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IV. O lì T II A M 12 K 1 t A
y . 1 - - .. .
(COUCtCDtD.) f
The alieutica of oar red-rr i nw di
lecied lo the roovemente of ih-1 -et rima ai
apiervilte. So-a alter the departure of
t Col. Cagoon and hi lu!c band w 6'"
CtU tltmy Narbonne o,'$i. Eduuard and
Maj. IeJafd Hrberl ingnher with Cpt.
Daga, 'i'vi,,,, i,b l'r
twdy of wn wei armed n1 epipl. T,,v
Woiijjht with tbem eonideyhle quai.iity
f proviamo and Irw prinrrs
ihry hai takeo. Boi many of the meo
ho ctme from ihe Norih and Wesl, be
c.n.c diatified and returncd lo their
oracs, while lhoe in Np'urvi!le were di
l.esrlened by ihefailure ol the people "'
Laprairieend Chalraugay, lo do wl.it
Ibry had faiihfully prumised. The di
aiifaction eoon beconie general and evi
deul igni of discontent ere npenly mani
frsted. The camp t N'ieivilte aooo
4w.ndled down, from 1200 t 510. many
ci tvhotu were unarineJ. Iti" o bJf re
frellrd that the Canadian alhwed them
. aelvee lo be a easily d,courged: a people
thal embark in surh a hazardoue cause aa
ia that of reheH'on against a powerful and
well organimi govemment, ought to ex
peci that defrai and disgiace mighi at first
be iheir detiny, and that, perverrà nce
Ione wooll ensure iheir tiiumph. The
Americana Ioni mosl of the baitle between
lUtu and the Mother country in theif
atraggle for freedom in the commencement
Ihry were not diheartened bui profited
bythe e perisce aflordt-d by radi nw
engagement and viciory al last perched
pun the aiandard or liberty. Had the
Canadiana continued the atruggle and an.
noycd their oppiessors by every means in
their power, we doubt not they would
have aucceeded. We regret that it waa .ut
ao: had thoae who crod the Provincial
Ime and prolfered tbeir aervirea in brhall
oflheir oppresafd eounuymen, faitliTully
performed what they plfdged ihemselvea
to do, we believe that the Canadas would
now be free ami independenl. Bui ala!
rery few indeed, know bow ehamefully
thoe, who consented lo ulte the !ead in
thal imortantexedition, were ilereived,
nd were we permitted to unveil the true
pictureofthe whole aflair, our readm
would shudder at the recital of so many
aolemn pledgea broken-ao much rascality
pract!ed by meri in whoni we hod been
tauffht to tlace unlinited confiJencr.
I.et ua now return lo the main body of
the Canadian anny under the Comman.Ier
in chiefwhich we lell at Napierville.
Ilaving heard "many flying reporia abotit
the baule of the 7ih, it wm decided to
leaye a amali guard at Napierville to
keep the priaonera, evhile the whole force
waa to move South upon the loyaliata fi
Odelltown and Hentiogaford who haJ uni
ted and fought against the patriota at the
line.. Accordingly on the ih, they began
io move in aolid columna towatda Lacole
where they arrived on tha afternoon of the
urne day. From tbia place, ihe commancl
crin chief, Dr. Robert Nelson, accom
panied by one of hia oSicers, wenl to ex
amine an oui-posl and lo ascertain the k)-
ailmn of the enemy. When ihey arrived
f the pot, which waa but a few milf
diatant from the main army, by the
rderofeapt. Hefferntn, an Iribh
tnan, they were aei.ed aa prisonera of war,
ihe vile traitor Hefferòan declaring that
Dr. Nelson, ahould be immediately almi or
delivered up io the Bri'.iah, tellina hi men
that Dr Nelson waa a traitor to hi
country and waa then fleeing to the Uni
ted Statea. A cocked pistol was put'to
the Doctor'a breaat by thia villian who
threatened bim wilh inatant death if be
attempted to apeak nd thereby prefenteil
to eiplaoalion between bU men and the
priaoncra for Heflernan e!l knew that if
Dr. Nehon waa allowed to apeak, Ina men
wonld dieover hia foul plot. A rneaaen-
ger waa deapatched lo inforni the toriea of
Nelaon arrest. Io thta penloua aituation
Dirine rro?idence ìnterpoed for hia rea
eae. The tneaaenger had been deapatched
mamt lime ibe British were exnected
ery moment, when Dr. Nelwa ven
tored lo apeak lo hit guarda in remon
atrariet acainat ibeir hirih and niustifia
V treatment, telline them the true aitoa
tioa of the patriot affai ra, that the maio
WvU of the Canadian arai? waa onlj a
few nile Soma Eaat of tbera and that be
veuld willisfly be ahot if thy would oaly
aeropany him to lirad Quileia pr-ided
ihry fthvuld not fio ' Jlhing aa he repre
tmwd. Thi rrmnttrarfe had iu ile
irrd rffW-l, and ine" Canadiant iletennine!
