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tes IMt Toil
A Collection Taken for
the Armenian Suf
ferers. At the Calumet 31. K. Church.
Ul KtiU( l 17l S-Res-
laUaaa Eaaarwe aa4 Aaeptaa
Tsrsa Talrs f l T .
Lsst evening at the Calumet M. E.
church the Iter. C. S. Etaian preached
oa ibe Armenian qu-rtloa dJ hieaddrvs
wan a strong aud fouiLle presentation .l
that utj"ct. After th mrcuoo a collts
tion, amounting to $171 55, was takei
up for the bDettt if th suffering chris
tian, ia tbat country, aod "as a tokeu ol
our sympathy ith our persecuted brtth
ern io Armenia it ia moved tnat f, th
meoihers and congregation of the Calu
met M. E. rburvb. endorse aud adopt th.
following resolutions which acre jhmI
at tbt mas meeting held at Chi-keriuK
1111. New York, N'overoher 21. 1S93:"
Wbckcas, Th- iroveromeot of tbe fultan o'
Turkey ha systerastioslly deprUd tbe Ar
menian people of Its Inalienable rig tit. Inolu'l
Ing tboss of life, liberty ul pursuit of h.pj-l
Whereas, Re ha refuted to carry out Llr
oft-revealed promises to rrform Mtivl evils, but
ass rather increased tbem by giving bis s-m
for quartering Urge bodies of trmps ioon
then; for prou-ctlng tbee troops by a tuuek
trial frvm punish nit'nt for any murder wblcb
they boo Id commit; fur cutting off tbe tr.dr
of Armenia with all part of tbe w. rld; fur
Imposing tateaoo tbem without their consent;
for trat sporting thetn todMant place to be
tried fur pretended offence; ' .
Whcrea. The Sultan ha practically abdi
cated government in Armenia by declaring
tbem out of bis protection and waging war
attain' t tbem;
wacfttss. lie baa plundered tbelr country,
burnt tbelr towns, tu destroyed the lives of
their people;
Whereas, lie Is at this time transporting
Urgearmlw of mercenaries to complete the
works of death, desolation and tyrat ny al
ready begun, with circumstance of cruelty
and xerOdy not pwralleled lu the moot bariai
ous ages aud totally unworthy the head of a
civilised nation;
Whereas, He has brought into their coun
try tbe merciless KurdUh savages, whose
known rule of warfare Is an liidievrimlnaiiiiu
destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions:
Whereas, In every stage of these, oppres
sions tbe Armenlaa pcop e has potitlouod for
redress lu tne uio-t humble terms, but tbolr
petit Ioum have Died answered only by repent
ed Injury ; and a I'rlnoe whose charaoter Is
thus marked by every act which may ueline a
tyranny la unHt to be tbe ruler of a people;
th refore.
Kesolykd, That we, ultlzensof 'w York,
lit diss meeting assembled, solemnly declare:
That in our opinion the Sultan of Turey
has forfeited all right to rule over the Armen
ian people; : -
1 bat we respectful'y urge our sovernmi nt
to make every pusriibie effoit to .Induce the
goV'-riimeuts of vhrisiendom to roust them
solves from tbelr apatny and put an end to
this utulorable mais of affairs, bivli threat
ens wltu xtttrmlustlons thousands of lnuuoent
fello obrlsilaus;
Tnat we urge upon our government also to
do ever tome in Us potr tq proseno the
fruits of American miesiooary toil;
: Tbat we express our ardent smpathy wlib
the uuuiterraule suffxriugs of tais persecuted
race ; and,
Tbat we call upon the people of Christendom
to Insist that these unutterable sufferings abali
Basqaermde t the Iratrjr,
Tie raaqiwrade and ball givm at the
Caliro Ligi.t Guard Armory lat Satur
day eye jiug for tbe beant of the Tama
rack band was very largelj attended and
thoroughly eujoted by all who were
present. Tbee acre a large number of
masker and S'Kue of the costuuis wer
. beautiful, aud other comical iu tbe ex
trvme. Abo it 11 o clock tbe maskers
wvrv jjitea tne floor and afrer tbat tbe
jude rendered tbeir decinious. The
Jod.- were Ment. D -uuin lUrringtuD,
Ilenrr . 11 tapioca aol Joneoh Carter,
and their awards went cous.dered very
MIim Emma Jackota raptured fimt pr!t e
for th bat fancy costume, Mrs. A. Kemp
ecood, an I Mis Iia U aic third. Uf
the comic cwtufn-i, Mr. Oscar 1' k kola
took first pnxj, and Mr. KraaH Abraham-
son -ec,nd. Ju.t before the pn,, were I
awarded Miss Emma Jackola and Mr. !
