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Vol. IV.
Calumet. Houghton'';.': ; County, Michigan. Monday. April 20. 1896.
Are Carried in Stock
By the Best Merchants
And Are Sold the Cheapest.
U wish to make it public that we buy our Genta' Furnishing Goods irotn tbe
ia wholesale hwieee io America, and not from bankrupt sale or wrond-band
.Mmr hotiiie..,JWe don't carry any band
Uood,'ew, gtn ng end Durable Clothing
a F PWwlltP VOT 'UB um "
bi hot give ue call ana inveangate our
.... - . i ,
M. Gittler's Bargain Store.
Pfople in the copper country, aa be baa been
of years. Roome over tbe Grand Union Tea
7 to 8 p.m.
Surreys, Phaetons, Buggies,
Wagons, Carts, Etc.
I hare the lanreet and moat enmnteta afrwk ever hmnffht tn tha mm... .,,
it my- Harness and Carriage Repoaltory: 62 ! Scott 8Jret.
They Are
All Right:
What? The farming: lands offered at
Munising. The following editorial appeared
in the Evening News
It is republished here
who did not take time
"There hare been ao many land schemer
yrara that we were some what timid in
tising the sale of any lands without our
ineu oeiore tney bought. . Uo wever, on account of tbe proximity ol tbe lands at
Vuioislog. no one need huv a nice in a onka if thev nnrchaae anv of the lots in Munis-
lag, or lands adjacent thereto, and which are ad rertieed on our first page and for
wbich Mr. George H. Mile, who waa formerly city reporter for this paper, is tbe
ale agent here, baring ao office in tbe Walls block, opposite Shea's livery.
"As we understand It, t wo corporations own 200,000 acres of hardwood lands
Mbort distance back from Mnnising Bay, hi tbe neighborhood of tbe Pictured
Rock., and in addition to the lands belonging to tbe two corporations, there are
winds owned by private parties, making a total of about 400,000 acres. These
land would, it la claimed, when cleared, raise abundant crops, as tbe soil is well
oited for agricultural purposes.
a u w ' DB lanos uemg so distant irom any mauuiaciuruiK i n-une
decided it would be necessary, if they wished to provide a market for their hard
wood, to build factories near to their lands and in sonaequence hare laid out the
town of Munising, wbich ia on tbe bay of that name and immediately south of
'Jrand Inland, and about forty miles from Marquette. The new town, In addition
to beiog on the lake, ia already in connection with the P., 8. 8. & A , and soon will
"""iiuineudtjv, w. railroad. Tbe connection with tne latter roaa win ne
Little Lake, nhnnf ,-.-- mil. .n,,th Af VwrninM. This line runs through
egrandestJorflatAof manl. Jm. hjuMwood. black birch (sometimes called north-
wn mahogany) , beech, ash, cherry, hemlock, cedar, epruce, etc, and on which, many
Botnesteadera have already settled. Tbe railroad ha determined as. average haul-
Mi, ri no mat rambar And other prodoetraa oeaanieA iroea. piacew owmc
th ake at tbe same price ae It they were oalya short distance from it.
As soon a tbe company derided to start op- the town, wbkb it should be re
nembeml is no boom one, tbey oCered indaeemeate for the- building of lactone,
'ad ia eonmvnvAfiM i k- - - -Mr. mnnlptu band i mills In the
Stat, as also a mammoth stave and' houp' factory, will soon be completed. The
-rmrprrri,p barrel ortorrfcaabeeai tdestred; and will sooa oe oouiupon. .
wn leather company Is about to organize tbe Kunielng Leather Co., when they
ill erect one of tbe largest sole leather tanneries in the world, which will be started
m aoon as the frost leaves the gronnd. A mill will be erected to manufacture Into
ioa)tr the logs, from wbich tbe bark for the tannery has been peeled. These are
ki ' ? ew ot the wol working estaWisbments whkh it is proposed to establish at
6H olace. it U nM Intended to offer inducements for tbe manufacture of charcoal
o, and when this Is done, the settler will get an income from the sale of his logs,
Posts, poles, and tanbark as be is clearing bis land, and instead of burning up
Darl"oo., as the early settlers of Canada did. he will then have a market for bis
ruarcoft! k. k. .t-i.-- .i i j .h .i... k will K Ahl fo reao a rich
"" 'rom his farm products, for wbich he will find a ready market in the mining
flon, without being plondered by tbe railroads, as the farmers in the west most
'y are.
. "As we all knov fh. rt.u .na;nn
Vlnyoifnt at hnm. ..(...k...!. .....
't looks that It the lands are as represented. They would prove a valuable settle
ment lor many ot the families In the iron and copper countries. We well know that
T.trae or worker underground does not. as a rule, take to agricultural
but Munising Is so near it would not take much capital for a man with a
wnK lamiiy t0 moT8 10 ttle on and
In opening for bis boys,
ii. ,y,n cmnrs, il rroutres a small fortune w iwuw ":,"T :
SlV'wrennlres another to return should h Jrat1,"1Dd.f?
th?0t,kMrn,!nir,b.ft tnese obiections would not apply to these , lands and
2t!??P" 11 woo, be well worth the attention of many of the residents of these
vT'J 7 V mW into the roeriu of these
.ftn?e ,Bwnieots offered to sutlers are: Urst. a reasonable price for the land,
ond, easy terms of par ment; third, a good price tor all the timber pr charcoal
IrS ? hJ" Una" S fourth, a good priceand a ready market for all the surplus
Froaucu he may raise," -
These landa ara sold to actual settlers at
rom $4 to i $750 per acre, according to qual
jty. timber, otc'. We do not sell until you go
and see for yourself. For further particulars
Squire of
Walls' Block, Near Depot, Calumet, Mich.