lo know who wm ihr lpoior. Dicli
Nrln ar.d il e Imi rflicri w!io Tad
bikiiod wilh bim, were j.ul imo rari and
a tnni guatd pince.! ovrr Ihem ai d in
pile tf the njtjioitiirt r ihe trcai fn-rou
lleflerin, ilteieami eiarird l'or Lacole.
They hs I nU bowrver pnrreJfl far ìxt
f.xe they were mei b Capiain Trvileou (
ihe patriot firrnv who hfal he-n i-t (.aicheii
in warrh of Ur. N, by Brigadier Gtn.
'f iiì.ifiilMr.g who l ati beronu afanm-il fot
hi aafeiy. The aivne w now hsnjjeii.
Thear true patriot were immediati-ly .un.
tiuul lui papi. JMIernan ami 8feral ot.
er f the niot niiniti 'us cliatactt', look
their place. Theat priwjter were lakfii
lo the patriot camp, where inateail or in
Hlciini; upon the vile wretch who bad ar
reated, and even plottrd lie death of the
leader, that punifhment whicli he so rich
ly merited, he waa allowed to ecape.
Thiar ulpable neglert to punìsh lhin vile
traitor evinced eillier a wan of fiJelity lo
the representaiivr head rf their riirir
gorrrnniriit, ur nn ntler ignornnceof mili.
lary discipline. Tlie consequeuae of thi
management was, the peraon of the coni
mander in chief waa oolnnger aafe among
men that would allow iueh an nffence to
eo unpunibhed. Dr. Nelson waa perf'ecily
j alifiahle therelore in doing as he did at
the baule of OJelltown. It Ì8 not the
duty nf a commanding General to lead hin
men into action when he could not rely
upon the peraona! atlachment of hin men
euch waa the'case of Dr. Nelmtn. He had
been earneaily aoliciled to take the lead.
after Mr. Papineau had openly ahamloned
the patriot cause. Alter much, heeitation
he at length yielded to the wishea of hi
counirymen; he had peri ted bis life in the
cause ol hia country, yet the vile wretch
whotiail oueht hi life, waa permitted to
eicape wilh impunity.
The nex day after this shameful occur
rence, the patriota were ordered to move
on toward the Souih. The loyalista had
posu-d themselvea at the Odelliown stone
Chapel. When the patriota approached
the Chape!, the loyoliita pened upon them
a volley ol rape-shot from the aame gnn
which they look from the patriota the day
previoue at the Line, the patriota however
presaed forward and by a dose and well
directed firc of mosketry (for they hnd no
cannon) soon forced the loyalistn to ake
refuge wiihin the strong walla of the chap
el. Al thia decisive juncture had the ad
vice of the commander in chief been heed
ed, we have no doubts but that they would
bave been victorioes. Aa the toriea had
taken nheller in the chapel, Dr. Nelaon
proposed lo drive the toriea out by aetting
fire to loa.ls of bay and traw and puahing
thrm agBinst it lo set iton fire. But thi
wise & salutary counel was disregarded
and the commander in chief aaw with deep
regrei that hia vriee waa unheeded he
thought it was hi duty lo put himself be
yml the reach of fiirther machinaiions.
