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S O II T II A M K lt I C A N.
MAY i5
Il grr tini anuriy f roiti wMht r.f j tm - iht fn-!, rrm the rterctioRi on jxw to Windsor and Urie vili ht fidi Noi cnntent with thi, the torirt ofjof tllC SCCOtld circilit of il
tv wrt iwe nfL r fluirti !. 1 ,-e ; nJ the lfr ?:dU, fr .VV (Jorcrnmtnt, and thalj Canada ironwdiately alteri Idi, waged IJnitrd States In lw Imi 1- '
" ? . ' t . l 1 11 I " tw f . . I i v r v llllll l'Il .
Ile clim ti-j' ,n ur r ,4n.v lt ,i , J.V .ro ..tineooc wilicalloii you about the Hth wtr aga.nat my ddcnce.'rss wile and in- cn f. .
wrurn wi.i .... , - .... , .. i.. i t .v. r i iììv, .-..un j sfri.
jj (, tir i i iu. oni off ottiny uu io niuiiwr, HiuiuMnmu,iiuuutiiu mini vi i.n; . OIi 1 i,
hat borri aaid every article ol personal property which " Z . . l,lJ Uti
!dinCs, to icsmy au aim simular uf,,,
. . - , , 4 , irn ut rrv ti m ir.e urr omm i
.v.-.., , j h t,f4fnf k4 the fitg etrUaroned with
frM pw raore Uf-r dia f , lhre imo , in ilr, c.f Canada.
Wwd thiìdirn, and al to tJ ctrrr.al
aJa li Iti old arsd irtrwctable filler,
whi wa a rrfujre in Le Sutf.
The fatti da? w at I ni, a!-:- ne in hii
crii, b n rcediiaiug, len lhe i'rovit-
M ari a! gave l,ia ih ordrr l i b prrparrd
f the fu! m-'jnrfìl; ci aAcr the
pulite rtrcutiorjcr ettcrrd tu danjrnn
ad jr,.ne. f.jt arin, Whra Mt, De
Lofimicr csme into the r-anaje, he tid
dr i ti ai! the f riwMter ihcre j.-revnt and
ihrd thra t how (inutieat. A rin
as l.é tar hia feik'W turlerrr lirig. (ìcn.
Ilinden.'anjr he r sc'airiìed " couije, it
aha'I avxm he ovrr." He w ansnered hy
fheerful voler; " iK-ath i iiolhinjj fur
a Kenchrofln who die fur the cauieoI
Liberty," The neit inomer.t tl.ey ere
rnarchitsj tawarda the fatai block. Mr.
De iritmei'a drivìiitnent on the scalluld
wai h jfiified, &. ahowed tlnt he fdl that
he wa a manyr to the c aueof liberty. Mr.
llindenlanj? ifjxike, at considerale length,
afid at ditìrrent timra Mr. De Loriinier
waaaeen approvili him. When (ieo. II.
ahouied " ì'it h l.ilrrle" our fiietid
atniled and gave marki of approbalion tvith
. hit head.
A few minutea afierwarJ! the jigoal tvas
given, the drop Ivil and Canada had ti
mourn the deatli of oneof iis nnblest aons.
iiia aufferin? seemed to le vcrv short.
' 4
Ili body wns afierward jiven to Jiis
family who had il biiried in the city of
Montreal. Mr. De Lorimier was 33 vears
and aorne montila old.r.f mher a middie
atature, bis compiei ion wasdark, bis eyes
black as a!o bis liair. . He left a younij
widow with three trna!l childrcn. He
was a man beloved and respected by evcry
ooe, even the lorica were forced to bear the
itioat honorable testimony as to bis private
and puboc characler before the Court Mar
tial. Sudi are the nicn wliom the bloodj
Co.liorne desires tosacrihee
As we bave nlready said, Mr. De Lori
l I ari ir i ; ì,ìHÌtrn, hnc onìv m
lrt,tnT,re nsiì l-r the rememhrar.ee ni my
r-if ertone. l'oor nrphan Ti ve
that I ritv ? 'Tia vu who ar itncken
hv the aarguiuarv and de;x'ìie band rf
Mutilai Lw. Vou tha!l rrver know the
h.Vicir and the advantarea ofemhraeinff
a flhrr in the dar of rejoìrinj and hrijiit
hohdara ! When yor rean will rnahle
vou to rellcet, jou will hrh-!d vour fath-r
a man who died on the gibhet.'for action
ihat bave ii:ìmorta!i?ed othr meo, m ire
lrtont than l.ii!i'!f. Vour fathrr's
crime in in fai.'u'-f. Had tuccct followed
fi attempi, hi artios had heen repert
d and hoiioroJ. Crime alone, and not
theKa'Fdd reihfts sharne and dishonor.
