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Portage Late lies:;
Hocan and Gilbert to
Meet Again in the
Roped Arena.
Hatch Comes Off at Houghton
Contest Will Be at the Armory Opera
House on Haturdar, Mar 7, ana
m Puree or 9100 le Up,
. tin.i .
Toe town uiuea yesterday an
Bouncing a UorniBD wrestling match be
tween Ed llogan, of Marquette, and
Bob Gilbert, of Houghton. The match
will be for a puree of $ 100 and the entire
gate receipts, beet two out of three falls
and will be pulled off at the Armory
Opera House on Saturday evening, the
7th Inst As to weight and science the
men are very evenly matched and a hard
fought contest is expected, uotn men
have been doing more or lens training
and will appear on the mat in fairly-good
condition. Gilbert has already met de
feat at the bands of liogan . in a match
at Marquette early last spring, but
claims be was unfairly treated by the
people at Marquette, both in the audience
and at the ringside, and he is yery confl
dent that be will best Hog an in the
match next Saturday night. The sports
are showing considerable interest in the
bout which indicates thee will be a large
attendance. A large delegation is ex
pected from Calumet as Gilbert has num
eroua admirers here. An admission tee of
50 cents will be charged to all parts of
the hall. A band will be in attendance
and there will be several boxing contests
as preliminaries.
The stone for the construction of the
basement of the new city hall is begin
ning to arrive and themssons will be
started at once, Mr. William Scott
who has the contract, said all possible
speed will be made to complete the foun
dation. The contract .for the building
proper has not yet beenjllet, as the de
tail plans have not yet arrived from Mil
waukee. It is safe to say that the con
tract will be let to local parties, as their
bids will be coDsidered'flret, even if they
are a few hundred dollars higher, but
should the difference run up to a thous
and dollars, as one outidecontractor
predicted, It will be another question
The building committee will favor home
labor and material in everyjcaee.
A Finnish man whose name we are un
able to learn met with an accident Mon
day night which will incapacitate him
for some time. The:' man boarded at
Peter Westenen's on Tezcuco street and
on going to bis room on the night in
question slipped and fell down the entire
flight of stairs leading' to the eecond
floor of the building, breaking one of his
arms severely. Dr. Dodge was called
who reduced the fracture and soon had
the man as com fort able?as FpOHfible. It
will be some time before be will be able to
attend to his workjatiain.
The annual receDtion of the students
of the Michigan School ofMices, will
take place tonight at the Armory opera
house. This will be quite a.fociety af
fair and will be attended, by the first peo
pie of the county. The receptions given in
the past by the students always proved
great social successes, andthe committee
in charge have worked!lhard to have
this no exception to the rule.&Weismil
ler's orchestra will furnish the music.
The undersigned has 1,000 samples of
wall paper, ranflrincr in Drice from 1 cent
to 1.50 per roll, and willbe; pleased to
show the same to anyone'dropping him
a postal card. This is the finest display
of wall paper ever shown injthe copper
country. Paper-hanging,Hornamental
and house painting neatly and promptly
executed. I solicit a share of the public
James P. Mcqrath, nancock.
Messrs. William J. Davey. William
Opie, Elisha M. Beard, William 11. Mar
tin and James H. Letcher left for a visit
to their old homes in England last Satur
day. Borne of them are members of the
Misletoe lodge. Sons of St. George, and
before leaving that lodge passed a vote
of thanks to Mr. William J. Davey for
tha valuable services behad rendered to
both the Senior and Junior lodges of the
The Hon. Jay A. Hubbell returned
b)me yesterday from bis extended trip.
Mr. Hubbell has spent the past six
months In the east and south, most of
the time, however, being spent at Wash
ington. The Judge's health has been
greatly improved by the trip and should
it continue he will probably sit at the
August term of court. His many friends
Are glad to see him back and looking so
On Friday nightlltbe Lady Mlntrel,
made up of Marquette society ladies, will
make their debut before a'Portage Lake
audience, and from the number of sats
already sold, the performance promises
to be largely attended. The staging and
)okes of the company are said to be great
and the costumes worn by the ladles
aniqns and catchy.
