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Over 20,000 Sold in Greater New York
The Greatest Razor strop of the Century
Over one million of my Razor
Strops now in use. in America
and Europe
The greatest Razor Strop of -
the centurv.
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tic process, the closest grain possible is produced. Increasing knowledge and modern science have proven, without
a doubt, that closeness of grain produces the finest cutting edge obtainable. The high standard and efficiency o
Strop is maintained by Mr. Haynes rigid system of personal inspection of every Strop during the successive stages
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Each Strop bears the name of H. C. Haynes.
Write The Haynes Razor Strop Go.
335 Broadway Street, • New York, N. Y.
Mention The Forum or send order to The Forum 305^ S. 6ih St.. Springfield, 111,
OF 1908.
By Otis Browder.—Continued.
How are we to get at this task? By
lamenting in n mournful tone, or be
led by some white man simply because
he made promises that would be next
to impossible to be fulfilled. Certainly
not. It is a wring way to find success.
Do not vote for the man that makes
such promises, but the one that will
strive to act in such a manner that
all will receive fair play regardless of
We are in a position to show other
nations that we have the right calibre
to tear down the stone wall by fighting
with arms of education, and business
enterprises of the right kind, and that
we have learned the value of a dollar.
There is an unfortunate condition of
our race, that might be compared with
a cancer in the body, which will de
stroy th« whole body if not checked in
time. That condition is, we are too
much divided, resulting from a preju
dice among us that is equal to the
white man's against us. When wre
have learned in union there is strength,
and not depend on the white man for
our daily bread, but go forth and
strive each and every one of us and
co-operate in a way that our boys and
girls will find employment among us
iand we can have it so by entering in
this great commercial world, in a
manner that will increase our financial
standing, to the place where we can
engage in business enterprises, on so
large a scale and in various lines.
Likewise can tall who are qualified find
employment, right in our midst, and
won’t have to be humiliated by asking
the white man to fulfill our demands.
The Negro race has progressed won
derfully in forty years in every line
of civilization, but there is yet much
to be accomplished. When we have
performed our best energies, and done
the duty that lieth near us, we have
learned to labor and to wait.
Mrs. Emma J. Craddock entertained
Wednesday evening, July 15, a few of
the Sunlight Social Club and a num
ber of other friends in honor of Miss
Courtney De Joie of New Orleans,
La., and Miss Ella Wilson of Canton.
111. Quite an enjoyable time was had.
Those present were the following: Mr.
and Mrs. Barksdale, Mr. and Mrs. Rob
inson, Mr. Royall, Mr. and Mrs. A. M.
WnRarm^""^Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Clark
Thompson, Mrs. Eleanor Taylor, Miss
Ella Wilson, of Canton, Mr. Gus. Mot
ley, Miss De Joie, of New Orleans,
Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Nix, Mrs. Ftge,
Miss B. Nelson, Miss Retta Davis, Miss
Mayme Smith, Mrs. Force, Mrs. Wil
kins, Effle Wilson, Mr. and Mrs.
Chandler, Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. Wm.
Osby, Detroit, Mich., Mrs. Osborn, Miss
Tola Osby. After an enjoyable pro
gram. the hostess served the following
menu: Salmon salad served in tomato
with mayonnaise dressing, olives, pick
les, saltine crackers, lemonade; 2d
course, strawberry ice cream, choco
late cake and cocoanut cake; 3d course,
peaches, salted almonds. We had a
few interesting remarks from both of
our attorneys, lawyers Royall and
Mrs. Emma J. Craddock is agent for
The Negro in Business, by Booker T.
Washington. She will call on you or
you can address her at her residence,
1951 So. lltli St.
Probably few people are aware of
the fact that Miss Lottre Brewington,
of this city, and I. C. Crittendon, late
of this city, but from Nashville, Tenn.,
are married, the ceremony having been
solemnized at Chicago some two or
three weeks ago. Miss Brewington is
quite an industrious young lady, and
was always employed, she was not
lazy, and therefore was never idle.
