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(VOL. H,
Canariiaii night and Caiiadiati Inde pciidrucr.
NO. 17)
J. B. RYAS, Vubliikrr,
, nri f'f tWiwfcjr, idr ib superili
a . r o Aocinoo o( CntUnien.
ff uTU' - t
f,r9t . Onsdulìaraiid fiy fi fr 12 mobili, j
ìh, 1rb!iBMUiy in adauca.
"j I.it-'i on buine, commuuicationa for
pja,Huon, io:, ite. mul b dJrew.d la the
j-jb H', pottptud.
ry ThM frwrJio fi new SubteriUera,
WlU b ootM to inb coj'J ro''-
ftj- Alf!impn" eorupicuoutly inertcd,and
Vìtvurniij'f ir-'jf fr tboia bo
tibi l'to"" '' Pt,er
f he imperiai Parliamenlof Great Britain
which had so imprudently assented to
LorJ John Bussel's Coereive resolutions
of March 1837, finding tlial ihe Canadians
were unwilling to aubmit passively tu this
bold encroachment upon their constitution
al rights, was stili bent or pursoing ita
ivrinnicaliind unjust policy towards the
opprriwed Canadians, who had unfortunale.
l f.iled in iheir Orsi attempi lo free tbeir
country from the baneful domination of
England, fron which neilher jualice nor
niffcy coutil be expected by ber rebellious
iuhjftu. Cotwquenlly, in the month of
Febmary, Ihi Ministers carried through
the Pailiament, o bill to tutpend, or in
otherword, to take iway, the constilu
iion of Lower Canada and to govern thal
ill-fated Province by a Governor and
Social Council, or more properly the
previou wocJfc-constitutional government
was to oease and the people submit to the
nvi ri an import ed Diclalor. How very
alterine this state of thinifs must have
been to Englishmen, who boast so much
of constituiional liberty!! Nolwithstand
ing ihey were so prood of their repreten
lativf government, ihcy too had to yield
nbedience to the illegal enaciuienta of this
chosen band of tlaves, selected by the
Dirtator, Dtirham, withouteven cousull
ing the wisbes of those who were to feei
the fllVcts of their legislalion. But to
gratily their feelings ofbatred and revenge
against the radicai party, the British fac
tionUts could willingly aubmit to any in
convenience and degradation, if thereby
the radicala were harrassed and oppressed.
A people that wouM tamely aubmit lo
uch a atate of affair, must bave fallen
very low in the acale of politicai existence.
Asari offset for the insult and injury
inflicied por the Lower Canadians by
wresiingfrom them their constiluiion, the
English Government thought proper to
reinove Sir. John Colborne from the head
of ihe Provincial adminiatration, and on
the SUt March, Lord Durham, one of
the most prominent politiciana of Great
Britain, was appointed Gov. General and
Hih Commiasioner of British North
America. The destroyerof St. Euatache,
was however, continued as comnunder in
hief ol Her Majesty' Forces.
On the 23th of May, Lord Durham,
wilh ereat pomp and splendor, la oded at
Qaebec, and on the S9th, iasoed bis proc.
lamation of Inatallment, which our readera
will find in the appendi, marked (qq) also
the Commission which his Lordship held
under the privale Seal of her Majesly,
cnarked (rr).
The next day after hia Lordship assum
evi the reins of Government, the " Sir
Robert Peel", a British Steam Boat, was
boarded, at Well's Island in the Su Law
rence Kiver, in American territory, by a
l artyofmen in diguise, suppoaed to be
rebela, and after ali the pasaengers and
ta(gage was landed, the Boat waa col
loose, towed out imo the river, and seton
tue aad bwrnt to the water' eJge. Thia
ireomatance waa rather annoying to
Lord Porham who bad auppoaed, that a!
Brit$h North America, would immediate
fj aubmit to aia goternment. His Exc'y.
pon hearing of thia bold and daring act,
fwtharith iaaued a proclamatwn, Bering
targe rewards for the discorery anJ appre
heoaioft of the perpetrator o thia outrage
Bot hia proclamatiooa and rewarda aailed
bla oeUiieg, lor in tbìi a wtìì ai ia bia
ubaequent undertakiega, he bad the mor.
tification of wittiesaing the failure of his
most aangoinrexpectationa.