It was almost impossible for a person
to board the south bound train jester
day afternoon, owing to the large num-
hF nf Pinnlnk I. . ...
-..luumu puupie arouna tne train,
twenty-flve of whom took the train on
.! ....
-uoir way to their native land, white
large numbers ol their friends were pres
ent to bid then God speed.
Charlie Wright, formerly collector lor
me buperiur Savings bank, now has
charge of the Fuel & Supply . company's
omce.inthe absence of Frank James.
woo is at Inland Lake. Mr. Wright's
place In the bank has been taken by Mr.
John Sickanen, formerly of the First Nat
ional bank of Calumet.
ine mneral of Mrs. Isaac Anderson
was neid this afternoon from the Han
cock Congregational church, Interment
being made in the old Hancock cemetery.
lne funeral was largely attended and
the remains were followed to their last
resting place by a large concourse of
friends of the family.
Mr. John J. Case, superintendent of the
the Lake Superior smelting works, to
getner with two other officials of the
company, spent the day yesterday look
tag oyer the plant. It is understood that
Mr, CaBe will act as general superinten
dent of the smelts at Dollar Day alao.
lhe first returns of the births and
deaths tor the year 1897 haye been re
ceived by the county clerk from Franklin
township, The returns show 130 births
to 40 deaths, a considerable increase
oyer 102 births and 2 1 deaths the returns
of the year previous.
Dr. H. W. Jones of Houghton, has
gone to Island Lake, where he will act as
chief of the staff of the examining physic
ians, who will examine the militia pre
paratory to enlisting in Uncle Sam's ser
yiee. The arpomtment was made by
Governor Pingree.
Work on the new Pilgrim Riyer bridge
is being pushed as rapidly as possible
and it is expected ic will be completed
within two weeks. The new bridge will
be the only one of its kind in this vicinity,
being built entirely of iron tubing.
Iehpeming has at last gotten into line
and formed a base balllclub. The make
up of the club has some good material
in it and is all home talent, Negoti
tions are going on to have them play at
Hancock on Decoration Day.
Traffic on Portage Lake has been evry
quiet t he past two dayr, very few boats
going through, and at this writing there
is only one boat in port, a schooner,
which is discharging a cargo ol coal at
the Quincy dock.
The annual sale of tax lands was com
menced in ths office of County Treasurer
Frimodig yesterday and there was a
particularly good attendance, but the
biddiog thus far has been exceedingly
For Rent An excellent stand on Tez
cuco street, Hancock. Suitable for store
or saloon, with living rooms up stairs.
Possession can be had May 1. Apply to
Mrs. Grace Honking. West Hancock.
The Horton will case is still on in the
circuit court and continues to Interest a
number of people who attend court regu.
larly. The case will probably De com
peted by Thursday morning.
To Rent The Olivier & Jacques cor
ner building, now occupied as a saloon
by Angelo Moosbrugger. Apply to
Charles O. Olivier. Hancock.
The annual meeting of the Onigaming
yacht club has again been postponed.
The meeting is now caned ior Aionuay
evening next.
At St. Patrick's church during the
present month mass will be said each
morning at 8 o'clock, followed ty May
The freighter John V. Moran, passed
nn last nia-bt heavily loaded with copper
from the smelting works at South Lake
Linden. ,
Wanted A girl to do general bouse-
work. ADD V tO Mrs. riwc.a
Ripley, or telephone the Tortage Lake
foundry. . .
Mr. E. F. Sutton of Lake Linden, trans-
acted business at the county seat ynter
day and was a guest at the Douglass
Mr Clarence Mason is in the city today
on a visit with the old folks.
Sheriff Lean took three insane patients
to the Newberry asylum last week.
Contractor Steels has commenced work
i -j uill.nf trr
new ano pbduivub i"1""
John Hodge of this city.
