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Wisconsin Tobacco Reporter
FRIDAY, JULY 7. 1916
Marked by simplicity and impressive
ness, the marriage of Ewart O. Evans
of Genesee to Miss Gladys Clifford of
this city took place at the home of Mrs.
Gertrude Eager on Main street, Tues
day evening at 7 o’clock, Rev. Chas. E.
Coon officiating.
In the municipal court at Janesville,
Monday afternoon, Nicholas Burgeson
of this city pleaded not guilty to the
charge of petit larceny, preferred by
Byron Reese, also of Evansville. It is
alleged that Burgeson stole 24 pounds
of milk, valued at 30 cents. The case
will be tried July 18.
William Kleinsmith, age 25, residing
on a farm three miles north of Evans
ville, died in the Wesley Memorial hos
pital in Chicago, early in the morning
of June 26, after undergoing an opera
tion for appendicitis. He was taken to
Chicago Monday morning. Kleinsmith
was a prosperous young farmer and
well known in Evansville. He is sur
vived by his wife, who was formerly
Clara Malkow of Evansville, one son
Alvin, two brothers, one sister, and his
father. The remains will be sent to
Seven head of cattle belonging to F.
Woodstock, who lives on the C J.
Pearsall farm near this city, got out of
the pasture early Tuesday morning and
after going about 80 rods north of the
Main street crossing, three were killed
and one injured by being struck by pas
senger train No. 512, due here at 5:06
a. m. Mr. Woodstock refused to touch
the dead cattle, o Mr. Colton, in be
half of the railroad, sold their hides to
Eugene Williams. Mr. Woodstock val
ues his loss at $lB5. Owing to the fact
that the cattle were on the railroad
company’s property within the city
limits, it is not thought that the road
can be held responsible for the loss.
P. L. Coon is home from Lake Lin
den, Mich., where he has taught the
past year.
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Morris entertain
ed the 500 club Sunday at a picnic at
their pleasant farm home in honor of
their thirtieth wedding anniversary, the
twenty-seventh anniversary of Mr. and
Mrs. A. M. Thorpe and the twelfth an
niversary of Mr. and Mrs. W. R.
Robert Maltpress, who has been
teaching manual training in Waukesha,
was here Monday to visit his brother,
Geo. Maltpress. He is a retired mem
ber of the Wisconsin National Guards
and went to Madison to see about get
ting into the service again.
As John Cashore was alighting from
a train at Fort Atkinson his foot was
caught in some way and he was thrown
under the moving train and his left
arm was cut off at the shoulder. Mrs.
J. Cashore and his mother, Mrs. Dick
hoff, went to Fort Atkinson and Mr.
Cashore was taket. to Mercy hospital at
Milton Junction boys are sprinters.
Wednesday morning 14 of our boys ran
against teams from Shopiere, Orford
ville and Rock Prairie. Each team
started from their home town and ran
to the city hall in Janesville, each man
of the team running a half mile and de
livering the message of greeting from
the town chairman to Mayor Fathers,
to his successor in the race. The Junc
tion boys were short two men for the
full eight miles and started the race at
the seven mile mark near R. L. Cary’s.
Paul Kelly took the first lap and the
others ran in the following order: Elroy
Hinkley, Dwight Hinkley, Geo. Green
man, Myron Warner, Albert Pinnow,
Lavern Partridge, Paul Greenman,
Clarence Coon, Bernard Garthwaite,
Edwin Davy, Fred Roberts, Walter
Gasper, Carroll West. The total dis
tance was made in 39 minutes and 45
seconds, an average of a little over 2
minutes and 50 seconds for each half
mile. West made the last lap in 2:15,
the fastest in the race.
Feel mean, cross, ugly, sore at
youself and every one else. Do you
know what is wrong? Your stomach is
out of whack, Hollister’s Rocky Moun
tain Tea will put it back. Taken to
night, tomorrow be right. Don’t wait.
