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Wreckage Is Only Glewto Ves
sel Torpedoed.
Both Victims of Attack Were Standard
Oil Ships—Petrolita Escapes, but
One Man Aboard Is Wounded —Aus-
trian Submarines Sink Six Supply
Ships in Adriatic.
ROME, ITALY —The American em
bassy has been informed chat the
Standard Oil steamer Communipaw
has been torpedoed and sunk in the
LONDON, ENG. The Athens cor
respondent of the Daily News tele
graphs that the Athens wireless sta
tion received an S. O. S. call from an
American ship that had been tor
pedoed. The government sent a torpe
do boat to the rescue, but by the time
the war vessel arrived only the wreck
age of the ship could be found.
This is the second American steam
er attacked by a submarine in the
Mediterranean in less than a week.
Petrolite Fired On.
WASHINGTON Word from the
cruiser Des Moines was received at
the navy department to the effect that
the American boat sending an S. O. S.
call out last Saturday off Crete was
Lie Standard Oil tanker Petrolite,
which was fired on, presumably by an
Austrian submarine. One man was
wounded, advices stated.
The dispatch came from Canea, Is
land of Crete, and reported that the
following message had been picked
up: “American steamship Petrolite,
Alexandria to New York, attacked by
a submarine this (Sunday) morning at
G: 20, longitude, 32.25 north, latitude
:’,6.8 west. One man injured, not seri
The commander of the cruiser said
he had obtained from the commander
of the Petrolite the additional informa
tion that the submarine which attack
ed the American steamer flew the
Austrian flag and “looked like a big
Sink Six Munition Ships.
VIENNA Austrian warships
have begun sweeping the Adriatic Sea
of Italian ships engaged in transport
ing arms and ammunition to the Al
banian coast for the relief of the Ser
bians. Six steamers, one fast motor
boat and several sailing vessels have
been sunk.
Missouri City Wins Over Chi-!
cap and Dallas.
ic national committee selected St. i
Louis as the meeting place of the 1916 !
Democratic national convention.
The vote on the first ballot was:
St. Louis 26, Dallas 14, Chicago 12.
Texas then moved to make it unani
mous for St. Louis and this was done, j
June 14 was fixed as the date for!
the convention.
Roger Sullivan, for many years com- |
mitteeman from Illinois, sat with the
committee holding a proxy from
Became Famous as “Hanging Judge’
of Andersonville Prison.
MEXICO, MO. “Big Peete” ;
McCullough, seventy-six years old,
“the hanging judge” of Andersonville
prison during the civil war, died at
his home in this city after a shore ill
ness of pneumonia.
McCullough sentenced six of his fel-,
low prisoners to death in the Ander
sonville stockade and personally as
sisted in carrying out the sentence.
The Union soldiers were charged with
being ringleaders in raids when they
the scanty rations of other pris
oners, their valuables, and, as McCul
lough expressed it, “they :ook our lives
when they took our gruo.”
Finds It Filled With Illogical and
Meaningless Sentences.
OYSTER BA V Colonel Roose
velt issued a long and bitter attack
against President Wilson’s message.
He finds the message to be filled
with illogical as well as meaningless
sentences which he challenges any
man, including the President, to ex
plain and asserts that the document
reveals Mr. ’Wilson a man without
convictions, who, in the present in
stance, is using words to “cover a
policy of dishonorable action.”
Italian General Dies in Battle.
ROME General Trombi has
been killed in the fighting before
Goritz, it was officially announced.
Report He Will Command
All of the Allied Forces.
Photo by American Press Association.
Friday, Dec. 3.—A Berne telegram
states that at the recent meeting of
the Austrian and German emperors
it was agreed between the rulers that
the partition of Serbia was to be con
sumated at two solemn ceremonies,
one at Nish and the other at Belgrade.
The country is to be apportioned be
tween Bulgaria and Austria.
Russ troops are reported to have en
tered Bulgarian territory.
Berlin reports 1,300 Serbs captured.
Teutons have occupied Monastir.
The demand for the recall of Cap
tains Boy-Ed and Von Papen, military
and naval attaches of the German em
bassy, by the U. S. is expected to
strain further the relations between
the two governments.
Saturday, Dec. 4.—The reports con
cerning the British reverse near Bag
dad agree, and show that without rein
forcements the British forces, outnum
bered four to one, will be in the same
position as before the campaign in
Asia Minor begun.
