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Wisconsin Tobacco Reporter
Edgerton,' - Wisconsin.
Harry Pierce was over from Milton
Saturday and Sunday.
M A Head is up from Beloit looking
after business interests.
Mahlon Bolser of Madison was a vis
itor in town one day last week.
Robert Attlesey and wife of Edgerton
were callers in town Sunday afternoon.
Mesdames C R and R C Green and H
A Head were Janesville shoppers Mon
L J Tyler and wife of Edgerton were
Sunday visitors at the home of her par
C A Emerson’s family were visitors ac
the home of her parents last Sabbath
Mrs C C Reuterskiold and Mrs T J
Van Horn were Janesville visitors Sat
D L Babcock is having a steam heat
ing plant installed in his farm bouse
this week.
L A Babcock of Milton was an over
Sabbath visitor with his brother, M J,
and family.
Mrs L C Burdick went to Janesville
Friday for a visit with her son, Dr A L
Burdick, and family.
Mrs Eliza Smith is at James Burns’
west of Edgerton, caring for the new
twins and their mother.
Roy L Coon and wife and J M Estes
and wife of Stoughton were entertained
at O L Coon’s last Sunday.
Mrs Nelson, Mrs Johanson, Julius and
Hannah Nelson, of Milton, were guests
at D L Babcock’s last Sunday.
The Willing Workers were well pleas
ed with the results of their election day
dinner, as they made $11.50 clear of all
■Mrs J M Dates received news last
Friday of the arrival of a daughter at
the home of her sister, Mrs Grace Wood
ward, at Rio, Wis.
Mr Thomas Bickle and Mrs M Aius
ley were visitors at their sister’s, Mrs O
J Palmiter’s, on Sunday. Mrs Ainsley
leaves for Cuba next week on a visit to
her daughter.
Warder Williams of Denver, Colorado,
spent Tuesday night with Albion rela
tives. He was called to Wisconsin to
attend the board meeting of Milton col
lege trustees
Emmett Crandall, who has been as
sisting M Crosley in the store, returned
to his home in Milton last week and will
be employed by H C Stewart at Milton
Junction in the future.
Mr Mont Maxson of Walworth has
been hired by M Crosley to assist him
in the store. Mr Maxson and family
will move here and occupy the house re-
C9ntly vacated by H C Stewart.
The sad news of the death of our be
loved Rev A H Lewis of Plainfield, N J,
was received here during the week. The
S D B denomination has met with an ir
reparable loss and words cannot express i
the sorrow felt by all who have seen and j
heard him and known of his life work. |
He died at Watch Hill, RI, of pneu- j
monia, and leaves a helpless wife for !
whom he has tenderly cared for many
Milton Junction
J W Smith, a traveling man for a
hardware house in Milwaukee, will es
tablish a broom factory here in a short
Dr Geo W Post was here from Chica
go Saturday to see Marion D Gray pro
fessionally. Mr Gray remains about the
E M Holston has bought an outfit for
the manufacture of fabric gloves and
mittens, and will engage in that busi
ness here.
Frank Miles, who has worked Amos
Crandall’s farm for thirteen years, has
moved into James Bullis’ house on the
Fort Atkinson road. Geo Crandall Jr
has rented the farm and is moving this
M H Ainsley bought the Peckham
place on Vernal Ave, consisting of a
house and two lots, the first of the week,
and later sold the house and one loc to
H C Stewart, who will move his family
here from Albion shortly.
Albion Prairie
Mrs S Marsden is recovering after sev
eral days illness.
Ladies Aid Society of the P M church
will meet with Mrs Wilmer Slagg next
Revival services at the P M church
this week. Rev Walker of Mineral Point
is here. You will miss it if you don’t
hear him.
All those who attended the Hallowe’en
party at S Hall’s enjoyed it. Hallowe’en
games, a witch and ghosts and fortune
telling were the order of the evening.
Light refreshments were served after
which Mrs Nasset entertained the com
pany with reading, the encore she re
ceived was an evidence of their appre
ciation. Instrumental music was fur
nished by Misses Mae Marsden, Blanche
Mabson and Norma Strouse for the en
tire evening.
H O Fadness of Christiana was re
cently operated on at the Stoughton
Surgical hospital for seniel blindness
(cataract). The operation was very suc
cessful and Mr Fadness can now see as
well as ever.
Lewis Holman of Kelowna, British
Columbia, is here visiting his parents
and other relatives. He is on hi 9 way
home from Quebec, Ottowa and Toronto,
where he had been on business connect
ed with the tobacco industry of this sec
Henry B Bennett of Old Deerfield is
one of the pioneers of this vicinity. He
is by many years the oldest blacksmith,
both in age and years of service, here
abouts. He is now 77 years old, but
works every day almost as efficiently as
in former years.
