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Mmraing 9 and Catholic.Messenger.
rmar.muDM uaST mUAlaT Moalie:.
NEW IUr.LAAW. SUDAT, 3rUN s. atrs.
basee y.... 8--oa.-Be A-oaeelel S - - or
- Gee y. W=
Saturd. Sneat - aby withiof the 00. t of the
te t is n.yof s .ad blenL ope.
T eolea tias. eonFerene for the monthl e
Weof Jasea wy.J bse -held aSt therobbe, Mtop'. re of
Bishop Gross prechsed leso Sunday in yt.
. ty..Jphenu and other distingohed Georgians. or
erere present.
At Bailey, Department of Alo, France, there
Vd Joa 7-St. Julius 1. Pope.
.l...Jane -Vigil of Penteecet. (Tast.)
will bSaturdy net being the evend of the FJune of
-Pente oet sea day ?f faet~d abstinence.
The ecclebrtiontial oonth enten for the month
of J App will b held at therohbishop'e renl.
dered nedt Tment in morning, t 10Pree oclock.dent Je
Bishop Gross preaobed lst Sunday In St.
Don Davis'e Chorh, Wtohinton. Alex plantatider
H. Stephene and other distinguished Georgians
ro priered, inW t, Mit.
t Belleyop Whittl, Deprtmet ofan, Frginie, there
will be grand fetes at the end of Jooun i
ele ashbratio. of particularlynth entenary of tb.he
anonisa Jon of St.Vrg The ne hm.
The Cort of ppeale of Miand theip people h ren
derehbd Juorhoodgment In favor of Preedent Jsaid to
on Davei, rsfewtorpg tohind the Caline plaopuntation
of Brier eld, inWaed to oont, them. The
isehop Whittle, Epnicopalian, of Virginia, is
owht with a vigorost army of ondemn al in thed
dathe return h he its own is o an di omintio that
be is ashamed to partionlarly deepribp.
A Catholic Church i to e erecPhited oon havet
been entered witho, Virginin a. The te lr, who
already boxesn pur and o the people orthe
neighborhood, irrespective of creed, are eaid to
be tak iong. to sone the ediance ereted. edie,
Tbe municipal elections in Rome will take
plat the ame quicly discovered and ex-the Ctholi popla
ion basre determied to contest them. Troyed
(s'etrnment,a both ronioipal and Imperial,
which controls a vast army of officials in the
city, is using all means,ner and to l,dicate tseur
the returnate of it on andidatem.
Nine CPstholi Chourches in Philad Colplege, Thave
been entered Ulthiok Conth by burglarsA, who
publrrised off bslver altar vessels, the eontents of
poor boxer, and other portable thongs worth
Sliter. In one instansla they trod the dipposite,
but the tame was quickly discovered and ex
tipageihed. Ther with also Ir-Gaetonl detroyed
lryvestments in such a Memoiner asof to indicatrue rted
they wethre manly ctuated by antioism.
The President of St. Jarlath's College, Team,
he Rev. ODnnell Canon BoParliament, R lly.., endorse
publiehed, we observe, the sermons in Irish
Gaelby his preachtituentsd bp the Right ev. James
O'allago rher, the Lord Bishop of phio, rivalh
a literal idiomatic translation on the opposlte
page, together with an Irish-Gaelic Vocabu
lard the clergy, fivas well aemoir of that trowne-herted
Bishop s nd his timee.n from his
That the manly and patriotic course of Mr.
"R.. O'Donnell in Parliament, isfully endorsed
by his onstituentg bwas proved by the enthu-men
throuh reception immens ccorded him on his areerival
in Dungarven on May 5th. He was met by a
large crowd, consisting of the leading otistos
and the clergy, five miles from town, the
horses were taken from his carriage, and it
was drawn alcng by hundreds of etalwart men
through an immense concouree, all cheering
and shouting fir "Obstruction."
At the Convent of Mercy, Vioksbrg, on the
24th of May, Miss Kate Nelson, of Pass Chris
tian, as Sister M. Borgia, and Miss Mary A.
Murray, of Dobuque, Iowa, as Sister M. Ber
sardine, received the white veil of novices
from the hands of Rev. P. Huber. The Rev.
