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Vol. IV.
Calumet. Houghton County. Michigan. Monday. March 16. 1896.
No. 105.
It's Worth Talking About!
VVe are referring to our line of Spring
Suitings, which vvc have just received. The
line embraces everything that is new in Cut
aways, Frocks, Sacks, single and double
breasted straight cut suits. It's the finest
display we have ever made, and we want you
to see it.
VVe want to remind you that we are head
quarters on Hats.
i Have x
Lost Anything?
T7I 3 A 1.1- O
r u ullu. irxny uimg r
Anything to Exchange? i;
$Do You Want
' ' Help?'
0 A Situation?
4 To Sell Anything?
w To Buy Anything?
To Rent a House?
If so, the
Want Column
vr w t
ih TIP
To Advertise.
) Cheapest Means
Of reaching the
Most People
Quickest Time.
'JiV Neatly and Promptly ICsiGCUtocL (fl
t 4 ,
if om
t vi -
,V .
of ,
N ews!
Challenges a Congressman to a
Deadly Duel.
The IrUh Aclt.itoc In III Letter to tl
CoiigrfMmiiii from Miclii-uu Denounces
Hit Court In Oppukluc (hurch School
Appropriation! aul the Muring of the
Marc(ii tte Mutue in the Capitol Build
lug hat Cougrr.tiiitin Linton Says.
Washington. March 16. Representa
tive Linton of Michigan, the loader of
the A. P. A. sentiment In tha house, ro
celved soma days ago :i letter from Cap
tain Thomas Pholun of Kansas City, tho
wcll-khuwn Irish u-itutor, In which
Cupruin Phclun challenged hltn to fight a
duel at Bladensburg, thu challcago being
precede J by a lonj denunciation of Mr.
Linton's course In opposing tha church
school appropriations and tlio placing of
the Father Marquette t.ituo in thy Capi
tol. Mr. Linton paid no nttctitlon to tho
communication, und (mm soma ether
source It found its wny into tho newspa
pers. Mr. Linton was asked Saturday If
h'thal inudo any reply to tho challenge.
Uu said:
Letters from lunatic.
"Ever since the housa defeated tho np-
propriations for sectarian Institutions In
tlm District of Columbia bill, partly
through my efforts, my mall has been
loaded every day with treat numbers of
letters from religious f unties and cranks
denouncing mo violntly, threatening
diro vengeance und douth in various
forms, All of theso letters 1 have thrown
In tho waste basket. There havo been so
many that tin ro was not time to read
them all, and I havo paid no nttention to
any of them This letter from Phelon
was tno of them und I supposo went Into
thu Waste basket with others. I had for
gotten t:o letter nor did I think who
l'in len was until tho l ater und a Vetch
of his career was prin cd In tho papers.
Since publcity has been given to It 1 may
Conclude to make komk reply.
Nut iu Ills Line.
"Not so much to Phelun.in to tlm fanatic-
nl Fpirit which ho rcpicsenU. Of courso
lighting duels Is not in my lino. .That
fort of performance Is considered rather
ridiculous by Americans of this genera
tion. Tho threats which 1 havo been sub
jected to from cranks havo not alarmed mo
la tho least and I would havo preferred
that no publicity bo given to them. I
a. n not un enemy to tho church, but I am
unalterably opposed to government ap
propriations to assist sectarian work and
to anv sort of union of church and stato,
and shall continue to oppose thoin."
Captain Phelan Is represented us a colo-
brated broad Bwordsm in and a lenlau.
A few years nm ho win stubbed In a row
In U Donovan K issa t meo in . ow i oia.
r iuui'ii Showing They Break Down Eap
Idly ou rw CrutHt-r.
VA3HlxoieN. March lti. Tho frequent
breakdown of engim er oilleers ot mo
n vv uttrlbutablo to bard work resulting
fi-oni Insullieient furto promises, If not
remedied, to brlmi ubi ut tho anomalous
condition of uff.iirs tl nt tho rctlrol list
of tho corns will Boon become larger than
thouctivo list, lho lncreaso In the re
tired list has become particularly remark
niii.i (liirluT thu List ten vears. or since tho
building of modern n ival vessels, with
their complex machinery, and tho Hrures
l nt tlu navv denartnn nt on tho
BUbjoet fully mutual j tnis rupni orcas.
lu r down or tho enmne.-rs.