lAtunm Harrington led on in the grand
march, after which dancing was indulged
in until midnight. The ball w as a sue
cess in every way and the band netted a '
neat little sum for tbe treasury.
Cload Hoada Ventlen.
Governor Rich baa issued an address
to the people of tbe State of Michigan
upon the subject of good roads and after
railing attention to the fact tbat much i
interest has, within tbe past few years !
been manilested in our highways and !
(....k t . KU , .
tbat the movement has already bonis
fruit in some localities tbroughont He I
State and in consequence, believing that '
a conference of those interested in su b '
matters would prove of material benefit
to the State, has called a -Good Eods
Conventiou" to meet at Lansing, on tbe
3dday of March text. The conventiou
will be a mass ranting and it is hopmi
that it will be attended by persons from
all parts of tbe State. There i no pro.
vision for any compensation for time or
expense an ltberefon those, who attend
will dci so because of th-dr interest in ths
The Mecbabltee.
The members of the Juvenile Branch
uau amenaiy contest aruong
themselveaaa to which of tbem could ,
procure the greatest number of uew mem-1
ber the result being that the first pnie i
ii i ? pnie,
a oia pin Of the order, was awarded ,0
Thom-is Mavnard, of tbe Os.ola. while ,
Ihe second prize, a flaely gotten up col- x, . T -
oredo rtlrltate framed, was awarded to 1 .e P Hernm?. photograph-
Miss Rhoda llstbews, of Havre haul- photographers' convention. The Free
town, baving held the office of chief ruler lw! n Detroit ."contain- a column write
of the Buey Dee Taut for th. legal period, j Itfrft
baa been awarded a framed crrtiflcate J net exhibition on artlato-platlno pajej
howtegtbatsbe isnow eotitM to nil 1 Mr- Um-n states tbit no prizes r
tbt hoifJTf vi JTivihvv tA ptj rfci ! R.Tea or .ln tl0ry' flrlb ' ard otjly
No doubt both tbe young ladles will
make room for the certificate of which
they may well fed proud.
Anather riMer Cioae.
Mr. William Hall, who has long been a
riJeut ol Calumet, died Sunday morn
ing at 8 o'clock at bis home on East Pine
street after an ijtne of some three or
f.mr months of inStmrnatiou of the lung.
The lata Mr. Hall was 62 Tears of age at
the t me of bis demise and had tired here
or thepast forty years, lie leaves a
wift. three sons, William and Richard
Halt, of this rity, and George Hall, of
Iroaaood, who arrived here lat evening,
tito late to see his father alive, and four
daughters, Mis EUea IUH, Mrs. Nathan
White, Mrs. Robert Tredray and Mr.
John Brewer to mount bia loa.
The de eawed was an active member of
the Temple n Honor aod Temperance,
No. 4H,an1 they will baverbarg of tbe
fuuerHl arrMnjtenints. The funeral will
te held TiH-iiav afurnoon at 2 o'clotk
nt the i'l.iiu"t M E. rhurvh and the re
uiNios ititerrrd in tbe Schoolcraft cctue
irry. The LaJl.a- twxi lary.
It haa lnen decided bf the president
aud notrd of directors of the Y. M. C. A
to orgnuii- a lad)e' auxiliary dunoit
th meroUrnhip conte. t now going on.
