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N O H T II A 31 i: 11 I C A N.
rlv.tr 1
l yrs.i tre ifn-
; l'I lo a wi ;i, i,f v a
ni ic a' .n:.--t t j,.!rri!
ik, Hf -rn cr-M ou riijv Jftì ti 'V
r.f-ff Jbrrti toh i,f,,fix after thev i.svt
trl a rvet,ì ttù.ri."
t 1
. vi r r. i statk a . r e a r .
ur :
1 '
ì e ire i-li km
!,ìrts.ìlv i.f -r.:.ru.-:.t iL-
6:'is, li ira: 'tu', ititi lìiiicifi ce ! f !
ttt.l j.frjuU.c i u ginM ! Lcuty (
ro.ly wiiit u. V.Hj k-i:nr, that the Iran-j
r.darj suture of freJm firvatm th.e I
nb o jr.te in hr f tuw, V ivr tnrh !
Jfw nun ird rt:n, .;(.' The Sniffar,-;
toni furriikh rorniorab'e j.r if of t'i:'
truih. Tbrir uro n m e i m jvr,i of K-i
tnn f.tltifilie an.l l't-ota-t'a-.t tlim. i.vln I
the utmoit for.cotJ -n ! jk-bc vntri one
in.k(Kr .4 , . . I I . .......
.1 .. .. i . . . ' . , . . . ! 1 l'"
.'"Y utr-i vtm.itateo tj.nr nf-.!-ni, io
j IWfA fA?y a? liath. l ì t-Dnhi Me.)
j Triedra; h ni conta. n a ( -.iMr j ne
f-irt of tic Jestlvii c iì.err. Tì.r 1! n.
. , I Mr. I ar.ia.ì jave a ioal ' The fntnii
w.tb .-e-r t .i ...... i.... .t- . r .. ..
' f,t',rrtj r4 i)(.7,-Jii. D'HIGH 1, Hill 11"
Ti e K..'it;a t.,iia:i n nf th country,' warn, nay, we rarnej-t'y rxhort nu.r
tx, i u-het mi.it rrrste anxietv ii Uu- : brrihu'ii lo lui n uut t.f tln- l.anùs of tliat
jhafcil int-my ff l unian kinf.
Canadian! in solermi binccrity we-atk
( "j .rc-cJ, f:.ay ihrv rcnnv tfteir ri! rrls
uiitij tJ.nr (uu? hl&'.i fnal'y iriuinplì.'
(ìfn. H.'a.jisii. n iSiMin UiaSicJ f.jiiccr n
t! !iun2arian-Vi.'!i A nny , who wji rn
Cajic.i ri il, e late wsr, aiul wholias
travcMt .j in a.iit'it cvory naiioii, rfj)'i'J . '
a:.J lh? fu:ì m-ir.j cxirar! limi Li ilJrr
ti virtìiv (i sor.Kù rri.ff iiufi.
" JSut l"nv v r iiìucli uc inay vi5!ì yri-
l per, tv arni ir;Jfjen icnce, t i 1 o.ai-ti --Kt
. t'.tMM.r.i' ro .'H. i. vt t ivif i-ai!ìt tuit
n M r;aì. ( mi thin con-
i...... i ti,. .-..lì... .... i.w- t
y. th-rn. jsrfoafr.yrant.than orr draccJ the
,i . , - , . i ti. at cari 1 Los! n !. , Lv t Le soLri-
- ........ ... ... "'! ,r.c.,,,,. f. i i. t
i. in n: u H I H il l , illlll I
'teiet iUf fivor nf tiiiiiiitcr, an.l thi-.r '
wn privata mu-rosti, io t!;c we.farf
tLcir CìUJ.trv, tl' trrtijHT of sufii sciiL j
jwf m ta-i!l rrn.ìi-r them incrciLLiy arme
in ojii!ii)j al! puliiiC ;iiit''il tnoa.-iutcs,
fV'tni an rijMf tatiou f Lmt nt !! rcwarJ
fur tix-if (..ir.ii, 1 iaiiuiry, Ly lln'ir 8ti:c
fr; bui e tJouLi notyou tvill !e ti;,'"ti
'ur etiar.I ajamst eucli nicti.an.l noi t.ac
t-ficr the Lliertv ami Lapniricss of ti.e U'ho'c
Canaduti w ie an.' iLdr poMciity, t
graiify tt.p avarici anJ amLition ai' nuli
Wed not V you, bv lìiii a l,!rcK ti
commroce atu uf L.-.sniity agatnt t!n
pvrrnnH-nt ol our c.)iiim-ti sovercin.
