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Vol. IV.
Calumet. Houghton County. Michigan. Tuesday. March 17. 1896.
No. 106.
A Word With You!
We wnnt to talk with you about the new Spring Suit.
Of course, you are going to have one. Everybody in, nnd you
w ant tb la tret ntylen to Htlect from. There are all kinds of
t-lotli' I" town, Home as old n the bill in fact of an ne to be
voters. Well, you don't want thene. Wbntyou want m the latest
cut, well triiututHl and finished, and at the right price. Now that's
our bobby. Our reputation for bandiinu only the best goods id well
known, and we wnnt to convince you that our price are correct.
; We have an ehg lot lin of Ilnta and Capo, everything that in
new nnd novel. Cotno and see for yourwilf nnd be convioced.
5)1 IOL VU
Lost Anything?
Found Anything?
Anything to Exchange?
Do You Want
A Situation?
To Sell Anything?
To Buy Anything?
To Rent a House?
If so. the
Want Column
I 1 lit? IWWOfl
Is the Place
To Advertise.
Cheapest Means
51 !
Of reaching the
Most People
A Jn the
Quickest Time.
"NT-n . i
-- .x J
You I
Proposed Advance of British Sol
diers Up the Nila.
U I. I'ut by Mr William Vernon Harcourt
nil Ilt-plted to in the Affirmative by
George X. Curiou, I ndrr frecretury of
fctate for Foreign Art ill Serious Dun
ger to the Causa of All Kurop Immi
nent Sympathy Tor It ily.
London, March 17. Tho greatest pos
sible euro was manifest od In tho liouso of
commons Monday wiicii the Liberal lead
er, Sir William Vcrnoi llarcourt put his
question totlio government regarding tho
proposed nlvaneo of Brltish-Fptlan
troops up tho Nile from Wady-IIalfa and
when tho uml'T soerotary of stata for for
o mi affairs George N. Curzon, rose to re
ply, tho attention of tho whole liouao was
Immediately cunt u red up n his utter
ances. Curz m'a nnsw -r was in t!io shape
of a long and evidently caro'ully prepared
sta'emcnt, la which he p dnted out tho
threatening dcrvUh rdvanees nnd their
danger to Egypt and Intimated that tho
inovenient oi Egyptian troops orosj part
ly from u desire to aid Italy in her strug
gle with tin Abyssinian.
Lxprestdmi of Regret,
Continuing, Curzon 'said tho govern
ment was sure that all tho subjects of her
majesty would havo the most sincere
sympathy for Italy and tho ro verso which
ttie Inter', nrms had sufferod in Africa
and ho expressed regret at tho defeat of
General Biratlerl at tho battle of Adowa.
This (statement brought forth loud Na
tlonul st cries of "No." Curzon contin
ued that tho courago of tho It dlans led to
tho hope that they would rUo from their
reverses and vindicate tho lio.ior of their
dig. Throiig'iout Curz m'i speech Irish
lr-.MiiheM interjected t ries of "Oh and
win a Jlealy, among otliors, cried "No"
to tho under secretary's expression of
gympithy with Italy iloaly's followers
Sympathy Not Hrolien.
The sp -alier paused for an instant and
then coiitinujJ: "A i.ympathy which 13
not broken by a few dhsentent voices at a
ini-f irtunu which halt xfallt n a nation of
gtllant soldier and stanch nllles."
Great cheering. Cuizon then said: "At
the present moment Influences nro at
work and fores are ui changed In Central
Africa, which if flushed with victory and
swollen by a perfectly possible combina
tion of events, would constituto a most
serlouj danger not merely to Italy,
Kgypt, or the llrlt.sli oecupitlon of
Evpt, but to th caus i of Kuropj, which
is the cauw of clvllia Ion."