When therelore be could be of no fnrlher
benefit by remaining, he left for the Sta
t8 where we are happy io aay he aafely
. After thia nignal defea of ihe patriots
who were driven from the fie'd, instead ot
retreating aerosa the line aa they ought to
have done, they retrea'.ed back into the
country and were thus eotuple'ely hem-
med in on one side bv the lovalut of the
frontier, ami on the other by ihe troopa a'.
Isl ax Natix and those seni frra Mon
treal by Sir. John Colbiorne, lo put down
ihe rebellion. Thoe jtatrii.ia, who nn
forlunately retreated back lo Napierville,
oon found then.selvea in a s criticai aitua
tion. When the bloody old conqueror nf
St Euetache approached Napierville, their
was no other alternative for the pairiota,
but to rctreat to the United Siate. How
ever they were prevenled from eo doing bv
the loyalista ofOdclltown and lleniingMoril,
together wilh the troops of la'e aux Naux
and those which the infamoua Captain
Sherman of the American Sieamboat, Bur
lington, voluotarily landed at HoyleV
wharf aouth of Iale aux Naux ao aa to
completely aurround the patriota; Their
cext resourre waa to make their escane
throogh the woods lo the Provincia! line
aoJ io tbia ailempt many of the worthieai
nalriota, were takea by the bloodhoond
volonteer who were poated oa tbe lìnea to
orevent their eaeape. Among thoae who
avare thua takea, waa la gatlaat and baro-
ic Hitidn.lang, the magnaiiiinòii aud no
ble l.eaited De LoriiiJirr and the laanented
Dicoirft.e, wlm a'I prriahedon ihe warlold
Captato T. II. 31uim and hia nul le w.n
Aditile whoiu nsakitii their ay lo the
Siale Te!! into the band.ol the firnJihh
lorica and are now Iliirian alavea in Vau
Dir in a n'a la t.d.
We kliall uot dwrll long upon the poni
poun iinliiaiv diAplav iiì. li Sir John Col
Oorne al il. e heb.i ol Ili inany iliouhund ol
uiiciji.ini'd udii irr, ruaue u lus inarctt
iMiu Monneiil to Napierville, hudireii to
ay that tle "iiii goaiy loaiJrd coniinatider
hbl noi lor,joliei. ttu- at'i-iit-a f Si KiMache
and tlie piielict o tAcadia, Si. Cviien
and St, 'it-iiiii e tblh'it'J rally Moni i tir
uiivvrlcoine vimi ni ileae nioustfra in tiu
nuii.lipt-, wliu OiligOK'U in iiiuuiff, tojr
iiihj:, in, e bini piumk-r. To give au e itici
pici u re ni tlie imiuint-iable aullering ol tlie
CHiiudian peoplc ni tlod riiucal j.n.ctuie i
a taek bove our abi.it .e al me prtett-nt
tuie. Tboae who liave rruafd ihe col
uiua ol tliis paper, have already had a lami
idea ol thfin. Thoutfauuaol ptople moally
coiiipoaed ol woiia ii and cliildren chaaetl
frolli tlieir Imuie ai lite beginuìiig o p coki
and ii u lesi winier, wlolsl their hutbauda
and (alitela were draged to jail, lliere lo
tie con leu. ned lo Jealh by a mock trial,
puiiistied on the Kcatiold or lo be aeiit into
degtading lavery in Van Difinun'a lumi;
deprived ol' their home whicli had been
reduced lo ahe by the lorch ol' the ao
siHaiii of Uieii jiroieclorn; their cluauiy
prolaued by a biutal soldiery which did
not even obaerve the must ordinury rulea
ol vuljiar decency, bui lorced children to
witues tlu-ir inoiliei's or their M&lei'; dia
hoiior; anch are ila deeda which alili cry
lo he a ve n tur vengeance on ihcir perpetra
We bliall now say a few words about
the inovcmciiu of the patriota in the coun
liea d Laprairie and Ueauliaruois. The
people ol Chataugay under their brave lea
der, the uiilorlunaie Cardinal and D u
quetie, hnd acconiing to their solemn
plèdges, riaen on the appointed day and
after having doly aecurec' the inoat pronti
