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66 H
Vastbinder 5 Read's
Considerable interest is being mani
fested iu tile boys' conference con
ducted by Slate Hoy a' Secretary J. A
Van 1Mb at the Calumet Y. M. C. A
Lust night' session, while nut largely
uttftiilctl was a v ry representative
Hit' meeting was presided over by
K. T. Daume. who made a most capa-
bl chairman. In opening .Mr. Damn
gave a brief address, in which he re
ferretl to the object of the meeting,
and the work of Mr. Van lis.
The Adolescent Boy.
The stale secretary for boys gave a
brief talk on "The Adolescent Hoy."
lie began by explaining the meaning
of tile word adolescence as applied to
boys, stating that it covered a hoy's
life between the ages of 13 ant! 19
years. It is the neiiod uld Mr. Van
YOU don't have to be a rail splitter to be ah'1 " work among boy8 i most
pmtitable. Mr. Van Pis stated that
Interesting Talks and Papers are Giv
en at the Y. M. C. A. Conference
Continues This Evening and Tomor.
row Afternoon- Good Program is
Arranged for Boys.
ABRAHAM LINCOLN split rails to make
money and saved it.
success, but you DO have to save your money.
A safe place to deposit your savings is at the
first National Bank of Laurium
CAPITAL $100,000.00 SURPLUS & PROMTS $30,000.00
We Have
1 '-r.tr ric; that
to.r.- r is th.
satisfied cu'-
t valuable asset
' fty, ' jr i,n' biisine.-s can have. There
KZJ l'rr ,"ri" w' ''' a11 in our power
I A - 3' 'i' ",,r e'.i-t.'iners and If your
P-y. P Tl M I ' r' ,'n' "''Js irit-Iu.l. any bulld
, '-iL v ;5i-J Z : in t::i ;.-ri:!. come and see what
a j ? :u " tJ jjy; ean do f.r you. Yull lind It
v. i:; !: to y ur a Wantage.
Armstrong-Thielman Lumber Co.
.-"i'li '
John Kniv 1
In Kw.tn.i'A
titlKe hunting. Til' y su
Be-curilig s- uie birds.
N't il Clancy of I . t r r i t is ii
niet on a short business trip.
Key. Ouy V. Ho;,rd of the Ti
tain M. I-.'., was in Calumet v-
ar l:
rd Wefe
y l-.irt-
i es 1 11".
.'l-o it oirur ll'to Kewei 11 IW C'-UIUV n
a short visit.
Ji.ii-s p. V.,!S of Rutte, Mont.. Is
isi: ini; vith his brother Hejiy Wall
oi Kay
tr..it. c
iiib.M.ltitw n.
Ilenty se aman has K"n" to De
al! .1 there by the Illness of
T,.', , . . , 1 ..
For a h nutiful hl.tckwood par
lor , I,,, k. see ihein in our win-'
dow, is worth while your comin;.
to see.
New i ! t ks just rei( ived,
yuaratiteeii. s days and strike orj
oiik'. half hour on bell. Its on
ly throu;!i a lucky pureliasf th.it
wf ar' enabled to offer them ;it
that unheard of price of $4.75.
Merchants S Miners Bank
At Close of Business, "eptember 1, 1909
Loans. inortnaKes and securities $1,432.2."S fi2
iverili al ts 3S0 2!)
Furniture and fixtures 7,000 00
Cash on hand in banks 1,104, .VI G &7
Opital stock
Sut lus fund
l'ndiviiled profits ..
.R04.191 38
1 .'0,000 00
lso.ono oo
r.3,S43 77
.2.V0.341 61
The Proper investment
of money is perplexing to
some people who desire a
higher than a safe rate of interest.
Remember that speculation is very uncer
tain. Better be on the safe side, and put your
funds where they are Secure and earn a fair rate
of interest.
3 per cent Interest paid on Savings Accounts.
Recording Safes.
Capital $75,000.00 Surplus $100,000.00
he has in this state of Michigan about
on. oi.ii boys Indirectly under his
charge. A boys physical condition
should be watched ditt'luK the adoles
cent p riotl. Science says that be
tween those hkcb a boy's heart In-
reascs to twice its ordinary td.e, the
blood courses more freely in the veins
and there Is a growth of impulsive
ness that l hard to keep within
bounds. Judging from past experl
cnoe. Mr. Van IMs said the Y. M. O
A. appals to all gides of a boy's na
Play in Groups.
Mr. Van Pis referred to the "can
instinct." Heforo the ae of 12 boy
ns a rul" play n Individual rather
than in .croups, hut after that nse the
pang instinct Is apparent and should
be encouraged, esiwciallv when It is
pi oimilya tei along right lines. Again
the Y. M. C. A. step;I h, said Mr. Van
Iis. and arranges croup games, bas
ket and baseball leagues, all of which
ire for the purpose of keeping the
boys together.
