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b'i l('Hì:f .
! Crt nalian Ki-ht i aliti rAtiatlimi ImTricil(!cnrr.
t j ?,, . , "."Slll "v ": '
JSO. 5.1
..? -, .
TU i: .1 OIITII; A ìlt ItICÀX : . '"
J. II. RTA.V,'WtW, 6 , ,
, iM3fJ eery H'adararfa, under tha iuperin
wm uf Acilio af Uvutkaio. '
fwr.t Osa aVi!aat4 fifty canta (or 12 maritar,
è!if f ' moath, lifiyai fr Um
,;u, piytb! owt!'jr in advauca., , ?(.
j. l.ciii Vuir, eoa un te Ai ana (or
mi.", te. Ice. mut dJrec4 lo jliio
f,iUW',anJ'-'f. f "- , .' ,
fjy. Tba ("' wrdiig (ire Pf v jSuWrileri,
,'tt toiuM to a inih copy grath. " '
Arf r tiemeni conpicuouly inrted, nd
M P(.tuntbS termi, parltcularhj fot thòta wfao
,Va airauuu iM pr, "V '
diacci la neon.
THt ritti. We "will venture t aay
iurte i not t leadin; newapaper o'1
thrt politicai pirliea that dare diaeoas
mki ihequeathn of human misery,: and
nr meata of aileviatinif it. There are ai
b-rimi in thit city thooaanda of persona
, n nfrniployinent, preaaed by ; want, har
,s.J hy ansiety and exposed to aeini-aiar-uùod;
there are little 'children i;rowine
vi. ia ifirance and dettitotion; there are
.oufis etri vtha are lorcfd to. resort to
,riiinitiitn t esci,) absoluti want; ihere
t e m-u!tfM whm'are irie. helpléils tbfigA
-.. wh fh tJteir5 fiearu"' cling," rsp'wj tJ
i r, vinati of ali " kinds. ' Wrelehednest
. tlff ti iHein formi surround' ót,' waau
iv the Traine ;at)d t.rniinp the
W n tliounand nf o'nrfVIlow crratre.
SmK'ihinj ahould he dunr,' and dorfie ulck
;, rfim'diea lnmld b? soogtit, and muht
r'rtti''nriulyi f'" atiH'criné nnd miscry
i-i rfnlìiirH, mouriiful faets. ' '''
Tlif politicai prew' darea7 noi take'ip
Kfeai and ali impnVtant 'sdWcc: - the
itfriry prfH ha to cater (or public' ahiunr
infoi ind camini take it ap.' So 'tSaf on
t if iiiiiortant questi rt of human tnhpy
iva I mif nce prvaila, nnd no where'ii '
v -t'f raimsl in behalf ol suflrins hutóaftity,
Thi n-al-ct on lhf pàrt hf the ' letificai
prf, it !ir th- liijhVst df Jienrétirnsi
.V, a l ia the m"st fcliameful "and nelfish
rf.aractfmùe nfour oftietira4.' It nas lo
),r-!enil ihat l'oliiici can reniedy existinf
rfi'l, tlìMt a Itfl'ortrt in'ihe iadfr)?hÌ8lratiri
n flTrt-t ali d-8Ìrhble ameliorattoriH. JTbe
j-eitlry inien-Hti nnd peraonaP atnbition
me mèli, whò conriiict the prta. are' so
i' Vcil in with th'sucepsa of jiólitlcal ' par
!", ihat they riust lahor ffr party," not
!-r the wflia're and ìevàiioii of tlie povr,
".e ..i."r-fil and 'the wrflhctl.' It is
Milful tl.at it iò. bui 'ao It iaand ao it
ili rrinàin,1 uritil a defji fi'eiinf for thè
cii ty, which will f-tice po1iticìna l tak?
iy (iufii'h and discuti iC earnestly
n tl.ey iImcum the frunlou p"l!ticat r iei
h;,. li aro inJ lhl ClTit nl'ttir (?.'
We ahàll Viiiti'avor trt poiht out omè
racticauie mean" ai rrmciiynnf me m1"
tlnuht thntwe
iHall meet with the hppogìtfoii of" a" large
frtion ol the Freiis: tnat aiuse anit
acrùsation, ih ai the ep'iihets r himrrical &.
