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ATM IL 10.
lownrds the peonie of Ve rmont,
ami woulcHioI.I ilinns. lvcs re -
spomible for ali furi lirragsfrs-;,
Hdlis OH UIC pari OI UH' u-
i!iliicrt ulule t k v werc xvt
sprakiuz ihcre was a rry of lire,
stiid the Mark volumes of smoke
hirl tubi ofnnolher art of
Jiritih Inccndiarism, rose
before tlicm. giving a (t ur ver
gimi of their story about 'friend
$1iip." A house helonging to
Ahcl Drurv, had been lìmi nt
jioon day, by tlic volunteers,
who were seen leaving the pre
iniscs; the cntcnts only were
(icii. Nason bas callcd out
ilio militia to guani the line,
but the tories stili continue
their work of destruction. On
ÌSundav night last, they hurnrd
two valuahle barns, ono shed
and a large bop-house, aquan
ìity of bay and some calves, be
longing to Philander Huxley,
in Alburgh. The sanie day the
villains burned a school-house
in the sanie town. Two or
three days before, they attemp
ted to bum the house of one of
their own inhabitants, (Mr.
-Vosburgh.) the Jatne whose
barn, cattle, and f ìorses, were
burned in the wintcr and charg
cd to the refugees. In the pres
ent. instance it tunis out that
the loving subjccts of Hcr Ma
jesty were the perpetrators, one
of whom, Mr. V'snephew, has
beni committed fojj the act ;
brnee it niay he mferred that
ali the late burnings 011 both
;si'les, is the work of the tories
tbemselvcs. Ilow long will
America nourish a Republic
ha ting, fonigli foc,on hcr nor
llicm conftncs?
Disgraceful ! Disgracefcl ! ! ! The
murderer John Prince, Colonel in Iler
TT.ost Immane Britannic Majesty's servire
in 11. C. has been acquitted of thecharges
brought ngainst bim by Colonel William
. Elliot and others, for baving murdered
the prisor.ers taken at Windsor on
the 4th of December last. Col. Ellint
was dismissed the service, while the savage
and brutal Prince is complimcnted by His
Escellcncy Sir George Arthur, xvho.jus-
tifies summary proceedings loicarth pris
onera in extreme cases of necessiti ! Ne
cessiti was Lord John Russell' pica,
When he submitted to the Imperiai Parlia-
: mnt eight coercive resolutions robbing the
, Canadian exchrquor, in consequence of
ili e inipnity of these resolutions, the Cana
diiins felt tlic necessiti of rising against
their gnver: ment. The same plea was
.Iliade for deprivine the Canadians of their
yConstitutinal government nnd submitting
them to the dictatorship of the irascible
'Durham nnd the bloody Colborne, the
result was, the people again resorted to
ftrms, to get rid of such odious tyranny.
: .u- ni
..i.vir MluvHtiijflu.nuii1F.-,W(,ll
.Vk utili in citi iiiu usuili n aiioiii ui uui
ielojed friends, Lount and Matthews,
consequence of these judicial murders,
4 Creat number8 of those who were formerly
.peaceable reformers, now feel the necessiti
of a separatiort from Great Britain. The
, tarning of Mr. Montgomery's house, by
Head and the conduct of the monster Col
1 berne in destroying by tire so many flonr
ishin? and tbriving villages were justified
; opoa the plea of necf ssity, we bear al
smost daily of incendiary atempts in bolli
: Province, the conequences of such a su
icidai conduct aa the governments bave
pursued in both the Canadas. The bru
tality of Sir John and .Sir George will re"
?-nact in the Canada the same scenes as
, tre nove ccting bettveen the Carlist
fnd the Queeen'a troops in Spaiti. The
jeoplo must leam that they have no
quarter to exnect, couragr and despair
Vnited will yet accomplish the wishes of
t:l Patriots Miss Vie and'ier brutes t
f!;c contrary notwilhstanding.