Many of the fr.ends of ihe politicai pria
ottera who were tingerìng io the jnil ol
Montreal, bad been led hy some of their
correapopdents in England, to hope that
Ior(M)urhamon bis arrivai in the Prov
ince, tVouId grant a general amnesty wnh
out any reatrictiona whatever. For lear of
compromising their imprisoned friends, the
patriota baJ thought prudent net to peti
tion bia Excellcncy for the liberation of
those who were cruelly auffering in crow
ded and filthy jails.while on the olher
ide, Ird Durham aeein to bave been
rather ìn dnuht what courae to pursue
Ile was afraid that if he liberated the po.
liticai priaoners without any conditiono
whatever, the loyalist would be dissaiisfìfd
and oppose bis adminiatration, jet hi
Lordship too weli knew the real leelings oj
the great mass of the people to expeci,
that by a fair and impaniai trial by jury,
he conld conviti any ol the prisonera of
lite crime of High Treason- It was the
Crown that had rebelled egainst the peo
ple, who had taker up arma in their own
defenee. The next expedienf, contempla
led by his Excellency, wa lo appoint a
special commission to try the prisoners.
and t seems that he was fully bent on ( h a (
project, had he not aucceeded in nhnmc
fully and mtanìy extoriing from some of
the prisonerx, a wrilten confeasion in which
they acknowledged their guilt and pui
thcmselvpg under the immediate disposa)
of his Excellency. To eflect this ohject,
Lord Durhom made use of a pliant tool
named John Simpson, a ctlleclor of Her
Majesty's Customs at Coteau du Lac, in
the county ol Vaudre uil. This individuai
called upon the prisonera and afier some
preliniinary cunversation wilh them, he
advised ihrm topetilion Lord Durham and
at the aarne time, he invited about twenty
of the prisoners to pign a document which
he handed lo them. The paper was reaJ,
revised and very essentially oltered, and
after much consultation and deliheraiion,
eight of the prisoners, at the head of whorn
was thegallant Heroof St. Denis, 6ii.'n'd
the adJress to Lord Durham, which my
be found in the appendix, (s.s.) We
forbear to make any harsh expressions
concerning this document, in which fiat,
terir.g and undfseived complimerits are
lavished upon the Representative of a
murderous Queen. However, we canbut
deprecate the act as contrasing wilh the
nohle conduct ol the brave and genrous
Leader al St. Denis; and could he not
plead that patriotism and philanthropy
alone influenced him to suhscribe hia un
aullied name to that adulalory address, we
ahonld be forced io censure the deed. Bui
when w eonsider that by thua offering
ihemse!ve8 as vidima upon the aliar ol
iheir country, they were instrumer.tal in
re cstablisbin peace and tranquillity in a
distracted Province, ojening the priaon
doora lo hundreds of their countrymen
and thereby restoring to their homes and
families, fathers, husbands, brolhers and
sona who had been ao cruelly and inhu.
manly torn Irom their parenis,wive,sisters
and chilJren, we respect, weapplaud the
motive but regiet the act, though auch
nhilanthropic and hiijh-soiiled motivea are
enough to exonerate ihem from blame, tot
having affixed their signatures to a paper
which laaded one of the insirurrents ol
Colonia! Vassalage.
Il would appear that Lord Darham did
not fiod this address of the priaoners a,
expikit as he wished, and Mr. Simpson
was again seni back to the jail and after
having submitted to the priaoners, His
Excellency' objections, obtained Irom
themaaecood lelter more expbcit, which
will befoand io the apjendix, (t.t) The
next rewa whtch ihe signers of these letlers
to Lord Duibam, received, was that they
were to be lransj)oried lo Bermuòa as
Mate prisoners, lor n iiiucuii.- -""4,
to be dealt with according io her majesly'
pleasnre, who, ibroogh ber Vice Rfgrnt
ia Lower Caoada,' was pleased to order
these Exile, to b pnt aoder aach resuainu
oo ibe laland sa to prevent ihrir return.
Thua by ibi wanton act of the special
council appointed by Iord Durham, in the
place of Colborne'a council, right persona
of unblemished fame, were tianjoited
like felons to a penai colony wiihfjut a
trial by their peera, as gturanierd hy the;
Magna t'hai la of England and the suhe
quent arts of the Impelisi Parliarrent.