nent tories during the night ol the SU ol
November, thought it expedient io march
lorltiwilh on the Indiai! village, Caugh
nawaga, disami th? nalives of thal amali
place in whom they could place no con ri -dence
whatever. Aa il was aunday mor
ning they had ni ad e up their plana io enter
the village just at the lime that the Indiano
were at divine aervice, to surround them
in the church and io disami them. Bui
uniòrtunately they arrived at the Indian
villege two early in the moming. The
main body V of the patriots was stationed
in a buah near the village, whilst the brave
and gallant Cardinal, Duquette, Lepail
leur and a few the othera were sent towarda
the village,. The two first penetrateli into
the village; whilat Lepailleur and the otti,
ers stood at a eertain dislance. To avoid
ali suapicion, thosi who wenl to the viliage,
went unarmed. But an oliUquaw who hap
pened to be near the bush, having dincov
ered the gathering of the patriot?, weri
back to tlie village and gave the alami. In
atantly Cardinal and Duquette were seied
upon by the linlians who immediately
boundthem; and the brave Lepailleur who
is now at Van Dieman'a land, was aUo
apprehended with several ruberà who
shared the fate of ihe two brave chaui-
pions of lilwrty a who had fallen into the
tianda of the Irecherous Indians. Sudi
waa fhe hard fate of those engaged in ihe
unforlunate exflition against the Indian
village of Caahnawaga.
The expeditiort of Beauharnois waa no
lena disaterous. The brave Chevalier
De Lorimier, who had been at St. Srho-
lastique, gt-eing that ihe niartial ardor ol
the patriot leader had been rooled by their
inrarceration doritig the previous winier.
had rronaed the St. Lawrence and uni
te" hi fortune with the brave people ol
Beauhariiois who were delermined to figh,
for their independenre. Ori the appoinied
day, a numher oflory priaoners, amongsl
whom waa the nrphew of Lord Durham,
iheaonofihe Righi Honorable E.lward
Ellice, Ihe Seigniorof the place and one of
Canada' most bitter enemiea, iell into the
handa nf the patriots, also a amali ateamer
which plyed between Lachine and ihe Cas
cadea. The patriots and loyatiate had a
smart akermiah; but diaaffection waa sown
in the patriot ranks by the infamnos Brien
who deserted the maio body of the insur
gentaand in attemptir; to eieape to the
Cnìlcd Siaua, fH mto the banda of tke
' .. valiti who brougbt hi in to Montreal
and he waa thrown into jail where he waa
! kepi unni the lolloivinig Septeitd)er, and
Irom whence he waa hherated by trailor-
oualy aerificiitr the live ol many ni hia
moal iuiiu.ate Iriendi. We hall col stop
in notice the pariial inovements wlneh
look place in ihe coiinties ol Chauibly,
ltideltu aul De Ko ville. They are
laxting ir.onuinrnta ol di(jrace lo thoae
ivìio maJe the attempi, vvl.ife the dee pesi
lisina testa upon ihe head ol a OH d une
ol our nioal woithy aiitl eniineiit patriot,
who tlirough laiìrlioid and niiareptraeiita
tion prevemed the people oi St. Charles
riti St. Denis, front joining the patriot
We have now laid before our reaJera in
a hiiel and impaniai ma liner ihe hi.ilorv
ol the two rebellions in Lower Canada.
We have repeaiedly challenged contradic-
lioii our pajier hai been in ihe hauds ol
moal of tlie prominenl adora in liti bloo
dy drhina, vet no une hasdared to come
lorvvard and contradict any ol our alate,
mento. We can a .-suro our reaJer thal
it has been paiiwul lor us to he uhliged lo
eensuie ihe conduci )f reitai men whof
up lo the rebellio of 'S7, had been dielU
in high ebiiinaiion by their eounuymen.
