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Big Stock of
Men's arid
Clothing to
Choose from.
Latest in Ties,
And Other
Cents' Furnishings.
l-Ve Rre gotnx to keep our stock up to
mmerof Oak and Sixth Streeta. lied Jacket.
t . i .nd 24 block 13, Calumet, known aa
Lot 13 ana x;! "'"V i,nden road.
the Ueorge s pru. . ,...
Lou 1 and J. block 9. Tamarack City.
nimnrnved and unimproved Farm Landa
AIM imprOTWi niiu K Timbered
AbitracU of Title furnished. Tazea paid
j. a. shkbiian,
Boos S.Utrobel BleU Hahto. Mleh.
0 all kind of brick and stone work.
Prices on application.
Wanted: p"n wh
a need of help, or want employment, or bare
tometblng they wlah to tell or exonange or
have boutet to rent or with to rent boutes to
sdvertlie In tbe Want Column of tbe Evbriko
Niwi. No better means oan be bad to fill
rour wanta.
Trail! on II. R. R. R.
In Effect Deoemte 29, 189S.
m p m Lr Al p m p m am
T.48 11.15 5.00 Eed Jacket . W J.40 10.10
T.51 12 II 5.0 Laurium . 184 10.
T 87 1 7 8 1" Oeoeola 5.18 1.28 9.68
116 1.05 6 50 Hancock T.Wl.M 9.)
I.M 1.10 6.66 Houghton T.80 1.40 9.06
t m p m p m Ar Lt p m p m a m
Dally tDally eioept Sunday.
Trains on H. & C. R. R.
In Effect December i.'9 18V5.
em pm pm Lt Ar
T.46 11 15 5.U0.... Lake Linden...
7.47 12.17 5.02 Llnwood
7.80 12 2 1 5.U6 8 L Linden
7.66 12 25 6.10 MUla
I 04 12 31 6.1W. .... Woodalde
p m p m a m
.8.20 1.80 9.66
.8.18 2.28 9.U
.8.15 9.26 9.60
.8.10 2.20 9.46
.8.01 9.11 9.M
1.07 lr.37 6.22 Dollar Bay....
.7.68 2.08 9 .18
I. IB 12 66 6.40 tianoooK
1.40 1.10 1.60 HouEhton
.7.40 1.00 9.U
.7.80 1.40 I.Ut
p m p m a m
inpopalf Lt
Daily. tDally axoept Sunday.
Time Table:
In effect June 21, 1890.
For Detrou.tne east and tbe Gogob-
lo Ranite 9:00 a m.
for Chicago and Marquette tl:2a p. m.
From Marquette, Chicago and tho
OotteMo Range tlj: p. m.
From Detroit and tbe east 7;22 p. m.
Ially. tDally except Sunday.
For tlckota, time tablet and other Informa
tion apply to J. 11. FOKD, Ticket Aft.
Hod Jacket Mich.
l- .AAa-p ox
m Mi. Peel Kail read.
chicaqov v y
'wffiJ!!'"1.00 Northern Panln
"UckeuTlathe Milwaukee A North
CW. , . W. K. TYLKR,
IOllflmr1o,ft, Art- -kpublie, Mlob,
"raj Passenger Agt Cbloago.
Portage Lake Ileus
Jason E. Hammond Is
After an Official
The Iale Koyale Excursion.
Max Meurleli KaterUloe Large
Aadlenee at tbe Andltartam
Other News.
Jason E. Hammond, assistant to Su
perintendent of Public Instruction Pat
tengill, in a candidate (or tbe republican
nomination (or tbe above mentioned
office. County Commissioner William
Hath la an ardent supporter o( Mr. Ham
mond (or the nomination, and he, from
tbe poHition of both, should be well aware
of the ability of Mr. Hammond to till tbe
responsible position o( superintendent of
public instruction. Mr. Hammond has
been accused of fathering a "township
unit bill" in tbe next legislature, but thin
be strenuously denies and says the report
was circulated for political purposes.
He says be has no school law changes In
mind, and will, if nominated and elected,
be content to work under tbe laws as
they now are.
Tbe excursion Tuesday on tbe R. 0.
Stewart was not as enjoyable as it might
have been, owing to tbe long time out
and the very disagreeable weather out
on the lake, lt was supposed when the
boat left here that Copper Harbor was
tbe object! ye point, and indeed the boat
held that course from the canal two
hours before tbe importunities of a (ew
changed tbe trip as originally advertised
to Isle Royale. The trip is too long a
one (or so slow a boat as the Stewart.
