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lte Ataut Tom 5
erued bv the urn mien and convention
theclubeol and were and
that the Dial torm a represented bv the
candidate, Joshua Levering, of Mart
land, lor president and tla) J oh niton, ol
Illinois, lor vic-prtudent, t acceptea.
Something More Con
cerning: Amateur
qaarU"Vrlte on the Subject
Au Also Toaehee I pom the Kerent
F1U Day-Doing at the Several
Flare f rhl tunr.
To the Editor.' In ita report of the Y.
M. C. A. field sport , the Hancock Copper
Journal is either very much misinformed
or ia guilty of willful misrepresentation
In any case no journal baa auy right to
attempt to belittle such a splendid exbi
bition of manly athletic aa was given on
Monday last, to the large ot crowd that
baa e?er gathered to witness Y. 11. C. A.
porta in thi county. It is true that
most of the Hancock men declined to
participate for reason that are not con
aidereu Tery manly py tnose no are
able to judge of the merit of the contro
versy, but the spjctators, nevertheless,
enjoyed the event tuont heartily. In the
competition last year Hoone waa ad
toitted a a member ol the Y. M. C. of
Chicago. The rule reading "that only
member of the Y. M. A. shall be al
lowed to participate." If it had been
necessary, Itoone could easily have been
enrolled on the lint ol the Calumet Y. M.
C. A. before the event took place. Mr,
Bo " ne ia now competing aa an amateur
and admitted a such in the west. A to
Dr. Gregg and Mr. lwyer being in the
name cla as professionals, the case are
Tery different. Ir. drejrg formerly
taught athletic but readied doing so two
year ago, and i now practicing aa a
physician on the staff of the Tamaraxk
Mining company and where the American
Athletic Association rule applied to him
ne would te reinstated, wnicn is more
than would be done for the competitor
for 4tu or July purses. Aa to Mr. Dwver,
he is a professional athlete, in the strong
est sense 01 tne word and in no proper
sense comparable to vr. Uretrg, as Mr.
Iywer is at present earning a living by
thepuniual of athletics. Tnroughout the
whole of the topper Journals article
there run a nasty unkind tone, which is
undignified in a paper and not calculated
to prod ac Y. M. C. A. spirit. A far as
the track i concerned, the Calumet track
is rery fair for the short time taken in it
preparation. Of course the Hancock men
prefer their own track, but then Han
cock men like a good many things to go
their way and other tracks have rights.
A good way to settle these disputes
would oe to lorm an association entirely
apart trom the . M. C. A. to pasa on all
claims 10 amareursmp. ucn an asso
ciation should be composed of men who
are above the suspicion of being unduly
influenced by any local association or in
dividual and the local organization
should bind themselves to consider ths
decision of such a tribunal as final.
( 7AUTZ.
The fact that the Evening .New lately
held 1100, the stake in the Hwver-Loyd
wrestling matches and which Dwyer won
would, in our opinion, surely take that
gentleman out of the class of amateurs.
t'tamlalsifr HWesIms Cls.
General Booth's personal representa
tive. Commissioner K. Higgin. of Lon
don. England, will visit Calumet, Septem
ber 2o and '2 . II is one of the most
able men the Army has: been next to
General Booth himself. There will be a
large reception at the depot Saturday.
the 2'jth inst.. when a snewh of welcome
will be read to Commissioner Uiggins.
Tde Arrov will then march to the Army
Hall, where a reception, banquet and
meeting will be held. Commissioner 11 ig-
ciu will be accompanied by Major lid-
ford and lr. Nice, editor of the German
ar Cry, and hi famous violin, which
i over 20O year old. He is both a beau
tiful player and singer. Meeting in the
Salvation Armr Hall on Saturday even
ing and in the Light Guard Armory Sun-
I dtv. Ticket can be had from any of the
Whale, Eacaraloai Tuesday.