.T:in lHs.V thero wore ofilcers on
tlm uetive list of tho i nirineor corns and
sevePtv-otio on tho retired list, or M.l per
cent us many on tho n tired us on tho nc-
tivolist. Oil Jan. 1, I m, tliero uoro liJ
in t iu iictiva and lul in thj retired list,
or (0 per cent, as many on thu retirod list
na .,11 t 1,1 AftlVO l'.St. 1:1 Ol lUT WDrUS. 1110
per cen tii go of retired t active ollicers has
,.ii.i.,if iiimliled during tho last ten years.
o,iv..riiitf thu tierio I ot tho unbuilding of
thu navy. ' Compared with tho number
retired In the other uranclies 01 uio navai
..ivi.-H tlm fl .'ii res nro startling, and tno
.nrrin.n.i- ord ers tiriru that they show
that their work must bo very much moro
vere than that oi any oilier oiiicers.
Act Approved by
Washington. March
tha I'riidduBt.
10 The president
ha nrnroved tho ut
ts mnktng seven
years' unexplained ab?
jnco proof of death
In pension cases, 10 i
....in.. I'oiineil of tho
icorporato the bu
thirty-third dogreo
y for tho southern
of Scottish Uito Maxt.n
jurisdiction of tho Un
ted Stnte,s, and au
thorizing tlm ulstriout
medals und diplomas.
ion of world's fair
William A. Mtoemnker PunUhed forSubor
- diiiMliou of IViJury.
PHlLADKLPHlA.Mare 1 10 Lawyer Will
l.iiii A. Miocmaker. wlio was senior coun
Bel for II. II. llolm-s. nn t who was
i h irired with subordiii tion of perjury In
ronnection with that famous case, was
Saturday, by tho declsl in of tho court of
oyer und terminer, suspended irom ino
j)i-vileges of the court or one rear. Shoo
maker pot a woman to t-lsn a falso nffl
a .vif in ili. i-tTect that Pitzel. the man
murdered by Holmes, had In her presenco
expressed an intention to commit suieiuo.
........ t. tii.'iUim was nroduced when
Hioemakcr i llered this evidence in Court
In the courso of his argument lor a now
.i,.i fm. 11. lime, and I)itrlct Attorney
(Jiahani exposed thu ccnsplrncy by moans
of which lho evidence was ouuuucn.
Fulled to Meet Obligations.
nr.wEii. March 10-J. M. lloytr,
member of the Coltrodo Mining Ex
rh mw. who bought iJ.uo Jay stocK licav
lly Friday on the rlsin r market, failed to
moot his olillgations o. lore mo wu oann
.1 ..ri ft l.ir.'n nu intl r of stock was sold
oil tho open b.wird fr 1 U account. Some
of this stock wnicn soi i i rmny n mgu u
i t. n ili.im was bid lu Saturday at 4
c uts, lloyer's liubilltioa uro said to be
AllH-rt Wtlae llsnced.
Ptnisu Ills. Miircl. 10. Albrrt Wall
..... i, ., .1 iit lVl.in Saturday. Tho
drop fell MU MO. W dlaco was hana'd
fir the n.urd r of bis s it r, Mrs. Uovxlby.
D.Hsntlxf iction over tie disposal of thilr
father's estate wa the cause oi uwmur
Fnitriired t Uenth.
Vr.T,tr M.reh HI Dinlel Acker-
man. wife murdehr, vs condemned M
VERDICT FOR 5193.000.
Rveult of Suit lor Djuiac- Uuluth,
fcT Pa t'L, March K A Duluth special
oTho Dispa'ch say s. The jury In the iu;t
of V. A. Strtitton of J jhnson City, Tenn.,
s. A. It. and E T M rritt, ct ul., bus ro-
urned a verdict -.d (l ;:j u )0 for tho defend-
its after being out twenty fi-ur hours.
truton sued 'ui a notu t r M I'D, Indorse J
or nccommoilatliiri by the Merrltts Th
efendauts pleaded that they were enti
led to t7j,0'j'j damaus on the grou.iJ ot
The suit crow out Kentucky coal
nd Mesitba Iron deal. It bring -dlcgod
hat hiratton slated he owned 5'-),0 L acres
coal land, when he owned nono.
fchortly aftvr the ven.ict was rendcrod
warrant tor grand lai jeny ualust trat-
on. which was swoni out vini days
go, was put In tho l...:id of a detective
nd Stratum was ari 'nt.'d at the pald
ng house, lie was exceedingly surprised.
