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Annual Sermon.
Fred Douglas Lodge, St.
Mary’s Temple and Home Sweet
Home Temple, of the order of
United Brethren of Friendship
and Sisters of Mysterious Ten,
turned out in full regalia to lis
ten to a very timely and interest
ing sermon by Dr. J. H. Mcgee.
> W. T. Scott was master of cere
monies. Dr. Magee stated that
the order now numb2rs 250,000
members both in this country
and the islands of the sea. He
gave timely advice to the race, to
elevate themselves by giving
closer attention to the three
books: ‘-The Bible, the spelling
book and the bank book.” Get
something; and the world is with
you; get nothing and you have it
alone '' Dr. Magee said, “Come
back here a hundred years from
now and find Ethiopia stretching
out her hands unto God, through
the medium of the uplifting in
fluences of today.
Rev. Dr. Fulton is the able
pastor of the New Hope Baptist
church where the services were
held at 3 o’clock p. m. last Sun
Choose Your Company With Caution.
You should be very careful
about the company you allow
your girl to keep when she is
merging into sixteen sweet sum.
mers. Many girls who were
reared up with other girls, who
become vicious, profane ’ and
even horrid, think they should*
not withdraw from their former
associates because they came up
together and used to be play
mates, but you are forced to even
shake the dust from your feet
and bid your sister a farewell
adieu if she does not conform to
moral decency—this is not the
easiest thing to do but it is the
better thing.
There must be more class
about our people. When you
classify, that does not mean that
you are above so and so, uor that
you snub them, refuse to speak,
etc. But that you cannot aff »rd
to receive them on social equality
nor to entertain them as your
companions. Thus you become
a light, shining forth with great
Springfield is vis ted bv m uiy
people of St. Louis and uth jrs
within a radius of 100 miles—de
port yourselves so that they may
have a good report to make.
The case of W. T. Casey will not
come up at this ■’ term of court.
When the case is brought up, it
will no doubt attract much atteu
t>on. ...There are few people who
understand the cause
which led to the tragedy and only
view the case exteriorly on prima,
facie evidence, but the law guar,
autees a right of trial by an im
partial jury and makes much
allowance for the cause claimed
by the defendant. He has seven
children left, to whom he seems
very affectionate, and being un
prejudiced and viewing the case
with profund sagacity, we only
hope that the best thiug be done
and the accused be given ali> the
immunities etitled to him and
the advantages of all “overt
acts.’’ Vv - ’* • • r
And They use The Scissors but
Don't Give Credit.
The Cairo, III., Watchman, a
new paper, publishes our editor
ial verbatim on the ‘‘Evolution of
Lovejoy,” on its frontpage, tut
fails to credit same to evQn, “ex
change.” Why these fellows do
this, is strange to us indeed. We
are invariably glad to have our
sentiments voiced, butwoyld like
to have credit for our thought.
People look with disdain; at the
editor who aims to hoodwink
the people and use other’s opin
ion as ‘original.’ We always
credit others when we copy. Ed
itors call this stealing, Mr.
• _,
The "Little Rag."
As a gentle reminder for those
people who have the unmitigated
temerity to say because we don't
see fit to utilize these columns to
elaborate on their pet scheme or
club, that the “little rag is insig
nificant and does not amount to
much.’’ that it is our prerogative
to curtail or condense whatever
we feel disposed to. While we
cater to the public, we desire to
say that before a kick is register
ed. the kicker should at least,
limp In onpminli Viio \r\rt\r in
language befitting his or heijsta
tion in life. Once more; we wish
to please you. but, we draw the
line between ourselves and the
bulldozer. All of our readers are
uot interested in your particular
work, and, our advice to you is to
be a little more considerate
in your denunciations.
The Voice of the Negro is one
of the finest on the market. It
should be read by every colored
boy and girl. William Pickens
in June number on “Choose” is
fine. You who have not chosen
should read it and be anabled to
The ent rtainment at Arion
Hall is said to have been well
Remeber winter and don’t loaf
too long.
Ambidexter Commencement.
The exercises at Ambidexter
Institute this week, marks an
opodi in its history most com
mendable .|
The intermediate departments
did well. The last day was grad
uatirig day, A. M Williams re
ceiving a diploma from the nor
mal department. His speech
was considered a very masterly
oue—his subject being, ‘ Not
in words, but in deeds-” He de
picted Rome, Greece and Eng
land in their ascendency and at
the height of their glory. Ad
dresses were made by Dr. Magee
Rabbi Tragout Judge Murray,
and an able impromptu address,
by the president, Dr. G. H'. Mc
Daniels, a brief effort, which be
speaks ihe profound ability of
the man.
Miss Gertrude Jones, Cleve
land, Ohio, a singer, will appear
at St. Paul, June 27. Don’t miss
Get copies of The
FORUM, with U. B.
F. history and W.
T. Scott’s speech,
For sale: at. *. This
ofB.ce and Thom
son Brothers.
Capital City String
Band Orchestra.
For First-Class Music get L. DAVIS’
String Band Orchestra.
The biggest and best in the city.
For all purposes. Special for
Socials, Parties, Balls, Picnics,
Etc. Price, reasonable.
728 East Washington Street.
New Phone 779.
If you want to buy a house or lot
or want to sell what you have or
borrow money on your real estate,
address Real Estate Agent, care of
d itor Fokum, and the man will call
and see you in person.
by the hand and lead them on in
to a world of righteousness.
Talk less and think more, by
thus doing we shall over come
every obstacle in life J.C. O.
The Kmd Hearts Circle of the
King s Daughteis will meet at
Mrs. Abner Naylor’s. Tuesday,
June 12th,.
Mrs. Jennie Morrison, leader,
“ Lena HosUins, Secy.
The musical recital at St. Paul
June 27ih, promises to be one of
the bast of the season.
On to the Keystone.
Parties will please enter into
no business transactions for this
paper with any one save author
ized agents vested with the pow
er, and will pay no bills except
to parties of the office personnel.
Notice! Notice!!
Parties who do not get their
paper as late as Mondays, call
at Thompson Bros. 806 E. Wash
iugton, St., or at this office, or
call up old phone 998, res. new
phone. 1092, and be supplied.
You can also buy papers and
magazines at these places, mgs.
Type Write
your speeches &
If you desire your Essays, orations
or business letters type-written, call
to see The FORUM. Will vuaran
tee satisfaction. Price: lets. per.
foolscap page. Office. '36£ o. 6th
Phone, old, 998 New. Re . 192
‘‘It is no benefit to have given
me something, but it is a benefit
to have enabled me to obtain
something for myself. ”—Emer
See Davis and Terrell, extrav.
agaza, extraordinary, at Mason- j
ic hall, June 28.
, 4. MuhAM (BAS. T. Mil BAM j
I Baumann Bros.
Prescription Druggists
Deutsche Apotheke
j Cor. 7th and Washington Sts. Tel. Main 654
jll5 West Side Square Tel. Main 653
City Brewery '
Their Bottle Beer is Fine
Bock’s Special
Can’t be Beat
\ Try it!
Price $4.0U per year.
Capital City Lodge,' No. 12* K. of
P , meets every second -and fourth
Mopday night of each month, in
masonic hall, on north eight street.
Special meetings made known by k.
rof S. Hardin Long Chancellor Com.
C. Renfro, K. or R and S
Elegant Sunday dinners at’ the
. •• O -• +

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