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Breakdown of the Prohibition
Act Gives Harding Fear.
President and His Advisers Meet to
TaJk of Enforcement Failure —May
Appeal to Public for
Washington, Nov. 25.—Complete
breakdown in liquor law enforcement,
bringing with it a contempt for all
law' and, graver still, a lack of full
measured respect for American insti
tutions, is giving President Harding
and other administration leaders
grave concern. The entire time of
the cabinet session Friday was given
to consideration of the failure to make
the country measurably dry.
Holds People Accountable.
The cabinet concluded that the peo
ple were to be held accountable for
the failure rather than the law. An
official statement made after the cab
inet meeting as to the situation
throughout the country as far as pro
hibition is concerned created a mild
sensation in Washington because it
was so in contrast with official an
nouncements made over a long period
of months by Prohibition Commission
er Haynes, which in every instance
proclaimed a growing respect for the
law' and an increase in sentiment for
law enforcement.
Concerned by Disregard.
The concern of the President and
his advisers is primarily with the
menace to the country seen in the dis
regard for the prohibition law by
otherwise law-abiding citizens.
The cabinet discussed w'ays and
means of strengthening law enforce
ment and regard for the prohibition
laws and the eighteenth amendment.
The conclusion was that some form
of appeal to the people was neces
sary. A means is being sought to get
the support and help of the conscience
driven, government-loving members of
the community that they will not per
mit or countenance violation of the
liquor laws any more than other laws.
Reported Klan Invaded Capitol at
Washington in Full Regalia—Con
gressman Demands Probe.
Washington, Nov. 25. —Congression-
al investigation of published reports
that the Ku Klux Klan had invaded
the United States capitol building and
in full regalia staged an initiation cere
mony was demanded by Representa
tive John W. Rainey, Illinois.
He introduced a joint resolution pro
viding for an investigating committee
of three senators and four members of
the house. The committee would in
quire also into assertions that the
state, war and navy and other gov
ernment buildings have been made use
or for klan ceremonies.
Federal Control Must Continue Until
January 1, the President Tells
Director C. 8. Spens.
Washington, Nov. 25. —Federal con
trol of coal distribution must be con
tinued until January 1, President
Harding decided. C. S. Spens, fed
eral fuel distributor, called on the
President to resign his office, but after
discussing the situation agreed to re
main in service until that date and
to continue in effect the present su
pervision or a modification of it until
the first of the year.
lowa Preacher-Sheriff Springs the
Trap on Second Murderer
Since Taking Office.
Fort Madison, la., Nov. 25. —Sheriff
W. E. Robb, former pastor, performed
his second legal execution, springing
the trap hanging Orrie Cross, con
victed slayer of George Fosdick, a Des
Moines grocer. Eugene Weeks, who
was implicated in the murder of Fos
dick, was hanged by the former pastor
September 15.
President Decides Not to Reappoint
Head of the Federal
Reserve Board.
Washington, Nov. 25. Following
the filing of formal protests by mem
bers of the senate farm bloc against
the reappointment of W. P. G. Hard
ing as governor of the Federal Re
serve board. President Harding has
assured members of the bloc that he
will defer to their wishes and will not
reappoint Mr. Harding.
New Counterfeit $lO Federal Note Is
Warned Against by Nev>
York Banks-
New York, Nov. 23.—After several
months of Inactivity bogus money
makers are again at work, and so far
as can be learned their present base
of operations is in Canada. The New
York Federal Reserve bank warns of
the appearance of anew counterfeit
SU) Federal Reserve bill
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Coming to
Janesville and Madison
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in internal medicine for the past
twenty years
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Thursday, December 7th at
Grand Hotel, Janesville and
on Tuesday, December sth at
Monona Hotel, Madison,
from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.
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chronic appendicitis, gall stones,
ulcers of the stomach or other
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Married ladies must come with
their husbands, and children with
their parents.
Address: Medical Laboratory of
Dr. Doran, 335-336 Boston Block,
Minneapolis, Minn.
Eagles Change Color.