Strut ton Is well to do.
Mn From Whom II Von 330 Attain pU
to Murder lluu.
KortTHPOKT, Wash.. March 10 Harry
Finnich. a Chicago traveling talesinnn.
had a narrow csl-upo from death Friday
night. Finnia won f lj' p.aying craps In
Timothy Vi g, l's p.nal I u j house This
Ijroka Vogel, who ptt-fiiaded Finnich to
nter a disreputable place As soon ns
hey were Inside Vogel drew his levolver
and told Finnich that i' tho money was
not returned ho would kill him.
Finnich grubbed VoltcI jtut In tlmo to
prevent a bullet ctiter.ng his heart. The
ball passed through his hand und plowed
a furrow In his cheek - Finnich drew his
revolver and hover d chats were exchanged
without effect. Vogel w us urres'.'ed ond
)dged In Jail. There 1s strong talk of
lynching him, t ut the Jail U being care
ully guarded. Finnich has tho reputa
ion of being an nll-aruuml athlete, better
kuown in tho east as the "Ariiansus Kid.
fclttriiiciit by a balVittiuuUU
ST. Lolis, March 10 General French
tho chief ofHeer for tho Salvation army
for six western states has Just returned
homo from New York whither ho was
called on urmy business. Ho says tho
withdrawal of Hallington liooth will
have no perceptible- titct on tho army,
which will remain loyl almost to a man
to General liooth. Every soldier In fet.
Louis, ho nays, will remain loyal to tho
army and to tho old gon ral. S far only
ono corps, that of Sea Cliff, N. J., uud
only ono olllcer, Major Glen, has joined
the now movement.
IlllooU 1'reM Actociution.
CniCAGo, March 10. All the editors and
their wives who havo been attending the
session of tho Illinois Press association
arengiint homo. The bcssion wound
un at this Lexington hot d with tho clco
tion of tho following cTU crs: President,
C. M. Tinner. Gazet'v, Virginia; vice
president. W. F. 11 -ck, Tims, Gluey; seo-
ond vice president, Ueoruo . Dicus, ucg
istcr, llochidle; third v -o presidenr, b
W. Ke-slncir, Monitor, yitchfl -Id; secre
tary. J. M. Pa?v I'emocrat, Jerseyville;
treasurer, M. t). Walsh, Herald, Harvard
Ouli-t I lay at Frankfort.
FRANiii-oi;r. Ky., March 10 Tho Joint
assembly convened promptly nt 13 o clock
Saturday und evervihuig passed off
onletlv. The call of tho roll showoll il
members present, ni-c -ssary to n cnoloo
67. The ltepublicatis voted for ylo.
Piinuliat. I'm r voted for Pet tit. Tlu b il
lot resulted: 1 Hackbut n, hi; Carlisle.
n.,vli Ci: Pet tit. 1: liucknor. 1. The
chair announced that us no ono hud ro
ceived a Majority of the votes c ist there
had been no t lection Lpon motion the
asscmlly udjotirned.
Will Advance lp tho Ml.
Cairo, March 10 Tlm advanced of the
nritisii Ku'votiau troons from ady
Haifa un tho Nile uiun Uongola will bo
(Mimiu-iif-t'd without delay, iiecording to
statements made in semi olli.lal circles
hero. Tho Coiinaught rangers havo nl-
r..,.1s l,w.n firilirid to lu V-ll.ill.l. 1110
f if '.if Kail;.iDiiti ends Sutulnv und then.
It Is thought, tho uervisiie win cause
trouble and march northward. Much
anxiety Is felt rnd military authorities
have been in eoiisuaati n till nay.
Father O'Grudy Iusana.
