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Telegraphic Glance of Events
Through Wisconsin.
Milwaukee City Council Rescinds Per
mit Pending Probe by The Amer
ican Red Cross —Legion
Milwaukee, Aug. 4. —The Soviet Rus
sian Medical Relief association will
not be allowed to stage a tag day col
lection in Milwaukee on August 14
unless the common council finance and
judiciary committees, conferring with
the Milwaukee chapter pf the Ameri
can Red Cross, find that the cause is
a worthy one. A ref*olution introduced
by Alderman Shutkin, Socialist, Sixth
ward, to permit the tag day, was adopt
ed with several of the nonpartisan
councilmen absent and those present
not cognizant of its nature. The
American Legion took the matter of
the council’s action up through the
legion’s county central committee and
at once expressed opposition to the
plan unless it was approved by the
American Red Cross. Aid. John Ivoer
ner moved for a reconsideration of the
adoption of the resolution. Alderman
Hannifin was the only councilman to
vote against the measure when it was
adopted. Alderman Koerner declared
he did not w r ish to go on record as
voting for relief for a people who seek
to destroy governments. On reconsid
eration ihe measure was referred back
to the committees. Aldermen Hannifin,
Hase and Janicki voting with the non
partisans against the solid socialist
vote. Alderman Greene favored send
ing the measure to the committee for
investigation declaring that the Red
Cross is the proper channel through
which such work should be conducted.
“If the Red Cross approves the plan
I’ll vote for it, but not until then, for
I think the people of Milwaukee have
been called on enough to donate,” he
said. The committees were instructed
to report at the next council meeting.
Five Fined in Liquor Cases.
Milwaukee, Aug. 4. —Of six persons
indicted at the last session of the fed
eral grand jury for violations of the
liquor laws, five w’ere fined on pleas
of gpilty in federal district court and
one was released under SSOO bail.
Hugo Lencione, Kenosha, proprietor
of the Blue Taxi Cab company, was
fined S2OO for selling five cases of
whisky, valued at S7OO, to two Racine
saloonkeepers. Vincent Kuczynski, 613
Edgerton avenue, Citdahy, w r as fined
SIOO, and Ignatz Mohmadala, farmer
of Cudahy, paid a $25 fine when they
pleaded guilty to operating a still. Th
still, discovered by the Milwaukee po
lice, while on a search for some stol
en property, is alleged to have been
the largest discovered in Wisconsin.
Mohmodala, specifically alleged to be
in direct charge of the still, which it
is said was owned by Kuczynski, was.
let off with a small fine, when it was
explained that he had been hired but
the day before his arrest and had
manufactured no moonshine.
Milwaukee Imports Increase.
Milwauke, Aug. 4. —Rapid progress
of German industries and the great
demand for German made goods in
Milwaukee is given at the office of the
United States collector of customs for
the phenomenal increase of imports
into Milwaukee during the last two
months. For the month of July the
imports, most of which are said to
have come from Germany, increased
160 per cent. For the month of June,
the increase is reported at 80 per cent
over the same period of 1010. Com
pared with the month of June.: 1020,
the July increase approximates 11 per
cent. Most of the imports, it is said,
were of clothing, millinery, silvenvare
and household utensils. In comparison
with the exports from Germany but
little goods were received from allied
countries. Tobacco from Cuba, was
the heaviest single import.
I '
Estate Valued at $419,634.
Milwaukee, Aug. 4. —The estate of
the late Mary Clement Petit, wife of
L. J. Petit, is valued at $419,634.72,
according to the inventory filed here.
The largest items were stocks and
bonds including First Wisconsin Na
tional bank stock, $100,000; Liberty
bonds and war saving stamps, $168,-
643.09; and bonds of the Mihvaukee
Light Heat and Traction company,
$19,135.43. A chain of diamonds val
ued at $10,000; a “dog collar” of dia
monds, $3,800, and pearls valued at
$7,800 are among the jewels men
Doubles Cost of Speeding.