Cui il has atloidt-d us much piitaure lo
record the Doble diedi ol thoae who, in the
moal (rying ami peiilou niomenta, had ao
bravely loughi lo extricaie their country
irom the criticai aituation into which it
had been plunged by thoae coivaida u lto
in the hour of dunger had shainelully a bau
lìoned their posta. We bave juatly and
wilh pleasure, mentioned the gallant, he
roic and perse vereing etibruTd eudi wor
thy chanijn'ons ol Jreedom as Wolfied
Nelson, Hubert Nelson, and Wm. Lyo
Macketiy.ie, wlio tlirough ali the (iunior
lunes ol their country, have alo.id finn ami
unwavering, and even shouldered the inus.
kèt to nave il in tliedarkeal hour of strile
and blood. We wiah'that we could aay
as much of Messra' Papineau, Itili wt-il,
Rolph, D. B. Viger, L. Al. Viger, Jacob
Dewili and scorea of othera who, eilhei
in exiiu or tiervilely bowing ai the leet (
Victoria' repreaeniative, cannoi boast ol
having persevred to the end ol lìie atrug-
gle lor Ireedoni. We regrei thal aneli in
Uie case, yet our duty a li istoria :ia ha
comprlled us to lell the plain trulli with-
out fear or favor. Ttieir conduci aiuce the
begining of the rebeilion of 'S7, ha been
pusillaninioua and coniemptihle (r men
placed in the high and responsi le situa-
lion which they filled. May tl.ey yel
retrieve ihemselves Irom their paslerrora!!
We shall nnv conclude by laying belore
curreaders Mr. Van Buren's proclama
tion, issued after those gallant heroes ol
Prescoti had (alien imo the banda ol the
British. We aliali lor bear to make any
lengthy commenta upon ibis vile and con
temptible dca:beul which could uot dia
grace its author because he had aireadv
suuk hinell tienealh the dignily ol a lice,
man by bis iruckling tirue-sert iug devo
teduesHloa foreign and despolic power.
We will meiely remark, that doublteai.
Mr. Van Buren thought that bis laiihlul
friend and ally,St'. George Arthur, was
in needofauch a permissioii io haug and
quarter ihobe noble andeenerous heated
American who had (alien into hi power.
Our reader will timi lina proclauiHtion on
the third page, in the appendi, (wlw.)
Lei every true honest American, while
perusing ihia documeci, blush thal hi
country has evcr been ruled by one who
sutoaina die aame relation to the destinici
ol thi Jlepuhiic, a Brien !id to Canada
and his country men.
We now take leave of our reader, era
ving iheir indulgence if we have treapaed
upon their patience. Our onty desire ha
been to give lo our aounirymen and the
American people, a ime and faithful Hi
tory of Canada, in ibi we are eon6dent
that wé bave completely succeeded. We
now dose the aubject, hoping thal the
day will aoon come, when this Ilistory
will be openly and publicly read in Canada
where it ia treason to read it now.
swantònTTucust7 li, 4I
" aatTEKt tornii,,,
The Grand Asscmbly of the
Faithful will meet ontho Hnlv
Ground, on the lOth Kalend of
tne Jìlagti.
Let the Faithful take heed!!
By Orderofthe Kuti.
,This mimber emiplrir thP tlki .
nmenf the N.uth Arm-rk-an .nd w,!b
our r.dilorial labort cra., ht,u.,
lore Wir.ri.,H.n the pr,,, .,PFWUlli
take our formai Iravr f iiJr p,w '
lo rxprraa our tettine frir-,iv k
even ihough we ahould rhllìrf ,
many. Since we comunc ,lf
tion of ih! Taj.er nur tahr u,f
inrensant and w.-ariofnf r 1f 1
nithl and dav, early end Ut,, :i (lf
in eaon and out ol rt,n, Ut n,,
paperwhal il profrard V b, f)lj,
txpoaitor ol Canadian arl;. .w
we have auereeded in tlii, th, h,,
perurd our column can jtdf. f
kepi our reader appr.sri! ol w, Wl, '
mg in Canada durmg .r c.io;irUfihfr
oui puhiication ax well n t ,jVf , (
and (aiihful i.arration .,1 the .t Pra"
which have trannpired in tht iw,.
