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| and Sunday;
North and Hast Winds.
Wl. ii.
Prices That Tell!
Goods That Sell!
That’s Us!
ft.Zarst * £o„
Successors to
Telephone W. 2- West Main Street.
j >l-00
1 /ear. Qridley Bldg.
Ole Print
/ewytbiiis. |
7 k■■■-,
r > gards
a Specialty.
V. Smith. A. I. Smith.
Smith Bros,
First class work. High gra<le material.
Prompt service. Reasonable prices.
Hot Water and Hot Air Heating,
ivelty Hot Water Heaters, Clitt Edge Mot Air
u-timates cheerfully furnished n all job
Repair Work of all kinds a specialty.
'then in need of anything in the line of Hard
rc. Stoves. Steel Ranges, Cutlerj , Tools, etc.
amine their stock and prices. Place your
lie where yon will be sure toreeeiveone him
p cents in value for every dollar you expend.
foa. 33-2 q Wisconsin St., Wauwatosa.
Billiard Hall
hoarders Wanted
* —-,
Restaur?nt in Connection.
es * Main Si. „** jt Wis.
A fine line „f WALL PAPEK sampler of
all ermlPH may im seen at hit office in
wy residenee. No. 2T. North Main St.
Bivii and Surveyor.
■^~: t r r ' n v Sur "-- * i -' : -
ROOV 44 lf*C ? BLOCK,
* , Schwa iger Pharmacy wishes
to announce that they will open a
Drug Store
at the old stand near the bridge in
■Wauwatosa, May Ist, 1900, where
they will be pleased to meet their
many friends and old patrons.
Gcliwaigcr'S '***
Tar Expectorant
has no equal for
Sc h waller’s
fi. nieneitvaa * Cos.
> Painting,
| Paper Ranging, €(c.
/ V> t have on hand samples of
) Niisp. Kraus tl Kokcu's
S tine \\ ALL PAPERS, and invite inspec
fit>n of saim* hv all those desiring some*
J thing first-class in that line.
) ooed U)o*k. Prices Reasonable.
Kalamazoo Celery
Sarsaparilla Compound.
being a combination <>f the
best Blood Purifier and
Pric f . 1.00 <tr.OO
per bottle sP * for
Cor. Wauwatosa Avenue and
Ma n Mreet.
A Card.
We. the undersigned. do hereby
agree to r f the money on ;i r.n cent
bottle of Greene'.. Warranted >yrup of
Tar if it fails to cure vour cough or
cold. We also guarantee a ‘Ja-cent
l>ottle to prove satisfactory or money
■UM in G yj go's J*;iarm.u v.
A Record of Recent Events as
Reported to This
The Incoming and Outgoings of Your
Friends amt Neighbors Chronirird hy
tin* Nous’ St.,(t of Reporters anti Cor
Mrs. F. A. Butterworth is visiting’ in
Mr. Limerson, of South Dakota, is
the guest of J. E. I’hillips.
Fred Morton will occupy the Seymour
house. Church street, alter April 15th.
Miss Madge Sexton of Juneau has
been visiting Mrs. J. Is. Brand for the
past week.
Miss Bertha Marker of Hartford has
been spending a week with Mrs. I). F.
I'hilipp. 7th Avenue.
Mrs. Uhas. Rosa, of Beloit, was the
guest of her sister, Miss Harriet Cham
berlin. the early part of the week.
Chas. Farnham has sold his place on
Ist Avenue and it is reported the family
will remove to Milwaukee this spring.
Mrs. Sanford and Mrs. ltiee. 7ml Av
enue. returned T hursday from a week's
visit with their brother. John Scrcomb,
Master Karl Brunette entertained
several of his little friends at tea Sat
urday the 17th, it being bis seventh
i birthday.
Notice change in railway time table
Ito take effect March 75th. The train
I due at 11:17 going west will stop on
| s.gnal only.
Mrs. M. O. Fierce and daughter
! Adele, Greenfield Avenue, spent the
week in Chicago visiting her daughter
i Mrs. Kloise Ahrends.
The Republieansof Milwaukee, county
have nominated Judge Emil Wulbcr of
Milwaukee as their candidate for judge
of the county court.
The sermon deli vered by Rev. Theo
dore Clifton. D. 1)., of Chicago, at the
Congregational Church last Sunday
mNrtti ng tv Lu oi,, LL.ua U#* ‘ mem
ber ed.
Postmaster Landolt went to Madison
Wednesday as a delgate from the E. B.
Wolcott Post to attend the funeral of
Gen. Ilarnden, Depart ment Commander
G. A. It., for M'iseonsin.
The annual meeting of the'Wisconsin
branch of the M. B. M. 1., held in Mil
waukee on Tuesday and Wednesday of
the past week was largely attended
and was altogether a very successful
affair. A considerable number of ladies
attended from this citv.
