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. 1 naa to i o in cor rduoiit ta.k
i:rf' ...
o'rip"' ,hrir nvtoc, ,tlJ P,Mn,,r,t
tHe pfpf rriredi, e return nor
ourucìvea Wf tbk them, and
ie m'", O Jf opprea-ed cuntrym-n
,,. ia tr' ni w? incrrety hpe
,t, e hi M'( rvit.ce- tnetr
f. aJl'Ì
Ur nurvelven ini! our country-
..a vet ae" t""1 Tri banner
o o tiittrtii-U ver Canada.
X.hW '" bave taken our paper
,,Ve n" yrt pid ui "" nevertheleM
ihankM il ri the receipt iflbia numher
ther en4 ,n? '"ounl of their tilwctip
tur-. By o aifffi i"7 wi" enahle '
fg'ftll thst ini"MtBt Scriptare injunetiii
wr no win.
Ji t4 ron C.wad
Monm i! irmnrn fr Cini-la,
yt,. hmne "l the Icarlesti brave;
Fr ber pat'i t bearla, aSI tried and Ime,
That 'i,n Ficetjoni bave f..tmit a grave.
Miurn (r ber rol nd haughty mnit
For her tirarli"" bìnody law;
K r t ht Itixii of Diiiioti triuroph there,
Ani ber ail.lte; tou.J hitrnt.
Mnurn T.r ber a-awly htnca,
In m-iking ruin lai.!;
Fr iK" bl'iit'l ofhef nohle iilghtWn aon,
That haa ttained the milìaii' tonile.
M turn (or ber helplem fnnocctua,
't he beautiful an.l fair;
For ber citi ac ke'd, St. Ier barvrat GcIJff
By C'H.aoRKt'a hikos lìid bìki.
Murn 1or hrr rr.anv faihrrlena,
Wti mm nod and hnrlv wai;
An.i th wi'low'ii crv of we ibal'a li'rnr
O i he wiiiff ol tlii? min cale.
M Mirn f'r ber miehty fu Irò,
An.l ber weivinol war cxl l-w;
F ir lite ItioMTS 'i' ibepenj.le Ir mpUdou
Uy Hieir proii lii ltllX ('.
M.ium ( r t Ut Inn i ma. le Isolate,
FI ibi Tvni ii w iti I ariti l'Iaiur;
A'il die fat. -f lnr r,xn:a ihai brine
A f'ireon the (l"Stoi$ nume.
M.iurn l'ir unbappy Canaila,
F r ber brut an.l braveMt alsin;
Vlpe raMfri-d bone- have blt-athej
Uii'Hi l!ie tv iJe aiui iiaketl plain.
S'vanton AcuM Oih 1341.
The Parliament of Uriitt'd Canada ha
Dtw ben sverai irmnib in aeisinpa't
of whic't bm bivn tjuit at irmy. A great
iea! of lime wa fnitered away bebuc ibe
AcarmMy w i il.l v ile a repìy tu ibe Cov
rnr openinr apeerb; btit despile tlie
ftrong nppoaiiìon made by tilt Radicai o
b;b Priivince, the niinisterial par'y auc
eeded in inaking it harnioni.e witli tlie
iewaof the Ereeniive! The rbaracter
of th" H uiae was th decide!; the boast
of the G ivernor, tbat he tii woulJ bave
Mi party, wa verifìed And tbat p'-rtion
of tb Canadian popwlation, wbo, horvever
h atilt lo foreign dmiinaiion, areconscien
tiouily onfvwei t'i pbvaica' resistanre, must
mow he cor. vi uff d that bflween Imperia
legiatan'nn and eolonial tinkerinff, tltey re
leatinej to a alate of t!avery, more tiBiuit
igated andgalling tban tbat of the alavt
of the Southern Siate. Altbnugh the
Houe ha noi anetioneJ the gross an.l
utrajjeoua tlelait of the irefent Union
Act, yet ii opinion bas heen exprensed,
that with a slight modification of some of
'a prewent leaitires, il vmii!I refeive the
ipr. bation of the cnumry Tbis con
eaaion of the principleu r.f ibis nelarious
art on the pari of the IUusr, bas all'orde!