Ladies withing to join are requested to
rill out an application card, and pa? the
xnoual nit-ujbeobip fee of $1. They will
receive a receipt, a badge and b'ank ap
plication card from the general secretary
r captains. It is boied each lady wil
tee her neighbor or friend, and induce ber
tojin. The gnernl m-rvtary will keep
r-orrect wtvouot f ll names and
imne s handed to hint. At the end o
i ur weeks a meeting of all Indie en
lifted will te called fur the purpw im
levtiug a president, vice p -evident, see
rvtary and treasurer. All mDe
ec-ived by ih tteueral secretary for
tnemtierHhip Mill then be turned over to
'hetu. Kite nuim-a nr al endy in.
At a regular meeting of the Swedinh
B neyol-nr MM-iety, of ( Milliner, Mu b..
Utn-vinlier 7, 1803, tbe preileut wnn up
iMiiuteil a coiiMint'e to ilrsft and pul
ish rS"luii"iiH of eoinloleiice in cm net id
l-Htli or Hn-ident and in ticconlince with
-llrh mp bority, f hef.iM Ingi'puhlixhetl:
Whereas, Our Heavenly Father has In flit
divine piovidenoe, r inovetl fnm our midsi
ur brother, Auicut korlllnd. in which we
desire t- expri'HS the trr al lows the above
n'lety has ulauifd b? his removal.
KKsot.VKti. That th memory of our de
ceived brother shad by u 1 always cherished
aud remembered ami that, we tender to tils
M-rfaveti wife, cliiMrvn and re atlves, oui
tender syniMtny in their atTlk-tion, and trunt
that our llivine Kaiher will give the widow
n i orpliMiis, in tbelr tertaveni-nt, consola
tion, encourajeiut'Ut aud reiaxiiiu.
Kksolykd, That a vopy of thes reNolutiuns
le neut io lb" Im-U'Uvh1 w idow and family ol
our deeeMKed brother aud e pubiisbed in tbe
Oopier I'ouutry Evt-ninir News.
to t atsMxs, 'resident.
v. n. r. a.
The Y. M.C. A. regular Sunday after
noou uieetiug for men atlbeOperalloUm
wa-4 Very largely atletnled, 2U0 beiuv
ur-Heiit, uml all Men delightett with lb
lrogam. Mr. William l)uiist ne, ol
South Lake Linden, tiiaile tne address oi
Io day, taking for his eut)e t, 'Frou.
iiiOjMcr tint Mnii,' aud thU uuipM
siiijtr whs made very interest ing, the
I'oiiipMriMiuis aud illustration drawt
wiiut very puggetie, Mr. Duus'on
holding the closest al tention of hi hear
rs. Before tbe address, Mirw Tn'oid'
i I. mean rendered a Miprttio slr in m
rjr-t liH iioinner aud tbe lnluiiiet (ile
emli cloned tbe program with aquartetei
election. ,
Tbefunernl of the lte Augnnt 8kot
bin 1, who died Kridx.v evetung from lu
j 'i net recei veil about a month ntro bv a
fill from the Lurimu towu hall war
h-l l Sni'div afrermion at 2 oVIo-k.
Serrios were h-l i in the Swedinh Lutb
erau i liiireli in -wovn, the Rv. lUd
Lion idlinnti'iif. The local Swedinh Be
roleut eiM'iety. f which the deeeaw1
w.h a member, bad charge if the Inner'
arrHnifenie.it nu1 atteude1 iu ahody, six
iiieinhers hctiiig hh pill bearer. IV
fun-ral wa very laritelv aitemleii, man
outiiiler following th remaiiiM to their
lant renting plnee. The bniy was in
tered in Lake View cemetery.
Married ac Franklin. .
Mr. Siras Truen and MIhs Elizabeth
Martin were united In marriage at the
Franklin mine Saturday evening. Rev.
Mr. Jolin, paxtor of the'lVwabic M. K
church, perforuii' g tbe ceremonv. The
ceremony h performed in a new rei-i-denift
which thM groom bad lately furn
ished aud which the r-appy cuple will
iMTiipv. Afier the weiidiiitf ceremony hi
eiaooraie nni.p-r was served to the lar'
number of friends who were iireent
7'!?)' "Ml,,r,, t.he. mlp
e-.ts. A Urge number attended from
.Calumet aud llanem-k
Hall rins Kfrslkf,
7he second auuiixl hnll. to mj giyn bv
Lady WilUrd It ve, X.
