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The morning star and Catholic messenger. (New Orleans [La.]) 1868-1881, June 09, 1878, Morning, Image 1

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NVOLUX A I . NEW~RT 0.LEANS SUDYaONN, MIh 9fau, 1878 w
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mung Star and Catholic vessen Ser.
saw amusasss, sBwD., UNes asue.
IOsadensnd fen Assooiated Press Telegarams
3eoaeiune 6.-The Pope has seat an appeal
i Athe WN w to protect the Interests of Roman
Cathoes while they are regulating the afairs
of Terkey.
Tihpsesue Qusarzo.-The German Gov
eba iesd i Invitation to the pow
er U t 1t ; .gre ats Berlia to disons
su of t Eastern iestion.
All theoepted and the leading
miaits of eoach will aend. England ed
Disraeli and Lord lalliaory, and Prinee 0 .
shakof will represeas Reasia. The English
Seroonalder thie a griat vietory for their
ciomaiat, while a larg section of the Bns
.t peopl are greatly dissatisfed at the
`ehomlons made by their Government. The
ie Bossy, however, maya:
aseses e of leading Ministers in the
grn, and the spirit whihob now seems a
he various Cabinets, give hope thbt
Eatern qestion will be dealt with In a
baed saen, with the object of reaching a
Saaen sndeatanding and consolidating shl
aes of Europe.
Sagboat both countries and the whole
f'Duope in fsact, the sueoestakl oonelselon of
IIauegtiaee hbave takhe a arent burden of
rfý na the pubtlc mindantd console
rea s oh d a -alagber price than they have
eed in weaty years before.
The military itnatton in the neighborhood
ot Ooatsantinople outinums 'pretty mao the
0 ber oftefo. The eiane have -ad
,uO es and 195 guns at Toborle, whieb is
entral position as regarde Conastantinople,
L and Gaiitpoli.
The rdMalta disepatoh esays: The
aasports here are ordered, as a prenautionary
masare, to take aboard coal asupply for two
weeks and hold themselves in readinese to
str at six bore notice.o
Gamascr.-While the Emperor wasn taking
ele as MWu o'cloe on nneay afternoon
Sag Berlin. some shots, apparently pros
higrom a hounse in the Avenue Unter der
G e. were Bred at him. The Emperor wasn
*i"dd in one arm and on the ohbeekby bock
'and small shot The wonldbe assasain ia
ir Nabellog, ooooupying apartments at No.
1 Dater derLinodan. When his door wasn forced
ipes he fred upon and wounded the hotel
keep and trie to oommit sloide, but was
The Emperor's personal attendant jumped
ate the carriage and supported the Emperor
satil the carriage reahobed the Palace. The
s r wasn conveyed to bed and aeveral
w of shot extracted, oanoeing greal loa of
e. The Emperor sanfred great pain, but
sver lost consciousness. He bha continned
blebdily to improve mince.
The assaain is Karl Edward Nabeliog, a na
str Kalino, near Birnbanm, aged 32 year.
M a resident of Berlin, a Doctor of Philo.
logand Agrirltore, and on habitne of
Deoerati olalisct Clubs. A quantity of
pima were foond in his apartments. He fired
ip person attempting to arrest him with a
Mavy loeded revolver and then inflicted severe
We ond inhis own head. He has been at the
point of death ever since, most of the time be.
- rown Prince Frederick William hasb been
lsgnated to represent his father in the trans- I
li of routine baiseness aoteally neoessary I
day to day, after the precedent set in 1857
the occasion of the asaeaphion of the Be
Sby the present Emperor dnrlog the
a inllness of the King of Prsesia.
th pa greatly excited over reports i
ce oepiracies. Although the i
xaggerate reports were exposed and
e publie warned against them by the I
emi-cfiala North German Gasettse yesterday,
bey were so pereistently circulated even by
lesel Government organes, as to create a snspi- I
ion that they were enoonraged and counten
eooed by the authorities for the purpose of
panaactenring popular opinion in favor of
teeg repressive measures. The recent defeat I
111Government anti-Soolalistlie bill in the I
teg s a esonre of great chagrin to the
rt, and the Cabinet wonld he glad toake
( of the new mitetion oreated by Na*
ls's arime to reverse it.
A Berin dispatch to the London Tises says:
h e oontry literally trembles with the shook
ad thedisgrac is deeply felt everywher.
