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14 Shopping Days Before Christmas
Christmas Gifts on Second Floor
When doing your Christmas shopping do not forget to visit our 2nd floor.
Here are some suggestive gift items.
Gift Aprons
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50c to $3.50
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They are warm and comfortable, and make fine
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Outing Gowns and Pajamas
Make welcome gifts too. These are cut full and
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SI.OO to $1.65
The Best Place to Trade After All EDGERTON, WISCONSIN
Wisconsin Tobacco Reporter
Edgerton - Wisconsin
D G. RISTAD - Publisher
The Pool Tobacco Grading.
The following announcement of how
the Pool will grade tobacco on the
farms is given out by the Pool head
quarters :
At first it seemed to be quite a prob
lem to arrive at some plan that would
enable the Pool to settle with the farm
er on an equitable basis. Considerable
time and study was given to this phase
of the Pool work by C. A. Hoen and
John Holtan, and finally the following
plan was adopted. There is no doubt
but that it will be more just than the
plan that has been used in the past.
This Grading Plan is as follows:
Two men will be sent out to draw
samples from every 3rd, 4th or sth bun
dle. The farmer owning the crop must
be present when samples are drawn.
If the farmer has some late tobacco,
hail-cut tobacco, or, in other words,
different classes of tobacco, a notation
will be made of the number of bundles
of each type that he possesses. A cer
tain number of bundles will be weighed
in order to arrive at the approximate
weight of the crop. These samples,
wl.en drawn, will be placed in a regular
bundling box and wrapped in paper. A
tag with the contract uumber of the
pool-member will be tied to this bundle
of samples.
This bundle of samples will then be
taken to the warehouse where an ex
perienced sorter will sort it in the reg
ular way. The weights of the different
sizes will be taken, the weights of rags
and fillers will be taken in order to ar
rive at the percentage of each in this
certain crop of tobacco. When the
sorter is through, this bundle of sample
tobacco will have a card attached show
ing the percentage of each size, the
percentage cleaned out, and also the
remarks of the man grading the sample
as to his opinion of how the tobacco
was put up on the farm.
The grader then comes, and with this
information before him he places this
crop in one of four grades. The grad
er, after consulting the card attached
to the bundle of samples, must be
guided by the quality of the tobacco.
He does not know the farmer who
raised the tobacco. The only identifica
tion of the crop at this time is the con
tract number. The facts are before
him and he must judge.
In case the farmer is not satisfied
with the grade in which his tobacco is
placed, he notifies the headquarters at
Madison and another grader is sent out
to draw samples. If the grade remains
the same as before, the farmer must
stand the expense, but if the grade is
changed the pool must stand the ex
For Sale— House with lot and a half
on Rollin street. Inquire of Frank
Williams. —tlpd
The basketball tournament between
the four upper years of H. S. is now in
session. On Tuesday night, Nov. 28,
the Freshmen played the Juniors a
good game in which the Freshmen car
ried off the victory. A second game
was played between the Sophomores
and Seniors; the Sophomores showed
their ability by winning. On Wednes
day night, Nov. 29, the Juniors played
the Sophomores. The Sophomores won
another victory. In the second game
the Freshmen beat the Seniors. This
left the Sophomores and the Freshmen
to play for the championship on Mon
day night.
The second number of the lyceum
course was held at the high school on
Tuesday evening. The Southern Mu
sical company furnished the entertain
This week, Dec. 4-8, has been set
aside as American Education week
throughout the country. During the
week various things will be done in ob
servance of it. Parents have been in
vited to come and visit the school and
the classes they are interested in es
pecially, on Wednesday, Dec. 6.
onday morning A. E. Garey gave a
talk on “Americanization. ,, His talk
was both interesting and instructive, as
he dwelt upon the subject of Ameri
canizing foreigners.
There has been a question as to
whether the Senior class will publish
an annual or not. Two hundred and
fifty students must purchase annuals at
two dollars each, if the class is to pub
lisn one.
Letters remaining uncalled for in
the Post Office at Edgerton for the
week ending Dec. 7th, 1922.
Edward K. Amundson
Mr. Louie Anderson
Mrs. Katherine Brown
Mr. Adolph Danielson
Mr. Roy Lindblad
Mr. Remeken
Persons calling for any of the
above named letters please say “Ad
D. C. Gile, Acting Postmaster.
If you want to see the Fuller Christ
mas brush line of 45 brushes with 69
uses, phone 197 Blue and the Fuller
man will bring them to you to see. 1
—Dadmun’s Laying Mash makes most
eggs. Save the middleman’s profit.
Buy direct from us.—Dadmun Brothers,
Whitewater, Wis. 3tf
—For Sale —1 bedroom set, 2 side
boards, 2 small tables, several rugs.
