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Paragraphs of Interest to Read
ers of Badger State.
News of All Kinds Gathered From
Various Points In the State and So
Reduced In Size That It Will Appeal
to All Classes of Readers.
F. Taylor, a Rio resident, captured
a pure white robin. The eyes were
Fifteen men from Depere have
been sent from there to fill in the va
cancies in Battery A of Milwaukee.
Nearly al of the 5,000 barbers in the
state of Wisconsin have renewed
their annual licenses from the board
of health.
The largest cargo of pulpwood out of
Escanaba in the last ten years is on
the way to Green Bay. There are
3,500 cords of pulpwood in the raft,
valued at SIB,OOO.
The reunion of the 17th regiment,
W. V. 1., will be held at Depere on
July 21 and 22. It is to commemorate
the fifty-fourth anniversary of the bat
tle of Gettysburg.
H. Schlucbter, living southwest of
Berlin, was found dead with a knife
wound over his heart and a large
butcher knife at his side. He was en
gaged to be married.
New Richmond High school grad
uated the largest class in its history,
fifty-three. And for once the boys out
numbered the girl graduates, there be
ing twenty-seven boys.
Ripon will get its wish regarding
the proposed public building to
cost $75,000, the funds for which are
to be withheld and the money divert
ed to military channels.
About four thousand people—all of
Depere—gave its eight recruits a rous
ing sendoff as they marched through
the streets for three hours, headed by
the Depere city band and Mayor -Wil
Civil service examination has been
ordered to be held on July 22
for postmaster at the following places:
Nye, Miner and Winchester. Homer
J. Samson was appointed rural letter
carrier at Cameron.
The Milwaukee milk shippers’ asso
ciation, which furnishes half of Mil
waukee’s total supply of milk, has no
tified dealers there that beginning July
1, there will be a price increase of 1
cent per quart.
An order for a 10,000 ton steamer
for lake traffic for delivery in
1917 has been placed by M. A. Hanna
& Cos., of Cleveland, with the Ameri- ;
can Shipbuilding company. The new
boat, it is expected, will come out
early in June.
Senator Husting received a tele
gram from the Ripon Commercial
Club and 456 citizens asking that the j
$75,000 appropriation made by the
congress for a public building there '
be diverted to help pay for equipping
the national guard.
Two minutes after jumping into 20 i
feet of water for a swim with several !
other young men, Herman E. Fuchs, i
twenty-three years old, son of Mr. and j
Mrs. Wenzel Fuchs, Milwaukee, utter- ;
ed a groan, sank to the bottom and ;
was drowned at Pewaukee.
Otto Endres, athlete and a '
member of the University of Wiscon- j
sin track team, was supposed to rep-,
resent his school in the pole vault at :
the Wisconsin Atheletic club meet at
Milwaukee. Instead he did duty as a
pr.vate in Company M, Third infantry,
of La Crosse.
A. J. Pusch was re-elected president
of the Wisconsin Firemen’s associa
tion at the annual convention and
tourney at Juneau. Tomahawk was
chosen as the next convention city and
thirty-five fire departments competed
in the state championship contests.
Justices John B. Winslow, D.
D. Marshall, R. G. Siebecker, J. C.
Kerwin and A. J. Vinigu of the
supreme court, banquetted at Wausau
given by the Marathon County Bar
association, at which Justice M. B.
Rosenberry was the guest of honor.
Freddie Stewart, r ed 7, son cf Mr
and Mrs. F. Stewart of Wautoma, ac
cidentally fell into the millpond while
fishing and was drowned. His body
had been in the water about an hoir
when discovered. Workmen saw his
cap and fishpole floating in the ware
which led to the finding of his body
The American Writing Paper com
pany at its Depere plant has adopted
the "eight hour tour system in it? uig
mill. Three shifts of employes are
now doing the work of the two-tour
men. The men in the mill recently
organized a union. This was the las 4
paper mill in the Fox River valley to
adopt the system.
