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Vol. IV.
Calumot. Houghton County, Michigan, Friday. Juno 26, 1896,
No. 191
A Silver Question.
If voii were ofT-'ml n emrn I'nitt-.l Stnt.H hilver dollar for ft dollar or h lead-n
jailar for .i cent, which would you tnkc? Many nro the offers to pe iple nowu
,,ivh. hut don't ut yonf'H be fooled. Think twice before on leap. I'.uy of the
m-reliant w ho offers; you n dollar 'n worth I jr a dollar, hut bow are if him wiio tries
to shove you 11 leaden dollar lor r0 cents.
...Last Suit Chance...
Tl. ,! are ihvtinK by, nnd the HiiitH lire going; with the tin vs. The wise will
lay now, for every nu'rt in Hit stojk is Hollin-; at a very low figure'. I have iu Mock
100 Suits Made to Order.
Tlity are thofinPHt Roods over I. rout'ht to thin city. I w i!l pell thorn from $12
( .ft i a Hirit. Call and we them. I gunrm tee to fit yon better than anyone in
tou arid at tho lowest possible price. A full lino of genU' furnishing goods, hoot
Htnl slmcs. Kverythinj? for boy a and children, cheap.
M. Gittler's Bargain Store.
Tho Silver M m's Frionib Fcal
Very Much UncoLirscd.
ii :: is to b:: ri.Aci: r. No'iivum-
It Is Aliniitui -, il Hi;, I s, One Yi-rt- I I.....
to ScnaOn' llUcUiniii W, K.t f'liiinriU.
kioiu-il to l'lac Hi,. ( ..I.iim I,. Han's Xmii..
II. fun- tlie Nalioiiii! It-ai.rt -.r. ii- flit. 11
tl.ui ill Mil. a.;.i -Ti. I., t, X.uiiin .toil I i
Ohio mid In liaaa-r.,1,1 kill Mrus.
Di:nvk::. Juan .',. .'j .r f,.iL.ds f
hi" llcinv M. Teller vv hu have been ndvn-
timr Ids luinliil.a y . m u silver ticket fur
president of t In1 Piii'ed Slates nro feel
ing very hi ii h en mini .1 by tho roeep
ti. n i.l' tin' !... in . I. ii-i.-.l hi St. Isolds im-.
Lately ,i!'ei' !! I. .It i.f ttn ve'prl
lel.'.'afe; h- !i.:l ia t'i. est Ii ml ont!.
It is it i . ii-u : i ! 1 tl:;;i Mr. Ti Hern name
will i.i,iii, ! , I,,, in-,.., ..u..(l Id tho ('111-'
I.vcn to the most enrcle ohHcrvcr,
Warwick Bicycles I
Surreys, Phaetons, Buggies,
Wagons, Carts, Etc.
I hHve the laryet and niont ooinn'ote ntock oyer brought to th.- coiper country
nt my Harnoss and Carriago repository: 52 1 Scott Struot.
One Thousana
That i- I than tho number ot familien that
jieut to locate njion the
K iine,t.f (he i-titti site i' ihi eoart will
j'l e'e Mr. I5niM in imin uili 'M in ( liie.:;",
Ia4e.'..lcif cx-Ccli:'iV: Mii : 11 l'r -il Wliiie.
wiio was flr-n .;latel for :' Ii r. 'II, f
f.iet that IlliieiiH v't nut in a met f. .r any
ii.ii'r i.ci'Mn f-T ' unVal. ai at l'euri i i i
a riled mi un lalvaiit;!''! I 1 Mr ll-.le-i.
'rt;'.a Ih'iiiiici i.t . Ili l.rl.
JtAO'V, Jur.e 'J't. I Vt Metiiner a! le st i i o
coaw'Mimi was e.illeil to nu er 1' hur-il.: r
by Cliairinan Move (.'lav. Tin- d lluwhi.!
F!att nlHceri wen ii'tii.iii.iii'tl in a Imnili.
Lyman Trumbull Psscos Peace
fully Away at Chicago.
had iiia.x mck 10:1 so u: nsir.
His Victory.
niEr iiorE fok a change soox.
Uovcruor, W. Y Alkin'ii .
f.tato, A 15 (atinller; at!
M. 'liarell: Ottiiiiniit-hiiii
11. T. .estiiil; eoiai'tt
Wll-!it. W ,. Speia- ai
blate tieHni T. the tae .
W. Ii. ll.:riiinal. reiirii.u
lii! ere ilclc ins nt I trc I
ecii-larv i.f
f 'liei-il. ,1
nf iijrrieiiltiire
II -r general. W
1 IH'l.iMl.itetl I'll
tilt ii.ruiiitHMit
'lha follow
t he n itimia
ci.tivenili.'i: 1
.:-h, Al li'.v
til '.tlui ni t'i el 11
, ami it in hoped that tho
hliow on the initial bal
tint I'linroniUai to him.
.!i.. ititiii will 00 mo from
it is 1 l.tiuieil ho in iwirtie
iit only on necotint of his
' It :el t, but n!st) heemiso
t tin- f.tet Mil and. his
sii iiin to tho moro radi-
II -ini! li'-un narty mi tho
li has nut ytt boon do
or thy nuiiiinatiii
li -a.