Milwaukee, Aug. 4. —A 100 per cent
jump in the cost of speeding was an
nounced in the district court by Judge
Blenski, sitting in the absence of
Page. Beginning on Tuesday, he an*-
nounced the fine for auto speeders
will be SSO, and for motorcycle speed
ers $25. Charles Harvey fined
SIOO for reckless driving, while eight
automobile speeders paid $25 fines.
$75,000 Fire at Eau Claire.
Eau Claire, Aug. 4.—Fire, which for
a time threatened the entire city as
a result of the poor water supply,
swept the yards of the John H. Kaiser
Lumber company, causing a loss esti
mated at $75,000, but which is fully
covered by insurance. A shift in the
wind saved the large saw r mill of the
company, which adjoined the lumber
Charles Ponzi, head of the Securi
ties Exchange company of Boston,
w’hose affairs are being investigated
by United States District Attorney
Daniel J. Gallagher. Ponzi, through
his company is said to have paid many
thousands of dollars to investors and
to have made more than $8,000,000 in
a year. He. asserts he has done this
by trading in foreign exchange postal
orders. /
Comptroller of Currency Williams Is
sues Review of Resources—No
Reason for Pessimism.
Washington, July 31. —“There Is ab
solutely no justification for the spirit
of pessimism and uneasiness prevalent
in business and financial circles in
many sections of the United States
Tms was the declaration of Comp
troller of the Currency, John Skelton
Williams, in a highly optimistic re
view of the financial situation as
shown by official reports from all na
tional banks on the call of June 80.
“The action of the/federal reserve
banks :n restricting extension of cred
it for unessentials and luxuries and in
encouraging increased production of
commodities most needed,” the comp
troller’s statement continues, “has
been distinctly beneficial and has, It
is believed, been a material Influence
in reducing the high cost of living far
and wide.
“Although the application of the
brakes seems to have had a jarring
effect upon some nervous systems, and
has occasioned unfounded fears of a
money panic and commercial crisis,
there are in our country, abundant
reasons for confidence and encourag
ment as to the future.”
In about two-thirds of the reserve
and central reserve cities there has
been a distinct tendency tenvards liq
uidation and reduction in bank loans.
Comptroller Williams states. Increases
in loans were confined almost ex
clusively to the Eastern and Cleveland
“The reduction ih loans has natural
ly been accompanied by a decline in
deposits,” it is explained, “but the ag
gregate of bank resources at this time
is still at high level, and the nation
al banks of the country are in a par
ticularly strong and well-fortified po
Chicago Millionaire Convicted on Sedi
tion Charge—Gets One to
Ten Years.
Chicago, Aug. 3. —William Bross
Lloyd, millionaire socialist and 19 as
sociates, were convicted in criminal
court of sedition. The conviction was
by a jury under the new minors stat
ute which makes sedition a felony.
Lloyd’s unishment was fixed at from
one to ten years in the penitentiary
and a fine of $2,000.
Osaka Chamber of Commerce Adopts
Resolution Condemning American
Shipping Regulations.
Osaka. Japan, July 31. —The cham
ber of commerce adopted a resolution
declaring the American shipping law
to be economic imperialism under
which foreign steamers and especially
Japanese are treated unfair. The
resolution says the law’ is tantamount
to a proclamation of economic war on
Woodriver, Madison County, With
3,476, Shows 403 Per Cent Gain—
Highest in United States.
Washington, Aug. 3. —Woodriver, In
Madison county, Illinois, wdiose popu
lation w r as announced by the census
bureau as 3,478, has shown an in
crease of 403.81 per cent during the
last ten years.
U. S. Gets Oil at sl.lO to $2.30.
Washington, D. C., July 30.—The
shipping board announced acceptance
of three bids for supplying a total of
10,125,000 barrels of fuel oil for gov
ernment tankers. Prices ranged from
sl.lO to $2.30 a barrel, the board
agreeing to charter to the bidders nec
essary tank steamer transportation at
a monthly rate of $6.50 per deadweight
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