the g iiernment party bol i in and out of it,
Uiuniphi whirh tbey vre doobtful of
obtaining and fkT il, tber are indebted to
he profuted Radicai of Upi"' Canada,
wft , aaxiou to retrieve tbeir Province
Irom the heavy lcbt which un v-ii;b
l.ke an incubui op u i:, and ela'.rd al the
ftr$ptrliit aketcheJ by the Governnr
Ihroiigh the Ioana which he exjtt lo
htaiii Irom ti c lnijverial Treaaory, bave
acquieaceit in the viewa of the preaent l
fniniiiratin a ad committed an ari of apotl
aiioo and j'iat ìc io hanieful alinosi to
credit. There are a few honrab!e except
i na Troni the ma of the Uppf f Canada
Radiala, and wharefuaed t aacriiìcc tbeir
birlb-righl a od their countryiueo oo ibe
aliar of ma min n, hnt the majority, to llieir
hame beh ail and aa.lhey vili yt fiad
l iheir deep mortilcation, iiave playrd
ìjstn the banda of the moai corrupl and art
ful G ivernor that Canada waa ecr eoraec
Of the aeeond branch io the Government
tht legialatìe ouncil, il ia laoecesatry to
peak bere Ita compoaiiion is taSrient to
4oote ita character. Appainted ky R
-rTa-)r far life, ìu memWn iaicpeoif
of indesùffly ;,r..,Hn,ibìe , the peop!f
they ir, the mere r,-ra'r 0fiP Q,nn
.,'. w.ll-the w.xr., o .aped tnJ
.....-ned by II-, nurliorv-, ,.lftniH.
fri 1 t. ,rir mailer buM.
'Bf Wl.atevcr
it lv
"" of r.jre thrir i,.,0ba
li.-a f tl.e Tni.m B.ll Wa 'Mon a-uJ l-.i
l'ht aame cmplaintu, (he i.iem.cal frirv
anrrt enumerateci in the erfrhr.te,! AVrte
y e lifiotuli' ,4 U,, Aaemblr nf
le'wrr Canala, mighi he, in.i are, ùrfel
ent the rxistenre of ihi, armt!tn
ivmv, tt'hi.w rneml-ra have tbu far dia
Jayrd more acrvilifj and iWervieiev
tban f hararieried the former Counril$.
Lei it n-M an(.p.Med however, tbat tye
rlesi'air nfseeino; the i!awn of b.-tier r'av
for Canada :Nr, view in ibe imperli
menfa, frtninjli.na!1y and lesally offred
lo the beandone, piumlerin? poliev of Lord
Sv.lenbam hy a few rormUtent Ilff-irnier,
Se leavrn Ibat yrt work a re.'orma
linn tlicre. The fjrut Par'inrrenl ni Uni
J-d Cara !a manv nfwbo-te memhera wer
rettTnrd ihroteb the ìirert interrercr.ee of
h Ext uive--ierured bv -renoa of mnr-
lr and vinlenre ivi borritile to relatf,
rn nevert!)l.'fibn'i8t ol nome ab!e ad vi.
rve of the penple'a rttfbls nd ' lihertie.
wlirt are neitber tr he bonpbf, l.rihed or
:lenrerf. These individuala bave heen
'earlesa enotif b ti eTote the rorriiptio
and viwlenre of ibe envrrnmenl party, am'
will ontinue to dn k : The evernmn
in a "dilerjtma the peonie ibroughom
ibe country re nwe diunffecti'd iban ever
at the working of ibi eerond experiment
it ton ibeit riahta and privllfges the mer
niile porlion of the loriex are aronsed ai
the prnpoaed reduciion of the proiertive
l-ilv n l'imber and threven ta tnrn reb.
f'a. and ve donbl noi, in view of al! thear
eheeriny prosperi, for a moment the jns
X i'f of Fleaven and ila destre tbat the on
nresed and down-trodden Canalianp
ihonM frei ihemselvea from tbeir bloodv
insk-mastera and establish their indepen
dence. Amkkicaxs.