35c. Tea or Tablets. —M. E. Titus. •
—Do you want a UKULELE? Any
one can play one. Ukuleles or Ha
waiian guitars with self-instructors for
$7.50. —Nellie Bentley, 502 Washington
Fort AtKlnson.
The Milwaukee Deisingers bumped
shoulders with Dr. Young’s clan Sun
day and were forced to take the short
end of a4to 1 score. The game was
fast and interesting.
Maxwell Goodrich, son of Mr. and
Mrs. C. L. Goodrich of this city, is now
stationed at Fort Benjamin Harrison
with the Battery B Artillery of LaFay
ette, Ind.
Word was received here that the
three sons of the late Dr. M. F. Brew
er of this city had enlisted in the Illi
nois Light Artillery and would leave
Saturday of this week for the border.
The finding of a suit of boy scout
clothing on the banks of Rock river
near Johnson Creek Saturday leads to
the belief that a drowning took place
there. On the bank were a canoe,
green painted paddles with the name
Bleeker, a shirt, necktie, coat, shoes,
but no trousers. There was also a bag
of salt, potatoes, and other camp uten
sils. The necktie was blue and the
wearer about 16 years old. Monday
the Jefferson Boy Scouts went to the
scene and dragged the river in that
vicinity without success.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that hf
is the senior partner of the firm of F.. J
Cheney & Cos., doing business in the city
of Toledo, county and state aforesaid,
and that said firm will pay thte sum of
One Hundred Dollars for each and every
case of catarrh that cannot be cured by
the use of Hall’s Catarrh Cure.
Frank J. Cheney,
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this 6th day of December,
A. D., 1896.
( j A. W. Gleason,
j seal [
( ■ Notary Public.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken internally
and acts directly on the blood and muc
tus surfaces of the system. Send for
oestimonials, free. F. J. Cheney & Cos.
HF'Sold by druggists, 75c.
A Merciless Judge.
One Who Shows No Favor.
A merciless judge is Father Time.
Before him the weak and the wanting
go to the wall. Only the truth can
stand. For years the following state
ment from an Edgerton resident has
withstood the sternest of all tests.
J. M. Ogden, E. Fulton St., Edger
ton, says: “For more than a year I
was annoyed by pains in the small of
my back. The attacks came on sud
denly, lasting for several hours and
then disappeared, only to return again
in a few weeks. I sometimes had
headaches and the kidney secretions
were unnatural. A few boxes of
Doan’s Kidney Pills drove every symp
tom of kidney complaint from my sys
tem and I am now enjoying much bet
ter health. ”
More than three years later Mr. Og
den said: “I haven’t had occasion to
use any kidney medicine since I took
Doan’s Kidney Pills. The benefit they
gave me has been permanent.”
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don’t sim
ply ask for a kidney remedy—get
Doan’s Kidney Pills—the same that
Mr. Ogden has twice publicly recom
mended. Foster-Milburn Cos., Props.,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Should Sloan’s Liniment go Along?
Of course it should! For after a
strenuous day when your muscles have
been exercised to the limit an applica
tion of Sloan’s Liniment will take the
soreness and stiffness away and get
you in fine shape for tomorrow. You
should also use it for a sudden attack
of toothache, stiff neck, backache,
stings, bites and the many accidents
that are incidental to a vacation. “We
would as soon leave our baggage as go
on a vacation or camp out without
Sloan’s Liniment.” Writes on vaca
tionist: “We use it for everything
from cramps to toothache.” Put a
bottle in your bag, be prepared and
have no regrets. 2
Boys For Farms.
The Wisconsin Big Brothers, 41 Loan
and Trust Bldg., Milwaukee, have a
number of deserving boys who would
like to get farm jobs. Write if you
need help.