Wi'oiiiy invite yuu t i constili yciur umi
glry an.l wrìiarc, arni nu to hulL-r your
ìvra tu Le iiiviigleil or intiriiiJnteil Lv in-
farri'iu ministeri), sci tnr ai t i beC'ime tlie!
intruniftitof their crut lty nini lrj itini ;
Lut M unite tviih in in one S'iciai compacl.
firmeil on the jjeneroua ptineiples ol eqaai
liLerty, atl ccmenii-ii Ly kucli an exdianjre
of LeiiedVial and einleariiij olfices as Ki
rentier il perpetuai. !:i orJef M complete
ttiif Lighly dcsiraLie uni iti, vc submii it
toyoui consitleralion, tvlietlier it may not
le ex)etlient f.ir you to tneet tupetliér, in
your several towils and tìisirictn, an.l elcc.t
tlepuliea, uLo alternar meetinj in a
provincia! Conjresi,niay choone deleates,
lo represcnt your province in tLe Continen
tal Oonjres, to Le LelJ at l'hiiaJcIpbia,
on tLe lenti day of May, 1775.
Iti tliis prcser.t Congrcss, boginnint? on
tlie lì fi It olthe last titontli, antl continuetl
to tliia day, il Las In'en u-it!i universal
pleasure, ond aa utianitnou-j vote, resoived,
llial we sliouiJ, cor.sider tlie violatimi"!
your figliti, Ly tlie act for alteriti",' the
governmenlof your province, ns a violaiion
of our oh i), and tliat yuu BÌmuid Le invited
to accede to our cortfeJeratioti, wLicL Las
no otLer objects thati the perlect securitvof
the naturai and ci vii rictus of a!l tLe con
ati inerì t nicmbers, accordili;' to their res
eciivecircumslances, and tLe preservation
of a ha;py and lastin cir.nection witL
OreatlJrita in, on tLe saiutarv an.l constiti)
tuonai principles Lcrein befòre ntentioned.
For cfleclinij these purposes, we Lave ad
drcssed an LumL'e and loyal petition to Lis
Majesty, prayin? rclief of our and vonr
prievances ; and Love associativi to stop
an un Hjriauons irom orent-Untain and
. Ireland, after tLe first day of DecemLer,
ad n!J expirtalions to thòse kinirdoms aud
the West InJies, after the teiuh day o next
Sentenilier ; unless the said grievànces are
Thal AlmigLly Givi mav incline vour
minds to pprove our eqnitalle and nèces
sary tneasures, to add yourselves to us, to
put your fate, wLcnevér you sufTer injuries
meli yuu are oetermineu to oppose, not
; enipiiatica!,
i ; liiatioii.
t rv rn
: fcay, U a iivintj LLei tip
I mean, ( cour-e, iLe
ci i,anam. Ariirricaiis i
niiniJt oi rvery o:u- wh.j t rur.. x u; in it.
In-.ai.d i !ic a v alca no ready to hur-.t out.
Scot'aìid, aivayi p'r, is niv ruote r-mr
than rver, l'or tLe nunijlacturrs are parl
ine witL their ìamis ci scores and Londre.!,
s thi-y boe riuti in Le verv fif-t decìine of
business. The rort'i of KtalanJ in kept
T.ìni ri'... ti ro..,.!. !.. 1... .......... ..r.l... .......
....... ..-. i. ii - w.i t'Illl liv u;r.ius"l li' ul !
wLeiir.it.ir pouor ot mtlitary aue. Indie
nortli of Hi, ghiri.!, (I mean in the njaiiufac
lunr.c j arts ol it) il.ere it aiwavs an irn-
posin nsseniLJaje ofniì.itary. TLe ad.li
tional foices Intely wnt in, Btr.otint to is,.