These gentleleu received only a very
short notice ol'the fate that avvaitrd them;
some were noi even alltwed lime to receive
ihe lasl flirticeli emhraccs of their weep.
ing friends. To cap the clirnex of the
treachery nraelised upon thete noble vie
timsof Brilikh tvranny, they were hand
cvjfed in pairs previou to leaving ihe jail
lo go on board the Sic am Boat w hich was
io convey them to Quek, and which for
that purpose hai dropped down i.tarly
apposite the piare rf iheir confinement.
The indienation of thrse poble men wan
excitrd alioost beyopd control, when they
learned that, they had been manacled l'or
ihe purpose ol exposing them in a hurtiili
atìng Hiiuation, to ihe ineuliing aze ol
the lories who had assemhled in vs.st num
ber to witness the hearl-rendin? agony
ofparents and rhiltlren, hnsbanda and
wives, brothers and sisters, friends nd
neighbors parting perhaps forever. Con
the readerdraw a faiihful picture of the
cnnfliciing feeling which moved the as
semblei! multitude! The patriota were al
in tears, and even aomeof the most fiu
mane among the lories could not refi ani
from ahedding lears of regret al their cru
el fate, ivhile iheless feeling the leading
tories, were either rejoiing at their donni
or corcplaining of il lenity! Asaoon as
the prisoners were emharked on board o'
ih ìtam. linai, the order was iriveii lo
SIS. u"
move forward, and the Canadians once
more gave a aeep-arawn aign, h mai
adieu to the idolsof thtir alft-ctions. They
arrived al Quebec on the next morning
and were iniinedialely pnt on board of the
Fetta!., which sailed Ihe next day; previous
io their departure, the prisoners addressed
a letier to their deceiver, resenting the
gross insult which be had so nieanly im
posed upon them. The prisonera were
allowed the liberty "of the deck, after bav
ing pledged iheir honor lo temam orderly
on board the Ship; after a proeperou voy
age they were safely lande I al Bermuda,
vhere they again had lo pledge ihemselves
not lo violate the restrictions imposed upon
them by the governor of ihe Island.
This flairanl violation of ali Uw, in
exiling these eight individuala without trial,
was not the only arbitrary net of Lord
Durham. Sixteen other Canadian gent
lenienf were banished io the United States
without trial or examinalion; these indi,
viduals, togelher with the Bermuda exilesj
were inlormed that if they reiurned lo the
Province of Lower Canada, they would he
putlodeath. Thal sudi a staiesman
Iord Durham prelendcd io be, could com.
mit auch an atrociotis and unconstitutional
act, ia beyond ali comprehenniori, unh'fst il
he that the man wa ccrnpletely btinded hy
his own infatuation. In order lo give our
readers a luti opportunily lo exercise their
own jodgement upon this tyrannical eilici
of Lord Durham's Star Chamber compos
ed of oien newly imported itilo ihe Province
we lay fieAire them thisdocument by which
the .ìutocrat of ali Britibh North America,
freely dispósej of the livea and liberile of
Britieh subjects. Itwill be found in the:
appendix, markcdfu.u.) That those
tette men who enacted this onjust edct,
may be known we give their names below.
IVotfrtd Xttton, Robert Short Mi!nt$
Bovtkttte, T. il. fJcéd., Simttn Martktt
nauti. Bonattntur Vigtr, Henri Atphonn
Ganvi, Lmc H. Mmiom, Rbdotphi Dtt.
J. PepinrirH. (Sptakrr rf thr AsrrmHii.)
R. .Xetion, M P f, E E ReJitr, M P P. E.
B O'Caiiagkan, M P P, L. Xrery, M P h,
CHO Colt, M P P. J (Jagnen, T .',
E Chartier, Prieit, G Cartirr, Iitcytr, L.
Perreault, Preprittcr ff tht l'inéiraior, J
Rva,mUr, J Ryca,jmnior, P P Ittmaray,
yp, Dt J F Darignon, L Oauthier.
Xt Ctutrttt Pagtt, Ciani trote tftk J7oa
trria ordir, l'ire Admiiot of 'the H'hitr, Mr.
Oen. Sir Jamt Hc'DwtU. KCB.tr A' C H.