—Lost—A pair of bifocal lens lorg
nettes with gold chain and gold hair
pin attached. Return to Reporter
—Constipation causes headaches, sal
low colar, dull sickly eyes, makes you
feel out of sorts all over. Hollister’s
Rocky. Mountain Tea will banish con
stipation. Try it without fail. —M. E.
• - ■■■
Reply to Wilson’s Two Com
munications Received.
Thinks Two Governments Can Come
to Understanding Without Media
tion—Blames Americans for Carri*
zal Attack —U. S. Troops May Be
Brought to Points Nearer Border.
WASHINGTON. Secretary Lam
sing has received Carranza’s reply to
the last two American notes.
Eliseo Arredondo, Carranza’s am
bassador-designate, received the 2,000
word reply.
The note covers the following
It reiterates Carranza’s ability to
protect the American border without
the aid of the United States troops
in Mexico.
Doesn’t Answer Wilson.
It urges that the presence of Amer
ican troops is largely responsible for
the unsettled conditions and declares
their withdrawal is necessary to elim
inate a cause of friction and difficulty.
It does not. reply specifically to the
demand made in the last note for an
explanation of Carranza’s intentions,
but goes into a general discussion of
the Carrizal attack from the Mexican
Finally, it states the Mexican gov
ernment has expressed itself as to the
principle of mediation and asks the
United States to record its views, add
ing that direct negotiations between
the two governments should be suc
cessful without mediation.
Peaceful Situation in Sight.
WASHINGTON, D. C. —Events are
working toward a peaceful solution
of the Mexican problem.
Both President Wilson and General
Carranza are showing a conciliatory
disposition, the former by acts, the
’alter by the character of the commu
c!cations he is making unofficially to
this government.
Under instructions from the secre
tary of War, General Pershing, in
command of the expedition in Chihua
hua, is gradually drawing north. In
formation of this procedure has
reached Mexico City, and according
to official advices has created a good
impression in that capital.
To Leave Mexico Soon.
It is untrue that General Pershing
has geen ordered to retire to Ameri
can soil. What he has done —and it
develops he ha s acted in accordance
with specific directions —has been to
fall back and establish anew line,
running from Columbus, N. M., to a
point within 100 miles of the border.
While officials are exceedingly reti
cent, the general belief prevails that
the President hag determined to leave
Mexico within a comparatively short
time. Secretary Lansing declined to
confirm or deny the report that the
American forces are to be withdrawn.
The farthest south General Persh
ing’s main force is Dublan.
The towns of Namiquipa, Santa Clara
and Cruces have been evacuated and
occupied by Carranza troops. El Valle
is to be evacuated, if not already
Carranza Wins Delay.
General Carranza has made it clear
that it is impossible for him at this
moment formally to respond to the
American note demanding a state
ment of his intentions. He will reply
eventually, and Secretary Lansing has
acquiesced in the delay. Carranza is
anxious, however, and the authorities
are aware of his attitude, that some
sort of a solution which will be mu
tually satisfactory shall be reached
promptly. In order to maintain him
self in the presidency it is necessary
for him to insist publicly on the with
drawal of the American troops, but
he has not given any instructions to
attack except in case of an American
movement south, east or west, and
will not do so pending a discussion
between the two governments.
Child’s Mother Goes Free by Jury’s
KALAMAZOO. A jury in the
circuit court found Eva Steenard not
guilt} of murder.
The woman was arrested some time
ago upon a charge of having killed
with carbolic acid a new-born babe.
The alleged confession which the wo
man is said to have made to officers
was admitted in evidence, but appar
ently the jury disregarded it.
Missouri Lad Fires Into Her Eyes
with Blank Cartridge. .
son, fourteen years old, in a Fourth
of July celebration here, shot with a
blank cartridge pistol his eleven-year
old sister.
The sight of one eye was put out
and there is little hope of saving the
425 Men Rejected.
sas nationa 1 guard lost 425 men, of
whom eight were officers, because of
the physical requirements of the fed
eral service The First infantry regi
ment left Tuesday.
