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Poison in Batter by Mistake,
Four Sons Die.
Mrs. O. K. Meints, Living Near Kanka
kee, 111., Rushing Things to Get to
Auction, Puts Mixture Used for Tax
idermy into Batter—Grandson Is
Fifth Victim.
KANKAKEE, ILL. Two miles
north of Danforth, near Kankakee a
mother accidentally killed four of her
sons and a grandson. They died of
poison she had placed by mistake in
the pancakes she gave them for break
The dead:
Theodore, Irvine, Mino and Fred
Meints, sons of Mr. and Mrs. O. J.
Meints; and Clarence Meints, son of
Febo Meints.
Mrs. Meints, in a hurry to get her
housework done so that she could at
tend a near-by auction sale, was bak
ing the cakes as rapidly as she could.
Observing that she would not have
enough “batter” to supply the demand
of her large family, she reached into
the pantry and took a package, which
she supposed was flour, from the shelf
Used Arsenic for “Batter.”
Then she mixed up more “batter.”
Soon as the five had eaten they be
came ill. A doctor was hurriedly sum
moned, but before he could reach the
house the victims all were dead.
Then it was learned that the mother
had mistaken for pancake flour a
chemical resembling flour, which her
husband had used in taxidermy. It
was believed to be white arsenic.
El Paso Accepts Certificates of Juarez
Health Officers.
EL PASO, TEXAS Precaution
ary measures taken by the American
and Mexican authorities prevented a
repetition of the “bath riots” at the
international bridge, when the port
was opened between El Paso and
Juarez. Proclamations were posted in
Juarez telling the people that bath
certificates issued by Mexican health
officers in Juarez would be accepted
by the United States health officers
at the quarantine station.
Entire North Atlantic Squadron
Ott New York.
NEW YORK, N. Y. The entire
North Atlantic squadron of the British
navy has been ordered into waters ad
jacent to New York, it was authori
tatively stated here.
Reports of steamship masters
brought to this port and taken to Hal
ifax caused the issuance of orders
to the squadron to search for a Ger
man raider.
From sources close to the British
consulate it was learned “New York
harbor waters” might mean any spot
on the Atlantic within 200 miles of
New York, giving color to reports of
a German commerce destroyer 200
miles off Sandy Hook
Orders were issued after masters of
various steamships had reported mys
terious ships sailing about. At least
two steamship captains declared they
were positive the vessel was a raider.
An embargo has been placed on wire
less messages reporting positions of
ships sailing under flags of the allied
Figures for Last Quarter of 1916
Show $84,506,000 Earnings.
NEW YORK ln the last quar
ter of 1916 the United States Steel
corporation, according to the financial
statement, earned a balance of $84,-
506,000 available for dividends on its
$508,302,500 common stock.
For the whole of 1916 the balance
available for common dividends was
$246,412,000, or 48.5 per cent, which
compares with 9.96 per cent earned
in 1915.
Extend Sea Bars Against Kaiser.
LONDON, ENG. The Berliner
Tageblatt, says an Evening News dis
patch from The Hague, announces a
British blockade of Helgoiai and Bight,
involving to some extent portions of
the Dutch and Danish coasts. It says
the measure is mainly directed against
the entrance and departure of German
Votes to Repeal Presidential Primary.
house by a vote of 95 to 0 decided to
repeal the presidential preference pri
mary law. The bill now goes to the
Oregon Is Bone Dry.
SALEM, ORE. Oregon’s bone
dry prohibition bill was passed by the
lower house of the legislature. The
vote was 53 to 7.
Banker Would Give U. S.
Permanent Summer Capital.
Photo by American Press Association.
Mr. Scliiff and other New York men
are urging congress to accept Shadow
Lawn, in New Jersey, where President
Wilson spent last summer, as the per
manent summer capital of the nation.
If accepted they will buy the estate
and present it to the LTnited States
as a gift.
Thursday, Jan. 25.—Three terrific
battles are in progress on the frozen
s vamps of the Riga region. La*e dis
patches from Berlin report an advance
for the Germans on both sides of the
river Aa.