Hen of far auprri-ìr meril bave oreceded
r; in the !imsl career, who it remains
fr me to f i!ow from my dweure dunjreon
I the fccadold. l'oor children, you phnll
tu-n bave f or sumnìrt but a disconsoluti
t Hv.'cr arili atleciionate mother ; and if niv
d-ilh an.l my iarrifices should reduce vou
Opovertv, ak romei imes in tny rame,
ir the hreail of hfe. I was not wont to
he calioy to the mitfortunea of olhera.
A8 tO VOU. niv romnaf rinla mn v mi
execution nnd that of mvbrethren in mis-
fortune be useful to vou. I havp bui n ftw
liours to live, andl bave wished to ihvi.fi
my lime between tny rdigions dutiea arxl
the duty I ovve to my cotintrytnen ; for
thern do I die on the gibhel, the infamous
death of the rnurderer ; for tbem do ! sepa
rate fmiri my youne children, an.lfrom mv
beloved wife. who had liut mvindnsirv fn'r
their sopport : for tbem do I die exelaimint
JoriT lire J.ibrrluf I.nn-r liv
. - -j- -s ...
Mudi, ft-.low Hp'HiLhrans.
( " . m
.i . t :. i t . r . .. i . i . . I ì r i it. .... t ,1,.... I iin rf nt lini" rC -.vi. I... .
HIV V. in ivu Ci itlCi - u WU Uf. li.U UlCtJ auu lui w u 'c ncr u(ituwic aa nuj J ' " ..-..v vi j vll IVflvW
Ulieve U at your goernoient wdl rcretly were into the United States for protection. proSCCUtlOU 1ÌOW pcridill" befo
fomhini n,t mnCAfruìf reifli iIik Itrit!l An.l nnir a rsn ili -Umor llitr iti, 1 .1 . . H i' e .i
" " usam tuui i, ni javor 01 the Uni
to ptr$eculr, harrat and opprct$ the tin-lconsummate irnpudence and effrontery to I g(cs aailist Geo
fortunate Canadian refarce who lor th? I follow me to the United States, and ask . k ' n ' k-'ln-
bìch crime of ihinkin? for himself, for the Sons of Liberty to put me in dtirance: !" " V Jn,ntCH i,rogan, a,1(
speakinjj a your fathena apoke, iias been to barrasi and oppress me, Uy ftirnishing l'icrh , 1 alni IMS "yoil and rnrii
driven arnon? you, and who asks no more the necessary evidence and pavin the ex- ofy Oliare hy no llioniis lo CHliit
jthtn a resiitiif plac e.a home wherehemay ptnse, they bope to drive me from the limici penalty of tllC Iav j'
vJ V jimrimifl aii. Liirsiiiuc ironurr; io uauibii me irora ine signi 01 guCIl CaSC Iliade and nrovì 1 I
in ibi Jitpublic anuLI fasliioned patriot my property; (xpecting, no doubt, that un- Wi'lnns ihn 1 ,
oi IJunkerU Hiil and Hennington? What der sudi circumstance I shali FOUGET M",,LbS " , . . V"? J
lanev. L'Ilici .1 nsf irò i.r ii.
v sa,U ., ..v. urlu vi mi-ijfn iiu. us ano iiv j u jìiks.
borrid butcberyol American Citizens, of att;n i ; ;, uinniP,i ,, i j
flirt iiirc.wl ..... 1 !.. .. t . il I
uMUt,BC b,. m.tuunuvMiag notdeiw mvsdf un? Ifyour Govvm-
. .kiw; il at inai t.ne been mcnl ,viI entef if)lo ll)e rac alrpnd
n-hicvrcil m Lia ..oi- ti, l...rr io I ' J J
, , ",l,,a exposed, will they not go further? would
rion .( i' hiilh 1, i-Kir t m-.i il... ....... .. I . . .. "
of be l . S. would enter ,nto partnership borneirhe woul(l the expenset The
With the blood IhiritvCo homi lor th.. nnr. ... . . . .