3 (CY
That may hociii like ft Inrey p.. i,l . r, bat (!
who arc lnokintf for
Homes of Their Own
Are coin every week to examine for them lye and
in nlniOHt every cnne are ho well H- ai-ed with th-'
land, the iroHreet, etc., that thv look no farther.
It is Important that all w ho are interest ! rfinul.l
Tho llrHt to buy pet the bent nhow a to Imalioii.
etc. It will not lny yon to .wait. l!ailwi-.v ICxcnr
KionUftteH are nold every lhnrHday at urcatly re
duced rate. Ticket are Rood for ten days.
For Particulars Enquire of
.i ri e.invcui urn
1 ; n,,'! h h-f w i.l
lot v, ill stamiri!i
Mr. Ti ll. r's i i,
llit' v h, here
nlai 1 v s: r,i;:';, 11
e-onl i.s a silver
I' his See ;t ; ; . ill
ell-l;mivn oi;i.
al aeliiim of llu1
I ; t i it 1 , . 1 1 -( i
i.lfll 'All.l Will
p.-. Ch.
V.'milil l'e:in r.!;uMurn.
It is claiineil tli.it Setiator Ulae.kburn,
or w hmii the Kentiieky delegation Is In
;nuiel, would r.itliei' site Teller nomi
nate 1 Hi an earrv nil t:,e utym li'inseir, an;l
it is e;.e. 'd Hi it s i.'C! otie Very floSO to
t ha Ke il ai i;v i:e -:r m will Ik1 eomniia-
t 1 t 1 il ie. in r Teller's namo bo
ti:, 1)' .i 1. r.'.':e ei ..a vent ion. CohT
will Hil'er 11 1 1 ! 1 1 i ' a 1 s ami her delo
s will 11 1 lie. p 11 tieel irly eonsjiicilDlK
ill t'le convention, bat it is nroiioseil to
ml from I 'lis htatea d. 'legation of citl-
as lmi.;-i! cxinM.il to attract at-
tenti'Hi. It is ii.-eite.l that lrom
to .Vi) linn, iiieludin many of
the eil:'ue-i Mi.il best known businosd
men of t lie state, with u mnmnioth bras
ami ami the famous Loailvlllo drum
oiMis, will b a in Chica to nhout for freo
f liver aad Henr y M. Teller for president
Much remains to be d..i'.o ill tho matter of
det ails. Liittlni work is jjoin;; f.ivwara 011-
thu-i isl ii allv. 'I he friends of Mr. Teller
v that the indorsement of tho Populist)
jiaity is asMircil I11111 11 raw iirmurnui
malt'' him their can.lidate and that this
would not be posihh; .should a strabjut
Demm rat be Im-i-l.
xi! 1: 1:1: sr.ri; roxvr.xTiovx.
Dili ..it s-ut 1 arire Hint Tirlt't Ninnluiititl
111 ( tins t ill ion.
M'oi.ss. .hrne At th India
ie f,.' comea'J'm edties.lay
lieiijamiii F. Shlveloy, of St. Jo
s.a h ei.imiv, v lio was tumiinated for yov
11 nor received 1XAS voles out of a tot id. of
1,7 IT, e ('olire:-small Cooper, the eandi
'...t'.it.t 1 !.. .hl i..i.ik1 '1 ViuviiW tccoiv-
in;r the remaining 101 votes.
'1 lie ticket was completed follow.4
Lieutenant i-overnor, .lohn V. Lawler;
.c ret ! rv of state, S. M. Kalsfon; auditor,
.loe-,h " T. I'.-nniiiLr: treasurer, Morgan
(handler; attorney ireiieral, John i
Xutt; supreim? court reporter,
NVarrum; siiiierintendent of pu
Mi ueti .11, W. M. St. Clair:
ci.111. t. II. I iwney; del
1) W. VooiV vi, J. I)
Tnrpie. ( i. V
K. Lamb, I). 1
I llol'll
-,,i'im.-i IV. Juno 2.J. The Ohio
state Democratic convention, held h
Wednesday, was primarily a silver ratifi
cation ineetin- and secondarily the Da
,ii.er ,,f 11 boom for John li. MeL-an f
the"tft-sitlentlal nomination lit Chica -ro,
1 if 1 In. i.rri dele ; rates M .' voto for free sil
. . . 1 fr McLean. The fo'.lowin.T
li. to't was noiniiuited: Tor secretary
Cl.ilron A. N irte: juue m
,, cunt. L. J. Iilamlin; dairy and
' I . . 1.. I.'. ........ .
,1 .,,Tii.i. toiler. lairicK. . ""i
of 1 he board of nublio works, .To-
h Prank. Delegates at lar-e, A. .
I I.Mfl.on . H. I- IIIU'V, LI. I- I"'l'""l
,lhn U. M' Lean Altermitesi
Decker. J. . l.omveii, . a. -
ctcr 11 D.voan.
S.m: moo v. X. V., Jtitie
ork stale lJeiniM l i.l
' . 111 P. Hi well, Patrick
is, and Pivc lirnwtl 'J'la
es for Iri e liver
I "I.iimiIii S.lt. i' ( ' iM iiHoa.
1.1;, .1 une The s'.uo silver con
vention was c. lied t mtLriu tho I'maii-
way riicater at U:H ihursday iy l. .x.