:!t he j.lentiluliy lieaoed upon
u; hut ali th'at li of no moment, if we
fin lini ' a ti (! in reachiilrtheheirn of
tìie ma. The press can never àccoa n
ie dark, undertiahle reproach, wliich rise
i ajaiu. ì, ahd "ihat U that, artrrauhded
hy p.verty and nt'sery nuer ali tneir vn;
i f.wmi .'inj Aif the woea and auffrì
iaiì' of llie ttiaàs.Mt sveak not of ft, ask?
- . i'ìl 'A - i..."'...' l.-i ll ti n'n' innr
uH II mere I icwni, "tru t nv. ...-.
and hatural
fct in he order of thìnà, and "paa-see' on
in sileni inJiffcréùcVL'If thinea were aeen
rWhi li?hf. thì VouU appear
isrrihle accuatiin, and if thev are not, if
rb!ic seoliment i benumbeo ny tne twu
im.Kr.Um òf nàracieiies.' ìt fj noi
theWa terriWè accu.ation. The Press
iii.i tti..l lw nrtv Interest and tiuMic
rfejiijlfe, aod beìn ao,' it canfiot serve
the nobleraoieof the aorial elevatimi
tie Race, bui must naciifice the ereat mia
inn whifh ìt ahouM 'fulfìl,' 'lo sóbìecla of
niìnor and epliemeràl interest r- ' '"'j
We sejectra the bove fóatbe future.
a ptr VjI'hìIiU wekly Ut Nw .Voik,
mj devoted fìhe'aoriaf intervtaof the
' I ni"rac. tu rthjvVt ,ìi . r J
'àdiec clààaet op to jhr pVpKl''i"'"
R ex-ir tv ani ui,cv llay ofr.from
'eteleÌie4 aJ want, by pladar before
thew tiie projiet fncèntirèa tu indàjtry.' '
The oJe ór lev-4 IIf . ' '
vUiy nf. ntnenJation. tui , althoori
ir p per UexduaiveJy devoiedio - Caoa
affair,' yet as we fed an -.intemt in
lkt welfare oft the who'e human' family,
Vr'BOt i!juiice eìlKef A io f; Pwo
Vant,0r to lhe a'tkrpJc tire
Hthe Editor bf the Fiauré';- mHhool
fidine Wm Gpa eed in h;i neWe onder
ukmf.r. We bar fffftU tbat fr.
Aniline, hai ny Veaantl 'W wjfrrherd
case; I Nq indlvidaat. ; tóiwetrrltb w
noble ìm moiif ra may be jtaa (ak the
broad round JKo wjiifb hejJJTuMrf,. j
f p? f1!5?" fkTiWithj moreor jlc
PppaitiaA even . fròm rofessed)) lilraj
Journal. 'Such it xhé tenaéity wUh'VfiIcS
tmn WÌAs in nM ' WotwnV -oÌ 'doetririè,
rM fcabita àrul oM'tfualònw, 'Ihat th. broacli
nhy ne4 thfbry. hoWffvet oorret or just,
BuVjejct U author lo,fop6oa4tirn, t iaoult,
ancTpersetiitjon, from theignirant, uper-l
aiuiou ano oijoieu. ,
-n5 ..: , ' :''.' "r-.-i ?
. Enoun't Sj,TtRT.Seldn.Ti do we pe
ry,e; a if ol fe,nB:ish newapapers witri-
nnt hrtvinir our svmnathiea exciied by
thfir-narratinna reapectinv tae tttject mia-
of the, oierativc
danne: " ' 4 '
Il i not bere and tliere one individuai
or fatnily, who, by improvidenre or mis
forttine.avé been fast down, boC whole
t rade and districi familtaried tò Uistreaa
bv the naturai o per atteri of the ;systema
by which they are. eoverned. 'It iia saJ
picture to Contemplate om that"raiséa
the heart of tfie phiìanthropis to 'oche as
he révìetv ìt, a ifwaa' unaìlérably Rxed.1
It 18 an undeciifid location ' whether there
is iu anv ciritl'eir nation upoh the face of
.i ' ' ':. i i. ; i i: i i.'....
me enrin, a more compieie nini u.M-uyav
irn of abjVct ar 'h'an'tbat f t'mVnsr ih
thi manufactnriftf distrfetà of 'Enifland.