The "Aurore des Caoadas " a French!
Salirai jiapr j ui.sie! at M .:, j
J-t.r lhi. ,.ijitor lf. ,5,,,.:
;f!lf.r Ijdleville nndlhe ,.roj.rirt.r Mr. Ci
Mrs ali lor High Treason.
liberty of ihe press.
Such is the
The hand-irriting on the vali. Alfred
Kambenu, a Prendi man who wasemplov
ed by the Patriot" to edit the "Echo du
Pays " but who soon filleJ the editoria!
chair of the " Amidu Peuple,"a rank tory
paper ptiblished in Prenci) al Montreal,
advertises bis househuld furniturc for sale.
He foresses that the Independence of the
people whom he hasdeceived and slandered
so grossly, is not fardistant, and that a due
reward l'or li 13 apostacy may yet he nieted
to bini. The next we will probably bear
uftbis renegade will be bis cmbarkation
for Trance, wlier.ee we bope he may ne ver
Sir F. B. Head has notified Lord Mel
bourne that in consequence of the accuEa
tion3 brought against bim in Lord Dur
ham's Ueport, be will now pubìish bis
correspondence with the Colonial Depart
ment, in order to enable the Britisli people
to judge correclly of the policy of Iler
Mnjesty's Government in the IJriiish North
American Colonies, and of the " Sperma
ceti for an inward bruise" recommendation
oflhcKeport. The trulli of thecharges
brought ngainst Uond Head by the Radi
cals of U. C, of corruption and venality
in the returns of members of the Legisla
ture is a!so admitted in this Report. When
rogues fall out, honest mcn gel their own.
McDv.iXEiL, the Caiholic Rishop of Upper
Canada, lins asked from its locai legislature the
prtee of blood atid the reward ofhis politicai
apostacy, as we noe by (ho following,
From the'Iamilton Express, March 24.
The flight Hcverend Hishop McDnnnell and
soeral uf liis Clerny lmvc petitioned the Legisla
ture for a share olthe Cleriry Keserves, and for
aid for the R. Catliolic Seminary at Kingston, the
sanie as dio Methodists reccivcd for their academy
at (.obourc.
OCJ- Gov. Arthur has admitted the insolvency
of Upper Canada, as we see hy the following
extract of correspondence with the Coloiiia
Secrctary, latcly laid before the legislature.
His request for assistance from the Homo Govern
ment has been rnfused, the consequences are thus
depicted by the Govcrnor,
lt is not IN MY POWER, my Lord, to re
trieve the almost AVITIIKRED HOPKS OF
UPPER CANADA; nor will the sufT.Ting in
habitants be ahlo of thomsolvs to sustnin their
fortittido in the immediate noiphhorhood nf a pnw
erful hostile pnnulation and in the REAR OF A
REHELLIOUS PROVIN CE. I fpc verv cloar
!v that if the procnt state of thines be sufTi-red to
rontimin for a miirh lonner period, TUEflE
The elfoct of the moral deterioration which, fT
is to be fi arpd.nll Ibis is working in the people,
Signai. ok Disthess. The Upper Canada
Legislature in its anxiety to retrievc the shattered
condition of the Provinco bave been obliped to
adopt a difTerent coure in the disposition of the
Clerpy A'cserves, as will be secn by the following
resolutions reported by a Select Committeo of
whicli W. II. Drapcr, Policitor General was
the Chairman.
1. iesolvcd. That the lands set npnrt fiom
tinie to timo, as resrrvcs for tlie si;pnrrt and inaiti-
trnanre oTa rrotestint CI."r?v, br- v-ilì in the
sanm mannor a- other Crown l.ui'is in this Pro
vince. 2. Jenlvfid, That the proepcd'-. of p.nt and fu
ture sales of any sui: li lands he Naned follie Prov
ince at an interest of six por cent per annum, to be
ìnvested in debentures wlnrh may be auihorised
by the Legislature fjr mali ing and iniprovin the
fuecn s public lngliways throughout tbis province;
the interest on such debenturcs to be secured by
tolls on such hiyhways, by a tax on the distriets
withm which the outlay shall take place, and by
other mcans aj lhe Legislature may deem
iimng anu irupur.