Cincinnati, O., March 10 Tho court
?.itnrdav adiuilced Father Domlnlck
O'Urady Insane und lin was committed to
L')iig View u-ylum. He is not expected
to live long and will never bo tried for the
..wti,,n il murder of M irv Gilinartiu
t-. v.vir nr i Ho becanu intlmato with
the beautiful c rl In Ireland. They camo
to this country to'eiher. Whon she at
...... nt.,. l m i'i-r. u.vav from him he nur
sued her und murdered her on the street
In this city.
Tailor Strike at Chlcaiio.
Chicago. March 10. The striking tal
lors and cutters Saturday morning held a
A.,i.rn,nm vlih the men who recently
camo to Chicago to take the pla -es made
vacant by the wais-iut oi mo union men.
'i i fn.... nt heiuloaarters. lUj Madison
street, were crowded till morning and
t !v..ii. n stated that M.Oju men were
out and that it would take Ave days to
notify every one, wnen j.ueuiiu-n ana wo
men would then no out.
Intrrnntlmiiil 1 arnii-r' Institute.
WatkhtoWS. Wis.. March 10 The In
ternatlon.il Instltuta Workers' asstK-la-
tlon. to include all fanners institutes lu
... ITnln-d States and Canada, was
formed Friday nt a convention attended
i. it iKtii nr.! workers from many western
Btates. O. C. Gregg, siipernitendent of
tho Minnesota institute wa elected presi
dent, und C. W. Taylor, superintendent
of tho work in iSeuraa, wasci,oen see
struck Oil la Kan.
Kansas CITY. March 10 A rpeclal to
Tho Star from Hrownson says that the
Standard Oil company s pr .specs armors
struck a fl w of oil near th it place Satur
day which promisi t bj the richest yet
f.mnd In Kansas .mu ii rx reineni ex
lii in niuisenilellee. Oih. r wells will bo
sunk Immcul.itely
Fekln Fartlf Hoy a TJUtlllery.
Omaha. Neb. March 10 Parties li
In In Fekln. Ills., have purchased the
Columbia distillery h. re-. Iiiq.iiry nt the
distillery brought out the information
that theplaut would resume operations
Tiro In a Itowrry Thratra.
New Voi;R. March 10. tier's llowery
!iir took ( re nt 4 t). ni ..lu: lay 1 lie
r.BiiUr hnturd.iy matinee wus ill
nronresa at the tlmo. Ii Is not known
lEl'OHT 0FJ)UN & CO.
There Is Lai 3 Hope but Little
Actual Business.
5loeiiiru tm .Mai.-riaU ud la Maauttct
urea Are IHiTeieitt Kesults of lnade
quale Coiituiuptlon and Comblaatloas
f elt C otton Good Ml Slowly, Notwltb
ituiidiu Kt-eeut Heduetlon lu I'rloee
Alarket tor Wheat Weaker.
New Voi.k., M;uch 18 It G. Duo &
Co.'s Weekly Hevivw of Trade Buys:
Waiting U btdl the rule. Large hope tut
little actual business explains tha
trength of some markets and tho weak-
ess of other The fouling that the
pring of lHim ought to bring larger busi
ness will sidli e to meet expenses all tha
season If the larger business does not
come It Is especially noteworthy that
prices of materiuls have varied differently
from prices of manufactured products, al
though in nu.st cises the advance last fall
was commence! by extraordinary uplift
ing of price for materials. Thus cotton
Is ? 9 per cent, higher than a year ago.
but cotton goods average only 10.7 per
cent. Wool 1 but 5 3 per cent higher
than a year n'O. but woolen goods are, on
tho whole, ubout 4 per cent, lower. Pi
Iron Is only 17 percent higher than It was
a yeur a-ro, while tl.iished product oi Iron
nd steel average 4j pvr cent, higher.
Iron Ktitclis Accumulate.
The output of i'it iron
March 1 eras I
18 i.Csi, tun wuc&ly, against lift, 699 Feb.
but tie j unsold stock has risen
tons during t lie past month, or 17,411
weekly, and tho unsold stock of the
great steel companies are not Included.