Sthe als ranting shold led astray a
Isedel intelligible enough. That a dootor
lostophyan intllent, highly. ourvat
d TWO , the salono o a neotale family,
sald hae been diesied by he abeard phlo
ephy of the emmane, sad stimulated to
an his individual madnespon the coeon
ise of the eas millions was nexpacted. The
eapla wer t prepared far this extreme r
alt af the theories rife in ther midst.
If a sober, lsellgent man, of some position
a seity and aspirig to sobolastic honors,
said he betrayed into lifting his hand against
hikisd-beartd old man, the venerabie soy
reign of bi people and the living impersona.
ion of their long designed unity, there mnst
s en laeftiao an these dootrines whiob no
ie would have attributed to them a few dayse
The German ironolad Grosser Kuerfteret
ollided with another German iron-clad in the
Bribtish channel near Dover. Over 280 lives
rto let.
>ý[>ddlvCý- ;ov. Mlnesi esmasrldiag at
sr ý tea
re G ahe, on tie 308h May, and the villages of
adMorders q d in the evening. Col
Nnoelo, with 1 aGovernment troops, went
-from Piedra Negree on the lit lost. to engage
Eacobedo's forces. The day before an offier and
95of Noelo's oemmand wee eaptured b Egoe
bedo. Eseobedo and Nunelo are only two
miles apart; the former is constantly roiving
reinforcements, and i expeoted to take Piedras
lNegras wih a few days.
WAsgqovrox -The Preeldenthee nominated
3V. and the Senate oonrted Morris Marks as Col
ow. leotor let LoouelanpDietriot, and Albert 8.
os Leonard, U. . Attoey for Louelsana.
ion. In the Hose te new tarif bill has been
as killed, the e*aetig clause being etrioken ons
by a vo of 134 tol The Life Saving Bill,
providing for the eatlishment of 15 new
lish stations on the coast of Virginia and North
bear Carolina, passed.
s The Seat. Committee of Commerce has in
the creased the appropriation fog many sonthben
Ta. rivers and barbore, The Brasil Subeidy bill
passed. The contract is for fiArve years the
the steamers to leaveew York,Norfelk, Galveston
a and New Orlans. less the line from New
SOrleans is started by February 1st the whole
in esubsidy will lapse.
i The nlvestigatling Committee oontinnues its
work Anderson, assitant supervisor in Fell.
elan, prodned a large number of letters,
ol among othere being one from Sherman, Seere
t ary of the Treysry. Sherman does not den
f having wrlitten it. Jedge levissee, of Lonisi.
le ana, one of the Bepablisan electors, was also
ae examined. He went ever to-day tbhe story of
an attempt to bribe ls but developed noth
od lag new or important. It appears that he did
the aotnally sign threeeertlotee as New Orleans
sa at the tqpe theZlesestal College met, bht only
i n ean ef..tlLsssuiaeh/ WP hlegton, and to two
pIe, ont of'the three st acbere by the Repobli
can officals of Lonislanat Mr. Levisees' name
rhe bat been forged. He was in Shreveport and
cry was weather bound. Time was important to
wo the conspirators,o they forged his signature
Ito a trifling matter for men who were stealing
States by wholesale. t
on Darlg May there were 99 failures in New
ro- York otty. Liabilities, $5.686306; assete,
er $9695 485 - The United dtat's debt on the
e 1st inst. wee $3036.000.000, $3 000,000 less
okL- than on May ist.- Dispatobee from the '
l prioncipal mniong points in the o.al regIon of a
No. Pennsylvania Indloate a general resumption of 0
Bed mlning operations. All tue mines havestarted 0
tel with a foll force. The men are in good spirits
re at the prospect of steady employment and are
much enotozaged over the prospective inorease ti
ead of wages on the July bshipments - A tser. I
roe rible ovlone passed over Ribchmood, Missouri. 0
he on the 21. Over 100 buildings were destroyed
ral and 15 lives lost.