Tbe island was not reached until about
0:30. which allowed but a (ew moments
on shore. Tbe boat arrived at Hancock
at 3:30 a. m., and it was not until C
o'clock that tbe larger part of the party
from Calumet reached home, having
been landed at Lake Linden.
8. J. Beaban, in bis partisan way,
claims that Graham Tope was the first
to announce a closing on the day of the
Batchelor-Benedict base ball game, claim
ing a superiority (or tbe benedicts, of
whom, by the way, he is a very recent
member. Now Mr. Beaban overlooks
tbe face that T. D. Ryan, as soon as the
game was decided upon, announced that
he would not work that day. It is well
known that a recent convert to anything
is always extremely partisan, out Herod's
Herod, and that in the case with tbe
benedicts' reporter.
Max Heinricb entertained a large audi
ence at tbe V. M. C. A. Hall last evening.
Tbe program was a varied one and in
eluded numbers in both German and
English. J t was in these songs in which
tbe sentiment as well as tbe music re
quired interpretation in which Mr. nein
rich excelled. This evening be will sing
at tbe Armory Opera House with a sub
stantial change of program.
The annual Dicnic of the Hancock fire
department will occur next week, Friday,
at the Hancock grove. The day is ar
ranged to be a repetition o(the successful
picnics of naBt years. The department
and visiting firemen will parade to the
grove and then the usual good time will
be had. Good muBic will be provided for
dancinz and there will be refreehments
o( all kinds.
Before my departure in September I
wish to dispose of two upright pianos,
one violin in case, one mahogany pier
glass, one mahogany secretaire, one
ladies' writinc desk, a complete set of
"Famous Composers and Their Works,
and several other things.
Mihs A. Hansen,
Third house east of railroad crossing,
Weet Hancock.
It seemed yesterdav morning as though
the usual weather experienced by the
Methodist excursions ot the past lew
years would be the (ate of that o( this
year, but (ortunately it cleared op ana
was considerably better than anticipat
ed. This may have been the Influence of
Hi Sr.. Icrnnttua church excursion. Both
excursions were fairly well patronized.
The regatta committee ot tbe Onigam
ing yacht club will have a meeting Boon,
to decide on a date for a race, laein
terest in the yacht racing does not seem
as great this year as during the first two
seasons. One regatta at least should be
held to prevent a misnomer of the club.
Bicycling takes up tbe more general In-
terets this summer.
Richard's & Tingle's minstrels arrived
in Hancock in their special car attached
in vatfrrinv'a afternoon train. The
colored band paraded through the prin
cipal streets and made a good impression
hv their neat armearance. Last evening
the company gave an excellent perform
ance at St. Patrick's Hall.
The auditorium of tbe Congregational
church will be used again next Sunday.
The Interior has been completefy reno
vated, remodeled in some way" and
painted, greatly Improving its appear
ance. J. N. Mitchell did the wood work
and J. C. Do nohue the painting.
J. X. Mitchell has 'been awarded the
contract by the Hancock school board
for building the school house at tbe canal.
The work, ho wever, cannot be commenced
until permission Is obtained from tbe
government (or using tbe ground.
A regular examination o( applicants
(or teacher's certificates will be held at
tbe Houghton high school building
Thursday and , Friday, August 20 and
21, commencing at 0 o'clock each day.
tt. r v ami Phurlna Olivier
and families were among the liancoc
people who left last bight on the excor
sion to Bte. Anne de Beaupre. They will
vlmt other Canadian points.
John 1. Kilty, ol Clinton. Oot. Is visit
ing his sister Mrs. William Cullytord, He
has accepted a position In the store of
I. Ruppe, Calumet, and will enter on bis
duties Monday.
Tom Chad bourne; arrived in Houghton
yesterday noon on a visit to his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Cbadbourne, of East
Miss Ida Hummel, who has been visit
ing her parents in Houghton, left yester
day for ber home in Madison, Wis.
G. A. Bergland has commenced suit in
assumpsit in tbe circuit against James
Pryor and Charles Pryor.
Miss Grace Cavan arrived borne jester
day afternoon from ber western trip.
Charles Muer, of Calumet, was here yes
terday afternoon.
Joseph Hermann, the Calumet jeweler,
was In town yesterday on business.
Kirkhart A Ryan's new united railroad
circus will be here on the 29th tnst.
Miss Kate Fletcher and Mr. Harold
Fletcher are home to spend the summer.
A number ot Lake Lindenitea went to
Calumet last evening to witness the bal
loon ascension.
I). Toplon, the merchant, bas goneeast
on a purchasing tour, lie expects to
visit Boston, New York and Chicago.