Stevens, member of the National hilvi r
party. Time were 710 d leu' ites present
till rl I'll Illuei4 Nt th I'lllMTllI tf
lA-l. Iiiiti'iianl (Invrriior K ixriirr at llfll.
vlllf, III IIU4 ttrft-r I III.mIhIIIi I'nl.llo
I'imioi B'ul u I lot of I'rlemU Mourn
lliii I ) list. l.ovt'd Hil l Iti-spcclctl by Alt
lu Knew Him In l.ifo.
C'HM At.o, Juno Mtk I.ytnan Trumbull,
who for a lon-f limn him been 111 nt hi
home, 4HH Iakc avenue, dhil Thursday
moridn at 3 o'clock His end was peace
ful. IIu wax conscious just In-fore he ex
pired, but was unable to do moro than
rooojrnizo those ubotit him lie was pur-
n u tided by his family and physicians Hnd
death came like a ciuiet sleep. At tho U'd-
r w;i
.1 a I.l.
on the lein'oir si Lvov ci,pventin
Loniai(l ! .tr!.Ji' on, the col
d bv li -v. Thomas l'z.ell.
-'u,r ''On this convention.
at SI.
that is o m t in Clot a . . " Thoconve
tioll se'eetod CX-l'nile.L Stales Setiatur
II A. W. Talior teiiipo;-.o eti iirman, and
Divid Davand-Mrs. ut ih'.'.l .sis-retarb's.
After iu';,iiintni! comi ifc t'.-.-s the cotivcn-
tl 11 t '.I -it a recess.
1), m li
the 11.
of nublie in
state stalistl-
-'ates at larr-.
McCabo, David
Men!es: alternates, John
l iter, J. C. Nelson, C. K.
ATri ts Vulitliiy tf luetirp i;itlti f iTany
W'ittciMisiii il I.ik'-
Maihson', Wis., June ',' . 1 he supremo
court deliver.'.l a ileelsion vveilnes.lay
which will 11 Piect the vali litv of the In-
corporation of nnny "iseonsia villa;
Th.o decision was 111 a) in th-' suit
brought by a ntim'ier 01 tnpayeis ot the
villa jo of North MihvaaUee, who asked
,that tho lneorporatieii be set, nsidn on
tho ground that it h.;d n t been properly
made. The circuit c-.u't of Milwaukee
county denied the r.s)b.st, but Haded-
nlon was rovre.-e.l bv th .' stinviue court,
w hich held:
1. That the creation of ir.anielpal cor
poration Is the exercise of le; ;i slat ive pow
2. That livrlslat! ve iiower cannot, be dele-
patedsavoas uuthori.-Hl by the con.-titu-
tion Itself.
3. That the circuit court u a. 1 -r t ,m con
stitution is purely a ju ii. ial court and la
not authorized to roviv or exercise i
latlve turners of any kin 1.
4 That, tha f.iet of il. t rrvnlri.r. eitner
tciitativelv or finally, whether it is for tit'
lies! Interest; of the lieon'.. that thi'V should
b ! ineoriMirated ini wi ilti;;. and llxin;
I'm boundaries is not th" telcrni'natioti 01
a mere act. Iul t i t ne e :. reis,. ,n n nisi.-
tive discretion, ami if such power Iks deh
cited nt till il must be ile'cLrate.l to tho
proper iii lilies named 111 ia ' c. 11 a .1 10 10. 1.
Tunic, nt 11 t'aciis.
P.u I.. June ::') As Ianeti Jlro
was chibi!i.cr l.'-ro We.lncsday
liltern inti a li-.cn Win-1 arui-K 1 110 iciu,
uiVpi.r ihe-ii to tear an ' totter. A cry of
loin' w '.-f-r'nm't. d-ti o4:i 1"
1'aiuc s;tn ucn, ann irow.ini e
Out in
jrlad to
ores were
with the exec
SchW ColUpitfi IuriiiK 'lrru at ftprlnf
flrlil, 11U. S-vtI Hurt.
S,iti:rinii Tot... "it Whllit it tuu U'it
' " - 1 - 1.. . r: . . I 1 u..
circus was lu progress on the lnwro at th I DTIXISn CUIXOrs ro uisiurucu vj
resldenco of James T. Jonea Wednesday
evening, for the benefit of Christ Episcopal
church, tho Kut broke down. A lurgw
numljer of pippin were Injured, araonjf
them Ik'I ritr ; Mrs. J. L. Hudson, leg
broken; General Alfred Orendorff, late
adjutant ffoneral of the suto, bone broken
In foot; Pohtmaster IliHldick M. Hldgely.
Iwidly brulsiHl; Miss Sulllo Perklnn, ankle
PpmiiKHl; O. li. Uralncnl, back Injured;
Mm. (1. It. Ural nerd, badly bruised; Mm.
K. Y. Dana, ankle upralm-d. A dozen
others were Klijfhtlr hurt. The Injured
were all tuken homo In carrlagea and the
i-ntertalnment came to a sudden close.
Governor and Mrs. Altireld were among
those present, but esoaix-d Injury. The
Keats, which were arranl In regular
circus at vie, w ere weakly supiKrtod, ana
the weight of many person caused them
looolLiuso. . A numlKr of phy-ielan were
tclephoiiiKl for, and most of I hem am veil
nn the ground to find that their patient
had Ikvii removed to their homes. Tho
most Ncrioiis Injuries are thone of Mrs.