There i reason to b. lievo that actual con
uiiu)i ion is still at least 10 per cent.
mailer than tho production of pig Iron,
nnd the price of Uosseiner at Pittsburg
has again di-i lined slightly to 112.25, with
execution il! largo sale even below that
ure. Prices ot finished products are
not qu ital ly lower although all markets
are week in tone. The Industry is wait
lng for a larger demand, which It Is hoped
may soon come to clear away the accumu
atiou of surplus stocks. Of tho minor
metal, copper is In moderato demand at
11 Vi cents, an 1 tliero Is more movement
n tin at 13 i rent, while lead la slightly
wenker ut !Ui. Tin plates are weak. In
part because of little itumnnd, but Amer
ican licsi'imr It; Hx.U full wvlgnt, are
quoted ut 3 7i Against Id W for similar
foreign brands
Cotton UimhI Hull Slowly,
Aluminum rolling Ingot ure now offer-
e 1 at 6 rents imt jxtund in ton lots, the
harnessing ot Niagara having reduced the
co-t of ihis m-'tal for the world. Cotton
goods sell loAly notwithstanding recent
dtictioiis in nrlees, nnd the enormous
ncjuniuia'.iou ot unsold stocks causes ap
r.rehonsl n in m my quarters. In woolens
the dei'iati I i-. very largely for low grade
iriKils. and tl Tee competition affects the
nrlees of the 'M-tter trradus materially. In
clay wo. st ; -ds the manufacture has been
so far overdone that the stoppage of some
of the most important w orks Is considered
not Improbable I he gro.it neod of a
more ctTt't tive law to prevent under valua
tions of Import Is now realized by all par
ties. S:ih-s of wool at the three chlet mar
kets are tin xm ailest In five years, and for
two weeks have been only tt,6S3X) pounds,
of which 3.:W.i.2 K) were domestic, against
H.521.5H) last year, of which 6, 180,800 were
domestic und 12,017.078 In ltfttt, of which
D.3 10. 423 were domestic. Price are still
maintained, w ith decrease In Australian
Weaker Market for Wheal.
The market for wheat 1 we iker, with
no better reason than the government re
nort of wheat in farmers' hands, which Is
altogether out of keeping w;in ne gov
eminent estimate n year ago, and yet Is
.1. .1.1 , ... n.. n.m.lv fkl-f-f.l'f.
recclp's still exceed last year's, and for
two week havo Doon f.&H.O'Jj Dusneia,
against 3,630,713 last year, while the At-
lontlc exports, flour Included, this week
area little smaller than a year ago, and
for two week are 2.9J1.0J7 bushels,
ftTiiinst, a 571. 152 last year. Corn Is a
shad j firmer, without apparent reason
und cotton maintained l-16th. although
the prospect of the yield this year Is at
least as irood as It no oeen at any ume.
Failures for tho week havo been 3.811,773,
against f 1,04. 053 last year, and 13,278.292
In 1S94. Manufacturing were o.wio.
asalnst ?7S3 23i last ye ir. and trading
were f3.0U5.5tM. ng.ilnst ISU7i0oh last year,
Failure for tha week havo been Sou In
the United States, against 200 last year,
nnd sixty In Canada, against fifty-seven
last year
Twenty-One Year for Marder.
Chicago, March 10. Twenty-ono years
In tho penitentiary 1 the punishment
awarded Walter Dobbins for the murder
of Joseph Miller. The Jury In Judge
Horton'B court, after being out all night,
returned Its verdict to thl effect Satur-
urday morning. Dobbins Is but IS years
of aire nnd Oct. t'4 last nt 93 North Lin
coin street shot and killed Joseph Miller.
In defense Dobbins claimed that Miller
was attacking his (Dobbins ) mother.
Fire at Loulsvtlt.
Louisville, Ky., March 18. Fire at U
o'clock Friday night destroyed the retail
dry go)J store of K. 11. Nugent, 5 4
Fourth avenue, one of the oldest In the
eitv. The loss on stock will be H33,0K),
with 75.iAK) to ftiO.OOv) insurance. The
bulldini. a thro.vstory brick structure,
wm valued at 125,0 K) The fire started In
the basement from a defective heater.
Miort and Wanted to Die.
