, w"" wo have
Much to fill our tit ' i a r gift of li lr .dig
"1 wil I could do lmort for you," .:i ratid,
t:lr e till .y.
ThIlat l.ii ,in. JareIi Purcelr'l, .talll ing' shown
taigh trel'rt, t ihrong, iII LaneI , w.hitct wa'i the
wangKt wviy to I e ertntni'ot e, hriet va I rh he
hiild tolnld oddly c itnvelnien, of late, raw Mr.
Itchr t inst at hon ar ir s11iow with ac troupiug
nyti rt io l Iintlitit i" , i l
r, true holoirt liri RI d '"c Iiluig ngu t rif le r
I' ly.  l ei' t'rly l :ie . t1 ti itvllll lit '"d Ih , ' r1. 1 'itl
lt cil t uvn t r, : ell r...le I arid r ' salinelwl
ir . iii I t1 (, r tI. t t IIMi t o Ib
ti it ii r L. 11 . 11 1 t :i i. i
II e t r e e t. t ht a' . 1 1 i'i
atie... w ,e , .r i . . .i r i . .. ii .' ...w i I.
cay,, .,[' , ,, woriu te Ik .tl.i... i .,
SI an .| ! i- ' 1 , (.. r\ . r, , ' ' .
It wl ay iirR , tii vit:Ir 1t fi~l-itlri we ct i
lt. n ailr ti .t lfor git:fl:lteh. R 'iehi l't n l :'ildue
wihl. fvo it:, atil l. i i "r, III af rol , ai'rI o It l.tar te i
r .it'.ia. ia r t. atnr i Eiii t yu grt a w to II IRlti, ..; lii
y c n sL l, n5'4i :r t i , h ni l d : II wf: iin
I ti e I tt ill int l, ii,-, ., Vhil. i trIu' t rt1 tir .ct'
anai wr i 'Il l :. If I u wert :lt ta '1.i yu c.,l-i
A: li.i ., in n wif it-r twilitli t, i'm t" i'red. -
trirk w.r , wcry lit'k 10 I" li i ili tci Ii it the
- o rtýtth u1,, a» hr h d blr e tro Io 1 :1:'e' the
rnpteen than was h's wont . "Mash Ev-l), I
have been thinking Ilblut a Ilatter where 1
want your advice ; I 111 goring to make a long
.pecth. ('tan on hear l toe tku cud withou;
aying anything "
Soh lauKhld uiiuontly, thinking h oly of ier
Idvaw ay togiel d i fr1 ri lTi in tilt lide enltLu rli
"I will ty veriy r t,"te ho iid.
ItI rlackoetd h ii pcl, anid split ais silowiy
a" Ica walked.
"I ha-e IS fair salary," he Paid, "and a fair
chanet of promotion. We Crr both i young, i ani
I love youi. I have iiit l;onght it niclot iioibler
that you love or call love lull "
ie dad lot pa ite for iian aniwer ; anid air,
trangiely for her eiager nature, did inot car to
tiriwer it. It wain very tpleaint to walk with
him itr the gloaming, anlid hear Fic geintle vtr ue
may word" like then.,.
"It may be i long while ii fori wt cat ie
married, but if you are ti lit lug to enter into a.
long aill ilenga iem iO t with iuo, l lnt. lit' able to
bo of mort bullp and tlloifrt to yon than I cal:
te now, and to and by as way mu ist open w uu
1 ca n - h i ive 'ta ttthull for tini own.'t
Nhe did I,."t t)y t 1,i 1, ,%how M h an event
I cot idt ev' l: c{'att t) pahi all t her r 't.,; the pre
"ent ' ,,, ae all ioobrigltly l,.fo:o hrr eyve She
!i.had hail g rl'iar fonlt:'rt about hove it, it Imitrri
,age, 111 olht r diav when whu h:ld ntt iell nlt ih
m.' t, :I a .mtwr attent wn.ll , at elte l:10a nov0"r
k iown al y; - ii t n rt 4 If'it i abou i t i ,ll.
, t ',' .4 t , h, w t! r. r f, ,, l: ,, + I ,r 1 ,
1h, II,,V .. d ," h  ,tll, I" , .... ' , .