The men's meeting Sunday afternoon
was addressed by Prof. F. L. Sage, o1
Saginaw, who gave a very interesting
Among the late arrivals are a baby
girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bosch
and a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. II. M.
Conductor W. C. Gilbert, of the H. 4U.
accompanied by his wife and mother, left
lost week on a trip down the road. They
will visit Chicago. Milwaukee and De
troit before returning.
The Wizard Oil company . are playing
to crowded houses every night this week
at the Opera House. They give a very
creditable performance for tbe price.
Tbey play at Calumet next week.
Mr. Smyth, who has the merry-go-
round at South Lake Linden, keeps tbe
best of order so that ladies or children
may rest assured they will not be mo
lested while using it.
Dr. Secrist gavebis interesting scientific
lecture on the X ray and tbe uses and
purpoees to which it can be put, at tbe
M. E. church last Tuesday evening to an
intelligent audience. Dr. Bell, the lady
specialist, addressed an audience of ladies
yesterday afternoon.
The Lake Linden fire department is
getting ready for the tournament at tbe
Soo, and, although not making any
boast, are confidently thinking they may
get a prize at the tournament. At any
rate, they expect to have a good time
and will not be disappointed If they are
not victorious in any of the events. j
Charles Brown, a young man employee
about the Calumet and Hecla coal abed,
fell from a scaffold to the dock below, a
distance of forty feet, and severely Injured
himself at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
He was working on the scaffold, tighten
ing a nut with a wrench, when, suddenly
the wrench slipped and be .was, seen PS
two companions to fall, prob&bjyjalnt
ing. On tbe way down he struck a tim
ber, landing on his head and shoulder on
tbe dock. His skull was cut open, bis
left arm broken, and he was severely hurt
about tbe body.
Such well known speakers as Hon.
Charles Smith and Rev. J. XI. Kilpatrlck
will lead the debate on the question "Re
solved, That tbe Gold Standard is the
Better for the Country," the former tak
ing tbe affirmative side of the question
and tbe latter the negative side. Mr.
Smitb will be supported by Cashier J. E.
Jones, of the First National Bank, and
Attorney W. E. Gray, while W. S. Hagen
and T. F. Kirechweng will speak ,00 ,the
negative side. The question i one which
is interesting and, at present, uppermost
in tbe minds of the people and all who
can should turn out and listen to the de
bate. It will take place tomorrow even
ing at the Opera House.
Marvelous Result.
, From a letter written by Rev. J. Gun
derman, of Dimondale, Mich., we are per
mitted to make this extract: "I have no
hesitation in recommending Dr. King's
New Discovery, as the results were almost
marvelous In tbe case of my wife. While
was pastor of the Baptist church at
Rives Junction, she was brought down
with pneumonia, succeeding lagrlppe.
Terrible paroxysms ot coughing would
last hours with little interruption,' and it
seemed as if she could not survive them.
A friend recommended Dr. King's New
Discovery; it was quick in its work and
highly satisfactory In results.?: Trial
bottles free at D. T. Macdonald's drug
stores. ' " ' V .
Tbe Native. Copper Times is making a
Creditable effort (or street and sidewalk
improvements about the Tillage. It
ThU tnwn seems to be sorely neglect
ed-ibe sidewalks and streets receiving
no attention all ol which apparently in
nits. But then, some
.n. nmfov n vlnfif a lew thousaod dol
l.ra in damaires rather than a lew hu.
dred in repairs. A surrey ot our streets
and sidewalks-particularlj the lAtter
would cause one to think Uke Linden
such a town. A glanca at the sldewalts
in some directions would leadope to tup
pose this a deserted TiUa. This should
not be. even i( there is a bonded indebt
Sl. 135.000. with $10,000
payable next December., The sUeets
should be given .needed repair and the
sidewalks should epx saie, evru
v... tr. k Mihnlit In some initances.
There is no economy la allowing even the
ctreeta and tldswaiM w a town u aju .
Antrm end atDerienc will prove It.
wi-,... .
weetheert, 1 ne'er may know,
Never may
White la the bloMom anew,
Green la the lea
. BtiU the etrweia fringe of you,
' All (he wood net of you
weethfeert, 6h. awvethrert mtoe,
Where eea you be?
True love 1 ae'er roey aaeel
' All tbe world through.
Dim U the dewn, and eweet;
Deep le the dew.
Lief, eh. Joe aad deer I
' Cttnte, yof yvur kite le here,
Sere 14 theltaael wood.
'- aittbg'for you.
-New Tork Tribune.