ont a
led MILK A4 FOOD. p
lo. -I
of The'nntritive value of milk, as calculated a
of from its elements, is very large, and its price v
ed ls low, as compared with meat. AooordIng to P
a the Kensinlgton Muoseum Catalogue, one pound v
are of milk can predooe at the maximum 8 ounce a
be dry muscle or flesh and if digested and oid. o0
e. ied In the- body, is capable of producing a a
force equal to 390 tors raised one foot high. 8
en One pound of lean beef lI reckoned as a force I
us. producer as 990 foot tone. Caluoolating thedry tl
Smusoles as molist flesh, 25 pounds of milk are h
47 equalto 4 pounds of lean beef in nutritive
b. value, or in other words, 1 pound of beef is a
he equal in nutritive value to 29 quarts of milk. ti
is. Now, when milk is 7 cents a quart. it Is cheaper 5
te than beef at 21 cents a pound We are lead to b
he these remarks by being reminded of the small al
nd consumption of milk by an ordinary popula- P
e lion. From the best authority it is stated
that but 2 5 of a pint a day are used in the
b asylums, sbchools, etc., in England; 27 of at
p. pint a day In one town, Sterlin, and but 1 5 of '5
sn-a lopint a day in the Eoglish towns of Mans- a
of field and Bedford. According to Dr. Edward it
of Smith the following table represents the con- P'
ast sumption In the given place for seob adolt:
he nagsand.................---....... 3 onoes wekly.
he ootlad-......................... 15 - saces weely. A
se Waes ..".."............. . l eaewoe weekly.
Irela-.----.. ---...... ......... ess weakly.
RunrEaTI MALts AND PFEALuas.-In reply to 01
5: the inquiry as to what is the relative male and o
female proportion of the population of the
United Stats and also of the world, the New bhI
a York Journal of Cornsserce gives the following
r interesting statistice: "Of the 38.558,371 n- d
Ssos in the United States aooordinga to the lt w
nsational oeass, (thLis weas in 1870, there ae 0
over 43.000.000 now,) 19.493 565 were males and
19,0648.06 were females, or 983 wamen to 1,000
men. No cases of bthe world havdeen taken,
but we have the proportion of women to men t
In all countries where an enuomeration hasb been
n ade. The hibghest in Europe i la BScotland g
n whlsh bee 1,096 women to 1,000 men ; Irelanl
, has 1,060 women, Eagland and Wales 1 0564
SPFrance has b 1.007, O4 Prussia 1.030 to 1,000
gmen. The lowest in Europe is in Greece,
s which has but 940 women to 1,000 men. The in
ntotal of all Europe is 1,021 women to 1.000 mnen;
o the total of America 980 women to 1,000 men ;
Sthe total of Africa, as far as known, 975 women Si
t o1,000 men; of Asia (oluding only Hong
itKong ia China)940,women the 1,000 mea Ae- tb
h tralaa 785 women to 1000 men.
Many mothers rais their daughtere on the hi
at pariplle o teochig then, fdrst, to play the Pi
at t e; se d, to dress; third, to dance, and .1
wertb . ` ii
ol -
sot N. 0 Price Current.
bie Prrjeote to, silln. at least a portion of the
end Idle colored female labor of this city have foe
SO- sme time occupied the mind cf some of our
ro best citLenes, but s4ar without any practical
ug results. There is a nomoreous lIas of female
!a colored labor I, bihi aity, which at present is
totall unemployed; this labor is of the more
intell nt, pretty well educated kind, not
muuao enouagh for Adud work, and fit only
ed for the lighter rd , where meeaiury does
1-. the hardest part obthe labor. Why not then
t. tlise this labor, blob at present is mostly
idle, in converting a portion of our great
a Southern staple into woven fabrics, and theus
, make it profiable to the whole Soathern ooan
. try? The-aneeeary capital for an undertak.
Sing of this kind should come from the North
th or East; it would be but fair that the people
who have been educated out of their former
f sphere of osefoloese should be helped to agatein
ec bome a prod etive claso. The oapital thus
Ie furntshed won not alone bs a true charity,
of hav noold alsoprove protable, The expessru
r of living are row persape as low, it not lower,
" io thie ity as anywhere else Where crttoo
e abrics are made; other neeessries of Ill
Ssuch as clothing, tfel and shelter can be bai
at less expense here than at any other plae,
Staking the year round; then again, the klnd
a, of labor in question Is very plentiful, very apt I
a to learn, quick and more Intelll githa mkee
*of that empe GreaBritain the uper
abundance of his labor makes it vr*e
Sgood female hands, some of them witha slight
Sknowledge of the besiness, being vatlahle at
h. leas than one-half of the wages now id at
id Fall River. Lootions for Cotton M0lI wth
I all the neocessary facilities for supping goods.