Phone 92. 4tf
For Rent—Rooms, upstairs, $lO per
month. Phone 384 Red. tlpd
Don’t Forget Baby
For baby we have dresses, bonnets, blankets,
sacques, mittens, robes, bibs, cribs, gowns, shoes
hose, rubber pants, and all kinds of toys such as
rattles, rubber dolls and animals, teethiing rings, etc
Beautiful Petticoats
Especially attractive styles Tor the holiday season
made of high grade materials. These colored and
plain petticoats form an attractive gift item. Priced
89c to $6.50c
Do your Christmas shopping
mornings and see the time gained
Jack Tar Middies
JackTara.nd Miss Saratogo middies will be a gift
that will please any school girl. Popular shades at
Special Prices
Silk Chemise
In crepe de chien and radium silk neatly trimmed
with lace, hemstitching and fine tucks. Colors
flesh and peach.
$2.98 up
The Post Office Department is anx
ious to secure the cooperation of the
public in the matter of securely
wrapping packages, and getting them
mailed early. Much loss to the pub
lic is experienced every year because
of delay and poor wrapping, as well
as faulty addresses. A little care!
and forethought will enable the post
office to carry your packages and
other mail matter with much greater
promptness and security to destina- I
tion. The rush season has begun. The
post office force asks your coopera
D. C. Gile, Acting P. M.
Females Less Showy Because Nature
Knew They Had the Greater
Need for Protection.
Speaking of classes of birds, includ- I
ing, for instance, the bullfinch, in
which the plumage of the male is more i
brilliant than that of the female. E.
Kay Robinson, president of the Brit- j
ish Empire Naturalists’ association, j
says that in nature it is always the
male who has more decoration and a !
louder voice. This is because the male I
is of comparatively little value, says .
Mr. Robinson. It does not matter a
great deal whether the male is discov
ered and killed or not, because there
is always another bird to take his
place at the head of the family. The
female and the young are more impor
The reason why the breast of a bird
is the place where nature always
seems to put color is that when a male
bird takes its turn on the nest crouch
ing over the eggs its breast cannot be
seen. Young brown owls and other
birds of prey, Mr. Robinson explains,
are always covered with gray fluff.
When the mother bird brings home
some animal, usually bleeding, and
tears it to pieces, giving each little
bird a joint of raw flesh, they make
themselves in a great mess. The suit
of fluff, according to Mr. Robinson, is
really an overall to protect the grow
ing feathers underneath. As soon as
the young bird leaves the nest the fluff,
which has gradually become loose, is
shaken off.
The Origin of Salt.
The geologist Suess holds the source
of the sea salt was volcanic eruptions,
when the earth’s crust was beginning
to harden it. Eruptions, he says, give
forth gaseous compounds containing
chlorine, which is brought down by
Gift Slippers
Warm felt ones that will bring
the cheery glow and warmth of
yuletide each cold morning and
evening for months to come. For
children, Puss-in-Boots or Bunny
slippers. There is all absorbing /
interest for little ones in story
book characters’''- that gambol
about the toe and heel.
Ladies’ Slippers $1.25 to $1.85
Children’s Slippers SI.OO to $1.45
Love of Praise.
The love of praise is generally con
nected with all tfie finer sensibilities
of human nature. To be entirely'des
titute of all this passion betokens an
ignoble mind, on which no moral im
pression is easily made; for where
there is no desire of praise, there will
be no sense of reproach. But while it
is admitted to be a natural and, in
many respects, a useful principle of
action, it is entitled to no more than
our secondary regard. It has its boun
dary set, by transgressing which it is
at once transformed from an innocent
into a most dangerous passion. When
passing its natural line, it becomes the
ruling spirit of conduct; when the re
gard we pay to the opinions of men
encroaches on that reverence which
we owe to the voice of conscience and
the sense of duty, the love of praise,
having then gone out of its proper
place, instead of elevating, debases.—
Doctor Smith. I
Foiling the Check Forger.
4- branch of crime that causes great
loss to business men is check forgery.
By the use of bleaching acids, ink
eradicators and “penning,” checks
made out for, say, sl6, have been al
tered to $1,600, and cashed for this
amount. When such a swindle occurs,
the bank concerned is not responsible
for the loss unless the actual signature
has been forged. The only method of
preventing these crimes is the use of
the patent check-writer, of which there
are about fifty thousand in use. The
machine “shreds” the words and fig
ures into the check. Acid-proof ink in
two colors is used and a check would
have to be destroyed before any alter
ation could be made.
The Morris-Dancers.
In England, in medieval times, the
Christian feast of Penticost absorbed
one of the summer festivals of the
pagan inhabitants of western Europe.
It was commonly celebrated in all
parts of the country by what was
termed the Whitsun-ale, and it was a
great time for the Morris-dancers,
Antiquaries seem agreed that the old
English Morris-dance, so great a favor
ite in the Sixteenth century, and still
used, was derived through Spain from
thp Moors, and that its name in Span
ish, “Morisco,” a Moor, was taken from
this circumstance.