The congregation of the Presbyterian
church of this city baa made arrange
ment for a grand excursion on tre a hale-
back steamer. Christopher Columbus, for
next Tuesday and from all indications,
it will be very largely attended as the op
portunity afforded, ia an exceptionally
rare one. A special tram will leave Calu
met at 5:3 and connecting with ths
steamer at Close' dock at C:.'iO, arriving
at Tort rthur at noon, where three
hour will be spent viewing the sight in
the metropolis of the Canadian shore.
rort Williams, only three miles from
Tort Arthur, can be reached by electric
cars, rbefamo" riltn Kegiment band
will be aboard and render select concerts
during the day. The fare from Hancock
will be $1.50. The fare on train "0 cent
round trip.
The item in the Bortage Lake column
of the Nk s last evening in regard to the
futute of Y. M. C. A. inter-association
Held sport meet with the general ap
proval of Calumet people. Many of those
prominent in athletic circle are more
than anxiout to have something of this
sort done and thi scheme seematobe
the most plausible.
A party of Swedes left at noon for
New York city, where they will take the
steatper for Sseden, their old home. The
party confuted cf Mr. and Mr Oscar
Carlson and family. Mr. John Cygren
and Miss Mary Kugsbom and their des
tination i the town of Iterebo, Sweden
Tner will reside permanently in the old
Ir. K. L. Kiberton, of Lansing, Michi
gan, wbo has bad over twenty years ex
erience iu the treatment of chronic dis
ease and has tuet with unparalelled
success though thi State, is now at the
Tat lor house. Consultation from G to U
p. m.
Mr. John M. 1'earson, a noted teacher
of the piano, organ and harmony, baa
decided to locate here and ha taken up
bis reidince at -IS Osceola street, Lau
rium. . He is prepared to teach in any of
the above studies.
.Mis Minnie Iaub, one of the teachers
in the lied Jacket ward school, left thi
noon for her home in Louisville, Ohio, in
response to a telegram informing her of
the dtath of a near relative.
Judging from the dieplav of photo
work by V. L Steckbaure in the win
dow uf the Lugle drugstore, it is not
necessary for people to go outside to get
work that is artistic and up-to-date.
Another art f eaeroalty.
Yesterday Hon. S. M. Stephenson sent
lumber and other building material bee-
essary tor a seven-room bouse. 20x2
feet in site, complete, to the relief com
mittee at Ontonagon.
The letter which he received Wednesday
from Senator Sawyer stating that lum
ber wa badly needed, ha been opied
and sent to all the mill companies on the
river, and the probabilities are that every
one of them will respond promptly with
a carload or more of lumber for the
bomelesa fire sufferers. Mmom'me Her-
The News is now glad to see that Sam
Stephenson's generosity last even after
his Waterlooa difference in his favor to
most of our politicians their generosity
is mostly to catch votes.
An effort is being made by the local sil
ver meu to have Charles Towns, the well
known silver champion from I'ulutb.
speak here during the campaign, in the
interest of the white metal.
Sivert Olson, the furniture dealer, left
at noon for St. Louis to attend a nation
al convention of cemetery superinten
dents. He will be eone about ten days
Can vou afford to take chances of ty
phoid fever from impure water, when vou
can get a reliable filter for ."0 cents and
o cents at Inn ton Hardware Co.
Steven I'aull, Jr.. left at noon for Chi
cago to complete a course in pharmacy
in the university, lie expects to finish
the course some time this winter.
Now is the time to buy heating stove.
We make easy terms.
Carlton IIahhwauk Co.
Decidedly queer.
A man named John Slack was up be
fore Justice Curtis this forenoon charged
with breaking a window in livens
store. Slack wa seen early thi morn
ing throwing a stone at the big plate
glass front, but which luckily struck one
of the smaller panes of stained glass
above the plate glass. He pleaded not
guilty and wa tried by the court and
found guilty, as the witnesses stories
proved. He was fined $10 and costs and
a'so paid 12.50, the value of the window
pane. No reason is given for such an
act of deliberate foolishness, unless the
man was intoxicated, but be did not
stagger and from appearances was in
bis sober mind. He is an agent w ho
sella clocks, mackintoshes and like arti
F. W. L'alsey, of Lake Linden, was a
Calumet visitor this forenoon, coming op
on business.