Celanti George Cooper, Hon. CUrlet tuUet. j
The acta of Lnrd Derl as' ivtann'cal
J admìnUtrttion, had aliea.ly Wcome ao
kIk'u ihat il was frared by bis liirni!,
that it would brd.fiìt ult for hi Exceliercy
lo rarry on hi S"verr.n ent. But as a
! routttrrjHiiie fr hia despotìr draiirgs low
a'i! (bone ievoied irtiina whk h l.e had
iJhm iaIiciouly dwrord to perseeuiion,
exile and min, Lord Durham prc!inad
a general amnealy, which however rxclu
led from ita benefit, a Mimtar of he "
liticai priiier. Velilieel jtidicìd mur.
dm had taken place in Ihe Umrt Pro,
ilice, and the iWp horror and ind gnation
prinlured hy these bloody and inhuinan
leni, wasao apparenl, that Lord Durham
deniied il noi advixahle to adoj.t ihe aanu
hi kmIv an.l denputic mi'au'ta in the Iow
er Province, bui at the sanie lime th tory
-'action ol tl.U coliuiv, were anxious to see
ihese proscrihed pstiiois, espiate theii
politicai offencen upon the M'affo!!1. Con
scqtienily, the cunning and deceitful Gov
eruor ti a J rrcourse lo an expedien: very
low and degrading lor auch a pretended
high character, and by hi Ordiitence, chap
ter liist, "lo provide lor the ecurity ni
the Piovinee of Lower Canada", bia Ex
cellency excluded from the benefìls l the
ameaty, ten individuali as heing connect
ed with the pretended murder of Lieut
Wier and the tpy Joseph Chartrand. ,Our
readers bave nlready sen our views on
the logality of the proceitiing of, those
who, in a stale of open war, had found il
necessa ry to infiict death upon lhee men,
we bhall therelore refrain Irom any l'uriher
comment. A copy of Lord Drham'
amnenlv may he lound in the appendix,
marked (v.v.
But few worda suflìce to give an culline
of lord Durham's pompous and vain nd
ministration, which resuhed in a total ilin
appointment of al! hii airy anticipatimi
on leaving ihe aborea ol England for the
Canadian Provinces. As eoon an his det
potic ei'.icts were pub!ihed in Englnpd
lord Brougham, the chanijiion of Canadian
liberty, brooght them before ihe Iloime t(
Lord, whiUt aimilar Heps tve'e adopt
ed in the Common ; the minisi ry could
noi support lord Durham' nets ;, tln-y
were cenured ; a bill of itjdemniiy wa
iminediately pased by boti Ilonses and
sanctioned by ihe Queen, lo retrieve this
flagrant violation ol the fundamenia! prin.
ciples of the EnglNh Constiluiion, an.l
lord Durham's panisi aninesiy wasdis-al-lowed.
On the receijil of this news, the
petulsnt and haughty Governor Generai
issued a proclamation, explaining his mo
tives and leeming with bitter invectivr
against the Ministry for wit holding their
cordial aupport Irom hia measurrs, and
concluding by stating bis determination to
abandon his responsi b!e andàrduus post
of Governor. He retnrned lo England,
where he published a long and ab!e rejiorl
on tiic actual state of boti Canada, cor.
recl o far as il porjrayed the mismanege
meat of the oflìciala in the Vpjier l'rov
ince, bui replete with the bilterest and
most ignorant prejudices againsl the popu
lation ol the Lower Province. Indeed
when we reflect that his lordship arrived
in Lower Canada at the end of May and
lefl at the beginniog of Jsovember, a great
pari of his time having bren spent in trav.
ersing: the lower province and injourneying
through, Upper Canada, i-eidnm meeting
the leader of the radicai party and cfn-
stantly besieged by the tory (action, we
are not surpriwd that lord Dorham corri-
mitted auch gross errors. His disgrace
and downfall io Canada followed him acrc
the Atlantic, and after a paioli! exwteiieè'
embittered with the ad reeolWetion of bis
l'ormer elevated poiiioD io public estima
tion, he dencended to the lomb, an example
uf justly punihed vanity, ambitilo and
(To be continue!.)
