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King’s Queer Present For a Queen.
Ia all probability the king of Daho
mey’s present of pipes and loin cloths
never reached Buckingham palace, (in
one occasion, however. Queen Victoria
had publicly to accept a gift of quit*
as embarrassing a nature. This was
In 1856, when the king of Siam sent a
mission to England. On being present
ed to the queen, who received then
seated on her throne and wearing her
crown, the envoys crawled from the
doors to her majesty’s feet on their
hands and knees and then each drew n
present from the folds of his robes.
The first object placed in the queen’s
hands was a silver spittoon.—London
Stagecoach of tho Twenties.
Brooks Bowman commenced running
an hourly stagecoach between Boston
and Roxbury on March 1, 1826. He
left the town house on Roxbury hill
every day in the week except the Sab
bath at 8, 10, 12. 2, 4 and G o'clock and.
returning, started from the Old South
church at 9. 11, 3. 5 and 7 o'clock.
The fare was 12V(> cents each way.
Her Good Advice.
They had been courting for only
four years when Silas spoke as follows;
“I think you oughter give me jest
one kiss. Sary, you know; it’s far bet
ter to give than receive.”
“You don’t say?” said Sary coyly.
‘‘Then it seems to me some folk
oughter practice what they preach!”
is almost the worst thing tor
consumptives. Many o f the
“just-as-goocT’ preparations
contain as much as 20 % of
alcohol; Scott*s Emulsion
not a drop. Insist or. having
übUll o LlilUluiUil
arising from a disordered stomach, bowels,
liver or kidneys which
will not materially benefit, or permanently
cure; this has been proven for the past 42
years. Ask your parents, or neighbors,
about SEVEN BARKS, as thousands have
testified to its merits. Don’t delay to get a
50 cent bottle at your druggist, and start
yourself on the road to complete recovery.
LYMAN BROWN, 68 Murray St, New York, N.Y.
A Remed b y e CATARRH
Ely’s Craamßalm
is quickly absorbed. 0$
Gives Relief at Once.
11 cleanses, soot hes, *.- ft' ))
heals and protects }s■-'£ffijj
•the diseased mem
brane resulting from
Catarrh and drives {£&&&;.
away a Cold in the
Head quickly, lie- gfi E*irfeDi“|s
stores the Senses of BSTO R $ <£lf SIC
Taste and fhnell. Fall size 50 cts., at Drug
gists or by mail. In liquid form, 75 cents.
Ely Brothers, 56 Warren Street, New York.
Dealers in all Kinds of
Fresh and Salted Meats
Butchering on Reasonable Terms
City Steam Laundry
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Telephone 37. Edgerton, Wis.
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law.
Edgerton, - Wisconsin.
Insurance & Collections 1
Office over First National Bank
Edgerton, - Wisconsin
Practice Limited to the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Threat.
Glasses Fitted.
Office Homy )9t012 a. m.; 2t06 p. m. |
i And by appointment .
Excellent -hospital accommodations for pa- j
tients needing operation.
Pioneer Block Madison, Wis.
______________ |
Fresh and Salted Meats,j
Fish, Game and Poultry.
Butchering Done for Fanners j
at tne following rates:
Beeves, per head -50 c •
Swine, per head -50 c
Sheep, per head - - iOc
Calves per head - -10 c
Irwin PIUS X
Whose Recent Recovery Is
Good News for All Catholics.
f' -
f '* ’y 'C' tfliibSsß
'i.'"’ : ' ' f
“lilt this mud turtle if you can,”
said O.Ross, twelve years old toC. Ellis
fifteen years old, while the two were
out hunting in Polk township, four
teen miles southeast of here. The
latter leveled a shotgun and fired, but
his aim was bad, and instead of strik
ing the terrapin he hit his compan
ion. The latter fell to the ground, then
arose to his feet and started to run,
when he dropped and died of hemor
rhage within an hour ana before the
arrival of a physician.
Five men were killel and five in
jured in the collapse of a bridge over
the Umpqua river, sixteen miles north
west of Roseburg, Ore., The bridge
fell into the river sixty-five feet below
The dead are; Wiliam Belieu, Gary
Brown, William Gardner, Peter Mc-
Farland and Wiliam Aecusta
Defects ill timber in the framework
of the bridge’s main span, on which
the ten men were working, caused the
At Hancock, Mich., in his third
accident of the kind in as many
years Patrick Driscoll, a Hancock
longshoreman, met death by falling
thirty feet from the coal run at the
Quincy Smelting Works dock to the
lake while assisting in unloading the
sailing barge Ed. M<c Wiliams In both
of Hie previous accidents Driscoll was
seriously injured.