" 't. l t ' . 1 , . .1 i , t h l 1 : ' " . l t h.,l
,- . - i 0,,, , t.u 1 iro lU us 1'1,'.. 11 itllil. rij
alr r i i ll,: illt L'red lRAiburn,)" t.a,, the irr.- f,
vei.rIt it. . ,- , "F'rod staeburl likin Iul Jdy i:
lhat hia It." tu
" o, h , (teari," h Ir fatL r said, "1 am olrt e I
te crrl . for Evelyn. lIe it a kind gentlel-null, an
but lie hae i bacin 1n s, to a dlff'lent IlIe, a.ud It cI
to n.i strange th:at this relts himn."
"I doL't call that I tre," at. IBolls in her T'
twelv vteare of wisdomt "ieal lIve woul wi
forgot itlelf." whir', a- it was a as Ittient hi(
(q-iit too high to bt. classed with any mert de
silly novel, and quite too profound for Mr. h)
hlernard to haveeezpected from his litt, BIJlla, he
amianz:d him into bltioce for a time. And be- vc
fore he had an answer reads, she sa.d lo)erly, d
"I n(v-cr ga ,,: I o;on -ti.e t. papail" wi-inl ... sit
ailed limn t tell ier that be had i'tr say wi
unoii' rie ln the snl-jtct.
lint ,hle sc.ircelv veiled hier di respect to
Ra-leurn itIat evening, &t(d fiually sent Evelyn
lf into a vi',lent bnret ot tMaras, and, under the in
plea of a healdal.e o:i her pait, sl- ~ndt Fred- c..
iack twere left, ttthe u.tl'y l:ght. d parlor and at
each ith,.r's :c4ciety. lie sototled her by bis he
vt ry pireslence al:. g~-rtle manner, lint when bI
tbl., wa' C(.!ril Again, iei spl1ke deterni:iedly. .e
'"lh-re tn;ict I it as -tot to this, : vo lytn. I J
cannot I,,i vo)ii wearilg olt your life in this br
f. lii.,n. Li]t I lie nimarriL.d at once, sa that I ah
C.- Lk (lie )iu isa' -?.'
"la'aa t ii a in "' Eely:i lookted ntterly hi
at.zd. " ':owl t `.t'l I evecr g awaly " the re
" V 1 ' l a , i, I, .' w .* "," H t: ta.w, er,"d. ei
Si .h'i r .v".r o Jr .it I o oI~o ? ' it
S: I i,' .,- I t l- '. i * Iti bll a d, B.I
Srlf y 1 - .,Oh, no, !:' c i., Ti t he."
', 1 i h"l. t tln .-' I wait " Lec cried ti
"Y t1 ".: . ' i; - .:u b", . h1 .. " l, t e re.il iin'ed of
t) '1', I. _t \ .: ,, tl ,u , u; r( p rI t t1 a c. I t 11 r w
"!· " i : ' I ~ i" . , . ,I F. t eiil hat! b 'e I ll a ' 1It
a:L. t .11I. :'' a i i irt itte ithi ln 5at e it
;, !.r, )'i , I.. t, f :.. I: is ilf i on ,or that ci
r : v- r"rn T-rvt-trt- bee-rrrrTru-t -'M 
til, t . !l e. wt i. Ich a trotil.(. Yet h nce 'he tr
si)d TtrM t!ihk tieL ll s)O.W
"I. atell. l,-ar," ln saidn. "liDo you reimtnibe.i lt
tsle I tl.l yl oif ily friendl Ieaves, wbhi was h
colca, a tmr' k in t:l, C.,eCilat use t Ii,' itis lately
hrti, tlea:ti) I, witl )w quite poor. I have no cr
d a.l,: thalt a, would he not mJ,!:+ wil.ing but st
glia, t Io coe. here a:.1 take charige, or ttle vi
i!,. t an a Lonie. l'ilet' von and I cotul lit
leart. ivl:,ri yohin and I conld Oite often to tee w
Ill!ni, anl yet ithave Otntle peace and rnut." sa
Ilow bright, how f Sir, that peace aind rst ii,
i erni(l y o wntury Evel~iu . Just the.n a clamoir i
ro.. le toe nil' roit. She sprang to 'itletnce
it, ii:d is at'he ttened onie door. .Jam.es Pi ore.1 ki
,n.tnt.a. lnothetr, and saw her tlushed and dis- fr
trl ! :c'. Its liftedl Iand tilled the tumnh,i
ienctpt in Eevely."') heart. iHe only said goodlil- o
.ttingl t ti her, and i -'I . ted himself a- he had r,
often dilite of late to brliin halppinean to the t
plar.i-nts as w ll .oe to tie child'',-. But thi.J
nithtl hi-seas :y contente'd i:earr 'id not find its to
nnail c' .,tent in I laying thit' sawl le games, silil s;
rii!l- t I' Mr. ' itdt , I i etise nt with it.