ly receiving the raw material and iel, with. he
o Iat 1 obge for handlinable
S the oit and itsse vayniy;.awe shat i
ae he no reasonable doubt that a venture of thib i
d kind would prove eminently successful in a I
tpecuniary point of view, bsaides making a
large portion of oar population, whihob at
g present adds almost nothing to the wealth of
the State, perhaps one of the mocst productive
elements of our community. We have noi
o0 ua the necessary nt snge an
machinery were erected, the working capial t
Scould be found among some of the more wealthy
Sclass of our ancient free colored population,
a who, In fact, would be the proper parties to
of move primarily in this matter, with a view to
,f obtaine the reqn:srte means from the capitalists a
of the East. Thbe question is of more moment I
than a casual observer might suppose, and
e every citizen who ha at bheart the welfare of
e the whole community is interested in provid
ing suitable emplopyueor for the class of labor
of which we have spoken
A French traveler among the Yards statee,
as the result of his endeavors to ascertain the
process employed by them in the manufacture
of their sword blades, that the mannfaotories
SIn whico these blades are made are situated
at the declevity of a mountain, near casoades,
the water of which, falling from rook to rock,
d arrives In the most limpid state in the reser
e votirs In wbhich the blades are tempered, these
o reservoirs baing also located where the air is
d very pure-these conditions of purity of air
e and water b-sinog casidered essential to the
Ioperation. Iron of bth porest quality is used,
a and a ,bmitted,to a very high temperature, the
diet semperieg is commenced when the metal
a Is at a white beat; it is exposed before fusieon,
I the feel being placed on each side and the red:
o hot iron is then covered as quickly as peaible
e with fatty and oily matters, such as paste
s made from bones, wax, eto. This process is
:thought to render the blade fexible. The
r secod tempering is similar, except that the
o beated iron, after having thrown off consider
able quantities of sparks, and having been ex
posed, is covered with a paste composed of
wpowdered bones and purified mutton seet.
The third tempering is effected by disposing
Sthe metal in such a manner that it may be
f seized by a man on boreback who rides at full
speed, in order that the blade, which he bears
Sin an elevated position, may reoeive the Im.
pre, slon of the air.
A Tarnurs To JatareoD -"We take the sea.
A beotiful island, greeness isle of the ocean
springs up before e. Its anocient kings are
gone. Weehold on the beach the poor exile
of Erin; the dew on his thin robe is havy and
chill I
Across the w ter troto the lamentations of
her broken habrp we catchb the strain of Erin
Mavrourneen I Erin go Bragh I Let us stand on
_deck with onoovered heads and splete her as
Swe pass; let the bell tollI It iethe laadof
Grattaon, O'Connell Mitochel; It is the land of
Curran, Philipe and 8bliel it is the laed which
gave a ore to pose, a W*ellington to arms, a
Burke to man, to the world, to freedom. It is
the land which retarned the glorioeus bust of
the hero martyr Emmet bck lInto its bosom.
It i thbe bhem of that brave race of genius,
generosity and misfortune; poor conquered Ire
land, we salute and pase on I'
The address from whichbleb we quote the above
was on Coagerend NHatess, and was delivered
in the publie ball of thbe Unolversity of Virginia
before an immense adienee.
Major Daniel is a member of the Virginia
State Senate. the author of tAveral legal works,
and one of the most able and popular men of
the State.
"Ladise and gentlemen," esid a manager to
bhis audience of three, "as there is nobody here,
ti r1 dismis you all; the perfermeace of thin
I night will set be',psefermed, bt will be rn.
,.aA &.mwewew inaar
hi A n S 3Trt15o Sgracu or TH soLD5f3 dl
If the or.
'e for - i
f our arsar uSar naur. hi
tioal - ia
male n 175 ternal ooamping grand em
tcis sliest teat, ae spread,
a lor gduade with awe round re
more The bLveeae et th dead." r
not B3. few readers of the e Pres, otslide of la
only the Southern States, will recognise she name s
dos wbieh heads bthis brief sketchb; and yet from
then Maine to sar-of California. in citlies where tbhe
alyF tead IHe In coastles graves, and in qulst towns
ret where bat few have been laidin lshe silent O
the tomb, the vrse which hbe penned, and whichb bi;
onn- reed ia paragraph, has been oned on
tak 'kmoraijwy" yer aftr peat, by both Fed- O
orib erale and ratesin hoor of their galH
ople Iant dead.