Ole Olson Tjon, an ofd settler of the
town of Pleasant Springs, died last Sun
day night at the home of his daughter,
Mrs Anna Moe, at the advanced age of
84 years, the cause of his death being
rheumatism and old age. The funeral
was held on Wednesday at the West
church, R6v Wiese officiating.
Mr Julius Johnson and Miss Nora
Kruger, both of Windsor, were married
by Rev G G Krostu at the parsonage on
Thursday, Oct 29 After the nuptial
knot had been tied the young couple re
turned to the home of the groom’s par
ents, Mr and Mrs Hans Johnson, in this
village where a wedding supper was
For the first time in three years Dr C
M Smith left his room Tuesday to go to
the polls and cast hi 9 vote. His condi
tion has been such heretofore that he
has not been able to leave his home.
Mrs Dora Chapin of Brooklyn came to
visit her parents Sunday. It will be re
membered that she was badly burned
recently by hot oil, and she has so far
recovered as to be able to get out, al
though far from being well yet. She
will remain in this city for some time.
The largest wedding ever reported in
Rock county took place last week at Or
fordville, when Cora Dell Smiley of that
village was married to William O How
ell of Footville. One hundred and fifty
guests witnessed the ceremony and the
banquet was given at the opera house,
to which every person in that village
was invited to attend.
Miss Mary Hurd, eldest daughter of
Mr and Mr3 Peter Hurd of Dunn, had
the misfortune to gash her foot a few
days ago while using a sharp axe to split
some kindling wood.
Seymour Hart of Utica has bought
the old Lawton farm of 233 acres in
Pleasant Springs of Albert Nelson for
about §17,500. Mr Nelson takes Mr
Hart’s farm of 86 acres for §IO,BOO. The
transfer goes into effect next spring.
On Tuesday next Dr Iverson will de
liver a lecture before the Dane County
Medical society oo diphtheria. The Dr
has made a great study on this disease
and has saved several patients by an op
eration, inserting a silver tube through
the windpipe, thus saving the life of the
L D Webb left Saturday for his Cali
fornia ranch at Fair Oaks, where he has
an orchard of fruits and nuts of every
description, which he will gather in on
his arrival. Mr Webb has been grub
bing out the native oaks for several
years and replanting the ground with
choice fruit trees, and will in time have
a valuable property in the golden state.
The divorce suit of Mrs Carrie Han
son of Rutland against her husband, C
A Hanson, was terminated in the circuit
court at Madison by Mrs Hanson being
granted a decree on the grounds of cruel
and inhuman treatment. Mr Hanson
made n* contest and Judge Stevens
made a decision without argument. The
defendant is worth $15,000, and Mrs
Hanson was allowed $4,500 and her costs
in action. The couple resided a short
distance north of the stone school house
in Rutland.
Starks and Jeffris h*ve dissolved par
tnership and Starks will continue the
Mr and Mrs D B Coon have moved
from their farm to the house on Plumb
street, recently vacated by George Saun
Petty thieving is being demonstrated
in Milton. A number of complaints have
come also from farmers who have lost
fowels. Herman Clarke lost about 100
some time ago and other farmers have
also contributed liberally.
Rockford authorities have secured the
identification of the corpse they found
floating in the river below Rockford Fri
day last as that of W K White, who was
employed up to two weeks ago as cooper
at the Rock County Sugar Cos.
After deliberations lasting fifteen min
utes, the jury trying the action brought
against Andrew Olson of Afton on the
charge of selling liquor without a license
returned a verdict of “guilty,” Saturday
evening. A fine of SSO and costs amount
ing to $22 52 was imposed by Judge
It is expected that nearly sixty resi
dents of Rock county, including twenty
Footville people and a large number
from Janesville, will journey on a special
car to Turtle Lake, in Barron county,
on Wednesday, Dec 9th. The following
morning the pilgrims will be driven five
miles to the farm where “Dr” John Till
makes his headquarters, there to receive
his famous plaster treatments.
C Bissel, who lives two miles east of
fndian Ford, visited Janesville Monday
morning to have a “not responsible” ad
inserted in the paper regarding his wife.
He alleges that she struck him in the
head with a hammer last Wednesday,
crushing in a small section of the skull
over the right ear, and they separated.
They have two children, aged 17 and 14
years. Mr Bissel says that the assault
was entirely without provocation.
Two boxes labeled “poultry” and
shipped from Ft Atkinson by a mythical
person signing himself “Ch Smict” to 1
Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, were confis
cated on an express car between the
Fort and Janesville by Deputy Game
Warden Peter Drafahl, Saturday noon.