,. . mimary uespot who 'lorda il" over the
pose ol perseciiting an unfortunate indivi- ... ,
i,ii . vuuiai wno iius uoomea many oi inem
dual, who once possessed sulEcient of ibis . .rn(r in . . V .,
I IO (Un" otlt n miMcrnhl ut iutns m ...
world s coods to defend himself and bis ...l-. ....... . .'C?: 1 T .
cause iu Windsor. a,ainst ali ih .V k ,vì w '"8 P''M r"" ol Ua0ad:K'Bwi; UKBSB VaOVE, U fc.
, wno Iias not only murdered bushanda and
i nr ia nne ti ria r. , i ' m... . . i
butwhoisriowreducedalniosttoberary f lhe,rS' .bur1l thtir ell,nff. and
Taney, Chief Justiccor th '
Supreme court of the Fnif, i
v nni jj
States at Windsor aforcsnid
tliis 29th day of Anril. in (Ka
year of our Lord one thousand
eim iiunrired and thirty nino,
and of the indenendonm ftr
the United States, the sivu
... '
i. m v .'i .i .-j i i li u ,
purpoRod ayin somclliing fiirtl.er tiiis week
in relation to t!.e nrrest of Janic XV, Grocan, hut
li ha himself moro than anticipateli evcrvtliine
couM liava aij on the Buliject, in the follow-
in lettor :
To the Citizens of Vermont.
Fdlow Ilepublicans, you bave most of
useen a icuer written v mn in il.
.1 VtlV
mierbad taken precautions lo have bis M'on- Henian Loivry, Daniel KpIIopt and
jiolitical sentiincnts al the bour of death, Klìjah faine, in whicli I plcdged my honor,
made known to the nublic at larire. bv provided they would nut me to nn trn..Kl
means of the public presses of the Uniled or expense, to nnnear at Windsor on ìhn
States. We shall dose this bioeranhv bv 1 21 st., of the nresent month: nnd nKi,u
giving bis Icttcr, ccriain that the rcadcr trial ; had tnatler3 and things on their pan
will find in it sentimcnts that every Kepub- been conducted as I had every reason to
lican will approve. expect they would be. I should hav mn.i
Motel Jìil, 13 Fcb. 1839. scrupulously and willintjlv redeemI mw
11 o'eiock, at night. ( nUI n, ,r.. i , .
,, ... , . . ' i'-"" iiunuy ulcii arresceu arni
The nub IC. and mv fnpnda in nnrt.cii or . .-i ... i
expect Perhaps, a sincere declara't.on of m ' "K.C a '"y or a midnight
sentiments at the fatai hour which is tò ny men wno carne directly from,
separate me. from this worid, asilicse opin- anJ wno 'nd been doseted for some time
ion are always looked ui.on and recti ved prcvious to my arrest with mv enemies in
with more credence. The ixiod rhrU. . ... - 1
tian throws oli ai that moment, the veil L '. a"a ,a y nehborhood
which has obscured manv of h ia nefinnu
from which myself, wile and eleven umall
to reveal himsell in broad" dav-linlu. Ind children had been d
terests and passiona expire with bis life. very tories who first pjundered and robed
ror my nart. at the ève of rem prinjr ri i ir I i i ai
.;,; W mJ pM.. i U3 u' a" we nau on earth, and then forced
...j "H"1-J, ! v.1311 II. IU4hf I otf 11
knntvn u-hnt I f-pl on.l I .!,:!. I " Olii, alter ali thlS I mnsiiUr molf
.......... ...... .iw i.nub tl.llin. Il .w.v.i tiiroc.l
Il ..... . ... . . . "
wuuiu utu iaKe uns siep, n i dia noi lear l"u,ty exonoraiea and released froni that
tney would misreoresent mv Kintimpnfa pno-aopmnn vf.u-.rr .. .