country we have Uid belore thrm il ih,,
we iJeeinrd intereting in relation i ,,.
eign Naiionsai.d bave fsiihl.ilIvrhMin.-Jj
whatever has trmispired in thi, lyIrf
'bai had any hearing u(m tl,P ,
cl for which (hit pairr wm ,iN
With the internai polir or i,imri, ,c
taira ol thi couutry wr havr noi d,r
io ineddle any luriher than the imajht
inaeperahly ronnerted will thrrau.e nki,
we have been loiling to auppnrt. Onit
lueslions having any luniint ),,, ,),,
iiilerema or w'ellfare ol'oiir .wn rmn
we h-ive not failnl io i,-ak mir tir,
for fearol offen.lin -i i Ior p iliiiri! ii!v.
But un urNti'in purely o!' t ilon,f.;,t
nature and havini; a pnriv brini p, ,
have refrained from rxprfMing Mir
ions. And if on any neMninn wr I-ut
der.lared opiniona timi r iinci.lfd .n
wifb the vieivs nnil le-liina nf ne i,r
than wilh the other, il Imi hrm owinf i
Ih cirrumtanee of ilieri- rxhrr tini
to any de.sirp on our puri lo j.nw'.inrn jn'.
ly vieivs. Il i true I n a r hr rti.i.
cillv rondrnined ti r r iife o' Mr. Vm
Buren in rrgard io hi forfijn ji-ilinv, bui
we did il herause we louked un u m iw
of the priuiary cniieof !ie U:lnr ni u-r
counirymen lo t'aiti tiifir Indeieiiilnf,
8 wr at being deroatory io ll. honT t
dignity nf the Ameriran lìq.ulihr, V
did not we could noi, npirvf ol hn inrk
ling cowardly iibi'rvimey I Brimh
power or hiascral in aidii.g ilir opprc-'
of our counirymen. Against lhre,
havespoken boldly ami unditguieill ni
feeling reganlira f party l'roivni orpin
lavora We have al MnrtVrnrtr.l ih ot-
JUftt inierrrr-'iC!of tlf prrai'nt Eiefuii
!n the case of Mc'LervI for wrrja d ili
an ari, nnwarranred by t oc rtrmlitiiii"!",
piompted by British l'eelin: a à il-xie d
Bntiah jnfl'ience. In tlie ci of ttif Cf-
oline we blamed .Mr. V.n Buren fr h
tardiness in demandine, nd hi reniiti
in obiainire, redr. And wr bave rea-.
snred Mr. Tyler for the neine, lt"rf
every reason lo believe tbst l e i eqm
dispoaed tamrly to anbni't t" Briiiith in
British insolenee and Untun niio.i
For the afiv in,l i.rrneluHV "f ,hr
public, we hope the aiirct f flaire
re long change for the brtter.
During ihe puhliraiion ef nur p",Mf
eceipts for anbsrriptio h '
lwei.lv per ceni ol our eipene, .vrt
have ìoiled on until we hsve brooghl W
V.diime to a cUar. We hs lh'
éeeded ia the arromplilmrot of ouf
ieri The Hi.lnrv nf Cn! M
eomdetedThoie who hsve pf"
ni Ihn.
. . ... -i r. ..A: Uf
aeives tne true menu v
recrived their meried rnera1 r'1'
while lhoe who demtfd hereiuseifl
rfarJt hour of trial, have been j'fJ ,,?
ed to Jbe world. Wr raa trnly
that we bavrotihl the g fU
fine Jinithei our eourjf-we hs" '"J
rlrd .p.in.t open T"1 ...
friend, but we
for wr hae nt vie
hare atrugf led '
Meri the eftD,f,T
have mantuitr iou"v
nd wnn thteùfary, thogh or
ari has gone down with ur eol.rs
tothe m..t,c.rrying wilh iti ibi
. Tath-ìM ol our Patrona whahavt P
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