HudsTui mid Mr. (1. It Uralnerd.
Mrs. Hudson's lea Is very liadly fme-
1 11 red near the ankle and Involving the
joint. Mr. Ura'uierd U thouirlit UHsMn-
ternallv injured, nnd was unconscious for
mme time after ls'ln taken from the
wreck. General Orendorf will be lame
for some time, as a small Imjdo In his foot
was crushed by a blow from a falling tim-
Ut, Postmaster Uld'ly's Injuries are a
general shaking tin and some bad bruises.
The seats for the occasion were borroweit
from the state bivird of agriculture and
have been used m "bleacher'' at the race
Wai.lh Hum k, Oak Htkkkt, Cam m"T,
L. II. Rn iiakisox. QriNc v Stkhet, HAtM-K, or
W. li.
The New
u selected
r ai ... i.,. r.tr th,. Ch e.i-.r.i conventioiii
D .-l.-irates -at lurjro imviu i. . '
( by, I!. P. I' owl-
Mlernates-li )
A Canter ami
Tin: cnw .vi.o oxvi:xrt()x.
ni.d V.
I ni. S.
aei Pure
H. ( i-udert.
M. Weed, J.
II , I. N Aire
v rutin t ' P With
inn.ii .iiii'i.
Cmh-m.m. Jum.'.v-.-X.-w that the state
... 1 K....it i-oiiiiileted. the at-
roiiveiii ioc.m nil t 1
ion of tho local politicians is uirecteu
,rlv s'a''cs Of trtO national 1'itoo-
tnv.mtion. which will be held here
l,..t. l j urn 11 Ileal V lieiriiiion
iruard. Col
to th.
i rat ic
Julv-7. The
to (ill up with the ndvauco
Is !.v-ti
the exit.
dreiichlir' rain they swarmed,
atie v itli-'Ut serious Injuries
tram tied in the mud, but
ttioo of on" child, no serious
rial iniurv is re iortvd. One circus
was killed. The wind untoppi-d
bl",v d vw'n w imlmills, and did other
llama -e iti t his bi. alil y.
( I H.iirit In OI1I0,
M.i:ii:Tt'. June '.n A cloudburst oc
curtdl Wedm silay ni.'ht w hi. h covereil a
viih. nreaaod wis the most destructive
ever known iu this terriMrv. Houses were
u-cnriiwav.siocU.il' all kinds drowned,
...I 1., i-oes narrow !v e-capeil wiinineir
lives. In some streams t lie water rose.
ttvniilr iv 111 ill lMllillies iiiiiit-.inu.-fu
the eoi!.' .alnio-t as suddenly as tho
Johnstown l'.ood. and was very much like
If In Tivmv resneeis C.-ops nrerulnedon
the Little Mus'. Pi'Mim f r twenty mil
.....I mi 10. 1 11 v of t he mall lliDiitaries o.
the Ohio i.bove her-.
Iriiil nt KkiiihIus ( otell
AKltoV. ()-. Jane '.'.'..-A iirmr the wit
or... mined ill the trial of llolilillllS
Cotoll, chavzel with the ninrih r of Alviu
v sii.nii. tiis wife and Ira. f Minson,
' .. ... . 11 w;. ...... I...th itl"
tvi-i'.. . :11111a 1 11 11 mil- .-t......
u-i...i,i li.nl terrible s: rtjr.'llcs with the
murderer. N'eilli T could throw the slight
t nvi.lenee mi the Identity of Ihe inur-
deter, and their testimony was simply the
record of their experiences on the niht of
the murder. A nuinUTor other witnesses
were examined without developing any
thin.i "f importance.
l irsl Mlihit:ni IVhcIm
Nil. I.-, .inn i'i. The lirst poaches of the
Season VCte ihhiui-
chard near ralrland
rinened and aiov
the tirst time in th
was re-
-ars, luit ne re-
of the
ho had
identltied. anil es-
of freed-mi. He
1 Martin, of St. l.ouis, in.-
tied head iiartets in room
Chairman llariaiy
arms, nas op-
1o-t Palmer llou
J - ., : 1 1 .. -- ert d,lilll 11 Tit!
lino .- " -.' . . ,j
len tm. ..- , : ,..,. ...it
Oilonel Martin Is well sa.isHed with the
KltlOOK ne-. . - , ,
I 1 0 seiiin tt 111
1 and that tin
rallp;emen,s or 1 c ,j " wm
becomi-lcted in fun
1 Horace Holes
... . ...... 1,1. .nt ia 1 catididat
Utile . M. Hretl
iiein ei .am . .i. --
...... . isciinscil at tne
lie dci.
that can
be ox poet 1
and in pom I i-rilt
i f Iowa Is the (list,
to occupy
Plan-1 h
be in th-
Dli.tkbui 11
Hi.. Held. His
I W.tl.li
M.T aim , Ui.-k
11 oicii li.t'ih'im. ......
taken head iuarters and will
ti.1.1 bv Jul 1. as will Sent!
f Kent in ky ami ii.mo.
Uiyan ol M'taasit.i.
vtr Mi'i' I'olOlli-t'.
' T..,..t "A Tho PopulNt1
A I I't I" I.' '.' ' - - " .