w knoiv thai à: m.n .ri" " : . gur 1 Kar an
and the same late-nolic wh.rh , I tne m.ng l wanl: and
me to auffer for my politicai conduci on the I d 1 he assured of that 1 wouJ Piwar
scaffold, might well fabricate injurious
tales about me. I bave holh the time and
reason to anticipate sudi fabrications,
I do so in the most failhful and solemn
manner, at my last hour, not on tde scaf
fold, surrounded by an insaiiahle crowd
thirstinif for blood, but amidst the silence
aad reHections of a dungeou.
I die wiihout remarse. I desired but
the well-being of my country, in lhe late
insurrections. Myviewsand actions were
incere, and were not tarnihed hy any
crime thatdishonors hua.anity ; and "wbicìi
Crimea are but too common amidst the cf. '
lervescencc ol unbndled pas&ion. Since
IT or 1S years, I bave taken an active pari
in ali popular measures, and e ver did so,
with the aincerity of conviclion that mv
efforts nave 1een for the in.lependence oV
uijr iruow coumrymen. e Iiave been
inus tar umortunate. Death has cut off
aeverai 01 my brotlier iaborers ; many of
tbem are in chains, and a stili greater
number of them are in exile, their projx-r-liea
destroyed. and their
without succor lo ali lhe rigors of a Ca
calian winier.
Notwithstanding to many misfortunes
my beati remaiqs undaunted, and I enter
tain better hopes for the future. My
friend and ray children will see hanpir
dava. They will be free. A deep'pre
fentimenl, lhe tranquility of my conscience
l 7 . . a ; tn:s
is what fii.s my breast wuh jov, ecn while
erery thin? about me is désolation and
torrow. The wounds of my b'etdin?
country tball be healed. After the disas-
ters of anarchv. and of hivv r-.-i...: .
- j iv a vi 4 L1UU
the peaceful Canadiaa wid behold on the
borderà of lhe St Lawrence, the revival
of Liberty od bappiaess. Erery thicg
in Windsor immediately. I would by no
means be understood even to insinuale,
that it would be possihle for a Jury chosen
from the freemen of Vermont, from the
hard handed ycomanry of the land, to rpn-
dera;rtrriaMerdict: no ihey would most
certaihly decide like honorable men. no.
cording tothe evidence given them incotirt.
But mark my words, there is something
unusual in this affair. Her Maiestv nfìi.
cers are daily suborning witnesses'for lhe
purpose ol swearing against me and the
umortunate but mnòcent West. Some are
hired, othersareinformed that unless they
proeeed, to Windsor and swear so and so,
thej wil! immediately beimniisonr-d V,.
Briùsh gold and British dungeonsare used
for the purpose of suborning witnesses.
And in addition lo ali that, and whatis
more surpnsing stili, is lhe faci that sub
poenas are issued to which are attached
ine names of thePrsident of the U. States,
me non. uoger IJ. Taney, C. Justice, and
Jesse Gore clerk, and these same subpoe
nas have been placed in the hands oflhe
Montreal Polite Offieert, and those oflìcers
nave come into the U. S., and served them.
And what is stili more sickeninir tn
man of republican feeling, and that which
I m sensible will chili the blood in the
veinsof every true hearted American is
the fact, ihat in connexion with, and on
the same piece of paper on which the sub.
poena is writieri, will be found the follow-
tnrv W L, j
-a -re njorm you that your ex- to be tAof at
W....I I .1 . . . 7
'uuiu noi me grey fieaded nalnot at
that time bave turned from sudi informa
lioii with disgnsi.' IV this is a faci: and
' '
a art that teif be proved lo every honesl
man who will open his eyes and read.
And biiilllein and humiliating as it niay
be, I fear it is ali for the wretched and
vain purpose of ajijieasing the vvtaih of the
iiungry Uritish lioness. I am persuad
evi that the liberty loving citizens of Ver-
iTiint t, i I II ....