I'.rltlhh Troop Will t Urt Wnlnesday If
VrmrU An Heady,
Cairo. March 17 Vho llrst troops to
l avd for tho D inyola expedition will go
Wednesday if tho vessels are rea.ly. Tho
Third. Fourth. Seventh. Kijhth. Elev
enth, Tweifth nnd Thirteenth battalions
are already at Ansonan, Wady llalf.i or
Korasko. Tho Fifth and Mxth b:itta;lons
go from Cairo, and also th.? newly formed
l.iorti!(ntli battallm was couinnsiM Of
picked Sui loiiesj troi-ps. Tho StaHord
sli.ro regiment is the o ly Knglish ono at
present ordered to the frout, but tho Con
naught rangers are to oo medically exam
ined. It U now iifllrmed that Sir Herbert
Kitchener will not bad tho expedition,
but tho commander will be sent out by
T.,.r l WoUle.. Tliore s a strong forca of
dervishes at I) ng l.v The iritellig.'nco
ilepari ment hears that two strong uoaies
of dervishes are march ng on K issaliiv If
it falls tfuakun will io placed In groat
Will ltuihl a It iilwny.
IiONDON. March 17. According to spe
cial dispatches reeeiveu hero from C dro a
narrow guage; rnllroad will be built along
the Nile for tho use of tho Diltiuh expedi
tion. A cabinet council lasting two hours
took place Monday af ernoon. Tho com
...,..,,i.,r.in.c!ilof. Lord Wolslev. was in
nttendance. It Is understood that tho
Soudan campaign whs discussed.
JurUmin nnd Wullinjr Itcinanaeil.
Cincinnati. March 17. The circuit
ft-inrt Moiulav remai.ded Jaekson and
Walling to the sheriff of Campbell coun
ty, Ky.
Tin y will bo tried in Kentucky for tho
...,..i..r nf lVnrl llrvin of Greencastlo.
in. i wiiin headless bodv was found In a
clump of bushes near Fort Thomas, Ky.,
early In February. Tley havo practically
confessed tho murder, each accusing tho
other of being tho principal cruuiuai.
Iiifnuaou Itet-d of PaaUrd.
Avamusa. Io.. M.rch 1?. Jack l'lze.
was released from tho penitentiary hero
-.. u-ivla niro nt the cxoiratlon of n threo
years sciiteisee for cr minal assault Uo
unnL in Snrairueviue. wnere no siopoeu
mL...1 for something to eat at tho
hous-j of u young m irriea woman, wno
g ive him some I od. an incn ossaum-u
the woman, who was la a delicate condi
tion, and tho nervous shock resulted in
her death.
I'lcMiU Gnilty to Mutdt-r.
CniCAGO, March IX Alfred C. Fields
Hin i nlored man who inurdend -Mrs. r4
len Hmdolph a few -vecks ago, pleadid
...i- ioml-i when b -ouuht before Judgo
Hiker. Fields killed thd woman with ft
llitiron and then atteinpted to burn tho
i... l.i, i. iiw rrimo. Tho court asked
if ho understood tlie lav and Fields said
lie did. Kvldenco was Jien begun la tno
hearing of the easj.
Chnritril with forgery.
Mnnii.E. Alx. Mar. h 17. William II.
Madden, cx-chlef clerk In tho special as
sessment department oi Chicago, wno is
on a visit to the south with his wife for
tho bcnclll of l.cr healt . was arrested here
hunday night. TJie d snatch ordering hi
arrest came from J. a. riupwrm, m
spectorof pillcoof Ch.cago, charing Mad
den with forgery.
.in Williams Accepts th !5lihoprl.
M nii.t KTrK. Mich.. March 17. Dean
C. Molt Williams nnno'ince that ho no-
....i n,.i l.l.h.mrio of Marquette hp! sen
.li .11..,-.., U.nht existed as to Dean
I'll l IM.n v.' . -
Williams' cur', o.v.tig to charges
brought ngain-t him.
Ilrlprt II "'tl t-ctve C'Anftd.
m,i M .n h l '.A MM'clal from
iv i.,..,f .:,vs tli . t. :i. rtert lloth, tho
,,.,M.f i-.e -lvai l.-n i.nry in Canada,
will give np Ms eon. u and a.id loaf lii
n.ittaliu of pfiiilli n.i'.il rrt Tnken for
Inxue. il u:id t'ir.-il I'pon.