4.-18. Ladie ol
trie Macenbes, at tbe light (lurd Ar
mory tliM evening, proniie to le a ver
elaborate nLtir aud all who attend an
ticipate a very enjot able evening and the
ladie of the arrangement commute.
have certainly done eventhimr in th-lr
power to make it sm b. Karkeer.' Meal
orchtra will furninh munic and thU i
''"t KnHr'rt f its . ex'tdlenc-.
aW"rA T w'nf'1 ln' ,h" banquet
rou during theeen ng by the laiies.
, ' '
Ar the reunlar moeti.. r rw v..Mk
Star, Xo. 17, F. of A., bel t on Saturday
fV?u,,,' ,rtl,t th following offlcers were
instMlled for the ensuing year:
(. John ranrls
f. t!. It Janien Keep.
Treasurer Junn n I'. Kopero'.
Kmsnc al Mc'y-Kichard Itokktlly.
Ke-,rding eecV-John 11. howo.fcr.
H. W. pMiuuel rletp. ,
J . W. John Uowe.
S. H.-Knnk lllett. '
.1. II VVinura liunstnn.
Trustee for a years-Kd Edwards, Jr.
P. C. II. George Wilson.
Uenembered the Old Folks.
Mr. John Coppo, who is now living in
Montaua, lately attained his majority
aud thouubt be could not commemorate
the event in a more becoming manner
than ry showing his parents he remem-
Dereflthem, although they wsre ie-pa
rated bv verv n.snv n.il' mA ' '.a
ioitly h sent them a silver tea service
wUn ",v,r UM'" which was engraved to
mlttm thr.rlkW!l" Dre?,n,e " frAm
whom with thn date It -is nnmi-.-muir
to say the re. ipiets art bjJh?J
their son's BH-.I remembrance.
. AU member of Union .Temple ol Honor
and Tern oer anew. No. 4a. . are n Q nested
to meet in their hall thts evenln, Janu
ary 20, at 7:30 o'clock, ftamake arranc
menu for attending the luaeral of our
deceased brother, William Hall. All mem
ber ol the J aveaile Section ar also In
vited to attend.. Kaneral to leav th
house tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock.
' Bv order ol
W. U. Row ild, Secretary,
Rev. John Sweet, presiding elder of the
Methodist Episcopal church Tor tbe Upper
I'eniusula district, left Saturday on a two
month' trip aad visit to the different
churches io his charge. The reverend
gentleman lectured at Atlantic Saturday
evening and will lecture and deliver ser
mons at a larg number of ritie thi aide
of the Strait, including Negasce and
Mr. Turner, tb business manager of
Frank Tucker' Theatrical cotnpaav, i
in town. The company wttl plav at the
Opera House all text wee with the ex-c-ption
of Monday. The romps sy baa
been in Marquette county fr tbe past
thre week and was very bhrhly spoken
of. Knox Gavin, the people's favorite,
is with the company.
41w4 Nrwa ir Trwe,
It Is reported that the corp of engin
eers now ensrsged in running the line for
th- C, M. 1 St. I company from Cham
pion to Nbpeming will, as soon as tbey
have comtleed that work, start on a
-urvey lnm Champion to the copper
country and which will be coapletedr
within tbe D-xt lew weeks. '
Oscar Anderson, an employee in
D. Kingston's meat market, had hi
hand nearly severed from the arm last
Saturdat by tbe meat Cleaver. Ander
n was holding a piece of meat for one
of the butchers when the accident oc'
cured. Dr. MrL"d drew ed the wound
which required seventeen stitches,
Tbe Lady Willard Uive. No. 438, U O.
r. M., will give their second annual ball
t the Arnrnrv on tbe eveningof Monday,
January 20. 18U6. . Muic will be furn
ihed hy Karkeet'a relehrated orchestra.
L. 0. T. M march at 10:30. Admis-lon.
1 a couple. Jamee Rifley will act aa
prompter. . ' ' ..