She comes of a respectable, quiet
family and Is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. James Brewington, 118 So. 11th
St., being the youngest child, all the
other children being previously mar
ried. Mr. Crittendon is an ideal young
man, industrious, and possessing a
bright future. He is well liked fyy all
who know him and 'held himself cir
cumspectly before the public here in
Springfield, having purchased a beau
tiful home here at 1215 So. 17th St.
over a year ago. We hope this couple
will sail on and on over the billowy
ind tempestuous sea of life without a
ripple, or jot or even a harsh word,
and that their lives will be long to
gether, and of much fruition; that all
will be serene and elysian in life, and
after death a continuation of a still
more happiness, felicity, and ecstatic
Mr. Sterling Scott has gone to Chi
~cago, where he will be employed at
the stock yards.
The District Conference of the M.
E. Church will be held at Grace M. E.
Church August 19th.
Rev. J. M. Smalley and wife and
Mrs. J. P. Roberts, were in St. Louis
Sunday and attended the corner stone
laying of the M. E. Church at Bridge
ton, suburb of St. Louis.
Miss Ella Davis, of Clarkville, Mo.,
who has been visiting here, has re
turned to her home.
W. H. Anderson, of Eastern Star
Lodge No. 25, K. of P., Riverton. E.
W. Wheeler, C. C. Lodge No. 12, City,
were attendants at the Grand Lodge
Session in Jacksonville this week. Mr.
Anderson wras a delegate.
Mr. A. L. Nickens, of Decatur, was
in the city Tuesday.
Mr. Wm. Woods and wife were in
Petersburg Sunday.
We purpose to have write-ups of
our enterprising men soon. Among
whom are, David Giles, Harry Taylor,
Mr. Hubbard, truck farmer, R. Bean,
Mr. Gains and others.
By virtue of authority vested in
me as Secretary of the Emancipation
Committee of 1907 to 1908, I do hereby
call a general mass meeting to be held
at St. John’s A. M. E. Church Tuesday
evening, July 28, 1908, at 8:00 p. m„
for the purpose of arranging plans
j and electing officers and committees
I to carry out the desires of the Ameri
can people; that is to ih'ave a genuine
celebration on Sept. 22. All churches,
lodges, clubs and business enterprises
are urged to be represented.
(Signed) BENJ. H. BELLAMY,
Cor. Secretary.
Mrs. C. H. Morgan, of South Spring
Street, bus been quite ill the past week,
but we are glad to learn Is much im
prived at this writing.
East Bound for Decatur, Clinton and al1
Intermediate points. >
•5:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m
6:00 a.m. +12:06 noon. +6:00 p.m
7:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m
+8:00 a.m. +2:00 p.m. *8:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. *9:00 p.m.
+10:00 a.m. +4:00 p.m. *11:00 p.m
Springfield A Northeastern Traction Co.
Northbound. Southbound.
Southbound for Carlinville, Gillespie,
Staunton, Litchfield. Edwardsville, Gran
ite Citv and St. Louis.
°5:00 am +9:00 am +1:00 pm +6:00 Pm
+ 6:00 am +10:00 am +2:00 pm ®6:20ppi
°6:20 am °10:20am “2:20 pm +7:00 pm
+7-00 am +11:00 am +3:00 pm +8:00 pm
+ 8:00 am +12:00 noon +4:00 pm °9:00pm
' ' +5:00 pm “11:25 pm
♦11:30 pm
“T.oeai ears. +TJmited cars, stopping
at towns only. *94eeper. {(Limited cars,
making all stops. fTBahy except Sunday.
Corrected May 4. 1908.
Cars leave Springfield for Lincoln
'-5. 7. 9 and 11 a. m.; 1. 3, 5, 7. 9 and
11 P- m.
— i >n. daily except Sunday.

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