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r mw.iuii wmm i.n
N O Jt T II A M li R I C A IV
r ie frqutH to j-huh e rv.t.rrt Chajnari of St. Alban, anJ Capi,
e- : ng 1 ' i'r .iurgii ce enration ria. ir
' -j a hrrt r.f thì ire we cannot f,nd loont ,
i ' a iaile. arrunt, more particularly al ,
: v limi. S'jflifr it lo ay ti. al ai uuaì j
ri Vtjfh 'rcainor: everythinj; paed oli in !
- . , I c'.'. r. The dav tv a a i!,!i-rii in with i
nona! tuluK from a six potmder !
1).-.,! ff. ni l!if l'.rilisli al i!ie baule of I
, . . , . m . I
' '.iliiralt. Capi. Giìcs Harrmglon
.' a Martdial f the day. Drclar
!.. rs ri'a I by H. II. Keynoid, Oration by
'. IJaen F.vj. It mny h rieccKsary lo
!( that the Alburgh Uan.l diicoursed
i f Mii-tirrit:g music od the occ asion.
At ut.-
j atriot ff 76 pre&ided,
t ;:vc tli gfnliemen an appetite the;
. i . . . - . t. i - - i
ivrrc a prt-sent. Ihis h as it
: .; .! lc Who were m'ire patriolic tìur
" i'-e I!''o!ì!Ìn t! an the ladies? A in
! rati
appreciate Ireedotn letter than
r i a !J f i !s.Ts:
l.'rii.-i I.. ff.irif.v.t y...t
(ii'ii'rt liie luiiowii!:
'Die (ojrth of .)u!y May it continue to
ceit'hrfit.'d lieti Kings tyrants and
i--; 'is sliall he tinknown in t lt earth.
The rnetnnry of Wasliinton (I)rank
:aii!itig and in bolenm Clerici. )
'I !k l'reiiidenl of the day wltose exist
net is f.rt ctHfi y contemjiorarv with the
iv we ceìrhrate.a prmid coinci.lent in the
:.'cr ( provi.icnce niay he yet live to t-ee
! Arneriran Knile perdi pon t he tnoui,
!.;n of Canada (three cheers.)
The Artny ind Navy May they never
ìioitor the America; (lag.
The nietiiory of I, (uvette When the
iv arri ves in whicli the freenien of ti
,'. S. ean honorahly pay the debt they
'Ai- tu the decendants o( Frnnce tnay it
(i .ne with compound interest.
The i'rebident of the U. S. (No drink-
Tic Aniericnn l'amie May k!ì ere
ir' pre:i.( her ivinga over the entire con-
ut N'orili America.
l'in ineiiiory of the patriot Chenier
-Wh'-n his country is fiee lei bis epitaph
An.lretv Jackson The Itero of New
Ol i'nn in f)i ntv i..nnl. ...1.
.... w - , - .ii un im ai ouu;;ic nini im.ii
;. n tniiy a doublé portimi of hit spirit
iti iinte every ollicer in ihc U. S. service
(Ornnk standing.)
'l'Iu American Copprcss Mnv tliose
" lilnTs tvho voted for the late Neutraiitv
. :, hke Jndas, rej'etit and go out.
i he inemory of Thomas Jefferson.
The menvry nf Voti S honltz The
vi' t an I hero; bis nanie wiil be heìil
'T t i every lover of liberty while that of
.. une i.-t lust in infaniy and dis.rrace.
The (!arj of Ireedoin Ve believe there
'Wie who nmv surround this festive
ard that will vet live to see it Innùnn
i trimnpli over liie whole contineitt oì'
A-: erica.
