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Springfield is in the throes of
another municipal campaign and
just how it will end, it must be
left with Anna Eva Pay to tell.
Bad! AwM'
Suppose'we young people jus1'
resolve to became body or die.
Last Sunday at Zion Baptist
ohorch, and we call .attention to
this becausevery bad act of one
hurts the Whole, a crowd . of
young people were noisy, at
times obstreperous, and they did
not realize how ugly it looked—
remember, young people, we a^e,
to be the iighkpf the world. Let
us reiHembe*!' we are civilized—
sur'rouftdied by schbbls and col
leges, going to school side by
side' {With \ miljiqnaires of the
Caucasian race, whose civiliza
fiiitk rl o ’ uc kanl/ lr\ n nan f n iAT. *
are in Illinois and it^is up toeaeb
one to be a lady and a gentle
man. The-,, same »<•> castigation
should ,^.pply to many young peo
ple; who a^end the Culture Club.
What, did they go, to school for?
Did.their parents teach them so
poorly or are they transgressing
their law and riding over their
teachings# So much'for that,
r. • Another bad act was seen; very
bad indeed, in the house of God,
after the sermons are preached,
one of the deacons, observed
noisy people, became angry, mid
declared to them, ~if~you don’t
stop^tbiW..-talking, i’ll call the
police, *Itte minister erred by
saying “thank you.” Th^e ali
In the first place, the young
men and women should have
common tfehSe and decency ubt
to talk audibly during services,
and -should any one be sy mean
V-as to talk;* it is the dUty 6f the
deacon to walk quietly back and
as k t hem t6 pJ e as e desist and act,
nice £>eopfe. Another brother
declared that if some of them
J! J .1 - I_A. ^ _ ... ..I J 1_i.
UIU.. uuu uv^ UCDICI U.C vvuutdi
• , them out. All 4Uch is b4dh It
is not intelligent on either part
and we offer this castigation for
the got>d of our pfed^le.^ '
Another thing, let us not have
such long services, ventilate the
houses, not make so mucjh noise
about the tfnaricesC 'This is our
law and our gospel.
A 1 ' “
Gotiimericemknt V *
Program Out.
Richardson Hel-nle Valedictorian of
High, School. , -
6©c" I
Richardson He’mle, son of
George H. Helmle, has been
named» as Valedictorian of ihe
February, 1907 graduation class
of the Springfield high1 school.
\Tb-te was &ett led beyond a doubt
n ye&t'brday b*' thd them bers of the
highvsdhdol faculty. It followed
a hot tight for the first honors in
which Miss Josephine Snowden,
a"-colored member" of"the class,
came very pegr5 defeating Mr.
Helmle»at the finish for the first
honors of- the class of twenty,
nine pupils.
* For some time there was con
siderable riv.aly among the var.
ious members of ttie class for the
first honors . Two colored girls
were nientit ned in a sem'-ofticia
sou'ice some time ago as bein£
the winners of both first aut
second honors. When the fina
counting of the grades for the
four year course was made it was
discovered that Richardson
Helmle, by a wonderful increase
of his grades during the past two
months, had forgec^ to the front.
The average of the grades for
the four years in the high school
showed Helmle-to have an aver
age of 92.46, while Miss Snow
den, the colored girl, had an
average of an even 12 per Cent.
It was a remarkable tight,! and
oug, which was being watched
with the greatest of interest by
the members of the class, the
high school faculty, the board of
education, and in fact everybody
posted on high school education.
In the class there were nine
members who, had an average of
90 per cent or over for the four
years. two or me coiorea giris
of the school .were in that num
ber There was considerable
friction between the members of
the class on account of the hon
ors received by the colored mem
bers. Many of the boys refused
to have their photographs in t he
cjass picture to be. presented to
the school, ai*d it it is rumored
that some of the regular senior
class affairs will be missing this
year. This fact is greatly de
plored by the members of thq
faculty, who have been asked in
regard to the -showing: made by
the colored girls.—Illiuois State
Register, Jan. 29. 1
[ It was ever thus, but these
girls have demonstrated the fact
that thejr brain is just as sus
ceptible when it comes to master
ing the irtricacies as laid down
in the high school course of
study as Richardson Hetmle pf’
any one else, regardless as to
whether the members of the
class have their photos taker
with them or not. We have oui
doubts along certain lines, any.
how. J „
Religious institutions should re
quire that their constituents imr
itate Jesu§ Christ, their rn.aste.iu
inrjgpifig aelout doing good.^Some
Christian people complain tha^
at limes .they do not know lf<>^
to pftss the time. If there are
Christians, of leisurp who rend
this paper,'we prescribe herewith
something new for them: “Try
always to do a little good ’’ We;
are told that the Gymnosthist
werp^opaqch opposed to idleness
tha,t.they required ef every pupil
that came under their influence
and tutorage lha* he should tell
of some gvx)(j he had done, or
some good scheme he had bevis'
cert pvprv ftiu’ hofnre hp wn.aea.lt.
ed to sit down to eat his dinner,
r- •—
High Class Repairing,
Best white oak Leather
used- New and second
hand shoes for sale.
1 s‘
822 E4 Washington
If technicalities and white
publicians defeat Barnet in fad
how will the self-rekpecting Nt
. gro vote at the spring election
j —Chicago Conservator.
1 This is a problem in geometrj
• Quod est demonstrandum.”
I “Liula Goins of Kentucky’
® A very romantic story by Wal
e ter Casey concerning
1 the early courtship of
Q _ himself and wife
H Important data on divorce law
w Hints to bqys and gils; wives
IS and husbands, other good
« suggestions.
S3 The language is good and book
5 contains nothing that would in
flame or prejudice the reader.
1. Subscribers who do not give ex
press notice to the contrary are con
sidered as wishing to continue sub
2. If subscribers order the discon->
tinuance of their periodicals, the pub
lisher may continue to send them un
til all arrearages are paid1.
3. If subscribers neglect or refuse
►q' take'Hheir periodicals from post
office to which they are directed they
are responsible until they have settled
their blljs and ordered them discon
tinued. ‘ "
4. If the subscriber moves to an
other place without informing the pub
lisher, and the papers are sent to the
former directions, they are held re
5. The courts have decided that
the refusing to tafce periodicals from
postoffice, Or removing and leaving1
them uncalled for, Is prima facie evi
dence of international fraud.
6. If subscribers pay in advance ,
they are bound to give notice to the
publishers, at the end of their time,
If they do not wish to continue it
otherwise the publisher is authorized
^urfcend it, the subscriber will be re
sponsible until an express notice with
■ payment of ■arrearages is sent to the
.publisher. . :V
?. The latest postal laws are' such
v that riewspaper publishers cap arrest
any one for fraud who takes a paper
gn4 refuses to pay. for i,t. Under this
•Ikw ihe tntfh; who alibivs. ,'hiJ? ‘subscript?,
Cion to run along for - some tirtve, un- ]
:pal% and- then .orders .the postmaster
u>: mark It “refused.” and has a card
sen't notifying the publishers, lays
himself liable', to, arrest and .fine, the
Motto: ;
, *‘It is no benefit to have given
me something, but it is a benefit
to have enabled me to obtain
something for myself."—Emer
. i
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T, 3
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