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A weekly magazine paper devoted
|§ the Interests of the whole people.
Entered as seoond-class matter, Feb
ruary 24, 1904, at the postofflce at
Springfield, 111., under the Act of
Congress of March 3, 1879.
Nttttnmim • • • topridtn
One Year.fil.50
One Month.15c
Per Oopy. 5c
ifflCfc 3>5 1-2 l»"SUtli St Must Msli
B. L. Rogers, Editor and Manager.
WtU H. arbour, Associate Editor
aed Secretary.
B raw>.i n»»rtat£if
(Thompson Bros., • Branch Office.
lam Ik frialer tOSj 81. Stb 8L
Saturday July 13, I9u7
Listen! Keep quiet—not all rush
over each other—watermelons an
Maybe “Hilly” Mason was not dead
but only a sleeping.
Illinois is the greatest polital state
in the Union, with the probable ex
ception of New York
The election is almost sure to be
won by the Republicans, as all the
bankerc and the leading business are
on the side with that party.
If people could but get into their
heads that good done is like money
well invested, suie to bring a good
reward, there would be a m *re sten
uous effort on lhe part of the masses
to make good deeds the sine quo
non duty and their days would be
ni rj happy, their their lives more
useful and the world the beneficiary
fur that very fact.
An humorous Mississippi writer
some time ask d the delicate yei
pertinent question: “When is the
best time of year to marry and kill
hogs?’’ He was answer* d by his
equally as witty and humorous con
temporary tints: “Why cold weather
is the best time to preserve every
kind of fiesh meat.”
If Vardaman lias been “converted”
we wonder under what church creed
lias he really been “born again,” or
Is he playing po-sum to acquiesce
conscience? If you have con* tiered
the devil’s strongest ally, surely “we
have met the enemy and they art
ours ” Next is Tillman Dixon will
probably surrender when lie learm
that Tillman lias c« me through anc
exclaim, "el tu Brute..’
Candidates for the ministry in oui
hurdles are realizing more and iimri
their duly in the making * if prepar
a! ion to preacli ihe gospel and lea<
i he pe< p'e. This is evidenced b;
the fact i hat I lie g*eater Mini lx t *
them are attending school and mak
ing fiithfnl effort to prepare them
selves for the work that has beei
laid upon them. Moreover, this de
maud is increasing insomuch tha
slmuld they fail to make preparatlo
the people are no longer willing t
* give them time and attention. — IS
B. Union.
Forum promises to be one of the ver
best advertising mediums
j [No, the people do not propose to
have a lot of ignorant 'jim-jams kill
ing themselves saying nothing.
Where did these fellows get the
idea that ignorance could only reign
supreme in the pulpit. Two thirds
of them do not know what Paul was
illucidating ]
Back to the Soil and Lay Your
It is a pity that so many of our
people look with disdain upon a pure
farm life. Their desires, apparently
have been to evade the farm and
rush head-long into the cities Now
many do not like to live in small
towns and villages. Our advice is
back to the farm where the cool air
and healthy brooks flow aimlessly
on and sweet voiced birds ever sing
their holy lullabies, and lay your
foundation. The farm is where all
nations and peoples begin prosperity.
We need more farmers as a back
ground for our prosperity.
It is always the allowing of a peo
ple— their farmers. We need stock
raisers, gardeners, fit rists, horticul
turists, etc. Let young men move
to the outskirts of the city and
raise chicken and eggs. There is no
use talking, nor crying or complain
ing, we must be producers as well as
consumers. Over the southland our
people farm, a greater percentage of
them, but they are, in a great meas
ure ignorant and too extravagant
and too undiversifled in their farm
ing. Many of them raise only cotton
and will not raise en *ugli corn to
run them from year to year, nor
meat, potstoes and other feed stuffs
— lienee all their cotton casa is tak
en up to pay their “board bills,”
back to tiie woods and live easy.
- ■- —“
Raymond May Revolutionize
Domestic Sei vice Regulations.

That astute newspaper correspon
dent, of the Chicago Tribune, has
digressed long enough from politics
to take up the domestic servant
question and has treated it in all it*
phases most comhrehensively.
Raymond explains why gills pre
fer to work in a factory or shop or
store to that of the household for
the reason that, though the house
girl or cook makes much more per
week or month, than the ordinary i
store, shop or factory girl, she has
noi the freedom nor the indepen ]
dence at the latter And he avers
that, if shorter hours with a stipu
laled amount of work or regulated
for doing house work or working in
the kitchen, a much better grade of
help can be secured. People imagine
it is not honorable to work in the
kitchen, especially if they have re
ceived even a high school education,
but it is, though a person with a
high school, college or university ed
ucation, should aim to get something
else to do, in order that the mind
and bpain can harmonize with the
physical part of the being Hut it’s
no degradation and we think just as
much of you, though the kitchen
sli hi id n >t be your goal—that is you
should not acquiesc in that work but
only do that as a "coaling station,”
I soaring your mind to higher and
nobler tilings.
We encourage all young ladies to
’ not be idle—if you desire to be an
amanuensis, do any kind of work un
, til you reach your goal -if you desire
to be a musician, be one, but don’t
, sit wiili hands folded—work—go work
, in any vineyard. He said there was
r) plenty to do but the laborers were
. few.
Don’t borrow the Forum.
‘.- ~ *r
Board and Lodging House,
First class accommodations
Regular meals at regular meal
206 North 14 St.
New Telepnone, 1478.
H. TUCKER, Proprietor.
If you’re in doubt let us
lead trump to you?
is always the proper hat
never alike two seasons
together--except in price
529 North Side Square
For Fine Commercial Work
Telephone 998
“Oh, Douglas! Thou hast passed be
yond the shore,
But still thy voice is ringing e’er the
Thou’st taught thy race how high her
hope may soar,
And bid them seek the heights, aer
faint nor fall.”
Paul Laurence Dunbar on Fred
The Forum has opened a Business
Men’s Directory.—Cheap
Enough for all to
Does Good Work. Qhick Work and Prompt in Delivery.
We solicit your patronage, and make courtesy, good treatment
to all Our Motto
Don’t forget we patronize the Forum for your patronage.
Geo. Bolman, Prop.
723 E. Washington Street.
Both Phones, 207.
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Brings Instant Results.

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