Earlier in the day Berlin announced
that Prince Leopold's troops had cap
tured Russian fortified works axoug
a front of six miles, taking 1,700 pris
oners and thirteen machine guns. Fe
trograd reports yielding about a third
of a mile of ground at one point but
says a counter attack recovered other
positions .
Friday, Jan. 26.—Germans captured
French trenches on a line of a mile
about Hill 304 in the Verdun sector.
Paris reported later htat the attack
ers were driven out with great losses.
British in Asia Minor captured 1,100
yards of Turk trenches at Kut-el-
Saturday, Jan. 27.—8 y pouring rein
forcements into the Riga region,
where the Germans’ have been press
ing northward over the frozen Tirul
swamps, the Russians apparently have
stemmed for the present, at least, the
advance toward the covented Russian
Baltic port.
French failed to recover positions
gained by the Germans on the Meuse.
Sunday, Jan. 28.—Russian forces, af
ter artillery preparation, assumed the
offensive against the Austro-Germaxi
fortified position on both sides of the
Kimpolung-Jacobeni road, near the
northwestern frontier of Moldavia,
and broke through the Teutonic lines
along a front of nearly two miles.
Prisoners and much booty were taken
by the Russians.
Further attempts of the Germans to
advance on the Riga sector were re
pulsed, with heavy losses.
French troops launched a success
ful attack against the German posi
tions between Les Eparges and the
Calonne trench, on the right bank of
the River Meuse, north of Verdun.
Numerous German dead were found
by the French in the Teuton trenches
and important booty was captured.
Monday, Jan. 29.—0n the front in.
France, near Hill 304, the artillery
bombardments on both sides have
been rather severe, and grenade fight
ing also has taken place. Several Ger
man and French attacks against de
fenses broke down, with heavy cas
While Berlin says the British, in
their attacks against the Turks on the
Irak front, in Asiatic Turkey last
week, suffered heavy losses and in ad
dition met with repulse, London as
serts that Saturday and Sunday
Britishers, in attacks, gained complete
possession of Turkish first and sec
ond line trenches souhtwest of Kut-el-
Amara, on a front of 600 yards.
A Berlin dispatch states that an en
emy transport “crammed with troops”
was torpedoed and sunk in the Med
iterranean sea Jan. 25.
Democrats O. K. Revenue Bill.
WASHINGTON, D. C. The house
committee on ways and means, by a
strict partisan vote, favorably report
ed the increased revenue bill as draft
ed by the majority members and ap
proved in Democratic caucus. The
bill, which is to raise $248,000,000, was
taken up in the house today.
O. K.’s $351,000,000 Navy Bill.
WASHINGTON, D. C. The naval
appropriation bill, carrying $351,000,-
000 and providing for this year’s
share of the three-year construction
program, including three great battle
ships and one battle-cruiser, was voted
out by the house naval committee.
Steamer Laurentic Victim.
LONDON, ENG. —The British aux
iliary cruiser Laurentic of 14,892 tons
gross has been sunk by a submarine
or as a result of striking a mine, ac
cording to an official statement issued
by the British admiralty. Twelve of
ficers and 109 men were saved.
Open Your Heart Today.
Do not keep the alabaster boxes of
your love and tenderness sealed up un
til your friends are dead, but fill their
lives with sweetness. Speak approving
and cheering words while their ears
can hear them, and while their hearts
can be thrilled and made happier by
The kind things you will say after
they are gone, say before they go. The
flowers you mean to send for their cof
fins. lies tow now, and so brighten and
sweeten their homes before they leave
If my friends have alabaster boxes
laid away, full of fragrant perfumes
of sympathy and affection, which they
intend to break over my dead body, I
would rather they would bring them
now in my weary and troubled hours
and open them, that I may be refreshed
and cheered, while I need them and
can enjoy them.
I would rather have a plain coffin
without a flower and a funeral without
a eulogy than a life without the sweet
ness of love and sympathy. Let us
learn to anoint our friends beforehand
for their burial.
Postmortem kindness cannot cheer
the burdened spirit. Flowers on the
collin shed no fragrance backward over
the weary way by which the loved
ones have traveled. —Selected.