A Ruined
Tobacco Crop
Doesn’t mean a
Tobacco Grower
If the Crop was
Covered by a
Hail Policy
You cannot afford to take the risk.
The Hartford Fire Insurance Com
pany can. Let us explain this hail
policy and the record and resources
of the Company that writes it.
$5.00 per acre with the following lim
its of liability:
From date of transplanting to noon
July Ist $5.00 per acre; from July Ist
to July 10th noon $15.00 per acre; from
July 10th to Juiy 25th noon $25.00 per
acre; from July 25th to August 6th
noon s3s.ooJper acre; from August 6th
to time cut, not later than noon Sep
tember 15th, $50.00 per acre.
Wisconsin Tobacco Hail Dept.
Edgerton - Wisconsin
“That Farm Looks
People always make remarks like that when
they drive by a trimly-painted set of buildings in
the country.
Asa matter of fact; it may be that the rather
shabby place a mile back was really slightly
better land, but APPEARANCES were against
There is invariably a PROSPEROUS LOOK
that comes with the use of
This is as it should be. If PERSONAL
tidiness and cleanliness are desirable in men and
women, be sure that they are of equal importance
in respect to BUILDINGS.
And GOOD paint —such as LUCAS
TINTED GLOSS PAiNT—costs so little,
Come in TODAY, if you can, and let’s talk
over that paint problem of YOURS,
Telephone No. 370
Delivery & Dray Cos.
Edgerton, Wisconsin.
Prompt Attention to Gails
Special Service in Delivery of
Baggage to and From Trains.
For Sale!
Imperial Automobile
car; model 42; 50 h. p.
Motor is in good condition.
Splendid material for small
truck. Call No. 121, or address
106 Albion St., for inspection.
A toilet preparation of merit.
VafiSß; Helps to eradicate dandruff.
For Restoring Color and __
■"SNsj, / Beauty to Gr.->7 or i-air.
I- 60c. and >I.OO at Druggists. [
Hot Weather Needs
Sugars, Creamers, Spoon Holders, Covered Butter?, etc 10c
Tumblers- 15 varieties 2 for sc, sc, 10c
Jelly Glasses 6 for 10c
Jelly Moulds 6 for 10c
Pitchers 25c, 35c, 40c and up
Almost Everything in Glassware
Ladies’, Boys’ and Girls’ Vests 10c
Ladies’, Boys’ and Girls’ Union Suits 25c
Ladies’, Boys’ and Girls’ Stockings 10c
Children’s Dresses and Rompers 29c and 59c
Preserve Kettles and Cover —8 quart 40c
Preserve Kettles and Cover—lo quart 50c
Fruit Jar Rings—white 5c dozen
Para wax 2 cakes for 5c
Fresh Salted Peanuts, 10c lb. Everything in Candies.
BORGNIS, Edgerton.
Phone No. 72
Get Ready
now for that vacation and don’t worry about the
forgetting of things later. You know we carry a
very extensive line of

and everything needed.
While they last we are giving a regular 25 cent
Rubber Sponge for - - - lOc
Titus’ Drug Store
Opposite Postoffice
Protect Your Animals
from flies, mosquitoes, lice, mites and
vermin by using
Swift's Dairy Cow
Fly Death
Sprays easily and will not burn or discol
or thefanimars hair.
■ "’H
Sold only at The Rexall Store
Phone 204 The Rexall Store Edgerton, Wis.
• —fm? g J IP"
sss W= B=SES ot=
Phone No. 6
Are built on scientific and practical principles.
Every ounce of steel is placed where it will do
the most good.
Sufficient in strength to meet all requirements.
Any style of woven fence, barbed or smooth
wire, easily and securely attached.
Will protect stock from lightning along fence
Not damaged by fire, lightning, heat or cold.
Will not lift by frost.
Every post a good one.
Will last a life time.
Can be driven in any soil.
Uniform in size.

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