X have known Joan Forayth from the
time when she wore her.' halr; about ber
ears and ber eookt about per apklee. ( bbe
was Joan Langley then and until the waa
SO, whea she married Charley Fortytb,
and waa sorry for Jter.tnUtake within tbe
year. However, worn ne oiea, aDout tnree
years .later, ahe spoke of him with great
affection. L t could not tell If lt waa genu
ine or prompted, by an. artlatlo deelre to
make her manners match her mourning
I believe lt waa an -inconaclout mixture
ot propriety and gratitude. At any rate,
ahe remained unmarried for aome time,
and lived by heraelf la a pretty little houae
on the oomfurta.blelncome ber huaband
had oot had time to-loae. I waa wrong In
aaylng ahe lived by herself, for a friend, or
ooualn, or some old schoolfellow waa al
ways staying with her.
, Jpaa J a popular and ebecrrul young
woman, and I have alwaya been very fond
of her, but ahe has, or had, one peculiarity
which I could not appreolate. Until ahe
waa a widow It waa In abeyance, but ae
soon as ahe put off her first mourning and
began to go about and see her friends it
developed rapidly. 6he loved 'matchmak
ing. I could never understand why, for
her own experlenoe of marriage had been
most, unhappy. Jf she had been less tweet
tempered X abould have imagined ahe waa
copying tbe fox who, having lost hla own
trail,, tried bo persuade hla; friends to fol
low his example.' Once 1 suggested to hor
that as marriages were made in heaven,
and even then were , not alwaya success
ful, ahe woo Ul be wiser, to leave them to
be dealt with In the usual way.
."You are quite wrong," aba said. "I
don't Jtnow. who' said jthat silly thing
about heaven and marriages. Of course It
was a man, and of course he thought he
was saying something very elever, but he
really wat talking nonsense. 'ow there is
Biddy Maohlq. fina ls auoh a dear girl ahe
deserves to be happily married."
"So you look on a husband as a reward
of virtue, no matter what he la llkef"
i We were sitting In ber drawing room at
ten time. --MUs Ataohln, who was staying
with her, had not come In, so we were en
joying our . tea together. Joan looked so
contented, to oblivious of the past, so de
termined to think well of marriage as an
Institution that I could not help laughing.
i "How horrid you are, Jim I"' ahe aald.
"You're not a bit tyropatbetle. You ought
to be glad to take an Interest Iff any one
and bother about them. Do you thins; it
Js for my pwnl pleasure I do itf Do you
think X enjoy having Mr. Stamford al
ways here,, for instanoef"
"Oh, Btamfordl It he to be a victim"
X asked. t r
"I don't know why you shoald call him
.'a victim.' " she said coldly. "I think he
will baa most suitable huaband for Biddy
Maohln. She la one of the nloest girls I
know, and has no money, poor thing I So
ahe must ynarry." 1 .
' -'Why should SUrateed provide for her?"
I asked. 1
"He will be very fortunate If ahe lets
him. She la charming and pretty, and hs
la well off and a very Rood sort of man. It
Is an exoelleot match.'
"Does she think sof" I asked.
"I have not asked her. I have soma
tact, Jim. She likes him very much, and
she mow marry aome ooe. They are very
good friends." --
X thought yo' intended young aim-
gnons foe her. IV'hy did you change? I
t?Ha sot wall off, yea know. , I found
ha aasVoaly expectations,- and very distant
mm. ear i-think Mr. Stamford will do
moohr better.? ,- - . . r r - t -.what
a leronoary -woman you are.
Joanl". I exclaimed; i "Do yon only think
Of money. in yoor matohmaklog sobemeaf
How about lovsfv- . ir V .,-' i .
. i"OaJ love Is such a- -temporary thing!"
ahssaldr wjth a cynical air.. 'Anf one
tvltb O ounce of reason -eat get wver an
attaak' ot , love' In a month.' and -, do -very
well, without it, bat money you must
"And Stamford Is to supply Miss
Machin with money instead of Ralph Sim
raofis giving bar love. That la very bual
nesallke. When do you expect to bring It
"Thea-jgaaementf" ahe asked.
"No, the wedding. Surely you've go
beyond the engagement Miss Maohln has
been with yoa six weeks' h
,'VYea, but -these, things can't bs'hur
rled.veheaaWI slowly."'! think Mr. Stam
ford Is only waiting for an opportunity to
Surely you give blm plenty," I aald,
with a laush.
She blushed and said hastily: "You're
not at all aloe today, Jim. I don't see any
thing to laugh at: I can't help It If tbe
taan won't propose."
