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The morning star and Catholic messenger. (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, April 07, 1878, Morning, Image 1

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ItIh saM that thea
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u ieadvime, and such
hase heeo a very
The Turkish and Daceea
the latths going about Qon
freely-wIthout evoking
iswsge.isUomplalO of the in
f the Deuam;anif a. The
S"hindring the paseage of
columma 4hroegh thetr
$o have threataned so fotbi
eaeone north of She Balkans are
Aewerhec[tinga forlIA~atlouIU.
are fortifying the line. of
glatreenobteit at all
week abow 53000 siok in
'yr y In ZEurope alone, and as the
d warm, it is sertaln that
are taken to disinfeot
a frightful peetilecee will
of inmurgeinte continue to
dimyl tehalitat may he said to
aea that tht gallant
bsans~he come to as snd.
of~a0 the me
meuag amia ter Ma as
sh k or n.
til$D St Ins.
aIs now sa.id to beaa
Deýreheta rý, wichaf
Ind seek a
ýouooo fro-ý
Seu; toalw ýeapUS00o0; ni Canael
keseper lelds of Corngr.s
e,· f15Jlu r Pas0, 0o;
m dds wetp set
ot dtlom the w ole -
Thi deb s , Aril 1st, showed a de
cew t beof 318614.
su l marise ll oh f eau t lLL I
lIst um. pde.
London, apr fl-Toes lr lar which
Sir St eordNors theostatled bad bossist
to 'the owar beoo d•s of toa-ad
sind bythe Moarnquas.01 ofthali t
summarelu all the resoen o epowert
·stmnur; oon lue 1vo r8 n s
sad aer ving Russia'e refusal to
to Eg.lan 's deande relativeo tbe 1an
of the treaty as a wholeQ bsfore toe Ooa
grees. Tontln co beas follows: "He Il.
uton aGoernme nt dee ply Powen l
deaeonat is evesn Ifa onalderob prsion of
to be. approsed, ruoaldas rratlo wlo
Iae to their disuasion would aevertbeless
be open taboet serioossobjscass. Evero
a departure from th treat of 186, and
by t delaraton signed t o a In 171
It i mpossible for her este Govlermn
ment to acquleoe a wiftha als from the
ognasanas of tbhe powers of the artiles
which are modidestlons of existing tree
tics. The combined ebt of the stipula
ions upon-the ionterests of thoe powers also
frnlshe a esonldmive reason againo t the
o itseparate dtislon f any nde portione of
them By the rt relatve to .New
Bulgaria, a strong lv Stats' will be
oreted nuder the auspices aod cnte'an
political and omme we luen n i
Blacknd ."Jgan Sees. A consIderable
'BerA popti athhe gh tsw vis w the
hvesmrunaity alen to It.
provisions by whiob Rauses will
Thie slioan oadm Betrator famed and
um muesl Rudyieootrola the frst workings
of inity of the intiock i felentl tndicateq of
wat poli the Arml sm it will Is ths fueres
foher a pat. over ti p optlaon for the betr
govern ant of Tesaly; tand Epirus, in
rthesev highly enble her o bl, a aso
eween pe by ond Peons th ghe indemral -
St which will be to Incresasthe power
of '`sate to the prejudice of fleeve -and
ever ther country baviag inpsssis Is
lty ipulted for is evidt t .. oe
rekal severane even nota onle fromg the
portion ot revenue stil lothetendr to othe
ernent rwill dprlv the Ports of any
politial strength, which might have bem
derived from their possession and expose
thmedr inhabitan, or let to weserious own hy
The acquisition of entirely ebor and Ba
tem makes Russia dominant over all the
vrIinity of th Belack ea, whle to the acqui
tiof the Armenian strongholds secures
her Influence over the population of the
provino and enables her to arrest trade
bliween Europe and Persia. The Indem
nity stipulated for Is evidently beyond
Turkish reie s, even not on ide Bring the
portion of revenue hypotecated to odther
reditor extends o e of phaymet being o
the vaguel stated, t may thus be demanded
Immediately, or left to weigh down the
Port's dety pendence for many years,
commuted for more territory, or be made
the means of entirely subordinating Tar
ks. to Rb neae' polfl.