. AU ' ttemh.n dectcdlUhvateSt
tl,!r"""'1 . ion 'lhnrsdav The
the nattom.1 "; ( :,v
plalf.-rm l.-cia.es ...
lathe ratio ol l t 1-
1.. .1.,. Inter t r r.'l .
MiUM S June Dl.-TheDes Moines
,. .,,;.. clabs net hero Wislnclay
1 ' , . ..-..10 inarr arran' enients
nl-ht to m i-" i"v ' ,1 i 1'
..a .K.. 1 Idea--) convention In to
to'""'"" ,. . .., Tl... le.. . is -
1.1 t i'... I . iti 1 i
he I-
I. .mi . sl ol .'ic
. ..'.11 l- al)
j.cve 111-V "".' -, , . . t Ay ,
In from a lari'0 or-
They were fully
iveraze size This is
history of the Michi
gan peach belt that e hes ever rij enoil
a.....ir!v 'I'hev are fully four weeks ahead
f time Thecro) will be the largest ever
L-.toivn MlllV thousillits or lilisu.'is 01
i.ir .-loened i.ea.'he-' have been taken from
1,,. I.....S 1.1 nrevclit tl.ellmos irom oein,
broken oil. .
l i Hi u.it hoi f Ut lrolt.
T.v.tv,-.. Mi.-h. June i'li. Governor
' . ' . 1 1 ... 1 .. vi a.
Ilieh hasissucl a ir,K iamiuion in i.n ..
he ur-'cs the peo.le ol the slate to ooscrve
.i, oi. thrill, 111 of t'c 1 in anniversiryoi
' ' ..... 1. 1... .1... i.. .1,1.1,
nt tel. it Oil l-l lie lOll II. lilt III I llit.
i.a. .. ill l ike ni n e July 11. Kxtcnslve
... I .1 .... 1. i i. I.t tit oltservt.
inaii'' 'iiicnis ,n 1110
it ,. ,.. .1 ft.,, liti'ior'aiiee of
1 te 1 av ai I'fi 1 011 1. 1-
.1 ;..,,t 1 he .joM-iior priK'laims.
.....mis Hi 1 iii' roc if it ion from tho people
of the great middle a M western states.
ti li.lif lit (Trslit I, la.
-.,,. rov .lane J i A i vcloue . st I ink
H.iulitv ut II oclo- 'i Weduesilay night.
ThehiJh scho ! building was 1lan1ag.1l to
.i. .t,-.tit. of H.oou aim mo .'i"'"""-!'
.1.. mi d other building suiTered.
J,.....'.rt- loss amounts to about flo.ooo
ami the' streets are bhs-ked with debris
a lives were lost so far ns known
it . Hi.' Trnn- i.iilintiitsl It word.
jnv VoiiK. Jane 'J'l -.i -nu n " o
mi Knglishmnn, 2 years old. residing In
K.U Uiver Mass., arrived In this city
Wednesday nb-bt on his wheel from San
. ,.,.,i,.ff the distance from M
i-onvf ati -n.
tuind. and not
end of I h-'
It iHciitreatb
) .n cl
led I
d.-e I. G
1 r inciseo, cov cl Hi 2 t he distance fr.
Francisco to Xew York In WJ.r
U D Pl.ikfslce ot cnicago ... ... ...
at t7il l'-'hrs. -
It. liirii r Ihe l r.1.l''t.
WA.MiN..r..v..lo"o-.v. -P..-idcm (W
land and Sc.et.oy ( atbsie relumed to
Washington ot : ""y :ao,inrf
f 10.11 thv'.r Ulpdow (he Potomac.
'..le were hi-wife, Mrs Lyman 1 nimbull,
his son. Perry Trumlinll. and his da ugh tor,
Mrs. Walter Trumbull. He was attended
bv Dr. liivatd Holmes nnd Dr. Jay ne, of
prin;rli 1-1. Ills. Jinlfr' Trunibull's final
sickness whs the result ot a cold contract.
ed . bile al ten dinu' the funeral of ex-Lieu
tenant G iver nor Kocri,e! of Pellevilh
Ills. ),' v.a- soitTi conllncd to his bed and
for several weeks has Imvii near deaths
l.iniS iiml ll-oioinh'e t iirerr,
Hon. Lyman Tiumhutl was one of Chi
ca m s tic- t known ami most iuiiiy .-?
t emed citieiis. lie was atiiliatiil with a
lar'o nuuil'-T of iatluentinl organizations,
amotii' them tu in the American Dor as
sociation. Irmoiois cluli. and the board of
unselors 0! the Chica ;o College of D.'U-
tal S.it-crv His lolitical career was nu
inteiestin x one. lie was born in ( ol
ror, Conn.. Oct. 1.'. 1 -s:i. and dtirin;
liiel .n iieii. iiof bis liteinne hetii many
hiuh olliecs. Amonvr the latter were
th.is-i' of t'nitcd Stales senator, justice of
the Minteme court of the state of 1111
nnd state re'ire-eiit ittve. lie on mo
to Illinois iu p:i7 ami settled HI Uellevllle,
t C'.air riiuniv. In !S(l he was ohsa.il
fei.i'esellta e III 111.' state i.uisi.u ... f ,
where lie sei'Msl two years. Alter tnai no
b.H-aine a . ntulidale for several olliees, but
was iineuece-sful until Isls, when he was
ei te l one it the justices 111 lltOM.iie nu-
i i-eiee i om t. four veals later b
elected for a term -l ul ti
signed in ls I.