The boxes were packed with fish and
contained about 120 pounds of croppies,
a fine white bass and a large pike. Four
dollars and twenty-five cents for the
state was realized in the sale of the con
fiscated game. While he has obtained
no proof, the warden is convinced from
the writing on the boxes that the ship
pers were the same parties who tried to
“run the blockade” with several boxes of
fish last winter.
A Radical Departure.
The most popular illustrated weeklies
and monthlies are produced at enormous
cost. Competition for the work of the
leading authors and illustrators has es
tablished a scale of expense that is al
most prohibitive.
Yet in addition to its many attractive
features The Chicago Sunday Record-
Herald furnishes its readers with a Sun
day Magazine which compares favorably
with the independent periodicals in
every way and has some merits peculiar
to itself. The most famous writers and
illustrators contribute to it. Fine paper
and press work and handy size make it
a pleasure to read this entertaining pub
lication which marks a radical depart
ure in Sunday journalism.
It Will Be Claimed So.
We defy the Chinese to show that
■ry 'lnvented the aeroplane 6,832
.3 ago.—Chicago News.
Raw Luugs
When the lungs are sore and inflamed,
the germs of pneumonia and consump
tion find lodgment and multiply. Foley’s
Honey and Tar kills the cough germs,
cures the most obstinate racking cough,
heals the lungs, and prevents serious re
sults. The genuine is in the yellow
package.—W. G. Atwell.
Sure Test.
A knowing person can usually tell
how many years a man has been mar
ried by the length of time he leaves
his shoes on after supper.—Newark
Watched Fifteen Years
“For fifteen years I have watched the
working of Bucklen’s Arnica Salve; and
it has never failed to cure any sore, boil,
ulcer or burn to which it was applied.
It has saved many a doctor bill,” says A.
F. Hardy, of East Wilton, Maine. 25c at
W. G. Atwell drug store.
The Groom’s Part.
When a girl gets married she is
practically the whole show. The man
only plays a sort of bridegroom obliga
to. —Chicago Record-Herald.
Winter blasts, causing pneumonia,
pleurisy and consumption, will soon be
here. Cure your cough now and streng
then your lungs with Foley’s Honey and
Tar. Do not risk starting the winter
with weak lungs, when Foley’s Honey
and Tar will cure the moßt obstinate
coughs and colds, and prevent serious
results. — W. G. Atwell.
Thought is the property cf him who
can entertain it, and of him who can
adequately place it.—Ralph W’aldo
Mind Your Business!
If you don’t nobody will. It is your
business to keep out of all the trouble
you can and you can and will keep out
of liver and bowel trouble if you take
Dr. King’s New Life Pills. They keep
biliousness, malaria and jaundice out of
your system. 25c at W. G. Atwell drug
The Time for Study.
When night hath set her silver lamp
: ■; high, then is the time for study.—
!m ii p .Tames Pailey.
Foley’s Honey and Tar clears the air
passages, stops the irritation in the
throat, soothes the inflamed membranes,
and the most obstinate cough disap
pears. Sore and inflamed lungs are
healed and strengthened, and the cold is
expelled from the system. Refuse any
but the genuine in the yellow package.—
W. G. Atwell.
For Cloughs and CoSds
Troubled with a cough? A hard cold, bronchitis, or some
chronic lung trouble? There is a medicine made for just
these cases —Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral. Your doctor knows
all about it. Ask him what he thinks of it. No medicine
can ever take the place of your doctor. Keep in close
touch with him, consult him frequently, trust him fully.
NO alCOhol in this COUgh medicine. J. C. Ayer Cos., Lowell, Mass.
Ayer’s Pills. Sugar-coated. All vegetable. Act directly on the liver. Gently laxa
tive. Dose, only one pill. Sold for nearly sixty years. Ask your doctor about them.
A Wall Paper Sale!
Prices that discount all others. At these prices
you can not afford to put your paper buying off.
40c to 50c Gold Papers at 20c and 30c
25c to 35c Papers at 15c and 20c
15c and 20c Papers at 10c and 15c
Remnants at Your Own Price.
New stock in all the patterns. No cheap jobbing
house stock, but good exclusive lines.
Yield Per Acre.
The yield per acre in pouuds Is as
follows for the principal grains, vege
tables and fruits: H<>ps, 442; wheat,
i,260; barley, 1,600; oats, 1,840; peas,
1,020; beans, plums and cherries,
2,000; onions, 2,800; hay, 4,000; pears,
5,000; grass, 7,000; carrots, 6,800; po
tatoes, 7,500; apples, 8,000; turnips,
8,420; clinque foil grass, 9,600; cab
bage, 10,900; parsnips, 11,200.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the Eus
tachian Tube. When this tube gets in
flamed you have a rumbling sound or
imperfect hearing, and when it is en
tirely closed deafness is the result, and
unless the inflamation can be taken out
and this tube restored to its normal con
dition, hearing will be destroyed forever,
nine cases out of ten are caused by ca
tarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed
condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall’s Catarrh
Cure. Send fro circular, free,
F. J. Cheeney & Cos., Toledo, O.
by druggists, 75c.