HAVANA, .March 17.--A d -plorable mis-
toko l-as rebuMed la t!,e killing of a num.
b.;r of Spanish Sol dr. r by their Mlow
Spaida ds. The battalion of S n Qalnila
was upjiro ichiug t!io tuA'ii of Cano, seven
miles troin Havana to -..ivu tho buildings
of a burning pi uj;..i ioi. The town
shortly bafore that had been attacked by
tho Insurgents aud th" garrison, without
hailing tho San j uii:in b.ittalion and
taking tliem for iuargents return :d to a
second uttack, op. ued upou th in with
The ban Qutntin battalion, on tho other
hand, mistook the garrison for tho insur
gents and charged thrcj tini'-s with groat
determination, takmf tlio town. Tho
blasts from tho cjruot and the cries of
"Viva Ksp.m i" on th part of tho San
Qulntl'.i soldiers werp not sulll -ient to
put a s'op to the firing on either sldj.
lieforo tho mistake was discovered tho
San Quintln battalion h;id lost twelve
soldiers killed and a capta'n, four lieuU-n-
auts aud twenty seven soldiers wounded.
Terrible Tragedy Wliii-ti Ori-urrd In the
VillMgH of K..-MIT l alls, N. Y.
Seneca Falls. Mar:, i7. A terrible
tragedy occurre l in this village Sunday.
It was tho murder of n highly rcspeetablo
young girl, Miss Mary X'aiisell, by Thom
as Pelklton, a farm hand, l'elklton im
mediately after tho mu .dor and with tho
sumo weapon with wLlch ho committed
the murder, took his own life. Tho
young woman received two bullets in
the Load, ono entering- the brain. Miss
Manr.cH has for two yers been employed
at tho farmhouse of E I ward Mynderso,
about a mile north of tli.s villa jo, and at
tho samo pla. o I'olkltoa had been em
ployed as a farm hand. From tho time
that Vm kltou Urst met Miss Mansull no
has been very attentivo, seeking to uc-
company her to and from her homo ami
to church, although tho young lady had
many times given him ta understand
that thesu attentions wero distuteful to
her. Pclikton was heard to say lately if
the young woman did not give him soma
reason for refusing his attentions ho
would kill her.
DnnBiTously Scnlilt (V by MrAtn.
Kf.wanee, Ills., March" 17. Threo men
were dangerously if not fatally scalded
by steam while repairing n boiler of tho
Kewnnco lioiler company, ludward L-on
way was burned thj mo.t severely, al
though John D.lts and Thomas Kricson
ore in great pain. Tho men wero Inside
the bo.kr, and it Is thought tao blows of
their hammers on tho Iroti sides j am d tho
vlvo cnougii to allow t'w passage of tho
steam, li.-toro they could roach tho man
hole tho boiler was completely filled with
steam, and one of the men had to bo car
ried by tho other two.
. I Ir at Cle-elriml.
Cleveland. March 17. Fire of an un
known origin early Mond.r; morning de-
tnivnil ttirt fmir.stor- LruNC btiildinz at
77 Cedar avenue, owned by tho i. 11
Ivimlvill inI itn ii nil :m ml iililltlL' resl
denco owned by II. A. Yaughan. Tho
Kendall building was occupied by a num-
1...- i.t iii.iniifir-lllrilur roiircrtlS. all of
wliom lost everything llio loss on build
ing and contents will estimate M,UJJ,
with un insurance of about, two-thirds.
Vesst-U stripped by HiViT I'iratcn.
Milwaukee, March 17. Twenty or
moro vessels In winter quarters have been
stripped of everything valuable by a gang
of river pirates. la wmo instances rig
fing and brasswork has been torn off and
sold. The police Sunday night arrested
three voumr men. George Greibl. Jlenry
Dirsch and Lester Smith, charged with
belnir members of the gang. Tho value
of the articles stolen, already reported,
amounts to upwards of ?l,o.K).