The firemen of this city will practice on
IWIa afreet hereafter as they are prepar-
lag for the firemen's tournament to be
held at Houghton next August.
Manv improvements haye lately betn
At th. New Linden, and accommo
dations in this hotel are now equal to
anythiog in the Upper Tenlnsnla.
Infant child ol Mr. and Mrs. Sam
uel F Yivtandied Sunday morning and
the remains were boned Monday after
noon. Rev. James Tascoe held svlces
at the house.
, Mr. Prosper Robert's many friend il
be glad to learn that b arrived at Dyea
Alaska, April 15, and from there b
party would leave to go oyer the Pan
April 23. He reports ail we'I.
Mr. Edward Koepel who has been em
ployed with the t'alumtt and II eel a a
machinist has reigned, to accept tb
position of superintendent of machinery
for the Arnold mining company.
The people of this c ty were startled to
hear of the death of one of the oldest res
Idents iu the person of Mr. John Pennin
ger. He was engaged in unloading a car
of sandstone at the Osceola mill when he
fell over apparently in a fit, and in a few
moments breathed bis last. Deceased
was about 58 j ears of age, and leaves
family of eight children to mourn his
death. The funeral was held this after,
At a meeting of the creditors cf the
Joseph Greko-'y estate held here last
week, Mr. Joseph Rosch was appointed
truHtef, and assignments of claims to
h m are anked which assignments em
power nim as trustee to bid in any pait
of the reil estate offered for sale, so as to
prevent a sacrifice of the property. To
mike this scheme tffctive it is essentia
that all or nearly all the claims be as
signed to Mr. Doscb, as trustee.
One CharacierUtio of the Schoolteacher
of Washington.
11 tell you ono thing," said the young
man stenographer from tho west who got
nia jod in ono of the departments rocently
and who has boon noticing things pretty
careruiiy since lie camo to Washington,
"tnia uurg'a got the prettiest sot of school
teachers I ever saw anywhere, and that's
no lie. Out where I como from, say, the
schoolteachers havo got faces aa hard as
mallets and glussy starea and a general
rroezy way about 'em that makea a fellow
that meets up with one of 'em feel like
he's about 7 years old in tho third
grade all over again. And. honest, they
all seem to mo to be about 85 years old at
that. It's tho same in a whole lot of other
big towna in the south and west that I've
worked In. Well, when I struck this town
a friend of nil no took me to his boarding
house that's right next door to a big
schoolhouso. My room's a second story
front room and commands a view of the
entrance to the school, and, say. the boo
ond morning that I was there I looked out
of the window just about a quarter of an
hour before school 'took In, 'and, geowhizl
1 saw a procession of pretty, fresh looking,
sweii, siyufiniy uressed young women
a-stroellng up the steps of that schoolhouso
that mado in think I was taking an East
er Sunduy turnout.
'bay,' suya I to my roommako, who's
a Washington man born and bred, 'what
do you make of this par rule of alnjlxhty
pretty girls a-walklng up those school
houso steps? Is it a high school, and aro
they pupil?, or what tho dickens, anyhow?'
"Pupils nothing,' saya ho. Theyre
wen, 1 gavo mm tno hoot, or course.
but he stuck to It so seriously that I of
course had to believe him.
" 'Well, says I to him finally, 'they're
the pick of all the schoolteachers in town,
then, sent down here because It's a down
town 6choolhouao, just to impress visitors.'
"ot much they ain't,' 6ays ho. 'All
the schoolteachers In thia town are pretty
enough to cat and just as nice aa they nre
pretty. There ain't anything but fine
looking folks living in Washington, any
how,' snys ho.