I l'- revolution in Canada may iti course
'' "t:vard, propellei! Iiy the blood of iiS
i.irtyred heroes, spili at the shrine of
; ny, may it npeedily triutnpb and biing
"W.i vengeance upon the beads of its
Ii.' iti.v r,
American Ajostate8 If evcr an Amer
ati. at home or abroad, sitali contemn the
''jiubiican insili ntion ol !iif country,
'iv a marK lie put tipon Inni; may the
iii,'er of tcorn be alwnvs oointed at rum-
'iy c )' d neelect meet !iim every where;
me sliade ol the martyr's of liberty
';nt him, day and iiiaht," till, in deep
njuisb of spirii, he shall be coi.strained
1 cryoin, hke one of old, niv pitnish
ent is greater than I catt bear."
fapt. Sherntati of the. Sleambnnt Cnr
":ton May ini turyism, livpocrisv, and
achery to the patriota last Fall, f-rever
n'race Iiim in the eves of everv Keoubli
in. 1
To tht Publisher cflhe N. dmcrkrn.
iR In your paper of the 2-J:h instant,
nctice a statement made by an Al'ourgh
'respondent, of the ontrage cnrnniittcd
' tth Concession upon the two Mr. Don
vis ns; 1 feel that ivhat is pub'ished, falìs
short ofesposin? ali the turpitude con
"fted with the affair. I have learned the
- is from a source that renders doubts
f J'ssihle. Saturdav a woman on lì.-nrl.
M?e had a liee to rear the b!y of a log
? lhe wo Uonaldsons, Nathan anJ
h unaa atlended ; while busy al the work
Uriiish drag.vin carne there, -.'io s ton
into a quarre! with one Nichols. a !aj
nteer, a jxvir drunken. quarrelsome !
l:m word
1 Nicnolas w, soon top, doin- un thél
'schores w,,!, arighteood w-ill The I
v- Mr. Donalds-ns, for thepiriwc of sa I 7 V W'C con"nnnrtìS M
hsxiroor corporation Md Queen'I' contemplation, wefancy weran
f from dirt,tion, quii there work and'6"' Ou'inimorl' " MW Jinif his
i . w i canant neroic hnn.'
-icnoiso!l. 'l'Ite dragoon em u f
H.;,Sfìr!,v,l.l.,k;.. ....
e noie panv and departed
- -v.-rh, uuiiyiui.i ursp- .
Indaytbe two Mr. Danaldn,
fholswert. ,rr,t k
cr mieti ir a warrant si!
ci t-. it!, r.,- .... i
tociii Lo iceséioa f jr t-a'- Mr ! 1
r ' ',r- Al ,
.utummirjiw me iuccns service , al
as a court, who inquired f nv or ih ree
'"n (lui not under oalh) and nrdered
N. Done'-dn and Nirhal ir- furnUh hai!
"''ni t ivo or three hundred dollars rari,
Blld acauitlcd T. Dona'dnn: Dona'tlson
Juriitsdicd li tu lai!,;Ntrliols iva unable lo
"VC la':- Withmit looping any lime, N.
I ì . - 1 I ' i .
jor:a,;son an.i n.s oroil.er hached their
wnjjgon out, Nmhon had got into it with
two or three others in company with them,
and The-ma was a!en;t lo gel in, when he
d;scoveied the lame Dragoon w Ito fìgurod
theSaturday hefore at the raising, who
tvas nt the Brune tinte pointing otti the Iwo
I'iìa'Jsoris to t Ite troop1 whnse barracks
..... ... ; v : i
ni- wiiiiiu a jrv, pnces, atid exctainiingf
;" there are the d d tascals;" some tiveri
tv or thirty of the rovai troop pounced up
ori ihese victims; t li ree fe!l u()on Thomas,
who after being thrown down and con
sijerahly bruiied and disfiured, sneceeded
in clearing himself l'rom the wretehes ami
esenped into a house. While this v.as
goin o;t, a large number pilched upon
Nathan in the waggon; he was first struck
across the back of bis neck with acini),
whicb stunned hini, & at the sartie moment
dragged out of the wnggon, & the waggon
turnei! bottoni side up. Nathan while thu
prostrate and insensible, was literally
covered with sohiiers, eaeh kicKing, Ptnmp.