In I a iand tt e rll- m at,') t Mrs. ert-ar:'a cou- at
""t h:.I ,; ,, ,hL d .l t U s. 'lti aw i 'r n(
S!,, i 1":. ri :, . ,,.ilhdn "r J1 do to tlkc L- hi
I , e - , t :l .t rn nt, rltichrn i
albwl."' I,. useir ..t.,H ,  r.,' ilowv ae t cwt
t r  , tr. s l~ dLt lf n
I T t -l, 1 rrltr. ,l a . hi lrl ' - iany i ne , 'i it"
"I* r":, no ,t .h - " a tha ! i ;: ' su, e:'-i I . i
, ' It - i., r .l ;," - ,' b, wa f ..i .d ~c i i_ i_'1 o
h.," ., .t . . ce ( ' , o ,,, "I .lf'l i. I.t .
- . ,0 ;so n :r * Ko < -0 . ,
It ..I- . 1' nl,-" ft r lv-,iyn 'l i ti ar, I ,
I---.-,------ I-.-','-: I,,l C. ,I]iui. y l- to ,| I
w t .,-" is, . r. t r(tili . . n:'glieit tihe c
I . . I l t I i ll)' Il . ti clcol liid
I t.L lair ha! i" n', I. hne ta it.:1 a'. c nou df . jo
ti''' .- . -,:'-t , i al ly felt va lin;l g in l I
l, hiitnv' iii'. itt. t. ' t, ' r it'Il. e t1 W hat c
lwa  . .t , iu, I 11 -.. , (lcit o'L hier--:ould
ano tht, he v all'.t n lie- iveo lot himt?, a
'l- t.t I 'l . t1r i t i0, m:ore iht nt it to- c
nigh'," 'the 'lid. ' liad to tlle. ',n u r ' h
bt e. Wr t y - , pt .l'A al,. irto : lhat night., " 1
til1the r e. 'at I i, r, 'lit mt th ier nudei l htier,
A ii'k`, ti," ii n5te t chnil. 1 , was thtenlt l'en with
crulp ilt ei. tiioId hI.r, lli.i, wl a with fort re' o
ta.la l nt -io u.il 'hr. t uidn; was also painful- b
I' ., nlitive ti it d iltourting e.ihiniTit, w o.ke
ittit st.e i-td ItI e atn feel tier, Iocatise ath e d
had tLi. l il th :.f iat r idarlinr g sieter was gone
Iwev. itver To retnrn.
'"Vi'onievr puit .sinch a thought into your dear
lit h he ,! I" a81 , ed E velyn.1
"Nobody,n obody,"itaile oanswetrcd her, cling
ing thie moito tightly to her. "I felt it. I tel I
it. Oh, 34)un must not go away."
"I a:n not going," eatd Evelyn, tenderly.
"Not yet, Bur.r tnot )et.")
"'Never," 1pr-aiste, Belle, hysterically.
()Oh, I wleh it might be niever," exclaimed
Evelnn, her tears 11Iing fast. "I do love you
all t tie itly. Why cannot we stay together
alma yel' T
'al n..t itigbh: J:.-.'-, Purcell also was awake
for a lng tius.e, .d he cried out for Evelyn,
. oo, a itlih core heart, but with a resignatiou
of which iltile tL,eC nothing.