- me - down! clothe, but what we hnva !
for men, boya and children.'and we tell as
lOT y Bna nea notnwrdon t forget
eiocK, ana you win eurelv buy.
The Expert Optician,
la again in Calumet for on 3 week. Prof.
Thurtell ia well known to moat of the
making regular trlpa here for a number
Store. Office honre from 1 to Bund
Bicycles !
of Monday, March 30.
for the benefit of those
to read it carefully:
ud in thin district within tbe past lew
allnwina? tha nae of our columns for adver
people bating an opportunity of Inspecting
nf this mininir country cannot find em
tnmiirrate. Such being the case,
work thfe lands, partwni any as n wou.u
.la f.
lands, and wnicn .Mr. iwe wm. n uuuw.,
Buluwayo Likely To Be Taken
by Matabeles.
hrg Nunibra of Matabl lrain4 T
Hm rrUadllr, Hv EnUr4 th Tw
art Ara Kipaolad la Hlaa a ad Mrlka si
tha HrliUh aa Kooa aa Ilia MatabaU M'mrm
rtora Arm Haaril Outalda I ha Mbm ol
Itafanaa A Uraa alluall.Ni.
Cap Tows, April 2o.Copyrlghtl
181(0, by AmocUmhI I'rcst No offlolsi
Utemont from any sourca U worth con
sidering for s moment If it takes tha
ground that Duluwsyo i not tn dangerl
Buluwayo U 'in tha great eat danger; in
fact, tha town may now ha In the hands
of the Matabeles nnd one of the most ter
nble nuuaaorea on record may have oe
curred. The latgt adviuea Moulvad hora
from Buluwnyo have greatly increased
theaniiy Mt for the safety of that
place. Military rm-n, acouta, Dutchmen
and RnglUhmt'ti, civilian a of all clataea,
veteran troopers and government official!
concur In the tatementthat the governor
of Cape Colony, lr Hercules Ho bi neon,
baa not been told the truth If ha has noti
fied the home government that Buluwayo
I In no danger. It U evident to every
body here that the British at Buluwayo
are In a moat critical condition.
Weak In No tuber.
The chief point of thulr weakness la La
numbers and tha InjiiHMiilty of the hordes
of Matabelet gathering for the attack.
Then, again, large number of Matabeles,
p returned to le friend Ilea, beva by soms
exouee or other eucctoded In entering the
town, and It la well known that they bars
planned to rise and atrlke- at -the British
at soon aa the warrors of tbe Matabeles
are beard outald the iine of defajnas.
Most of tha Matabeles In Buluwayo g4
there by pretending to be aeeklng ths
protection of tha w Id tea. and tha latter
were fool la h enough to fall Into tha trap.
Theae Matabeles are armed and an out
break rauat soon occur. It lias been stated
that Buluwayo Is hold by 1,'JOJ men; this
la not correct. At stated -In theae die
patches the number of fighting men at
Buluwayo U uudcr 9U0 and of this simsjII
number, companxl with tha 15. (XX) Mate
beles In the r.clnity of the town. 300 are
reported to have been dispatched to hold
Mangwe paaa, which Is m steep defile, with
angular turnings and can W rendered Im
pregnable, ?' '
A Foruiltlabla ImipL
Other dinpatchee, hoasvar, announce
that a strona; force of the remaining 000
whites intendod to - laave Buluwayo Prt
day moralng to attack a Mttabaie iiapi,
composed of Lobengnla'a .crack lirtbetn
giment, from which tha. native police,
who have been shown to have started thv
tbe rebellion, were recruited. ". This ' Imp!
U looked up;n aa belug ths moat for ins Aa
bla ia ocaoouf Matabaletand.tavpaiat f
aumbera and '-wtfiotenry. -Tmase warriors
have been aecretly profiting for some
tlmebythet drill and tautlca of police do
sorters, and aa the latter took wttbjShent
their arm and ammunition and alt the
other arms and ammunition they-'could'
lay their hand on, tha Iiubexu regiment;
always moat formidable, is likely to prove
more than a match for the . email 'British
force. In fact, nobody here can under
stand the rashness of such a sortie being
permitted, and it Is feared that the awful
mistake of Isanriula may be repeated.
May lla Ambuahed.
The Britiah luay be entloed Into the
buaiiby a feint,' and while tbey are there
engaicttd with overahfilinlng numbers
the main body of the Ma'.abele army
may be hurled against Buluwayo and
sweep over it lu upltj ot ths defenses and
the rapid firing gun rt ady to receive ths
enemy. Buaides, as already atatsd, the
attack of the Matabolos from the outside
Is more than likely to be assisted by a ris
ing of the Matabttlo lnld the fortifica
tions. This has boeh anticipated and
guarded against aa far as possible, but
people hire predict a great disaster If tbe
slim British force opposing the 15,000
Matabeles is allowed to divide itself and
engage In a sortls against the enemy.