At Flint, Mich., Harold Trum
bull, seventeen years old, whose resi
dence is believed to be 459 Alger ave
nue, Detroit, died at Hurley hospital
as the result of injuries that he sus
tained in falling under a Pere Mar
quette freight tram. One leg was
torn from the hip and other injuries
were suffered.
N. Staley and P. Kxeiger, aged four
teen, of Pittsburg, Pa., were drowned
while bathing in the Straits of Macki
nac. The bodies were recovered after
being in tlie water about twenty min
utes, but efforts at resuscitation were
futile. Bodies were taken home for in
terment by the parents of the boys
wlio were resorting here for the sum
F. S. Macy, Express messenger on
the Chicago and Southeastern line,
was instantly killed at Williams.
He was unloading a trunk when his
revolver dropped from his pocket tc
the car floor and was discharged, the
load passing through his heart. He
had been on the read three days.
Hurring to see why a charge did
not explode, Melvin Belcher, aged ten
years, of this city, put his face down
close to the powder just as It went
off and was seriously burned. Belcher
had secured one of the blank car
tridges used by the soldiers ai the
encampment here last week.
Fred Gilmore of Chicago has closed
four matines for members of his tring.
Spike Kelly, the welterweight, will
hook up with Morrie Bloom in a srhed
ule ten round bout at South Bend, Ind.,
on Sept. 26, Jank Herrihk meets Jack
Dillon at Indianapolis on Sept. 11.
Jack vVhite fights Tommy Dixon at
Dayton, 0., Oct. 4, and Billy Wagner
mixes it with Paddy Kellar at Quincy,
111., on Sept. 18.
Carl Morris, the Oklahoma “white
hope, with his wife and trainer, Con
Riley, has left Tulsa, Okla., for New
York to join his manager, F. B. Uter,
who is there completing arrangements
for Morris’ coming bout with Jim
Flynn According to Morris’ statement,
the bout will take place in September.
His sparring partners will be Joe Jean
nette, Joe Cotton end A1 Kubiak.
Golding, a Bath Beach girl,
swam from the Battery in New York
to Coney Island, fifteen miles. Miss
Golding is twenty years old and weighs
190 pounds. She has won many cham
pionships at short and middle dis
tances, but this was her first effort at
ench a long distance.
c:::m news
Dr. E. Richter, the German engineer
who was captured by Greek bandits
and held for a ransom of $225,000, has
been rescued on the Greek frontier. He
is returning to Salcniki, Turkey.
Dr. Richter was mapping on Mount
Olympus, in the wild frontier region
between Turkey and Greece, under the
auspices of a German Geographical so
ciety. when he fell into the hands of of
the brigands May 25. The capture took
place in Turkish territory. His escort
of Turkish gendarmes was killed. Let
ters from Lalois, the bandit leader, de
manding a ransom, were delivered
soon afterward by Turkish villagers.
At Springfield, 111., the quick ac
tion on the part of Governor Charles
S. Deneen saved Rufus Nelson, a
young negre, from possible death when
the executive’s automobile collided
with the youth on a bicycle. Nelson
was thrown from his bicycle only to
fall in the path of the heavy car. Just
before the machine passed over the
prostrate negro Governor Deneen,
who had leaped from his seat, dragged
Nelson out of the way of harm.
The crowded condition of the thor
oughfare caused Nelson to swerve his
wheel in such a manner it was struck
by the executive’s car.
The Hotel Frontenac at Round Isl
and, on the St. Lawrence river, hous
ing hundreds of prominent guests from
many parts of the country, took fire
and was threatened with destruction.
All guests escaped, some scanty at
tired. Unable to coup with the flames,
Round Island firemen sent an appeal
for aid to Alexandria Bay, which place
sent an engine and men to the scene.
By that time the fire had spread
throughout the Frontenac and flames
were leaping hundreds of feet into the
air, illuminating the picturesque St
Lawrence for miles around.
Chicago’s population is now 2,264,-
184, according to the announcement by
Chicago Directory company. An in
crease of 78 901 in the last year over
the federal census figures of 2,185,-
.283 was found by the canvassers who
have been working for the company.
Names numbering 28,550 have been
added to the list of residents of the
city contained in the publication and
fifty pages of new names will appear
when it comes from the press inside
c r the next two or three weeks.