' mey snan nave candidly ex-
amined the subjeet ami ascertained ihat
the above is a fact, will ali as one, cry out
m tue language of one of old, " Oh that
my head were waters ard mine eyes a foun-
lain ol tears" that I might weep over lhe
wanmg and departing Liberties for which
my father fought on Bunker' Hill and
uennington. JJut when thev comp tn
know as I do, that this is a partnership nf-
iair ; mai the U. btates on their part fur-
nisn tue prosecutmg Attorney.tlie Marshal,
the Judge, the Court House and the Pri
son.and that Her Majesty furnishesthe
witnesses and the money, compels them
io swear ns she wiahea, will thev expect
me to deh ver myself up under such circum
stances? and that too, after the conditions
oi my engag-ement have been forleited?
Vhy and for what Dumose wna th
f - ""IW Vllll-
bination formed.' There lsnmpd,m
r r 4 ti ixt . . s
uiiAiiiitu m its very appearance that
i couki not be indoced to believe it, did I
not hold in my band while wrilim tliis Ipi
ter a copy of the originai Subpoena, in the
band writing of the verv PnhV. nir,nar
- ti vinati
who carne into the State for the purpose o
scrving it.
Ani r a Ki!vk.n. ...
. .i.uwayiiianr a rontier ora
midnight assassin? and is it for this that
tue two Governments have secrelly com
bined and hunted me? No, fello Repub
licans! I am charged with no anrh ,.r
Why ihen, and from whénce arispa th;
anxiety and vigilance? The conduci of Hip
uritish government I can account r. h,,
musi ,eave that ol the U.S. for abler hands,
"ui wiin me i acknow.'ede 1 1. ,-,;.,
accountable and was lotalh, ,jny.nt
Are the departed apirits of the immortai
signersof the Dedaration of Independence
and the defenders of those principles, per
mitted to look from their seats in Heaven
upon the conduci, and into the heart. nf th
men who administer the government for
wnicn they lought and died? If so they
have already discovered the secret ofthis
nnair and mourned over the unhappy State
lo which the American Republic at this
rate is fast approaching. The blood thirs
iy uoioorne has every reason on his pari
to be desperate in this affair: he did not
look before he look his Ioni, h a.
rirt. L.
...... ...y nume, nelore I naa charged with
ic comm.ss.on ol any thing worthy of ar
resi or punishment, even under his milita
ry despotism. He well knew that I was
i lavoroi a Uepubl can form rr.
. vwcill
meni; and that I was tauht f,nm ...
1. o - hit ua-
die to revprp Pr,.,u: ... .
- "-F"'i-au insmutions.
Twas for this, (& while I was demandine
my arresi and trial, if they had aught fc
gamstme,) ihat I was drUn B ,u
ofthebayonet tothe U. States, and told
oy me Lieutenant who conunamU .k-
company that drove me, that " jf I retorn.
"eraJty'sDominiona I was a mark
the comforts of life, and then turned them
destitnte and wretched upon the mercies
: the public; now fears that lhe 'day
is not far distant when they will have
a lawful opportunity of avenging the blood
of their murdered brothers, and cf redress
ing their grievances. This explains the
reason, of his suborning witnesses lo swear
against us. I very mudi mistake the suini
of the American peonie, if thev conld un.
der these' circumstances advise me to de
liver myself up. Ali I bave to say respect
mg my trial is simplv this. When I
be tried for a breach of the Laws of the
United States; when I can be tried by lhe
United Stateà, separate and apart from the
Britisk government; then I will chrfuL
ly come forward. But 'bile Her Majesty
pays the expense, and so Ion? as w impasta
are hired suborned and forced through fear
???? 9 932
lCTl have to inforni lina
that your expenses to Windsor
and back, tcill te paid by J(n
Majcsty's government, that
some person tvill cali on you
about the lUthor 17 thinst. tu
accompamiyou to Windsor
(Signcd) V1- W.m. Crowne,
M. P.
May Gth; 1830.
The foregoing is a true copy of the ori.
ginal paper in'the handwnìing of Willliam
Brovvne, of the Montreal Polire.
