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1 TI
T1IK SORTII A5fi:itl( VI
J. B. RTAJI, tuUùkrr,
II imusJ ver? !ffd9,ii4tr tb sjri-(.lRr-
Aciatit of Gr.iUn.
TVrvsi. On llar StxJ SO rnls fr 1 mei.!1.,
Via f"1 ifM ibi, fcfij centi tur (ir
monili, ?' isnl!jr la ii.c.
I buiB, cflr.uiìietliont dr
p :; so, 4u. iti. itturt itm d ti rMi lo Ut
J'S" Tbo farwrJi IW ew SuiucnUsr,
.ìì t outl-d i a tittb copy frati.
J AiJ"ertitrtita evoifiicumntìy insertvd, uni
n iiun-'. limi, pmrtttultirly tur litot ma
t!,.iin cl(tiiiiM iti pr.
We are obligfd tu posi pone the pubii-
csiior of the Hislory of Canada, far a few j
amberà, io contequenc of ih illnesa of
ih Antri or. V hie thereiore, canciu
drJ la pnbìish the Niocty two Revolution,
iatima'.ely conoecied with the urne.
A Copy of the 92 Itesoluiiona, passed
ty lite House of Aembly of L. Canada.
1 Uetoleid, That Hi Majsty's loyal
lubjeet, Peonie of thi Province ol L.
Cintila, have thrwn the slrongesl attach
itiral lo the Britiih Empire, ol which ihey
are poriion ; that they have repeaiedly
difrnded il wnli courage, iu (ime of war;
iliat al the period which precedei! the In
!rf ntlence of ihe tale Briush colonica on
lini comincili, they resistei! the appeal
tuaJe t t lieta by ihose colonie lojoiu
iheir coiifcderalion.
2 Ritolteci, That ih peoplti ol this
Province have at ali lime manrl'ested their
conti Jcuce iu liia Majeaty' Government,
evett unJer eircuraslaiicea of ike greatesi
diiikulty, ami when the Governumnt ol
ili Province has been adminisiered by
men who Irampled under tool the tight
ami .'reline dearest lo tha Bruisti sub
set; a itti that these seiiliuienls ol the peo
ple of itti Province reinaiti ut.clittdi.Hd.
i lletolved, That the people of thi
Province bare alwaya ehewn ihemselves
reu.ly ! welcome and to receive us breth
teu, those of their fellow aubjects, who,
fi a v i n 4 quiited the United Kingdota, or ita
lepi'ndeucietf, have e hot. fi Ihia Province aa
tìit-T home, and have earneslly endeavour
eJ (aa far n oh inerti dependeri) t ali rd
evrry farility lo their parlicipaung in lite
P'il.tical advaiitagva; and io the ncaii of
tftiJfriiiij iheir ituluatry available, whir.l
Kit- ;ieipie ol thi Province enjoy; and lo
ri-m ve lor iliern the dillicnilies ariain
I roni ihe eitiiou ylm adojted by those
vriio have aditiinutered the Government
ol the Province, with regard lo thoa'j por
tiornol the Province, with renard lo tiose
p irtions of the country in which tha new
'eoniera have generally ehosen lo etile.
4 Re$ohed, That this HouAe, as reprir
eniiiiì; the pcoplu of thi Province, ha
nlk-wn an earnest 7.eal io advance the gen
eru! prosperity vi ihe country, hy secur
nr the peace and content of ali clatses of
ita inhabiianu, vvilhout aay dialinction of
otiin or creed, and upan llie aolid
and dureble bai.s of unity of interest,
and eiual coafìdence ia ili proteclion ol
ihe Molli? r country.
5 llaolved, That thia House haa aei
zv A every occasi lo adopt, and firnily lo
ntiabliah by Law in ibis province, not oq
!y the costiiulional and Parliamentary
Ltvf of Eulaad, which is necessary lo
t-arry the Government iato nperation, bui
a!o ali suah parta of tha Public Law of the
United Kingdom aa have appeared io thia
HotiKtf adapted t promote the welfare and
!ety of the people, and lo be conformable
in their winhes and their wanta; ami that
liii Hauae ha, in like ma&ner, wiacly en
ieavoured ao to regulate tls priKeedinge,
ai lo render them aa cioiely as the circuni
lancea of thic cotony ermit, aaaìogoua lo
the practice ol the House ef Common
of ihe Umted Kingdom.