IThe Rombineda's ey. ofthe-treaty stipu
lations is to depres almost to the point of
entire subjection the political independencei
of the Porte. It cannot be otherwise thn
a satter of igret solicitude to GreaBritain
thbe ats aoern whoe, forimal jerula-=
lion extends over geographical positions of
the deepest nterest to he r, should be so
STlosel preoved by ths ole itical opte of
I a greatly superior power that its Indepsa
dent action and even existence is almost
himpossible. aof chaonges re lloubtless
. be necessary in the hitherto existing trea
PEgland earnestly desir es gd govern
ment ad peace an freedom fr the popu
Ilaton to whom tMos blesin- hve been
sCotrans She woiw
a Congres in which the stipula eud
be examined as a whole, but nither Bris
ish Lutsrests nor the well-being of- the
Turkish provinces ould be consulted by
Sthe assembling of a Congress restrietedb
Prince-ortebakofrs latestr o
SAWoCIos s : Sl I gIvejn a
IlrYro 14Y~1r
a0r4o70 o CA4F D1W 2W dmlTe- s
now Tua zassa rssmas mud En s GoT
raveqad Gslews slens.
We return 0 this s t for the part
sw of thaking lh Irf rsembrngs ef Par
-ilamnt, and MW. A. M:; el.vsU in p i
alar, for the. vitsory. they habve weover
h-e Admiralty. I week they were met
by Mr, W. IL Sm.th with sm nrafusael to
the reemonabls rs est oMr.Siva that
thee semed liSttise ofb . mdse . But
t.b Cattholes ef theUited Kingdom have
a Aw ropresnea.ti sh.•U o nb for
Loath amongs the uumber-who have the
earaesness to seek Jostes sand ghoorasge
to  hbt for It Whoi It was kn n that
the. hoib sailoss were not omly without
pd, bt-r w gnoing to be kept so
with a war amonptt pibllete es of the:
Snet few monaths- was resolved to make
a terrible example of the governmen.
orty. mondmea t w o eontered to the
Navy Estimate. by l. Sullivan, Mr. Par
nM, Major Nolse, Mr. Gsy
Power, Dr. WardsM. Brooksnd a s many
the pla of dehiled anti.n amtensod would
have the efbet oflltlp the points of
resltance. Eahb ad would lead
to a long disauseioanwhih nearly thirty of
Mr. 8ullivan's friends weo prepared to
sustain. The prospect wea one to .asight
a-y Ministry remembering ate rotraet4i
itngs d of last oseston ; an -durlg
the Cbinet meeting on Saturday,
decided to offer a Compromise-or,
properly, to concede in subatancte the deI.|
mend -of Mr. Sullivan. When the eI il
members were made aware of Mr. Smith'
proposals, they soeptgd them with plea
te ook. Coosequently, the Leet will no
longer be without Cathboli abaplainh
fEah station possessinga sl adros o three
or more ships shall have a pries on thern l
sa an olaer, and immediate tpsre tobe
taken to provide one for tbe SetlyingJ in
the Sea of Marmors. While we reoee at
thi result of manly cn1 tutlottl actii-
thie tearing away of another raged asagd
anoy-we must not overlook te lesons it
teaches. No Goveanmeent In power seems
to have the 3m0oral c,6srepý to otnt
remove any s*eqo grlevtse. of wb
Oasthoelis may esplain; and it is y by
th heer. d t n srwor, or eothin
;a.S lyef eusr, tha-t the !a
win-a ed IP9,,-bat itu wasnh'
to 6tharm7y Upto the o them the qE
eoldie, though easridtd freely eog,
was treated spiritually as i e wes a
cavalry charger, and the woade is that he
always fought so well. We do not sup
pose that the army obsplainms fou4 an ex
isunce from any partiular respee . for
Cathollo sentiment, or the navy would
have received a similar favor long ore tis.
The ex use of want of room was simply no
exouse at all, as we have discovered, bat
it served as well as any other.while there
was no disposition on the part of the Irish
members to be pertinacious. The cous
sion h ng been wrung from reluelaeoe,
by a display of strength, the victors will
have learned the other lesson thatthey have
the power in their hands, if they use it
rightly, to get rid of many other teequall
ties. Mere obsoton is the reverse of
commendable in the general work of legis
lation; but it becomes an exemplaryweep
on when wielded for the removal of badge
of inferiority whielf insult the wearers and
degrade the nation.
Klling of the arl of litds.
DuZ*& ApU s -Intoliae. hoas ham re
steved that the Earl of Letr, hLis aoin, and
also his driven, werea shot ~, w o drt a
lg usr hi s e lodheps lodgeae vue
sbso opposite "a froms whiebe had re
tesats wsre undpe seae. I slib In A
of the sheeooting hd 3e 5 aeddm th
reasos of the &r10m was supposed to be of an
leend e ad t. The lit ds o has Lhea ws
bettend in. It is thueght aloe tt he `w
shot is te heal. The tal abas wmsa
ei hoarn wes committd w sea
lc"4 - 4·~,l~
ae's a eam eas dsman s a enside.
asi a pioe. on ~esi amsdabe
Thbes alah-stam tes et at - aerlS
aHraa s.baine wlith te dawa.
