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MAY 15.
place any confidence in the teatimony of
witnrawe irnjxif trl fr ora that " atagnanl
pool of pratile ncc," the aouthe ro borderà of
Ixwer Canada who are hired by Britih
goU, or forced through fear of the Scaf
fali, lo iwcar ta any and ctcry thing tha1
the officia! of CanaJa roay require.
Americane look, rtad, think, end ponder
vpon thoie thingt.
Notc Inasmnch as the. man io whom
the forejjoin Subpcrna iva directcd, has
never aeen tiic Copy, e nave ihought
rroiter lo omit his name. We have at
band the originai copy, togelher with the
accornitanvintr note, signed bv a Montreal
l'olire Otfìcer, the aame that is referred to
in Mr. Groaan's letter. We. bave also
abundance of proof to substantiate the fact
ihat a linhth ojficer has been enaped in
Subpu'naintr, witnesses in the U. Sfalsa,
and against persona io be tried by the U.
Slatti, for Uvyinic war aainst ìler Ma
jrtty the Quren of England!! Editor.
OU TU Aiti I : K I V A X :
SWANTON, MAY 15, 1839.
No. II.
In our last number we nolieed the studied
diahonesty of Lord Durham, as manifesled
in his remarks regarding the Dredginff
machine. We showed that the liill for
the improvement of the liarbor at Montre
al waa one thing, and the Dredging
was another, and a toially difierent affair ;
the latter being in fact, as far as personal
interest was concerned, opposed lo the for
mer, inasniuch as the object of it was to
deepen lite Lara in the Kichclieu, which
would incrense the Quebec trade, and
oonserpieiitly diminuii that of Montreal,
where Mr Modali was personally interest
eJ. We alao showed that it was the Gov
ernor, by exercising the Iloyal prerogative,
and noi the Assembiy, that natned Mr.
Mollali a Commissioner to perform contra
ry works: that Mr. Molfalt with the
doublé view of delaying the Dredging Bill,
nnd benelilling biniseli, contraeteli in Scot
land l'or an Enfine at $-28,000, when he
uould gel the sanie in Montreal 'for 87 ,
200!!! Bui then he is an "err.inent Eng
li.sh Merchant," and like one, had the cash
pari of the transaction dune through a
liou.se in London, of which he was a part
ner! And because the Assembiy had pru
drntly inserled a proviso in a new Bili for
the rontinuance of the contemplatici work,
that a new commissioner shouid be named,
bis Lordship cites that pari of the transac
tion as the strongest proof he can bring
that the Assembiy was hostile to the Eng
lish! But the honest and veracious "Lord
High Commissioner" lound no fault with
tlie swindling part of the concern. Lord
iJurham is cnreful to style Mr. Moffat "a
li-atling English inerchant," and to eay
Ihat the opposition of the Asscmblv to him
was owing to its batred of the English ;
but he is careful to conceal the faci, which
was, that Mr. M. had delayed the execu-
tion of the work two whole years, by his
declinine" the oll'er of Mr. Ward in 'Mont
real, Si sending to Scotland, his native coun
in, for an engine four tinies dearer than one
I equal value which couldbe had at home.
That is not ali he also saddled the Prov
ince with the expense of a Scotch engineer;
coniracted for at 2 per day, for two vears,
irtnfei as well as summer, besides the ex
prse of importing him! lìeader, who
was it that showed national preiudice in
this case, the "English Merchant," alias
crich Mohatt, or the House of Assembiy r
We now naturally elide imo that part
of the Ueport where Lord Durham says
" I expected to fìnd a contest between a
rovernment and a people: I found astrug
c'e, notof principles but of Races : adead
ly aniraosity, . It would be in vain
firmeto expect that any description I
can give, will impress on your Majesty
such a view of the animosity of the race
a my personal experience in L. C. forced
me. The national feud forces itself on
the very senses, irresistibly and palpably."
His Lordsbip assures ber Majesty that
be states ihis from his oirn experience.
Hranted : Now it is a notorious fact that
Lord Durham never once associated with
Canadians, or as be styles them " the
Krench ;" but on the contrary he associ
ated with that party, which styled itself
" Anglo-Saxon," as if ashamed of their real
race ; and he like another butterflv catcher
s?ized this fooìish designation. Like a nar-
rot he was able only tu utter what He was
taught by the "Anglo-Saxon" Mofiait, a
"leading'English Merchant," John Mol
of hideous visage and lolling tongue,
( i.ke a dog in do?-days,)& drooling like an
iJiot.and Peter McCutcheon, wtio, because
the Canadians could not articolate his
Scotch guttural otherwise than Monsieur
Moncochon, Mr. Myhog !J changed bis
name to alcuni. es, L.oru uurnam, wnat
viu state of national animosity, is stated
from your personal experience, acquired
m ine brilliant company ol those Worthy
Ar.gl.Saxons, who you ore forced to
aJtait, "have neither the graceful manners
mr genteet politeness of the upper class of
t-amaians. nor have tbey one tithe of
heir education."