Father delivered an appropriate discourse on
the occasion, assuring the young ladies about
to be received into the Order of Mercy of the
happiness promised to those who persevered
faithfully unto the end in the service of their
Divine Master.
CourrmRuTIONss.-His Grace, the Most Rev.
Archbishop, was so unwell last Sunday as to be
unable to visit the Churches of St. John the
Baptist and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, to
administer the soarament of Confirmation
accordinu to promise. On Tuesday, however,
feeling much better, he confirmed 37 persons,
nearly all of whom were converts, at the Con
vent of the Good Shepherd, and on Thursday,
Feast of the Ascension, he administered the
same Sacrament to 167 persons in St. Theresa's
Churchb, about fifteen of the number being
adult converts.
how ungracious is the part of a scold; hence
our repugnance to undertake the role, especial
ly in regard to an enterprise s3 praiseworthy
a. the Vatican Library Koret-e, whose cheapness,
convenient form and judioious selections are
moset admirable: but really, if the publishers
continue to permit so many "dropped letters"
as appear in their nnmber 7 and some others,
we shall feel obliged, reluctantly, to publioly
call attention to their omissions i Meser H..
& Co. will understand that this hint is given
in the jpint interest of themselves and their
numerous readers.
Thegas war has broken out way ofi in Baroe
loos, Spain. The agitation grew out of the re
sistance of the people to a munilcipal tax on gae
which the gas company sosessed on consumers.
Private and publico establishments. ceased to
born geas for fcrty-three evenings, and the
shops closed at nnseet. Crowds collected in
front of the few houses which continued to use
gas. The losses of two gas oompanies amount
to several thousand dollars daily. The city
authoritise endeavored to compel the shope to
keepopen, sad the Governor iuued a procla
mation to that effct.
Local Journal. are fined and suspended for
protesting and ten are under proeooutlon.
The Minister of the Interior supports the
-municipal authorities. The egitation is in
eresiang. The Oppoesition in the Cortes
attacked the Government's policy.
Supreme Indlfferenoe.
Beveral of our daily papers put on airs
of supreme indifference as to the habeas
corpus episode of the last few days. It
was, according to them, a tempest in a
tea-pot; they had virtuous regrets at see
ing a judioiary become so much Inter
ested in so trifling a matter, and showed a
majestic contempt for a controversy be
tween a couple of lottery ticket venders.
At the same time the public cannot but
remember that a poroon of the press pf
this city has not been absve devoting a whole
page at a time to the advertisements of one
of thoseeticket venders and pocketing a
consaderable amount of its ill-gotten gains.
The supreme indifference, and the superb
contempt, and the laborious belittling of
the Issue, though apparently directed
equally and impartially agalnst both par
ties, are not above suspicion. 'ane excite
ment was all working one way. If posses
had been called out by the respective
sheridli, Mr. Howard's posse would have
amounted to a dozen or two of his own
employees, while all the able-bodied men
in the city would, if necessary, have gladly
joined )he other. If Mr. Howard had him
self owned and published a lottery "organ,"
it could got have adopted a shrewder line
than to pooh-pooh the issue as unwoitby
the attentien of the public.
-Buat- factt4he-public-feeling whi
really did exist, the "advertising mediuops"
to the contrary notwithstaling, and which
exists to day sufficiently strongly and
zaiversally to take summary measures if
his were not an essentially law-abiding
Community, was not enlisted in a mere ,
iquabble of rival gamblers. It was an
,xhibition of the deep-seated public in- a
lignation that asee long existed among us a
it the fact that the lottery iniquity is
egalired at all, and particularly that It is
made a monopoly. There is no reason
why the same principle of monopoly, if
proper in this instance, should not be
extended to every other business. The
democratic principle is supposed to be that
every kind of business is open to every
body on the same terms. Certainly gov- c
srnment may put cqnditions to its exercise.
It may require a liese to be obtained; it
may stipulate a certain degree of skill or
competency; but these conditions apply to c
everybody alike,, and no one who meets
them is excluded. Upon the principle of
monopoly it is absolutely prohibited that
anybody shall exercise a certain calling,
except specified persons.