mer This ve, 1 mistake not, has been serb
ain d over the " tional Cemstegs" at Arlingtoe,,
thas Ttrgisa, te Weehinlos and on
CrI, monement s at Boeson, &aaaohaessL Ls
em -in memory UeUniono solder who ell lin
* e battle or service during the late war.
to 1is mte t bable that iii appropriate- s
lifer o in Its use for similar purposes by
lun ethesport of the country.
a. "As Me al Day" Is near at band, and
Ind maey m will again'quote this verse in D
apt their alo the dew heros, I desire to
eob remove a fall preson in regard to its ort- lo
per- gle. It was oo written, as is frequently
-- state*d by a "ee!" mr im oolmmemetation of
ight "rebel'eoldi ed on the feldof battle." in
s Its author was igallant and as true a soldier O7
pit sdrew ascc a the bloody elds of Meoi- Ca
00. and the laste eivil war he paid a
s ths tribate i o dead who fell &duiug
the that ate weesriose eampaiga. aM
irs The in00tI e bnS deairlt. o
this to her ses who fll i the ea war, w n
as through her Legsleatre, provided Ifr the tin
ga gathering up of their remain from various
atplaces, and their reinterment in the esmetery
a of at Frankfort, where sleps a line of illastrious
lye dead of other days and roder scenes. A meanu
no ment was ereted in the mis of the
Ii to mmemorate the deeds of valor of bedead
Ital heroes who were to ree beneath its shadow
thy until "time shall be no more." This action
,n, called forth from Col O Harm's gifted pen the
to following tocobhog poem, one of the most ten
r to der and beautiful of bli poetic prodootloons,
lets and the one from whlobh.be above named verse
ent has been taken:
.1 The mcited dsm. sd e*ll has beat
rid. The selder's last setteeI
bor eNo more em 1s oasd shll meet
That brave aa fell. few.
On isea', eternal seampag'greud
I hiew ateut teats are srpad.
And Glory guards with seiman ronnd
The bitvuao of she dead.
er No rumor o the fee's advance
Nor thrao ube de wind.
'le Nrow~o pend ·5a midaIgt hassle
Tesrd Of lerdv wr ebe d ee et behind.
le, No viesi of the rrow's strlfe
dreimbea lerms,4st
oh, The worrie' dr::e s am.
No braIhers ae sreatg aie
At dawn shall cll to arms.
is Their ebvsred swords an red with rust,
sir Their ploed head, arre bewed,
Their s hty bar, tat td hr dust,
the La noe w elr an tlae shreoud in
ad, Asd piseneous feaeral tears have washed
the The red tls fr eaom ah brow. of
tal Aad the predhemt'by batte gashed. gift
, aTe elahs trooee ths eshlag blad e, the
ad- The bugle's stnlDI blat, pple
The chaOrg 3WOth dreadf .4 canno.ade, son,
te Tohe di nad shot are mpa .ed. gra
is No War's wild mote nor lory' poa a
'boe Sha thrill wth firer delight e
;he Those brestethat saver more may feel thebl
Thea rapste of the fight. rwh
o. sI thej ere northern hurricane The
of That etooss hte groat platea., let I
of aheod with the triumph yet to gain, oard
et. Come dowa the serried fee.
fig Who heard the thunder or the fray
be Break e'er the field brmeath. dds
nil Knw well the watchword of the day Pm
ire Wa " vlaiemyordeath." hi
m Fail my a mether's breth ha. swept
O'er Asgestara's plain.,M
And long the pitis shy has wept E
Above ite me a swn. men
Tioe raven's srssm or mats's light.
sa. Or shephLerd' peivso of aoi
an Alone new wake sech seslen height we
ire That frewned ser that dread fry. Ohe
tIe See. of th dark and bloody ground!t W
nd We waft net slumber there, logs
Where strsersteps and tongues resound us,.
ofoour e soil f I
in hall beeyr Sitsr grave I tio
on She elseo frem war ts richest spoil- This
a The ebhen of her hnave. of o
of Thus 'neith their nesest turf they rest.
of Fse tram the gyfysld. to H
oh Seine tea partes mother' breast to p
a R Tb may a bleody shield.
T of their astire sky c l
Omelies esol ea them her. alas
of And hadrod eyes sad hearte wateh by of ti
m. The hers spmlohr M
tIs est e. amboimaed and mInted dead I 5at
e- Dear is the bleed you gave- thai
No tmgieue feedstups bes eta:l treed sett!