Tha arcat trouble at Buluwayo seams to
bothattho majority of the leaders ars
dashing, dire devil men, who are prons
to engage tha enemy first and estimate
his numbers later, generally too late.
Ha laducaa TaJbart to Withdraw
tloaa to a Feiialoi BUI.
WashinoTOS. April HQ. A the iipaalng
of the session of the house Saturday Can
noirof lleos, chairman of the appro
priations committee ntported the geaeral
deficiency bill, tha last of , the appropria
tion bills, and gavo notieethatv he veoeid
celt it np a tha aarlleat postlbl moment
Tiillewere pnased aafollowsr Toaatabllsh
a training sUtlon for naval apprentices
on Goat island, San Franajsco harbor; to
settls the clilms of the ktgsl representa
tives of S. W. Msrsden, late Indian agent
at Union. I. T. Talber of North Caro
lln who had previously blocked private
bill, objected to a pen lion om prenvnimi
by Cannon. "
Cannon made a personal appeal to the
gentlemen from South Cerollna, He aald
it . tha tint time In twenty years that
i,. a.ir-Ki for unanimous consent He
H.i.md tha oathetlo history of the sol
dier who was a constituent of his, shot to
pieces and almost totally blind. Talbert
was plainly touched by the reoltal and
hi ohtectlon. Several bills to
Mmdemned eannen 'to O. A. R.
ntaa ware oassed before 1 o'clook when.
under tha special order, -the on
the late ivuv'i aiuiirnn" " " "
saehusetta were oegun.
a...i. ! Chleaa-a Hay 15.
Chicago, April 20. Two hangings wll1
.vAni.nin Chicago Mar 1& The men
-in K exeonUMi ere . Nle Marzen,
..,wt for tba killing of Frits HolS-
heuter. A. C. FiclK aentenoed for the
brutal murder of Mrs. XHen Kanaojpn.
Marten's attempt Ksturday to Indocs
Judge Smith to grant him a new trial
hi. and hia honor wonounosd sen
tence on the man. nxing wm oay w
aimmtion aa May la thiaiy oa witwn a.
C. Fields is to die n ins, suanum.
ltlvar Maaera oraa4.
Kvansvillk, Ind., April 0.-Th river
front of this city was swept by fire Satur
day Three wharfboatt and two steamers
Alex Perrv, a Cumbeland river packst,
and the A. 1 Norton, a Green rlvof
nackst. burned to water s edgs and eank.
P 7 ..I with frlrtil.
The wnariooaia wi-iw 17 -7 . . in
. . i.uia 1 in, lita v 111 rtacB
7:: :.arti.l r liwure I. N. Lres wore
f .
. Wax. rnorA gac.
KaOway Nttol CUi4rMraaate fur Kutx
tag lata Mails. ,
CaicaAJ, April iO.Inruryiation from
Milwaukae ia LaJthe'effo that K. B.
Fiaitha railway 'potl clerk, who ha
I salded to Chicago - for thraa years sad
who has bfwnvratTfrrl. e for thirteen
fears wft"rfeted.tirrlday evsMngou a
chrsr t rVning left 'fa. hjrahh waa taken
St Milwaukee fromthe Chicago and MIU
waukse Irala whtufa 'arrives hers nightly
at 9: to e'stook. :Th arrest ' is considered
a rsuarkahU meMu- rail way; mall circles,"
baoauas ooiy" tbBMl weaka. ago T. T
Brownsll, wbo workad ,1b ha aams ear
with Bmteh, was ' artosteJ ym' a similar
oharg. amltb, owiog to hts long service,
has enjoyed sa excellent reputation and
baa ba oonsklaveal star ihaa." J
Complalnu'elatears loat bt wi n Chi
cago ail Miaaeapolts have' B ukIwI the
anatfflTios efrpwrimafr foe th last three
months.' Inspectors wera plaond at work
two months ago, aSl It jras only, after
OODtlnuotsav wusk'. tbay ' etfcight Brown
sU. "Wlth bla arraatU wee believed the
staaDng eromld- eson. Bn,t it did not.
Xnepsctor Mayer was. pUood on tha case.
Re suspected, aaarly overyv ooe alsa but
Smith, but .the ' other- mea esassd- safely
luroogh the traps' aet for -thorn. Ho final
ly decldad . 8mUJr ttm tha- tiiliy man.
Krtdag 6xalag he Mailwi-axlaooy letter
at ttiaeespolla -whieh )i.iitMW Smith
would bar ' to- iMudlav When tha train
reached -; Mtrwaofcee , tlt.s .'pouoh . was
searched aed .'the: lattor -wa . misting. 1
Later 8utUawaa brought V Chicago.
The Alleg4 Mardrae f laaa OUaa Caaar
' antta SaJalal ta Hie Call,' -"
SaATTUt .Wesa,'.. Apri) V'lX James." E.