QCINLAN, Tex, Match 18.-J. H.Cooke,
postmaster and president of the Qulnlan
Mercantile company of this place made
in unsuccessful attempt at filicide ty
fakinir morphine. Tlu cause I hi short-
nue In his pittifflje accounts. Nearly
10.000 1 missing His friends are doing
all they ran to help him replace th miss
tug money.
Oil Cau fciplode with fatal Result.
Wichita, Kan.. Maro.i 18 MU Katie
Winkle, a pr nnitietit young lady of Peck.
twelve in le outh of thi clty.was burned
t idea'h by the explosion of an oil can
Mrs. Mt vera, a lady who irhnl to ave her,
was als burned ho badly that little hopes
i.f h. r recovery are er.te 1 .lined A hin-d
hand w.i lu palnfuliy burned
1'egtlUt Convicted of latilangkter.
MiI.WAl.KkK M i ca 10 -r rrnk Ivnui.
II p'.ll'.IS ., Wl. Fill IV 11 it MHVIlt.il lf
ma niaut2 liter iie kuU-1 L 'tt.s ehmkitf
U tlaya Oaa Woand Twm Other 4
Tbea Couiiult Suicide.
BKSTOJf UaEBuu, Mich., March In.
MIsb Gertrude Dalley, residing with bet
parent near this city, wu murdered at
her noma Friday by her Jilted lover,
Archie belaeger, who had been formerly
employed on tha Dalley farm, lie left
there several weeks ago to return to his
home In IlllnoU. Friday morning ho ar
rived In Henton Harbor from Chicago to
visit tha girl. On arriving at the home
of Miss ballsy, he waa refused admission,
wheu he btioam enraged, and forcing his
way Into the houati, he Immediately drew
hit revolver and shot Miss Gertrude
through the heart, killing her lnUutitly.
Not satisfied with this deed he turned
the weapon upon the dying girl's sister,
and shot her through the neck, tnniotlng
serious wound. At this Juncture the
mother of thu two girl entered the room,
only to be shot at by the lover. The ball
passed through the mother hand. Young
Uelanger then went a short distance from
the bouse, where he again employed the
weapon In taking his own life, and he
was later found dead with a bullet In his
brain, A note requesting that he be
burled by the side of Mis Gertrude was
also found near the body.
Marder and Suicide at Yorker. N. T.
NEW YOBS, March 18. -Alexander Ne-
mettly, a butcher of Yonker. murdered
his step-daughter, Mary Tlttlownky, Sat
urday, and then killed himself. Nemettly
tired of his wife and sought to win her
daughter, who was but 15 years old. The
girl repulsed hi advance and Informed
her mother of tho man s conduct. Sat
urday he seized Mary as she was prepar
ing to leave the house, and placing' a re
volver ajralnsl her left breast, fired a bul-
let through bet; bear. TkjniJie turned
the weapon npon . iilinaall od fired two
shots, dying id mtuw ailnuToeVV
Oae H Dad red Thooaaod Traop March Pl
Italian Officer.
Rome, March 18. Dispatches from Mas-
sowah say that King Menelik ha review
ed his troops In the presence of Major
Salsa, the Italian oflloer who went to the
Abyssinian camp to obtain permission to
bury the bodies of tho Italians killed in
the battle at Adowa. The dispatches ay
that 100 000 well-orroed Abyinlan troops
marched past In good order King Mene
lik also showed Major Salsa his stores of
ammunition and provisions, the Italians
having, some time ago, been under the be
lief that the AbyInlan were short of
supplies. In fact, It is said that this was
one of the reason which prompted Gen
eral Baratlerl to make hi ditaatrou ad
vance upon Tlgre.
muggier Com to Grief,
New York, March 18 Among the pas-
sen gors who arrived on the steamer Saale
at Hoboken Friday were Leon Relchln
his wife and baby. The man's bulging
Docket attracted the attention of tho
customs inspectors and he was searched,
valuable srold watches were
I ..a""'""
found secreted In different parts of hi
clothing. His wife In the meant me had
gone with her Infant to Mayer s hotcL
Inspectors followed and searched her
bagg ige without result. The Infant's un
derclothlng attracted their attention,
however, and upon being undone were
found to be lined with gold watohee.
twelve In all. Keichln waa arrested
Indiana la a Good ea-Doa.