Utilization of cornstalks for railroad
ties is the novel idea of T. Galt. He
expects to go to Washington next
month to lay his unique plan before
James Wilson, secretary of agriculture.
For steel railway ties, composed of
steel and blocks of w r ood. Mr. Galt pro
poses to substitute blocks made of
compressed corn stalks. If it is possi
ble to produce sufficient compression
he ! s confident that a block can be ob
tained wffiich will be more substantial
and more lasting than wood.
At Chicago, 111., Thomas Traksom
farmer, eighty years old. who Is unable
to speak a word of English, slept in
the gutter at Mencminee and Sedgwick
streets with $6,300 in his pockets.
Pedestrians finally telephoned the
police. Sewed to the inside of the
man’s underclothing the police found
$3,000 in bills of small denominations.
They also found a bank book showing
deposits aggregating $3,300.
At Tokio, Japan Count Katsura has
tendered his resignation as premier.
He recommends the appointment of
the Marquis of Saioni for the post.
The cabinet for which Count Katsura
is premier and minister of finance w r as
formed July 14, 1908. His resignation
was forecast nearly a month ago, and it
was known that many changes in the
cabinet had been under consideration.
At Washington a poor conterfeit
$5 bill on the Fort Dearborn National
bank of Chicago has been brought to
the notice of the treasury department.
The conterfeit is a photographic re
production on paper of fair quality, but
the seal has a smudged appearance.,
and the bill, in the opinion of treasury
officials, should not deceive any one
accustomed to handling money.
Andrew Toth, a Hungarian of Pitts
burgh, Pa., who has served twenty
years in the penitentiary for murder of
which he was not guilty, has sailed for
Hungary aboard the steamer Kron
prinzessin Cecelie. He is on his way
td join his wife and family and says
he intends to end his life in Hun
gary on the S4O a month that Andrew
Carnegie has given him.
The entire town of Dragon is to be
moved twelve miles as the result cf
the completion of the Uintah railway..
Dragon, now boasting 600 inhab
itants, will be moved bodily on fiat
cars to Temple, which will be the new
town. Houses, railroad shops, stores
and all are to be transported.
A special received at Madison, lad.,
from Chicago says that the Tinnis
Construction company of Pittsburg has
bought a controlling interest in the
Madison, Ind., Light and Railway com
pany. This purchase is a preliminary
step toward building the traction road
from Scottsburg to Madison.
When the postal savings bank
opens in Los Angeles, Cal., it is
to be in the charge of Mrs. B. C.
Shelton, who for years has been assist
ant superintendent of the money order
division. She was once connected
with the auditor's division in Wash
At New’ York city it is reported
that Esther Cleveland, eldest daughter
of the late Grover Cleveland, is soon
to be married to Randolph D. We3t,
son of Professor Andrew’ West of
Princeicn university
The National Hobo’s convention will
be held near the state fair grounds at
Indianapolis Oct. 1 to 4.
Who Witi Succeed to Most
of His Father's Wealth.
President Will Make Addresses
Upon Five Topics.
During bis western trip President
Taft will eak principally upon five
topics the tariff, currency reform,
arbitration treaties, reciprocity and
The tariff will occupy most of the
president's attention, as the most im
portant of these questions. Not only
will he expound his position upon the
recent tariff bills which lie vetoed, but
he will have a program of aggressive
speechmaking to gain support for the
tariff werk of the next session.
Upon the arbitration question Mr.
Taft considers, or rather realizes well,
that he has a hard fight, before him to
arouse the public to a serious study of
the pending Franeo-American and An
glo-American treaties, and he will de
vote a good portion of his speechmak
ing to stirring up support to secure
the ratification of those treaties by
fhe senate next session.
Conservation will be used in the far
western stages of his trip and on this
subject the president will enter into
a discussion of the Alaskan situation,
which will become a live issue in
Washington next year after the return
of Secretary of the Interior Fisher
from Alaska. Mr. Fisher has gone to
Alaska far the express purpose of get
ting first hand ideas on constructive
Alaskan legislation and a program of
this sort will be placed before con
gress at its session next winter. The
president will pave the way for this
work by pointing out the need of con
structive work in that field for the
safe but effective deveolpment of Alas
ka’s resources.
Admiral Has Everything from Safet)
Razor to Stallion.
Admiral Togo when he departs on
the Tambu Maru will take with him
hundreds of souvenirs of his trip tc
the United States. They range from
a Percheron stallion, the gift of F. J.
Keisel of Ogden to dainty sachet pow
ders for Mme. Togo.