1'rpsl.IrnI lal l'r.Mlainiitlon.
Washington, March 17. Tho presi
dent Monday issued a proclamation with
drawing tho disposition under tho home
stead law, all that part of tho public lands
formerly known as Greer county, Tex.,
nnd reserving tho land from settlement
until a decision nil ill be reached as to tho
merits of tho Choctaw claim to this conn
try. Persons who settled therein prior
to Deo 30, 1S-.7, are not to be uisiurueu in
tho meantime
11. A. It. Win lis Kate Fight.
CHICAGO. March 17. Every road doing
business between Chicago and St Paul
has now given in on the proposition to ex
tend tho tickets to tho thirty day limit
demand by members of tho Grand Army
for their September encampment. All
tho ro.ids havo applied to Chairman Cald
well for permission to make the extension,
aud no matter what his decision may be
they will make tho extension anyway.
Hold IlhlMry of Kurg.
New York. March 17. Throe expert
burglars Sunday evening drove up to tho
fur sroro of Charles Johnesson, in tho
busiest part of Harlem, nnd before tho
cyt s of several persons loi led 7.0H) worth
of valuable furs int i a n ick ana leisurely
drove away. Hundreds saw them at work,
but because of their boldness uo one sus
peeled them of burglary. The polico have
uo clews.
lluttlt-fthlp Indiana.
Washington, March 17. A telegram
received at the navy department Monday
from Port ltoyal, S. C , announced that
tho battleship Indiana could not go Into
thedrydoek thr Monday morning ow-
ng to I k of sulll' lent water over tho en
trance. Tho vessel w lil wait until an east
wind brings to tho harbor a tldo largo
enough to make it possiblo to enter the
dock. .
Morton and MrKlnlry Iclr:tra.
BcFFALo, N. Y., March 17. Six as
sembly districts of Erie county held con
ventlons Monday to choose delegates to
tho Republican state convention. in
three districts Morton delegates were
rhos.-n nnd In threo the McKmler ones
were successful.
Urlllsli Stemnrr IHown t'p.
London. Man n 17. The llntish steam
rr Matadl, which sailed from Siena Ijeoue
on Feb. B, has een totally d-stroyedut
Hoina bv an explosion of gunpowder,
Some of her passenger and crew were
saved, but many are missing.
CAKI. NEfllEfSKN. wt;ll known Journal
1st. nt St. P. ul.
Colonel TliuM.vs 1!. Xklsom. at lerro
Haute, I a. I.
Captain W. 11. P. Norris, veteran oftli
I ile war. nt II in-.as City.
Judo John C. Yates, at Pcorlo,
Provisions of Senator Lodge's
Immigration Gill.
XEW-coanis mist hive lauxis
If I'nabU to I. ThMt, and Alto Writ,
Thry Will 1I Sr.t lljck at tba Expens
of the Steamship Company Which
ISrought Them Over Cannon' First
Speech In the Semite Cotton Crop Bul
letin Iud for 1KU5.
Washington, March 17 Tho Lodge
mmlgratlou Lill camo before tho senate
Mon lay and Lodgo addressed that body
avorlng the passage of tho measure. The
bill n quires that the Inspection officers
hall bj furnished with copies of the con
stitution of tho United States printed on
numbered uniform pasteboard slips, each
containing five Hues of said constitution
In tho various Languages of tho Immi
grant la double s 1 all pica type. These
slips shall b kept In boxes mado for that
purpose and o constructed as to conceal
the slip from view, each box to contain
a slip of bat ono language, and Che Immi
grant may designate tho language in
Walc'i ho prefers the test shall be made.
Mu.t Copy the Slip.