W. n. Thielman was a Lake Linden
business visitor yesterday afternoon.
Stewart Heaters pR fall and winter wear.
.Ljaxxies' w rappers,
Well lined
I o aortl
A ImrKsln,
, ?;
: WilWll
Than alxve. well nia1o,
I'd. All khh ilifiKlis.
M.es, '-ti i H.
MiKleof Vicuna cloth,
l ull ' vies hstlor eol-
Ixr. Nii-ely triiiuiu'it.
A I'U' Ci ller.
if 9 1
1 l
Mkn out.
rltiht in .
. l'ersUn(.rwu,3li(i.
aruun.1lN.ttu,,,. IV
A turain at
Any ,la.
Ladies Underwear Department.
I 'iifclimere 1 1 . s
Kihliol 'KH
lllHi k i::iiHtrian Tl;ht (W(m)1).
...2o "Oiu'lts" W.h.I Coml.hiHtluii Suits
...4'.K White Wool UII.UhI Vests ...
...7Jo Natural Wool Vects
J. VIVIAN, JR. & CO., Laurium.
iargaifls oi Fiifure,
A iv
giving univemil satisfaction and making frioiid
They emLody all the jiractical uj-to-late iinjtrovcincnts in
stove construction; are
Neat, Durable, Economical on
Fuel and Powerful Heaters.
You will find our
prices interesting,
liliernl discount for
lot ca
C;isv li'iins. with
All Ugh Qi'ade.
One thing is certain better furniture of
serviceable quality has never been presented.
It is all first-class; nothing shop-worn; all
fresh, beautiful, built to wear; everything in
the store of the latest design yours at a heavy
discount. A word to you is sufficient. Cnllat
A fine line of cuds and ammunition
te found at Carlton Hardware Co.
L. W. Moran, of Marinette, ia in
city on a buoioenH visit.
ine vaiioua ciatwea win meet at a. m.
in tbeir aereral rooms; preaching service
at un3av nchool at 2:30 p. m.
eveninjr service at 0:30. A Japanese stu
dent, Toomama, will officiate at the
morning and eveninsr aerTices.
Kpworth League Tuesday eveninjr at
7:30. (ieneral prayer meeting Wednes
day evening at 7:30.
The public is invited to attend these
The services tomorrow will be of unus
ual interest. The morninz sermon will be
preached by the Rev. Dr. Warren, of Lan
sing. unaay school and bible classes at
ll:oO. In tbe evening the pastor will
preacn a special sermon to young people.
subject. "Tnree (Jreat Things Which
Kvery loung Man and Woman Should
1 ossess.
Tbe following anthems will fie rendered
in tne evening:
HaoB Solo nn.l Wuart tte-"Incllne Thine Far'
Tenor Solo and Vuarlette eek Ye toe
.services in the morning at 10:30 and
evening at ; 7. This church extends
a yerv cordial invitation to all, especially
strangers and visitors in town, to come
ana enjoy its services.
V. M. C A.
The men's meeting tomorrow atternoon
at the Opera House will fx? artdrei. hr
Kev. Ewing, a missionary worker of the
longregational church. Mr. James Ab-
uu win render a vocal solo and Mr.
John C. filasson a cornet solo.
Services in the l'resbyterian church to
morrow morning at 10 30. evening at 7.
Sabbath school at 11:4.-.. V P
C. K. Tuesday eveningatb; weekly prayer
mpftincr Thnpiulav Avoninn i .
brigade bible drill Sunday evening at
'i ..; muiiHry arm rriday evening at
oung men's meeting every Sued
morning at 10.