A Man’s Best Armor.
In nil intercourse no armor is so be
coming and so protective as a gentle
manly demeanor, and when we think,
how intimate, diversified, unavoidable,
indispensable, bow daily and hourly are
onr relations with our fellow men, we
cannot but become aware how much
it concerns us, for our pleasure and our
profit and for a deeper satisfaction, to
be affable and gentlemanly, and arm
ourselves with a bearing that shall be
the expression of self respect, purified
by respect for others. —George Henry
Value of Punctuality
Business and industry in this coun
try have been reduced to a system that
compels the admiration of tlie world,
yet it is doubtful if the great masses
of the people have learned in a practi
cal way the value that should be placed
on punctuality.
True, employers insist that their em
ployees be on time at their work, but
many of these same employers will fail
by .half an hoar to keep an appoint
ment and undertake to offer excuses
for their failure. A note at the bank
compels promptness because of the
consequences that may follow neglect
to give it attention, but the loss to
others by lack of punctuality may be
of a serious character.
Tlie failure of so many people in be
ing prompt in all their relations to
others probably lies in the fact that
they magnify the lack of punctuality
in others and minimize it in them
selves, thereby making way for a lax
ness that becomes a harmful habit to
all whom it affects—Pittsburgh Dis
Here’s a motto just your fit:
Laugh a little bit.
When you think you’ve trouble hit,
Laugh a little bit.
Look misfortune in the face,
Brave the beldam’s rude grimace.
Ten to one 'twill yield its place
If you have the wit and grit
Just to laugh a little bit.
Cherish this as sacred writ:
Laugh a little bit.
Keep it with you, sample it,
Laugh a little bit.
Little ills will sure betide you,
Fortune may not sit beside you,
Men may knock and fame deride
But you’ll mind them not a whit
If you laugh a little bit.
Overcoming Difficulties.
Tell me the name of one man who
has really made good without hard
ships, struggles and suffering. Any
time you make up your mind that
there is no use in further trying and
that you will wait for some opportu
nity to come along, call out the re
serves and have the whole force club
you into action. If you have any idea
that you can make a success sitting
down, while men of mental energy and
great physical strength are working
for all they are worth, you have one
more guess coming. If you are not
ready and willing to fight, and fight
hard, you are in the middle of the
stream, near the falls. It’s all easy
with you now, and will be —until you
strike the rocks. —Silent Partner.
Worth Remembering.
Let us always remember that hope in
us kindles hope in others, that smiles
beget smiles, that trust creates trust,
that goodness awakens goodness, that
love awakens love and that in unseen
but sure ways integrity, strength and
honor in us plant seeds of honor,
strength and integrity in numberless
other lives, many of whom we may
know nothing of. —J. T. Sutherland.
The Time Killer.
The idler, the lounger, the loafer—
who respects him? He isn’t decent
company even for himself. The world
has no use for him. Ho is marketable
only to the devil, and the evil one
makes him work long hours and over
time.—J. M. St.tidebaker.
Fred Toney was pitching a
game for the Cubs iu Boston
back in tbe days when Chance
was on first, Evers on second,
Tinker on short, etc. The battle
was drawing to a close. Toney
walked a man to start an inning
and another got on when Tinker
fumbled a grounder.
Batter No. 3 laid down a bunt,
and Toney never made an offer
to field it.
When the round was complet
ed and Toney neared the bench
Chance yelled out: “Why didn’t
you go after that ball? Didn’t
you know there were two on?”
Toney stared back. “How
came all them men on bases?”
he asked.
Harry Vardon, the famous English
champion, holds the distinction of be
ing the greatest golfer of all times.
Why? Simply because his game is
founded on the principle that direction
is the real secret of successful golf.
There are many who can outdrive Var
don. but no one can tell the star Eng
lishman how to get better direction.
The superiority of Vardon’s game
over Ray’s was plainly seen in their
matches in this country in 1913. Ray,
trying for distance, would invariably
outdrive his companion, only to have
his ball frequently land in a bunker.
Vardon gladly sacrificed distance for
direction, and his drive was always in
a good lie for a second shot.