"Well, say, I didn't bollovo him when
ho 8ii hi that nil tho teachers In all tho
schools were just as attractive 09 those I
bud sern, and so tho next morning, beforo
ollico hours, wo hustled around on our
bikes to three schools just before school
took In,' nncl blamed if I naw a single
toucher In tho lot thut wasn't pretty and
swoct looking enough for a fellow to marry
out of hand on the spot. I wrote home
and told my sisters out we6t about tbl?,
and they'ro been writing back ' tJ me and
telling 1110 thnt I'm in a trunco and must
bo mistaken. But I'm not mistaken.
don't want to seo any nicer looking girls
than the schoolteachers of this town, and
you hear 1110 a tulking." Washington
lie Invited Ills Fate.
An incldont that pointed a strong moral
took place on Chestnut stroet. The street
waa thronged with promonaders, and the
magnificent bt. Bernard dog which a
young woman was leading attracted much
attention. Near Thirteenth street the
woman entered a store, leaving the dog
outsldo. The dog was such a magnificent
beast that soverul pooplo stopped in admi
ration, and the dog actually seemed to
smile at the attention he was receiving.
About this time two giddy youths, who
were followed by a mischievous fox ter
rier, came along and paused to see what
was attracting the throng. The terrier,
which waa but a mite beside the St Ber
nard, rushed in and began snarling at the
big dog. The noblo looking boast paid
not tho slightest attention, and the youths
audibly commented on the big one's cow
When tho terrier began snapping at his
feet, however, the big ono gravely raised
one paw and pushed hla tormentor away.
This angorcd the terrier, and its anger
was fed by the youths, who told Jip, at
they called bim, to go In and "shake the
big coward." Jip went in and set bit
tooth In the St. Bernard's leg. Suddenly
the big dog lost his forbearance snd in a
trice Jip was In its masslvo jaws. There
was a crunching sound, a couple of shakes
and Jip was cast aside dead. Tho St.
Bernard then resumed his place uncon
cernedly, and tho young men gathered np
their dead terrier and went olT to make
complaint at tho city hall. Philadelphia
Ulodjo First Steps In Kngllulu
A native hns bwen caiiKht at Calcutta
scaling tho wall of the premises into tho
compound of No. 3, Chowrlnghl, dressed
In a complete suit of European clothes.
Tho man had, on tho previous evening,
concealed himself Int-ido a shop, and had
employed his timo till morning in fitting
himself with a complete suit of clothes.
Including a white shirt, with studs and
links, a red tlo, carefully put on, black
socks, a pair of boots, a watch and chain,
handkerchief and even a ocketknifo, with
a straw hat and stiek. He even wont the
length of writing his name Inside the hA
On being caught, ho said be wanted to
learn English, end as a preliminary step
thought It best to dress himself In sahib's
clothes. fiombay (India) Advocate,
tone of the Amoilng Rtorlei In Which
John Stetaon Figured.
It was SteUon who on landing from the
steamer after a stormy voyngo exclaimed,
''Thank God, I am onco more on vice
versa I"
Mrs. BlllinRton on her return from
America brought homo many Stetson
toriea. One of tho best had reference to
the sudden necessity of enlarging the pro
gramme of a variety entertainment. Hla
manager bad, aa ho believed, successfully
filled tho bill. Stetson arrived on the
scene In the midst of tho opening num
bers. "Wbut ia on now?" ho asked.
"Well, It's just a pretty, sentimental duet
by the brothers So-and-so." "Sentimen
tal, ehf" suld Stetson. "That's good."
It was one of those duets that have sup
plied George Grossmlth and other enter
tainers with some of their best burlesques
of part singing. The tenor asks a vocal
question, tho baritone replies a kind of
litany, with variations. In thia case tho
tenor waa a feeble looking youth of 60,
with ono of thoso voices that may bo mu
do or an escape of gas.
Stetson stood at tho wing and contem
plated 1,be duelists youthful tenor of 50,
Bgod buritene with tho manners of 20 and
such a wlgt
"Where are tho friends of my youth?"
began tho tenor In pathetic tones that
hardly reached tho orchestra.
"Where aro tho lovod ones gone?" re
sponded the baritone in a gloomy gurgle.