C lletoloed, That in theyear 1127, the
prtat majority of the people of thi Pro
vince cori piai ned, in petition igned by
$7,000 persona, of aeriou and nunierou
aboses which then prevaiiea!, nany ol
which had ihen exìsted, (or a great nnm
brr of year, and of whiah the greater part
itili txit without correction or mitigation.
7 lletyfoed, That the eomplaints aloie
nid, and the grievaneen which gave rise
tthena, heing aubmilled lo the eonaidera
lioaofihe Parliament of the United King
dom, occationed the appoinlanent of a
tommittee of the House of Common, of
which the !fonrah! Edward Geotirey
Stanley, now Hi Majettr'a principal Se
retary of Stale, for the Colonia! Depart
roeiit, and aererai other who are now
Membera of Hi Majeaiy'a Gevernment,
fvnaed part: anJ that after a careful in
venigation, and dee deliberaiion, ih said
cominittee, on the 18th Jaly, 18ÌS, came
ti the fo'lowin very jat onc!usins:
!t!r, ' That the mbarrassment and
dicoatrat that had long prevailed in the
Caaaa'it, had artaen frouj serio o defeets
in the lystem f Law, and the cvauitu
lioa eatabliahed ia lhoe colouk-a."
?Bdly, That lhe coibatiaasment
were in a guai tneaaure to be aiinUtrd
lo the niat.fier in whish the exiating -
teai naj hteu ajminaivred."
Sfdiv "M..I it... -
.--vi - " .lujjinr tmii- loiumg, anu wnere, noiwnr.aiaaoin
victioa, that lieiilirr the iif2elian wbicbiifnrortanre which fortune n.dt
they had made, imr aay other impreve-1
metila in the law and conatitulion of the ' i.f great politicai pnvi;rin favor ni the I
Canada, will be atter.ded wilh the WfSÌredporw,r if large prowe, could ,ju (
elicci, unless an impaniai, coucìhamig, !on fViit the j.irferttice givrn al Irreì
ano conmiuuoaai kyirin ni tvinnjeiit
weie nUrrvrd in lliea loyal and imbr
uni colonie."
8 Uaolvcd, Thit since the period a
foresaid, ihe colisi, iwtion ol 5 hi Province,
with ita aeriou deieets, ha contiaued tu
be aaminiaterrd in a nianur ca!cuiatrd to
multiply the embarratuRienls and diacon
tenta which have long prevaiird: and thal
the recotiMiieiiiialiona ni the committt'e of
il.- n.... ..r i...- i
iiiv livunc ui viiiuiiiuii, laaiv crii
lollowed by etlt-ctiv rueasurea ol a ntlure
to uroduee the desired e lice t.
J Htialvtdt That the niet aeriou dc
fecl in the omalitulional Act, its radicai
fault, the motti attive principio of evil
and diconteiit in the Province, the moki
porverlul and atout Irecjueni cause ofabua
es of power, of the infractiona of the
laws, ol ine waste of the public reveuue
and properiy, accompanied by impunity to
tha governiog party, and ihe oppreion
aod consequent resentuirai of ihogovern
cd, i thut iajudieiou enaetmeiit, the
latal resoli of which were foretold by the
Honorsble Charles James Fox, al the
lime oi its adopiion, which investa the
crown with that esorbitant power, (io
compatitile with any Goversiuenl tiuly
baianced and lounded cn Law and Juutr
and nwt an force and cercion) 'l ueltcì
ing and coniposin wiiliom any rule or
liiiiitation, or any predelermined quaiifica
lion, an mire brandi of ilio Legislature,
upposed front the natine of, ita attribuir
to be indepcndent, but inevitably the ser
vile tool oi the authority which create,
compose and decomposta il, and can on
any day niodify it io auit the iulereais or
the passiona of the moment.
10 ltetolced, Thal with the possession
ofapoiver so unlimited the abuse tifili
inat'parably connected, and that it has al
waya bc'Mii M) exercined in tho selection of
rnembers of the Le'-'ative Council of this j mons) and al the present ivill sullicienilv
Province, as lo favor the njiiril ol monopo-1 show in urhal t-pi'rit His Majesty's Gov
ly and despoiiam in t!ie executive, judicial ernment has endeavoared to carry the
and adininistraiive departments of Gov- ' wishe of Parliameni into tirin t.
ernment, and riever in favor of the public! 1G llesolved, That thia House receive
interest. j with gratitude thia assurauce f ihejni
11 lìcsoloed, That ihe eiTecttiol reme- and U-neoolent iniention with wh-h in
dy lor this ev il was judiciously foreeeen ' the performance of their duty Hi Majea
and pointed out by the roimniitee ol House ! tv' Ministeri have endeavoured lo give
ol Cominons, who asked John Xedson, j erteci to lite wisiie of Parliament.