AUaoa. alias-Aatru(wh0 waa ' arrested
ta'ttiia eilr Thnradatoaftertioori bv Deteo
lve"'Jpba Courtney tff "Minneapolis on the
chaSge'of "aawrderlng Lam Qlstfn oh the"
sboro ofIake SUparvor.Ttear UUlnth,.in
order 'te get pusssesio'ff f f 5i. i ssayiilsniil
selotde In tha city J dl hos) fidxr night ,
Be seek short pieeaN lb Maeetjvwa
him te slarw oa, aad''ftC snaking it fat
to a esaale' iv' tha watf enjy live feet above
the 0av, put the ether end around ' his
neck a4.pttoaede4 te.straagla himielf.
t He was dlaeovsrsd aft lOfttt o'clock when
Detectrve Ooartaey an . Jailed Poor en
tered hlaoeli forgive Mid solder orahgea.
.Wbllo .lt Is True than. AUsopp'inade no
regular eonfe'sslon,J ha. admitted to. tbe
detective thai he. was la Uulnth under the
same of "lAnatlu. . Court noy -was afraid
that Allsopp would eommtt suioide, but
'kite polloe thought his fears ground loss.
' ' ' lalarelty Bosiag CottMta. .
UTHOIT April' ?0. The Intercity box
lug and wrestling . matches 'between De
troit and Cleveland began 'friday night
the Michigan' A thlcUc association elub
rooms.; iJobn Denul son of Cleveland
would .have put - ftt-ackhouse. of Detroit
asleep 1& the IIS pond class At ths-eeUce
, had aoS stopeed ;tne : Ualy. fight abont
the .middle': of the third' round. Han
Scrivensend Jack - Ka toil of l&s-poond
rtaeselaehsd eavh other for four r sounde
andSoilvaaa waaaV4AjriUQL.Jn
Brown, la thw -lltVDOeedf elaeaz -waa-.S
elarsd the -tkwor everil "IWtronlt.
Joha Cfcrrand Jaok Mildhell of Cleveland,
foaght, and Carr had "lis man on ?h
point of going one whan Jie bsU - javed
him. E4 Bants otcWtroit svni i4rainat.
J. r. Don n of Cleveland in tha UVpound
otasa ' Duan'OftU ia the second rounds r.
Malt to Caul aa AecHtatlaS ;
Marshall.' Mich., April ao. The suV
Jeot of tho wrecking of the City .National
bank la 11N2 was revived Saturday bgAhe,,
beginning of sk by AnnaJd. Atexanf ..
der, atokhoWler, tocottipell.aBsjcoeunt-.
log Jry George W; Bentlsy, prealdent ad
Joh n Rv Bsai leycMhler, and also asking
for the appol nrnaS t. aaoaivor.- H.
henkwwAsta J8WI sEtHsMU,wo.
short, and" ICi J.k eXirby.'ithen aaetstent
cashier, Is- now saevm a-an jasar agn-v
teaoo In Jacinth ''Mson' for laagery le
thal conneotloa,' The. bilk filed )a .on. bo-o
balfof lweary stookholdera.'J ehargas
dishonest - and -reokleaa laAhagement of
ths bank; " 1
lewa rroua Htmw
HAVANA, April. 'JO It la reported that
tho eorrsspondeat of a New" Orleans j)
has succeeded in penstratlngintof the .In
surgent camp. The govsrgnMiSi has de
cided to Increase the strength of Abe forti
fication in all parts of she Island. - A no-.
merone band of ' insurgents af 1 Flacetas
surprised the local guerilla force whUe the
latter waa out foraging aad killed , also
and wouadsil twenty-four wtth-maahoies..
In an so gage meal wlth-the 4roop(sora
mended by General vBuarss vValdee ' near,
Paso Real, province of Ptoar del Hio, -the
Insargsnss left nine killed aad. rati ml
witwthslr wounded.: .' : v .
T Pawart ra Jaiglaaj sSi oae. .'-
i kL04Ji, llt:,f April L Thatw-seoms to
have been a xaanta prevalaal aanong, tha
school glrla bare- of kalafor lumping the
rove: tb Main featose; baing. ta-vxttdo
reach 1 other Iw Higa aad long ooatinued.
jumping.' Miss Marguertte.Kl Is, it years
of age. hat Jit died after two weeks',, fcooc.'
rlble suffering from internal Injuries'
caused by her attempt to ezoel In.rop
jumping on : hard concrete 'walks. An-,
other similar caas, It is said, -la likely -to
provs fatal. .. . .
freehel la New fork...
Sabatooa, N. Y., April . -Tha hot
wave is reducing ths Adirondack snow
deposit to a freshet. Lakesy rivers and
streams are unusually high and stUI rUr
Ing. ' Sohroon lake Is higher than it- hits
been at any time during the .last twenty
seven years. . -At' Glen Falls, Chesur
town, ' Fort Kdward. - South llariotm,
Warrensbnrg. Thnrman, and othir
points ths watsr is bursting ita bauks an I
threatens great dostrnotloa ... . - r, -.
Fright fat Mlae flCspleeloav ,
MixxxAroLls. April .A spwelil i rom
Nlehart, Moot4 says: An eiaiosiou.oo.
enrred la the Broadwater. rolnaaUirdjy
by whleh seven man lost- their Jives and
six others ' seriouly hurt ? The-dead, ares
Frank Doran. W. J. Morrison.-.' Hugh
MoKensU, Daniel O'liary, - D. ll, ltoen
and John Calra i .