Iho sweetest stWid Is la edrsia.
lbs bh ghusst Je vms lbaes ae
AUetelsatte so we send * east
wla staas, eal tsns lsdews us.
al i5t1h-t halfp Ilasset
The elteagt to bear a an esese
laisiu by_ r maier.
elesud MsrblU l3 . w
raN 1r. LoUr BOsOOL qvZSaoN.
13t. I.smiWwma Wataheme 1
The fimes eo this t a bseit ame bt
Isbed to ho w* Ota ow ta inwleb tli
the.lo ao m ldifeist *.lYhpad ss-
p4 . elleshe d htheiras s sad ean toeir
bchldre ever to the lty to be edusada . The
stasmesru, vasrs eiuoo ans weNo v lbo
Bat w fd that be atemeatheses
lato othrs papeo s m the. West, nd
Sou and it L high time that t weee akte
Om s ete have not the wemtest Iide of
oles elag their e . ISis wso the bade M
-iaoalnimgd tehase greatly aulm
d loing S past iew j sa, ba they
patiet a contet to waSt for theOod U
eomlang. The fat is, ot Catholle shools
weeo o n" in rood - dltles mat pp1sees
Theawe ese tagbi ee hbetter atteded
thn ever bklefore. A the ornt is a Itle
mosy to make them alled most sague
obod desi.e. Blam Lee she ainsbve
red. or hool Bomd. thees m wilag
diapesitihs imhoelg oeae s ea ond wtss.
to e asLh plasems or she eetustl of te
dapepalir. Lad mn#a e l the eppt.alo to
Gewman l hStrootloea ir direo d .at d U
arsten sUelft. Infel tshe w n waen
by the Tesobed ' Commiotee. Baw d. the -
pBedteelss, tea s laad, hasblauatwa
aoe to hk ound .osetin IA a5 iao d ..
the elty. Whis htbl issa esad il·a.
tel the Graem mustn he Oe thing i
hbeopd lr .;isp o atbeap ieis woen nlever
so ulpplua so.d I JSaWveWso
ad L sad lT iadsa to 001 rw1ai0
the amelaahe · s oCathalies weast
now, L im sbeob housers ad od te meoes,
du ...e te i th..Ws .. . . ..
he essredea. It was awat bath "e" *'
While on the s.biJet of embeds, we may as
well add hes the two foliowlag items as.
from the sme issue of tbe Wfelmas (last
The male derthBertot s, Patlok's emhools,
toaght by the it t Bro , will h co
dooted anest per by the bthers as a iee
ehoo, no obmig ben made fr fppils eeept
for hooms To prpewly made sly tor paet
fotivals ad other mess of ing s ds
be resorted so. In the latter pars oft April, as
we have already aossnoeed, the det os thsee
festivals will he given, and it Is to be hoped
that it sweosete will be all that could he d1.
The Cathedral schools opened last Monday,
with an attendanoe of ev*eat pupils. Three
81sters from the Convent oflarqy Twenty
hird and Morgjw, are in hbarge. They wl
epend opont s volantary ootrlbtLoe of
the pariahblesses for thdeir support, l, in ad
dition to their sehoolt dtle, will ieit the sek
and peororm themw e other t and sorpral
worksof d e wlekh fell withi e Oti
deoy to mate our pawish seboole t and lwe
hope the d Is net far distant whs. shy will
be really ateb.
A vere To sawman o'o3Aros.
The Corkeweropeadesat ol the wsea, tet*
graphingl Meash II, ses -
Mrs. Calles, fl sislter to the poeliti
peiaee, BAlwe O'Cssaw who was Isnues
pse or to Swety yes. at Dablia esnmis
sIes In '67 feeat emptg to seelasdlate Wea
er,the Feals.i m. pei a vwit to her
broteir nvuww as b. mm -ams m ikem
l Cansd, e. see satelbypon m be
who had alse ev a uea Iprlsm
earpolitlesl asedwul at Splia shet
- imr. to eese
eita i hlsoeve, b wn.ewaeerd dm0eai
gtde wrero kw u t s
als atof tIe t e stated, howes  o~t *
krl a k ors Ma bw-ae e him. idler
nol.mu m bhbid via f t aein lis
tua ttg hbe bal to
.week at a stomo T h e
emte .ub us aEel q bet wa ide
-l. Wlthmha illatshbfeldlu Isde.