ing and pounding their viciim in the most
brutal niauner, tintil they considered him
lifelcss. After Donaldson had lain a short
lime in bis blood by the rond side, n Ca;-
tnin took him up amlcarried bini into the
Guard House. After some time Donald-
not really so) when the waggon and horses
were put in order, and the C'aptain took
liitn br.ck and put him into ihe waggon to
1. -'.li. . I
be carried home. "While on their way lo the
waggon, a large aoldier was snlfered to
strike Donaldson ngain with bis fiat, with
full force and i fleti. Donaldson was then
laid apparantly lifcless into the carriage,
and bis friends were suff'ered to take him
away. DonahÌHon was laken to bis house
& medicai aid procured. On the third day
he carne lo bis senses, which is the first
rec.ollection he has had since he was struck
with a club in the waggon. His case has
H it arrived tt that crisi at which liis
ebances ol' recovery can be correctly
judged of.
The Dorialdsons are steady inditstrions
men; and are emphatieally good citizens
althouglt residtng in Canada. What is
most remarkabie to those unacquainted
with Canadian laws, govemment, and
morals, is tliat during ali the time while
ibis borrid transaction was passing, the
court, the military coramarider of that sec
tion of territory, and ali other nlficers of
the volunteers on the spot, were apparently
indiiTerent spectators of the whole. The
Donaldsons by the laws of ali civilized na
tions, were under the proteclioa ofthe
court ftefore which they had been called.
Alburgb, JuV 27, 1S39.
For the JXorth Amtriean.
(weittejt July 4th, 1889.)
Ilark! what sound is that? It is the
cannort's roar as it peals forth to the world
the death knell to Nritish onjiressions in
lliese fair states; at that sound tyrant.s and
despot tremble patriors rejoiee. Hush!
Ilear the !oud huzzahs of Die multitude,
and look! see vender star-wnuight banner
fioating on high with a wild, majestic flow
a though partaking ofthe general jubilee.
A lovelier banner never waved over the
brave than our bleeding fathers won and
proudly bequeatbed to their children.
This is the anhiveroary of ihat glori.tus dav
wlien Americana tiared be free, dared bid
defìance to Biitish despots, dared vindicate
their rights; telying for a.'d against their
lyrannical oppressors upon the God of bat
lles and the justness of their cause. It is a
nalion's jubiice; and may tbeson? of liberty
never forget lo celebrate this annuersarv
as Uhts the giorious dav. How many
" tumultuously to our minds
1 ' R'lUrn '- annirersary of those
- -"-- U!c
Krm irca.i, knit brnn-,
jt.eucaea nanos, aa unnatural I,shl pread ,
i t . i
L V ' clr '-'"B
uteir ucaa.y naired lowarùs their tievotic
a"" "'r ueiernunai.on to con-
per or aie; sce them enra-ed in t!,e Jrea,!-
f fui mnf.ict the ajjeJ i the jjidily vnuih;
the father nnJ sorr, nide by side with a ,n!v
pDihubmsm. Ilark! the war-cry of Wah-
ington and liberty: death or glorioui vie
tory, .ea!s lo the skies in arcent ho dread
and wild as niake the
comliai thickens! bear
assailatits, the shricks of the wounded and
ihe groans of thedying; see rniltitudes
M)tiring into the deepet fonvuions of
the fìglit; see the fìerce charge of the Imrse
meri ; mi- thein fall mienred with hior.(J and
die boneath their horses feet; nnns and
standard trampled in blood; coluinn and
line bur;t tbrongh cach other. l'ut Ilark!
thai crv again, it isvictory! Vietory ! yes
American valor and love of liberty bave
prevailed over foreign liirelings.trained eoI
diery for vain is it for trained vvarrinrs to
fìght against a people actiiated by the pur
est feeling which can influence the human
mimi. How many such vision. pass th rotigli
ihe mind ofa irne America:), and with
what boly enthusiasivi he gnzes upon the
hriubt and meteor giare ofthe si ripeti ban
ner till bis bosom heaves tumultuoHsly,
his bands become clenched and heinvolun
tan'ly joins the miiil.tude in their loud buz
za hs with which the welkin rings. Oh!
that the patriot ofthe Canadas ccuhl jnin
us in the celehration; but the time, is not
far distata when not oniy the Canadas but
the mnv down-trodden and debased sub-
jeets of Uritish royalty in Great Uriiain
itself shall rise in their might and destroy
every vestge of royalty, and the cry of
liberty which will he raised in Canada will
heresponded to from the other siile ofthe
Atlantic. Ves!the totterinrr i!irnnf. n(
1...,,, ..II.'KVO l'I
Europe shall crnmble into dìtst. nn,l it,
cry of liberty shall resound from dime to
dime, and from noie to noie, fur the nirit
of liberty is abroad, and the minions of
despotie, power miebt as well attempt to
i , . v . . 'no. nijH nr
chain the forked lightnings of beaven as to
arresi its progress.
