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“Be ye doers and not sayers only.”
R.oy R^. Reece
For Mayor
Roy R. R iece, Republican
candidate for mayor is a young
man in the prime of vigorous
manhood in whom we all have
implicit confidence. He was
reared and schooled here and his
deportment, both in public and
private life, is without a demer
it. His reputation as a business
man is unquestioned and he is a
young man of high moral worth.
Why He is The Best Man,
He is the best man because he
is allied with and a member of
the best party on earth He will
carry out those broad principles
inaugurated by the late David S.
Griffith. He stands sponsor for
progress and is one of the best
liked and most highly respected
young men in the city.
Republicans Should b® Loyal.
Every Republican should be
loyal and not lose sight of th •
important fact of having the city
remain in the hands of the Re
publican party. It is imperative
and tbe duty of every Republican
to stand firm, dotf t let petty dif
i ■m 'w** i
ferences of the past dissuade you
from voting for Reece. Our city
has started out to b'ossom, and
next year we nave our national
and state elections, also several
county elections.
Should Finish Administration.
The Republican party .should fin.
ish the adin nistration begun by
Mayor Griffith by all means—not
the democrats. Let even Ne
gro voter stand firm. Our peo
pie will be represented better
than ever before—we shall be
master. Our city is now in debt
—nothing c in restore it to its
normal place save a Republican
administration. Do you want
Will George and other men on
Washington street, to again open
their joiuts? Personally the
people have nothing to say
against Mr. Reece’s opponent,
it’s the crowd, the party he will
be influenced by. The same men
that you repudiated at the polls
on April 6th last.
Readers! it’s time for our peo
ple to again be loyal as you were
April 6. It was not Devereux you
were so tired of, but the follow,
ing: Jim Anderson’s police force
—if you support a democrat you
replace this same abominable
gang back in the city hall and in
the police station. Let us not do
so. We’ll not do so and we hope
we voice the entire wishes of the
colored and white people when
we say Roy Reece should be.
must be, and will be, the next
Get Out a Large Vote.
We hope a large vote will be
polled. Let everyone interest
himself. It is of vital importance
to each one of you that this city
be conducted by a Republican
mayor and council.
The Republicans have a two
thirds major'ty in the council,
what benefit can a man hope to
lerive from the election of John
d. McCreery ? The Republican
party has always been the most
successful party and every man
regardless of race or class has
shared better under its ruling.
We repeat, we do not want our
police force again under such
ruffians. Chief Seago has had
better police regulations during
these three months than Auder.
son had for 48 months.
L/UII t K Ul IIIC Lfnio J Ul y 1 Vi
Let us keep in memory the
date. Every Republican must be
interested. Our party shall not
lose, We cell for valiant work,
ers and Roy Reece will win. Are
you a Republican or democrat?
We ask this question to our col
ored friends If you are a he
publ.cau you have too much
principle and your patriotism is
too true for you to change your
vole even if you may be offered a
larger amount. There may be a
few but how many, who’ll be so
weak as to sell his citizenship to
itie highest b.dder. Of course if
vou are a democrat and believe
that party is better, we are not
all i.lmg to you, but do not be
purchased for a mere dollar; for
h • who can be bought may be
sold and sold cheap for cash.
Therefore in this special election
we ask the colored people espec.
tally, to be men We have no
grievance in this tight. Every,
one can not get positions, but the
party is looking to the colored
people as well as to the other's
interest and mure yet will be
What can we hope to gain by
not supporting Reece? Abso
lutely nothing. Tnerefore stand
fast and be not again entangled
with the democratic yoke of bon.
Roy Rsece an Idea.1 Young Man
In asking your support of this
young man, we have not before
had the pleasure to speak of a
more affable, congenial, amiable
man. He is efficient, not puffed
up, plain and meets all on the
same level. We feel satisfied
that the chair, so lamentably
vacated by D. S. Griffith will be
well and honorably filled by our
compatriot and home made
youug citizen, Roy R. Reece.
Decatur, News.
(Continued from last week.)