Roumania’s attitude still draws most
interest in the Balkans. London has
become too skeptical regarding Balkan
policies to announce anything favor
able in the declaration by Bucharest
that after Monday Roumania will com
mandeer any foreign ships in her
ports. Generally the attitude of Rou
mania is regarded as favoring the en
tente allies.
The Serbians continue to resist the
Austrian advance near the Montene
grin border. The Teutonic forces are
rounding up as many isolated units as
possible, and Berlin reports the cap
ture of 2,000 more prisoners in the
day’s mountain fighting.
Sunday, Dec. s.—An iron-clad pact
between the entente allies, including
Japan, pledges each of the signatories
not to conclude a separate peace dur
ing the present war, and when terms
of peace are discussed no one of the
five nations will demand any condi
tions without previous agreement with
the other powers.
The Rome Tribuna correspondent as
serts that the purpose of Emperor
Williams’ visit to Vienna was to se
cure Austria’s co-operation in a Teu
ton-Turco expedition into Egypt, and
that Emperor Franz Josef refused
such aid, contending that all Austrian
troops are needed to defend the west
ern front against Italy.
Slavs and Magyars in Austro-Hun-j
gary are mutinying on account of the j
Germanization of the country
A Bulgar victory over retreating j
Serbs near the Albanian border and j
the capture of 100 cannon is claimed ;
by Berlin.
Roumania has ordered all ports on
Danube in her territory closed to for- j
eign trade. The order strikes at the'
shipment of munitions to the Teuton-
Turco forces.
Monday, Dec. 6.— . The Teuton-Bulgar
drive into Montenegro, it is admitted
atpßerlin, has been temporarly halted
by the defenders.
Germany has rushed a division of
troops to Rustchuk at the Roumanian
border to meet a Roumanian concen
tration near that point. Germany is re
ported also sending heavy artillery to
the border.
Serb troops retiring for Monastir,
have passed into Greece and will fight
under General Sarrail, the French
commander in the future. This devel
opment gives a more favorable out
look for the allies in Greece.
London reports that a British sub
marine sank six Turk vessels in the
sea of Marmora.
An Austrian diver has attacked a U.
S. vessel in the Mediterranean. The
Greek government notified the U. S.
minister at Athens that a wireless
message from the vessel had been
; One British steamer was sunk in
the Mediterranean by a submarine,
but a second eluded Its assailant and
1 escaped.
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A Merciless Judge.
One Who Shows No Favor.
A merciless judge is Father Time.
Before him the weak and the wanting
go to the wall. Only the truth can
stand. For years the following state
ment from an Edgerton resident has
withstood the sternest of all tests.
J. M. Ogden, E. Fulton St., Edger
ton, says: “For more than a year I
was annoyed by pains in the small of
my back. The attacks came on sud
denly, lasting for several hours and
then disappeared, only to return again
in a few r weeks. I sometimes had
headaches and the kidney secretions
were unnatural. A few boxes of
Doan’s Kidney Pills drove every symp
tom of kidney complaint from my sys
tem and I am now enjoying much bet
ter health.’’
More than three years later Mr. Og
den said: “I haven’t had occasion to
use any kidney medicine since I took
Doan’s Kidney Pills. The benefit they
gave me has been permanent.”
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don’t sim-
Ely ask for a kidney remedy—get
loan’s Kidney Pills —the same that
Mr. Ogden has twice publicly recom
mended. Foster-Milburn Cos., Props.,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Three Types of Feet.
Three types of human feet have
been noted by a British naturalist. In
the most common designated, the L
type, the first or great toe projects
beyond the others; in the much less
frequent S type the second toe ex
tends beyond the first, as well as the
others; and in the rare E type the
first and second toes, longer than any
others, are of equal length. The S
type, which seems to be a more youth
ful form than the others, is more com
mon in females than in males.
People Ask Us
What is the best laxative? Years of
experience in selling all kinds leads us
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Itexoßg, (Stdefrftiss,
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Xmas Suggestions
f hi
t * **\
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For Sale By
Frank Ash
Edgerton, Wis.
Regular Retail
Price, $2.25
A really good paper and pen
Klfi yUsv+AJ ‘£-**o /ur/yv^Ast^y
m gw 3 'L*s*<s yOLo
Kl yrj sM ' <n * J J
jpffißjj sdUL*sGS*yhc *t*ASt*4-jpshs^e^Q^>*^
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Edgerton, . Wisconsin
[tobaccoto w-b-the NEW CUT real C* (salt brinqs out the
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... ruLL TQtH'.o
MANY men seem surprised when they find out
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