Each immigrant shall bJ required to
draw oi.e of aid slips from the box and
read and afterward wrlto out in full view
of the immigration ofll?ers tho Ave lines
printed thereon E ich slip shall bo re
turned to t he bx Immediately after tho
test is ihiislied and the contents of the box
shall b. shaken up by an inspection ofll
cer before another drawing is mado. No
iininl.'raiit failing to read and wrlto out
the slip thus drawn by him shall be ad
milted, but ho shall be returned to the
country from wnie i ho came at tho ex
pensj of ll.o steamship ,.r railroad com
pany which brought him, as now provided
by law The Inspection ofQeers shall keep
in each I), x . t all times a full number of
sud prune l p isieb.i tri. slips, and in tho
ease of ra -h excluded immigrant shall
keep a ce; till -d mem randum of the num
her of the sup which the said immigrant
failed to read or cop out in writing
Caiiiion'a .M allien Speech.
Call secured the adoption of a resolu
tlou calling on the secretary of the treas
ury for information its to the detention of
ve.isels supposed to bo carrying arms to
Cuba and the legal authority for such a
course. Palmer offered a resolution,
which went over, declaring that tho un
limited coinage of silver by the Uulted
States would subvert existing legal and
cumin. Tcial values. Cannon, tho new
senator from Utah, mado his first speech,
sharply criticising Secretary Hoke Smith
for the letter's recent respouso to a senato
resolution as to Indian lands. Cannon
characterized the secretary's course as
discourteous, misleading and evasive, and
protested in behalf of tho west at the lack
of Information and Intelligent action by
tho secretary on matter affecting tho
western country.
Iloune Froeeedlnga.
1 h i house lias decided to consider the
resolutions censuring Ambassador Bay
ard for his speeches at lloston, England,
and Klinburgh, on Wednesday, at 10:30.
It being a third Monday of the month It
was su-peusion day in the house under
tho rules. A resolution was adopted
directing tho secretary of war to make a
survey and estimate of tho cost of a
breaK wafer at .uirquoiie nay, v is. a
bill was also passed granting to the Chl
cigo, llurliugtou and Qulncy company,
lessee of tho Atchison and Nebraska rail
road, right of way through the Sao and
Fox Indian reservation.
Inteieoti.iK Ilulletln Issued by the Aft-rlaaW
tnral If pertinent.
Washington, March 17. The agricul
tural department Monday Issued the fol
lowing bulletin on tho cotton crop of
ISOj: The statements furnished tho de
partment of agriculture by all tho rail
way and water transportation companies
show that from Sept. 1835, to Feb. I, 1SW,
the total actu d movement of cottou from
the states of production to potts, northern
ind western mills, Canada, Mexico,
and all other destination amounted
t 5,23.1,72'J commercial bales; reports
from the olllelals of the mills show actual
purchases during the same period amount
ing to 00.1, TtU biles; tho aepirtments
township and precinct agent show that
on Feb. I, ISlKl, there remained on planta
tions 2M,lt5.'i bales, in warehouses 353,7 i'J
bales, nt public gins 103,59'J bales, at com
presses 17l.lt Vi ball's, an 1 at depots and
yards trt.bDJ bales; total 937.78 bales, not
including sloeks held at ports.
lU-eomrs l aw Without Approval.
Washington, March 17. Tho senate
Joint resolution directing the secret try of
agriculture to purchase and distribute
seeds, bulbs, eta, us has been done In pro
ceding years, has become a law without
the president's signature.tho resolution not
having bivn ret ui ned to congress within
tho constitutional ten days limit Sec
retary Morton tvfused to carry out the old
liw and vigorously opposed the p.isnag
the present inotv mandatory net.
In Favor of Undo (tans.
Washington, March 17 The case of
tho United States versus iho state of
Texas, Involving the ow n-rshlp of Gtvi-r
county, was decided In the supreme court
la favor of th United States. Justieo
Harlan handed down tho opinion. Tlie
cose involves ,o acres
Ihr World Nominates MrKlnley,
New Your. M r. li IT -Tho World ssys
that It has made a p ll of nearly every
slate in the Union nod i a result predicts
the nomination of W illi.iu M.KiuUy L
llio St. Ljui naivoaUoa
Dieeo-ery Mad by Mario rowers, a Trae.
ling; Mao.