Esq., (one of the Agenls who liad eanied 17 r'tiolvtd, Thal unhappily it wbh
to Englind the petilion of tha 87,000 in- left l the principal Agent of His Majes
hahitants ol Lowrr Canada) ivhether !ie i ty's Goveriiriient in this Province to carry
had tumed in bis mind any pian by which the wishes ol ine Imperiai Parliament into
he conceived ihe Legislative Council j efìect, bui that lie ha destroyed the Impe
might be belter compose 1 in Lower Caua- which His Majesty's faithful hiihjecis hud
da; whether he thought it pnssihlo thal j enneeived of seeing the Legislative Coun
the said body could coinmaiul the coufi- cil relormed and ainelioraled, and ha con
dence and respect of the people or go in finned them in the opinion that tho only
harmony with tho House of Asaembly, possibili mode of giving tu that body the
anless the principle of eleation were in -
ir odiic ed into tu compositioii in some
manner or anoiher, and also whether he
thought ihat the Colony could have any
seeurity ihat the Legislative Conncil
wonlJ be' properly and independently coin
poaed, unless the principle of election were
introduce imo it in some manner or ano
iher; avd received Irom the ssid Jhn
Neilson unswer in which (among other
reflection) he aaid in subsiance, there
were two iviodes in which ile coniposition
of llie Legislative Council might be het
lered, ihe oue by appointing mn who
wer independent of ihe iCxeeiitive. (but
that lo judg frm experience there
would benoaecority that this would be
Jone) and that if 'this mode were lound
impraciicable, tke other wonld be to ren
der the Legislative Council declive.
12 lletolvd, That judgin? Irom ex
perienee. this Hovse I kewise beiieve that
ihere woold ho security in ine first
menlioned mode, the course of eventi hav
ing hot :o amplv proved what was then
foreseen; and that thia House approvea
a!! the inferenees dra n by the said John
Neilson from experhnee and faci; but
that with regard to hi suggestion that a
clas of Electors of a hi,?her qua'.ification
should be established, or a qualifìcaiion in
propertv fixed for those jtersons who
might 'it in the Couaeil, ibr Hooe hve
in their nddress to His Most Grac.ou
Majeatv dated ih 20ih March 183S, ée
clared in what manner thi prinip!e eoujd
in their opinion be reudered lolerable in
Canada, bv restralnin? il within certam
boandi. which thould in r.t case be pastej.
13 Utttlttd, Thal even i defining
bund of ibis nature aad reqainng the
possesuion of real property, as a eon-isUon
of eligibililV lo a Legislative Cotocil cho-
ten bv thepe!,lp' whicl1 motl w,e,,r ,oJ,
haiìMiie has aot een Binde a condittoa of
te to the House I Assembir, this
Hoaseseems ritr.er la ia'e issjnv iijnm uuoi,r, uu .vj .iat.it-;
Cnnadi.tn Etichi and L'anaclinn Indrpcnilrnrr.
s W AFON," V T F E il Il U A R Y 3, 1 SU
void aLocking reccived .jiimona ia Europe,
Mhercruatom andine law hae givrnao'
many ruScial privilegr anJ advaatageai
to birth, and rau and loitur.e, taan t!
rooault the opìaioa ;rnral'y ircnvrd iu
America, wherc the innurcce (d bulh n
i . . , . . ' .
. lb !
Diasi a.wivs ì
naiurallv coefer. ihe artiÉcial iniroductiòij
tJectiona, lo the virtue, taieiiU aud in
forrtiation which fortuue does noi alwaya
esclude but rari nrver purchane, and
which may le the portion I haneat, cm
lented, and devoted meli wlumi the peo
ple ought lo bave the power of cailieg n&d
corisecrotimf lo the public acrvice iu pre
ference lo richer rneu of whoin tkey may
ihink Irta higklv.
a t i r-r i i
14 J.ttoireu, inai lina jiouse is no
. . .i , : , .
pTUC U ISll)Sl"Cl IO JtOlll'l li eXCl'Ht'Itce 'l
1 the preheut ean.tiiulioii of Cangia, al
. L ili- i . . .