3. TJcsoIved, That the annual interest arisinp
from such debentures be appropriated and dividcd
unier the authority and direction of the Licut
Governor, in Council, in manner following :
Not moro than one fourth to the Church of
Not more than one fourth to the Church of Scot
Tlie residue to such other relieious denomina
tions ns the Lt. Govcrnor in Council shall see fit,
to be by them expended for the following purposcs :
7Tie maintenance of public worship,
Tlie erection of Churches or Chapels.
TTie education of persons for the ministry.
The "Ami du Peuple" a French tory paper pnb
lished at Montreal, holds the following language
on the bankruptcy of Upper Canada :
TTie Rnancial stile ef Upper Canada is far from
being favorabie, a debl of 4,500,000 is due by
the administration and in the State in which the
province now is, its revenues aio insufficient to
py even the interest of this sum ; which will be
far from securing sullicieut public confidence to
make new loans. Almost insuperable difiiculties
cxjst in finding the means of sustaining the credit
of our sister province, and more in honorably set
tlmg tbe debt.
Tie Quebec Canadicn in spoaking of the ren
tences proaounced at the last criminal court hcld
I io that city publisher ita following :
A Iffee of fvrrity lurh i nrsrlv an intima
tKin in lini roun'rr msv ! fhrnrd in lbi
iri.fM f-rutinurirrd t the erd of ili rrsmit.' ffrni.
l'or nmnv vmrs, in cr-oiienrf of t!i- riifr.iirr(
nf (,!u'anihripic nd fhriMun ri'i'iu'is, '.,f (nil-iu-li
not bern horkeil wsth lì hideoii ii r;,nr'"
id " erinj ni-n our fr lìnw rrisiiir1 rrf-at-d in il:"
imapr ff CìikI, trralril wild lna's and briif,
f i)n.id In ti c pi'Iriv or biined in ibe liarij with
a rrd-ht iron. 7Tie IrniU inirodiiri-d bv ùirr'!
judjfps in our rnal nido had Ix rn approvcd of by
rvery one. e f.itter onrsrlvrs that the Indres
( tbr t'i urt of Kin's Bench bave put aii!e the
i ractirr fullowrd for manv ve.i' wi'b the S'.te ob-
jert of imprrssing upnri the rnilty I he enorniitv nf
their iitti'iices in the eves nf the law nini society
and we bope tbe Executive will mlrrferc wiib ns
prerogalive to prrvent public friding and pulpli".
opinion bemg so brulally outragrd as they would
be, if the sentcnoes pronouiirnl la'st Kiturday,
were carrird into eccntion. Thi Country ia
rrtrogatìrd rnougk latrhj, trithrmt dricing it
liark to barbarism, in the adminitration of pe
nai juttìtt.
Out of sixtcrn fouml C'iilty, there are Tight to
be burned in tbe band wilh a red-hot iron one
scntcnced to death, and one to pillory.
Trkasonablk. At a Urne when British
policy requires the combined aid of Press
and People to deceive the world, language
like tbe following from the Montreal Her
ald is peculiari y dangerous.
"If ali the inhabitants of both provinces
were British and loya!, the task of preserv
ine; this province from the United States
would be suflìcienlly arduous. Poesessing
more than twelve limes our population,
trained early nnd babitually to the se of
arms, and crafty by nature and practice,
having within itself manufactories of arms
and ammunition, and lying dose on a
front ier, the line of which to a great ex
tent is ideal ; while, on the contrary, our
population streaks thinly a vast territory,
ia not so conversant with arms, is separa
teti from its great protectress bySOOOmiles
ofocean, and utterly excluded from aid
during five months of the year ; our situa
tion ought, in the case Bupposed, to be
suflìciently hazardous. The State of N.