The eurbsgt youear ras. aide
Net shall your flory be forget
W le ame her reesed eps ates
Ia Or Rsusr ywsit the haloIwed spot ail!
Whee Valor proudly seeps- was
tia Tom merbls ·mbtrel's vleeftl stone foist
I. dethes t shell tolIlt Hay
of Was many a veasbed yesr ath doser e
Th seMry how yes fell;de
Nor wreck. nor esase nen winter'. blight, of
Nor Tamu's r m se tem bet;
Ces dim ace rs of help light
to That allts per glereas tombc
1s am mrSWT or COL O'Ea5..
Cot a. -16iia P~U
to embelm in immortal verse the heroet desd d
otleu fallem *omrades, bus he also seved with I
a. distinotion in the Confederate arm, at a
see time o4 the statef General hAl t e
Johnstua, and holdling the great eaptS In a
hisb ar whoen death came to bim us suddenly
in the midst of a charge upon the retreating
enomy. 14
After the war Col. O'lars for a short pelod f
reslded aInolumbas. Georgia, whre he wus I
of seoiated with a relativ. Capt. J. J. Grat, 0
in conducion the Panteres' Wareoas Whea t
tbis wus destroed by re, ho ooe dayrmrk- a
bm d ato bhe editor of the Dilly hht bwth tho e is
a wee two bthing hbe didn't want to be mix
asup with ~lam gpowder and aetton. For 0
'b tie Wit Olt arf we e!aneotd with th6 Mo- if
ob bile, Alabama. Daily BeglIr, but returned to o
Columbus and died on se plantation of Cap.
at: Gruat, in Bullook Count Alabama, la 1867.
He was, however, burlies r the cemetery t or
lb. Calhbes. Goorat. or
On th 3rd of July, 1874. Ge. Thomas H. oo
STaylor, astaing for the SBate of Kentooky, re
moved the remains from the cemetery in Co. to
imbu and tremferred them to the emetery it
at eankfoE e Ke ebfy. The people of Colm- so
Ia paid mared respet to the remains, which of
were sertd from the metrtoy Lthe depot en
by the Columbus Oaarde and tU City Light
O Gaurds, the column being commanded by CoL do
W. I.hepherd, and the band playiae ta i
a "Ded arob in 34ol." Confederte ao d tic
a- en war veterans and ladies in earriagus fol b
Slowed the military. be
At Frankfort, on July 15, in the prueseae of or
oan Immense meourse of speetators, and with So
iýo iostag eo moniro, the remaies of ColossI
er O'sr and n 1i* tbose of Colonelm Pry sad
r Cardwell, were reinterred beside their old om
rdies of the Maxican war. The ed oI his th
Ibeastifl poem "The Blvoac of teea." sb
a pt of ahe programme of that o ua lb
ow arLJ.&Ta Sn d ~ b e
SUval md roanterment in the lwing stir
Sring imes: w
as fan of tnhe rhand bloodygrund " ec
U- 'Thou must met sluobur tietto
's The' a4.ea 55. ty1515 t'i
d Alcg thse othsrar.
ea aky tsl dtothyt grave- all
Thy Madtvred Seyrtee ;aee sae
n The anbl cauese you ab; save hi
With tae is wrapt in blceu. gic
Thy Celttc bst was iled to arms, of
, STesardlesmeto the 0ce; run
is £A a act awma e aiarmt- ter
etsThou es o ear re 's voice- the
True isar tt oef sehe brave- its
aod ir ifso earts wil ow reoicie is a
Tm guard their Heo'ws gavbote. iora uep
Thue sso you asg` o'er weariers dead dir
dylg tu oor hsefk a roe; tel
and oetry shea reudethav be th*
smiled atar o o's deree. boo ol
The ojlorr i bas gees wGod- his
shy smul was se'r divine, the
Thea let thy racred dust be laied ta
In Valor's proudest ays e r l a
and may the lyre. oso w o lypeyed, b,
By rais aldos e nt forgerot e d
dt tuned by scrao great master-bas d l
To strike es yeas ay,co
PAnds calExle t~ Spiripto ai and thwaeirof n
ade b ed by thyclay. Em
Thus briedy I have sketched She main points tot
inCol. Oliara's life. so far am they refer to his the
oft oted poem. H was a brother journait, pro
gifted, brave and generous, living for others Gm
and dying poor himself. A recenoot visitor to be
the Franfort cemetery, a'ter rniferrin to the hao
osplendid monumeat o Col. hobard o. John. roe
son, ay: "Near this monument stands tohe Wi
grand military monument erected in honor of mull
all the oforre and s'ldiers who have given Bisi
ther lives to the servio of the State, lorin
what apart from the rat is the grave of Col.