Iteatavod ha rarer mt
OLD TOWS, Me., rApril iUO. The Kast
Maine Methodist eonfemoaSsJnAey Jt?g
a veto of 65 te 10 tfeetsrod la favor pJLad
mlttlng either male or female l-,del-galea
to the gentral oonf srwaoay . . 4 ...
Geaeral Lavi CLAka BooLta. United
Btatae army (retired), at Wilmington,
Del. ; ,
JOHN 'BTsTso!, the well-known tmuvlrl:
oal manager, at Boston. .-'.. a
JACOB Bonn, wealthy favnier Mii (amt
owner, at MUbrtHik, Ilia ; .
Formal Announcement of
Candidacy for President.
'it' -...- t :, ,
01ny Oat uf tli Km' and a Letter Irom
Praaltlant Clevelmid I-e1iniiig tlia l'a of
.. Bis Kama Vull Mot IWi a. Nurprlaa A.
- ; r.v.A. Drlea-atra Kepudlala Certain
' Cbaxgra Aga'nut Major Me Klulry Wbich
Originated In Their Order.
Ngw Ton, April 20. A lat-e dlxpatch
from Boston to Tint World says: Kx-Gov-ernor
William H Hiih!m1I, through Judge
Johrt W. Corcoran, chairman of tho atato
Democratic committee, Friday night an
nounced his candidacy for the Democratic
nomination fur the presidency. Thl ac
tion of tho governor Is a direct outcome of
his ruoent yt to Montloello. ' There and
at Waahintftmi hu mot in, my Democrats
of national prom-nenco who urgtnl him to
Btaud for t ho nomination.' On his return
here he consult) with tho nt ite leaders,
and Friday made up . hi mind to run. Ho
U now out of the ciy. . It 1 uadcrstood
that ho hart'goiieto Wnalilngrou. ." Judge
Coro.r.tii," clinlrinan of th stnte commit
tee, sirid KriJnv niqht that Mivtaachustitts
DonnM-rni would aupixrt Ttusnvll, who
was a wu'UiUl..
V. Mu StiKKcul lo or IiIdcii.kIoii.
' fur an tin; Htuto coimnlctoo U con
cerned," ho ntid, "there never has Iteon a
suggestion made or h di'sousHlon engaged
in concerning who Khould or should not
be vnmlidute brfore the convention. - No
human bring han evi r nrmngHl or sought
to arrango j fcluto r lit of candidates
for presentation to tho convention. 1 have
read, and oilier have road, in the news
paper of tho candUbu-y of certain gentle
men prominent lu the party as likvly and
satisfactory. So meinlvr of the commit
tee vntident iu Bo-t-011 ur elsewhere has
tTvnriftgk-tLlo .riiejany plan or arraugo-
jneiiT i,.MlL'11l',,8I',n,, ooonn-u
pVf "oiiierjf '.Tbere' nro men"' In the
nnffy vliiMti ':!'M'rv1oi'ii'( flnl. v'deri
tl"jj 'M ... interest.!! n.ivo t won
fdr them lh- gr:itiViule"of the 'disinterested
Deuiocnit throuirlioiit th.) st.-U. If tho
conKtn,u jjrifVwspaper 'opinion h seJ
leeted iliemiM caii'didatos' H is'a liiatter
beyoug thecontrtil an I beyond tffo arcta'
tlon ofthe fta to eomnirtteo."
Jayor (Juncy, rx-cliuriu 111 of thil D.m-
ocrVuic natioiiil executivO committee,'
who, on Feb. iki, "atari dd S?crtft!iry Olney'e
boOm.'saltl that Olney tvalvut of the raco
andnlial ho would Support Russwll. Thl
lsoOnfljrod by ' leading administration-
!Min!rat iU pUeftig eX-GoVomor Kus
uirft thti adinlnlstratlon candidate, and
ialefwr Tom l'resldt'ut CieVelaTid"any day
wlthibrawlug; from' trio race would be no
SUVpr?itV. '. j -,
borne A, A. lieiegate Who .. Will up
Vr Mckiuley to the LaU
Peokia, I Is., April 20. At a. meeting
of tho' A. 'lVi'A.' delegates to tho Four
teenth districts-Republican convention,
Which is to convene hero next-week, hold
Friday :niglt In the A. P. A. hall the fol
lowltig.resolutlons'w'ero alopted:
?!,iWltElUA8, Certain statements pur
porting to be exact and substantial re
tracting the standing of all candidates for
L president whom names are likely to bu
submitted to the national conven
tion of the .Republican party at
8t. Louis have been made v by the
state president, C. P. Johnson, the whole
aim and tenor of which circular Is to dls
orrdit'lwforo the A- P. A. tho, candidacy
ot Governor . McKlnley ' by representing
him as a mm unworthy of cruilotioe snd
confidence and a an enemy of this onier;
and. .
, 'W.KKKEA8, The most essential of theso
Statement bavo lo'n witi'vely branded
oy Governor McKmley and his most
intimate assooia'fl a the 'very qui n tea-
L som-e of malignant f.ilaehood;' and
, VWiiKKEAH, Investigation ' ana in
quiry have convinced us that thoso tat
nients refernul to are neither exon, mib
atantial nor worthy of belief; bo It there
fore "Resolved, That we, the A. P. A. dele
gate to the congressional convention of
the Fourteenth district to bo held in
Peoria April '22, hereby denounce tluwo
tatemcuts Concerning Governor McKin
ley, which were publish 1 broa least a
emanating from tho ollKvrs of the A. P.