C'OO mcn. Altoeth.-r, (bere nre -JO.Ooo
b' .'.Jiers, LeM,L-s ravalry nini anib'ery in
the IKirtll of l'iwTlsif.,! " In Ilir.-iiM -..lln.-..
in Tanni in and in i Dever
nuiv ve!l nliud..'er at tLe tyranny louhich
iLtj Lrave Lut uril'ortunate I'om s Lave lieen
j sud ecte.! bui Nicholas lost 150,00 ) of
i Lis- Lesi troops in the cani j -aie ti . and yei
ino one politimi eirrution twk jlaer. In
, the last tweiity year., the nunilier id'polit
jical execuliotid in France. F.tigland, Swe-jdi-n,
llussia, Austria, Italy, (lerrnany,
! Denmark and II iliand, with a populaiiòn
of 2,000,000 ih es not amount to over
ì twtul'i-ftnn. n Canada, witli a popula-
tiyn ni not ijuite a rinllioii, in the uhort
sjia.-e of one year, Ihirty-jice Lave Leen
executivi u poti the iLbet, and Lundredsl
murjered in c.old Lloo.l."
T I . t. . .
in n-.ui, in liristi)
a. in, Hit-re. S th-. sartie r.ecessitv fori
Keepincr down rioi Ly means o the inti.-ket
ani the Layunef. Notv Irom wLenre
Lave come tL.-se Uoops ? From Ireland!
TLe whole militar-.- force in Iclnn.J novv
is not more than SCCJ men, or a sixth ol
what durit. tLe List tlilrlv venrs, Los
oeen consti i-rivi ii.Ti ts.-ri- o-, l......
fan je T!rfu!!y ilw.p lo t!ir ronqt ror bn,n,
Ar-J mrvrv nh 1 1 i i . i vnirt.wt riprntn; f.i-liì.
'Ih" ìiarr.-l vour hur.!",i!ct;- acr Tifi,)?
tVri ir (lin k ot the l,rnk l!,ai no lairiv h-run
1i;! O.rporcof jt.ur liroitii r, vour la.hrr, ymir
nlJ .
Cari it Le possiLle tLat one trtie patriot
wiil -ver Le indurivi to yitld oLedience to
a Colbnrne, tLe destnyer of onr fìnest
villaees, Ly wLicL LundrivN o!" wesltliy
and respeclable families were rediu-ed to
l't:jrriry, and il e most horrid death ? No
! I-el jiarasites nnd cotvardg
(Jn I ark and I,- happv piy lionmpc pay tu,
l!v i-rally nitirnissuiii liis Firmili' rrlix :
l'Ut .m me, i i.l tu. thourli il mav lui .i!,uin.
, to the !,(,mr, I mav .siili ra!l inv
St. I.emy w.ih found dead in the wu.,i,
with a tabe at ber breast, and anot!.e;
chilJ at ber side.) Thousandg are nnw
iintrerin? aronnd the ruins of thr-ir formrr
Lomes, dependant tipon ìndiviJua! char t
lor dally subsistence. jj
Propcrty burned and piUncd
ly the troops and luìjalisUin
Loicer Canada dùring the
late, insurriclion.
cot;iTr or riai iiorkaii.
Str. Martini.
3.'i Ifoiisrs lnirneil, $3."i,5.?.l
1! !I iriis, 13 shrds k stablrs, 15, 1O0
;.T6 Familics pillajjnl, H.'i),!
To ih l.iml
We copy the followir.g Jelter vcrbnlim
ort the gmall influence of your single pro-
mce, tiuton ine Consolidated powers of
-ortti-Amcrica ; and may f-rant to our
joint exertions, an event as happy as our
canse is just, is tLe fervent praver of us,
your sincere and alTeclionate frienda and
fellow iubjectu.
A ri-solution was passed to the efTect
ui.v ine rresMcni ol the Con; resa should
sijn Ibis address and that the deleeates of
lenngyurama supenntend the transiating,
printine, publishing, and diatrihuting of
it; and Congress furtlier recommended ihat
the delejatet of New Hampshire, Massa
chuettt Bay aj xew Vofk 8hnulJ assii.t
ana lorwtrd tlie dispersion of the 6aid ad
dress. A more faithful piclure of the true situ
ation of Canadian alfairs at that ,riod,
cannot b secn than the one drawt, in this
addrm of the Commenta! Congress.Their
reasonmjrs ujwn the birth-righu of free
rnen and the actu.l Btateof slavery to which
the Canad.in, were then reduced io a po
liticai point of view.by the pretendivi liber
al et nhich Creai ritain had just passed
for the Province of Quebec, were true and
cxact. In faci ihi document deserves
jreat credit for the sound aess of iu ,,rin.
fp!ta and the correetness of the facts
which are thercin contained.