This is one of the worst features of des- e
potism. It assumes that all right vests in
the king and that he can concede such
portions thereb as he may choose to such
persons as he may prefer. The poisonous
principle of monopoly probably crept into
this country under the despotic government
of the old Spanish regime, and like every
other taint is hard to eradicate. If Louis
iana were the Island of Cuba we should
not be surprised to see monopolies sold out
to individuals, not only in the lottery, but
in many other kinds of business. It will
be an evil day for America if this fearful
poison should spread. No wonder that the
people are uneasy at it presence. Every
lnstinct of republican self-preservation is
shocked by the contact, and hence the
general interest in a conflict which our
"advertlsing mediums" sought so sedu
lonsly to ridicule as an undignified judi
cial squabble.
Well, the popular feeling was too im
perious to be trifled with and it triumphed.
The Governor, willingly or unwillingly,
abandoned his proteges and thereupon they
surrendered. We claim that this is a most
encouraging symptom. Little by little the
body politic of this State is recovering a
healthy tone and in the same ratio it is
sloughing off the diseased scabs and ulcers
that had accumulated during its sickness
and imprisonment. The Democratioparty
has been blamed for retaining in office cer
tain vagabonds and professional parasites,
but the Democratic party, too, was still
feeble from the wearing of chains. It could
hardly afford to kick the fellows who were
so officious in pretending to unlock its
fetters although they were already drop
ping off.
The little episode of last week is a symp
tom of courage and reaction and health.
Let us see if the coming election will not
clean out the nest a lIttle more.
Communism and Despotism
Extremes meet. We would especially
call this truth to the earnest attention of
our Communist friends. In speaking thus
we do not refer to the red flag brigands
who if they could, would subjogate society
to the reign of torch and sword, but to
certain enthusiastic philanthropists who in
all sincerity bewail the hardships of pov
erty, and in all kindness seek to invent
some human scheme for social ameliora
tion. All these plans seem to tend to one
grand centre, in fact, we might say, head
centre-and that is increased government
authorlty. They would take away from the
citizen and give to the ruler. The authors
contend that under the individual sys
rem, where each man may get what he can
and keep it, the rich grow too rich, and the
poor too poor, and that the proper remedy
for this is to prevent the acquisition, to put
all things in common and have administra
tors-wise and upright men-who shall see
that every man does his duty and get bhis
he.e is somet lng of good in this. It
was the very plan adopted by the early
Christians with the happiest results, and
could be made successful again with just
such material as that was. But taking
society at large, comprising, as it does, pow
erful elements entirely devoid of the
Christian spirit, we could not count on
any such result. The leaders among the
Christian Communists were chosen of
God; they were the Apostles and Bishops.
In socieV at large, is It so Among any
people, in any age, under any form of gov
ernment, elective or hereditary, do we find
only the wise and the good in authority 1
Not at all. As a general thing the men
who hold civil* power are politicians or
tyrants. They are ,unscrupulous and
selfish ; they conetantly seek to promote
their own interests and those of their
friends.. Would yoe expect them to do
better if fhey should bavremore power t Or
would you expect to geta different kind
of mep i office ? Either hope would be
utterly fallaclons, for history shows that
it is not virtue bat strategy that succeeds
in reaching political power, and that the
more absolute the power the greater the
efforts of designlag men to obtain it.
We speak not now of the utter futility
of trying to get honest work out of a pop
fitioa-Ubndercehb system- Everybody
knows how smart the negro slave used to
be in plalng sick, ino having swelled legs,
sprained joints, etc. The white race
would certanly eclipse the colored brother
in artifices of this kind. Everybody would
want ever3boy else to do the work and c
dodge it himself-sometimes with great
skill, always with great pertinacity. But, t
as we say, that is not the evil to which we c
now especially refer,
We speak of the rnlers-admilistratore
onu might call them-but masters you
would soon find theip to be. It would be
impossible to vest such universal power in I
merely human hands, uncontrolled by
religions principle, and not create a des
potism. What powers would it be Pre- t
cisely that of the father over his children, I
combined with that of the master over his *
slave, but without being tempered by af
fection on the one hand and self-interest
on the other. Everything would belong
nominally to the nation, but the rulers
would virtually have dominion over them
Sl4. Offices would be multiplied in every
direction and office-holders would abound.