' It bi lo u, i!it iroc piiriolmm, rmf.thr,
" Wot roltnre r.d mere, al! rcqnira (hai ili AmrV.
" irto rf'e tboulj noi, by hiic meetinfi or olh
"ri,tncourjje th ('atiadmnt in r t;aint
" ftuM oódt and in tn dtpera: t ircumanr.
" Lei lh peop!e coi.ndrr ilnt tirw and e if ne
" ar not nLt." It. Ifatthman of Zitk Hit.
We have ontldered " this view," and
have come to the conclusion that you are
The more fearful the odds, and the
more tj;rant.turna the t-crewa npon à' de
fencelees jeople, the more despotism gnash
etb bis teeth and lays waste with lire and
sword the villages ol the poor Canadians ;
the more the infamous Colborne gluts bis
thirst for blood ; the more the blood-thirsty
Arthur murders American citizens upon
the scaflbld ; the more necessity thereto is
" cry aloud and spare not." Let the cries
of the American people in bchalf of the op.
pressed reach the Ilalls of Congresa.
Let excitement in America procure for
Canada, what excitement in France prò
cured for America.
Lafayette was not discouraged in the
darkest days of the American Revolution
"The more desperate the cause," says La-
layette, "the more need has it of my servi
ces ; and if Mr. Deane, (the American
lutnisier ) has no vessel for my passale, 1
shall purchase one myself. and traverse the
ocean with a selected company ofniyown."
Again, in the dark hours of the war of
'76, says J. Q. Adams "the vvant of mo
ney was heavily pressing upon the service
in every direction. The troops were
witiiout ciothing and other nccessa
ries of life. He pledged bis personal credit
to the Merchanls of Baltimore nnd raised
money adequale lo the purchase of the
materiaU ; and from the fair banda of the
daughters of the Monumentai City, he
obtains the toil of making uptheneeded
The worse the British treat the poor
Canad ians, the more we shouid proclaim
it lo the world. And here we will add in
the language of the Watchman, 22d Jan.
1833 :
" We owe somethinjr to the cause of Liberty: il
" is our tight and our privilege to do every tliing,
" coiisistent with inorai and lee.il oliligations, l'or
" the oppressed in Canada. We owe something to
" the cause of humanity: we are bound lo 'cry a
" lonil,' against tlie cruelty of ultnitoryisrri, 'and
" spare not' we are bound to cxlend our Fympathy
" and our hospitality to those who are driven from
" their firesides, peunilcss and friendìess, to seek
" gafetv in our minds: are they not men, andbroth
" er$?"
We occasionally receive some details o
passing events in Canada, in spile of the
vigilance and tyranny of the actualgovern
ment. The following letter we received
this week from an old friend.