A. M.
For the Xurth American.
I bave seen the vvorthy and bonest man
branded as a felon, ani driven from bis
home as an outlaw, nnd bis family turned
out into the frost nnd snowa of wiuter, be
cauae he presumetl to follow the bonest
dictates of his owti conscience, ami do his
I bave seen the heavens lighted by the
lurid llame of the pensanl's happy cot,
and the mecbanic's ODce pleasant home
and the occupants rnourning in the depth
of winter, over the as,hes of their late
peaceful dwelling.
I have been where news of baule carne,
and bave seen the tears course down the
withered cheeks of age: and the merrv
glee of chiidhood restrained, to rnourn over
some affectionale relative, who taught
their earliest sports, and le! their first
games; some loved brother, the playmate
ofinfancy; or even pethaps, the idolizing
fathers whose very siej was welcomed
as Ihe Jiaihinger of joy, and whose. voice,
was as music to their listening ears.
I have 6een a few private persona urged
on by Cheir own jealousy and baie, load
with abuse, drag to the dungeon, and fi
nally murder on the sca.Told, their innocent
vidima, under pretence of their being
"dangeroua men," and truitors to their
I have seen the last morse! of bread
wrenehed from the liands ofthe famishing
Canadians to support an inhuman and
ruthlesssrddiery, the instruments of despo-
tic power, to oppress, and erislave a barm
less, and unoflending peni.le.
And seeing ali this, I said no wonder the
Cana.IiansrevnIt! Ifeaven speed them in
their e'birts !
C'Ve ita our FEU.OÌV SUIUKCTS in
thel inltd StaUtZ (sa.vs '" Montreal Couricr)
ronl.l bn inailo ac-ìu.-iinii-d witli tlic faci, ihat in
tho t'annias Liuslt p.jtiil in f.-mlitv, culiivatcu
and ii;,f. are to he had fi'.r r.ne f.;ii.-ih ll,e t.rice
ileiniiiiicj in ihe Staies."
We uvig the idea, Mr. Courier. We
know there are Britiih tvljccls in the U.
S., and the vijiers oujht noi lo be nourish
ed by Repubìicans ; it is incompatible
with their interests and their duty. his
tbese tuhjccls lo aforùgn poieer, and wbo
are very numerous in tliis country, that
are corruptir-2 ReDub! ICan tnst lt 1. ! inno nn.l
i . . "IIU
clearing the way fur the reiurn ofthat
- - - - - - - "i ti. munì iti ina
ar.stncratic t.vranny which was opre driven
" . "C "
in rrr n r! .-. I . . . ' i ' . I - t.
... .v.u imrj.iice oi uj Canada
we Iiave only to remark that a liberal form
of Gove-nment wo,..!, iL!Creae thva!o
f prop-rty fnur fohì.
5C? h gives in sincrre and heartfeit era
tification to he alili t inferni onr readers,
that iii.uantsnf TWKNTY DOLI.Alis
has been con in Imi te! l.y the citizen n F.rt
C ovtngten. to purchrise copie of . I,
j Mackeicie'n nh!e ntul el-Mjuent
li fe blood start the j hefore the Court whie!i xenteticed hirt lo
r the shout cf the!1? n7',lh 'nP'"""- --They de
, Kirjneo for tfrniuitoiis iiì.-trihution. A j."Mid
examp'e .et other lowns imitate it.
Franklin (iazctlc.