His Simple Plan,
did you contrive to live so
longt” asked the Interviewer.
“I didn’t make any particular plans,”
said the brisk centenarian.
“I Just kept hopping out of bed
©very morning until the first thing i
knpW I had been doing it a hundred
year*.” —Birmingham Aae-Herald.
feet say'ktfffht?
CAN’T you almost hear them “sigh** with relief
asyoufree them from the torturous shoes ?Don ? t
they * ‘say” they could hardly havestooa another
hour of such discomfort? Do you know you can secure
shoes that will enable you to go all day long without
unduly tiring your feet, without makingthemacheorcramp ?
\ Arch Preserver Shoes offer these advantages, because the
\\ correctly designed last and the specialarch construction £ -
\\ *• i servz your foot arches. You’ll get anew idea of foot comfc t j
j 1 *; and foot health when you wear Arch Preserver Shoes. We are shew; sc
J o: Arch Preserver Shoes for weecr. and relies ia boots and efforts :*r
/ / ®i all occasions*
17 •i . Pat. Nos. 1,237,464-1.249,318
u" ,
We carry a very complete line of ladies’, misses’ and
children’s Shoes, Oxfords, Slippers, Rubbers, Over
shoes, etc. Laces and Polishes of all kinds.
Thursday; An all comedy pro
gram. Constance Talmadge and
Kenneth Harlan in Woman’s Place.
Will Rogers in a two reel comedy,
The Roping Fool.
Bargain matinee Thursday 2:30.
Prices 5c and 15c
Friday. The Other Woman with
an all star cast including Jane No
vak, Joseph Dowling and Helen
Eddy. Two reel comedy Johnny
Jones in The Big Scoop.
Saturday When Danger Smiles.
A kiss in the dark brings about
complications which end in fistic
battles and narrow escapes. This
is the story told by William Dun
can and Edith Johnson. It is a
tale of the West with plenty of
feats of horsemanship and red
blooded action that stamps it as
one of the out standing out-in-the
open pictures. Snub Pollard com
edy. International news.
Sunday; Pola Negri in One Ara
bian Night. International News and
movie chats.
Monday and Tuesday; Will Ro
gers in An Unwilling Herd, adapt
ed froin O’Henry's famous story
Whistling Dick’s Christmas Stock
ing. Larry Semon comedy.
Wednesday and Thursday; The
picture you have been waiting for.
Harold Lloyd in Grandma’s Boy.
Five reels of joy and laughter.
St Crispin's Day.
The 25th of October is “All Soles'
Day,” because it is the anniversary of
St. Crispin, patron saint of shoemak
ers. In merrle old England St. Crispin
day was one of gay festivities, in
which all those in the shoemaking
trade participated. The good saint is
said to have been a shoemaker who
made shoes for the poor out of leather
supplied him by an angel, and he gave
them away gratis in spite of the fact
that they were manufactured from ex
tra quality heaven-made leather, im
ported exclusively for his patrons.
Wisconsin Tobacco Market
Continued from page 1
cent last year and a ten-year av* rage
of 92 per cent.
It seems the opinions of packers here
that the high prices paid for the crops
bought early m the season will recede
and those buying after New Year's will
get good tobacco for at least 20 per
cent less than was paid for similar
crops in October last.—Leaf.
Strieker Bros.
2 Phones 213-13
We Have
another lot of
to be sold at
Per Sack
Nursery Stock.
Order fruit trees, fruit bushes, orna
mental trees a‘nd shrubs now for spring
Phone 368 Edgerton, Wis.
Representing Greening Nursery Cos.,
Monroe, Mich., largest growers of trees
in the world. 48tf
Buy your milking machine from the
Manufacturer for half price. No agents
or dealers. The Fort Atkinson Milker
is acknowledged the best. Hundreds
of users, not one dissatisfied. See this
milker without fail. One year free
service. Complete milker outfit includ
ing vacuum pump $137.50. —Bull Milk
ing Machine Cos., Fort Atkinson, Wis.
Want to hear from owner having
farm for sale; give particulars and
lowest price. —John J. Black, Frit
Street, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. 2t4
For Sale—High tank closet outfit.
Siphon v ashdown bowl; solid oak tank,
seat anr cover. Zinc built-in bath tub.
—Phone 138 Red. 3t2pd
—We clean a'i kinds of carpets and
rugs. Work p aranteed. Ship with
W. B. Doty &(> , Phone 341.—Janes
ville Steam Laundry.
Fos Sale —The J. J. Culton house on
Washington street; also th Ford gar
age on Albion street. Inquire of Mrs.
C. R. Bentley. 49tf
For Rent—Five-room, furnished cot
tage. For information, call 153 Red.

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