A., as Slanderous and misleading, and
hereby pledge ourselves to support no
man as deleiate to the national conven
tion who does not first pledge' hlmelf to
use everv effort olbto to secure the
nomination of William McKlnley at the
til. L-iuls convention." - ; -
V. .
1. Iii toil Not a Caiitllilwle.
?AoiSAW." Mteh., Aprlf Co. Congress-
njaii ,'v.- 'i,ltl,rt. w,,d baM ' boon urged
by .certain of the A P. A lealers a a
HMaible 'candidate for president, is here
and denies In . "trong langnage that ho U
'a-candidate foe the presidential nomina-
tliwi Mr. Linton sav ho H not now, ano
mo bin., bei n. a c.iiutlilato lor rue n-nor
..f i.i.,lnatloii. lie say's 'I ho !! of b.
la Aviiueetioti With the K-publkvin
notstkeaUuM Xor prvsidcnt ltipauTho"rtze.l
aud that It will ,not. Iw, presenteu o i;o
U liouts con vent ton with hi c.inaent.
aud that he wilt not lw a candidate on an
Indelvmlent A. P. A ticket. Mr. Linton
I a candidate-for .renominat ion to eon
grea from thU district and is hero fixing
vp hie teiico in that direction.
Will Not hopper t ltlaad.
ST. ' L)L;18,' -April a i. Ch.iiriinn A.
Resells of tho Peoples' party fttate eoin-nittta,-
In an interview Saturdar, -do--'
dared that tbe I'opullsts would uot sup-
port sx.-Congreian Bland if the latter
should be nominated for tha presidency on
on a silver platform, lfe did not think
ths adoption, la advaA m of aotiou taken
by the KipulUt conrentlcn of a silver
platform by the Democrat at Sod alia the
er day weuld effect the Populist voto
In this mate, ,
Conilnulng, he aaid: "The 43,000 Pop
ulists of Mikrfourl are going to stand firm.
00 matter wlut tho Democracy does at
Chicago. We will get at leant 10, CM J
vots from the Ilpiibl leans In this state
and with the aooeaaum from the Demo
cratic rank we are going to mil thing
mightily in Missouri thl year.", " .f j -
ouiloted for Congra.
Kane. Pa, April 20. Tho congresHlon
al conference for tho Twenty-seventh con-,
gressloual district, comprising - McKean,
Warren, Venango and Cameron counties,
mot here Friday afternoon. Charles W.
ilouo of Warren was nominated for con
gies. A. C, Hawkins of McKean and 8.
C. Lewis of Venango were elected dele
gates to the Republican national conven
tion; T. B. tviupaon of Venango and W.
H. Howard of Cameron altornatos. Will
lam tchnur of Warrvn was cboseu presi
dential elector.
Ilrgat lnlraelel fr J'uy.
LtDAxox, P., April Sd. The Four
teenth congrulonaI district Republican
conferree met here 8 iturd;y and floated
L. K Weliuer of Lebanon and W. M.
tiiulth of Perry county delegates to tho
HL Louis convention. Alternates, A, It.
Kou k of Lebanon, K S. Wlllard of Per
ry. G. W. Miller of Lebanon, was chosen
presidential elector. The delegates were
instructed for Quay, with McKlnley as
second choice. '
Fusion Ticket Nominated.
BIKMINOUAM, Ala., April aO. The Re
publicans aud Populists held county con
ventions here Friday. The fusion idea
prevallod and a fusion ticket was nomi
nated. On account of a division on the
money question among the Democrats tho
fusion ticket Is lik tly to be the winning,
one. Fusion will occur among the Re
publican and PopulUt parties . at their
state conventions at Montgomery April
VSth. ;
A nglw Egyptian Troop Numbering S.OOO
'' Nearly Ready to Move.
AfcSOCAS, Kjrypt, April ). At prownt
thero'am about 10, WW. men on the Soudan
ese frontier, out of which there are gath
ered at Akaalw-h thi-eo battalions of infan
try, a squadron of cavalry and a buttery
of six guns under Hunter Pasha The
latter force, k ooU a sufllcleut camels
have arrived- on the'pot for pur
poses of transport, will puh on to SuarUa,
which Is garrNoned by a' atrong force of
dervUhe. The attacking party, under
Colonel Hunter, will number nearly 2,oW
men, while the number of dervUhes at
preneut at Suarda is about X.4W Hick
man Bey left Assouan on Monday with
instruction to puh ou with all speed to
-.uanlo, lu order to take up tho post of
chief of the staff to Colonel Hunter.