Calasaet LndcwIVa. ISA, I. O. O. P.;
There will la? a regular' meetia ol the
above lodge. Tuesday evening, January
21. There will be work in tbe third de
jreennd other business of importance
sill cone before tbe lodge. A foil attend
ance is requested. -1
Tbe captains and members of . the
towling clubs of Calumet -township
n requested by he members of the said
lubs to meet ur Wiimers Hall January
20. at 2 p. in., to make arrangement tor
i bowling tournament which is to come
off in the near future. 1
Quick in effect, heaisand leaves nn scar.
Burning, scaly skin eruptions quickl
-ureilby De Witt's Witch II at el Salve.
pplied to bums, scalds, old so es, it is
magical in effct. AI ways cure piles.
Eagle Dkuo Stoek.
A special meeting of Stella Lodge, No.
2IK3, 1), of R . will take place tomorrow
( Tuesday ) afternoon at 2 o'clock.- .All
embers are requested to attend, aa bus
mess of importance is to be transacted.
By Obder.
Don't invite disappointment by experi
menting. lVpend upon One Minute
iiiigh 1'ure and you have immediate re
li l. It cures croup. Th only harmless
remedy tbat produce Immedi te results.
Eahle liaro Stokk.
One Minute Cough Cure touches tbe
isbtspot. It aleo touches It at the
ng'it time if J mi take it when you have
a couirh or cold. See the -ooint? Then
HssrSrr Wssl4.'
lean necommoilate six boarders,, price
rlM sr month. House over Saw Maw '
'-nce's store, in the Jermain block. Front
treet. I'utekCakky. ;
The regubir meeting of tberDegre of
Honor lslge, A. 0. U. W., wib meet a
Olson's ball on tomorrow (Tuesday)
-venlug. By order of .. . r,.
Tne Receiver. ,
Tbe Y. M. C. A. gvmnaatum exhibition,
to be itiven iointly with tbe HaneKk
ni.vs next Friday evening, promise to
la tiotn inftreetiiig and tnstructiy.' Ad
mitwion, 25 rents Ladies free. ;
Y. M. 0. A. member social : and bns
ness meeting tonight for a bleb a very In
teresting program, consisting of mnsical
numbers, recitation and' reading bas
.been prepared.
Mr. a'nd Mrs.' J a me , Rosa retarned
home the latter pare t last week from an
-xtended Vl-it with friend and relatives
iu the lower part of the State. :, ;
. . i ,
' ," . "Blliee Tij.r.M' ' t t
this evening, at B oVfotk. ; ftJiybody
please attend. ' ' J' " fc ,-.
All persons wishing to join the Haas Is
boxing, to he organised by Mr. ' Urents
Geehell. should meet with him In Wilmers'
Hall this evening. ','
There will be no gymnasium ciassew
this evening nn account of the members
sMal and entertainment. The classes
will meet on Wednesday instead ' of tbia
Mr. G. R. Watts, the piano tuner, Is In
Calumet for a few da vs only and orders
for bis services may be left at Hermann'
jewelry store. - j.
Miss Rnchannan. of the county clerk'
office at Houghton, spent Saturday and
Sunday wti friend and relatives io tbe
city. 'w.-.r.:- ' I
Mr. F B. Johnson and family, r.f Mari
nette, v is., are fn the city. Mr. Johnson
is contemplating locating in Red Jacket.
Mr, Theodore Weiel, of the Calumet
and Heela hospital force, i on the- Jrk
list, suffering from an at'ack of la grippe.
The Rev. Percy 0. Robinson haa an far
recovered from tbe attsck of pneumonia
that be waa able to preach yesterday.
Wanted Two good men at one; Big
pay to the rtirnt men. Aptdv at (Jately
& Co.'a. 355 Fifth street. Red Ja- ktt.
Messrs. W. CO'larrand M. M. Fnler.
of Hancock, were visitor in Red jacket
Tbe annnal meetlnr of the Peahr.
inn cnurt n aocietv t called for this even
lag. In the church at the south end of
Jt irtb street.
Owlnar to aa accident on .kaJiaas
trains; no snail came through Sa tarda
afternooo. y :: - .,, .