Mr. Albert Taylor, for many years a
resident of tiiis city, but who has made
I his home in Preston. Ind., for the past
few years, suffered severe stroke of
paralysis Friday of this week and at
this writing is not expected to recover.
Mr. John 11. 'Taylor a son who resides
here left for Creston on Friday.
Wauwatosa Lodge. No. ”03, I. 0. G,
T.. will give a Dime Social at their
hall. Friday evening March 30, P.too.
All persons attending are requested to
bring a silver 1 . S. dime, the markings
of which can be plainly seen. Prizes
will be awarded to persons finding the
greatest number of articles and words
on the dime. Refreshments will be
served during the evening.
The town board of health met at the
town hall in regular meeting Thursday
evening, all members present. The
health officer reported two cases of
scarlet fever and two eases of diphthe
ria. Dr. E. C. Grosskopf presented his
resignation as health officer and re
quested that it be accepted, to take
effect at once. The resignation was
accepted.Mr. Siegfried proposed the
name of Dr. J. H. Wallace for health
officer, and upon vote of the board he
was unanimously chosen to the office,
after which he subscribed the oath of
office and entered upon the discharge
of the duties of the office.
Denth of I>r. W. H. Glanler.
I>t . w. 11. Glasier. son of Mr. and
Mrs. 11. \V. Glasier. West Main street,
died at his home in Bloomington. U is.,
ontheldth inst. of pneumon.a, after
an illness of a few days only. I)r.
Glasier was 1*; years of age and was a
lending physician, well and widely
known in the southwestern part of the
state where he had followed his profes
sion for the past 21 years. His ability
and genial qualities endeared him to
his many friends and acquaintances.
The funeral was held under the
auspices of the Masonic. Odd Fellows.
Knights of Pythias and Modern Wood
man of V merh*a societies. of which h<
was a member. < >ver a thousand peo
ple were in attendance at the services
to par their last respects to tlieir
laureate l brother and fellow citir.cn.
Nellie McClintock, Eiraica* Hairs*.
Walter ScHturr Minnie Beck.
Only five days more before vacation.
For ink drawn maps inquire of the
C. A Y. Cos.
Miss Mabel Porter is on the sick list
this week.
Mr. Hawley Visited th# high school
Thursday afternoon. |
Examinations occur! next week
Thursday and Friday. |
One of our boys is at some nursing a
tine case of the "tuurapsL"
For good ‘'sense" (?LJiiiquire of two
of the “B" history students.
How delighted our little Senior is to
see her friend hack at school.
Miss Beulah Putnarufeas been missed
from her classes during a part ’of the
Original riddle, “\jnat is sharper
than a good sharp knife for cutting
bread ?
The Senior Freshm n is in style, as
usual, although a lit! ie behind time.
The junior literature students are
now reading selections from Irving's
works. 4
Me all rqgret that Miss Boorse and
Miss Herasing havefljjibcontiuued their
work at school. |
The '‘laboratory Inner club" was re
cently entertained vital the dreams of
some of its member i.
Query—What males Walter Smith
keep looking at tb< northeast windows
in the assembly rofna?
The seinor literature class have been
very much interested as to who would
secure the "fair ijaiMy.”
The seniors wiMarnish the "Jung
frau" next week. I* They expect to read
"William Tell" text term.
Wanted, by Mbs Smith, some sort of
invention to keep the students quiet in
No. 2 during lctlraalssions.
The compos.tjgn class was a little
behind the ti,ufe and celebrated St.
Patrick's day tuyliareh 19th.
Among other enlivening subjects of
conversation i\ Mie "Girl's Dinner
C\ub” is thajt r*JLo,,Vstorics.
Percy Myerri hss become able to re
sume his sclyjol Work in part. Latin
seemed to beshis irst choice.
Misd Elizabeth Godfrey is rapidly
convalescing an* we hope ere long to
see her again anong our number.
Miss Wood wijs unable to be in school
Friday. Miss Mimic Curtis took charge
of the little people during her absence.
Frotn the disappointed looks when
i the morning sijiging is omitted it is
evident that till exercise is generally
; enjoyed.
Miss Elizabeth Godfrey is now suffer
ing with the mbasles. It seems as if
| she were liaviny more than her share
i of diseases.
| - A certain “It* boy has been heard to
remark that lie is simply delighted at
i the very thojght of vacation ! We
wonder why.
The work of the “B" history class
was pleasantly varied on Monday Im
personal reminiscences of Miss Walker's
stay in Venice.