I iiit.-.l tiit.' sriiiilor.
His career as a I ruti d States senat
lie 'an in 1; .V. wren lie was elected 10
rvesixvears. At the expiration of this
term he was re-elected for a similar IKTiml,
mid In '(17 lie was made a senator lor tho
iliinl time Darin his three terms of
Kti.'tt.iruil iiicllinlK-ncy he attracte.1 wide
nut ice th rou 'h his prominent hh ntUlea
tioti with matters which were shaking the
nublie mind When the slave question
was the theme on every tongiu
rrumbull abandoned Ihe polio
lli'inmralie tariv. with which
been prominently
iiotiscil the cause
w.-.s I lie lirst to propose an
amendment lo tin nstitiition anoiisning
slavery. In Ihe Thirty-seventh congress
betook a prominent part In the discus
sions ivl.u inn t'i Ihe following measures
On the transfer of cert. tin suits to the
Prilled States courts, on the discharge of
at -it., nrlsoners. and oil oolillH'iis.iieo rum"
dpation is Missouri. In Hie 1 hlrty-elnhth
congress he was prominent ia debates re-
yiiltiinr from the following measures, wn
tin. itnih of a senator, on colored voters in
Moiiiim.i. on amending tho constitution,
and on con fiscal ion
It.tn A u 1 1 nt 4 nil. mi
ii.. oof ihe nolitieal m "it in gs in which
he t.x.k a nromineiit part, and which Is of
more l.x'.il interest, perhaps, than some
other even more important matters, was
that held In April. IS-it. when prominent
o.-.t.. iMilitieian. Including Until ivm.i
crats and Whigs, who wore opposed to the
mtiirsi. nf Steiihen A D nilas in ine sen
.. ii-iv etied in I lie I remont riolise
.ii.r.,1,,1111 Llneolii. Lvmati irnuimui.
Mr skinner. 0. 11 ltrovvnin. J. 1'.. Stewart
David Diiis, Norman II. Judd, J.
v...tii, senium in. frauds ('. Sherman,
.....I ..-her well known men were pic
cut At lids mooting the fiolitlcians
nleil'isl themselves to support Iheanti
Nobr.isUa pariv, ami apiionn en n
tee toagitale the subject. The state vote
of I ssi I. when Mr. Trumbull wat pitted ns
.i... iv.....M.rtii. .anilhl.ite tor irovernor
..,r-.iiwfi Shdbv M.. ( iillom. lioputiiiivin.
"i" . . .. . t .i. . it ...i
.,!..,.- iii.. iioiiti al iv oi i in- I't-inot .nt
.....t.ii.lat.. At that time Mr. Culloni won
nut bv a vote of :tl . .. to C77..!.' votes for
Triniibiill Mr Trnmliull was a memls'r
i .f the law firm of Trumbull, Washbiirne
,V Uobliins.
Jury Tumperril With
WAMinniN, Wis., June CiV Tho case of
ilt.. state airainst A. P. ProU'it. mayor
iiiitker cb.irired witlvlhe cmls'.zle
...i.iit .,f l .Vo from Ihe Hank of Ijisli.Wi
i i.io, res un to Will Monday, w h
the district attorney read an allldavit
,.i,..r,,.., that the iurv h id been tampered
.i'.u' .C frl.....U ..f Ihe defendant. The
i,,r ilisi'h irirod and a new one v. ill I
i " 1 .
Nnrrow K-Hp" frotii iN-stli.
ComwAlKU. Mich . June '.ti.-Kx (i-v
.rm.r Loco had a narrow esoaio from be
Litie.l Wetlnesdav. He was at work
found his Kirn when a heavy da or fell
..iw.ii him. crushing him t tho ground
L , i..itf iteio was near, and ho was
res. ued rto'm his p.i-rilous osition. with a
: i i..... I, I.. i- Mm I oainiiil bruises on
llll'. -iot " I
the chest ..
y.-r Mini Pay !
t-w Vouiv, Juno '.li -The motion by
PhllinJ. Dwvirlo ! permit t. si to amci,:i
li . i.t ilt . suit hr.u.fht, against
hi ii-i .-.
nlu, bv Davd li.d'.i th- Id-foiatl. f,
1ms been d :i --l 'V Just.ce II-;.
.tun" . I It,' t nil' .
Vlmrkcy and Corhrtt Mrrt In Ihr Kiuff at
San 1'ranciM-o.
SAV Fr.ANriM.o, June "Ja. Sharkey, tne
man of warsmanand heavyweight favorite
of ihe coast, put up, a remarkably gamy
contest with tho champion of the world,
.lumen .T. Corln'tt. Wednesday nlaht. He
Editorial C'oinmrnt In the St. Jamrs fi.
tte and the Loudon Globe Otrr th-
Liberal Victor In Canada Ilcitlon lo
American Cong-refnt lonsl Pilgrim at a
London Church How Ire land 1 Taie.l
by the BritUh GoTcrnment.