' ( To beeortitnut J.)
The (JucIjCC (,'nzcttv. The Honnrn.
bje John Neilson, inember of C'oilioine't
F.xec ulive Contici!, is said to Lave Leen
Lille Letter tLan a spy npon the liberal
party in Inver Canada alter tln-v took the
i t . .il- - .
('uiiin.y iiu.D limi ano nis son, in pan,
"No more money no more .Swiss." The
old Gaettc man Lus at IenL.Mli Lecotne
i-i.v bj.io-iui ami vinuictive. Jlas he laken
to the botia' He rails out acainst me nnd
the revolutionary petitions I look home to
r-niiìami in ias-2, as il Le Lad Lad no Lami
in them. Mr. Cuvillier is a more orudent
man. i il 1 33 1 , wtiet) I was Wfecked in
the Waterloo, near Quebec, I was on a
visit to ibis sanie Mr. John Neilson, and
h i son Samuel, nnd I solemnly nnd sin
cere ly aver, that of the celebrale-.! revolu
tionary petitions I carried lo Uland, and
presentivi throuti Lord Iiipon the year
lollowinp, the originai drali wai actùally
writlen and platinivi Ly tLe Honorable
John Neilson, in Lis house, near the prin
t'rigolllce: tLat 1 aeted Lv Lis aJvire-
and was supportivi by Lis countenatice,
Lis press, and Lis counuel. TLe orltrin ,,f
these niovemeiits should not now turn
round upon bis old associates and abuse
tiietn, siniply becatise it is bis interest.
Jlackcnzic's Gaiette.
The Hoc ni art. The following is an
extract from a London letter in the Que
bec Gazette, dated June 12 : .
"ItLitik you may take it os certain,
tLat a special convention Las either lel't
tliis country or will riiv,IìIv tm o..., i .
rncrica, (or arranjmg; the basis of a settle-
rnentot ttie disputes with the gr.vernment
of the U. States, relative to the boundary
"ller Majesty'a advocale, Sir John Don-
fon, tias, tor some lime, been enjia'-ed in
drawing up this convention, ivhiehrf'nm
..II!! . . n '
ioni is in btrict coniormitv with the nstrnr
tions seni to the American minister at our
iui.r i
Withill that ls!;irwl li if,, il... I.: I.
. - - .... ,. ..ni. un unii airi . ;. -, .. ,,
un. Lr the influence of()-Conni-ll wLonat- ' Tam' u'aho,,t l'vc ashinjf hber-
nra.lv wishes to maintaia peace, .seein' to do so of the larrtrJ autLor.
mi ii is aLTitation which eives Lim the
'Ki"ht' to li,. ,,n,. ,.C "in iinr, .
u Liie insurrection u-onl.1 mi- ; ,Rl woiiu! wisli to i.nnuire Lv whosc
Lut wl.oranrsav I.oiv lo,.- tl.e pas-ions'ol I)1ir,,c,,n arul U Jiat AutLority yo Insert-
tin .-xriial.Ie pJ-ople-La,? Leen ' ketit in '''V me amor,r your Aqerts for the
acitatinn.ranhe confinivi within ecllv r r .Am,,fican ''"-'"'iT inucli surptised at
ne demee belovo un ex.i'osion U th'e fi",,,I,S,,1, 60 ""vtled without niv Knowl-
Irish bave a desile to trv a fresli rebellion 1 '? " IS 1 "ot -'"Cover it
th-y never had a heUer-f,,-,nre tLan tlicv' " 'l è-08 ",e h-v nno""-ra dav
Lave iioH- althoiiiTh O'Connell canno't V'-i'"' '( ,R VninìÌ!ir eovernment
wisL them tu use that r!,,.r-hi - i "r fnvn ,Vt" l)avt ali an Fantini ri-rhl
Lave nlrcady said, can Le or anv one Le ? ,.lire tli0st" v,ews lnii Nation
sure that Ireland will not avail lierself ij , , 7 ns We" ns ''"l'vidual action
theopjiorlunity? ' "''" best suit our ferii ins and Senee of
. Du,y ns Citiens lìut Sir mv own vie-.vs
t lAiir.iAvr.NT, .lune lOth, Mr. Me- are s-. diverse from yonrs in rdation to the
I.ean iiKjmred wltetber anv reword or uro- F.xiuvliencv ami I'h-,...-, f i
motion had been or -otihl Le ci veti in beatimi as the Noni, .Wri alt
.V ?. C,C".rm,C.k an.1' I)rtMV- rr ,lu"ir 1.,'"licukT Junctnre in onr Nationell lìela-
- '""""J iffine steamer C'aro uons witu (ireat Hritnin I Ksteern it an
Inni I.l.n ! n . iinl)erialive I)u,y as a friend tu peace to
Lord John Kussell sani .1 had not been "se what little influence I mav hi ahle to
housht exped.ent to interfere in the mal- Kxercise over mv fellow ( j Se, t o I)is
ter, ll.esubject le,n.' one that involved rountanance ali minm, -l.w.K ?..