Miss Hattie Mvan enjoys the proud
distinction of being the last person to
break right out in bright rosy spots
during school hours.
The fact of ascertain Sophomore girl
has brightened up since she has been
told that there are also others who
will have vacation soon.
The time for the Santiago play has
been fixed for April l'.Hh and ~ut.ii and
the Seniors' Declamatory Contest will
occur—who knows u lieu ?
The question is, “Is the Wauwatosa
High School to enter any field event
this year?” if so, it is time for the
boys to be going into training.
The Athletic Club has recently r< -
ceived a challenge from St. John's
Military Academy for a game of base
ball to be played sometime in May.
One day this week a visitor from
Wabash, Indiana, gladdened tiie heaits
of Mr. and Mrs. Hoke, and made them
feel as if they were back in Jloosier
The heretofore mentioned Junior of
the late-rising habit has in some unac
countable way become convinced that
there is a destiny which shapes our
What's the matter with the repre
sentatives of Prof. G. K. Smith s seiiool. 1
Anybody who' questions their ability
need only glance at this month s edi
torial staff.
One of the girl rin-uiliers of the “I)' 1
Latin class, not being very sure-footed,
thinks it very desirable to have tie
power of illumination on the labora
tory stairway a little stronger.
M hen the hell rang Wednesday noon
a close observer might have noticed a
'■ queer look in the eye of every sopho
mire. The cause was simply a test.
Last Friday witnessed a debate that
‘rivaled the Lincoln-Douglas debate. It
was the same old thing,---the Boer
question, with Nat Swan and Otto Zill
mcr oh the side of justice.
Obb of the freshman boys has expres
sed his adorat ion for a sophomore dam
sel hy presenting her with a heart so
large that she has attacked it to her
seat instead of to her bracelet.
The young ladies of the high school
are considered quite vain because of
the two mirrors in the cloak room, but
the boys have a mirror apiece, and
they use them very freely, too.
Miss Eugenia Xotz, through no de
sire of her o\\ n. is again absent from
school: this time it is her sister who is
("setting the pace" which so many
| pupils art* compelled to adopt nowadays.
First scholar, ‘‘'Which would you
) rather do, pitch hay. or go to school V"
! Second hoy. "Fitch hay." He is a
j farmer hoy and is therefore doubtless
acquainted with both sides of the
Mr. George Rogers is back in school
again working just as hard as before
he started for Washington. D. C, Why
don't he make a speech and tell the
rest of us {tour mortals what he saw in
the East ?
Any lady who thinks of purchasing a
spring suit will do well to consult with
the president of the class of 1900. ib
is an authority upon styles and fash
ions, and promises to be a second
Beuhen Bliese is another high school
pupil who has left us to accept u posi
tion in Milwaukee. Arthur Bennett is
to begin work for the Wisconsin Tele
phone Cos. on April Ist. Me wish them
both success.
White veils seem to he all the rage
this season; at least you would t hink
so were you to visit the girl's cloak
room department. Probably they are
believed to be a preventive of the Ger
man measles.
Now adays the principal employ
ment and amusement mornings, re
cesses, noons, and evenings, is the
making up of lessons. The convales
cent pupils tms keeping the teachers
busy all their spare moments.
Two of the hoys have started a flying
machine factory, and report that busi
ness prospects are bright. Everybody
should have one of t base self- propellers.
Send for catalogue! Agents wanted !
Address. Brocktvay. Hurtling A: Cos.,
Wauwatosa, Wis.
One of our advanced Latin students
| was given an opportunity on Monday
[morning to test the strength of her
vocal cords, ami her powers in that
direction led others to wonder why her
teacher is not always able to hear her
Latin recitation.
It has been observed that some of the
: members of the ••<"' class give sudden
starts, and look around nervously, as
if they had been stung bv a bee ; but
as bees are out of season this cannot be.
A reward is offered to anyone who can
explain these queer actions.
Word has been received this week ■1 i
reelly from Dr. Madden Miss Bennett's
attending physician, that her rapid re
eovery may now be considered assured.
The doctor says that we may reason
ably expect tier to it siiine her place in
school in the course of three or four
Avery serious accident happened to
one of our intelligent young men Tues
day morning while at the reading
table. By some mischance his chair
slipped, and lie fell heavily to the floor,
it was sonic minutes before lie regained
consciousness, and lie was unable to
proceed with his work for the day
from the injuries received.