' "Oh. la that Itf He won't come to tbe
. "iwlah yoa would be nicer," ebe mur
"Indeed, I will be nloe," I protested,
sMlna? ahe waa really hurt. "Tell me
about It." , I i - '
"There's not muoh to tell.- I saw from
the first he was Just the man for Biddy,
and she seemed to like hlm-.' and he It al
wAva.rerf ready to eeme here or go any
where with us. nd he brings flowers and
sweets and things. '
"For herf" Tasked.
- V Ye least for us both, and they are
tery great ftlantfa; hut they . don't get
any further. Ha sits nere tor noura, nu i
make all torts of exoutes to leave them to
gether, but when I oome back I find them
stttlns DDOilte eaoh other, just calmly
talking, and I shouldn't have thought he
waa a shv man."
"He certainly never struck me as being
ihv.Y Ialdi
"Then he must be a fool." ahe said
croBfirl II am always, talking to hint
about Biddy and how t street aha i la at
hoaW.r-1'Ve all but etkad bins te propose
to he-vated he only ait net ana agrees witn
avervthlna I ear. Nevermind. I m de
termlned he shall marry her, and I always
set ut war.
"Likaall nrettr women. '.' aald I. "but
Uke caref -Matches are dangerous things
to play with, and soma day you will get
your sogers Duma
"Nonsense t X know what 1 am about
If I approved ef betting, ! would bee any
thing that. ThUip- Stamford proposes to
BJdey wttWa aeveea, ,'-.
I arona to ao aa the door- OMtted to ad
mil a visitor., "Mr. Stamford," eaM the
maid. I am lied and-Ianced al Ja, but
ah waa back to the light aod did not no
tice me.' Half way down Ike atreet I eamo
on MtaaMaehlu walking with a taliyoutb
whom I reootmlted . ei the undesirable
Rimiuotti. As they did not see ma and It
was tjo bntlnejw of mine I passed ea. ' "
It waa a week before I. heard of Joan
Than I met young -Alniruoos looking to
unusually cheerful thnt l wanted to aa
Mm what ffftod fortune had eotne to him
but civilisation forhldt auoh Inqulriee of
anoualntanoM After taeatloatoc tbe
weather he said wltVaome confusion i "It
waa a pity you mlaeed Mrs. Forsyth's river
party. We had a ripping any."
"Where? Wheu?" exclaimed.
"Last Wednesday. Hie anitl she'd awked
'lee. but I uidn t know he had naked
you," 1 aald Muntly.
lie bluhlitnl a little; lie Is n fairly in
genuous youth and hits not outgrown the
"Wall, you sue," he sulci, "she didn't
exactly ak me, but 1 hnard the waa going,
and I happened to Lm there. That's how it
"Oh, you happened to bear and be there?
That's very curious," aald I, looking at
him gravely, and he LluheU more than
ever, tried to speak, failed and left me In
a hurry.
X wondered what had been the result of
the party, and that afternoon I went to
find out. The maid left me In the hall,
saying she would see If her mistreat would
me. I am ao used to making myself
at home In Joan's house that tbs girl's
formality annoyed me, and, to assert my
old footing, I pushed open the dining
room door, meaning to wait there.
The- room was dim, but I saw two fig-
urea very close together, which disen
tangled themselves when they saw me, and
one gave a little shriek.
Miss Machin," I cried, "I beg your
pardon I" And In confusion I retired te
the hall. I had seen that the second figure
waa Simmons. "Does Joan know?" I
wondered. Before 1 could satisfy myself 1
heard tbe drawing room door slammed,
and a man rushed down stain. It waa
Stamford, looking very crosa.v He did not
see me till I ventured to speak to him;
then he glared, muttered something, seized
his hat and left the house.
I went slowly up stairs and 'Into the
drawing room. Joan was standing by the
mantelpiece with her handkerchief In her
hand. She waa crying and gave a little
jump when ahe heard ma
"Oh, la It you, Jim? Why did you come
up? I can't see any one."
Ti m no one," aald I. "What a tbe
Nothing," ahe aaid. ,
"Nonsense," 'I aaid, with severity.
"Come, tell me all about It, aa you used
to do when your dolls were broken." I
pushed a chair toward her, and the sank
Into It with a sob.
I've been such a fool t" she said. "I
can never respect myself again I"
It It at bad at that?" aald I.
Wort e. You were right when you aald
matchmaking was dangerous. It Is, hor
ribly I"
"Ah I You ve burnt your fingers?
f'Aod for no purpose. Biddy and Ralph
"I know," I aald. "They are In the
drawing room. 1 disturbed them. But
aurely Stamford doea not blame you?"