C1KCIXXATL March 17. Marion row
ers, a commercial traveler, has found the
trail of the relief party sent out by Gon
er 1 John C. Fremont from the Spanish
peaks in Colorado in 1843 an J which was
never afterward heard from. In his ex
plorations be found In the S-tngre de
Crlsto range of mountain in New Mexi
co an old trail leading off from Cavaristu
canyon, through the timber. Tho trail
was blazed on trees and marked by piles
of stones across the open range.
The trail was followed to the beal ot
a canyon on Hitter crock In Toos county.
At the mouth of this canyon tho trail
ceases. Here gold was found by Poweis
and his companion and they put In sluice
boxes. They found evidences of a fire
having once been kindled there and hu
man bones were found. Pieces or copper,
rusty iron buckles, and rust-eaten shoe
nails, such as are used In the soles of the
mountain climbers' shoes, were found.
The trail is on a direct line from the
Spanish peaks, w hero winter came upon
General Fremont, to Toos and Hanta Fe,
for which point the detail was started for
relief. Powers desires to ascertain the ad
dress of some of th survivors of the Free
moot expedition and would also like to
get a magazine article lead by him several
years ago In w hich a list of the names of
the men who perished was given. Powers
lives at Lexington, Ind.
Oeorfe Ilatfleld Return After Many Tears
to Find 11 U Wife Married.
SfDALIA, Mo-, March 17. After fifteen
years' absence, during which time he had
become wealthy, George IL Hatfield has
returned to And his wife married to an
other man, she believing her first husband
to be dead. In ISal a man supposed to be
Hatfield was run over and killed by a
train near here. His body was terribly
mangled and identification was difficult,
but it was finally decided by the coroner's
jury that the victim was Hatfield. Eight
years lator Hatfield's wife married V. N.
Iiarnhart, a prosperous merchant, with
whom sho now lives. Hatfield had re
turned to share with his wife a fortune
made In California, but learning that she
had remarried he quietly went his way
without making his presence known to
Waterworks System Failed.
CLINTO.v, Wis., March 17. Fire, which
broke out In the Woodward block Sun
day night, threatened to destroy all of the
residence portion and the principal busi
ness section of tho city. The Woodward
block was completely destroyed, entail
ing a loss of 110,000 on tho building alone,
aside from the valuable stocks of goods
consumed. Tho city paid il0.0 for a
waterworks system, which was absolutely
useless, owing to quicksand In the well.
This left no protection against tho flames,
and the only resourse was to tear down
some buildings In order to chock the fire.
Found Oullty of Murder.
TorEKA, Kan., M-rc!T 177 Frank Ne
reis, colored, has been found guilty of
murder in the second degree for having
killed Mrs. Matson, who was found dead
In her house in this city with her head
crushod in with an sxj over a year ago.
Mrs. Matson was a woman of refinement
aud was wi ll to do. Sho had not lived
with her husband for several years and
suspicion was directed against him at tho
time. He was exonerated, however, hav
ing come on from California, where Lo
lives, and proven an sllbt
Court Spoiled Ills Plan.
Grand Rapids. Mich., March 17. In
tho circuit court a decree of separate
maintenance was granted Mary M. Ole-
wine and requiring Stafford li. Olcwlne
to furnish bonds to contribute to her
support and that ot their child. Olcwlne,
expecting an absolute decree would be
granted, had become engaged to a woman
who had herself recently secured a di
vorce, and the date Is said to have been
fixed. The decree of the court, however,
forbids him remarrying again.
Fostofllo and Mall IHwtroyed.
CniCAGO, March 17. Station S of tho
Chicago post office, 2U and 2U0 Ninety-first
street, South Chicago, was burned Sun
day afternoon in a tire of uncertain origin,
which resulted In a loss of 113.000 and tho
destruction of probably 6.CWJ letters and
packages. There was no loss In the regis
try department, all money orders, cash
and stamps being locked In the vault
Six families were made homeless, losing
their furniture ana doming.
F.ntir Family Poisoned.