Hpeelal Cloak ud FnrOprulus
At the Flecla store Mondav. Tuesday atd
Wetlneaday, September 14. Tt ami 1G.
at which time L. S. Ierry, recognized as
the leading practical furrier of Chicago,
will exhibit a complete line of everything
in furs, including tbe finest seal, otter,
beaver, mink, marten, rersian lamb, wool
seal, electric seal and astrachan in jack
ets, capes, collars, muff', neck scarfs and
novelties In all the popular furs and verv
latest effects. Orders takea and esti
mates given on all kinds of repairing and
remodeling at the very lowest possible
prices for first-class work. Mr. C. II.
Bixby will have charge of tbedisplav and
will be pleased to show vou 1be latest
styles in furs nxt Monday. Tuesday and
Wednes Jay, September, 14, 15 and 10.
Hhot In the Leg.
Word has reached hereof a sbootinir af
fair among some fishermen near Hear
lake last Sunday. According to the ac
count of one wbo was there, a fisherman's
son named Allen Olson was shot in the
leg and band while in the woods about
two miles from Bear lake. The shooting
was done by some one in the bush and
was prooaoiy an accident, out tne one
wno snot aid not put In an appearnnre
and could not be found when looked for.
The shooting was done with a shot gun.
as twenty small shot were sent into the
boy s leg. The boy fainted when hit. but
is at present doing nicely and undoubted
ly will recover.
Carpets made and laid by lloskinir &
All He Wm lt Vox.
The American says that in an Irish
court mutiny an old man was called
iuto tlm witnrsH box, and being old and
a little bliud ho wont too far in more
pcrj si's than ono, and instead of going np
the tuirs that led to tho box mounted
those that It-d to the bench.
Tho judge took hi mistake- good 1m
"Is it a judgo yon want to be, mr
good man? he asked.
"Ah, sure, your honor," was there
ply, "I'm an ould man now, and mebbe
it's all I'm tit for."
V Irginla. Spread Eagia.
Exactly overhead, fetrange as it may
seem, on tho highest spring of the arch
cf Virginia's natural bridge, is a figure
of a gigantio spread eagle, proudly
perched in tho very position in which it
is seen on tbe American coat of arms.
MUnnderstotxt. ,
Customer -Do yon keep the best
makes of shoes here?
Dealer Yes ; our shoes are all A No. 1.
Customer Then you can't suit me. I
take B No. 5. Boston Budget
FRANTTI-On the 11th lnt.. Hllnia Carolina.
tlie .-yenr-ld rinuirhter of Mr. and Mr
CliHrlfn Kmnttl. of Swelitnwn.
MAATTA On the Hth lnt.. Ole Alfred, the 4-
yHr-oid Hon or .Mr. and Sirs. Jacob Maatta,
of AIIoik i. Funeral tomorrow at 2 n. m..
with Interment at Lake View.
Morning service as usual at 10:30; Sun-
aav scnooi at iz m. and regular preach
ing service by the pastor at 7 p. m. The
public will be welcomed to any of these
Services at, Christ church tomorrow
will be as follows: Holy communion. 9
a. m.; morning prayer, 10:30; evening
prayer and litany service, 7 o'clork. Tbe
choir will sing at all services.
The Salvation Army Hall has been
ni:ely decorated for the spwial services
tomorrow. There will be special meet
lugs butU afternoon and evening; in the
evening will be the "Christian Triumph "
in memory of our late Brother John's
wbo met his death in the Osceola disasl
ter. All are welcome to attend the ser
vices. PrablbltUa lb formed.
The prohibitionists of this vieinitv held
. . l ik. I V 1 u rr. -
a uircuun iu mo riut'iHo iemierance
Hall on Eighth street last evening which
waa attended by a goodly number ol
those interested in the cause. Arrange
ments were made for a bot campaign
this fall and the club waa organized with
an idea of carrying on a warm battle,
i ne omcera rnosen were:
President Chrlut Tucker.
Flrtt Vlon-l'iwMent Inane Walman.
soeond Vle-rr!sident and s.,.rotary Jo-
wpu lira urn.
Trewurer If. Wlnsjanen.