Theodore O'Har. bon` In 1e20, poet, errnal. II
tI and sroldier. the hitoty of wPosve rveatfl a bi
career reads almost like a romance." d
Addes Preseted to the Holy rather aby the olish Lit*
Priests i e in Siberia and the Iteror of she
Russia. and
of I
Mot Rely Fatheri r sot
Exiled, and dwelling in a country of tno. toyi
menu extent and hostile sentiment, depriveld lug,
of all communicatien with the Catholc world, or1
we slom receive intelligence of thoe Holy are
Church, our Mother. clot
Wha thoe echo ofi the great and orraowfl tmn
low of the illustrioso Pope Pis IX reseahed a v
us, our hearte were penetrated with profound app
grist, which warus only mitigated by the slav et
tion of your Holism o the Pontifisl Throes. Thp
Thins wsaurdden rayoflbt in the darkn ss e
of or exie, and a coesolaslen. eslj
Having le arned that ouar brethren hastened he
to rndthere omsge of thelrlove and idellty
to your Holluee, we adely desired to us
cornly them ia their oly plgrimage; hut, b
alas I evert to oeresnoed with them Is a matter mi
of the greatest dtsI",ty. We therefore tak She
the liberty, Holy Fatber, to sxpress to yea our nop
sentimeats in writing. not being even eital i
that theme words will reaeh you. If so, let oar
sotmli be a peocf that, forced s we are to re- !c
side upon tie sr'rsme frontfer whish epar- men
ates Europe from Lois, the victims of a grat that
mlsforsnno, and exposed to moral and material a n;
want, we are lodleeclutly moited Is spirit, in Bls
faith and Ia devotioe with the Holy See. The
Haviag muffered hbaishmont for ftesao yese, worl
deprived of our eunotry and of tb esariesa mini
of our asered ministry, we sbed ite tease, long
bet or hearts ire falof love for the iilnstri. os'
cue smeeesor of SL. Peter. him
Our susr mgm, west, misery and ezil are stuk
issuies of esr aseb aes amy tothe usri
QIt=r 'L]' " otiL[elseiespl' a g l
*sn ~ i~mihmmuslosm h~w··
des nl gt edure.teue atlhi a -al-1
.1mg willang4 S* heem* a blmatlee. 3.5 we ca
at o hea te words of our eloer, "Do
4 r thee who bils She oed bet eanet
daI we iinge oal" 0 ath teehes Iath eat . s
Iles, Bat pro #bkeUar t Y . .
I. cis th words o oar M vlow, "Do 100I
iriod her this. who bill thebkdL bet wtol
was the soul." One f sih beachs as tht so/
reauS, Obrsk there is no eIvatlom fr l, as
Whea for ea aussi therefore, Hely we
mark- ssee pa enlem*, In She presenee of zree, -
Share in falAhlmeaS of our ooeeoleatioun duty,
ei we will alwaye peseuvere In Adenl iaea
Poe Ohureb sad in dewotlos to he Holy ees 'p
Mo- It we should bhe ailed during the whel tss,
ed to or encoeaer leath Itef.
Copt. We willingly endue ear safeuing ina order
1867. thant tShe power God may be anlfesead Is
ry it oaur weaken ,. ad, betaring I stad the to r
orable words of R I. we adeavor to ever.
m H. soe oar enemele by pslieae by pi
r, re. We have She hbonors So rsaeltethie sim
Co. to you by one of ar brethren, delrng Ibt
Setry iS may be reesiwed as the expreslna.e the
l..- etlmests of about Sour hundred pe.So sad
rhieob of one hundred Shoeuend Pole., asmed
lepot eile i Siberia dand She latseter of euee
Shb We hope that this stleasL y of eeL aed
VoL devotion M6y q16n tar eyer usdkeO
She favor. red Sn may he aS le5et oe eeea.
le-al Sin to as in our mIltde and etedeg to
hi.1- know that ye, Holy lather, del to rese
her me, thaS you do not forgat me in your
I of r, and tha you strengthen os by your
with Soli Donedleslom.
