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“Anthony’s Candidacy.”
To the Forum—
Under the above caption in
your iast issue, some adherent
of Otis Duncan undertook the
task of showing why Mark An
thony's candidacy was ill-advis
ed, etc. It certainly is. To the
minds of many it seems as but
yesterday since he was conspicu
ous in a monster demonstration
given for one David Hill. There
were spectacular banners unfurl
ed to the gentle breezes, and one
especially, attracted marked at
tention, being inscribed with
“Our Second Emancipation.’’
Behind this elaborate banner
with ill-timed inscription, Negro
democracy kept step to the tune
of music. This is vividly remem
bered. For these, reasons his
candidacy is ill timed.
There was much cause for
elation when Mr. Anthony re
turned to the threshhold of Re
publicanism, and well there
should have been, for lie posses
ses excellent political sagacity
and excellent things could have
been his portion, but he is now
doomed to defeat by his younger
opponent. Another reason why
\ ft .. Ail _ » 1 1 • • . 1
4V1 i . nutuwiiv a UdllUIUctU) IS III
To polute the church with po
litical schemery, is a thing to be
While adhering to the princi
ples of democracy, for which In*
so persistently fought, not once
in all those years did he ask any
thing at the hands of that party.
His work, evidently, was for the
extolling of others, coupled with
a labor of love and devotion.
Thus the inadvisability of whis
Mr. Anthony should withdraw
tor by so doing he would save
himself from irretrievable de
teat. To be d feated is so hu
Otis Duncan has been the oen
ter of attraction since reaching
his majority in that ward for his
almost sacred loyalty to Republi
can principles. He has, with
genuine courage, so characteris
tic of his nature, been manly in
his political dealings. If loyalty
to party principles, unadulterat
ed trueness to friends, ability
gained by extensive experience,
past service to a party, count for
anything, then Duncan should
have even Anthony's support.
Yes, Anthony’s candi lacy is
ill-advised.—A Voter, (1st prci
Is ward.
Should the Miners Strike.
One of the largest organiza
tions in this country, is the Unit
ed Mine Workers of America
This vast aggregation of work
men are now proposing to quit
work on the first of April because
their employers refuse to raise
their wages. It is not a settled
fact that they shall strike, but a
strike is imminent- While we be
lieve iliat the miners should lie
accorded iheir rights; we believe
also' that the operators should
have a square deal. The miners,
we are prone to believe. are
too hasty in their deliberations
in many things and too easily
angered. They fail to study the
problem from an economic stand
point. There can be nothing
gained by a strike at this tune
and we believe that all things
considered, they should not pre
cipitate a strike, causing great
suffering, not among the opera
tors, but among themselves.
In making demands fora more
enlightened ministry it must not
be presumed that the faithful
services of the loyal fathers are
forgotten. They have wrought
well in their day and modern
disciples are building on the
foundations which they have
laid. Young men who are enter
ing the ministry now should be
required to make some intellect
ual advancement. It is all folly
to expect a man to preach effect
ively who is not prepared to use
the English language with any
degree ol accuracy.— N. B. Union
j Nashville, Tenn.
The point is well taken.
1$Y E. L. It.
if I'd known this road to fame
B but so short as 'tis,
I expect I’d never undertook
To cross the fathomless brooks.
But now the race has been begun
The sweet s mg of birds
f from hill -tops sung
And must I be so purile
i As to let the siren song of thee
[ beguilt
My fame?
But how, when and where,
1 Ain I to venture or to dare?
| The least mistake, mishap
for bl under
The world at me would wonder
But I’ll journey on.
i But, ah, my greatest fame
[shall b^
The alleg ance of that lassie.
Whose low thatched cottage is
| by a tree
Where the mocking birds in
[the honeysuckles and the bees
I D >th make their habitat.

A Marked Improvement.
Mr. H.-Tucker has moved <he
Palace barber shop to 108 S. 8th
St., and will move his restaurant
in the room where tin* shop Was
This adjunct has been great
ly needed and we predict unstint
ed patronage for the two busi
nesses The restaurant will be
run on up-to date plans. Regu
lar meals will be served and es
pecial attention given to short
James Y. Kelly.
James Y. Kelly announces his
candidacy for Police Magistrate
in this issue. The election is to
held, Tuesday, March 6 and it is
a special election. Mr. Kelly is
young Republican lawyer, with a
good disposition and asks the aid
of his constituents. The calling
of this election will cost the city
considerable money, and Repub
licans feel that the party in pow
er did the people an injustice by
calling the special election,
whereas the regular election will
soon be held, however, let every
one who is for Mr. Kelly, get
Wednesday, March 7th, 1906.
30 JC PEOPLE ££ 30
Introducing Big Minstrel First Part.
The most relined Entertainment ever given in the city. |
Swell people, Swell Costumes and Swell Singers. Don t
forget the dale. Nothing doing till then.
Reserved Seats on Sale March 1st at the
Economy Grocery Store.
General Admission 25 Cts.
Reserved Seats 35 Cts.
S. Benjamin
Fire and Accident Insurance
; I
j Losses Promptly adjusted.
Office room, No' 504.
Telephone, 1476. Myers Bros.
uilding, Springfield, III.
! Dr. J E Henderson
I office , ,07)4 W.„ Side Score. HOURS. , » ..
| a ni.; 3 to 5; 7 to 8 p, m.
FIRST WARD PLACE: 118 North 13th Street.
HOURS; Till 8 a. m.; 12 to 1 m.; 5:3» '• «:3*
p m . and at night. Telephone Main IlMY
Read The Springfield Evening Newt
Greatest evening paper in Central
Illinois. The news for all the people
sent for 10c per. week. Delivered
promptly. War specials.
Put an “Ad” in
the Forum and
watch the results
Baumann Bros.
Prescription Druggists
Deutsche Apotheke
! Cor. 7th and Washington Sts. Tel, Main 654 >
115 West Side Square Tel. Main 653
City Brewery
Their Bottle Beer is Fine
BocK’s Special
Can’t be Beat
Try it!
Roy M. Seeley
Attorney at Law.
523A North Side Square
13 jth Ph )ties 1503
Notice! Notice!!
Parties who do not get their
j) ipet* as late as M mdays, call
at Th i n >son Bi* >s. 808 E Wash
ington, St., or at this office, or
c ill up old ph >n i 998, res. new
phone, 1092. and be supplied.
You can also buy papers and
magazines at these places. MGS.
1 >:i : > ;| I >ti i >!
All subscribers at Quincy who
fail by any means to receive the
paper, get one from Mrs. F. E.
Cook or at Decatur by calling at
the Decatur Grocery Co.
J. W. McKinney
Suits $18.00 and up.
Coats and Vests
$14 and up.
Cleaning. Dyeing and Repairing it
short notice. Give him your order.
i» ——
314 North Fifth St.
New Phone 1663.

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