Included in the offerings at Fond
du Lac, Wis., received at the encliar
tst service at St. Paul’s cathedral was
a $5,000 check, the gift of Commodore
Elbridge of New York, donor of the
Grafton memorial chapel. Commo
dore Gerry accompanied the $5,000
with a solid silver altar set fo r use
in St. Michael’s chapel.
The mass of citizens who march
in preparedness parades are marching
for “big business,” according to Sen
ator R. M. JLa Follette in a signed
editorial in the current issue ot' his
masazine. In the “wave o? ■patriotism”
that is sweeping this country, ir the
demand of the people for “adequate
defense,” th- senior senator detects
the work sr munition makers.
Archbishop Messmer confirmed a
class of fifty-one at St. Jerome’s Cath
olic church at Oconomowoc.
W. A. Light, in charge of the Indian
reservation at Birchwood, was trans
ferred to a reservation in New Mex
Dorothy, 5 year old daughter of Wm.
Richter, was struck by an automobile
driven by S. B. Meech and killed at
W. A. Light, in charge of the Indian
reservation at Birchwoodfi has been
transferred to a reservation in New
Mexico. .
A. Osterman, Sheboygan, was crush
ed to death when he was caught in a
revolving drum in the Badger tanning
A fractured skull received just be
fore starting kept H. Nelson of Rice
Lake from going to Camp Douglas with
his company.
H. Rossow was choked to death by
Hugo Grunske on the latter’s farm,
about six miles from Oshkosh, after
he had shot Grunske.
The will of the late George Yule,
Kenosha capitalist, was filed for pro
bate in county court. The will disposes
of property valued at $390,900.
August Wesenberg, of Kewaskum
farmer, was killed when he lost
control of the auto which he was driv
ing down a hill and the car turned
Pat Lynch, at Janesville, fell asleep
on a railway track early in the morn
ing and the Chicago and North-West
ern limited struck and knocked him
twenty feet.
The school board of Milwaukee
schools on course of instruc
tion has voted unanimously to abolish
vertical writing and install the slant
system next year.
Two of the eight young Depere
recruits who went to Camp Douglas
to join Battery A of Milwaukee, have
returned. They failed to pass the phy
sical examination.
Charles Niles, the aviator who fell
at Oshkosh while looping the loop in
a war monoplane, died at St. Mary’s
hospital of hemorrhage of the brain,
due to his injuries.
H. B. Jewell, superintedent of the
schools in Janesville since 1919, has
resigned to accept a position in charge
of the Wisconsin Home for the Deaf
and Dumb at Delavan.
At the 34th reunion of the Twenty
eighth Wisconsin Volunteer infantry,
which served in the civil war from
1862 to 1865, Fred Wardrobe, of Wau
kesha, was chosen president.
Run over and crushed by the wa
gon that her father, Charles J-
Bartlett, was driving into the barn ac
their home in Pewaukee, Harriet Bart
lett, two years old, was killed
Anton Martin, before a boarding
house of people at Kenosha, commit
ted suicide at night by taking cynide
of potassium. Martin secured a quan
tity of the drug and mixed it with
Brown County Fair will give SIOO
for the use of the Depere Woman’s
club to carry on a “better babies” con
test at the county fair in August. A
free clinic will be held. This will not
be a baby show.
Miss Marion Dustrude, a student at
Lawrence college the last year, was
the winner of the Vaughn prize of $lO
given for writing the best theme for
the department of work under Dr.
Vaughn’s charge.
Archbishop Messmer officiated at
the ordination services at the Redemp
tion college at Oconomowoc Thursday,
Friday and Saturday of last week, and
was assisted by several members
of the college faculty.
Henry Boerger, a Sheboygan clerk,
office of the Phoenix Chair Company,
was found with a broken neck in an
outside cellarwav of his home at 525
North Fourth street early in the morn
ing by his aged mother.
Senator Timothy Burke, the old
est member of the Wisconsin senate
in point of years of service, has form
ally announced himself a candidate
for re-election in the district compris
ing Brown and Oconto counties.