} Vardon not only strives for direc
tion himself in all his tournaments,
but be advises beginners to do the
same when learning the game. “Get
direction first and gradually work for
distance” is Vardon’s valuable advice
to the novice.
Chick Evans to Teach Chicago Cubs
Batting Form.
The report that the amateur and opeu
golf champion of the United States.
Charles Evans, was going south in the
spring with the Chicago Cubs with
the express purpose of trying to teach
them anew batting stroke has caused
not a little comment, with much of it
adverse. To the dyed in the wool
Photo by American Press Association.
fan, by that meaning the chap wno
has taken all his pleasure in seeing
baseball and to whom golf is an “old
lady’s game,” the .announcement no
doubt has been hailed with jeers and
scoffing. But to the man who has
played both games, and especially to
those ball players who have achieved
success at baseball and golf, the idea
is not fanciful.
They believe the baseball swing can
be developed so that it can acquire
rightfully the term “baseball stroke,”
with success coming to the batter, but
they held the opinion that a man like
John M. Ward, James Tyng. Buck
Whittemore, Tom Stevenson. C. J. Sul
livan and others who have shone on
the ball field and who have achieved
fame as golfers might do the teaching
to advantage at the start.
Wen Ping Pen Track Star.
Wen Ping Pen. captain of the Uni
versity of Minnesota soccer team, is
one of the greatest athletes ever devel
oped in the orient. Three years ago he
won the pentathlon in the all eastern
Olympic games at Manila.
Bethlehem’s Bid on Shells
for the United States Navy
To the American People:
The Secretary of the Navy has awarded
contracts amounting to over $3,000,000
to a British bidder for 14 and 16-inch
projectiles for the Navy because of very
much lower prices offered by the Englisn
We know nothing of the basis upon which
the British bids were made, but the pub
lic is entitled to know the facts upon
vhich we ourselves bid for this work.
Two years ago we took contracts
to make 4,200 14-inch shells at a
price of $1,515,000. Up to now
not a single shell has been ac
cepted by the Government, al
though we have expended, in
wages, materials, etc., on these
orders $522,881, and we have not
received a SINGLE DOLLAR on
these contracts.
la addition, a literal interpretation ol
the contract might make ua liable for
penalties amounting to $678,016.
in the light of our experience, and hav
ing no other basis, we bid for 16-inch
shells approximately the same rate per*
pound as that which th3 Navy Depart
ment actually awarded a 14-inch shell
contract one year ago.
Bethlehem Steel Company
CHAS. M. SCHWAB, Chairman
French Operas.
The earliest operas in France were
composed by Lulli at the end of the
seventeenth century and Rameau at
the beginning of the eighteenth cen
tury, but they were little more than
imitations of the Italian style. The
basis of the French opera was laid by
Gluck in the latter half of the eight
eenth century. Meyerbeer, Rossini,
Gounod and Thomas represent the
most popular of the successors of
Gluck, with the more modern Massenet
and Carpentier.
Worms Easily Removed
Mother, if your child whines, is fret
ful and cries out in sleep, he is proba
bly suffering from worms. These par
asites drain his vitality and make him
more susceptible to serious diseases.
Quickly and safely kill and remove the
worms from your child’s system with
Kickapoo Worm Killer. This pleasant
candy laxative in tablet form quickly
relieves the trouble and your child
brightens up. Get Kickapoo Worm
Killer at your Druggist, 25c. 3
How It Would Tempt Him.
“See yon fat fowl,” whispered the
tall tramp at the water tank; “wouldst
thou enjoy him?” “Yeas,” yawned the
laziest tramp in all the states and ter
ritories, “if de engine killed him, a cy
clone whirled all his feathers off and
de lightning struck de dry grass and
baked him nice and brown, I wouldst
enjoy him, pard, yes, verily.”—Se
Stiff, Sore Muscles Relieved
Cramped muscles or soreness follow- I
ing a cold or case of grippe are eased I
and relieved by an application of Sloan’s
Liniment. Does not stain the skin or
clog the pores like mussy ointments or
plasters and penetrates quickly without
rubbing. Limber up your muscles after
exercise, drive out the pains and aches
of rheumatism, neuralgia, lumbago,
strains, sprains and bruises with Sloan’s
Liniment. Get a bottle today. At all
Druggists, 25c. 3
Frank Explanation.