' - tMV-t 111 IIK
iendency Lavean inlìuence to J)istDrb or
imbarrass our friendly Relations wilh a
fotireign power
I therefore wich you to slrike mv Name
troni ine list ol your Arreni as I Cannot
aid or assist you in its Circulation in anv
Q,rir. nrlinl....... "
Ifiuiuf-F liiirnril.
flit"!j an.l Kt.llilr,
la?': d,
St. Timothy.
TO Fami he
40 llousrs liumr,!,
I Jt-iniB, slinls & tab!c-,
"50 l'aiiiilicii pillayt-d,
$ 10,000
consideraiións of preat delicncy.
I IIouso l'iirnri!, JK2.000
1 f-tore, 2 barn- & oul-liouscs, iM;00
coi-nty or t.At't AiniK.
Si. lemy.
1 IIotia hnrnoil, l.fiOO
102 J-'ainilioB pillagei),
'- SU.c-o
1: llnUFr liurncd, !j-25,100
Harn- 22 sheiln & stablcs, 4,500
81C Familics pillagi.'J, Sl.tiOOf
La Co li.
ìli-uno liurnril, c? .Min
j, -, .....
19 Familits pilla'oJ,
St. Vahntinc.
11 Hoiines liurnoil, $'5,00
1 II H.u iis, tf siici & stablcs, 2,4.'i0
fì9 Fumilios pillaged, 7,!)50
SS. 130
St. Cyprien orXfipiervrile
B2 House biirneil,
17 Jlnrns 72 hnls ti Mables,
5C3 Fauiilies pillaged,
$ 01,200
Canada Las been and will aain he the
thiatre of rivi war. A war that slmll
D. Stacy.
P.nTTiim t ÌV ri i
.-"j-t. i ms rost master
St. Edward
5 Hoiisen liurncd, oq
7 Ij inis 15 hIiciìh & stablcs, 2.000
31 A-'amihes pillaged, ) i)ZQ
-1C 1,190
rnrrv pvlorminnit.-... .t .. i .. I ... -o. 1 - . . .
j w.,v,.mi.1iu ,uu, i,,e ratiKs M tnij "uo, i'M yrar a projesxea i'atriot and
unsuccesslul party. Victoria, bv the !or w,iat obiect? it is obviotis. ItwL mi
graeeoj IsOd, queen $c, forgeiting tliat cnrry ut the IVool-pnllin carnè thnti
St. Marguerite de Iilmrfinilit.
30 llousrs liiimnd.
l.arn. 49 rI.H- & giablos.
acrowne.I head owes allegiance to the '09 so successfully played bv Getrpral W 20ti FamÙir pillaLd
incupii, beejiis io nave ndopted the motto on lI"S Irontier about that timo A nnr
1 Stono bilildin?'. IlllrnnI
2 ttariis 4 and stablrs.
6 Familie pillaged,
. Tìmii'Àiri.i,
32 Familiot pillaged, tt fiT25
The other nominai facts I am not ai li
berty, at present, to conimunicnte. Hut 1
mink the knotty point is iti a fair train of
The Toronto Herald advie persons tra
veìhpj in Ste niboa;g down the Sl f .-.