Rinaker-lHiwDiug Cvnteat,
. VAuiNUTot. April &J. Committeo on
elections No. 1 has agreed to a rep rt In
tha! ton Not of General John I Rlnaker
Atraipst F. K. Downing of the Sixteenth
-district of Illinois. There will bo a ma
jority and minority report, all the Repub
licans exceot Moody -w alassacuusotis
sitrnttitf the majority report: and the Dem-
ocrai s making a minority report in favor
of counting" the-ballots In this vtueS
Mooney may aign tho minority report or
be may llock by hiiuseLfibiiil1 tho mjtrity
report will bo adopted and General Rina-"
ker will socnrejjls seat, making .the D11-.
nois delegaifoii in tho Fif ty-fdur cOngre'aS
solidly R publlcuu,. . . ,. v
4 ' I Want the Itouk Kxaiulned.
, CouL'Mr.ua'rO , Ajw-ii -).-T. C Cuoard
and Hon.; VV L.".Phrllips' have applleslto
Audi to? Gilbert for'thl app'ointment of
an export. to cxaioJno tho books' of Treas
urer James M. Moody aiul AuaitoVL A.'
Whit ney'of Morrow, county. .The' special
committee appointed bj the county to In
vestigate the condition, of those officers
found Is, 312 iu the treasury 1 The reports
of the auditor and., treasurer' shows there
should have been only K,y3L This leaves
an unexplained surplus of labout, y,000,
which 1 causing tho good people of Mor
row county much uneasiness
Unrned by aa KxpleeioD. -
' Cincinnati, April SO Saturday mom
ing an rxplottiou Of coal 'oil In i he saloon
of Kmil S-hoafer oh ' North' B.ty miller
Street aet tho 'house of fire, ! The f upper
story was occupied as a 'dwelling. The
flames spread rapidly, cutting oil the es
cape ol the sleeping ' iiunates. Tlie- fol
lowing piron.wcro bally burned?" Mrs.
Mary rihukler; f at ally ; Mr, . FreUv Wag
ner, dangerouly;'John llper, Syearsoid,
'seriously hurt! Mary, the 7-inontlis-oltl
baby of Freda Wiigni, slightly burned.
All the injured were taken, to the rity
boKpital. . .' ' ' ' . ','
TakeW frou. llmi and Lynrhed; ;
' Clt ATTANOcKi A, Tenn.,' April 30. Elarly
Saturduy morning Starling Savage 'was
taken from his U-d at Irving , college
seven miles from McMinnevllle, In War
ren county,-by masked. men and hapgqd
to a . tree. Tho doomed man,. was sus
nected of U-inu a spotter for .United States
officer.. Sayage was a worthless, charao:
UT and a realdont of White, an aUolnng
couiitv, but his moonshine, enemies had
followed him from home, ,, , .
MitrtlerrU by Her Cooala: ; '
Richmond, Tex., April 2t). Miss KUa
Somerville wahot and kilbnl Saturday
........I.... l, l...r villain. Altwrt Somcr-
vtlle.wliom she was K-adingtobet'Tather's
ref id .nice fron a drunken carpiiat tiown
town. The voting man Is from .New XoTli
city, w here bis father resides, and was vis
iting relatives here. 1 1 ''''"
.( (Mipara Thlahlngof a Strike. , ( ,
XEw'YoiiX, -April CO. DeU'gntes repre
sentlng l,tW ooopers In this city. Brook
lvn and Jersey City met last night to at
cuss the reduction In' wages of 'ono-half
rent each for trimming old barrel. A
enmntlttee was eb'cN'ol to demand froin
the N")s coopers' assotatlon tlkattbe' re
duction tsj withdrawn.'' ? 1
Onne Afirr a Oang of hmngcler.
fr ivk K Wttali.. April A n organ-Ir-nl
umu of mugg1era has bevh operat
ing exteniv lr n - tbo Colvllle rerva-
ti.n. running contraband Chinamen
-. ilu Cinidian Itonier Into th
Uni-v' I Mate. inUVtels are afierthom
l.iMwtiinttres for Hun1.
' l'liiLAMtiJ lu v, April 2 The llild
w in L ammotiva Work h is closed a coft
ir,t to build sixty-four locomotives fu
tn.. Ui.oiji irovernmotit. This make
i-ti 1.. ".iinotivea ordered by Rusaia It
1 gl.lU mttUihs,
Bradstreet'g Report on the Bus
iness Outlook.
rroniUiog Weather Stlinnlatee the Deonaad
for hervlcM-able Merchandlae Iaereaeed
Volume of liualneea Moat Conspleuooa lu
tbe Weet tillght laereaae la. II oal news
raUere Orer the Prevloua Week la
Creaaed Aotlrlty la Speculative alarket.
New Yokic, April 20. Bradstreot's say:
Fovorablo weather, except In some north
western states, baa stimulated demand
for seeaonabiM merchandise, notably light
summer clothing. On tho whole the
week presented a distinct gain. This 1
not so much apparent at eastern centers,
except Baltimore and Pittsburg, as in tho
central Mississippi river valley. At some
.northwestern cities the movement of
merchandise has declined, but at a num- '
ber in the' east it is unchanged,' while
southern cities in moat Instances report -business
quiet, and in others less favonv;
bl-. There is a better demand for cotton
machinery to go south; eastern cotton
dyers are busier, and there is a demand
for hardware, machinery and locomotives.
Preparations are making at . most lake
ports for the opening of navigation, one
of the first effects of which will bo to re
lease 10,000,(.iiO bushels of grain In store at
Ioereaaed Itualoe la the Weet.