It is a pi tv that nometbing Yannot be
done for Macketrìein Svvrtntnn and otl.er
towns in tlus icinity. We enn (uniir.li
a few C-pie nf the Gazelte c-ntaininc
the trials of Me-isrs. Maekruzie anJ Case,
to sudi n niake immediate application.
Prcperty Loftcr; .
yCII ED C LE vi' properly for ale by
lottery, fin Cahhvtli's Manor, on the
first Mondav in S-ntember net. TI.h
suhscriber. lesirous ni leavinir the eoutitry
is iridueeii to take thismethod of diupoinc
ofhis real and personal nrooertv. Trice
of Ticketa feó.OO.
lst IVize, House, Jiarn, fiut buildings
and 5 aerea nf land. 3d lot in the Sii. mn.
cession on Caldiveli's Manor, $000,00
il. Nine do. adjoining tlie above
lami fin the west Q0O.C0
3. Ni ne do", adjoining the lasl
rnentioned land on the west,
4. Nine do do do fio
5. Nine do do fio do
G. Nine do do do do
7. Nine do do do do
8. One Doublé Waggon,
1 50.00
10. One Sorrel ilorse.
11. One New Doublé Ilàrriess,
12. One Pot Ash Kettle, (best)
13. One do
14. One Doublé Sleigh,
15. One Cook Stove,
10 to 25. Te n l'tizes of two ewes
and two lambs each at $8,00
per Prize,
26. One f'anning RI ili,
27. One Flow.
28. One Cross-Cut Saw,
Beach Ilidge, Caldwell's Manor, Julv
25, 1839.
We, the ttndersigned, are acqtiairited
with the roierty nienti .ned in the nbove
schedule, nnd, in our opinion, it is worth
the amount it isestimated at, and we feel
willing to purchase tickets and abide the
resti! t, as we believe it will he fairly
raHE Public are bereby notified, that
the ttndersigned tv ili petition the
General Assembly of the State of Ver
mont, at the October Session, A. I). 1839.
for the excliisive privilege of keeping a
Ferry from Abel Phelps' landing place in
Alburgb, to the landing place in North
Hero, opposite lo said Phelps' landing
place ; nnd from said landing place in
North Hero to the said Phelps landing
place in Alburgh, and so nlon? the shores
of North Hero and Alburgh, one mile
ench way Irotn both of said landing plnces,
for, and during the terni of ten years from,
and alter the lst day of Noveiiiber A. D.
Alburgh, July 27, 1839. 17-3w
Pulii ic iVolicc.
Is he.eby given that the undersigned
will netition the General A SRemhlv nf Ih.
r-iate ol Vermont at tts next session, shew-
ing tliat the J-erry now kept by Abel
Piielns. tO whom the nrivilerre nf Ferrvin
i ' r - - 'sì,
across the watets of Lake Champlain, di
viiiing me ìownsoi xvortli Itero and Al
burgh, in theCountyof Grand Isle, was
some few years pince granted, ia in
danner of beinrr discontinned Cor want nf
some suilable person tocarrvonthe same,
i i . . . . . . . ...
ano inasmucn as me 6anJ ferry is ol the
utmo3t imnortance to the nuMic hr will
pray that Ilonorable B'hJ v for a grani t.f
the privilege of a Ferry from the fami now
occupici! by himself in said North Hero to
the ODDOsite shore in Alburrh. for the terni
!l 4 - - n " -
ten vears from and after the first day of
uve, extemiing along the shore of
said North Hero fVnni tlie Block-house
Point so called, north to a point of land
called S'inire's Point ; and aloni? the Lake
short of Alburgh from the point ofthe
Tongue, north to the fami ofAbijab Pe
tit in said Alburgh.
Alburgh, J jly 15, 139.
Will fìnd at the Store of the Subseriber
a good Stock of Scythes, Snathe, Pitcb
(orks and Itakes cheap as tlie cheapcst.
N. E. lì uni ai 55cta. per gallon.
Si. Cruz do. 95cts. do.
A. Gin 75cta. do.
A. Brandy 85cts. do.
libi. Salt " at $2,34 per Bbl.
Cod Fib at 5 l-2cts. per Jb.