"Farther back." said Stetson from the
wing. "They'll hoar you better lower
down the stano." Having thus got them
well out of tho way of the curtain, "King
down," he said to the prompter at hla el
bow, and tho drop fell. "On with the
noxt number in tho programme, " he said,
"and send thoso two gentlemen to my
room. How long aro you engaRed for?"
he asked them. "Two weeks, Mr. Stet
son," they answered with deferential hu
mility. "How much?" "Fifteen dollars
a week."
"Very well, my poor fellows. There's
your money," ho said. "I won't detain
you. Go and find the frionda of your
youth." When you tell thia story, it Is
necessary that you should sing tho lines to
their right tune and with characteristic
Imitation of two played out voices, and
bear in mind how cynically courteous
Stetson would be in commending tho fad
ed duetists to go straightway In quest of
thoso friends of their youth. Newcastlo
A Solemn Chapel Scene When the Torea
dor Knee la In Prayer.
"Now," aald my friend, "we will go to
the chapel." "The chapel?" "Why, yes,
tho next room la a 6mall chapel whero ev
ery toreador goca before tho fight to pray
and ask God and his patron saint that hla
lifo be spared and that ho bo given the
courago and strength to tako that of the
bull." We entered the small chapel, at
ono end of which was an altar covered
with flowers and lighted candlos, in the
mlddlo a crucifix, and behind a painting
of the Virgin Mary. One of tho toreadora
came in and, kneeling at tho altar, began
to pray. What a contrast! This man,
covered with silk and gold, kneeling In
front of tho Christ, asking for the protec
tion of tho kind and sweet lover of hu
manity and asking (In order to kill) tho
protection of him to whom all Uvea are
dour ond precious.
"You seethe man there kneeling and
praying?" said my friend. "Well, ho is
Manuel Garcia, generally called 'Espar
tero,' the greatest living toreador. Ho ia
the first espada of Spain and is celebrated
for hla great courage. When ho 6ticks hla
sword in tho bull's neck, ho never jumps
asldo, as other toreadors do no, he wants
to stop the bull there to kill him 011 the
spot. As it is nearly impossible, ho has
often boon seriously wounded by dying
bulls. Ho has saved over 100.000 pesetas.
He will retire from the ring a rich man in
another year."
The man had finished praying. Ho left
the chapel, shaking hands with hla friends,
and I could not help thinking, "A rich
man in ono year yes, provided" But I
did not dnru tinlsh my thought even to
myst'lf, and, raising my eyes to the cruci
fix, I .murmured involuntarily, "God,
spare him!" A. B. du Guerville.
Qnlte the Thing-.
"James, bring mo some clean linen."
"Alas, eir, you have nonet The laun-
dryman refuses to hand over until be ia
given tho money for that lort batch."
'Well, why don't you give him tho
"There Isn't a farthing la tho houso,
"Well, welll Am I broke?"
"Yes, sir, absolutely."
"Dear met I suppose I had better get
up and eoo about It. Bring me my suit,
"Gone, sir. Everything pawned except
the old frayed frock coat yon were going
to give the housekeeper."
"Great heavens I I'll stay In bed all day
first I Get me something to eat, anyhow."
"There's nothing in the house, sir, and
the restaurant keeper refuses to let us
have anythlag more without cash."
"By Jovel nothing to wear but dirty
linen and a frayed frock coat, nothing to
eat and no money I Good gracious I I can
never look my friends In the face again 1
"Why, certainly you can, sir, and cut a
greater dash than ever before," urged the :
faithful James. "Tell 'em you are a Bo- )
bemian and are doing this In obedience to
theartistio instinct." Strand Magazine,
lite Hegnlitr Occupation.
I should think you would get soiuo
work to do," said tho nlderly lady at tho
kitchen door to a tramp who kad Uft his
friend at the gate and was In search of a
"I'm working at my regular business
right aloug, madam," said the itinerant.
"And what la your regular business?"
"Traveling companion, madam."