Wherever the admiral has visited,
and more especially in the larger cities,
he has been given mementoes of his
trip. The gifts include practically every
kind of goods manufactured that
would permit of easy packing
and handling. In the list are safety
razors, pocket knives and edged tools,
soaps, breakfast foods, motorcycles,
books, firearms, ammunition, shoes,
candies, cookies, flour, automobile ac*
accessories and collars and neckties.
Burn City Hall in Fight Against Chol
era Precautions.
A dispatch which was sent from
Gosenza, capital of Calabria, reports a
serious condition of affairs at Verbi
caro, in the northern part of that
province. The ignorant inhabitants
have become furious against the sani
tary w’ork of the physicians and Red
Cross nurses in trying to prevent the
spread of cholera and have started
The rioters have cut the telegraph
and telephone lines, burned the city
hall and killed two members of the
Red Cross society The mob is in
possession of the town and has erect
ed barricades from w’hich it will try
to repulse attacks.
Dallas Couple Perish from Cold While
Cilrr.bing Mountain.
At Colorado Springs William F.
Skinner and wife, prominent and well
to-do citizens of Dallas, Tex., met
death on the slopes of Pike’s Peak
while attempting to walk to the sum
mit and their bodies, frozen stiff, were
found by merest accident
When about half way up they wer v
overtaken by a storm of rain, hail and
snow--, accompanied by high winds.
They w-ere insufficiently clothed and
were benumbed by the cold and ex
hausted by the climb and sat down
to rest. Death probably resulted from
heart failure
The Kind You Have. Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
,~y? --. and lias been :aade tuuler hio per
rjr , sonal supervision since its infancy.
/‘tctcAdfii Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and “ Just-as-good” are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare**
goric, l>rops and Soothing Syrups. It i* Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness, It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children’s Panacea—The Mother’s Friend.
/y Bears the Signature of
The Sind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years,
New Dresses, Skirts and Waists.
New Embroidered Dresses at $3.50
New gingham low neck, short sleeves at 1.50
New waists 49
Altman Voile skirts, regular $12.00 model, our price 7.50
Scotch mixture skirts, regular $7.00 model, our price 4.50
Fine Harris Cloth Skirt, regular $7.50 model, our price 5.00
Children’s and misses’ coats, colors, priced at $3.00 and 4.00
White Petticoats
New sample line of white petticoats, priced at savings of one-third
from 45c to $2.50.
New line of white underwear, drawers, corset covers, princess slip,
slip-over gowns, etc. A sample line priced at figures that will save
you one third.
New Muslin Underwear
AwfiOOfcQMSHiiiißaS Wisconsin.
tv *** v?v -'i
isi * Jjo s/flfiji/it *
y •■ Jr## "■! /I~H'zA
In Every Section of the State
have proved profitable investments and
they are not all gone yet. It is possible
to obtain a money-maker by consulting
us. Among other pieces of
Real Estate
for sale we have some bargains in large
and small farms in this vicinity. Also
some bargains in citv real estate.
Edgerton, - Wis.
Livery, Feed & Board Stable.
The place to get rigs
and stable your teams.
Phone No. 14 Edgerton.
Real Estate Agent,
Edgerton, Wisconsin,
5000 acres of Dakota lands to sell or
Carpenter & Builder,
Edgerton, Wisconsin.
" ,th Dr. King’s
New Oiseoverj
for CBm“ ,&.
ffl •-
LADIES a . -r
Ask your l>r^ tic for CHT-CHEC-TER’S A
Gold metallic scaled with ))
Ribbon. Take NO cxnca. Buy oF your \ /
Dragglit and ask far ( lil-CIiES-Tf a H V
DIAMOND BRAKI/ PILLS, for twenty-fr >
years regarded as Best, .Safest, Always Relir.ble*
Anrons sending a sketch and description mr
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably pnttvtabie. Communica
tions strictly confidential. '. INOBOOK on Patents
sent free. Oldest agenc y f r securing patei.i
Patents taken tbron 'h Alunn & Cos. receive
special notice , without marge, in the
Sdewtfff: American
A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest cir
culation of any '><uenttflc Journal. Terms, $3 a
yenr: four mohuis, $L Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN & Cos. 3G,8 " ad " a New York
Branch Office. £25 F St, Washington. D. C.
Cleanse? cr,d_ beautifies the^fcair-
Never Paila to Restore Gray
Han* to ita ■STouth.fi’. 1 Color.
Cures scalp diseases & hair failing.
.60 YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.

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