Every man wholes now'foreman of a work
shop pould then be a government officer,
with more or less of despotic power, like a
sergeant or corporal in the army, and all I
this vast net-work of office-holders would
form a unit of power holding by a common
centre with a common purposeof controlling
everybody out of office. Government would
perform not only all its present functions, I
but four-fold as many more. Its power would
be proportionally multiplied, intensified ;
and confirmed, and the governed would i
ind themselves in actual slavery to an 4
authority which could lawfully sunerin
tend and control their every moment and
movement from the cradle to the grave.
It is true that these overseers, these ser
geants, might be elected by the people
themselves, but they would still form a class
with class instincts, and they would, taken
together, wield an overwhelming power
which would inevitably amount to des
potlsm. Despotism is an arbitrary use of
power, an abusa of power. It may, indeed,
be as well exercised within a limited
sphere as on the mightiest scale, but this
abuse is far less probable, where the power
is limited. There the government feels
its weekness and the people know their
strength. The popular spirit of independence
isa sure guaranty against oppress;on. But
multiply power in the hands of the rulers,
and they inevitably grow arrogant, while, in
thesame ratio, the people become submiss
ive and spiritless. They grow accustomed
to dependence and control. This disposition
is the very hot house of despotism, and thus
we may account for the fact that the most
despotic governments are those whichohave
the most universal power.
And thus, too, Communism really means
Despotism. In its mistaken zeal to relieve
the laborer from poverty it would plunge
him into slavery.
ET. THlRSAs'8 CHURCU. -LEast Thursday
morning, st the half past six o'olock Mass, St.
Theresa's Church presented a most beautifol
spectacle. The altars were chastely decor
ated and brilliantly illuminated, and the nave
of the edifioe was filled with the children
who were about to make their First Com
munion and the young ladies of the several
societies, all beautifully dressed in white.
Father Massardier concluded his oneronus
labors of preparing the children for the receg
tion of the Bread of Life, by delivering elo
quent addresses both before and after they had
received their FirsatCommunion. Thenumber
of first oommunicants was 167, all of whom
wereoonfirmed the sams evening by Hlis Grace,
the Most Rev. Archbihbop.
8t. Patrick's pariah, 8f. Loouis, reduooed its
debt during the last twelve months by $14,000.
Its principal sources of revenue were:
unduay Collectlons............................ 371 0
Picnio on h5th of August. . . .2... .331 0n
evembar estival ......................... 1.Yt 50
-ew rent ... ....................1..i4 3,)
Special colleeteon........................... as 75
1tqi,'em maes, sad Funerals ..............s.. on
nnemtto .... ... .. 2,I) 10
Altar and Rosary Seletia ...... 60 '3
ve:nsing oellectsa- - ........................... 55
Dnattsone to PSanctary...... .............l.. 11
Sundry recelpts ........................... e 130 o
-all rst ....... ................. .......... ,t541 aJ
month of the Sacred Heart.
A Protestant minister of Noew York wrote, a
few years ago, these beautiful lines, whihob
have the true ring of Catholio faith:
"Jesee on high ie unaltered from that He
was below. Jtill does He wear the form of the
servant. There is a man in the highest hee
oen. The same heart beats in His glorified
body. The same truly bhuman sympathy times
its throbe. The same eternal love Is its nn
changing law."
Cardinal Manning. in the "Glories of the
Saeed Heart," write, in the same train :
'At the right hand of God therp site the In
oarnate Son ; 0 clothed in our humanity for
ever. Bet she heart of Jesus is a h ert of
fesh-a symbol, indeed, beoause it beest symbol
isme and manifeete the eternal loveof God; but
it is more than this, it ib also a reality. And
that human heart of Jesus wees, in the hypoe
tatio union, united with the -eternal charity
and sanctity of God-all the ardor of the eter
at love is there, and all the fervor and all the
nderness of our humanity are there."