Altoona was dry one day. At
a session of the council the night be
fore, applications for three licenses
were turned down and a solitary li
cense was issued to a municipal sa
loon. The municipal saloon was not
ready to open on time.
After holding up and robbing
two persons at Corliss, Silas Boyd, a
negro from Alabama, was shot in the
breast in a revolver duel with F. L.
Steffen and Charles Clayton, railroad
detectives. He is at a hospital there,
perhaps fatally wounded.
Director Johnson of Sheboygan con
cert band has been requested by Adjt
Gen. West to organize anew band of
twenty-five pieces for the First infan
try, W. N. G. At the federal inspec
tion of the present band sixteen men
were disqualified, making necessary
the organization of anew orchestra.
Pensions to Wisconsin people were
granted: Wisconsin speciv. the help
less child of Emory M. Stanford. Mel
rose, sl2; Eliza D. Grundke, Cedar
burg, sl2; Cornelia F. Conor, Stough
tqn, sl2; the minor of James R. Miller,
Grand Rapids, sl2; Elizabeth Halver
son, Manitowoc, sl2; Kittie E. Clark,
Bloomer, sl2; Eunice Breed, White
hall, sl2; Caroline Bluehdorn, Ther
esa, sl2.
The Milwaukee Advertisers’ club
was awarded the honor of the
Baltimore Truth trophy at the Phila
delphia convention, which is the most
important recognition which the Asso
ciated Advertisers’ Clubs of the World
have at their disposal. The trophy,
which consists of r.n immense silver
sphere representing the earth, was
won by the Milwaukee club as the re
sult of its activities in promoting
cleaner and more truthful advertising
in Milwaukee.
Department Store
Corner Stone Flour per sack $1.55
Mother’s Best Flour per sack 1.50
White Lily Flour per sack 1.45
Genuine Salt White Fish per pound 12%c
Salt Salmon per pound 12kc
Salt Trout per pound 12%c
Salt Lake Fish per pound 6c
New Potatoes, Cabbage, Cucumbers
Fresh Bakery Goods Every Day.
2 packages of Cream of Wheat for 25c
2 packages of Grapenut for 25c
2 packages of Golden Breakfast Wheat for. 25c
Pure Cane Sugar for canning.
3 packages Extra Thick Can Rubbers 25c
Fruit Jar Caps per dozen 25c
Mason Fruit Jars.
Paris Green, pound 50c
1 pound 30 cent Ozark Coffee
Call for and 7kp
1 pound genuine Tycoon Tea • vV*
( the convalescent appeals to the qoop OUDGC. }
' /i '
WHEN the tobacco satisfaction in W-B CUT
Chewing makes you all smiles inside and out
side, how can you keep from helping out a less
fortunate brother? It’s rich tobacco, chuck full of satis
faction —and the salt keeps bringing it out without so
much grinding and spitting. You need only half'sized
A 10c pouch lasts twice as long as a 20c pouch of ordinary chewing
—and dealers who want satisfied customers have it.
Made by WEYMAN-BRUTON COMPANY, 50 Union Square, New York City
Street Improvement.
Office of the Street Assessment Com
mittee, Edgerton, Wisconsin, July
7, 1916.
Sealed proposals will be received at
the office of the City Clerk until 7:30 p.
m., Monday July 31, 1916, for furnish
ing all materials and doing all the work
necessary and required to improve the
following named streets in the city of
Edgerton, Wisconsin, according to the
plans and specifications on file in the
office of the City Clerk of said city for
the inspection of bidders, to-wit:
Bids will be received upon the follow
ing types of pavements: *
One course reinforced concrete pave
ment with integral curb, and combined
curb and gutter, as per specifications
on file in the office of the City Clerk.
That part of Main street from Law
ton to a point approximately 1927 feet
south; Swift street from Fulton to Rol
lin street; and Washington street from
Albion street to Stoughton road, in the
city of Edgerton, Wis.