As we are about to
!ar down the F.ditorial finii! and reiin
from the ewerou and reaponsible poaiiton
which tve bave orenpied hefnre the public
for the paat year, perntit ita to cali your
ntteniion for n few montents to tbat canr
in which we ti ave been ergagetl, boib
previoua to and ince, ottr anjnurn in tbini
to voti land of freed-vn, hnt lo na. land
trancerà and in which we are foreigner?
ani exilea.
For the lat twentv ycar, Canada, the
home r.rotir c' ildbood and the land or mu
pboice. ha gronned under the deadly inru
ftutofa Colonial fa-adminiatraiion nn
precedentfd in the annals of modem hiato
ry. Onr conutryiTien bave been b'nc
down by the moit intolerable oppreaaions.
Thir grievancea were aìmilar in nature &
eqnallv a attbversVe of their peace and
hppine, aatbnae which cauaèd the im
mortai Heroea of '76 to tbrow ofT tbeir
allegiance to the Bnlinh crown. Tbey
onfht for cnnutitntional redrethey
neiiiioned and remonstrafed, hut ali in vain.
!nti!t w added to iniurv intil atthm:
ion reaurd to be a virtue and reaiatance
became an imperative duty. It was nr
ontil every meana had been tried and everv
expei!icnte-.hauRted, to oblain a remova!
of the pvisl nd tyrannical hurder-a by
which they were oppreased, that the Can
adian reao'red to ntnke for freedom. They
w ih" rbain which their oppresaor
were forging r-r themlbey aw tbat ihere
wa n alternaiive no choice left he
iween aH-M alaverv and an iipealto ann
and the G-x! of TWa. They rememlier.
el the revolo tionary trupgle of yoor fath.
e-a Freth in their memory waa the glori
oos iwtie of that memorable cor.teat they
had not forgotten ibat your lodcpendance
wa c'"d by the ae.itarice of their coon
trvmen, D' Eting, De Graase, Rocbam
beau nd De Lafayette. They aw them
flvae lar rrmove.1 from their primtry ot.
pr(.RV,rtthe Oceen rolled bet ween them
tber were contiguouato t Natioo of 17
milbonaoffreemcn. Under auch ìrcnm
ataneea, could they ought tlrey, to hei
tate whal conrae to puraue? Tbeir bur
dena were frowioe more and ruoreoppre
ire td their ehaioa atronger It troreer
to remtin qoiet and ubmiaaive, waa cer
tain f aralr'. reaiattnee, thorj2h
cSiOgercca, migbl rvertk5ea b prpi-
NORTII A mi: ni C A IN
tt'M. Th-y llieiefore rewvtei lo Unir
li.e Wow io tili nr frrt-
I yo!!, it it unreranr r ua t re.
p-t bt ha altra i t-n .-.n.l.-i vi ..f.
en ia vur rata, il.at nm r nuntrrrrn
were urtpirpre t f if the Mm'y r riiet, j
V-vl liite at'ratv lirfO ippfi.nJ. Il hm
ev. r rrn Ile u.ry of the UfiiLh frni
rirent. t. kfvji .eraSjrr onarit.rd f-it
fear t rfbet'cn; e'iijtw-qnilv, hc.i O e
Jrcm o 'S7 va fir.r(l, ve ere Hmii.
ole . il, e uiea;i nerrary, Hirretu!l
lo mnii-nd 2in mir .,.(.rr.vir. T"
ibi toutitry at..ne rou'd tve l.h k tur o-
'ur. Uea-u,!)! n-le wi e I
th- autarìre if
vnr C'iverrìnirnt ; w-
ii'rd io rai'r cetrrrt . tv' t vour !-
f iitieri v and to v ur i tiilatiilnoi v.
Iteving ihat ihetv vvonl.l prompt og io
aSoni ti-u b m.l a ve needed. Tu w
we i-oi(--d lir aiirc.Mji we bnjted tbat
our t at ri'' iul wonl,) iloce voa to honl
rter your nlVa and rortie over to our h-'n.