Among the interesting papers on the
subject of spring, read in ' lie composi
lion class on Thursday was the follow
ing. by Harold (topers. ' A-l was read
ing, or glancing over, a paper tbe other
day 1 read about pring fashions ; and
I noticed something that will perhaps
interest the girls of this class. The
sleeves are still worn tight, and some
have bands. The new hats are perfectly
lovely this spring, and some of these
have bands also. 1 also noticed that, a
great many of the new spring dresses
have new bands, and I have been think
ingthat when all the ladies get to wear
ing these things there will he a’consid
erable amount of music in the air. An
other new die ,s i-to have sotuu piping
in it. with lace starting from the collar
and extending down to tin liouiidsr,
line. Sky ldue pink seems to be the
prevailing color : and the sleeves must
be made in a rather rough manner, for
it veins they sn- made with cuffs. I
also noticed a f*t I,a 11 expression in the
description of the dress, and it was that
they car ried it around the ends and
then straight do -n the renter and left
If you wish to know what is
going on in Town and City of
Wauwatosa read the NEWS.
** €Nrcb Announcements. $ e
Rev. John Wesley Scthkhl and, - - Minister.
Rf*Mr Service*.
Si NIVW Public Worship.
10:30 a.m.
I- m bit- School 7:00 ji. m. t'hristiau End.
‘ .30 j*. hi. • - Prayer and Praia** Service.
KEV. H.W. Pitman, Pastor.
KqtwUr Service*.
SUNDAY Public Worship.
U:Aei *. 7 :30 p.m.
lin. BihU* School.- 6:45 i> m. H. Y. P. V.
* 30 j>. m. - Pra.ver and Prulne Srrtice.
Ur.v. \Y J Patton. Pastor,
tifftular Smites.
SUNDAY Ptiblif Worship.
,0 *! a m - 7:30 p. nt.
I* in. Suntla.v School. 6:30p. m. Kpw.
* .Ml ii. in. .... Prayer Mevtbijt.
Kiev. lloUATin U atrh. . ltector.
Rtsnl.tr Stmijv Sertice*.
■j 1 a. : n i clchriilton of tin' Holi I'timmuiildn.
9' *■ a hi Mo. ninit Prajcr and Sermon,
on the ttrsi suniiay in the mcnlli, Sccoinl
OUtiiutUm HUGO a. m.
Gin. ■ Snutla.r School.
St John’s Lutheran Church.
Rev. W*. h*UEM, Pastor.
KtffiMlar Service*.
SUNDAY rnhllc Worship. 10:00a.m.
I 30 I' in. - Hnnilny SchiHil.
H *V A. r. Sir.iu.Sß. .... Pastor.
Resular Service*.
SUNDAY Public Worship - - 10 00 a ui
i :30 p.m. - - Sunday Sctioul.
it there. The latest style is the auto
mobile gown. 1 have heard of "walk
ing skirls', and the next thing 1 want
to see is one of these "ni.toinoblle
skirts." Another one that interested
me was au accordion pleated house
gown or, as 1 would call it, a "eotne-G -
me go from me." Among til! the curious
things 1 think that these are some of
the best, because nearly all the new in
ventions, ns well as old ones, seemed to
he used in the dress of 1900."
1 nder the Red Rohe, Agatha Webb,
The Celebrity, The Pride of Jcrrioo,
The Prisoner of Zcmla and other good
j reading matter on sale at Former's
I Ding More.
Don I go to town for your repairs.
\on can get it done quicker and
as cheap at W. J. Potter's.
H f> !!**.
< ill on Henry Wat-ner If yon wish to
buy, rent, sell or insure a house. Office
j over Lefeher Hro's store.
”*Do you wish to ride an easy running
J wheel, if so. order one at W. J. Pot
ters. the reliable “Sunbeam.”
Periodicals an- on sale at Koerner’s
i Drug Store as soon -is published.
W. J. Potter will open his Bicycle
Store March ?Gth, ready for repairing
Bicycles. Leave orders at store to call
i for them.
For reading matter go to Former's?
It is very hard to stand idly by and
see our dear ones suffer while awaiting
the arrival of the doctor. An Albany
(N. Y.) dairyman called at a drug store
there for a doctor to come and see his
child. I lieu very sick with croup. Not
finding the doctor in, he left word fo*
him to come at once on his return. lie
also bought a botlle of ( hainberluin's
bough Remedy, which he hoped would
give some relief until the doctor should
arrive. In a few hours he returned,
saying the doctor need not come, as
the child was much better. The drug
gist. Mr. Otto Seholz. says the family
has since recommended Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy to their neighbors and
friends until lie has a constant demand
for it from that part of the country.
For sale by Gregg’s Pharmacy.
At This Time
\ on can catch cold very easy,
bm waste time with experi
ments. for improper treatment
is equivalent to neglect. Bet
ter use
White Pine
and Tar.
it .nothing and. healing. It
is made to cure coughs and it
does it.
G regg’s
Now located in comfortable
quarters in
NO. 3.

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