ad Deferring to the S rt attempt to asseesalae
the Emperor Williame Ormany, made sae
,." six weaka ago by a Soelallat namned Hogdl,
leaN the 1n orrespodett of the Ltv.pe
ti s s ' ru
stir. lea Is ewldend sslon*-So the ag
w sareaneneShe aerm naea. o
Mini whe eogratnlatsd Mm ins pemesee of
She lrown Pries the Emperor irongy s
emssandd them e employ all telr Ilgaenoe
to prevent the revolatlonary olo tfram get
ost n.. upper nana in seeno y, aGone
ally to take nave that the religlone seme t
should not become lost anong` eopls
hi. Majesty mesue to do nothlo e roll
gLion thea to reommend It It So deder eas
of his MLnisters, be mighs as well have
remaleAd cllent on the suljent, for his ale
ters, with Prlnce Bamnaro as their hea
the very men wbos Iallowed lIddell to MwO
Its full ing ObChrisltanlty l Germany.
Is be really sppoased, that they wouldb will
log, aS binmsre* rteommendton, So set S
dlres ontradlostlo to their past esreer, ad
relnstate what they drove so hard to epe
from theS masset Or were not the OC
blhope, priests, and nou drive. out of home
and oounsty beousee of their lowe of religio t
But it OGrman Catholics do not believe that
their Chriotian Emperor will reob any adva
tage for peseeted religion by hi (otherwise
most praieworthy) reeomendaato, tho
have every reaon so rejole as the Importen
warde he spoke on that oeoselon, for hi die.
course revives their hope Shat bette dapy
will dawn for them from the moment that Se
Emperor sees be real state of religlous detS
lot t. on Into wbhib his advisers have plunged
his the country. If the Empesor could only e
lies, prevailed upon by a lover of trSh to red a
zet German Cathollo paper, hbls eyes would soon
Ir to be opened, and the perseution stayed; but we
the know unfortunately, that as long a he esur
bn. rounded by BDimarok's lneIenoe, Emperor
tbShe William will neover beer anything of She rq
It of solts of the Knltar-Kampf exept through
tean Btamarokloan ohanneL and oMiial newspapers.
:al- How A Lrrrr.u ara PFACED Drrxw-Willie,
iful a brighbt ittle daughter of Mr. T. W. Walton,
died reoently at her father's residence, near
Roanoke. In the seventh year of her agg,
lsh Little Willie bad been sick a long tim, yet
r of she bore her a0 otlon witlh all the patlee
and fortitude of one mnoch older. On tbhe d
of her death she nalled her Iittle brobther a
sister around hr and divided among them her
im. Soys. Ste lingered until 7 o'olook In She even
ed lg. without tshe lens apparent obhage, LI a
rid, perfeoly consocious condilon, talking to Shoe
rol areOOd her. he ooented he strokes as the
clock tolled 7, and when IS had nished she
rfal turned to her fat$br and ald: "aP, I will
bed never bear the elok etrike again; give me as ,
and apple." The apple was givens her, and at
a eaing a ples ofiaa began talking of dying,
ice. · So benga uder
e t groS awe.r death. be was
aly r bod was buried-that ae r
ed She body d went to heaven. Thas eme
Illy give bu gret relief, and again addressing hi{
Safe shmld: "Is ma wate I fr In
heavet, bw"' ed on belng assured te Mwe
ma id: arn me ever, Sha, sod let me
e Se was tenderly turd on e side, and spote
mr mo Ior. Tbhe lok tolleld all the same, bat
do lutle Willie newer beard It-eke was dead
re Wootouroal adration of Sb Bleeed Seors
ar- ment is Pare Is arranged In sunk a mraner
st that every nibh lt o*e of the parish eb obrohe.s
gal a number of she faithfl usitl to adre oar
,in Bhrsed Lord to the Serament et Hi. Love,
o. The mess edifyln example. are gives by the
asr, workmen, who afer laboring al day do not
a mnlod tbhe atige of night in lhe churchb. Not
is long ago a young man, who, a few dae prolv.
IrS om, bad lost his wIfs by death. wbloh left to
him the ntire cares of a litstl aey fix years md,
re Sek the hbild to the rish bara, in he
be oe f ebb a 11W. bed wa papred,
110111who who hi grds wr w preyng
iP h.ý lafm

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