The young eagle is clothed in three
kinds of garments before it reaches
maturity. During the first year it is
black, the second year slate-colored,
the third year brown and white. It
might be said that the bald-headed
eagle is not bald. It is so called from
the white ruff of feathers about its
head. The three different appearances
of the young eagle one time provoked
a strange misunderstanding among
bird observers. It was thought that
they were three different species—the
black, the George Washington and the
bald. The eagle is one of the Fal
conidae, which includes hawks and all
similar birds of prey.
Famous Disappearing Island.
The most famous of disappearing Is
lands is the fairy island of St. Bren
dan, which was said to lie to the south
west of Ireland, to be frequently seen,
yet to vanish when any mariner sailed
towards it. That there wqs once such
an island is clearly proved by its men
tion in an old treaty in which the king
of Portugal ceded certain islands to
Castile. Among these islands is men
tioned St. Brendan.
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New portrait of S. W. Brookhart,
the newly elected senator from lowa.
President Harding Presents Plea to
Both Houses in Person—Says
Fleet Necessary.
Washington, Nov. 22.—Enactment of
the administration merchant marine
bill was urged upon congress by Presi
dent Harding as necessary to relieve
the government of present “staggering
losses” in operation of the war-built
merchant fleet, and to establish a pro
gram of assured shipping to serve the
nation in war and give a guaranty of
commercial independence in time of
Personally addressing a joint ses
sion of the house and senate, the ex
ecutive declared an uctual monetary
saving to the government would re
sult from the proposed law. He chal
lenged every insinuation of favored
Interests and the enrichment of the
special few at the expense of the pub
lic treasury. The legislation, he as
serted, automatically guarded against
enrichment or perpetual bestowal.
The President declared that three
courses of action are possible, and the
choice among them is no longer to be
“The first is constructive. Enact
the pending bill under which I firmly
believe an American merchant marine,
privately operated, but serving all the
people and always available to the
government in any emergency, may
be established and maintained.
“The second is obstructive. Con
tinue government operations and at
tending government losses and dis
courage private enterprise by govern
ment competition, under which losses
are met by the public treasury, and
witness the continued losses and de
terioration until the colossal failure
ends In sheer exhaustion.
“The third is destruction. It involves
the sacrifice of our ships abroad or the
scrapping of them at home, the sur
render of our aspirations..”
Troops to Leave Shantung Dec. I—Mil
itary Operations Begun Against
the Chinese Bandits.
Peking, Nov. 25. —Japan will vacate
Shantung on Dec. 1, making heavy
concessions to China.
Military operations have been be
gun against the band of bandits ter
rorizing Honan province, and the
brigands have threatened to kill the
missionaries they have in captivity.
The bandits have retreated from the
railway zone on the approach of
troops. An early release of the for
eigners therefore is unlikely.
Center of Irish Capital in Fierce Up
roar as Free Staters and
Irregulars Clash.
Dublin, Nov. 24.—The whole center
of Dublin was in a fierce uproar at
midnight as fighting broke out between
Free State forces and irregulars. Three
Free State soldiers were killed in the
first hour of the shooting. The streets
have been cleared of all civilians and
Free State troops have been called out
in large numbers to take possession of
the situation.
Gets His Two Daughters, but “Baby
Billy,” Repudiated Child,
Goes to Wife.
South Bend, Ind.. Nov. 24.—John P.
Tlernan, former Notre Dame university
professor, was granted a divorce from
his wife, Augusta, together with the
custody of their daughters, Irene and
Mary, five and four years old, respec
tively, while his wife was given the
custody of “Baby Billy,” the repudi
ated child, by Judge Chester Montgom
ery in Superior Court No. 1.
Distinguished French Visitor's Speech
at New York Stirs Some
U. S. Senators.
Washington, Nov. 28. —The speech
of M. Clemenceau in New York Tues
day night was received with Indigna
tion by several senators. Senator
Borah (Idaho), leader of the “irrecon
cilable” opposition to the Versailles
treaty, issued a statement bluntly a*-
sailing the distinguished IVeech vis
• I*rkl LiliiM!*!* l ! I l \v\ i
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