Here we have the meaning of this month
devoted to the honor, glory, praise and wor
ship of the Sacred Heart-that Heart which is
"the eternal Love of God clothed in the sym
pathies of our hbomanity," and whioh throbs
for each living soul with an infinite and on
obanging pity. Its desire-constant and on
faltering-is to transform the whole world
into Its own resemblance. '! Learn from Me
to be meek and humble of heart," is the lesson
taught for eightes hundred.years, and whihob
has built up in individuals, in families, in
peoples and in nations the grand Christianity
whioh we see pervading the world to-day.
The Catholic Churoh i tt agent established
bythis-Sacred- Heartto-narry outn l divine
plan of love and redemption. By Her means
'the outward life and the inward Heart of our I
Divipe Redeemer have become the pattern and
sw to men.'' She is the outpouling of the
lacred Heart, and from Her lips we learn the
wonderfol depths of His condescension, mercy,
ompaseion and tenderness.
She is constantly bearing .ttere glad tidings
o distant lands. No sooner does civilitstioh
pen a pathwe into aunknown plaeos, than I
,ae hastens to proolaim the meroies of the
sacred Heart, and every conquest She has won
as been by means of this ineffable mystery.
But knowing how prone the human mind is
.o forgetfulness and indifference, the Church 1
ike the thoughtful mother She is, sete a month
spart as especially dedicated to the knowledge I
snd service of the Sacored Heart. She has chosen
he ardent month of Jane, with its wealth of
lowers and its glorious sunshine, as best fitted
'or this devotion; baoanse it typifies the burn
ng love and unbounded wealth of that Sacred
eart which is ever yearning for the love of
[t creatures and which is ever pouring out
ipon them the fragrance of Its compassion and I
orgiveuees. And then She sets in the midst
>f the month, like a glorious jewel in a crown,
he Feast Itself of the Sacred Heart-a day I
when She bids all nature, animate and inani- I
nate, glorify the King of the universe; a day
when She brings the hearts omen close to the r
seart of their loving God, that Its charity, 1
purity, mneknese, holiness and divine oompas- I
sion may transform them into a resemblanoe
of Itself.
This then is the lesson of Jane-an Imita
Cation of the virtues of the Sacred Heart.
Sublime conception of the Church of God!
lender and beautiful planning of the Sacred
Beart above, to win the human hearts below !
ineffable goodness of the King of Heaven, to
secure the loyalty and happinessof the kings
af earth I
If we strive to acquire the true meaning of
this sublime lesson, so sa to put into practice
all its details of sweetness, lowliness, humili
ty, forgiveness of injuries, self-abnegation,
perfect resignation, eto, how soon the world
would become "the Kingdom of God," and the I
Apocalyptic Vision of St. John be realized in
all its glory and completeness.
Let Cardinal M'anning's words be the last
upon this subject, which appeals so lovingly
to the heartsof men:
"We know that friends who loveope another
become like to one another; they catch the
very tones of each other's voices; they ex
change the very look of each other's counten- I
acoe-features the most dissimilar acquire a
strange likeness in expression. So it is with
our souls, if we live' in the habit of prayer; I
that is, in conversing and of speaking with
our Divine Friend. When Stephen stood be.
fore the Council, his face shone like the face
of an angel. The light of the presence of his
Master in Heaven fell upon it. And they who I
live a life of prayer are being ever changed
into the likeness of their Divine Lord. I do I
not mean that theyare outwardly transformed;
I do not mean that there come rays out of
their hands or-their side, or that there is any a
resplendent light upon their countenances, but
I mean this, that there is a gentleness, a sweat
ness, a kindness, a lowliness, an attraction
about their life which makes everybody at a
peace with them. Everybody draws near to
them with a tranquil confidence and a rest of
heart. We know that with some people,
though they are good and just, yet when we I
approach them we have a sense of fear; but
where there is in any man a likeness to the
Bsored Heart of Jesus, there is an attraction '
which goes out from him. 0 * The world
oalls it fascination; but what the world calls I
fasoination is simply this, that in the measure
in whioh men have the likeness of the Sacred
Heart of Jesus, they draw others to them-.