Walking slowly and tt:l:nughfully to his
bioarding iliac ion that eventful evening, I
Jlauien hadt relpe'.ed again end again to him
self, "Shil lit not ihappy. Oh, what wolildni't I
glt: to nIak, heir h;iappy!" I
And entlcnli lihe tund lhint elf staying, '"I
w;ist shl -t w lii 'i'. I a Ish she belot-ged to
tn 1 wI a i coii I take care i . thett all for
hetr "
Ito slte p,',l ,heat ill tliu 'toreat. Wha"t was
thls he a'Oi aim tyng I l'E lyn Bern..'d
w"a;-ii a ,ttl t r rI.ii ' promised wife. J.tnues
.sti,,l \, i stll tfor it hlittle while, then turned
i'il to firt" - ' it a i:d t 'it) h:ts way' tit cit clr il.
l1 wan lale it a lr day . ight, bt:tthti priaste
S .. i to ' 1 c :,) n fe l,' ; e, "ad twenty pcoplel
.w .. r "* ,(,lit ; le, :e , it vat, to illakel' C )tlfcH
-, , I .t t " a w a nt grt t' f, ao'. .l i ,-i
t :it 1e ton '" el a Li ls lkl+e 1 muul hl't I I" l a",.:,11
; 1. , L t ,1 ,:o`t. . . fa tlh l 'earl t. Yti lit,
w nl . ilil .- , i- * l, ' aI u v-at -t'--,lht, i dlt
iyli ,t ii. -it,,ii , di " fa r i a Cilte 11th, biti
.1t, t t i il ni ht:i, . l', bii (r o it'
I tra ht I o t:O 'tl li ,it( e tin, ls, Sti ttt.t -r nt" at
ii h.s alit cn -i fsaicd to h]p ,mnd c >nl.
'urc h, he itt tihw d , ate kte aiht duty lt
iCity, ,n L, I, 1.h tit) i gr n ta y vitk ry cotw
irtr> 1 le dtitl f ,i tIedi ' moLea t ht'av.- b t oat
Io: i at' l fi f t: i' tif ( ilayn.
i' i 'ti wayt ie i-s ,t." I itt JnIt lne id P o nell
lln:ihiy. i11t, til- Vike c, re t l them, and t
Itwilm ...t .i-, Ili't tnll."
t l. 11i l rt a d at th ight f her
. • wani .cIt;: t at Inst he would n ot, c ven g',auce
-l t t:e-i -w' t I b tht r. "G,-t willtakecare
right :ogaltl, no douUbt. 1 Loeo it may, if it
.vil ym ake :k her I:mil. And ykt rky heart
fe!s very lqeer-se ight as a feather It baa
not bee s o llght since I knew :she was egag
ii. There, what a ldockey I am. She nover
uonld dream of manrrv,'g a poor etick like me;
and besides she is a Protestant, thorgh Clod
ci n:d alter that."
A low days wade a great change in Bly Late.
T'!e fair young spir:t that had I'rightened it
was a worn and saddened spirit and the
house was a saddened house Belle broke
down snouddenly and completely into a weak,
hysterical inualid who could give no nort of
help and was a constant care. And one day a
voice which James would have known in the
desert of Sahara or the city of Pekin, said very
simply from behind Iis chair, where he sat at
work facing the window :
"Mr. Purcell !"
"Yee, Miss Evelyn."
lie had not spoken to her since that evening
in her own bouse when the oonfsalon had been
c..'?,ed at his entrance. Both remembered it,
au,l Evelyn blushed, for though with womanly
honor she had striven to shield Rsebnrn from
blame, and with womanly weakness dwelt
tenderly still upan his memory, she fancied
James must know why her engagement was
brol.en. Tber, looking at his kind, dnll face,
aho',m ghbt her secret still her own. Eve-y
one l:I'gied at James, and every one came to
hirn in t: ,nble. Evolyn came wa simply as the
"rMr. Purcell, you have not been to see ns
i:ince--s-iuce-for a long time. It musnt Iave
beer: .k r kind consideration for me. 1lut
Belle is ill, and she ce:li and calls for yon.
W inldt 3~nt b, c.tlling to c:ne ard ace her I"
Willin/y Jaour turned abr!ortly round to
his wttoiow again. 'LYet+, Miss Evelyn ; ,.fter
ftice," hel said. :gr: I' ., anid Evelyn eioa'ted,
wonlering. Ste caih, not see the dew in
JanUIe' ius, nor the tr,.rinhirg of his lips.