The past week has been a very
busy week among ttie colored
Quite a number witnessed the
wonderful program rendered at
the A, M. E. Church. Thursday
evening, after which refresh,
ments were served in the base
Mrs. Phillips Ray gave a pil
low contest Thursday night for
the benefit of Antioch Baptist
Church. Quite a crowd was
present. Mrs. Albert Jones
holding the lucky number receiv.
ed the pillow with great surprise
Mrs. Ray has embroidered quite
a number of fancy pieces of the
church also for the club. uSee her
at 21 West Main St. and view
the many beautiful designs.
J. A. Crocket favored us with
one of his able sermons Sunday
morning. The services were
well attended. After the sermon
we witnessed those who put on
Christ by Baptism.
M isses Beedie and Addie Cook
returned home Satuidiy after a
visit of several weeks with their
father in Missorri.
When in the city see Mrs. L.
C. Cook for best accomodation.
Mrs. Cook also has ice cream for
sale at any time at 157 W. Main
St, •
Don't forget the Forum is only
15 cents a month. Don’t borrow
it, Subscribe for it and read it
for yourself.
Mrs. C. H. Jones of Springfield
visiteu her mother, Mrs Rogati,
last week.
Miss Rummel of Clinton visited
her brotl e , Mr. Rummel on W.
King St., last week.
M iss Louise Wilson of Spring
field was the guest of friends in
Decatur Thursday,
Miss Daisy Wilkins will enter
tain the Sewing Circle at the
Antioch Baptist Church next
Thur d y af eruoor,
Entertained Friends.
Mrs. David Jackson of W Jefferson
street, entertained a number of
her friends and visitors. The night
was a triile cooler than the warm
day previous. A large crowd was
present and all seemed to havd well
spent the evening,
There is not a more high class
store with better grade Men’s
Wearings than Carlock’s.
Decision in Edwards
The interstate commerce commis
sion in a decision to-day in the case
of Georgia Edwards against the Nash
villes Chatanooga and St. Louis rail
road held that where a railroad pro
vides certain accommodations for a
first-class passenger of the white race
it is commanded by the law that
like accommodation* shall be provid
ed for negroes who have purchased
first class tickets. It hold* that in
this case it is manifest the railroad
has unduly and unjustly discrimin
ated in some particulars against col
passengers,” and orders that where
the railroad provides a wash bowl
aBd towels in the coaches for white
passengers and a separate smoking
compartment, similar accommoda
tions shall be provided for negro
passengers paying similar fare
The complainant, who has purchas
ed a first class ticket from Chata
nooga to Dalton, Ga., was removed
from a car for white persons to one
for negroes, and complained that she
was discriminated against because of
her, color and not afforded equal fa
cilities, Commissioner Lane, who
rendered the decision of the commis
sion to-day held:
“The expense of the small smok
ing compartment in the latter (the
car for white) accounts for nearly all
the difference in cost between the
two cars.”
tie noias mat me ur^aa question
of the right under the thirteenth
arid fourteentli amendments to the
constitution to segregate white and
£blorad passengers has been upheld
by the supreme court of the United
The opinion continues:
“Accepting these decisions as con
clusive upon the constitutionality of
such laws, we turn to the considera
tion of the reasonableness of such a
rule when imposed by the carrier,
and tliis we find to have been passed
upou by this commission within a
few months of its organization in the
case of Council versus Western and
Atlantic railroad company, which
was decided Dec. 3, 1887, and which
held mis separation may be cam. d
out on all railroad trains without uis
advantage to either race and with
increased comfort to both.
“Again in Heard vefsus Georgia
Railroad company, decided, Feb. 15,
1888, the commission held the sepa
ration of the white and colored pas
senhers paying the same fare is not
unlawful, if cars and accomodations
equal in all respects are furnished to
buth, and the same cars and protec
tion of passengers.
“While, therefore, the reasonable
ness of such regulation as to inter
state ‘passenger traffic is established
it by no means follows that carriers
may discriminate between white and
colored passengers in the accommo
dations which they furnish to each:
'1 he principle that must serve equ
ally well all passengers, whether
white or colored, paying the same
fare. Failure to do this is discrimin
ation and subjects passengers to un
due and unreasonable prejudice and
[ disadvantage.

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