Tonkera Statesman.
Get Your
Bicycles ..Repaired
Work promptly and neatly done and at mod
erate cost, AiiKtnas or repair worn
done such as
Sewing Machines, Typewriters,
Trunks Loks Umbrella.
Cutlery rinding
A lo
Also stent for sewing machine needles,
you have work to be done elve me a
Satisfaction guaranteed.
William Carllne's old stand, at th rear of
Larry lioran'a prrooery store, vjuiocy
street Uaneoek.
We Cater To Those
In lleanty,
Fin I Mb. and
qaallty of flattrlal
PRICES: $50. $60. $75. Tandems: $1 IO, $120. $125.
Celebrated Crescent Bicycles
A Wheel More Largely l-'eed Than Any other In Thia Conn try.
THERE MUST BK SOME REASON FOKTniS: When the tame condition prevails ev
ery year, they muBt have merit. Tfcey meet every requirement, price
value, weight, size and Bex.
ltles, 20, ft3, 33. 50. IhalnleNS and Tandeme. 15.
Two Life Policies
....$ 1 0,000 Each.
No. 98,085. No. 198.G33.
Date 0! Issue, Feb. 20. 1879. Date of Issue, Feb. 27, 1879.
Aee 21. Age 22.
Premium ? 177.00. Premium, f 198,90
Additions Additions
Premium Cash to Premium Cash to
Year. Paid. Dividend Policy. Paid. Dividend Policy.
1879 $177 00 $198 90
1880 " 198 90 $ 59 67 $186 00
1881 " $ 50 70 $190 00 1G9 10 C5 65 204 00
1882 " 5210 192 00 " 37 61 117 00
1883 M 54 71 198 00 " 39 05 120 00
1884 " 55 83 198 00 40 86 123 00
1885 5814 202 00 " 42 25 125 00
1880 14 6167 210 00 " 36 72 107 00
1887 128 56t 429 00 " 37 63 107 00
1888 " 66 98 219 00 27 53 77 00
1889 . " 69 76 223 00 " 28 72 79 00
1890 " 72 60 227 00 " 20 20 55 00
1891 " 75 60 232 00 " 2148 57 Oo
1892 " 78 81 236 00 22 58 59 00
1893 8199 24100 23 70 60 00
1894 8417 242 00 " 13 73 34 00
1895 " 85 00 239 00 24 33 59 00
1890 " 85 61 235 00 " 2518 60 00
1897 " 85 89 23100 " 20 04 6100
Total addition?, $3,944 00 Total addition, $1,690 00
"The above flureg are correct. (Signed) A. ERIUKSON PERKINS."
Insure in the company that gives you the largest
returns for your money.
E. L. WRIGHT, Dist. Agt.
Xorthweatern 31atual Life Inenranee Co.
It doesn't pay to buy inferior clothing. It is al
ways dear at any price. We will not cheapen our
garments, they must be upjto standard. None of us
reach perfection, but we get nearer to it when we
try. Fine line of spring and summer suitings to
chose from. Fit and workmanship guaranteed.
At the Jewell House, Calumet, on Wednesday of each week.
WHAT ARE THE Y-The best cigars in the mar
ket today. Clear Havana filler. Connecticut binder
and Samatra wrapper.
or All lllh-rade Clgara, The Heat
Prove Oporto To lie The neat Nhaaeapeara.
RhinegoId Bock,.
Just Out.
The Taconma affe
The aboT rwtaorant Is now open for buslnesa. All the delicacies of the season eaa
be fonnd on otr bill of fare. Wa cater to the better class of trade. Your patronaga ra
pectfullj solicited.
Car xear llaneoak P. O. J. F. HOCKING & CO.
Who Demand The Best!
la ity All Odda The Heat Wheel
On The Market Today.
A National Rider Never Changes Ills Mind
The National Wheels
Have No Equal.
J. A. FRIEDKRICI19, Solicitors.
It's Hot 3tuff.

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