N e execird your llovrrnti.cni woitld
etnaiii jiii.-i ncitl.er ,in,j miii or again.
ik bui ala! biiiv .i!v we bave b-.-ii
do-anp-.intid !! It i nnetl in the
dance agairiKt un, and througb ita efforiM,
iMor- than tboe r.t Krrlind, bave welfcii
put down, li bau rollti sof r aif,,s
anifiiunitiun and ;'rv iu ,ria Il hai harra-a
e., arteit"il tiri niipr ÌMnt d onr leader
Il h IniMiraied onr jtiatix, lefeated ohi
ol.jert, l.iiohitd our pimjiecta and luine.l
nir r Boae.
i. me uf your c'lm' roitntrvmcn pcn
erouly caute t ' o.ir Hsis'ance in the daik
boiir ..f peiilni! rot.fi ci tbey fottgbt bled
and dsei in our caue,a nie fcll in t Le
hatil.f-fieM, anie peribed -n the ct.flolC
ar;d cihera are now tjroaning in nrw,
tban Eiytian bondage. By ynr tnvern
mnii, indirenly, bave tbev been lhu
dootui'd in aulTer, for had it laken a poh!.
and timgnatiinioua alami in regard lo tbogi
of your rountrvmen wlm joined ur aian
tìardand l'eli imo the power ofonr enentv.
ibe bloody dep itmi! Canada never wotdd
bave dnrtd io t reat ih tu wtib auch impre
cedenied aeveriiv. liut No! your gnvi-in-im'til
fa id ftang them and tbey etrr
dona! Ala for ibe giory of the Repubiic!
Uni wbiie h f:v of your rotinirymen
're bold and pafriotin enougb lo join the
irtiidaid ol revult in Canada, lKtiiiany i
I ru went hearl and band .villi vonr pv.
ernmrnt in ita unbnlÌM'.vcd cruade againt
ita and liberlv. llow aoon waa your pst
tioiicm rhreke!, yt'iir attlor coolcil end
vour vx flbaieil ivben y mw tbat your
governtnent v! asainst na ? Viib wlioj
alacrily and drligbt liti v oti ? un ir and f'o,
tonbi-y the mandate of your vcrlhlem
ol and W'orlh, vho were hot ibe vii
ling Ioni ot your cover meni, employcd
to ai! Victoria'a bl.HMlv Cìnion lo rr uh
ibe reltilìion.? With wbi rhrcrfnIneM
iid yo filionJdfr your mnkela wben ca'led
out lo lituani ottr ronntryinen, to aeire
ur li-aden, and lo check the aympatbv of
tbohe of your counirvmen wbo were noi
io ungriitelol aa yourailvea? Hnd
forclatber-, the generali ons of Frano-,
pttrm ed ibeaanie courne towarda yor fati,
era in the bloody struggW of the revoltt.
lion, wbat now wonid have been yor a't
Hation ? TI ad noi the immortsl Lafayeite
generiiwly volunlcertd biaaervicca, wher
yaur faihers were diubeartened and din
itonding, wbere now e-nnld rve been your
libertiea? Il ut tve will drop the enrtain
ver the pa$t on hears are paìned at ibe
rei 'illect ion i' i dose arene we bave aeen
a Rrpvblican and despotie. governmrnt
tiniie t crnsh a people atnipgling for free.
.Imiti we bave aeen the Red coat and the
Ulne side by Me in puranit of thoae who
batl fougbt againnt ibe oppresso of our
country. Tbece faeta are rhronìeled and
will ever Hand aa moniirttenr or ìniamy
and difsgrace to the Anrrìran Repnb'ic.
Wben tv reiiiemher thoae of your ronn
tryincn wbo no pohly ricked tbeir ali in
ibe cause f Canadian freer, om, we vntjld
yla.llv tat hy vour antiro nbliean nr nn
jti'iifiab'e condtir t, d:d net the reccollerlior.
of the rnìghty contrant between yon and
ibciri, crowd npon otir mmory with irre
tiiìiibie force and comel ita to procìaim
vour trearherv to the we.rld.