V'.ete afe leature orli trini are minueiy
worse than artv which' r'enllr chàrnrteriJìes
the Venerai avutem of AlVcan alaveryfn
the United,' State. In many casei they
work b arder ruore hon rsì arnHbr'a nìore
acantv nuance, tJian n'.any a nunorrij
!avc in the "South anduyel. perhàps in
their journal bere appenrs a liberal pfo-fu-sin
of vrilien xympathy for tho woes
of the oppreaaed of the human fattili in
whatever dime, concludine , witjh a tirade
of abuce npon the ciiizens and jn8tilu,ti,'ti
of th'acounirv, loVhom the most pprp;
hrióim epilìuM are pro'usHy npp.icd, tfe-
cue oi ihe perviuioe winni
(herh. Snab exhihiii. iis , rnnt afic hypoc
fin are qmte iWmni'o'ri, a every pertier
iVf'TìrìlUb JonrnhU tnùst bave obrVed.
n Tl,u éiùdo'iihi!anthr''tista oi iriioin
ivho havi neh an amne
fiold at home
forche cserrisef!Sbéiréievh!cncf-f
are not conte nteT,with , ni f rei; speanm?
ifuoiigh their journal of oor . initiiuons,
and exhaiistìn? h4rvncbfi8,i,nri f'baMry
onon th citi7ens of our 'Siate some ol
whnm.tliev.besitBte jiot to attnck pe
.. ' . . ' ' ' . ' : ... nn.l fhlin Vidi
uy-ont wtreevr.v ,,. -.. - ,
-,' hv aonu icnesade .ansi o, (lelyfinU'U
wùh, otliot.Uv ' frotiì f-n?regation , of
pinatVi; .or a chi or ().e-r,,old gentlemen
pisi lAtineinne mio inni u'i!'-.
ain themselve called by Heaven (A
rrforro Hit-, worKI. vhonrowU 'lopc
oiir no(Aen' èillti à , fit can fidate Tor'thè
l-enitentiarv aiir'rinar np a pìnt of mr-en-.
diamm, and prearhipe on a ubject;
which he knows it a mudi aboliti in
pnini of fartj na hexloeaof tbe civij instili
tion of ihe mont distant babilable planetof
the aoalr Mem. Tbia'MeWd foilow of ,lhe
basef frt-rerhap the inma'e of a work
house hHore he, wasi-ent tot utvj n ao
errand amere-?rend8 a f.?w.ionth in
retailine Hie-viilifyin? eitizena-aowiog
the needs of. dialovally and hvioe m
rather nvire - eeaieeN iat of pauperism
thnt he was ued lo ai homesmake, sudjfeo
etit, io vie? ftheatorm of.tat ald fealh
r ihat ia ajatberin?fTOHDd,bimt aod we
re left unjisturbed until another nierce
nàrv cmb -ia Ji-patrhed oof a a.milaf er
land. Thf no fiction, bui the word of
aoberneaa ao-l truth based upon facta a
ready ira ntpired.i ;t 4 ' '
"VVr d not Tefer rto theeraets mat
terà calculated to produce rpr.se, bnt
merelv to.bow. the rosa .2
inconsistenev ofthat pe" no
net that there iaany occaaion for r?rf
When we rertwmlwr , the exfeebnely feal
mneve with which onr'inatifutiona af
their pwpeTity are riewed , hir the ininion,
nf dei-aotk! to'frnmeni,1 and tbe exuliaiK
. ì a 1 . .MAH I ìiant
which onrrom wooki prouuc
Il i Iheir api-rial air to. a4w, il sh.W
iMenairm in oi midat. tr crple orpro-
peritr.ana tnerear rwi ..v.,.- -, r
free aad enlblene! t twfrtmen ana p
Htionve or;ttemen. in r.ew of .th.aj
r '. i .ik.r..i imi nwiniipr:; nr
ik.f ,.nLchie : paeoea. l
Enztish alaverv beMÓe. that ofiierwn n
mediaie kinadom eoou?h of iimK 1 tfm
lntbeafmiìath éod rxef totiv of ever
hi!nthrop;b wirn - :Iak-i--t
ermditimt of iralasd; now 4mafallf ttfo?