inouu;i ina .xiaiestv' eretarv oi siate
lor the Ciloi.u-a haw uino-asoiiably uml
erroncously aerled that it ha coiìtcrrcd
on the two Canada ilie iiuiitutiwns ol
G.-ral Briuin nor lo rejn:t the principi
ol exiending the sysiern ol Ireijueni e.ec
lioiis niucli furlhcr than it is al prest ili
carriedand that thia ystem ought e
pecially lo l.e exteadcd to the Legiaialive
Couucil, elthough il may be considcred by
ihe Colonia! Secretiry incoinpatible wiilt
the Dritish Government, which he cali n
Monarchie al Government, or too anaio
gous io the intiiutioni which the aeveral
slaiej cmpiing the iudusirious, nnral
and protipitrou ronfedtratiou of the U.
States of America bave ciated for them
selves. 15 lltsolved, That in a Dopateli ol
which the date is uuknown, aiiJ ol which
a part oti!.r was rommunioaied to ilio,
lloust by tlie Govrrnor in Chie! on the
14l!i January 1331, Ili .Majetty's Secre
ury of Stale for the Colonia! Deparunent
(this House having no certain knowledgo
vvhether llae t-aid Despalch is Croni the
presenl Colonia! Serrelary or Irom hi
predeceesor) says, thal an exaieina:ion of
tlie compoailioii of the Legislative Coun
cil ai that periti (namely al the time
wben i' contipositiou was so juslly 'rensur
ed by a Conimiltee of ihe Hut-e ol Coni-
i weight and respectahihty which it ought
lo pnssvsx, is to introduce into it the prin
cipal of election.
18 lìesolved, That the Legislative
Couticil streoglhened by a majority inimi
ca! to the rights of this House and of the
people tvfaom it represenis, has rereived
new and more powerful means than it be
(ore possessed.ol perpetuating, and of ren
dering more offensive and more huriful to
the country, the system of aboses of wbich
th people of ibis Province bave up to
this day iaeileciually complained, and
which up to thi day, Parliament and His
Majesty'j Government in Englatid have
ineflectuaily oogh io correct.
19 lletalved, Thal sirice its pretended
reform, the Legislative Council has, in a
manner more caicoiated lo alarm the in
habiianu ol thia Province, and more par
licalarly in ita nddresi to His Majesty ol
the Ist of Aprii 1333, reoewed il preten
tiott of being specialle suiMiinted to oro-
tect "ne class ol His Majesty 's subjeet in '
ibis rrovince, as supposmg them to havv
inlerests which cnuld not be suiTicienily
represented in the Assembly, seve eighths
l the Members of which are ef French
rigin and speak the French lang;uage:
ihat this prelension is a vio'atioa f the
Constitutioa and is of a nature to exaite
and perpetnate aiaong the seveial claaes
of the ir.habitants of this Province, mutuai
rniktrusl and national distinction and ani
mosilies, and lo give or.e portion of the
people an unjUst and factious sajterieriiy
over the anhrr and the bope of deraination
and undne perfereace.
20 RnolttJ, That under thia preleoce
the Legislaiive Council, after n refotm
which was hcùl up as one arfopted t unite
it more eloaely wtih ih intrrests of the
Colony io conformile with the wisheso!
Parlitment, cs!!s d'wn, as or of ita first
seti the prejedices and severity of Hi Ma
jjesty' Gvernaieni po'a ihe peop e of
tivebranrb rf the Legislature iheref:
and that by thi ee-udoct Ih Iii!aiie
Coti ne U ha depiivrd the pj-'e ol ad l!ie
Iiopc whicb Win lell them ! sevir.g the
aia Ceuiicil so .toiig a il ehail ia n
coustituleii as'it niw i, set in haunouy
with the House ol Assen.b'V.