'Of course he doea She dabbed her
eyes. "He thought he didn't understand
he Imagined men are so vain." She
stopped short.
"What did he Imagine?" I asked.
"That lt waa for my own sake," ahe
"Good gracious I" I cried. "And you
hare just undeceived him?"
"It was dreadful, Jim. lie thought I
oared for hlin, as he did for me, and when
he found out It waa a mistake he was aw
fully upset.' He aald I'd made a fool of
him and that he would loave England and
go away." And the poor little woman
broke down.
X let ber sob a few minutes, then I aald:
"Was lt a mistake? Do you want him to
stay In England?"
"I don't want to drive him away," she
"That it not what I mean," I aald. "Do
you love him after all?"
She hesitated. " That a a horrid thing
to ask," she aald.
' i"Never mind," I said sternly. "If you
don't love him"
"But Idol That'a the awful part of It,"
she cried. "I've only just found It out,
and how could X tell him I did whea he
took lt for granted I'd been running after
him? I had to let him think it was a mis
take or despise myself all my life."
"You're In a mesa, Joan," aald I.
"Shall I tell him?"
"Not a word!" ahe cried.
Just then X caught eight of a pair of
men's gloves on a chair. "Are those hla
gloves?" X said, pointing to them.
"Oh, yea I" ahe cried, catching tbem up.
"Tbey are a good pair. He will bo aorry
to lose them," I said. "Suppose you write
and tell him they are here and suggest he
should call for them?"
"Jim, you're an angel 1" ahe cried.
Mrs. Stamford has abandoned match
making. St. Paul's.
Let Newspaper Mea Aloaa.
The average-street beggar It a philoso
pher and student of human nature. His
ability to flatter it his atook In trade. Ev
ery man haa hla little vanities, and the
beggar It quick to perceive them. In one
block on Eleventh street last night an ex.
perienced mendicant, by actual observa
tion, "braced" no less than nine men, and
succeeded la getting "the price of a lodg
ing" from elx of them. He did it simply
by a remarkable rapidity of character
study.' In London a street beggar addresses
everybody as "me lud," but the Phila
delphia beggar is far more advanced in the
science of flattery. Tho one on Eleventh
street last night seemed to be able to tell
at a glance just how to approach his man
to a manner which would mott readily ap
peal to his vanity. A youth who It a
member of an amateur dramatlo company
and delights In nothing so much aa to be
taken for a professional, and who apea tbe
manners and appearance of the experienced
The-plan, fell an easy prey.
' "Pardon roe, sir," remarked the beggar,
"but I aee you are an actor. " The game
worked. Another stripling scarcely out
of hit teem, but with decidedly worldly
proclivities, wat addressed at "old sport."
The Y. M. C. A. tale wat unfolded to a
man with a white tie, and ao It went
through the entire category. Finally the
beggar approached . an Individual who
might hare been anything under the aun.
He hesitated alightly before sizing up hla
victim and wat about to make a venture,
when a companion, who waa evidently
working the game with him, came up and
remarked, "Come off, cull; dat'sa noos
paper man." Philadelphia Record.
Birds That Feign Death.
One of tho most remarkable devices
resorted to by wild things for their own
protection is that of shamming death,
A beetle or spider will double in its
legs and lie aa if dead. The reason for
this is obvioua It may then be passed
Over, mistaken or a bit of leaf or stick.
But it is sacra, difficult to account for
this practfeu in birds,
i A moof -hen -ar land rail will feign
doath, lying in the hand perfectly limp
and to all appearances unconscious. It
has been suggested that the idea is that,
being already 4icad, the captor will not
trouble to kill them.
More probably it is merely a ruse in
the hope that by lying still they may
bo forgotten and crawl off presently un
observed. Another reason is suggested
by the fact that cats and the cat tribe
do not often touch their prey unions it
toovca. London Standard.
. . A Doable Farpoee. .
Get into tbe habit of walking with
the eyes cast thoughtfully on the ground.
It givea people the impression that you
are a deep thinker, and yon may be able
to pick up articles of value that others
have lost Atchison Globe.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. a Gov't Report,
Utwi For the Werk llrglnnlug July 90.
f'ouiucBt by lt-. W. J. Vatre, A. M.
Topic, Trlbnlatloue and Eocour
agemrnta of IMaelplea.
ScKifTVKK Reauino. Math, x, Uii; Luke
ssil, t; John sv, ltt-:T.