I be club will endeavor to get speakers
oi note to come nere and talk in the In
terest of their cause and otherwise create
Interest In the lienor question. One of
the prominent members of the club came
to the meeting wearing a McKiolev but
too and came near being turned out, but
waa taken Into tbe fold on, CQndjtlon ha
woman ( ao so tgaio.
TM tnh AocUUA that It should ), r-
M III Vtt to M urk Noon.
The steel frame work for the new shaft
house to be erected at the Red Jacket
branch, will arrive at the dock at Lake
Linden next Tuesday and will be imme
diately shipped to this place so that tbe
men can get at work on tbe building as
soon as possible. A force of a dozen men
are in the city already to go to work
and an additional force is expected to
come soon because the company is bound
by contract to have tbe building up bv
October 1, and it bas been delayed so
long that it will take an unusually large
force of workmen to get it up on time.
Thero will ta ineetinir of Ued Jacket Lodge
No. l.H. A O. I'. V.. held In tholr hull mt
TlitirMlay veninir at 7::l o'clock. ItU neeti
ary f..r h 1 1 memlx-rs to attend as there Is bus
lneM of much importance to be transacted and
wuik m I lie tirM arii nccond neiriwn
M II. M A KL lll.KlNAIIAN. M . W.
W. W. KLLIS. lu-oordcr.
A regular meeting of Charity Lodge, No. 1J!,
Kni.'htM of I'ythlaN. will lie held next Tuesday
evening. A fii'l nttendance of mem hers In re
i)U Mil. JOHN A. M ACAL'LF.Y. C. C.
There M ill lie a regular mitln of T.lnor.ln
Tantlc. Knights of the Oolden Kairl-
held at Tini)le of Honor Hall on Monday
evening next. A full attendance is requested.
it. .1. I'klUVLK. S' I!
One of the diphtheria cases, mentioned
in last evening's News resulted fatally.
The infant daughter, Helma Carolina, of
Mr. and Mrs. tbarles t rantti, of Swede-
town, died last night at 12 o'clock from
tbe dread disease and was buried this
morning at Schoolcraft cemetery bv the
officers. Several of the other cases are
still considered serious and the strictest
quarantine regulations must be enforced
to prevent a spread of the disease.
Mr. Finch, the station agent at Han
cock, wishes to get tbe names of all those
w ho wish to take in the 7 round trip
excursion to Detroit as soon as possible.
so that he may know whether a sufficient
number are going to warrant the com
pany running a special train and sleeppr.
ll a special train is run tbe partv will not
leave Houghton until lip. m., whereas,
they will now have to leave on the early
morning train on Tuesday.
Teacher of
Piano, Organ and Harmony
Tftm Iteanonaltlc
licl Icnce
Ml) I Hti
H.o.218 Osceola Street, Lanrinm.
Up pub I Iran Caucancs.
4 HICIM lii.H . l AK l H, for the
tuiriMim of elect In deleeates to th
totihliCHiicug, to tc held in the "chool Hall,
III tlie t'lWnHhln of C alumet., on Wednexla.
the 1'itli 1sy of feptemlier. Is'.W, for the pur
pc of electing delegHtea Ui the county cwm
vention lo tie held In Hancock, on the l.Mih itaw
of M-iiteinU-r, lKrt. Hill be held at the polling
Place iiieucu precinct in sain township of i;a I
nmet hi7:Ho liwk p. m . on Tuesday, the
l.'ii h day of SeptcmlK-r, lVSi.
Tlie preelnctn are enlltlel to the followlna
liiiinlH-r of delegates:
Precinct Delegates.
N. 1 s
N-. 2 a
No. :i g
N. 4
Free! Pree!!
Mr. (littler, the Fifth street ieler.
will retire Irom the iewelrv business and
win sell at auction bis stock of jewelry at a
any price, livery lady attending thesale
nil receive a handsome nresent free.
waie every afternoon at 2 oVlock and I Total
everv evening at 7. Chairs will he re- ,,r,', r of the To
served lor ladies. A chance you may
never have again, hveryone is cordially
Attorney Willard E. (Ira v. of Lnke
Linden, was in town yesterday after
noon, air. uray is mentioned contpjeu.
onsly in connection with the office of
Judge of probata and will mnke the run.