AmericnrfJcitizensf after the pernsnt or
the foregoing Subpoena, and the accorrmi..
nying rematks of the Montreal Police Oflì
cer, are yotinot astonished? In the nome
of the deuerted Washington, has our
governmeptecome so pennyless, mean,
ers, and do accordinolv Ino,
. BV ,V,'C
jwu a cujjj 01 me Subpcena.
United States, )
Vermont dutrict. i 1 he President
X me uniteci States to
of Ucach Uidge, in the
1 rovmce of Lower Canada
t, , Grccting :
1V the authnrifv iv
i a, , j w uni
teti fctates, you arehereby com
jnanded that laying asidc ali
business and excuse, you and
--.j ui you personally be and
appear before the circuii court
satisfied with thU blood v dram.. .
- j me ione
of Canada are now endeavoring to force
upon our. Court, and Juriea . horde oC
their vile and periured dei!rMralMn
away the bbert.es 0f men in the free Re
public of the United States.
Will our Courta n,l t t. ,
the dupea of auch machinations? will they
Buffer themielves to b ih- !;.. :
menu of oppression in the hands of the
minniona of despotism!! n.fnr- th- ...v
mit to 8UCh degradation-they would do"
well to recali to thein.mind, th. r.
our own revolution, and .hn ,n .u ,
th. " M,c
that at leasr our Court, ad Juror.L
upon such infamo08aitf.mnfatl,:,i.
r.i- 1 " "mi
leehngs than 8COrn. .contini .n-i :J:i
of the dìinapon VQn lì ;..r.,... i. 1 land degenerati.
- "1 iviviimu o miiu unti B'j'ntoic iiiai nanfr ,
lhe gallows, so long 1 cannot consider it Colborhe, & his bloody nnd despotie f
my duty. 1 government to fornisti money to m. i
Tothegenerous and natrictic citiwna nf cute olfendeM a?ainst the Iaiv nC ih irn:. I
Vermont I am under manv veru- mnn tcJ Statesi! ti Js there anv nr.,i.. t,.
ohligations, for the timely assistance they fuc humiliatinr and outrageous procce-J.
have rendered my sulTeriiin-familv in th;, in?s? It is believed there ia non li :.
- i-J j "UH i . - - ' t io
destitute situation. and I emhrnr. th unheard of in the old or new wnrld
. -tV.., vxwutcf .
sent opportunity in behalfof my wife and an(i Vandals ,'woul look uponsucli t
-r ""U,UCI our sincere thanks to those i'-vujgS wun inuignation and con- ,
' my acquaintance as well as to those with pu
whom I am unacnuainted. for th i;i,o,i Is thprc n
. . ' " ""ai i'"-"tui uetessiiy lor cn in?
assistance they bave rendurPil .,a n,i c. on a friri ..- . - . B t
. " ""i f" K"ciiiitrni io eniorce tlie E
the interest they bave taken in our welfare, rlue "Avance and execution ofour laws f
and 1 assure them. that th Will the
h,VI , 1 . . T.....jr ywyyc Bulinili IO tni8,'
hich we bave received, and the kindnessP0-' nevétl! Why should Her Ma
with which we have hepn trntil .;ii . iesta m,.
f - ,, . --.-v. never j--v - fe 'Ttiininriii oe SO anxiOUS rpanprti
beforgoltcn. I hope and brtievr. thnt ,h in Hip vinU,; r .... ? r!!PfCl. .
timeis not far distant when I 'sha States? 1) j s h e e x e r t h e r s é I f "t T
Pesent . 2
b"th day of Canadian INnrPP 7 Z u tn ' i. .
ENCE. "V.....WW., ci, wat the Government of- '
J W CROPAV r"cr muanaua "veof late been in the
J. W.GKOOAN. Constant nractir. nf ...
. "-uniiif uni money
Wlthont mnn. . i . i
Forh,Knrlhn ,r, lu injuce witnesses to
or he JS or th American, commit per urv. .;. ..r
" -a "oi. me uiuoriunaie'
Dissrraccnil ! Canadians, who.have been tried before the "
DGThe follnwln : drunken. hnitnl ki i .l- . .
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