Dear Sir, Until ibis moment, I have
not been alile to write to you, for vvant ol
a safe conveyance for my letter nor could
I now get one, if it were not that we have
several good American friend here, in
spile of appearances and of what is said lo
the contrary. You can forni no idea ol
the direct, and particularlyx the indirect
vigilance of ihe government we are under,
to suppress news and its circulation to
smother the publicity of their black and
revengeful deeds ; and by these means to
crush us here imo submission, and to de
ceive people abroad into the beliel, that
Not many days ago, in each ofabouta
dozen of the southern parishes, a govern
ment pimp arrested one of the principal in
habitants, who, alarmed at a recurrence
of persecutions anxiously enquired, why
he was taken. He was answered "fear
not, you have done nothing ; comequietly
with me to Town, and your detention will
be short ; you will be well treated if you
act prudenily." In this way, Colborne
through his stupid adrisers, collectcd about
a dozen persons, who were separatela and
secretly esamined to the foliowing efTect,
and then dismissed with an injunction of
secrecy, " Do you know of any brooding
trouble in your part of the country? Are
the common people discontented, and do
you hear thern complain? In the event of
a war with ourenemies, the Vankees, what
reliance can England place ori your parish,
speak freely, you atesafe here? Will they
not be failhful to England; who is power-
ful to put down enemies abroad, aDd dem
agogues at home, and to extend her pro
tection to her people? &c. &c." The
newspapers make no more mention of this,
than they do of a hundred other occurren-
ces that they know it is prudent to be si-
lent on. Discrelion dictated the answers,
while the queslioned know 89 well as we
do, that the government feels lowards us,
that IIATRED is thiir DUTY and
Your'9 truly,
In your last papcr in pivinpr
ihv liiogrnpliy of our lainmtcd
friend I)r. Cu e.mer, you name
Dr. A molili Jr., as Iiaving
quartered the boly of the Hero
of St. Eustacho, and toni out
his heart. You shouid also
publishthc nameof Dr. Hal
lowoll as having pnrticipnted
in the atrocious deetl and as
the one w ho had the heart of
Dr. Clicnicr in Montreal. It
was, whilst the heart was in
hisjiossession, that those ìiide
cencics were conunitted, which
w ere mcntioned in the last ntnn-
her. This Dr. Ilallowell was
horn in Canada and is the
prand-son of a cclebrated of
ficiai of Lower Canada. Coni
K3The Plattsburgh Republican says
"Capt. Corneo, of the Montreal Po'ice is
an olTicer distinguished for his vigilance
and genllemanly deportment." The Edi
tor probably ignored the fact, that this
sanie man was tried for murder a fewyears
ago, found guilly and reprieved. Since
that timc his persecution of the Patriots
has been unceasing, and proves bis grati
tude to a tyrannical and unjust Govern
ment lliat has eaved his ni'ck from the
Hai ter.
CO" Take Care there. Wolves are
again prowling about this sedioli of the
country. Huniers, be on your taps.
Mr. Thomas, Plcase inform the Tav-ern-keeper
of Highgate Falls, that there is
now plrnty of Cider for sale in Alburgh,
cheap forcasti alsoeight or ten yoke of
oxen, in prime order for market. R.
Alburgh, May lSlh, 1839.
Kidnapping. Two canoes
loadcd with Indians, were scnt
over tothis city to day, to ar
rest and carry back to Wind
sor, two of the regulars sta-
tioned there, who were lucky
cnougli last night to step across
the rivcr. D.. Craftsman.
gCJMoRE Kidnapping. A
IJritish regular deserted from
the opposite side, a few days
since, and took up his residence
in this city. A reward of 20
having been otTcrcd for his ap
prehension, we blush to say
while we write it, that three
ccrtain individuate, as we are
crcdibly informed, residents of
this )lacc, were found basej
cnougti, either from mercenary
rnotives to obtain the reward,
or from a total want of human
ity and patriotism, to obtain
the transportation of bis person
back agam, which must result,
either in his beino; shot or trans
ported. Tlie manner in which
they cficctcd the design, we are
inforni ed, was by stupifyirtg
him with liquor, and then by
using threats and persuasions,
alternately, induced him to go
down to the ri ver; where, get
ting him into a boat, they suc-
ceeded in crossmg to the oppo
site shore, and placing him in
the hands of the authorities.
The result was that some
of the members of the very
company from which this sol-
dier deserted, were so indig
nant at the baseness and treach
erv of the act, that they suc-
ceeded in obtaining posscssion
of the person of one ofthe pan-
ders to royalty, and took him
back to the woods, where after
inflicting sundry punishments,
enacted under the government
of Judgc Lynch, in the way ofl
sharing' his head, cropping his
ears, and enrobing him in an
attire corresponding, they took
a rope and tied to his legs, and
in a sort of posteriore manner
eseorted him back ; where af
ter sundry other inflictions, we
helieve he was released. The
foregoing statement was madc
to us, by three or four dilferent
ifidividuals, so as to be relied
upon; and from the fact that
attemnts of this nature have
been inaile heretofore, we are
induced to believc it correct.
Detroit Craflsman.
The following named persons were to
sail irom L.njrlanJ for an Dieman'sLond
on the 15lh March, viz:
Alexander M'Leod, John J. McNulty,
John Vernon, James Waggoner, James
Gamrnell, Norman Mallorv, Jacob Beam-
er, Samuel Chandlcr, Garretl Van Camp,
and George B. Cooley.
Geti. McLeod, of the Patriot Army,
was lately arrested iu Detroit for a viola
tici ofthe Neutrality law, but has been
admitted lo bail in two 6ureties in the suro
ol $GO00 each.