How can you ainmher in ijnìet or ref in
oeace, vbil the blrvd of Lawton, Abbev.i
w..drf, Bockiey, Ceorre, Von Shouitr i
and botta ol oiiier. remains tnaven?ed ! ! j
tlow can you remain tnt, wtole hm(i-
reda'of your niS!e eonnirvmen are drag-
mg out a life worae tb in death iineif, a
ftlon in be penai rnlony of Wmni OM
England!! s In the name of pi-tic , in the
name of fiumani! v, in the tiame of hherfv,
arouae tiv action an! noi only rei-rr vonr
exilel C.orintrvmeri 'lck to tbfir bonr,
bitf utenze thedeat.h cf the SLAUGI1
From th .fit-nwe exiract the follaw
ing t'ettik hron'h! by the Afiia.
" The FaMern Qtieatioo wear a arì
faciory atect aa rrganla the Eoropean
lowera. France hai eTpree ! ber willipg.
nea t tale part in the aliptilationa nf he
ireatvofISth Jiily, lal year, if the Tour
reiwe,, wbo a gned tt, r.r. Eaglaml. Rt.a-
ia, Protwia, and Aosiria, will f tbeir own
t waa M Trance, the heinr exduded bv
the foli v ofThiera, the then prime 3Iinia
ter. Louia Phi'ipe ia antioo io quit the
atate of i!at)n in which the Ireaiy
placed him iaregard to the other "Vohjcct of tlÙS mOVement and it
and a nwe -err-a to Mar- neer. mi opon
wh:ch wìU effect that ohject wULout d!a-
ho t'i any paMy,
W hnee ai.l u.tt the Et:em jneni-
i ! ii iiff a trgtrC the r.ufjai
l( .ri; it ii rt-fiu.'v H't a a rrk-i
I'1'' kH entuite, wim h Kwrn tu Iw m
a ' ol iaufrre ti.n tr-w ne exto nt ,
n iKe ni in-r. I i,e ir I. in ut l'ir i.".ti
fCiilia i ti. mi f.-irii -balilp, au-i tbe C);-!--tna,i
ir-mj l.ae brrri f. q :triiily !f.i J
by ll.eriCitril iii.K,tiitt. 'l'he ! -iti- tnj
rtlf. t l untate tf.lrr lf. C'aita. !
l"l Ibe I4'b o!l, 'iv me i.lra '! Hit
iiattw i the h aitare tlai u urfti.f.
"Tlif Mf l'i.ff r I u i a"""ii
it.io n ifir Vf ne f-nfl V i'i the tn-in!a'r."
'I S,.ak. Ui tiie 4 ti lue 'i'.k b-
ha-t -nlered !! thr.- be'ii.Ta wrlf !
IeiéSy ii k'ii tu i.t rt'r, atti l th ir
rnroe iria..!r-'j! a't lo d'l-nd tbrin
fr in the itikkst i( .ni- arni l)itrr
and u.ii.k if i ea Hitcb wrrr buil-.i
down i.viii ibr-oi Iti-iu tiie auii.niiia by
ibeir aUti i inviatile em-Huea. A ilrlaeU-inr-iii
iti tOÙ A rifu a, it wefe, ni
itnntvl tieiiveen fwo itìicllt!e moiliilaitit,
ard . r-rd t e ii retwler. la otl-ci hiì
!h- Ik' T.iiki Mie lurl villi mi iHcm-ii
rìl anre, nj crn,M llcd m t'a't ia k.
i t.e iiiMi'fiii innati' tlieir mvn !'iw
iipon ibi i!ay at irct't !!00 t- 400 men, bui
ttiske tlmt of the M iiMniliiiai.H, ìht'ooìpk
iri-itif m. oiiii'Uf t I. brtivrrd 1 ,000 hi il
1,800. On ilie 13 h awiilK-f l aiiìe a
long hi."
'i'I.e S.ilnn, i in aid, ba Iw-en oblifi-ti
lo unrreiìili-r ! Mi-hemei Ali Ibe boly ri-iea
ot Arnbio ! tr h!e kefpma, he U iui; uiinl.ie
l proit-t i i hfiii l'i ii.ii itie fniti ve li...).'
itml Mirmiiinl it, riti, wh rh t to' l'ailia Iihk
iraddv enit Qgrd t !. 'i be rea! atrengtb
ol the Turkinh eitijtire .. t!d B-ent to he
neaii-i! et Alexamlii, and noi Colatami
nople. Lord l'almermon l a uni yel n-vn
tt.c end ol tliee htrtn ilillìculuett." ,
The Devastai uni war ateam "veRel, ol'
1000 Iona, wa launcbeJ al Wooltvieli, on
biluulay w-k, Sbe ia 180 lecl long.