elmr tfTeeai iUìJobj lt riehu , 4t
Inaiar ad ita miliinr f aUvea e up f
rheconiditr nf-Knel-an ajerui.-., ...
htf Enela fiMiiri, ,.ip.ìj-
the- BiWe, nd other, ,he r pa"'
deocWevrii n,let 4hr w-tbchi
ataone anpretticeahip- avaiwn. aad Um
..rifaheha any romr pot at oof
inatitationa, or aay prrtkai of or T!;
t,.Mii. - " ; " i--a '
,V a aver tbat s tbet t 4a Ween
,, :. i." . iv fcv; 1
al any ,Lm aioce u.riformiwa ,j ourl
uoveiotiìepi, any tl-iiig l,k a muchdjatreiia
aod aufferaj aoMDfl; a a.nign. Wck or
whju: ai ll.er bis , beeo ji.xiaUy Tori
", v -t jv" w'W'U ,aipo,iasc
we vr r, ,n pariScular (oXpf lapj-,"il
i0?'1 .lKHM1U gHtn, ndvourh.
H for by jhcir,owa ta?ippcr; Tlie
vary idea thar priy acclini urFc,uritry
wa io bc Uij eoene of ao mucb kteq Ji,
tre, would cause p abwdIec la rv'o tbrougb
thefonjniunity, a,nd (be la-arti òf
one io. nirlt with u'itv. Si mur.b Ut tl.i
i'.'lft -$,9 wlieh usiw'na aiaoe nf
tilled nobVa, wit!tfbe paeceov fv
rapliernàfr of royaltv, by grlnding the
r of die poor. , , ? . . , . f . , Yf.
? ' P H Y S I C A L p E G R N E fi X C Yl
We èopv an anitlMn tlih rtmber òn
thhi auhjm Imm the Ne Siglami iFar-'j
mer. It is a sut.jecl s wbih webaveofien
hroucJit lorvvarj, and o,ne , vhirb riea in
ini()ortanctf the moe rctlect. Uiun it,
V. , rannpt.-ifttuisf the faci ihat , .he
great hjilk pf iJie yomer pari of f the cqiq
ìounity areary far fretti .faring aaaihWtìc,
haTdy,fiil roUua, a .wetrih older pi ri.
wjn-Byiiuoe. 5 , e, ,fee5 it, every tyne we
look rouuil.uv(n s a . jyòup,. of y oudr per
Il appeara ÌD,ivfy amijly, and l
peeka a Joud aod ,,warD?r-2 vojce every
iwne weforruiare i,Ql .jU'niuiate.nnil sicKiv
liiu of Uie dclicaH", 11 x cJieekpd and lilv
Ltineerca ypu,'Ji, tjrt liaruy aniJ airoijg
sinewy lorni oi tnat, gcppraiion who ,n'e
passine away from 'ta'lìtì'e old hjfes friat
bave tyitlist'Kd. tho wiods and pie ".(mit
tifi lonìt We tìme artiere' "bonviif-r lof the
e(Vt,''ì'ol(jn'ie roihéf lbar(o anykf w'
, H'e, ttiiuk thai ibis, thouih !.frvahiè
in bòth urté,'!' Woreart'f amVnjf' hè 'fé
njale1 ijianr.antnn! )br-mabta.r 'Aiera;r
urini bi;hpr tltaj. il, jj, disgrjifejyt ì work
arni tliat a vooni ldv' èl'-fateii ' Xci ihe
nenie illr,ererahilliy iUd dlfftiliyb fw-òJ
mrii1n. J he .ignora nceif do6nlic(duii(
arili er n'afi-et of labór,, hia fed 'Wttit,
Àmort;T the faVmr,, danMitér1 y'o 'ill
ftiJmfìbiM: o thef t tvafrrp barij
lahor n,t honje nrj( n e orrrajipnilin!? Iif re'
ht haltfii(riri; ffìfrrh!'l!f n1 Ibi' little' vi
lairef ol Wifl rer(4ive li-te ;of it,: andti
nredomiaaTife, rrff efreroinacy; io, the larpe
viHnfeB we aee mpe of ft.' and in tti rities
vwn wlll'fìnd 4 widVn'r wi.ld'tliffrend
fy lVrfì Jb;f 'raj, bape, C(yrr, Uepljb,
jtrenih, ond"nlvy8icof powerat of the pirì;
fifWrknow 'that (bere ti a falpermilde
mpij-7 rxppm" ipdlvidanla of? t tbe c m)7i-
Uhroiin mU i t.f aloe hersell theMhre
nittf wnirn nromi'ta io tnis woiru irmi
iììii', ""-".... .... . , ..,...
