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A weekly magazine paper devoted
!• the interests of the whole people.
Entered as seoond-claHS matter, Feb
ruary 24, 1904, at the postoffice at
^TingHeld, 111., under the Act of
ngress of March 3, 1879.
WKB >1*111111 • • • ftipmlw
One Year.II 50
Ons Month.15c
Per Copy.5c
•FFICE: N5 1-2 sf'SUtli St. Hwic Mali HI
B. L. Rogers, Editor and Manager.
Will H. arbour, Associate Editor
aad Secretary.
B 4- r_antiff
Thompson Bros., - Branch omce.
Inin Ik friilcr 105] Si. (lb SL
agj-——w — - srtr^z JW
Saturday August 3, U)o7
V vy m tcb depends upon the
C mduet of the person who is at
the h jau of tli * family. Indeed,
the in inners of ft family through
out depends up >11 those of the
mister. VV.ien it is understood
that a man is at the head of a
h >use, his principle and practices
soon diffuse themselves through
the house, and the piety, or the
profan^ness, the sobriety or in
temperance, the sloth or dili
gence of servants discover to the
world the nature ot that fountain
from which they flow. — N B. U
There are many white men
who are superior to Negroes hut
they are not the men who are
racing over the country denounc
ing the Negro and proclaiming
tli ir superiority. Superior peo
ple never h ive to placard them
selves. Their c induct proclaims
them —Omaha Enterprise.
Poor people are, as a rule, dis
p ’S°d to develop the luxurious
and extravagant side of life.
Tnis disposition would be lessen
ed. however, if they would n lied
that luxury is only an enticing
pleasure, a bastard mirth, which
hath honey in her mouth, gall in
her heart, and a sting in her tail.
—N. B, Union.
Prom authentic sources, the
street car conductors at Memphis
Tent)., are t iking the law in their
own hands a d shooting down
colored men at their pleasure.
We only have* to say. the colored
people shou d arm themselves
and not take it. Shoot them
down when you know you are to
he shot for naught. Tie* colored
papers should advise Negroes
not,, as much as possible, to ride
on a car. I' will nut do. Dm't
take everything. Die for your
rights. What right has the con
couductor to carry a concealed
weapon ‘anyway? Negroes are
fo i1 s if they allow those southern
scalaways to c mtinue their in
hum m and brutal practices.
One Lonesome Negro.
Atlanta Constitution.
W H. R ig *rs, the N ‘gr
in *m ier of he Bouse if Repre
sentatives from McIntosh count
will retain his seat.
By the unanimous resolution
of the committee on privilege and
elections which sat on the con
test instituted for the seat by
George E, Atwood for four hours
yesterday afternoon this decision
was reached:
At 7 o'clock last night the
committee emerged from execu
tive session with the following
resolution on record:
' R s ved, that, under the law
and evidence, the sitting member
is entitled to his seat.”
Evolution of Man.
Evolution of the human race
has claimed considerable discus
sion for many years by the re
nown anthropologists, not only
.-f America but of European coun
tries- In the development by
hypothesis, it traces both the an
imal and vegetable kingdom to
one very iow form of life; con
sisting of a minute cell, and sup
poses this cell produced by or
from inorganic matter. Darwin
held that a living being of very
simple and low organization once
obtained, all animals and plants
were evolved or developed from
it by the operation of natural
laws. Some small approach to
the physical structure of man is
suppos d to be traceable in the
humble and shelless molluses
called Ascidians, which man's
hue of ancestry ran through the
lower vertebrae, the Monotremo
tors Mammals, other orders oi
the class, and finally the Anthro
poid Apes- The evolution theory
a , 1 % r o » i I'a n t* i rurin unH pnnplirprl
into by others of his elk are pre
dicated on false hypothesis.
There is no logical ground for
the assertion that man evolved
from species of the ape or mon
key tribe, and came to his pres
ent status by development. He
was created a man from the be
ginning with all the mental and
physical powers. It is true that
these have largely developed.
But at their very creation they
were perfect. The lower animals
can ne\ e n a *h that higher civili
zation enjoyed by man. They
were not created to attain it
Man was created in the image of
God.—Christian Index.
Jamestown Exposi
tion Notes.
Prof. J. R. E. Lee, president
of the National Association of
Negra Teachers, which convenes
in Hampton August 1st and 2nd,
writes ihat there wtli be at least
500 colored teachers who will
come in a body from Hamp on
Institute to the Negro Building
on Saturday, Augu-t 3rd, Negro
Educational Day. The boat trip
across the Hampton Roads from
the beautiful grounds of the Ham
pton Institute to the Negro Buil
ding. will be one of the rare treats
connected with ibis visit of the
teachers to the historical surrou
ndings of the Hampton Roads.
Commissioner Williamson, rep.
resenting the Negro Exhibit from
the State of North Carolina, has
reqested 150 plates at ‘.he Booker
T. Washington Banquet on Sat.
urday, August 3rd. According
to this the maximum number of
1.000 plates will soou be exhaus
Parties, who do not get their pa
per Saturdays, will complain to their
carrier. X <
Board and Lodging House,
First class accommodations
Regular meals at regular meal
206 North 14 St.
New Telep ioiie, 147S.
H. TUCKER, Proprietor.
If you're in doubt let us
lead trump to you?
is always the proper hat
never adike two seasons
to^ether--exoapt in price
529 North Side Square
For Fine Commercial Work
Telephone 998
“Oh, Douglas! Thou hast passed be
yond the shore,
But still thy voice is ringing o’er the
Thou’st taught thy race how high her
hope may soar,
And bid them seek the heights, mor
faint nor fall.”
Paul Laurence Dunbar on Fred
The Forum has opened a Business
Men’s Directory.—Cheap
Enough for all to
Does Good Work. Qhick Work and Prompt in Delivery.
Wou r patronage, and make courtesy, good treatment
to all Our Motto
D »n‘t forgit we p itrouiz i the F o’urn for your pitronage.
Geo. Bol ^an, Prop.
723 E. Washington Street.
Both Phones, 207.
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Brings Instant Results.

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