The May Festivals in St. Stephen's Hall, Na
poleon avenue, for the benefit of St Stephen's
Churoh, are oontlnued with increased interest
and suncoese. The entertainments each night
have pleased exceedingly-even beyond all
expectation. To-night the Mitchel Rifles will
open with a Grand Military Tableau and give
representations of outpost duty by the Irish
Bkirmishers in the Donegal Moontains-the
irlsh soldier at the campbivouac-cooking
nd serving rations--attack and repulse of the
enemy-the prisoners--execution of a spy
oonclnde with camp-song and obhorons.
On the 18th and 19th of May, a Fair was
held in Houma for the benefit of the Churobh
of St. Franois de Sales, Rev. J. A. Poyet,
Pastor, whioh is said to be fast tottering to
ruin. Aooording to the Courier of that town,
though the weather was very unpropitionus,
preventing many persons from attending, the
handsome amount of 81044 10 was netted.
Five palm fans for 10 cent. at Adame, 594
Mauasine street,
All Work sad oe Play.
Out sommunity ooot jostly be obarg
with stinginess. ~Auemente are liberally
patronized in New Orleans, even in thee bard in
times, yben all superfluity of means has been
pretty Wuob dried up. And certainly that is
rilht. The principle of all work and nopn
Joyment is an extending of the primeval cure.
much farther than the offended del ever in- Ml
tended. The bow always bent lores itsepring.
The bore himself may not be is any danger of
losing bis spring, as long as the lager beer e
saloon keeps anythilg on tap, but there is the th
neglected wife at home. 8be has no such
spring, and doee'at want it. She is exhausted ex
with the beat of the confined air of the ovens 8i,
whioh by compliance we call houses, and over
burthened with the cares and anxieties of the
household. The man who would refuse to no
spend a dollar occasionally just to take her
Out of that atmosphere and give a little variety
to the monotonous current of her life is-well, ole
never mind what. We will merely remark he
that he is in a fair way of having his soul wI
grow fast to hib dollars.
But, says the guilty individual, as he reade
this lecture, Where shall I take her ? The es1
amusement season has olosed and she doesn't 331
like the beer-gardene. Sir, what of museic dol
What of a magnifoient hall, magnificently
lighted, airy, breezy, gay with the youth and fa
beauty of a Southern metropolis ? What of $e
the olassioal and nicely artistic chefdeucres He
of the best musical talent of the most mosioal
city in Amerisca
-No-pl.aueIt --Namsu eut, when- t'spteunp
did, recherche entertainment gotten up in we
boner of Mrs. Theresa Cannon Buckley, comes Jan
'f to-morrow evening in St. Patrick's Hall I sac
Tnr H nBzeIA IaeittalsNO CoMrANf. - In l
another oqlsmn will be found thi8 annual state- O1
meat of this iontltiticmn. Taut its management kit
ba beeuh ihatked by that courtesy and liber- a
tlity whiof are so essential to the success of 187
publio institutions, is proved by the fact ter
that its earnings were 10 per cent greater than A
the year before, while the handsome profits dl- err
rided among the share-holders, amounting to ral
10 per cent on paid op capitaland5 per cent on of
premiums (making a total, with the rebate, of plc
10 per cent on premiums) have won the- on
grateful acknowledgments of the stockholders,
who gave the old officers the most emphatio en
dorsement possible by re-electing them for has
another term. Besides the character of its di- he
rectors as men of the highest standing in com- the
meroial circles, $522.898 in assets guarantee the
solidity of the Company.
The Board of Directors of course re-elected I
Mr. John Henderson to his old position as No
President, thereby testifying their high appre- 20,
Diation of the obharacteristio energy, tact and it.
broad liberality displayed by him in the man- ool
agement of the interests confided to his care, tin
Mr. T. F. Bragg, whose experience and effmoi- er
naey havebeen no lees valuable to the Company L
than his promptitude and courtesy have been
pleasiog to its patrons, was retained as Seore
tary. The Vice Presidency, vacated by the me
death of Mr. Irwin, was filled by the election we
of our well-known fellow citizen, Mr. J. H.