Nrnlv, Ine m-irr leueate nr can mafe ijrr,-
plf aopeir, aid the more k!-. ran"te,i
if eeri nV the, exper' of hfii!th anS
bvn'teJ nnvTijwhifh Go.l ha eiven ber.
Wrjnjree ..wiiH. the fditor of l?e-r(.K,
r.rrni.r1 in ' 't he ' ' efYtiment. lhaf a'tei
khrtttld rh rfoWrt'itof the- arnv- imrnTÌnfli
r.hildlei.o!itary nd- filoTe'' They ,m.y
trt't.heir head and" (jur heìr-lip with hR
WnpIi'rtntiV 'thev plèaw-; the law bf na
ture wjlt he iafrlntrd-riih mpitt.v.
and hrtW'vrr delicMe mny bo the auhiect.
'trlithVill 'iSrtt'dinErei'itna the irpiìi'ff,
ihat pftnr, and feeNe parniaq-rmi noe
otbf r tban punv ,orTprin?a,r Thalt Csr"JCJ
Woùld ile ealleil a Tool inefeed, ' Aho enlffl
r,fiffhi 'tòAreat ind .bKèhned tanrj nripe
Ke,l tr plant fijainjand vJth peakst
and nifot'jeehla or thè lot to óronaffnte
(t the" f, lreV -im Vet Wi WWwHr
frror which Uhlipdlyj pflff1 itjte'V
tinóanceof the human cecie. ; We ay
Klmrtlv. lor it mnt he owìf? to i bbéd m-
iiuprtMi rai tonni nei npiflu'iuw
ra4ie, baa to .fpP, "Pf
-' lèi i inbieet wbleK-hrtaililea5ap'tlw
IjtentioD o?eryphyina;rrit.-.
wehec"me nation of .invalili? or hall
fwè rise nWe thenfé frfrlenal eem
lv and o?eHIborv f"in"tr'V.0"
;,Hef ;ner bn( comfortae cloth.i-reforrti
rt a t Noopie tnmetrwrwr
rtbrrs.wera?,Thev , fffw P,at ashamed'of
'afvv Thév'wére .net to 'proptf 'to Té
(4eaiirtp;eoareiV.-ii:fitb aliai Ifond,
irnd tbejert .rewM witt...helU aod
; ,ii,jii rjowi-ai v
tnrf t j
!iii?n.TberrerJ loret
J Votfe fnnicaTlvAf -'brf
piovemn H
h'.j.i.t.iiii.'w.u! rnTi
foi ihiR ftiae:ri''ese' tlod.tThe'feni.
neianrv eil'ipA WTr. fà'"
LJ- fi!, mrrmirae,rf He aee. T7if
ZZ$nt fWirexJrHfnerrdìr1 tbeii Wr f
nri!ebvTH:,r inapaif ajing.9f,
. - . .a
w ' notjonfl- rtmii", 'n JVr
fetìllnrivVinr.V or BMtaln! . Vhh' raff.er
Matriew forarmfar"raldft5lt1 OlCorniell
od nv'l r,e elusi- a mnn, - "V"
iab.'i4'tb:eanntiT:!rrwrt witt bcawritUa
hi U.eP3iBAIrb Kreorrv.ru, t,
!f. f- J tjfiier Eve.ffitt,-
l .! !' ..Il I ' V . ' "' '"li
.Th .Montreal IleraT.L Cierv
4 -Vlh"t fl!a'4KTS.' ìxl aifid
ifr; rapiaeaav bn aeqaefea hy Il e
; Tbè miifderr;'' who brathea hi krìfe
jti the heart uf ihe ncrr.iiVo aleeper- '
thè incendiafy who'kindlea the ffaVewp
ri fìiè tìrjfttVrdejl dweilitlf rhe thtef wlw
protri àt nndnVlif-r the avowed ifhber,
rhf rib anrtY'fer fen io the fae
epeh dày-iwe détest,' inJ boni rlowa a
fouJAp'edator ni fociety. tJat lbee ire
nòti! orify je'fvna whV Ir.fliet deep aiul
laisiing: tvnùnda uimn their feUowscit'ren.