By the arriva! of the Great JFcstcrn
London dates to the Sth inst., bave been
It afiords me great pleasure to inform
you that the jjovernrnent bave determined
to releas; Mr. John G. Parker and the
srvrn otLer Canadian r-risoners n-Un r.1, -,1
euilty to the chargepu-ferred against tliem
in Iprr Canada, in ihe hope ofreceivinc
ber Majesty 's pardon. Mv opinion il
that theorder for iheir reiease will be issued
t h is day.
Lord John Russe scnt to them on Mon
ti ay, demandine whether thev would enter
mio security not to enter thè nm. Inr r,i
L pper Canada, or t i approach near its
ooruers, provuivt the eovernment would
relense them. Vesterday the prisoners re-
turnivl an answer, which I read in manti.
ìi-r.fll 'I-ll... fn.w .1... L . . ,
"V.,,,.. Mi, -u , umi navmg no n.'sire to
enter L pper Canada, thev are wii.'ir.jr to
enter into the reouired 'bonds ; hut ask
to hejiicrmiited to enter the province at any
future periixl, provided either of ihern can
obttin the jn-rmission of the colonia! sov
ernment to rio so. London corretpondence
of the y. V. Commercial Jdvcrtiser
July 4.
CO-The following extract from the Liv
erpikd correspondent ol" the N. York Star
may 1 of interest to our reader?. Hestatec
m ni r:.. .l . . .i
... uuiuun, mai me tf ueen, notvvithstand
r ...i ... . . . . I r . ... " -
ui ou.er monarcris, t.iat "itis wise to ul'ulur ,nenu 01 olr. Stacy's vvho had
crusli the Lbertiesof the nations. hv the Deen deceiveu by his pretensioni, ree.om
ultima ratio regvm She has yet t0 inen,'pJ os a lit and proper person to
itarn .nat coercive measures, punish- Pe "Ppointed our arent in that ouarter
uuueons ami iieath" can never aaì" mai ne was a great friend to the
gain the allectious or allegianceof hereub- patnots." &c.
. . mi s-i , . i t . i ...
jrti3. ine canadian peone wil! n.-pr L'oca me man t link we Rhonbl t,
i v i tue uiinviui ( omination 011 wniimcni nad vf knmun ...
ofEnnland- CanadamaPt C hìs BentimPni ? W- iamiiics plundercd,
j j - - vv mir, i - . v. name no ma;) ajjeni
uc ",c omiciie oi tnisery, and a barbarie, lor this paner unti! iun !,..: r.
Lorde ol hirel.ngs, commanded by the san- ourselves that he is a Irier.d to the Uma'n
1 Z : l ie r, nead' br T?- lin,3 in common
s bure,Jr come- It is with the resi of mankind. ht ir -
r lì n n p n nm r-. 1 1 .
t iail lin,j t.rror , ltll3 reHp(,rt tve
alwnvn linl.l -.... !.. . i . .
llnn n,;,.! M-j...... , . J "unuvea icuuy io uuminister
-TOier nas gone s,000 Uie remedv and here it is
;..- nana ol a Queen. Femio- Kr D. Stacy, P. M., Nicholville N 2- Kamilic-pillaged,
me l.nvn
v-.v .o ... , ,vay o. corruptin? ta unworthy of being any loncer our
-...Cg e-i leau.ng Kept.hlicans of the Agent. ond tve hereby cancel bis npnoint
nresent dm.. U k.i - . . ! . ' ' '
, . Mai a tuniemniiDie omn- meni as eucn
nigh at band.
St. Marc.
5 Familie pliindcrcd, e 2 IfiOt
couwty or SHrFroRo.
1 Family pillaged, ' e-fiOO
St. Ceiaire.
ton turojieans must bave of Rovallu-
courting Americans.
Ste. Marie.
216 Familief pillaged, 23,732
rrtxf.togo weii armedor fearof an n-A i hfr cx anJ yuth, is decidediv unnón-"
u -f.r! 8nd lhe feeling against ber that o'.
ùoa Ha Johnson
ook out for Treachehy T!,P
"i nicrrMon oi Colhorne to illude and
Catch iIkkp f-if nu itilirt ... i ...
' mnv oevonu lus
reacli, wid bc the Proclamation of an nm
nestv. toiII fìll...i n.ói. ,i,...i.i.