CBAIQ. Mo., March )7. The family of
W. It. Taylor, a wealthy farmer, was
mysteriously poisoned. Th drug is sup
posed to have been Introduced In tho
roffpft. though br whom and for what
purpose is a mystery. W. H. Taylor died
Sunday night, hi three sons, one ot tneir
wives and Taylor Crliuan, a cousin, are
dying. It is rumored that a near relative
of the family administered the poison.
There is much excitement.
Insane O-er R.Mlglon.
Napoleon, O., March 17.-Earl Hick-
ark was brought hero from Grelton a rav
ing maniac. He had been attending re
ligious meetings for some time, irom
which be lost hi reason, lie Dciicveu
that the Lord had commanded him to
kill hi wife and baby. While being pre
pared for the insane asylum he labored
under the delusion that only his spirit
was being taken and that his body re
mained here
Sugar Beet Industry la Wleconaln.
Palmyra. March 17. The raising of
sugar beets among the fanners of the
southern part of the state promises to In
come an extensive industry. The Wis
consin Heet Sugar Iteflnery company,
whoso plant will be bull! at Menomonle
Falls the coming season nt an expense of
I l5d,O0U, has contracted with the farmers
for Ui next ten years.
Firm Wiped Out by Doath.
Nkw Yoiik, March 17. The firm of
Creorgw Jardine St Son. organ builders,
bai been wiped out by death In the short
pace of three days. It was composed of
Joseph P. Jardine, tho senior member,
and Edward G Jardine, Sr. Joseph Jar
dine died last Friday K J ward O. Jardine,
Sr., Sunday night Both expired at their
homes In this city.
llaptUed la ley Water.
Laccx, Ills, March 17. Fifteen con
verts to tbo Baptist church at Sp irlanl
were bapiiicd In the Illinois river hero
Sunday morilng The lee floa'od all
m round the shivering but saved souls. and,
after tho immersion, they were driven in
peb carriages to usuoa
Soldiers Guard the State House
at Frankfort, Ky.
erloiu Condition of Afflr In Kentucky
Capital City People Living Near the
Stat House Lear Tbelr It side nee and
Go to lb Ilome of Their Friends Gov
ernor Ilradley Make a Statement Coaw
eernlng the Calling Oat of Troop.
Frankfort, Ky., March 17. Frank
fort Is under martial law. Companies of
militia guard the state bouse, and gat
ling gun points down the walk from the
e ipltol steps. Bloodshed Is feared. These
alarming conditions are due to the politi
cal fight that has been waging bloodles1y
but Intensely since Representative Kauf
man wss unseated. Governor Bradley
may be lni poached for ordering the sheriff
to clear the corridors and cloakroom
when the senate expelled Senator Wal
ton and James, and they tried to get bock.
At 1 o'clock Monday morning Governor
Bradley called out tho militia, and after
bearing of the warlike preparations of the
Democrats, who Intend to tako the state
bouse by force of arms. Both sides have
tern, determined men, who will neither
yield nor compromise, and the situation
is serious to say tho least.
Tho Troop Arrive.
Troops from Lexington and LmilrvllW
arrived on special trains early Monday
morning and joined the soldiers on duty
at the state houso. Fears were enter
tained that the arsenal would bo taken
and stripped of arms, and a strong guard
of armed men was put t.round it Citl-
t;ns of r rankfort are. in a state of wild
alarm, women aru cnuarin wero no
on the streets, and h11 but thoso actively
engaged are keeping close to their
home or place of business. People
living near the statJ bouse have aban
doned their homes, nnd u itil the trouble
is over are remaining with Mends In other
parts of the city. Governor Bradley, in
an Interview, said in explanation of his
action that the presiding oilieers of both
houses called on him for protection, and
that he called on the mayor to give It Ho
learned afterward from tho sheriff that
the mayor's polico had I ccn Insufficient
and had done nothing to remove the dis
turbing element.
Statement of Governor Ilradley.