It was at a private entertainment,
and a lady had just risen from the
piano. “Would you like to be able to
sing and play as I do, dear?” she
queried of a little five-year-old miss.
“No, ma’am,” was the unexpected re
ply. “And why not?” asked the lady.
“ ’Cause,” explained the small observer,
“I wouldn’t like to have people say j
such horrid things about me.”
Lingering Coughs Are Dangerous
Get rid of that hacking cough that
keeps you awake at night and drains
your vitality and energy. Dr. King’s
New Discovery is a pleasant balsam I
remedy, antiseptic, laxative and prom
ptly effective. It soothes the irritated
membrane and kills the cold germs;
your cough is soon relieved. Delay is
dangerous —get Dr. King’s New Dis
covery at once. For nearly fifty years
it has been the favorite remedy for
grippe, croup, coughs and colds. Get
a bottle today at your Druggist, 50c. 3
Habit of Health.
To acquire the habit of health it is
necessary to cultivate the habit of ex
pecting it. Cultivate, too, the habit
of cheerfulness in your daily occupa
tion, of optimism in your daily reflec
tions, of urbanity toward others, and
consideration for their rights as well
as extenuation for their failures. I
believe we should be healthy in body,
glad in heart, and aspiring in spirit.—
Constipation Makes You Dull
That draggv, listless, oppressed feel
ing generally results from constipation.
The intestines are clogged and the
blood becomes poisoned. Relieve this J
condition at once with Dr. King’s New
Life Pills; this gentle, non-griping lax
ative is quickly effective. A dose at j
bedtime will make you feel brighter in
the morning. Get a bottle today at
your Druggist, 25c. 3
Canny Edinburgh City Fathers.
Edinburgh owns several meadows,
some in the heart of the city. These
fields are put to good use. In the
spring they are hay fields, the crops
selling for very respectable sums, too,
each year. After the hay harvest is
over Edinburgh lets out the meadows
for other purposes connected with cat
tle and farming and adds a bit more (
to the money thus acquired by the can- j
ny Scotch rulers of the town. * 1
Heart r s Necessity.
Welfare requires one or two com
panions of intelligence, probity and
grace, to wear out life with —persons
with whom we can speak a few rea
sonable words every day, by whom we
can measure ourselves, and who shall
hold us fast to good sense and virtue.
Substitute for Ferns.
Ferns do not survive well in the
furnace heat of a house. Fill the
fern dish with rich earth and plant
the seed of grapefruit. Put them in
thickly and cover a half inch deep. Keep
well watered. In about two weeks
you’ll have a beautiful green center dish
which, besides adding a .touch of re
freshing color to the table, lasts all
winter with little care.—New York
Evening Sun.
Olff 80H lE$ i 0
**s%***' Su^SL
Ash your Irugglt for CHI-CHES-TER’S A
Gold metallic boxes, sealed with Blue(4#)
Ribbon. Take no other. ButoFtom W
Druggist and ssk for CIJI-CHES-T’EK 8 V
DIAMOND BUAND PILLS, for twenty-five
years regarded as Best, Safest, Always Reliable,.
Edgerton Branch
Janesville Electric Cos.
Why run the risk of loss of prop
erty by fire when a few dollars
will insure you against total
cash loss by having a policy in a
good insurance company. We
are representing some of the
best companies doing business
in the United States. 3
Big Risks
Small Ones
We are prepared to handle in
surance of any amount you
want. Do not place your insur
ance without seeing
Fresh and Salted Meats,
Fish, Game and Poultry.
Butchering Done for Farmers
ftttne following rates:
Beeves, per head -50 c
Swine, per head -50 c
Sheep, per head - -10 c
Calves per head -10 c
Kill If You Let Them.
Instead kill your Cough with DR. KING’S
NEW DISCOVERY. It heah Irritated
Throat and Lungs. Thousands in last
40 years benefited by
Dr. King’s
New Discovery
Money Back If It Fails
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