eer e O elsw..hs
S Ihht en e w a e a t is e l *
mlthstheswm lin s e
a tos l ei wbishbe r wag hag
BOht u t hat cnDt bas.mln h
elr wrek ogr to pe est, e sld ihas wa
beun boad in Baold to r baprot ndantI
ibe Oatholl Rierarebr, sad pabio
dies ga blas ladved iato wtarm. p
aecstse sr spn sh d ras •s ft s ot t
Sbe uploeed tsat the apris o Jahn sno
was so dermant beoond a he TIwes as o
Jall fn setrlt a etilste Jatnouso. Rome
threamomte the peac of ISootdla. A Boman
S oo In sbot-o r. take pno , Po ad i
wee ay every lda msttns he
os alp iebe aneo the ds oprotest against
o Calhotm Th ereas roo meand pablic l
ins Is being lashed Into was m. s We
ps letad alotpoei, nd m drm. I was no o
e suppto sd that e bel r it of John Knot
wa bl dormant eoneBa l Twe as tond
aill n atvlityat oa.ti , Tbal ot Er. Mot
threats the pe fana lbsby is pftsa t eRomas
in asin is ano t-to lake in r ad t to
weeap away very lamar atposttasy
nam . bon. ii is too mmeon merny ooe
SPressbytsllsag a oafer seuh an onemy
to land unalod, and b hs drums, seto
lsto and lay, at being w as with t-ke
rbleg sereaetess. But nil ia "bound and
fbry signifying aeting." Tb. Hierarchy
analme Ita 1ul o h
has bees aomeeated, and in a short lime it
will he a liwing fast. The affairs of Seotish
wrong I alln tr Why hhould am obje
ebs ,the new pastors will t poaer
ofmmas bials tre by io m n s.
Io grad. l Inds enlo theMos whole Arh
bish people. We kgowat, syend theohang
on errosneos tiond he presatd eon ept
va.ioudl uiwee. All tbe e.lk abotl a
of Hinowelty to nhe Prsby toels ut nder
standing. In truth, bigotry has bss
arouse ntisdom or folus, is Iso use evlo
thaene therown awa . T aaloc and pre
uta furnished by theoo l mint Wets of
w Chur Drg Pmroe t we ontain power
of graduall biefue, whno the rwhole Sot
l poreople. and We tink s fear Is based
eon errone s ande peagg dero tn ions
tabibetn o antagbe  ie to the anl ofd
Unin nio oaf, ueSettlement, sad other
asc of . deom oer folly r.i so mh eo
quethinks no thrown the oaway. e arg
say with TDr. P lrol that we have eabrd
toldba bees lnaeedaud heb he aItph
them all before, whent bt twere as
wgorkosly and as vainly. Ove er rtwenty
Ave years have passed sines tkhe r-es
tableea Ina of the hierarch in nlld,
thinks now that the osnaby bhas smared In
folda ghas bee Inorsesed sand s b
ed k many long lost sheep boet this
atesuat o thme issuo elegaee. eas : The will
dlassor sad otey will aerge atheir is
papers. Oos e these Joeasals stags-tbUs..in
If there isay 1o·g a to -his sa--e--
sahetM be sere g tla n wemusbee bs
TIhesse ul o weU a me In nalld e
M fts.,olekou remrrm.ru La wuc o
). Y.aa,, on,,+m~-l~m,! ?
a~ s de . >n a meosa "m`
.. - s an k . sat e emm
"-a h..- ei rfa. ;a .. u
a eaYMJ O ema hswe.) -
Sseemo Sloa dr amA
s eee aa Se _a.s
rs Ut mm met uo n
s eme, a Es f ' ao
Hi aleme Is· leUane5
Se Abassee eet S. i
b seb - dte, mMt
ba SIe+ ba sells
alod, M l skmis al 4
,hei , agte dsire . e np, ee toy
eýsedp be eewMis'Mee s N.
poame lamesa whe sevme S *a n Sa p
iN louabo I seen vp`if
mRie meae te ae ",
ia s pae." a ain _as
Sd la nob NOo:p:
sb Itesa"e l o e sIe I
oamheamee_Wo1 a
zieaswhelsk 1 $ e of 5$ e Rom . '
saAIShamla b iap, mea a e ose .Mae,`
s r I to IbotUe re
Soe meaet m mwre a bato
Weabe Is. as w l e I
Plyses who s1 herI * sa't
Sisameinds la Usee 66aid
whel ,as efleime e .moes
1ý ga N seehe, ish t
'bl a l-ew psyn
Iplesl S ea, swha n b
th ans apeasuse m m are
Lyitngd d_ Shi _e del hot-i+ e e ýwI
pIpLee e tah t
ieug svarse Ies efela "emn
hat asemu iaeaabE ash
humbnleg Seb, Shwe woilth a!en
cads to eel h e a
one e Lbs mo jurmor e -
4m e'o mit o esmes asw y 'am
Yhte s eelhal sb1ias 1d leelee
in tarsus r ivr s a el ivth

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