BEAITORT. S, C, March 18. On the trip
from Hampton Heads to this port, wher
she will be docked, the battleship Indiana
ran into a srale at a o'clock Wednesduy
I afternoon.
The wind continued to flow
I at a terrific rate, at times assuming the
nronortlons of a hurricane. The waves
ran blffh. but the snip proven nerseii a
BDlendld seavboat and was handled with
ease. Captalu Kvans expresses nimaeu as
greatly delighted with her performance
In the storm. Some water went below
caused by loose hatches, which It is Btated
are the results of firing the lJ-incn gun
fore and aft for the board of Inspectors.
Forcer Sentenced to Frtswa.
Bostom, March 18 Harry M. Fowls of
Newton, the defaulting bttokkeeper of the
Shenard & Morse Lumber company here
was Friday senumced to state prison for
not more than seven years nor less than
four year. H wa Indicted upon twenty
two counts for forging Indorsements of
checks extending from November. 1333. to
Janu iry, 1W. and It Is estimated that ne
secured 147,500, which be spent in extrava
gant livlng;
l'road Against Indecent roeter.
DowsClTT. Ia, March 18 The Dow
City Epworth league ha comuienood
crueaila airalnat Inde'jent theatrical p i
ra an.l a dnloiratlon of the member of
the organization ha creattMl much ei
elteinent by tearing down th advertise
ment of a company blued to appear
the town. The manager of th tmupu
threaten to nrosecute the offenders, and
an IntoresUng legal fight I In prospect
Dr. UtMeU Heard rem.
NEW YORK, March 18.-Frlends of Dr
tlenry LaMott, assistant surgeon In the
United Futes navy, who was reported
missing from the Hrooklyn navy yard
since Monday last, called at ponce neau
quarters In Hrooklyn and stated that the
mUflnff man had oeen near irom iy
tele rams from Huntington, L. I., where
bs was detained by sudden lllne.
Tm rrve a ritclivd Hattla.
MADRID, March 1ft. Dispatches re
ceived hei-r from Havana says that the
Spanish forces In Cuba are U-tng conoon
traUsl in the pmvlnoo of M itanta tn or
l der to compel the Imurgaut to eugig lu
a pltehed iMitua.
Wild Time at an Oratorical Con
test at . Indianapolis.
Previous loth Appearance of tha Orator
Duller College lioy Brought Out au
Cmbrella Uearlug th Letter -Botler oo
Top" and a Iliot nad Which Wa
stopped by tho I'ollce After Good Deal
of Trouble Thro Uoy Hart.
IXDIASAFOLIS, March 18. The twenty-
econd annual contest of the Indiana
tate Oratorical association was held at
English's Opera house Friday night. Tb
theatre was packed to the top gallery
with students and friends from the six
college whose representatives took part
the contest. A special Vandalla train
from Grecncastls brought 421 Depauw
tudents Butler college at Irvington
was present almost to a man. Several
carloads came from Wabash college at
Crawfordsvllle, Franklin college, and
from the Quaker Institution at Earlhani.
There wus also a carload from Hanover
on the banks of the Ohio. The speaker
n whose efforts centered great Interest
was Mis Gertrude Simmons, the Sioux
ndlan girl from Earlham, and she was
cheered by a large delegation of students
of both sexes. The state university wa
not a contestant this year, but Its quar
tette furnished the only music during the
Bedlam Breaks Loom.
For a half hour previous to th appear
ance of the college orators on the platform
the opera house was turned into bedlam
by the delegate from . different college
trying to drown out the rival delegations
with their college yell nnd song. But
ler Btudents had secured the upper top
toxes and stretched wire on which they
ran out big cartoons representing the dif
ferent college. I hese inuamed the dil
fcreut delegations until it finally resulted
n a s udent riot in tho ce iter aisle, when
liutler ran out her own c irtoon claiming
precedence over all the Ktor colleges. A
great unbrella bearing th- letter. "Duller
on top," wa run out, and by throwing
up canes it was caught und pulled Uown
by the Franklin delegat.cn. instantly
there was a rush down tlu aisle and the
umbrella was speedily In rags. The But
ler boys sent their rush Into the thickest
to recapture the emblem, Tho jam looked
ike a football crap. Men climbed over
head and walked on shoulder to get to
the center, and a squad of police, on hand
to prevent a riot, had no h jv to got any
here near the tight.