It i cany in the world to live after
the world's fashion. It is easy in soli
tude to live after your own. The great
difficulty of lift) h to live in the world
so as to keep th peace and independ
ence of solifuda We 'are not to exile
ourselves from men, but to enter into
the buiy -rones til tu "iety, to partuke of
the toils and help solve the problems and
lift the bunion. Hut we are not to be
entangled in worldly finares of false
pleasure, deceitful riches and honors.
He that will live godly will find him
self often opposed to the world and op
pi wed by it.
We live by faith in the Unseen One
and in obedience to principles unknown
to the world. If it did not know and
reverence the Master, what wonder if it
does not call us great? Our comfort it
not to be found in the applause of men.
Oar encouragement comes not from
worldly success. We seek the commenda
tion of the Lord, whose we are and
whom we serve. His promises and pres
ence are sufficient for nx "Lo I am
with yon alway. "
- On to ToronUK
The third international Leagao con
vention is to be held next year at To
ronto. It will' without doubt be the
largest gathering of Methodists ever as
sembled in the world. All branches of
Methodism will be invited. The Meth
odist Episcopal, the Church South and
Canadian Methodist will be the three
largest bodies. In each of these the
League has already become a power of
great spiritual value. The Cleveland
and ChattanfHga conventions were great
asHemblies, but Toronto bids fair to sur
pass them both. The city itself is one
of the most thoroughly Chrhitian to be
found on the globe. Its hospitality is
proverbial. Tho aggressive power of the
League haa been demonstrated by its
wonderful growth in seven years from
nothing to a million and a half mem
bers in our own branch alone.
As many leaguers aa can should plan
to go to Toronto next year. Some chap
ters ore already taking collections
monthly and saving tho fund to send a
delegate to the convention. This is a
good plan. It will be a lifelong benefit
to multitudes of our young people to
participate in such a series of meetings.
High lioaore.
Many expressions used in the Bible do
not convey the full force of their mean
ing to those unacquainted with thehon
ors given to royalty and high rank in a
monarchy. An American who watched
the procession going to Whippingham
church, Isle of Wight, on the occasion
of the marriage of Beatrice, the favorite
daughter of Queen Victoria, was sur
prised to see the brido seated with her
back to the horses while the queen oc
cupied the back seat of the carriage
alone, though there was ample room on
it for both. An Englishman, to whom
he expressed his surprise, was equally
astonished at the American's ignorance
of regal etiquette and explained the cose.
' 'Kb one, not even her favorite daugh
ter, may sit on the same seat with our
queen." How different with the King
of kings and Lord of lords. He prom
Ises us, "To him that overcomcth will
I grant to sit with me in my throne,
even aa I also overcame and am set down
with my Father in His throne. " Royal
honors for you and me I What zeal we
need to bo faithful and overcome that
we 'may sharo these privileges of the
Divine One.
Bow to Realat Temptation.
It is useless to expect to escape falling
into temptations. The only escapo possi
bio is from falling by them. Argument
Is of small value when you come to close
quarters with passions, inclinations and
appetites. Good resolutions are like
walls of ice to keep out the fires of de
sire. They melt away at tho touch of
the tempter. "Thus saith the Lord
and "it is written thou shalt not" are
tho adamantine barriers which no power
of evil can melt or overleap or under
mine if they be firmly settled on the
bed rock of character or hard pan of
godly determination.
Christ in all His temptations shelter
ed Himself behind theso defenses.
Know what God has said. Learn
where His ramparts and ditches of com'
mand are run and then find safety be
hind them. "Thus saith the Lord" will
defeat satan every time when all argu
ment would utterly fail.
Not human reason, but God's wisdom
is needed to foil the tempter's power.
The sword of the Spirit is the best weap
on forged.
It is not tho money a man has, but
what he is, that is of importance. Not
the weight of a man s body, but the
size of his soul, counts in the world of
personality. Character is first and con
dition ftecondary. Character can make
conditions alter, can rise above condi
tiona, can attain to contentment and
soul liberty in any and all condition
No man is self made. God gives capac
itr and man builds character. No
man can dream himself into goodness.
No more can he make circumstance
He can use circumstances and forge out
Roel Chariots.
Though 1 mu-t meet with trial-.
Though feer my heart may know.
Though grief should pour Ite vials
And pain It Vmch ben tow.
I'll trust In Ood above me.
Who knowe the way I take.
Who will not eeaae to love me
And never will forsake.
Then In all tribulation
Rejoice, my heart, rejolee.
And atng of Ood'e salvation
With glad, triumphant vulow.
I woloome all He rhoueee.
Though tears my eyee may dim.
For everything lie usee
Shall bring ate nearer LTlra.