'hIiat cry! day te c. ,nou, and one eveuirg
ft.er ani lh r fiot'. hitumn there. Ti weak,
cih:;diih liliCe te Li ,:. e a better help; t!I:aii
traini!tg; ie life i tihat l.isehoild had been
wrapped n in the hu:ne-life, each toesoh;
now in her weakieeie ouerytLhig seenued to faill
'"f I con only bear this nervonuaness," she
cried ; "'1 can't rest, I can't ba good, I can't be
str!!. I get angry all tie :Ime. How would
you hear it, Mr. Pi'rcoil I"
And at. length James ti, red to Ev.lvn, who
was bewing :iear by, nm:er white and far ourte
sad at heart arn'd desolate than Belle; and he
aioket mraningly, "lMie Evelyn, may I tell her
low I should blear it '
* I aish ye , would," Ev.':yu answeredl, his
kily ; "andt I wi;h you wouuld tell me. Nothing
f'rete yea."
James put his hand inside his vest and drew
not reverently and laid on helle's hand asenall
crncitix. "I ask myself how he bore it," said
J ate, 5.
Ilow strangely it saiudted to the two eisters
to hear that sirng man s.ay those words. He
spoke as if thn thought of his Lrd was as
natural, and rt al, adit customary to hliin as
any ether thugL-t ; nay, leruo than any other.
"Ile aisat havi felt the pain thiough every
nerve," James we~t on, sl.wnly as tlongh for
his own good vs well as for Blle's. "And hr
bore it patioutly. And le bo:u it tar us. And
he love ust.'
'Irh a' a oi-lds sera James' only text on Ithat
night. I.*::u :ay qglute til all the re  of i ,d
.- with the c:uctis in her hand, and he left
it 'lre whe he wer:: nawey. A.d nall that
;ig it., 'taid fr iany a d,,v u" t night after
v.rd. t: y u, n,', r sinter .i her !,'ai of body,
ad t hecltler s:t+r in L( r epain of mind poiirl
t.ad _n the t:il"le ir:::', "And he bore it
p l:" .Y .n u L eu Ie~ it fur us. And he
i.v .1 . .
i ·1. .d in kni. ..',-o et Jaries' next
visitun Jaed ta.ug t iuore and more, aLile
'n .,c . i l-it,' 1i ti ei l-', ,rd Mr. B-rna:d
aitle -,ie t i to hear. .l,! a:ter tha:t c:.::'n n!Waya.
By n.dl b the hb1 l.,inr wasi vouirrafed them.
wthih idwrfed all othi:e h1,t sing. aunh all othe.r
Itials betore :t in the l.ght and jky of Is
cunilna g the' thit. ling of the faitu.
Ilnt a'ill the bicutaees atnd thL- poverty iasted,
a::d ti ongh E:v'yn was brav'e now with a
courage and strong with a strength tmat she
had never kno r, bef,,re, she was growing
feeble ii hdly on.der the constant strres and
strain of home cares and oalico work.
And at lant, whiu her oGp of trouble seemed
on te po nlit ,ii oveitl')wtug. a letter came to
bur which s'..e read with bated breatii.
dering, awkward man, with little to live on,
and no brains to use even that little well.
Bat I have watched you and yours till I think
my heart will broak if I don't speak. Miss
Evelyn, Ilove you. Cnuld you put up with
such a poor crutch as I am-a very frail sup
port for life's journey-and take me for your
husband, to be a son to your parents, and a
brother to their children º You ara wearing
out with care and trouble. If you weuld only
be so very, very kind as to marry me at once,
and let me come straight to your home and
take all the burdens that I con, and share the
stress with you, I think my blessings would
be too great. I know I ask too much, but I
must ask, and God wall help me to be what 1
ought to you.
Faithfully yours,
lIe was taking no step in the dark, this
foolsh., ,lunderisg fellow. lie knew what he
was offering to do. 'he trials, and worries,
and needs of that large, sufferuig household he
had witnessed for a year, and anared. Evelyn
went. to her desk, and too'k roum it Riarburn's
picture, which lhe had kept secretly all this
weary while, and shk studied it.
"We shall be hinppy agsn,:" she had said
ofter,, lo-king at it thro~nh tears. Now she
laid it beIsi,e that other lover's letter with its
longing to be allowod to share her griefs, and
aine, and: cares, ani as she gazed at them ia
great! corn was on her face.
'"I l.v,"d you one i," ete sad aloud, a- tbio 'gh
ItialChir ecoilld heir hot, tnt it was herself
whr,o, ",'e rwas seeurling, and not hlil. "I haver
bi-er bh;int. 1 lha' e' Lthtded mselrl."