York alone ought to be greatly an over
match for us. The absence of a cause
suflìciently exciting to send in upon us, en
masse, the militia oi tne neignnonng niaies,
has alone made the defence of the provinces
comparalively easy. But, unfortunately,
the population of both provinces is lar Irom
what we bave, for the sake of argument
supposed. rI he Canadian population is,
almost to a man, disloyal ; and would rise
upon us, in case of war with the-Uniteti
States, with a ferocity and mercilessness,
createti and impelled by the recollection of
From the Quebec Morning Herald.
N. E. Boundary. Boih governments
appear equally determined in asserting- and
maintaining their claims to the (dispnted)
territory, and even if Great Britain had
no claim whatever to it, its vaine to her
is so great that a var would he perfectly
justijiabe to obtain it, hecause il it were
in the possession of the United States, it
would conipletely isolate New Brunswick
and Nova Scotia from the Canadas, in
which case the latter would he valueless to
Britain. Wilh il a long line of frontier
would be eslablished directly in contact
with the French settlements sonth of the
St. Lawrence, by which means the inhabi
tants of that portion of the country could
always be kept in suhjeclion by the loyal
ists between L. C. and Maine."
Where is the boasted pride of Americans,
that they should pcrmit haughty Britain
even now, to occupy a portion of that
territory which 6he would claim by" no
better tenure than its vaine to her as a
J.nj lo the Canadas? Does the Eagle
cower to the Lion? teli it not in Swanton,
publish itnot in the North American!
Qceenston, (U.C.) March 25.
The news is worth telling- to-day. It
will please you well. I ani credibly in
formed that Sir George Arlhur's wife and
family are to leave Toronto immediately
for Fngland ; that their travelling bag-
gage is packed up ; that they will trnvel
thro' ihc States; and that Sir George
thinks he will soon be called to perform
active duties as as a military ollicer. Mr.
Attorney General Ilagerman is going to
England, to be out of the way ol dangcr,
and do what he can to sustain tottering
toryism in Canada. Mr. Hamilton Mer
ritt who was loyal so long as England
would lend money by the hundred thou
sand pounds at a lime, and leave him to
do the fingering of it, has of late become
sensible that the bank was shut that the
Toronto exchequer would never again be
renlenished from that quarter : and of
course that it was his time to begin reform
ing when nothing further in the way of
jobs was to be had for lovaltv. " Hamil
ton" has therefore introduced a string of
resolutions quite democratic, and Sir Geo.
tells the Assernbly, who are passing them,
that they are as bad as those you used to
uphold. Ile is about to send the hon.
members about their business, and there
is a great uproar over at Toronto., Ali
this will end as it ought to have eDded in
'37. The tory loyahy has cooled off, and
the republican fever burns brightly. Cor.
JVKenzie's Gaz.
WAR. A letter from a soldier in the
Queen's dragoons to a relative in this city,
states that his reeiment, 579 strono;, is
now preparing at Portsmouth to embark
in thr Hercules, 74, for Canada ; that they
go first to the West Indie to collcct ali
the ppare tr.xips there thciìce up the St.
Lau rer:re to (Ìui Ih'C. It srems t be well
uiiiirsioml in that rorps tliat w ir with the
Ynnkres is rnt far distint. These 570
ilrajoons art almost nìl utotit young mcn,
under -1 years of bjm miti are to pae
their Imrscs in Krilamf, nnd trust lo Can
nili to furnfsh new oncs, Jlaelenzie't
A writer in an Kiiglish Periodical thus
descrifies the ITects which a war would
produce on the people of Great Britain:
Taxrs upon rvery thitìg which cnters
into the moiith, or covers the bnrk, or is
plared under the foot ; taxes upon every
thing which it is pleasant tosee, bear, feel,
smeli or taste ; taxes upon warmth, light
and locomotion ; tascs on everything on
earth, and tbe waters under the earth ;
on every thing that comes from abroad or
is grown at home ; taxes on the raw ma
terial ; taxes on every fresh vaine that is
added to it by the industry of man ; taxrs
on the salice which pampers nian's appe
tite, and the drugs that restored hin to
health ; on the ermine which decorates
t!u Judge, and the rope which banga the
criminal: on the brass nails o the coflìn,
and the ribands of the hiiile; at betl, or
board, couebant or levant, we must pay.