Hanna. del
Of ldte years, and since the difficulties be ra.
tween the ecolesiastical authorities and the T
Ancient Order of Hibernians assuenmed propor- out
tions of magnitude, the several conventions of die
the Order have changed their constitution in W,
manyv important respects. Among the rules
adopted for the organization of Divisions are tab
the following: des
2. These Catholic Associations, by their own rep
nature, are subject to the ecclesiastical autho
rity, and consequently their rules, constitn- in
tions and alterations to be made, as from time
to time any may be deemed proper, are to be T
subjected to said approbation. day
5. In order, however, that all may be done vet
with justice. Christian charity and edification,
bhere will be in each County a Chaplain ap
pointed by the Ordinary of the Diooese, to be she
onsulted by the Divisions before determining twi
anything relating to morality or religion. dal
6 The Chaplain in each county shall see
that nothbig be done or countenanoed by the mal
sclety weoh might be contrary to the laws aga
Sta.CIthdrcb, the decrees of the Council of
altimore, the synodical constitutions of the L
Diocese, or the depositions of the Ordinary, to Mic
whom he shall refer any difficulty or doubt
whioh he may'be unable to solve. ing
7. Each and every Division of the A. O. H. bra
setablished or to be established throughout mal
the United States shall adopt the foregoing a
rules as preliminaries to the constitution and and
by-laws which they may adopt for their gov- The
arnment as most suitable to their objects; foll
provided that they may be in accordanoe with the r
same and approved by the Ordinary. ir
Some days after having sent his letter of Sm
submission to the Pope, Father Carol visited fool
Cardinal Franohi, Secretary of State, and ask- nc
ad permission to be received in audience by Mr.
ise Holiness. The Cardinal made the appli- sig
eation to the Holy Father, and received a in,
reply that Father Corel must first be recon- the
eled with Father Beokx, the General of the by i
Booliety of Jesusne, and, after undergoing a re- e
treat of ten days' duration, be might aga asin
make his application. Father Carole received
this answer with great resignation, and pro- A
miled the Cardinal to act precisely as the Holy tir
Fcather desired. o'ol
Mr. Webb, the carpet-bagger from England, der
who desires to sunoceed Mr. O'Donnell as repre- whi
sentative for Dungarvan, and to whom the ft
Very RBev. Dr. Cleary wrote the soorohing letter nioc
rhiob appeared in our lst fesse, has published Tue
a reply in the Dublin Freeman'. Jos-ai. Mr. Ore
Webb impeaches the seeouracy of Dr. Cleary's con
statemente, denies that he had any corrupt na
motive in offering his charitable donation, and
tells the Very Rev. Canon that he will ask
him to verify hie charges and insinuations In w'
a court of justice. Thi
The beautiful and touching devotion of the hon
Way of the Cross is believed tohave originated whI
with the Blessed Virgin, who wa seooeustomed but
to visit every day the places which were sano- and
tided by the inlcidents of the Paesion; and it pra
Is thooght that her practioe suggested Chris. Uni
tian processions. Art
The more honesty a man has the less be r
affects the air of a saint. The rffeetation of the
sanctity is a blotch on the face of piety. nr
LOOAL 7O02!:tB, X 4
The oelebrated G.Jbal Early has arri
Sin town.
Friday, he Supreme Court adjourned to the
Arst Monday in November..
The Louisiana Field Artillery give a grand
Military Festival at the ~ji Orounds today.
Rev. T. J Smthb,O.M., Pasto t. Joseph's,
returned home last Wednesday evening from
the North. 4. ,
Last Sunday Le-Pica- se pubeesd a very
excellent article on the Asylum of the Linle
Sisters of the Poor.
St. Joseph's and St. Alphouses' Total AIbU%
nonse Societies meet this evening, as will be '
meen by notices elsewhere.
At the Church of St. Francis de Sales, the
closing exertWs of the month of May were
held last SBuray evening. The ceremonies
were very impoelng.
Thursday last State bonds were worth 73)
cents on the dollar and Premium (City) bonds
331 cents. A dollar in gold wase worth one
dollar and one and } cents.
We ha4 the pleasure of a call last week
from our staunch friend J. Torras, Esq, of
Red River Landing, Pointe Coupee Parish.