We serionsly believc that in the prescnt
state of Great Britain, nere it a question
whether she shouid go to war with ihe Uni
ted States, or cede to us, the Canadas, she
would prel'er the latter, in so Ihinking we
do not overrate our power nor undervalue
hers, but look only at her internai siluation,
and the relative position of the two coun
tries. livffalonian.
DO" It is said that Sir George Arthur
has been recalled. If this is true, the peo
ple ol Upper Canada will be the happiest
in existence for a short lime. We.are
informed thal he is universally detesled
and despised, nnd that his eontinuance in
the government of that province would do
more than any thing else could, to precipi
tate the revolution, that any body with
half an eye cari see must soon produce a
separation of the Canada from Great
Britain. It is quite probable that the
Queen's ministry are well aware of it, and
that they have acted under euch an impres
sion. Ibid.
The people of England are, likely enough
at ihii moment on the ève of a learful re-
On Mondny next, the petition of two
millions will be presented to Parliament, by
Thomas Atwood. Il is no less than "a de
mand" for universa! suHYage, the vote by
ballot, & paymentof members ofthe Low.
er House. The people have armed thent
selves to enforce Ibis deniand il it is as it
will be, denied them. "Then conies the
tug of war." At the lime of the sailing of
the Great Western, the Government was
taking active measures to over-awe the rev
olulionists. Ibid.
Men have been sent Troni Canada to Bo.
tany Bay, for saying and doing less than is
now daily said and donein the heart of Lon
don. Ibid
DO"Letter from one of the tinforttinate
individuala who were made prisoners by
the British on board the Schooner Ann,
near Malden, in the winter of 1833.
Hogansbureh, Mav 4. 1889.
It is impossible l'or me to express the joy
thatjswells my bosom at this moment.on be
ing welcomed to my own free and hapnv
land, and to the arms bf my countrvmen.
with that feeling of sympathy for the un-
loriunate part ol mankind which is ever
the characteristic of an American. I, with
six others ol my countryrnen, have this
moment been released from an imprison-
meni in Canada ol 16 monlli9, having been
taken prisoners on the 9th of Jan., 1818,
at Malden, on board the Schooner Ann, of
Detroit, for having taken part in the re
volt of the Canadas. Yes, 16 months have
we breathed the noxious air ofthe tyrant's
dungeons, the greater part of which lime
the galling fetters and ebaina encircled our
weak and feeble limbs, which soon be
carne such for the want of bread. More!
evenihe last days of our confinement we
subsisted on bread and water, and were
treated in the most cruel and inhuman man
ner by SherirTMcMartin, of Cornwall, U.
C, who had been ordered to set us at li
berty by the Lt. Gov. Sir George Arthur;
and at this poor period, he (McMartin)
with Capt. Chesley, (a Yankee tory or
cow boy) eseorted us to the line, and after
assuring us that we 6hould be thankful
that we had not been hanged or transport
eci, and other abusive conipbments, we
were eseorted to the immediate line and
We were received at the lines by If . W
Tucker, Esq., who addressed and welcom
ed us to our home and country, wiih open
arms, and every feeling of àn American
and fellow countryman, & who congralula
ted us on our being freed from the clemen
cy ofthe British law. We wereshowo to
the house of Colonel Elias Bowker, who
welcomed 119 in, and treated us with the
most dislinguished and marked kindoess of
I might mentiofi many who warmly em
braced us on our arrivai at Hogansburgb,
but time will not permit.
The natnes of the individuai are as iol
lows :
A. W. Patridge, State of Maine ; The
ron R. Culver. N. Y.: Chauncey Parker.
Michigan; Ma than Smyth, Mich.; Henry
L. Hall, Ohio ; Suire Tbayer, Vermont.
The three first named procrei! immediate 1
to Ogdcntburgh witb niyelf, on my way
home. Ynurs.rrrv humblv,
f New V'ork.
Violiliont of Xcutrmlity. The Iindort
Times, ìn sutnming up thews for aorna
years past, says :
Has not PolanJ Icen annihilatrd? Haa
not Egypt been in rebellion against ita
sovereign ? Has not the Ottoman em
pire been diminwhcd by two-tliirda of ha
possessioni? Has not the tritv nf IT.
kiar Skelesi been signed? Has not the
"Eglemenlre organique" given Moldavia
and Wallachia virtually to Russia? Haa
not the convention of St. Petersburgh
planted Uussia among the Curda at thtf
ource ofthe Euphrates? Have not th
Krench been established in Africa? Dcr
they not tbreaten Morocco and the Weit
Indies? Does noi America threaten Tex
as? Has Greece not been plunged into an
abyss of intrigue and villainy? Has the
independence of Cracow noi been over
Ihrown? Ilas the nationality of the Grr
man Stalea not been anniliilated? Haa
Circasaia. the barrier of India, and of Tur
key and Persia, by a coincidence acarcely
paralleled in its efTect, not extended her
arma to England for its own proteciion
and for the interestsof mankind?