S'immer Oil, (lst. quality) at 80cu.
Winter Spemi Oil at $l25.
Uv" Cash ivanted at a good bargain, for
ali Sorts of Gods.
t Old Accounts paid for Cash, tee.
S)r"iTOH MrinioT.
fjip!.in F !', ICth J'i.y. lfcJ'.
Inshionahlo Tm'loring.
llt.CI M C ADDF.X, r...ful fo'
4 l'Ml lvor, une he romincncct tumnMi
Ifji )c I nilorin htt frirniln t(J ibi pub'i
j.rrif r.i''y, that he Miti roniinui tht
Tnilorin? Iluiiic,
in ali ita Tjirioiin hrsnrlir. tire iloor north ofthe
l'i t Oll'icr, hor hf wtìl happy to wait upon
;hff nlm (r Inni nSllieir cmiom-
(iirr)ìnt, h in;:n!r to fit, and ofthe cry lt
vorlinaiilii nd lalet fihiin,
-" Ci TTiii iluiip on tiort fietiec
jiitpil, orn or imi fi ut mio Jfturrn-Ttnf n.
.V. A !!i:int, Juty 12, IKW.
sootuijtg srnup,
To hther and Xurses.
The parure tifili Tecih tliroutdi the giimi mw
ducr truiihli'oonie arni clangerò"! ymptotn. Il is
kn.nvn hy nio'.hcrs llmt ihi;r in gréti irrimtion in
ilio monili ml pimi during the proconi. The ptim
swf ll.tlie wriiM itin hiiiI uliva tu imrrjwl, the
rlnld is M'izid uh ficipio.it and Midden fiis of cry
in;', watchinK, clsriinj. in ihe dlorp, sud spamn-i
ni pomiliar ir?: ilio ehil.l nhrick with Cktrcnio
vnili iii e, aial il, nuli ils fiiifors mio ils mmilll. If
thene prcenrs.iry yniploin aie not speadily llovi
alpd, spasnidilic onvulsion universally upervene,
nini Mimi emise ilio clissnluiinn ofthe i n In n t .
M.iUiith who have their lilllo linhes fflirled with
lhfe cliMirexDÌi,n pvinplonin slionlii apply liti. Wm.
I.V'S C-!.r.BltTr.U SuoTRIfld tSTKCr.which
has prcserved liiinilreds of inlaiiti when thoujjht
at rccovi-iy, from Lcint snddcnly atlaclicd ith
I hat l'alai niulaily, convulMianH-
A Rlff-ittiii? lo .ìloJheris.
Dr. 11'. Evans' s celebrateti Soothing Syr
vpsfor Children cullino; their teelh.
TW& infiillible rcinedy has prcKerved iminlred
I. uf children when tlmui'lil nat recovery, from
coiivnlsion. A gouil as the svrun i. ruhhed on the
gurns, tlie chi 1 J will recovcr. " 7'he preparation in
so innocent, su cfh'oacimis, and so ple.-maiit that no
child will refuse lo Irt ils jjums be ruhhed with it.
Wnen infant are at the ano of finir monlhii.tliough
ihore is no nppearnncc of teeth.one botile ofyrup
should bo used on the gumi to open the porc.
Purcnts never nhould bo witfintit the ivrun in thii
nursery where there are young children ; for if a
child wakes in the niijht wilh a pnin in the gums,
Ihe ryriip imniedialely gives easa hy opening tha
pm es and heixling tho guius, thereby preventing
Conviilaiona, Fevers, &c.
Proof tmsitivc of the efficaci!
ur. invali s aootutng Syrup.