$ Frascm JWl,Ji Btfttiua J.or,hmU
Luaucr, Fianca Misafc, Fract Tbl, at
Uing eocrd in lk ptttenied rT af Lia.
lTCa al H'mr, Amabla D'im. Freaa
Um, Lajta, Gida tajMeaalc, J -
"rttiiriit to Tilt t n ,
The siean hip tVumti'a, whirh I.ft
LÌvrrpM.I cn tbe 4,, ,nM f ,rfj,ej jjot.
ton on Ihe ICih Jone, m&kir g the paagr,
inciu.Iiog l-r atop- tP M H.i,fx ; j,,,
over twelv daya, th qu tke.t trip yi
The arrotini of the- U ini rem in the Ea.
g!i(.h manufacturing diirit;f at f ib
moni gloomy and hrari-rrudiig nature.
And tl.i diatrrgf U I kely t . incrraae rather
than diir.in a1 ! Ala h .w deplorable i the
itiiaitonof the ovrr-wrotjchi, ovrr.taxrd
and atarving o;ieraiie of that misgov
erned country
The newa from China is lo (he Istof
Aprii. War, heiwren the Engliih and
Chii.cve, is rcneweil, and, al the bayonet'
point, England is determinai to introduca
that tii-adly jwiiann, cpium, lo slultify and
brutalie the people ihere Cantori and
ali the f.rt cn the Rogur eO nule front
ihe ara wrre taken posM-sion of, on Ihe
25ih Feh., by the Briiisli. Many of the
ihe Chine.' fell in ibi atlark, and a yel
Urger nutnbrr bave Iwen slaughterej io
cold blood ! How many more are yet lo
fall a prey lo lite graing evarice of those
frechooters reniains to be seen. And stranga
io say, whiie ihe whole world i condemn-
ing ihe outrsge ai tmjusi and inhuman,
the conimanderof the rxpediiion isfuriou
v asailed by his counirymen, Ar noi doing
more ihan he has done ! He murder too
sparingly and plunders loo daintily to astia
fy bis employera ! Aasuredly Heaven
just ice will not over sleep, and an end wil!
yet come lo the present unhaliowed carrer
of Great Britain.
Danne, the last one whohaJ atlempted
the an!isiìnation ol the money-loving ty.
rant of his country, Loui Philippe, wa
uillotined at Paris on the 3t of My.
He hooKied of hi conduci while under ihe
Cnillotine refuscd lo name his arcomplicc
and proclaimeil the King a traitor to th
Cmisiiimion and to Fiance. Fear were
enlertaiiied of an aticmpied rescue by ihe
people, and the ini.'itary were prcaent in
great numbers His pardon was idrico
olTered him, if he would disrlone hia arcom.
pi ice, bui he declined, aaying, ihat ha
would rarry that secret with him to the
grave." Hi Ut word, whiie the aia
wa descending to bebead him, were
" Vive la France !" Hi body was in
lerred in the etxlosure exclusively appro
priaied for those, who attempi the life of
the King.
The next steam pscket, which has era
this probably reached Boston, will brina;
imporlani newa from England. Tlie de
hateon the corti law, if decided againat
the present ministy, will necessitate a dia-
solution of Parliament, and ale Englaml
mul he in a ferment end exeìtement. The
priviieges of the Britinh arismrraey ara
now being serionsly menaceli, and it is not
impoMÌble but this crisi may be a begli,
ning of a better digesied and more aurcesa
fui attempi at revolution ihsn thal of 1683.
Tut Càptivc Patsmts. The pro-
ceedinga of a public meeting holden at
Newark, Wayne Co., N. Y.,an.I a memo,
rial to Conzrrss in bebalf of the generoua
hearted men who are dragging col a life
uf slavery in Van Diemen' land, bave
been sent uw for publiration bnt too lst
for thia No., they will reerive a promin
ent nolice io our next. fiight glad are
to find one soi thr ughoot ibi elensir
Republic, wl.ere Ihe aordij rovefonsi esiof
the sge bas neilher earrd the l.rart to the
oul-debaaing, bodyen!ving -rvittide rf
our neighbor, countrymen and friend,
nor ruutrf led the tongoe nor press, to eloak
if fK)HÌble, or to estenuate the ripara'!?
r J barbarity with which thrse ecfortunate
meo are treatrd !
V7" Spaee is not left ieontìnf thr
expme eommenced laM week, bt leepeorti
quaker, ibi arpret Ptecl wì!J W aasply
corapentateo acxi wets.

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