He says tre rumor mat ne baa w ith
drawn from the contest for the nomina
tion on the republican ticket la not trua
nd b U in U to
wnshlu (
J. N. COX.
The delr'tc el.tcd Ht the different pre
einetson Tiiewlay evening, Heptemher l.V will
"eet In the Calumet School Hall, on Wednm
lny evmng, Septeinher 111. InW. at H o'clock,
tor the purpose of electing twenty-four (24)
leii-itatea Ut It e county conrcntloii. to tie held
at t.eriimnia Hall, Hancock, on Friday.' Hep
tcmlier li, at o'clock p. m., and for U'
transact loq nf such other buslneia may
properly couio before the meetin. -
,.... v. , .lOHN lU N'AN,anlrmao.
A M 1 9 N, fox, Kecretary,
Do You want to Build a House? Olson's Furniture Store,
II So, Sgo
Contractors and Builders, and Dealers In All Kinds of
Lumber, Sash, Doors, Moulding,
Also Brick and Limo.
In fact everything in the lumber line, and of the vcrv best and latwt pattern.
Yard at Foot of Portland Street.
Scott Street
Edward Ryan's Store.
Iu Ail tl
Fall ShmlrK
Your Dollars
Are as good as gold, and our lum
ber is as good as they make it.
You want to buy LUMBER and we
wcmiiuseu il. unuer inese cir
cumstances, hadn't you better let
us quote you prices on
you want?
Ladies' Fedora Hats,
Children's and Misses' Caps.
Yarns and Dress Goods.
We Lave the exclusive sale for
Prestley's Celebrated Blacks,
Call and inspect our
anvrn nor
- o
Even to the most careless observer,
-:Furniture Department:-
N e cnrr.v it large and varied assortment of everj thins in the furniture line.
BE APPARENT ur Regular
Reduction Sale
ArmstroDg-Tliielfflan Liter Co.
C!a. y.ro;rhH; Y e b.nv.e Wn and wi continue for a few weeks longer offering
,,m-t .rm,e ,f I?thiD that is produced anywhere at prices that
muHt move it-prices that have been moving it at a hot pace for tbe
last three weeks-prices that you honestly can't afford to
miss, in addition to this, we include atpecial price
a few things you'll surely need.
That's what they sold for and
they were well worth it.
Now they are
And good sellere at that.
to in the reduction sale at
$8 Suits
Michael Johnson, the tailor, it now
comfortably located in bia new quarters
in theSauer building. He has anew stock
of fall and winter good and can make
an excellent auit or overcoat cheap.
Superior Stock Beer
Is Famous.
MadQ l So.
I Rllllmlinor ....I L' -..7 7.
'( o n:iin.n, AD( II I' ll
promotlv atu-nded to. K
Jacob Gartner.
In four different style,
tiful suit for N. No
are only
A beau
i they
m iiooi.m ovv.y i Ht l Trnii
How Are Von
i'llCll for Mrlmnl
Khoei, for Children r
llrlnc your flul.lren to 1l,r t.r
Hive hoe store, where special an,.,,.
tlon Is paltt to rhllilren'n shoe.
A flrst-rlasM line of Iloj. MUr"
nrt hlldren'H shoen, n mU ntyl,m
Kansaroo, fair and (Ml ,iraln.
The cheapest plaee In to n for a rr.
name Mnoe. Kvery pair l
10 wear like steel,
aja worn.
'A .V I hum As.,
s Radiant-:- Home
...Stoves and Ranges...
Onee wore, al.
Are the best on earth and are recommended
by Five Hundred housewife ,,hn hnvn used
them daily. Thevbumm, vir f but
Doing made in a hard conl cortinn of f hn coun
try, are particularly adapted to its
orii fsln Street, lied Jsrket

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