To the Aecnt of Dr. ."van'n Soothing Syrnp :
Dear A'ir The grcat benefit atfordcd to tny mffer
ing infant front yonr Hooihing Syrup, in a casa
ofprolractcd and painful detcnlion, must convinco
every feeling parcnt how essetilial an early appli
cation of such au invaluabla medicine is to relievo'
infant misory and torture. My infuni while toéth
iny, cxj-erienced such acute Buiroring, that it wa:
attackci with ronvulsions, and my wilè and family
snpposed that dcaili would aoon releasa the bab
from arifjuish, till we procured a botilo of your
(-yrup; which ai soon as I applied to the gumii, a
wonderfiil chango was produeed, and after a few
apjilicalions the child displayed ohvious relicf, and
by conliieiing in ita me, 1 am plad to inforni voti,
the child liaii coniplcloly i ccovfrrcd, and no recur
rence cf ihat awful coniplaint has cince occurred ;
the teeth aro eminaiing daily, and tho child enjoya
perfoct heallh. I give you my cheerful permisgion
toinakethia scknowlrdgenient public, and wiU
gladly give any information on thia circumstanco.
Wm. Jonanox.
A gentleman who has made trial of Dr. 7van'a
Soothing A'yrup.in bis family ,(in caso ofa tcethitiif
child,) ìkIics ih to mate thale that he found it en
tircly ctféclual in relieving pHin in the goni, and
preveniirij th econteijiienccs which nomelirnei fol
low. We chcorfully comply with hip. renuest.
N. Y. Sci.
We believe it is "enerallv rt
who have tried il, that the Soothing Syrup for
Children Cutting 7'eetb, advertioed in another col
nmn, ih a highly meful ariicle for the purponca for
which it ia intende.!. Hily renpoctable fteraon,
at any late, who bava made
tate to give ila virtues the aneline of their nomea.
A KfVfrr M Of terthintr tnilh r
platnt, c.red hy ihe infalliblo American Soothin?
Syrup olDr V. Kvans. Mra. Mcl'heraon, re
sidmg nt ,. 8 Madison St., called a few dava
irice at the Medicai OTiee of Dr. Kvanir, 100
....au.a.n .-.rrei, j aiu prcia.ed a botilo O
Ilio Fyrnn f.,r her child. who
ating pam during rho proces of denlition, beinr
monientarily llireaiened with convuli-ion ; ils
boweU too were exlr.-inely looac, and no foni
conld be retainid ou its stomaci). Almoat immod
iaiety on its application, the alarming aymptorn
cntirely ceaed, and hy conlinuing the use of tho
yru; on the gums, the bowel in a short lime bo
rame quite naturai. A a tributo of gratitude for
the benefit aHordod Ilio clnld, the mot ber carne
foiward of h' r own accord, and fcely aanclionAj
pubìicity lo ihe above. I'ray be parlicular in
app'yii.f,- af 100 Chatham Street, as there are ter
crai counterf. its advtrlised. No other place has
the reniiine for ale.
03- Im porta kt to MoTHERgCI.il.lrea
penerally u:r niueh uneasincus front tho cutting
of their teelh. Whatevcr dangerous or fatai
ymptom a'.len.hl.ia process of nature, tbey are
produeed invariahly from the liighly irritaled and
mflamed condiiion of the parta therefore tho irin
cipal irulicatiora ofeure are to abate tho ir.flam-
mauon and tosoften, soothe and rclai the gums
If that i.i efLcted, l!,e infant . preserv ed from
uhseeucnt fever, ir.flatu'.aiiou, paamodic couehs,
1 vl itr hi inT f.f li.niln ri. ....... i
""'""l'i canner and couvul
lo.is, disr-tavir their fatai m..,,..... t
molhers, nurae or puardin hsvo ih... k.i. ...
lured wilh painful ar.d protractod denlition, and
this nouce attrae! their attennon, they should r.ot
he .inermi from pur. hasing a hottle of EVAN'S
SOOTHING .SVHl f for ch,ldren teething. the
incomparable virine of which in compleiely re
hevinj the mot direieg cae (when apphoJ
lo the infant's pumi as direcled) is invaluable.
The remedy haj resf.ired thousands of children
ben on tho verge H the grave to the embraees nf
their distraete.! parenu, attacked wah that awful
and rnortifrrom mtladv convulsioni.
Soldnt Dr. If. .Volt' OJfir, 100 Chatham
ttruf, .V. V.. ami ly alt hi o:ntt tUrorghout
thf I niitn . ani Ini
J.OUK.NZO Vl'.U ll , Jz'iJ.
i i
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