He reports crop prospects as being excellent,
A large number of editors ofMissouri news.
P-pe s-peuts-everasi dyar- In the city last
week. Many were accompanied by their wives
and other members of their famillee, the whole
excursion party numbering 150.
Last thursday a verdict was rendered in the
case of Thomas Pickett, charged witl having
killed Michael Knockly at the corner of Ely
sian Fields and Decatur streets, January lth,
1670. Pickett was found guilty of manslaughý
At its meeting Thuzelay evening, the South
ern Yacht Club admitted 46 new members,
raising the total membes ' ip to 230. A series
of rac:s web decided upon, the srt to take
place on Monday, June 24th, and the second.
on Tuteday, 25th.
To-day, it 7:30 p. m., Very Rev. B. A. Neit
hart, will preach in St. Theresa's Church, and
a collection will be taken up for the benefit of
the poor of the parish visited by the Society of
St Vincent de Paul. The services will close
with Benediction.
Last Saturday the job of cleaning reservoir
No. 1, of the Water Works, was completed.
20,000 cubic yards of earth were taken out of
it. Work on the other reservoir was at once
commenced and is probably finished by this
time, though the deposit of alluvion was great
er than in the first reservoir.
Last Sunday at 2 o'clock, one of the dummies
on the Lake Shore road ran off the track. The
engineer and a lady passenger were hurt. The
managers of thg road state that several rails
were unspiked and have offered a reward of
$500 for such information as will lead to the
detection of the party who committed the out
The eer sus taker s are bosily engaged through
out the oity just now. The reports s, far in
dicate a population of 20,000 in the Tenth
Ward and 15,000 in the First Ward. It is to
be hoped that thc peonpl will give the coman
takers all the ses'starce possible, as it is most
desirable and even necessary to have a corrbct
report of the number, nationality, etc., of the
inhabitants of the City and State.
The meeting of the City Council last Tues
day was a very tame affair, comparatively-no
vetoes, no debates and only one division, and
that as to whether the City should have the
shell road out Canal street, and the levee be
tween Canal and Poydres streets, sprinkled
daily, at a monthly experes of $150. The
matter was not decided, but will come up
again next Toes lay.
Last Friday evening, at the Church of St.
Michael (Rev. Father Heelin, pastor), the clos
ing of the Month of May Devotions was cole.
brated with the usual display. There was a
magnificent procession in which tr adults
and children of the entire parish participated.
The benediction of the Most Blessed Saorament
followed a beautifuldiscourseon the "Blessed
Virgin Mary" by the Rev. T. J. Abbott, C. M.
Friday night, May 24;h, Recorder S. J. N.
Smith was indicted by the Grand Jury who
found a true bill against him for exhibiting
uncalled for and unjustifiable malice against
Mr. C. C. Haley, the latter having refused to
sign a short-hand report of evidence in a case
in which he was plaintiff and Recorder Smith
the Judge. The ground of objection alleged
by Mr. Haley wY non-ability to understand
tge purport of the douonment to whrich he was
asked to sign his name.
At the Church of the Immsoulate Concesp
tion (Jesuite') last Thorsday mornoing at 7
o'olock, 206 ohildren-66 boys apd 140 girls-
made their First Communion. The piety and
devotion of the children was remarked by all
who were present on the ooosaion. The pupils
of the College will make their First Comma
nion next Sunday, Feast of Penteoost, and on
Tuesday, June 11th, at 5 o'olock p. m. His
Grace, the Most Reverend Archbishop, will
confirm all the First Communicants and a
number of converts.
"Decoration Day for the Federal Soldiers"
was observed at Chalmette Cemetery last
Thursday, the 30th of May. Many who fought
on the side of the Grey united in paying
honors to the "gloried dead." Nut only they
who met esoh other on fields of shot and shell,
hbut our oivlio soldiery, whose sympathies were,
and are, with the Bouthland and its heroes
presented themselves at the place where the
Union soldier was buried. The Washington
Artillery and the Continental Guards offered
floral tributes which were not excelled even by
those who were "Ifdlo " of the dead lying in
unmarked graves. ScaO oaoosions are calon-

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