Increased - volumes of business la most
conspicuous west, st St. Louis, Chicago,
Kansas City, Omaha, Milwaukee, and
Memphis. Less, gain Is shown on the
PoclUc coast except In export lines, ship
ments of lumber from' Portland and San
Francisco being conspicuous. Taouma
continues to send flour, lumber, and cot
ton across the Pacific and to South
Afrlc k Export of wheat (tlour Included '
as wheat) from both coasts of the Unlfoil
States this week amount to 2.017,0 K
bushels, against 1.701 OM bushels. 'Joe, .
week, 3. 1(15, X bushels In the week a year
ago, l,3lJ,0JU lu tho week - two years ago,
and as compared with 3,utt3.UU0 bushels in
tho corresponding week of IWM. Exports
of Indian corn amount to 1.074.00J bush
els tbls week, against 1,3.1.0X bushels ;
last week. 778,000 fn tho week a year ago,
and 2,oi0,oo0 bushels lu the week- two ;
years ago. Total business failures in the
United States are 241 this week, against
231 last week, S.'1'J In the correspondln g
week of 1W5. 212 in 14, and 217 in 18TC1.
which Is a smaller execs than the aver
age increase weekly during the first quar
ter of the current year.
Speealatlou Much Healthier.
Increased activity and advancing quota
lions have given a much healthier appear
ance to speculation. The movement which
developed this week has been attended by
a number of gratify lug circumstances,
among which a leading place should be
given to the reappearance of publlo Inter
est and to the fact that attention haa
turned from the manipulated .industrials
to railroad BhageiuaBd Ute jnarectimato
speculatlres 4jrnfr-ly,, Thf bullish dV-j
monstration is, to a corUun extent baaed
upon the expectation of greater business
activity with the progress of spring and
the prevalent Impression that despite the
damage already done to winter wheat tbe
season opens auspiciously for other cxdps.
Tba belief that the session of congress
will soon terminate was not without
feet, i while the relegation of foreign, con
troversies to a position ,' of secondary ln- )
portance hod a tendency to revive spocu-
laCiT0"'coerefiifv. Above :aui .however,
the change iu London s attitude toward
American bonds and .atock. wss. calcu-.
lated to prlsluco a decidecr impression I
here,,;-, . , , .
Tn'Vin.t Hut mmU's haliish "nSremeht n
our market is, lu a-measure, a relloctlou
of: what is going on in London,' whore .
more or less 01 a specui.iiive reTiyai ia in
progress, tiie enoruious and long peht tip
investment demand there Having uoni
onstrated'lts power by a marked rise in
consolV and Vholne" securities. South
Africans, .so long tho absorbing specu- ' .
ltive feature 'of . the London market, are
now iu "disfavor,' a n.l as would . tie nat
ural, the" speculative attention of the .
British public has, in a inoasu a, '
tiirned low.inl American Ktorks. Wall
strift lays.--much ' 'stress upon the
presence f Mr J. B. Morgan In' Europe.
and, a nether correctly or otherwise, crl- '
itsjhat geiitleniiin with having used hi! -
nfltieiiec to assit the r:ovement in qu -s-
tlon'. It cannof,1tnloed, lie said, that pur
chasing ol stocks for foreign account Las
been 011 a large scale. Nevertheless, a re
vived inter-t in -our market has. been.-
shown by forelgu tnw sfors and specula- ' .
tor, and order fo : UokU- wf the btu-r
class have Come from London in ufll-lont
volume to atloe-t that department very ..
favorably. ' " ' "
Terrlne :xploelon In a Theater. ; , ,
JavKiviLX.E, Wis., April !0. During -a
prformance ot "The 1 hree Guardsmen
by Alcxnder Salrlnl at the Meyers
'Oncra House last night a terrlno.frx-
plosion oceurroil near the close of the sec
ond act.' ' The tuaunenlum light apparatus
Woe defective and blew up. - Max Marza-
novltch, property man of the company.
waa seriously mangled by uytng pieces or
metal, bnt" will recover. The entire com-
panr was en tho. stage at the time of tho .
explosion. - o panto occurred.
Carpenter aud Horse fehoers te Strike. .
HT Ltil'ia, April 20. A general striko
for aa eight-hour day by tho union oar-
rrtters and horse sheers of the United
State is vxiiccmu ry me. laoor organ
tlons' of St: Louis to occur May V; it is
poett'.vely state.1 that every union horse
shoer in tha United States ana every un
ion carjetitcr, save those in St. Loots,
Will Walk out on that day, and will re
main out until , tkey have, secured the -
eltui-ttirJioura .'
v OIl' tna Town Badly ftoorched. "
OrlaHviUA ClTT, April 20, Chandler. ..
the county seat of Lincoln county, has
suffered grot loss by Are, which burned.
the postolBoe and nearly all the business
portion of the town. .-; Aheloss , 1. not
"'Mttt.Je-'.TrtMtpeTev theeeMa. '
INPO!J, April 20. Despite the official
denials w hich have been Issued The Dally
News n peats its assertion that 10. 000 Brit
lh troops are going to the Soudm in tha
autumn. .
"Gigantic" Ulcycle Troa.
Toledo, O , April 1W. A glgantlo bi
cycle trust is taking shape, with every
probability of Its headquarters being lo
cated la thl city.

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