Ije WM Tìit aooui ntin me irmim iace u
livoocfìY, ind the Imooth totip ce of de
tA,n iifiim'V'fy u ntier the apecion re
I . . t . il
boondn of honoraWe aurrty wfiu ttampfc a
uiion the vowsof plighteii Jaiih, who a a
iii6'iaac4 waya, by atubiauotta ,"A"fd, a
werl turned auggcsiion, a meaningv Jou,
delude andiuiutc, and prrhaps juin an-
ilifr-Àr ìs a Drtttjii2 depredater . uiaèt
Ine gar oi pesce ana ruiior, amarkcu ne-1
ber, wb take dvaniage òf' a aarred jrq-'
cip! to injure and kstroy whi, to a grea-
tr or ,!. esrent.hiejiii.e .ti'Kt)unir,npa
death iipoy faith, hvyrr and j ihal bad
sprune p CKcC'iitigiy. ujiiIih tbedlght an
carnuti gì jne, acotjai. compari., e
ar'ueJ o I prerrd t'r ,the as"jn, ili
eye of our p ilitce'i ujon ihe, .iivren.lja.ry
au.l robber: lut,; gliene ..aie, nnrpecH ai-,
dreMUfi. " Ori pr rhap, tl'rjf WC re;J,J'
ti anJ clii'fuineii oy.uu giarny, ami .nyw,
Ijke Jlve tbard, viper, they .bijve tome
aud,aiuag ua!.Vp bave iliscpvered too. late
tiiai tliy are póssmad o('rio4iiili'griiy, i
. ! " " " ' ' 1 " : ' "' 'i r-, ,tf,
' .' Fraa tfiN. ArRtriaW.H !:-- v'
Wherf we atrtil oof Bjlifiaes" back'
throusrh a fon?1ine f en'urK-"," eitrlaimi
ed'thiafcerìefofuyotith 'ench f thehiaweV
Rn? the mi'tbtV hi-; of "Irefan lti wroiir
dur ifreliidrce reb-Dt Oul" ayittpliies are
nVakehed lr the" unhavi'i belnji Wlfwe
wrf'c-beilnsjicPt ani r"eklfHbeaor!ìe ha tv
àt first lieefj atrmiuiKive. ve lanertncne
ìófe tliàn tn'i'ct the ève brhenifr"1iiert
rónrth exterfar.' If we taVé the friefrtlW
èxile ine hànd, "no trgtj1 acorfjfeU
otVr Jlftlee, rio hll.-i mtirnin àfrifce upon
theeà;;'0t afrtitltf of confienre hj;htlii
(he atoer h'af SM' face. Ile tèli w'
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fftiwer aurin'r-hp orrt I heap of umouider'
tris V'ilns, Misi-tv 'aeetti ot.ly' à "nórsery
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refinedl WoiWwófjfVthe sin ti' b' 1 tt
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Let heVbtiVéome'. to ine "Trom Ihe Em-
erald ffem trYe df-if which5 for avre bi.O.h.