Add a few more interrogatola : "Have
not England and France conjointly alaugh-'
tered theTurks in Navarino Bay, while
in profound pence with the Sultan? Har
not France sent hergarrisona of observa
tion to Ancona in ìlaly, and Athens in
Greece? Has not F.ncrlunrt nnlv mi
down Don Miguel with her troops in Por-
tUpal? Nave not t lift Hrilisli l'nrli'nmi.n
sanctioned the legion at St. Sebastian
ogainst the Spanisi pretender Carlos?"
And so on ad influitimi. I.pt thi Ut
Schlosser matter pass for the present.
Opinions of the Press.
New Canadian Paner. -Althouoh nnK
American brethren do not pive ihat activ.
aid to the Canadian press, which our long:
cherished opinions ol their kindness lo the
oppressed led us io expect, they afford orf
an asylum, protect us from the blood
houiids of Eneland. and now anrl frn.r
condescend to read our numbera. We are,-
moreover, riglit glad that our Vermont'
neighbors have encouraged the establish
ment oi a canadian journal, the first nurri
ber of which has reached us from Swanfort.
It is ablv edited. and we will make lihirr
selections from it. It is called the Norlh
ìmerican, is exactlv ihe size of this wpplt'
Gazetle. and will douhtless nnnrprlullv ì,t
the cause of liberty, if the Vermonfers be'
tound generoii8 enough to aupport it.'
Mackemie's Gaz, of 27A Jìpril.
The first nuraber of a new ntmrr rl!i
the North Jlmerican. has made ita ap
nearance at Swanton in thia Stati. It nmJ
i'esses to be devoted entirely to Canadian
aiiairs, anu io escnew polilics altogetber.
us Editor, ti. J. i iiomas, wehave knownr
lor Knrnf vpbtk na An nlhiic!noti Tlnn.ik-
... ----- - --. j VMtMugiusnv tiiuvv"
lican. We wish him success. Burling
ton Senlinel.
The North Jlmerican is the name of a
new paper lately commenced at Swanton,
Vt., by H. J. Thomas. It isa handsome
sheet, ably conducied, and zealoua in the
good cause of Canadian rights and Cana-
dian independence. Most heartily do we
bopeit will prove successful ta the cause,
and a generous reward to the enterpriae of
the editor. Boston lnvesligalor.
"The North American." Such 9
the title of a new paper published at Swan
ton Vt., the second number of which we'
have just , received. It is published by Ut
J. Thomas, and edited by an associationr
of Americana and Canadians, and rs devo-;
ted to the cause of Canadian righta and
Canadian Independence." Judging frorft
the number before us, we shouid tay it
bids fair to become a powerful auxiliaiy in
the cause. Several articles will be found
in thisday's paper from its columns. They
speak for themselves ; we wish them ac
cess. Lexniston Telegraph.
AS REMOVED to a House situate firrt
door North of Joseph Ulaxe's. and itili
offerì his Professional Service to ali, ho mijr k
io (infortunate luto nced Medicai Aid.'
Swanton Falli, May 14th 1839.
rHIIE &'ubKcriber hai opcned a High School at
JL Canibridge Centre, Vt., and fili teacb Read
ing, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, Awltonomj,
Philosophy, Cliemiitry, Rhetoric, J-ific, ice.
Plrlirular attentioo will La nlarvi tn r-hnUra
placed under hii initruction. 7erm $3 pr quar
ter. JUStrii UAH.L.K.
Cambridge, March 25, 1839.
N. It. Board mav ba oLlainrd in rAanrlak1a
familiea, residing in the rillage, on rcaaonabla
termi. 1-3
CJETER L prom of Hihgita and th adjoi
ÌZ9 ine towna havinr taken the libertr to travet
throufh my fieldi, I therefore forbid ihrm and ali
other (irrioni from ireipasainf thereon iu fulirre. I
hall keep a failhful record ol ery act of treipaa
and hall ha? a day of reekoning with a tra
rTeuon. 71io who tear down my feneea will
get themselrei into buiineia richt on tb not if I
catch them. Ali ofTenderi must abida tb mal
tiea of the Law.
E. A. DKEflT.
gwantoo, May, 1, 182. 4t

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