Take Hall’s Family Pills for constipation
“No Funds!”
Soon after the battle of Leipsic a
wit observed “that Bonaparte must be
in funds, for he had received a check
;n the bank of the Elbe.”
This is an Easy Test.
Sprinkle Allen’s Foot-Ease in one shoe
and not in the other, and notice the dif
ference. Just the thing to use when
rubbers or overshoes become necessary,
and your shoes seem to pinch. Soldi
everywhere, 25. Don’t accept any sub
Women in Minority in Russia.
St. Petersburg is a good place for
spinsters to migrate to, as the male
population outnumbers the female 124,-
090, and the sdme proportion exists in
oilier parts of Russia. In consequence
there is quite a commerce in brides
and many men in the provinces are
said to make money by posing as
guardians for pretty girls and selling
them at good prices.
Nature Conquers Mafn
Man can get along without his cities
and his clothes and his complicated
toois and treasures; but all his
vaunted wisdom and skill are set ut
terly at naught by the simple failure
of the clouds to drop rain. * The only
actual necessities of life are those be
stowals of nature which "were necessi
ties to aboriginal man. —Philadelphia
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the SIX
Signature of T'&ZcJ&K
Clothes Cleaned and Pressed*
Will call for and deliver orders*
Over Ash’s Store.
Cleanse* and beautifies the hair. ,
Promotes a luxuriant growth.
Never Falls to Restore Gray
Hair to ita Youthful Color.
Cures scalp diseases ft hair falling
50c, and SI.OO at Druggists
In buying Olive Oil it pays to get the best.
Star of Italy
olive on
Those threatened with consumption or
any kind of wasting disease should look
into the many merits of our Imported
Olive Oil. It has the natural rich, nutty
flavor possessed by only the pure Olive
Oil. It is dangerous and absurd to exper
iment with some of the Olive Oils on the
market, for they may be adulterations—
dangerous to any stomach.
We guarantee our Olive Oil to be posi
tively pure. Asa food and a medicine it is
unapproached for certain kinds of illness,
especially those of a wasting nature, where
pure blood forming and and tissue making
is of the first importance. Our booklet on
Olive Oil is interesting and informing.
Get a copy.
f/on'lf 11 30C bottle 60C
Edgerton, - - Wisconsin.
Blacksmith and Repairing.
Wheels Re-rubbered.
Edgerton, - - Wisconsin.
Office over Perry’s Phone No. 158
8 a. m. to 12 m. 1:30 p. m. to 5 p. m.
And by Appointment
Edgerton - Wisconsin
Fresh and Salted Meats,
Fish, Game and Poultry.
Butchering Done for Farmers
at the following rates:
Beeves, per head - -50 c
Swine, per head * SOo
Cheep, per head - - lOc
Salves per head - lOc
In Every Section of the State
have proved profitable investments and
they are not all gone yet. It is possible
to obtain a money-maker by consulting
us. Among other pieces of
Real Estate
for sale we have some bargains in large
and small farms in this vicinity. Also
some bargains in city real estate.
Edgerton, - Wis.
Real Estate Agent,
Edgerton, Wisconsin,
5000 acres of Dakota lands to sell ot
Dr. M. Iverson’s
Surgical Hospital
Stoughton, wis.
All modern operations at moder
ate prices. Cataract a specialty.
Deserving cases may get free bed.
Write or call for information.
City Steam Laundry
H. M. RAYMOND, Prop.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Telephone 37. Edgerton, Wis.
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law.
Edgbrton, - Wisconsin.
Office over Shelley’s Store.
Justice of the Peace, Court Commissioner
Notary Public. Prosecutes Pension Claims
and Claims for Increase.
Over P. O. Edgerton, Wis.
Lawyer and Abstracter of
Sutherland' Building, Janesville, Wis
Telephone Nos. >
Office in the Ladd and Holton Bloch.
Office over Tobacco Exchange Bank.
Edgerton, Wisconsin.
Edgerton, Wisconsin.
I shall endeavor to be in my office as indl
cated in the following schedule. Consultatloi
at other times by appointment.
Mornings - - - 7:30 to 8:00
Afternoons - - 2:00 to 4:00
Evenings - - - 7:00 to 8:00
Mornings - - - 8:00 to 9:00
Afternoons - - 1:30 to 2:00
Carpenter & Builder,
Edgerton, Wisconsin.
Practice Limited to the
Office Hours:—9 to 12 a. m. and 2tosp. m.
and by appointment.
Excellent hospital accommopations for pa
tients needing operation.
206 Jackman Bldg. Janesville, Wis.

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