OnStinday last Gerr Clisnfllcr
t ho Commis5ary General, rc
crivcrì iuforination Irom Au
Imrn tliat a few niglits previoijs
ly (he arscnal at that place had
heen foreed open, orni a piece
ofortliiawc bclonping tu the
state stoici, therelìrom; nlso,
thot another gun, hclongin to
an artiller? company, Kfpt in
another part of the town, had
heen stoici). Tlieec advices wtrf
accompanied hy other informa -tion.
which induced the com
missnry to start for Anburnoii
.S'uiiday, to look afìer,thc intcr-
csts of hi Department; and he
rrived there yesterday incr
ninir. Ile learned that the trach
of the gun-carri'e of the last
picce mcntioned was traced a
hout eight miles, where it was
entirely lost. No informatimi
could be obtaincd of their picce.
An ohi man, rcsiding ncar
the arsenal where the gun
hclonging to the state was
kept, statcs, that hearing a
noise in the night, he arose, nnd
on looking out, it heing bright
moonlight, he saw cight orten
mcn forcing the doors of the ar
scnal, and also saw them tal; e
away (the gun. General Climi
dlcr has issucd a proclamation,
nfTTÌnrT n rpwnnl of twontv-
- , 7t r i
ve dollars for the un, and a
hkc Slim for tllC arresi oftliC
nuthors of the misdemeanor.
i7eports had ahso rcached him
at Auburn that.scvcral other
picces ofordinancefather west,
particularly at Buffalo, had
been stolcn at tho sanie time
Hut thn intelligence was coh
sidered dotibtfch
The 'Auburn Journal recciv
etl yesterday state that two
more picces of ordnnnce are
missin onc of them bclong
ing to an 'artilfcry company in
me IO n Ol traili, .uiu wiu vinci
jn the town of Scipio. 1 lie lor-
Q ,hc canalj
hut HO farlllCr. 1 110 Journal
"Uumors are rife as to the
! - . i- ,1 .i,t cn nc
nothig farther knnwn, a fino
lieM ts open fur the pl.iy of im-akgiii.-ilion.
Is it po.vatblc, whifo
ali peace in Canmln, that
sonifol" their cmissaries have
laid holl of ihcj-e war-tloirs fo
a timo of ih ed? or uhich Icjuj
seems stili more tmlikrlv thut
prcparatiotH are t.nlÌn (or n
notlirr "patriot" inovement?
In any event, it occurs to uì
that the proper authorifics
wotild do utdlto ex urline iuto
the causo of tinse suddtn dis
appearcnc'!. mitilthc mystery
in removed."
VEU V .s É N 1 Ì M KN FaI.
The ji ti npa:td l"e been flurg
J . Sky-b'gb an I v.iie tban lUa',
The (Jirl wb.ve praira Ibateanng
With prn, wild enril and wild longue
S iJ V0! ar.d I b- l Rat!
s f. r.
Ail tl.or wbo bave fot paid ;a (or ile
an o; il vnliiitic il il. e Noitb Aitriran,
wiii pliae tu lork ever t'ie ''prnffui'
forili itii tf tbev vitb lo Mve tbeir. !ea
Cot. We bave waited tini Ibe clone uf
the vr l unte orid now e tnjt bave our
pay We kl.ail unii tbe triniti ma. I alter
the iuir.g ol ilua unti b.r, and ad wbo
d'i noi end ua ONR !)0t.I4AR ANI)
FIF I Y t'K.N I S ly ibe it. e niut tu t
lecl cruiv il ttey Kr a viwt ffotu the
atieiilf. Now juf,t -n, u ibat ìiiii-pìaatcr
w nt yon Wln.M itnd the (mhÌ
N. I. We aliali ue idi witl mit fcar or
t v r tb. t do not c! 0i il e "ready"
tX"Ali lettera of reminance or boinei
lionlj he cj.m-iid tu the Pi.5jli.bci ai il; a
Appfi.vuix ro "ihk msTour or
KO VF.lt Ct .VADA.