Threatened with Arret.
After several minutes the blueeoats
fought through the mass of halr-pulling
students and secured the handle of the
umbrella, all tha: remain -d. Threatened
arrests quieted the belligerents, and when
the Kcv. C. N. slmms of the .Meriaen
Street Methodist church came on the
stage to pray the house was fairly com
posed. Three students were Dadly hurt
by being thrown ngatust the chairs, ine
excitement continued the rest of the
night among the students. When tho
contest got started each speaker had to
stand on the platform and look silly
while his college friend sang a song or
delivered a series of yells In bis honor.
At midnight tha judges decision was an
nounced as follows: T. N. Ewlng, De
Pauw, first; Miss Gertrude Simmons,
Earlham, second; El ward Clark. Butler,
third. Bell of N abash, Bowman of
Hanover, and Shuh of Franklin were next
In order. Miss Simmons received first
place from two of the Judges In doll vory.
but fell behind on her oration, she wa
the only natural orator in the contest.
Eleven Students Espelled.
Washington. Ia., March 18. Wash
ington academy expellod elevou student
Friday for removing all the chair from
the chnpel to the cellar lat Wednesday.
The Janitor cuught ono of the boys and
had him arrested. He confessed and gave
the name of the other students. Nearly
all are seniors, an.l their expulsion leave
only ono boy in the graduating class. Il
is the first t.me in the history of tha
school that nuy student have been ex
pelled Student Burn a pwnih Flag.
ALLI.STOW.N. Pa. March !. One hun
dred students of Muhlenberg college par
ticipated at ini.lniuhl in n anti-Spanish
demonstration. 1 hey paraded the college
corridors and cumpus unslng patrtofe
songs nnd ch -crin. cn.Uti by bumlnir a
Spanii.li II tg ind hauling General Wcy
ler Hi illlry. Speed. e were made ex
prcMtinj yiupat.iv ita tho Cuban
r irMt Clnr.iln, Neb. .
LlNCuLN, March 10 Fuo broke out la
the wholesale and retail millinery estab
lishment of M. Ackermnti & Co. Satuc
day morning and raged fiercely for over
two hours The entire department wa
called out. The building i in the heart
of tho business district and adjoining
structures were threatened. The Acker
man Btock Is practically a total loss. The
fire originated in the basement and
worked through to the first floor and
totally ruined the stock on that floor. It
was confined to the Ackorman building,
and the loss will bo over tW.lXU. Insured
for f-4'J.O u
rrrlhhed In th Flame.
CENTERVILLE, III., March 10. Ralph,
aged 2J year, son of Willis nnd Clara
Carney, met with a horrible death Friday
by burning Tho mother wa visiting at
a neighbor's, and In returning saw smoke
In the room. Calling to the child she
failed to receive a response. She then
started to hunt tho child and on entering
the bedroom found it dead under a bed.
where it had crawled.
Lima. O., March 16. Tho residence of
George Tldd was destroyed by fire and his
9-yeamdd lioy was roasted alive and an
other fatally burned.
Shot by a Ieputy Sheriff.
Morris, Ills.. March 16 Ole II. Norem
was Saturday shot at his country home
In Saratogo by Deputy Sher.ff Drnzy
and will probaoly die for the bultet en
tered hi bowel, and It Is thought pene
trated a kidney. Friday an officer wont
out to the place to evict htm. but wa met
with resistance and It became necessary
for three officers to go out tt capture
Norem Saturday. The. result wa diu
trou, a stated
riual Srtlleiix-at Made.
LITTLE Utx K. Ark., -March Id. A final
settlement of the bondsmen of W. K.
Woodruff, the def lulling stsle treasurer,
who were sued by the st .to, ha been
made In tho Pulaski chancery court. The
bondsmen who mado the seltienieot num
bered Uitcoo.
Putw son, N. J, to bo hanged April .
that saiy casualty ensued.
Id May la-.t Ui a pr sj llht.

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