Loxi)0, June 2ft. The Pt. James' Ga
ette, referring to the Canadian elections,
"The English Unionist! and Imperial-
tats will accept the result with regret. It
Is true that neither party (in Canada) i
other thau loyal to the Imperial connec
tion. Still, the Liberals have dallied
dangerously with reciprocity with the
United Statee, and it is among the
Canadian conservatives that there
Is the keenest feeling In favor or a
tollverein. The Americana are rapidly
beating us out of the Canadian market,
and Laurier and his friends will do noth
ing to stop the process, nor, we fear, Is
the spirited project to unit unaan w un
Great Britain and Australasia by fast
steamships likely to be pushnd with much
Tlgor. Hut Laurier is an able man. and.
we believe, a sincere pamoi, anu in
probably do no great- harm during his
ten tire of oftlco, which la any case is urn
likely to last long."
What The Globe Kays.
Tho Glolie savs: "It Is only In keeping
with the teaching of parliamentary his
tory If in their long period in otlico tin-
Conservatives have fallen out or lotion
with their constituencies. Kaee fin-ling
was not a powerful factor In Laurier s
Tictory. It was a consummation most lo
be wUhiil If the Consrvatlves must lo
defeatinl. There is good ground to hope
that neither the Dominion nor Its relations
with the mother country will huIT.t by
the transfer of power. Luuinor
landed frequently on the champion, and I profesH.,i fM. trader, but only ns presi
though not a particularly sclentinc boxer,
his blows were effective, and at the end of
tho fourth round Corliett appeared proggy
and unable to land a heavy blow. He fell
down and got inlx.nl up with the referee,
Prank Carr. and fell again. 1 he clinches
by Corlx'tt wero interpreted as lieing due
to a desire to avoid hisoppouont'soffeetlve
Sharkey once mlojit.il foul tactics and
refus.il to break away. 1 ho police rnsuni
into the ring In tho fourth round and
forced Sharkey into his corner. tie
strongly objected to this and was ansious
t continue more so than was i,orrxii;
The reform nut a veto to Sharkey's ambl
tions bv declaring a draw. Ion tnousana
people wero present in the big Mechan
ics' pavilion to witness tho bouts. The
fist c exhibition was under ine manage
ment of the National Athletic club of this
The Shiver of .J"iinl Waltrr found I-asl
in Ills i .11.
KLKHAirr. lnd., June -V,. Milrori U.
Wells, tho murderer of Jennie w alters,
was found dead In his coll at the county
4, iii ThnrtuhiT morning. He had made a
rono from the biildothos and hung him-
soir aimi.t time during the night, lie was
found by the sheriff altout 5 o'clock
dangling In his cell. Wells left a state
ment denying I hat he was guilty of mur
der. His trial was to have oegun Juiy o.
AlKiut a week ago ells, who was infat
uated with Miss Walters, Invited her to
his houso to get a chair which he had
l.rnmis.'d to give her. As soon as she en
tered he threw keroseno on her clothing
nti.l set lire to It. She was burned so ban-
i tht uhn died within an hour. Ihe
house cauirht lire and when neighbors, at
trai't.il bv the girl's screams, ran In they
found Wells watching, her agony and
making no effort to extinguish the
flames. Hp nt first admlttis! his crime,
hut utter his ntnut denied it. He was a
widower and bore a gmid reputation,
Brrmon on Bicycles.
ALTUox. Mich., June V ltev. P. E.
Britten of the First Baptist church, an
enthusiastic wheelman, has announced a
scrtnon on bievelos. He will have a check
iNim orovidod for wheels in the base
mentof tho church, and intends to have
th. ...liflce Himronrlabdy dix-oratcl wit a
the wheel and Its belongings. In caso this
service falls to draw bicyclists he intends
to ride out to Clarke's hike along the cin
der oath frequented by bicycles and hold
services under a tree with his congrega
tion awheel.'
IN.g wrrir.l Away by Cyclon.
Disypk.n, Mich., Juno 2k A js t dog lie-
longing to Farmer Bennett, near here,
w- blown awav during the lato cyclone.
Mr. Bennett iMist.il a reward or fi lor
the dog s return. Wednesday meanimai
was disi-ovcnil in a piece of wissls near
lternvllle. elghtei.n miles frem the si-one
of the cyd.itie, but as yet all enoris ro
on i.t nr.. him hare uroveil vain. He seems
t.t rou-anl eVlTT IllOVlllg innivini.nii.-e
..1,1 ,.r .mother tornado ana vanisnes in
Tn Siirro.uidf.l by loret Firm.
ipoKASt. Wash., Juno Jtl. Passengers
arriving here from the north report that
just iH'foro Ihe train left Kaslo, B. C. a
meMsaife was received from Sandon. B. C,
stating that the town was surround.il by
for..st ilresnml thtvatcnm wttn aesiruc.
tion Before further iwrttculars could
niclved the telegraph wires retusert to
work, and it Is supiKiscsl that the lire had
rcaduil Ihe line.
Itccelvrr Appointed.