WittatiB, tbere i.- too nuch rrn-on to
belteve ibat the cii..ena of ibe United
S'ates. in clirecard o tlie i!emii variiing
heritof re given tothem by il.e pro-'ania-tinnii
tumii-d hy ibe Executive ol Ibe Gen
eral Goveu'itient, and by aotne of Ibe Gov
ernor of the alate, bave ouubined lo t'ia
tUib ti e peace ol tde dominion nf ai eigh
buiug and Irieruflv nailon: And wh rcaa,.
infuriiiaiiiin ha been given to me, derived
fr(,ni Rcinì and mln-r outeea, tbat tnany
citizen in diticrent partaol ti e United
Siate are avviateti, or aaaoctating, for
tlu' pur pi ' And wherca, iliVurbanrca
bave actttally bn ken ot.i anew in diffeicrit
pan- f ibe two Canadai: And wherca, a
hoti'e invtiaiori bua been made by ciiizcna
ol ttie Uniteti Sia'ee, in corjunciioii with
Canadiana and other", wb aftei forcibly
sei'iiig ion the prnperty ol their peacefut
neigblour for tbe purpOhe of efln ting tbeir
iiidawltil design", are now in arnie againtl
the aullioriiieanf Canada, in per feci !ia
legatd nf iheir own oldigatf na aa Ameri
can ritixen, and of tbe diliganoti ol ib
Governmeiit of tbeir ccunny lo foreigo
natii. n:
Njw, therrfore, I have thonght it nefea
ary and proer io ine thia proclamation,
ealiitig npon eery ciiien of tbe United
Staiea neitber t give ciintertar,ce nor en.
con'a'jrtr.ent of any k'nd totboae uhn l ave
thiiK fotteited their daini lo the pr leciioit
or their country; pori thoe n'igiiidel or
deliided iveraoP' wlm aie engaged in ibem
lo ubar d'in project dangi-roua to tbeir own
eunry, fatai to lhoe tvliorn tbey prle
a J sire lo rr lieve, in-nianir ab'e ri exrr
l on vishout foreiin aid, wl.ith tbey e an
noi rationally r xitCt to oblain, ind giveing;
r e to iinptstatiiiii(biwcver urlutìded)
iiien tbe birttor and good faith of tbeir own
Governmeni; hion every ofTìrer.civil onj
miìirary, an I upon every cittze bv tbe
veneralion due by alf ficrmen 19 ibe lawa
which tbey have aìted tornaci fr tbeir
own goveinmet by dia rrgard f-r ih
honor and repntaitor, ofbia country !
I.i love of rder and repecl f"l ihal a
creI c.i!e of lar by wbicb r.atioflal inier
core i regolatil lo n everv efforl in
bia Kwer to 'trt lor ir al and puniab.
tnent erery oflendcr apain-t the lawa prò.
vUliflg for the (er'orrrànce of of obbgr--tioiia
lo the other Poweia of tbe wilt.
And I bereby tvarn ali tbe ho hte
engagé! ir tbene crimina? enlerprr-ra, if
periiief ir, tbat, wbalever ma N ibe
eontlition lo which tbey ma v t- rcdiced,
they moni n t eiTt ibe in'erfeefife of
tbia Govemoient, in any form, on ibeif
Vbalf; hot will te Ufi. reprorbed b" everr
ir:'iu fellow citir.ena, lo he t-a!t wtih
ci'ording l-tl e Hìiey and joaficeof triat
Government whose dofltitica ibey bare,
in defìf oce f ibe koown wtba ai!f rfTorta
of tbeir own Governmeai, and wttboil it
haddoieof jattiflcaiion cr e xevrae, pcfaii
rvialy ìlvdj.
Given nder rr.y band, it the city of Wash
ington, the t-re.y.6rt dav, of Nfm
ter, in tbe year of rr lrd onè. Ih
aand eigbt hnndred and litri ngh,
and the t.ity t? ird of the lede;draer
of ile Uoiud Statca. - "
' -

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