Ls.ddni rJ all mm Inm .U " i
strong A ThWmsa'sjumber vardv :
. 1 ;
Men as sf wor roverlng tbe steam
pipes at No. 4 shuft. Calumet. "
f . ftt: 1 F3
We Carry a Full Line of Starretfs
Machinists' Tools.
Also agents for Brown & Sharp, Stevens and Welles' tools.
Anything in the line of tools we can lurnlsh on a few
days notice at manufacturers prices.
Gittler s;fiarg ain Store
Don't aak us where we got them,
- -
LadiQSf - Watch eSs- 8oKd Go,d Uk Wrf movement, 120.75.
,- i Boss'1. gold 'filled watches, Elgin movement 113.85 ' Ladies' solid
snver watches, 12.95.
RoRer Bros.' .Knives
. f - . . Roger Bros' Tea
Solid Cold Rings for Babies,
UlSnen, rive tioiiio uasiors, $i.dd.
Ladies' Solid Gold Pens With Cases,
------ - - . -: - .Only $1.76.
1 - Don't forget that every lady purchaser of f 2 will be presented
Tf t bu m mnu
ments, succeeded in producing Upriicht llano Fortes which are tbe most perfect
Instruments of tbeir class ever constructed. The volume of tone is full v equal to any
t tbe best Square. Ui and Pianos, w hile tbe quality is of tbe most exquisite charac-
tfiy-pure, sympathetic, and In the nuzheet
new Uprsht ratios, and their capacity of
history. of piano making-, aud even greater
tiano. ,. ,tJV -
- , UDrUrht Grande style 3. and Cabinet
Hon. power, volume and eiquisire sinaing, syropathKic quality of tone, are snh
stantially rarlor Grands in upriitht form. - In a word, tbe Adam Scbaaf Tiano la
made to stand, not merely as an ornamental piece of furniture, but as a musical
instrument not for a dav. but for a lifetime. .
Too much cannot be said in favor of the Upright Pianos; in fact, they must ba
seen and beard to be appreciated. An immense demand has already epruug up for
tbese inHfaroenje, wnlcb are rapidly becoming
Tbe American Home
"Sold by JAMES D. KIN NEE,
507 Oak St, Red Jacket. P.
"Give me a liver regulator t and I rah
regulate he world," said a genius. The
druggist banded bim a bottle of De Witt's
Little Early Itinera. . .,
Eaoi.k Paro Rtobic.
Tats Saspswae Is litlllaa, . .
Is what the man said when tbey bung
bim; WedoBot keep you In suspense
regarding what we bave to say . about
our Superior Stock Der. Give It a trial
and if you don't find it tbe v$rj beet,
why, then we' are very much . mistaken.
All tirst-clasa dealers sell it
Tbc Donca Drcwimq Co., -:
Lake Linden, Mich.
600 dos. to be sold at 25c per dot.
800 dos. at 25c per do.
Grapes, Grape Frviit;
Early Vegetables.; ?
' ' Lettuce andi ;
Radish.. '
And Ovater Planta it,
' 1 '1 r
V r
. . . ,
but this la what we sell tbem for.
, . , . '
and Forks, $3.50.
Spoons 1 .25.
45 Cents. Silver Butter
nil tci luiuj uiu.
The Watchmaker and Jeweler.
after lone and careful study and ex peri
rtegree pliaMe. The duraltiPty of tbese
etandioit in tune is unparalleled in the
than tbat of tbe best Grand and Square
- 1 -
Qrand. style 5. in their interior construe
Pianos of the Future !
O. Box, 393, ' Calumet, Mich.
To Advertise 3 Days.
Consultation, One-half Price.
Frof. I M Spoor
Tbe Dlstinguisncu
Now In tbe city to remain a few days.