CtKKl.AM. June 'JtV A special from
Piivaho-M Palls. O., says: C pon applica
tion of Lrs'Jno Ii. BaN-ook and the Akron
lelili.!Tc..iiinanv .1. A. Iiong wasapiioint-
.il receiver of ihe Palls Hivet and Machine
t.,tltllltlV lorn ml at this place. The cotu-
dent Cleveland is a free-trader. In the
crucial question of loyalty to the iuiicrial
connection the Incoming iirty, happily, is
as sound as its pruhi'ossors. Gold win
fcmith is the only conspicuous advocate at
present of annexation, and Goldwin Smith
oes not count. The rrench Canadians
are, If possible, more averse to annexation
than the British, and ir any Americans
l.sik to Laurier to U tr.iy his country they
aro most wrtainly doomed to dis.ipMilnt-
Old Glory" and "tin- 1 lag llial iram
Thoiiaii.l War."
LoXPON'. J uuc -.ti. The Amorlonn Con-
gregationallst pilgrims wore accordul a re
ception last evening in the library of tho
memorial hall of Dr. Gulness itodgers s
church. Dr. Rodgers weleomiHl the Amer
icans, and then the ltev. Hugh rnce
Hughes addressul tho pilgrims. During
the course of his rcinarns ne turneu auu
denlyto the stars and stripes and Union
Jock and Mild:
'1 nere Is one thing I want to say to you
Americans: That Hag and this must never
meet on the field of blood." The audience
rose, cheered lusiuy agmn mm
When the enthusiasm had suhsidea trie
Rer. Hugh Price Hughes urged the visit
ors to press upon their government the
necessity of a permanent council oi aroi-tration.
How Irrlan.l la Tar.l.
Loxihix, June 'J. The report of the
roval commission on the financial ioia-
tions la-tween England and Ireland states
that the Increase of taxation In Ireland
between the years 18-Vl and lntsJ was not
Justified bv the then existing circum
stances. W hlle Hie aouiai u n'tmiur ...
Ireland was about 111th of that of Great
BriUiin. tho relative tuxalde capacity m
Ireland dis-s not cxenil l-SMh. i he report
of the commission adds that Ireland is
now overtaxed fi.l " annually.
Stands by I ho Protocol..
MAPKItr. June -.ti. The wnate. by a
vote ofKS to4. has rej.rtnl Ihe motion
made bv Senator ('.uiims last Monday,
during the discussion of tho Alllanea in
cident, providing for an amendment to the
roval address demanding mat trie pro
tocol of 177 with the l uit.il Mates ne re
nounced In view of the liuqnaliiy of the
rights. if Spanish and American clnens
under Ihe present ootHiitions.
Anirrl.-Hii Kills a llcalhi-n Gotl.
Bfl.fWAVO, June . Burnham. the
Amerioan s.iut, has Kinea me iwuw
"gisl ' Mllmo, In a envo In the Matoppn
hills It was lmintssime to capiiir.- n.-o
alive, owing to the number of Kaffirs in
the vicinity. Burham Is now burning ull
the kraals ln the hills.
Surrouu.lrd by Inuarnts.
TtrtcwATO. Juno .tl. It is Glacially an
nounced that Fort Charles Is surrounded
by the Insurgents, and that wagons with
food supplies for Gwelo have been stopp.d
at Marendella. which has been looted by
the enemy, who secured s,uuu rounas or
pany has an Indebtedness of i7.i.Ki. with
ssscts estimated at fl5.(ioii. Including real
tints, letters jiatcnt, etc.
I.YOM d.mia'cs thus siamU aptiust
Holt Will Casr.
WAsitiNCTOV, June 2rt Argument In
tho Holt will case was concilium mu
I given to Ihe Jury late Thursday afternoon.
Captain Wil.l.lAM M A VTIUKS, prominent
ktwyer ond physician, at lANienworth,
Kan. , . .
C .lonel A. G. llav.KKrr U S. A. (re
Ureal), at Washington.
Mai;iis P. MtufHf.v, one, of the Ust
ku.iw u dtleii of D n alur 111.
May Meet the Venetnelan Troopa.
London, June !ik Tho Times has a dis
patch from Georgetown, British Guiana,
which savs that a colonial force has Us ti
dispatched to the Acarablscl to protect the
government surveyors.
Illinois f.pworth League.
Srr.tNuriKLn, June 2d. At the seventh
annual session of tho Kpworth league of
Illinois Thursday the following offloors
were eloc toil for the ensuing year: Presi
dent, ltev. C. B. Taylor, Uneoln; vice
presidents, Rev. 1. M. Hamilton, Jersoy
ville; Miss Ettie Oslnirne, Shclbyvllle; C.
W. Whipple. Rockford, and Miss Mary
Havnie. Kockford; tnwisurcr, Rev. F L.
West. Ccntralia; junior league su-rin-tendent,
Miss Llllie Hampshire, Mm
niout h.
Shot a iw-l 1 Kl.iKfr
CoLl'3Vi. O , Jv.iv! 21 P. R Evans of
Utlca. O , shot and kllhil James Arring
ton of a iarty w hich came to ring Nuls on
count of the mariiage oi r.vanis ui.un
. . i . i . . 1. 1 1 .
tr. ArnngNin naa who ' "
dren. Theiartyhad ls-cn oril. red off the
premises but said they would g wnen in.
bride and gro.uu apiiearod This angorel
Crnohr.l Into a Sharlr Mas.
Tolkoo, O., June '.HV-MIss Lydla Bow
her, agwl 64, was struck by the limited
train, oouth bound, on the Cincinnati.
Hamilton and Dayton road at Lima
Thuradav. She was walking on the tracks,
and herWd wat criirhcd Into shapeless

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