21 Itetohid, That iKe Legislative
Council ui Ibi Province, hs Rf-r l-m
any'tbing mere ihau a u.tre .fcreen be
Ismo the Governo and tl.e I i le, wbicb
byeuabiicg ihe one t ma.utain outì.ct
with lr oiher has scrved to j-eipeiunle a
system af discord and coutenuuu; iti it
ha unceas agly acted with avuwcd lios
tiiity to Ibe enUoiet.ts if the prp e a
conititutioni'.ly expressed by the Hui-e
ofAsitembly: that ni not ngM, under
ih sarn of a Legislative Coancil, l im
pose an ariitof lacy on a country whicli eon
tiius no naturai material l'or the romponj
t on of noeb a btdy; that the Prhsniiiiof
the United Kii gdoin in gtaoung la Hi Ma
jety' L'auuui.ii KttUjnis Ihe poe.r f
revising- the rntiMitutioo under uhi h they
ho!d their dearent righb, would sdxpt a
liberal jkiÌìsv, free Irom a l iconi,i.lerations
offormer intereNt and of vxisting perju
dice; fnd thal by thi Hieasuie, equaiiy
consisterli with a wise and sound polii: v
andwitb the uiust liberal ard extended
views llie Parliament of the United King
loto would ente, imo a untile rivalry with
the Uni ted Stale o America, would pre
wnt II is Majeniy 's Kiifjeet froin aerine
anytliiug lo uvy there; and would pre
serve a Iriendlv intercotirse betwren Creai
Britaio and ibi Province, as ber Colony
so long as the tie between us shall contin
ui', and s her Ally wheneeer the' coarse
of evenia may ehunge iiur relative posi
lion. 22 lUmìved, That ibi House io
mudi tini more cniitìdrMlly emilsthe opin
ins expiessed in the ueceding llesolu
tion, hecause, il any faìth ii to he placrd
in the pu!lished Reporls. they were al no
dislint petiod en.iited with iher remarks
in ihu gswte spiri, in the Coimnons Iloti
of the United lvinedem. by the Uig ht
Hnnorable Edwarl Geoflrey S'anley, now
Hin Majesty' Principal becrelnry' of
State for the Cflonial Deparirtienl and by
severa! othiir eitighfeotd ttud ''lisliiigiiisli
ed MeraberK, a-nme whom are among
the nttaiber of His Majcsly'a presenl Min
isteri ; ond bccaiine the conduci ( the
Legisintiv Council ainre its pretended
Reform, detiioustrati-s that the said opin.
ions are in no ivise lendered Ics applica
hle or lesa cornei by iis prrseru cnqMji
tion. 23 Jìcsahed, That the Lrgistitivc
Council lias al the prcsertt tinn; le eom
muniiy ol interest vviih ilio Province than
at any former period; that its presenl
compexition, iriKtead ol being r a!cuÌ8ted to
changtf the cliaracter of the body, to put
an end io compiami, and to hi mg ahoul
that e-operaiioii of the two House oi
the Legislature which is so necessary to the
welfaie of the country, is surh a lo i;e
stroy ali hope that the said Coui.ei! will
adopt the opinion nnd setitimen' -fihe
people ,i,f thiii Province and of ibis House
with regard to the inaìiVrsable righi of ih
latter to the full and entire control of the
whole Itevenue raised in ih Province;
with regard to the nccessity under which
thid House has fuund itself (!ur the pur
pse of effecting the refrmaiion w hich it
ha ao long and so vainly demanded ol ex
isting abuses,) to provide for the expenses
ofthe Givi! Government by annusi appro
priations only, as well aa wilh regard lo a
crowd of other questiona of public interest,
concerning whicb the Executive Gvern
ment, and th legislative Council which
il has selected and ereated, dilTer diametri
eslly from the ple of this Province and
l'ioni ibi House.
24 Jictolved, Thatsacbof the rerenl
Iv appointed Courcillors, as were tskcn
from tlie majority f Ihe Assetablv. si,d
had enteriained ike hope that a aulficient
number of independent meri, holding opin
ion in tinison with thone of the anajorily
ofthe people and of their IlepreKentative,
would beassociated with ihem, must now
feci Ihat thev are overwhelrned by a ma
jority hoslile to the country, and copoed
of tnen who have irretrieva'oly Jost the
public confidenc by hewibg ihermelve
the blind and pacsienale partitali ofail
aheire of power, encouragirg ali ih Aci
of vintene eommiited under ihe Adiriinis
tratiou of Lord Daihoosie, by bnvinza
al! occasiona outraged the Keprewntativrs
of the pecple of th couiarv, of men, Mn
knnwn ia ih country on'il withia the few
year, wilheut lauded propertv, r.r havirg
very little, -wb bave rever breo return
isj io th Aaseniblv, (ionie of ihrm hseir.f
een been rtfosed by the peopie.) and who
have nerer giTen any proo! r( their fit
ne forfrirniing the farrtinea of Le
gidatera, but merrly of their batred to ihe
country; ami who by resson of tturir com
munity ofaentiment with bira, bavf fotjiid
themselves, by the partiaiity of the Goe
rrnor io Chief, sud.ienly rsised lo a sta
tion in which ihey bave ti. p-wt r rf ex
rtisff oria( life aa infìurcee over ihe
No. ai
'-" " t " 11 ,''.'. r
'ite 4 ibis Pravo ce, il e iaw snd n.siitu
hóii af whicb bav rvr r bern the ubpcl
of their iil.le.