The school-boy whips his taxed top ;
the beardless youth manages his taxed
borse wilh a taxed bridle, on a taxed road ;
and the dying Englishman, pouring his
medicine, which has pai J seven per cent,
into a spoon which has paid twenly per
cent, makes bis will on an eight pound
stamp, and expircs in the arms of an apoth
cary, who has paid a license of'an hundred
pounds for the liberty of putting him to
death. His whole property is then imme
diately taxed from two to ten per cent.
Besides the probate, large fees aredemand
ed for burying him in the chancel ; bis
virtues are handed down to posterity on
tax.-d marble ; and he is gathered to his
fathers to be taxed no more.
Bri e a Gir of Neutramtt. George
Stanton West, an American citizen resi
ding in Alburgh, Vt. was arrested on the
the 19th of March, by Marshall Lowry, ta
ken to Williamstown, exaniined before
Judge Paine, on a charge of " fìtting out
or preparing the means for a military cx
dedition or enterprise to be carried on from
Alburgb, against tbe peaceofher Majesty's
loyal subjects," the pirates of L. C, on
the night of 29th of Decr. last. The evi
dences against him conisted of three aflida
davits from as many of Victoria' subjects
residingon Caldvvell's Manor. TheJudje
ordered him to find recogriizances in Ihe
esorbitarti sum of $2,000 for bis appear
ance at Windsor, Vt. at tbe session of the
U. S. District Court on the 21st May
next and for want thereof, was committed
to Montpelier Jail. Coinmcnt upon the
operation of such a one-sided, unjust
law i j unnecessary, when McNab and his
piratical crew for a far more aggravated
outrage, than the one of which this infor
tunate old man is accused, have received
ali the rewards possible at the hands of the
British Government. We think ihe same
result will attenti this trial as have already
attended others for violations of the same
law, before
the freemen of Windsor
We rcpublisb from the Franklin ìlepuh
lican, the following lettcr addressed by
James W. Grogan, a Canadian Refugee,
to the Attorney, Justice and Marshall for
this District. The decided yet respectful
terms in which it Ì3 couched will command
public approbation, and will we trust per
suade those gentlemen that the ends of
justice will not be evadcd by one who ex
presses bis perfect willingness to have an
cxamination nnd abide the decision of an
enlightened Jury of Vermont.
to iiox. daxh:l KELLOGG, eli.
Gestlemen Having been credibly in
formed that a warrant has been issued by
one, signed by another, and placed in the
hands of the other olyou ; lor the purpose
of arresting and obliging me to procure
bail for my appearance at the Circuit
Court of the United States; to be bolden
at Windsor on the 21st day of May next ;
then and there to be tried on suspicion of
violating tbe neutral laws of the United
These are to inforni you Gentlemen,
that circumstances connected with my
private affairs, my property having1 been
plundered and Bumt ; myself and family
driven desiitutc lo the Ùnited States by
bis 'Exccllcney Sir John Colborne, render
it inconvenient for me at the present mo
ment to be put to the trouble and expense
of going to Williams Town, for the mere
purpose of entering into bail for my ap
pearance at Windsor, when I can just as
well save myself tb expense, and my
friends the trouble,. by appearing at Wind"
sor on the time aforesaid, "on myown
hook," witbout the aid ofMarshal or Military.