ficórèir fC ani t place it' epatkling in the
unligb'f;'b-fl.erw'ke1ieBirriW lyfe mai
tr4ni!ed to the lócfi of Emmett, Curraa
'.A r.tìtn Bfnt'irfhe lifrlit'of the'1 pattT-
wnV'ahnrl'' he aeenEdftcatioTir'fo- IWeak
the'fetTcfa Wf the'sTdhibeHnjr mv., knd cali
out ?tj'hid.deh tlorrt!: And will ot-the
benrf orAmeHca beat with thheairof
Irtland. a ahe baila the '"newdawrlnf
Hint.?'Te,'1M IMa'ndj 'Ameficar ye hhfi
tbee. "Sfiow'ns', thert, in Ihy netr cnteer
ihine nwh riatire chatécter, purged(Vom
thero4"with -"'which the lonf nigi ol
rppTrsiori'tn darkened 'tfs In ihe . noble
eeneisìtof fhyamf, 'ptit to ahame our
hartow, elfish, worklTr maim. Show u
a rà:éóf rhóle-heartf men."" V ' '
',fiÌti!a,1iJnrAÌt RctìVroJf i. Thè Globe
c'alf ; ifentron tt'lbi' jubWt, one of
Birt the faélè tr wMcb It alluce iu
tnefi't and4 $opV. I ,.. , ... - .' , é
, "Wìio bnt remeuvlT the rTnòsT atrocit e
pèrpelfte4 V Ih indiana- ufle tbe tao
eiio'4 of the.Bfith hrrn tfe tat War cn
f.rTioV.sV. K vjrw bf tKe ,rvlWìii b(
another fcytdlrt; wb'ie theae' red detr-oa
are? Atfl.poih il t' beeo tfce poHcV r. th-
UniteM Sjftea toreaS Aip Ue, powenui
eoo Tenie rtvcv trajned twnl e in that War,
aild ld replpve ifièm from their proxirT'ily
tó!V,fcaoJa,Vti weli knownfial
it.4. r.?:l!i. ff'Svernfifentl "hn taken on.
lwea'rièJ,'pajas ? rl', tbeU Tnetidatap,
laml lhat they bave noi ip taci ct:r?ed
Tbe tnbe that bave heen temoved rio!
our AAivh aad noth-weern" frontiera, ara
tenceof t air deahntf, wild dfrec'o ''"'"T ' ' ìr" " ' 'r,t w ",r""a
faramouni iiiihuiuc n iiitini,"'"
(gtvea of cnurvr'à party hearing tftJt
maJks wìvb whisV we' hive noihine t;
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Kirkapoo) tli.r V. il VmSmiu
if OfcK), fui r W wlx'iiu bt fu!! rtit.
if rantnf ti C'WiaJa, and lite wt ol rlia
icl wefi-er ibr txiwr rrait t vf tha
American Governmt t.l, ì
t'uniririunon he krv rntantfy
kepi up brtwrf ii ilnJ ailii d t.aaifa i.lllu
unti ntlier naiiop. nJ tt Inr.g tieea
t.oiori tu lini ihry ttave ben eNirtrd aod
caieiwsrt bv liiilmti rinwcafìea, T Ibi
re Mentiti ih tu o in ry ol tt Gteal l-akt,
nr thi OiàIw, the fart ia weli ktxnvn.
ih'riijWi !. lite iirib GoernmTi
, !.. . -l . .,
uni ie4 tnrntii-v )w Cnpewaii ani 0ia
wi, rrsidistr in the nonhern pari of the
ieninrjia ol Mìchffaattn irno withia
the Canadwn tefri'oiy. For . ibi porpora
an raiabiihmeot lira bren fisea) n ha
Mn-noa-4n)e .laland of ' Lak Horoni
v bere the' Indiana et yrady nptlied wild
lreenti, .Thee arrota bave alao naeavi
i, d iithrin vr thi numerou baìt arreda
of the Lake !u(iefiiir .imairy, imI ih
Chipewa of ìhatt tef io.' Aa jrrttbey
bave tailrnl, htt ti i iinpoiblt to teli UW
lonif er nliii wil reaiat. tenpi(iiiB,
Hoc K a aiaitf nf thinsitrmarffi the aioat
vijilaat and pe.enTM f rare oó tbipart
ofir foerntneut, !Va bava -never yel
aonnibii the Kar trstrrif er, believint aa wa
ai iU l that ihe madoexa of a blrwNiy eon
fliet betweer ibi,VotryaiMt EngianJ
witi be'aoid'l. Stili il rutta 1 adii.uted
that tbaclouda Itiwrf ilaikly at - preaent,
and war nny beilw ro!i. i N neiaa
tinnary roeaiifa ihonbi hemnittrd in vìear
ol the-poMiWihir f uclr aa eveni Aod
nini eart doubMbat. the 4irt . rflort of
tbe Ijffab'CnerawntiiwovM tr ta brinf
ajai'i tlieaeiomahankaaad avaijhg kaivrt
non Hi v '' " ' ''H s
It ia not ou huslneai iti join wiil.iha
G ohe in ilt iiouncini: ihe Ai!mini'iiaùn
tr Ita rti!in.gefTii Bt nf aa India elution .