' NedC," se crell, running dtown-stairs, "will ]
yon go asik Mrb. I'iirccll to corme here I'
.hbe ti:i Ilt wait fvr errnmony when Le
* lr. PI'relH!," she said, andi the crinimoo
glowedl tit.h in her ch!t'leko r.ud hter teyes iihote
likl:e tvwo hilitng `tars, "d. Neiil tmein all that
uin wrote , "re' Havi' you vi-,ighl;ed it well "
'1 meanon it all"' Lr L.nwered, twisting his
big 1i" g'rns nerv nl'l;.
1" .oouln't u:r'i, aniythiing else, yon know.
A:;dl I tried to w, igh it, but though I seen
very ,ad lA iri ot titl to spetak to you, I snp
t pres I c.i't ie! us awkward an:d gBood for
inothig t"5 Uselfs I 1d1 to you, so perhal s I
dili.'t weigh i all. No, I ought nev..r to have
I aaktd you. LLt's Ipreti .d I uneer did, Miss
"Oh," h, cried, ' I dIt.'i. want to pretend
I that: you don't underst-t.d me. I meant, have
t you considered how distgreablte everything is
here, and what a borden you are taking upon
r your abhoulder: 7"
e "Why, no," he arswered, thoughtfully, "I
v never did. I tLink this is-this is--ohb, I do.n't
e know how to say it. But I think this is a
i beautiful house because you are in it, and I
love yon; peop!e beoa:~'e you love thorn : and
a 1 thought it was I who was disagreeable, and
the bordten and the responsibility, because I
n. never know hw to mnanage Imy money, and
e von will have to look alter tme a good deal.
d Could you f"
t ''Oh !" gaspted 'veo3 n again.
h And then he )r .is silent, and the two charac
tors st~o d o;.t 1.!'::'.,y bef,,re her indte , that ,if
Ithe nlutn ,ti.,t lit d ei.'r 'or his own sake, i .'
r that of tli" nioi w!i o, ioi .:i;. 1,.r, fore.ot .,Li
ei l f i-i h, r : e." !s a.',, ,'sa
1. l ulti .d. i,' he i :d ai, "wli, e a irei
" 1 , , i it !.c d, 's l 'e yn, " he an:were,i,
iewit!., li+ l:u.'..e.t L.,1.
"H ill you tprrunitci mn ti it, wllhatevr Lap
pens. y:n w il L,%( r driw I is;l, frvn w hi., you
have said to-night ; thatt ytn will r.layje
stand by Ie and hllp we, a. way, ?"'
"Yes," he said, simply, his whole ht at. iu his
"IIhaItrer hlappens 7' she repeated with em
phasis, the rtunrty of the past disappointment
still weighing hard upon her young soul, that,
until within a few months, had never realized
what a betrayed trust meant.
'Whatever happens," he replied. '"It seems
to me only too great ajiy to be allowed to
share anything with you and yours."
She stood there in her youth and beauty, an4
she knew that she loved him, and loved him
as she had never loved any one before. She
knew that nobody, hoyever wise, or hand
some, or courtly, could match for her this un
selfish Ioyalty, this good heart laid humbly at
her feet; and she laughed out gayly and
She had not dreamed that she could pain
him, or that be could mieunderstana bhr. His
face grew sorrowful and ashamed. Never in
all her life had she looked so beautiful. The
contrast betweon her and himself became
painfolly dietinct to him. Ile thought of the
twelve years that lay between them, his unn
couth manners, his plain. countenance, his
rough voice.
Ler quick eye read it all. She drew nearer
to him, her frank, royal nature stirred to keen
expression in her lovely face.
"You have taught nie what makes life worth
living," ehecried. "You hate loved n:e with
an unselfisi, Christian hearr What can man
nors count against that ! W'.,tuver hlappies
I kniw you will iot leave me, and 1 tanuk
Gert for you, and love n c:u."
Thb enormous sales of the Singer sewing
machine thraughout this couintry and Euaoee prive
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nothing to be desirco. Moreover, the purchase of a
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for less than many interior or bogus machines
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Coroner 'a card in un5irtr column
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ard c.l'.til . lan , t a as .o t rnat.'s r f i:terePt al any
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do30l7 Ty 5W Ol:LVANO

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