They Tell Your Name. Aire
and Date of Marriage
Read vour entire lif 1mm i. r... i j
tie. Can be consulted on all affairs of
life, tell your present life, what to do
to avoid trouble, anvlce on all points of
interest, hiiines transactions, ove
family troubles, stocks, lawsuits, ahl
-ent friends, larky days, lucky numbers
lottery. I.a-aie disen ses,nterpret dreams!
restore Irs-t affec-lnns, hidden tressuivs.
old e-tMf-s. re-nnite the separated, eaiisn
r-,j.... , innrriHtfes. tells what to do
and where to go to tie lucM ; hrnu u,..
ress totboiw. who bave ts-en unlm-kv in
huMness or t-ther affairs Tells if the
oa vim love is trna r false, predicts the
alnsJmlrrvt.nrka, new Intentions.
paUoershTrH., bnlnesa adventures. f)on't
fH ' " r''- They will astonish t.ai
witht Mr correct readings of .iir lif
U.nsMltstJm one-half pcw to adtertU
foe three days. Ladles, 60 cents and l.
wriiurmrp, f j and f 2,
, Sow: rfUo Oifkjwiaja, 10 to 4. '
Our m
rs. i un.r.tlnn, foe writ sea
n havt, put u. toltto.tooBsrtJj
lad es oi uaiuBMi r s -
and desiraoie siaiw .
In position now to sbow you specialties
which will be shown onlj, by us, aa we
have their ejciusivessis. -
You are beginning to think ot jour
spring sewing.
We Have the New Creations !
In cotton wash fabnes, silk, wool mix
t ures. cotton and silk wash goods. Here
are a few samples:
Organdie Tissue de Luxe
Organdie Sul-se
'.. 20c
Victoria Lace Lawn -
Cord, Swiss Mull
Midlothian Zephrs
Urampion Cloth
English l'ercailes
Bookfold Tenangs
Hi Ik Weaves
Scotch Tlald Silks
, 50c
White Goods at 5c to 30c, in
plain, striped, weave, plaids,
checks, figures and dots.
J. Vivian, Jr., &Co.
The Most
Durable Material
Used in Upholstering is Leather., We
have a full line of Leather Couches. Rockers,
Easy Chairs and Reception Chairs.
The above goods must be disposed of by
February 1, as we then intend to take our
annual inventory, therefore we are selling
them at unheard of low prices.
Si vert
HE most celebrated makers of fine
CHIN AWARE in France, England, and
k Germany are; represented in the'stock
of fancy Dinner and Tea Sets, as well as odd
pieces, at E.
, ' i
t ' . t . ...
tfm 1 4- 1 O If Jo can't think of what to sult.'for present,
VLIL Ulabbi just call at RYAN'S STORE andeiaaln
the show-case containing tbe nicest line of cut glass ever opened In tbls citj, aad at
prices within reach.
In Furniture you can find anything you
want at prices and quality to suit, at Ryan's.
Bedroom Suits. $ 1 5 to $75, at Ryan's.
Another lot of those fahcy leather and da
mask easy chairs and rockers, just opened, at
I will sell from ijow pnt 11 further notice our entire stock of
Capes, Cloaks, Men's and Beys
Overcoats, Ulsters. '
Mea's-andoys Clothing;
At a Strictly CostVrice.
Convlnco Yourself of the Above Assertions at
Jacob Gartner's.
Next to Dig Mike'. Place.
Are you going .rn.a waon. H, ht or av,? Are you going to bave , our
wagMu pot iu stiffs, f..r sit sumnr'a w.,rk? either rase call oa
? Pdtronizd YoUr Horriri Industries.
t' ' Atteotloa.rfljeo to Udmahntlng. ' .
'- ' JAMES McHARlsW. -
Dresis Goodlh
Will Not Be Lower.;
ta fact they are higher In pries today
than Isst falL llowever, our price ki
lower than ever.
iTs have a lot to wbkh ws call m.
,ir l.r attention. Soma winter vmI'A.
otters suitable tor 12 months laths year,
Perfectly new. '
20 to 33 per cent less to
close out.
Table Linen.
COVERS-8x4, 10x4. 12x4, tfj $1.25,
to $10.
NtTKlNS-Sxft, 3x4, 7x8. 75c
to 110 ier dot
LUNCH CLOTH8-4x4, 5x5, 6x4. A
00c to 2 50.
Doylies, Tray Ootbs. Squares.
Sheetings, Pillow Casings, 8flinch
'tittons. Cambric Muslin, at lowest
prices and In all leading brands.
J. Vivian, Jr., & Co.
e. ryan:s::

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