Upwards of 4U0 soldiers occupied the
State house square and tho calls of pickets
can bo heard al ove the nolso and confusion
of the crowd Governor Bradley- to ,,
consultation all morning with Adj, Q
General Collier and Coloaeis Ciistleuiu
and Gaither. These gentlemen agreed""
that there would be no u ilieulty in pre
venting trouble.
"I wish to say," said tho governor,
"that tho military was t allol out in or
der to protect tho members of tho legis-lat-ore
from mob vl'enc and not to pro
tect myself. Tho story that I was to be
arrested for usurpation of authority in
ordering the sheriff to clear the state
house of all thoso not authorized bylaw
to be there and Indicating that this should
include tho deputies that tho serg.ant-at-arms
had sworn in, and that for this rea
son I had culled out the military, is false.
I am perfectly able to take care of my
self, and my reason for calling out the
militia was to protect the legislature and
prevent trouble."
Everything Quiet.
Everything before the convening of the
two houses Was as quiet as could bo. Sen
ators James and Walton, who were on
band early, entered tho house chamber
and sat in the extremo left hand corner.
They both said that they would vote in
the joint assembly If requested to do so.
Wood Dunlap who, it was reported.
would bo on hand, did not show up.
It is now certain that he will not
be seen In Frankfort again this session.
Adjutant General Collier's orders to the
officers in charge of the entrances to the
state houso expressly stated that no one
except member of the two houses, the
sergeuut-at-arni!., doorkeeper, cloakroom
keetier, pages, newspaper reporters, and
telegraph operators were entitled to ad
mission, and tho guards carried out tho
order to the letter. C ilonel Jack Chinn
came down Monday mornmjr from Har
rodsburg "I have telegraphed an un
conditional surrender," he said. "I his is
enough lor me."
Aosmtitnts Not Admitted.
Just before II o'clock s-'ergenut-at-Arm
Summer of th senate entered the lower
door of the state hou-o with his six assist
ants, who had been sumtiuaiel on Satur
day. They wero Ja k Chinn, Eph Lill
ard, Jim Williams, John McElroy, John
Sneed, and Walter Sharp. These men
were halted by Cnptaln Gaines. Som-
mers protested. The captain was firm,
however, and they walked away without
attempting to forco their way upstairs.
v hen the joint session convened the roll-
call showed Go present as neither the
Dcmoctats nor Iho Populists responded to
their names. Tho president announced
that no quorum was present, but as tho
constitution requlros ft ballot each day, he
ordered tho roll-call to begin. But one
vote was cast, that of Mr. Speed forBayle.
The Republicans and Democrats, with
this exception, refused to respond to thnlr
names. It was decided to Vote for Lnitcd
States senator Tuesday. Tho Joint as
sembly then adjourned.
Slurder or Suicide?
Tnir.no. O. March 17. Dr. Charles
Mt&hAoher. a prominent vounjr physi
cian of this city, was found do d In his
bathroom Sunday with a euueinoie in
Kl hnult anil under the most 111 VSI erloU
circumstances. Ha was found lying in
the bathtuu ana tno revolver wm lounn
at tho farthest corner of the room. His
relative are of the opinion that he did
not commit suicide and the police are at a
loss to account for his death.
Fire In a Kail war Tunnel.
GkoijgE'owv Ind., March 17. The L.
E. & St. I tunnel, I00 feet In length.
caught flro Monday and tho entire wood
work was burt.ed out If will take sev
eral di ysto clear away th debris, and
though freight trafl'n will be entirely
abandoned until th" tunnel is ready for
use, passenger !r..Hlc may Iw resumed be
fore tho tunnel is ele-ire 1 by transferring
passengers au I b.tga o.
1WO Italian llnrned lo IH-ath.
GXXKVA, O , March 17 Two Italians
named Taddee, f itter and son, section
hands on the Lako Fhoro ra'.lr ad, were
burned to death tmtrd iy. The ilitlo houso
In which they lived cait.'ht lire and the
occupants had not ti ne to escape before
the Wuilding was destroyed.
country J una

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