Work shall be commenced on or be
fore the 15th day of August, 1916, and
the whole work shall be completed on or
before the 15th day of October, 1916,
failing in which the contractor shall
pay to the city of Edgerton, as liquid
ated damages, the sum of twenty-five
($25.00) dollars per day for each and
every day’s delay in completing the
Each bidder must accompany his bid
with a contract, with not less than two
sureties who shall be free holders of
the state of Wisconsin, and shall cer
tify as to their responsibility and by
their several affidavits show they are
worth in the aggregate at least the
amount of the contract price, in prop
erty by law exempt from execution.
Surety companies approved by the
Common Council will be accepted in
lieu of personal sureties.
The said contract with sureties must
be completely executed on the part of
the contractor with the exception of
the signatures on the part of the city.
This is a positive 'requirement of the
law and must be complied with. Bids
failing to comply with the above
requirement will not be considered.
No bid will be considered that does
not contain a price for doing the entire
work as called for in the plans and
specifications. The bids will be can
vassed and considered in the aggregate,
based on estimated quantities.
All bids and the accompanying con
tract must be written on the blanks
prepared by the Cmmittee for that
purpose, and the prices should be stated
in writing and in figures.
The contractor will be required to
accept in part payment for the said
work, certificates against the lots and
Darcels of real estate benefited by the
improvement, or special improvement
bonds against the same, or the pro
ceeds of the sale of such bonds. Said
certificates to be payable on demand,
and the special improvement bonds
shall be payable in five equal annual
installments,' shall not be a general city
liability and shall bear interest at the
rate of six (6) per cent per annum pay
able annually.
Blanks for proposals and blank con-
tracts will be furnished on application
to the City Clerk. Tie bids, when the
lowest ones, will be decided by the
Street Assessment Committee.
The Common Council reserves the
right to reject any and all bids.
Mayor J. M. Conway,
J. O. Arthur,
0. J. Jenson.
Street Assessment Committee.
First publication July 7, 1916
Alaska’s Natural Submarines.
The channels of the Alaskan water
ways vary as you sail on to the north
ward. Now they widen into great
lakes; now they are rivers as narrow
as the Hudson or Rhine. At times you
pass through gorges walled by islands
and t he mainland, and at times you are
in fiords like those formed by the half
sunken Andes along western Patago
nia, near the strait of Magellan. This
part of our territory is made lip of the
heads of submerged mountains, and in
places there are great rocks as steep,
as high and as sharp as the Washing
ton monument, which come within
twenty or thirty feet of the surface.
These are terrible pinnacle rocks that
rip open the hulls of the steamers.
They are searched for and marked
with buoys by the wire drag of our
coast and geodetic survey.—Christian
Minnie’s Occupation.
“And where is your daughter Min
nie this year, Mrs. Noovo?” asked the
visitor. “Why,” said the old lady,
“Minnie wants to be a teacher in do
mestic science, and she’s taking a
course in household derangements
down at the Abnormal school.” —
A Helpful
Mrs. B. writes: “Had suffered for
3’ears with stomach disorder. Could
not eat without great distress, lost
weight and was run down. Feared
n derated stomach.
fortunately I secured a sample of
HEMO, which seemed to satisfy my
hunger, and was retained without
oistress. I immediately bought a
package and started to take it regu
larly. I continued to take it once a
cay and improved steadily. After
one year I have gained 33 pounds
cr good solid flesh and can eat any
lood with nc distress. I can rec
ommend HEMO to all sufferers
irom stomach or digestive dis
Makes a delicious food drink by
simply adding water.
\\ e suggest that you try a 50c
package with our guarantee of
Drur.^ st> _ Edgerton.
Help Your Tobacco Plants
Along With
Nitrate of Soda
Cost is L.ittle
Results Big
Heddles Lumber Cos.
Edgerton, Wisconsin.
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Detroit Vapor Oil Stove

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fashion accepted for the Spring season, 1916.
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The Newest Rheumatic Remedy
In severe cases, apply hot cloths or flannels
A Quick Relief for enlarged joints, bunions, white swellings,
bruises, strains, neuralgia, swolen muscles and cords, lumbago,
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