Wevantioi kuppMviat that iiliey Kaira
torto wr.at wonkl b for - the- bonoi aod
ai fair f their rounirt'. i Birtkeow iba
tncaae w a war th UrttMi plaer ie,if
shiel reliarve.e tion the Indiana and De
krìe;? eaniiot too'atr itiffirifirea m
the ipwernmertf the iunKtriance of kteptjrg
aleepliit nd waf litui eyv upon ailraove
menta in reparu lo thetn. f
n t'-jiT. Sun.
i i m - .1 ni i i np, i il l i ii
si; 1841. r
; w a v a t. t . t it . v," f
T ,
' We wouìd 'ihat ever Journal In tha
lniop,' wn)il epVat wi'tyieim tio fé tè
imafidrrtool, ibeir !erp indieoalion ai
theewardly, erioin(rf .ttucklinf poliey
hf'1thf''"Cliiwnment1il tmrardi 'Enfiami,
ì tti under tbe paat, and preaent adniinil
tration.. We, roademned, the, pontina w
Mr, Van Horeoin regard 4o,4ia paaalvf
MihmmMo'n to firirish 1nùltl and depwdar
l'uìn. bla course "wa ifiahonprafiV to
biomeU aid Jeirradinf (lo bj , jcoiiOtry.r
Bat br h'm base lurrender of tha honor U
rlifnity or liti eoirtitry, hi rounirymea
bave aVirled hlm a' aìsnaf ''rtereat."'' "Wa
bave rip party feejiajM to jrjtiljrrnorhava
weany poi ri ic al ioieret al aftke in tha
rtnmestk! or lnterrWl'ptlyrf ihia Gotern
menilbut imTi'ectty, we hare a iait InteN
eul iumaifly,.conBf?ted whj-ita forria
relation! iih Eoa land, raor pariicolarly
irtthe affair f Me'r.edd" aid the Caro'ira.
Oq thfi iibct )étT we'ih'alf fearfetr
exp.-raa out. view U"i llieoi f uh where fbe
may. Aa.l whether ihey enofe it.
Tarr' Buren foV itfuetlnj Mr. Steffnaoa
oòt tJ0(J, presa tbe èparafton Jor ih
baroinj U tb Citolirte, Mr ,TW
Webater and Co. far aendoe the AUnt
ney (lefieratto veone òf 'the peir pinta.
ìcr ih' starli' and dìmtiaV deed Trem
; v.;.t '. w-' .i,?--'i
mfxtud Dabiftcnfc Mva
, Wby ha a noi- Mr. Criifrmka !eeo arQf
Botata iat of kwraod uaiice, ,fifEjl
èfi'ive- ha a mach rlgtif ta ioterfera ia
iù Pnc eae aa li
,V'ÌbiDa"lhe fv!,twi02 'reniarta frora
ihe 'Old ,1) omini tn cablata , quii ti
maeh "trtt"aa jietrv., e'é;,
From the tìrat oSìeef In the- Cabir it
WaaWr-fon diiwn io thè lrneWtrai a .a
netv eotrrt, we aee ihe rnof craveà, ahjecl
eowar My aabserv Jerry t ti r aiiaerTÌr
ìnà'.Vcre óf Créit Pniala. ;' Il 8 araa ant
ahame fo!fv frrtrifeirted4 arer aaiai
travm cf Mr. Tn BelHa1 aasaliv
-i , "s ' U è i ì i ,' I
nf baate lo Mire in wrcat frasi
rb'e fijdiftilnrfiòrpf'of flICStHe, -lb
n-rpeuaipf a of , Ue Lf iii trfed,f
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