Therefore, Gentlemen You will havet
the fj XHlncss to prepare your cause, sum
mona your witnesses, the Rame as thoujjh
I was in custody, and avoid e xpe nse to the
United States in bereafter attempiinn tu
rrrt me ntl rost assuretl upon the lionor
of James XV. Grpgan, that ! will nppear
on the time aforesaid at Windsor, (Provi
tlential interpofitions excepted) and ttand
mv trial lur I assure you Grnt. I shall
esteem it a very great privilege tohave my
whole course of conduci investijjated by a
candid, unhiassed, impaniai ami enlight
ened Jury of Vermont.
Vermont Frontier, March 1S39.
The barn and stable of a man hv ti.
name of Harrison. a Serieant inColontl
Taylor's Despatcli Cavalry, werebornt at
M. Jonns, Li. u. on Uie 2jUi. u!t.
The dwellino- house of David William.
of Short Hills, U. C. These twofircs aro
attributed to incendianes.
The Navirration is open at Kinpston.
and the greatest activity prevailed on
board fhe Steamhoals and Schooners, pre
paring' them lor immediate business. f M.
The St. Lawrence onnosite Montreal-
is now almost free of ice, most of whicli
havintr moved off in the course of Satur.
day and Snnday without makinp; an at
tempi ai a shove. Steamboats areexpect"
ed bere in eight or ten days. Courier.
By a General Order of 1lh. Anril the
variom volunteer corps in Lower Canada
are to he placed on the sedentary footing
from the 15th instant, but are to receivo
pay and gratuity to the SOth inst.
The Montreal Volnnteer Cnvnlrr. ih
Queen's Light Drngoon3 and Col. Dter's
Battalion are reported to be eontinued in
actual 6ervice another vear.
Tur North American. The pros
pectus of a paper under this title was is
sued at Montpelier, some months ago, then
ti was supposed that the objects for which
this paper is started, would be promoted
by publishing it in that place ; but the
superior advantages aflbrded by a location
on the frontier, added to tbe facilities of
receiving and diffusingeorrect information,
with other reasons uncrecssary bere tomen
tion, have cauBed its rcmoval to this place.
The present ntimber is the first issued,
and being on a larger slieet than origlnally
tntended, the subscription price li as been
necessarily increased. It will be forward
ed to ali, whose names have been atlacked
to the originai prospectus shoufd the nl
arrangernents displease such subscribers,
let the No. be returned to thisoflìce, with
the name nnd residence legibly written
therecn and the word refused, that our
books be rect'fìed fortbwith. We are ateo
happy in infarniing the public, that we are
promised the valnabe services of thoao
gentlemen, by whom the paper was to be
conducted at Montpelier, as contributon
io the present shect.
We are indebted to a brothef refugee for
the Biography of Mr. Cardinal, on the first
page, who will continue in cach successivo
number the history of each politica martyr
in the Lower Province. In addition to the
foregoing, we ehall in the next " number
commence the publication of the History
of Acadia, from the pen of a gentleman
intimately conversant with the faets, to be
followed by the History of Canada from it
cession to the English. Those wishing
ihe perusal of such interesting records ar
requested to forward their names withoot
delay, to secure their respcctive Sles.
Just as we were going- to
press, Messrs. Shattuck and
Soule, Dcp Shfls. arrivcd and
arrested Messrs. Viger, Ueau
soleil, Tetro and Ledere, ta
king them to Ilighgatc to un
dergoan examination, on sus
picion ofhaving set fire to Mil
ler's barns on the night of tha
29th ult. The three first named
are refugecs, the latter a me
diarne residing in the villagc.
The next number will con
tain further particulars.
A report is in circulation,
on the authority of a N. II. pa
per that the posse of the JUaine
Land agent has been defeated,
and the timber stolcn, by the
New Brnnswick plundercrs-
AXTF.D, a Compositor t thii ofTicc. To
good band apwBannt ituiiion it odered.

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