- " -'-"uoie-meaning sen-
tences, drawn out with that treacherous
mgenuity which characterizes every act or
romance tliat emanates Irom British au
thority. By this measure, Sir John, no
uouoi exjiecis to purchase a brief hour of
peace ror the Roya! robbers, who bave
plundered incessanti f.,r the ast eij,ht
montila, and now require a little ime to
grow faton the spoils. So long as the Re-
fugees remain on the frontier, so long will
the servants, themenials ol Victoau, the
whole rapacious, plundering, murderous
crew, from Colborne down to the volun-
teer assassins.rel their insecurity h js
thereforean ohjectofvast imporìance to
the BriJih Government to secure forever
those aclive persevering men, who are a
terror by night and by day to the rovalisb
of both Provinces.
Even thou2h wc 'could confide in the
prom.ses of a Coirne, we would noi re.
trn to Canada to witness the dreadf.,!
scenes of carnage, deslitution and miserv
inflicted on nnr o.ir.tf.,,-i ..
. "u.'nj uivii uy a ruiri
lorcign ine.
He can speak confidently, from an inti
mate anò certain knowledge.of the wretch-
St. jithanase.
2 Ifouses Lorncd.
,. l i i ... .. - arnn.
luulM a,1U UeSlltUUon tO Which large 20 House dcmnli.,ed,
nuinoersoi ine Lianadian3 bave been re- ran,"'es P,''aged,
,1 1 A
uuv.ru. .w, estensive, populous and weal- Caldwell'i Manor
U.. rr... . r - i ti i .
...y iirici oi Lower Canada, inhabited , i, . rnea. $500
bvan in.1iiir;n... ., . . --:---t-i.ouB,
- " 'uciiy, anu ViriUOUS 1 faniuy pillaged,
peopie, has been burned, ravaged and
plundered, with a vv-antonness and crueltv Z0,al amou,'t of propcrty destroved. ?gl9.217
a.sgracel ul lo the age and to civilizzi men. tv doi.roycTl ;TrC,W,mW, f tlie prper'
the inhabitants. their ! - rc,ur" rro,n St- -ePÌ-
tno return frm St. Isidor
The dwellings of
barns. and trip'- ..r..
i,...!, uut-r uetne
emptied of whatever wa? coveted by the
lirttisti troops, nere set on lire and con
sumivi bv the fiameq Tt.;, l ., .
-'"ii uorsfs. iij'.ir
cattie anu their swine were either Lnirt,
ered on tLe spot, or driven awav as tLe
spoils of the Victor. Their furnìture and
provisions were pillaged or burnivi, mi
even their cloihes were stripped from their
persona in the eagerness of the loyalists
ymfse acts hundreds of
canadian larn.ers have been expow-d to
the pudess blasts of a Northern winter
xcilhoul sheller, teilhout food, and almost
mlhout clolhci. This Las producivi an
extrem.ty and amount of human sofferine
wbich, we ll.ink we hazard nothin
"vmg, is withoui a parallel in ihe hisìory
of this Contine,.!. Manj bave perished
Irom waat and exposure. (A omin at
ìttilìnro nn,l Vt i.n!
X . "vmunu III, U ti ."H"
return fiom Vìt,.,,.. v.i.... ..,.(
Il Xo rei n,t from St. Damasc, St. Hyacii.tlit,
l.ii.rpresentaiioi. and St. .Simon
5 ino return frorn Henryville.
Dr. mima, who was a.;cusi-ri ofthr
murder ol Mr. Tache, near Quebec
wmter, is stili in Montpclier i-.il. The
question whether the State authority could
?ve him up to aforeitin r?ov. was ar
?ed bythe learned limbsof the law on the
19th inst., before judges Royce, Collamar,
Retlfieid and Dennett. Hon. C. P. Vati
Ncsa and Jacob Maeck Esq., for the pri
soner, and Chaa. Adams, (of conrse) for
the Canadian government. Question not
yet decided.
, ìh I
. ti.
' ITc
! iDOti
I ti
Tir hh
te ter
a iJru
rri im
d Ni
tVo M
-virg th
at frr
he whc
Fifty cases of enears have been late! i
seni up from Quebec lo Montreal, t I, .l,'" to
transfix the unoffending Canadians. j '

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