25 ReiohtJ, Thal in manitrst t iolation
of the Consninlion, thrre are amoftf lh
peos iat un i.ln i "inverni who wrro
bm citizen ol the Uniied States, or at
riativeau! other foreign roMMfw, ar.4
who al the t tue ol t!nr appoiutrun.l bJ
nrl b r. isi'it!ì7d by ArU tf the Urtl
iih Pt!;ao.nt; tbst Ihe lesMrnce nf .ne
of tke prikm.s (limano Ciste) m ibi
Count.'v da;ift(f ll-r tasi Wr with ihe
lniled Slste wti only lolrialed-, l.e tr
losrd toiake up ariti for th l'.rlvtieof
the country in which he feroained meiely
lor the sske of lucie, and alter the pre
viu 'sc's, look l i etti in th legisla
tive Chimo ii on Itili March 1133, and ht
leen dava a'Urwaids, t wil, on thv lit of
Aprii, vou-d for the Addica befoie mrn
tioned, reimuring ihow? whe doting ihe
Iui.t war were under ainis o ihe frontiers,
io repulse the a'taik o ihe American
arniies andof the fdlow citizen !' th
said Hoiatio Gaie: that anoiher, (Jame
Haxter,) was renii nt during ih aid lato
war, uithin ilie Uniied btate, and was
houiid by the law ol the country of hi
birtb, under censiti ciirumstaucet-lort ibly
to invade thi Province, to pursur, feMfoy
and cspiuie if pottiUr, Hi Msjr
ty's armie, atid uch oi I!m Cansdian
nubjecl n tvrie in arni tipoti ihe frontier
to repulse Ihe attsck ol the American ar
mies, and of the said James liaxter, who
(bt iiitr al the sanie lime bui sliahtly quai
ified, as far property i coi.cerned.) le
ramr hy the nomination ol i l.e Governo
in Chief, a Legia'ator for life in Lower
Cannila, on ihe 22.1 of March 1838, and
fighi dajs alteiward, mi the first of Apri!
riforeaid votivi that very Addreaa whiclt
coninined the efilunuiiou aru! insu!ling c
Cuation v ludi e alled lor the exresiion
rd His Msjesty' just regni " thal aiy
' word had been introdtiiet! wbich shouKl
" I av the npH'arnnce of ascribing :n
" class ol His Jjtibjccis of one origin, virw
" ni variauce wiib the aliefiance ivliicb
thev f-we io Hia M(e(ftv."
lS i.'csolvetl, "That it was in
tho power of thè prcscnt Gov
crnor in Chief.moro than in that
of any other of his prcdcccssors,
(hy reason of tho latitudo nl
lowed him as to the number
and tho seiection of tho per-'
sons whom lio might nominate'
to ho members of the Legisla
tivo Council)to allay.for a timo
at Icast, the intestine divisione
whicli rcnd (bis Colony.and to
advancc somo steps towards tho
nccomplishment of tho uishes
of Parliament hy inducine ri
community of interest betweon
the said Council and tho Peo
ple, and bv giving the former
a more independent character
by judicious nominations.
27. Hcsolved, Thatalthougb
sixtcen i)ersoiiM have been nom
ihated in lessthan two year by
the present Govcnor to ho mem
bers of the said Council, (a num
ber greater than that afforded
by any period of ten years un
der any other Administration,ì
and notwithstanding the wishes
of Parliament and the instruc
tions given by His Majesty 's
(iovernment for the renioval of
the prievances of whicb the
people had complained, the
sanie inaligli influcncc whicb
has been exerted to perpetuato
in the country a system of irres
ponsibility in favor of public
functionaries, has prevailed ta
such an extent as to render the
majority ofthe legislative coun
cil more inimicai to tho coun
try than at any former period;
and that this factconiirms with
irrcsistible force the just ice of
the censure passed by thecom
mittee ofthe House of Com
mons, on the conslitution of
the legislative council as it had
theretofore existed,and the cor
reetness ofthe opinion of those

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