For Pedro score cards and markers.
to the News office.
For Balk Lot located on Main street.
Laurium. Apply at Nxws office or ad
rem, E. L. M., care of News.
Smokers, If yoo have failed to find a
dgar to suit yoo, try "Heimllch's
Crown," the best in the market.
Our lodge room can be rented for
meetings on Saturday evenings.
flrvxBT Olo.
"Wake up, Jacob, day is breaking!" so
said De Witt's Little Early Risers to tbe
man who had taken tbem to arouse bis
sluggwb liver. Kaole Duco Store.
Go to the City Bakery f r your fine pas
tries. Angel food, fruit cake always on
hand. Cream puns Fridays and Satur
days. Tbe Ilocklord electric belt Is meeting
with tbe beet of success. Call and exam.
ine it and get references. Office over
Grand Union tea store Red Jacket, Mich.
Rcbskl A BCBJtS
Persons who have a coughing spell
every nigbt, on account of a tickling sen
sation in the throat, may overcome it at
once by a nose of Ooe MinuteCougb Cure.
Eagle Dura Stork.
rr Hale,
A well-built house on Eighth street, at
present occupied by Capt. J. F. D. Smitb,
The bouse contains all the latest plumb
ing improvements, with cement cellar,
etc,, and has been Laid out for the occu.
pancy ot two families. Apply to J. D,
r"uddiby, at Ryan's store.
We are anxious to do a little good in
this world and can think ot no pleasant-
er or better way than by recommending
One Minute Cough Cure as a preventative
of pneumonia, consumption and other
serious lung troubles that follow neglect
ed colds. Eiouc Dnco Store.
The bread and cake of the Superlo.
Bakery can be had at the following agen
cies: James Lisa's. Mrs. Boekin's, Red
Jacket; Martin Kuhn's, J. C Lean's
Peter Olcem's, Calumet Village, and
Welsenauer's, Goilbaul's, Lake Linden. A
fresh supply is left at these agencies every
day. and the prices a re aslow as thelowest
lAke lilnden stace.
Stage leaves Baril St Pearce'e livery sta
ble every day at S a. m., 10 a. m. and 1
and 4 p. m. Stage leave MeClure's
liyery stable at 8 and 10 a. m. and 1 and
4 p.m. Basil Sl Pearce,
James McCltre,
When we consider that the intestines
are about five times as long as the body,
we can realize the intense suffering exper
ienced when they become inflamed. De-
Witt's Colic and Cholera Cure subdues in
flammation at once and completely re
moves tbe difficulty.
Kaole Dbvo Store.
Te the Fa bile.
Any person desiring to take ice for tbe
coming season will do well to call on
John M. Meesner A Son. the famous ice
dealers, and make arrangements for your
supply. Ice suitable lor any purpose.
Orders by telephone promptly delivered.
J. M. Messner A So5.
4G1 Tine Street.
Baekleat'a Aralea Halve.
The beet sal vein tbe world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, bait rheum, lever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price, 25 cents per
box. For sale by D. T. Macdonald.
We are going to give a great sale of
dry goods and clothing, boots and shoes
for the next thirty days, to close out oar
summer stork. We want to make room
for our fall stock, ot which we will carry
a big line. Call and be convinced and
look oyer our stock. We can save you
40 cents on every dollar. Tbe Laurium
Fair, next door to post ofllce.
I. Felndkro A Co.
Eli Hill, Lumber City, Ta,, writes: I"
have been suffering from piles for twenty
five years and thought my case incurable.
De Witt's Witch ITa-el Salve was recom
mended to me as a pile cure, so I bought
a box and it performed a permanent
cure, ibis is only one oi thousands oi
similar cases. Eczema, sores and skin
diseases yield quickly when it is used.
Eaolk Drug Store.
Tata rialaners'
Mutual Fire Insurance company ot
Houghton and Keweenaw counties, or
ganized in 1890 according to the laws ot
the State of Michigan, will insure proper
ty ol it mem era. Have paid fire losses
over fS.OOO during Its existence. The
company paid back daring tbe last year
to sixty-two of its members ol nve years'
standing 68 per cent of their premiums,
amounting to 3,502. Will pay back
auring this year on tbe same rate to
thirty-aix members ot five years' stand
ing $1,447. On the first day of Joly
the company had 414 members, 351,
320 worth of property Insured, and
17,011.27 In treasury. For further par
ticulars apply to the undersigned.
JrS2t Blomqvtst, President.
Alex Ledioneh, Secretary.
Office, 44S Pine street, npetalre, Red

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