Mr. Van Dix referred tn camp life
for the hoys nnd tramps to the woods
that are arranged by the Y. M. ( A.
ind expressed n belief that they
should lie encoiirag d.
Mr. Van lis was mncli Interested In
the class of literature that boys read.
particularly in this hit! Ion, and he re
ceived much valuable Information
from a paper read nt the meeting by
Mrs. K. S. Orlorson. librarian of the
r. & M. library.
Choose Good Literature.
Mrs. Grbrson's pnper was on "Tho
I toy and Ills Heading." It was a most
Interesting paper and will be pub
lished In full in another Issue, ns will
paper by Hey. J. Poyey on "Th Hoy
and the Sunday School."
Mrs. Grierson advocated that chll-
Iren bo allowed to roam about in the
library nt will, believing that children
form an attachment for the best kind
of lid ratine She favors giving the
boy the books lie likes t " read, and
not what we would like him to read.
Mrs. Grierson pave some vry In
teresting Information along this lino,
mentioning the names of many prnm-
in lit authors, who appeal to th
younger folks.
Other Features.
Secretary George D. Wcstcrmann
nd Physical Din c tor Sherwood were
to have r'-'cn papers last evenini on
'The Y. M. C A. and the Boys of the
t'omiiiunity." nnd the latter on "Th
Moral Value of Athletics." Mr. Wcst
ermann's pnper was omitted until to
night's session, as was Mr. Sherwood's.
Rev. J. Povcy of Lake Linden, read
n short paper on "The Hoy and the
Sunday School." He advanced many
useful hints.
The conference will be continued
today and tomoirow.
At 2:30 o'clock this afternoon the C.
A II. cricket team was facing an al
most Impossible problem In the at
tempt to defeat the All-Star team, th
hvals tuning only scored 15 runs in
the Mm Inning, while the All-Stars
had compiled 22 lor the loss of only
the wickets, with live nure wickets to
fall. Of course the C. & II. team ha
yet a chance to snatch defeat from tho
hands of the pick of the county, as
there Is still another inning to play.
The bowling for the All-Stars wis
excellent, Ralph securing 4 wickets for
6 runs, and Pascoe 5 wickets for 3
runs. Cadwell up to the time of writ
ing also had an excellent average.
Sessions Close at Noon Today After
Two Weeks of Hard Work for the
Delegates Resolutions of Thanks
are Adopted Today Collecje Mova
ment Gains Headway, M tdjlttf
President I'uul llajdic, Chicago,
i'lrstvlce president Jwstph Lublch
Allegheny, Pa.
Second ice-president J. Pavcla,
Denver, Col.
Recording secretary S. Rebrovlch,
VlUgheny, Pa.
Financial secretary J. Jurovlch,
Treasurer .Thymus Lakovlch, Chi
Hoard of trustees P. Pavlinae,
chairman; Joseph Marohnie, Alle
APPPflVAT fit? PPPlIRIirAWS ",K'n' ra'; tary, V. Kavzlrie. Al
Roston. Oct. 2. The platform udopt-
I by the republican state convention
here today considers the Income tax
non-partisan question and favors
leaving It to the legislature for deci
sion. The platform commends the pol
icy or conservation or national re
sources and give-a "uniuallned approv
al" of the administration of President
Taft; expresses a belief that the tariff ion of the tri-ennlal convention of the
rank Rosslch, Allegheny,
Pa.; A. Maranovlch, New York; 1 J.
Mandekovlth, McKeesport, Pa.
Trial board Chairman. Nick Roved-
enae. Pueblo. Colo.: secretary. Matt
Marohnie, John Gasparovlch, Calu
met. A. Vlclch, Chicago; John Ho.lcli,
Chicago, and A. Pudavic. Missouri.
Physician Dr. J. V. Grahck, Calu
The above are the complete list eif
officers selected at this mor ning's se s-
law "is of more value to laboring in
tere sts of United States than any other
measure that has ever been enacted
and that it will bring more prosperity
and more comfort than were ever be
fore affected by one act of industrial
Governor Drape'r was unanimously
nominated for re-election
Copper country members of the
Dramatic Order ef the Knights of
Khorassan are making plans for a
dancing party to be given In this city
in the near future. It is estimated
that there are about CO Deikays in the
copper country, members of the two
classes which Joined Al Sirat Templu
of Duluth, this spring and summer,
and il is planned to Invite all of the
Pythlans of thcopper country to at
tend the function. It is altogether
likely that the Duluth member, of this
Temple will come to the cppT coun
try during the winter months and that
another class of members will be ad
mitted. This will have the total num
ber of Dokays In the copper country
large neugh to receive a c harter and
rganisso a new Templu here.
Mrs. J. D. Veale has' returned te
Croatian soch ty, held in this city. The
only changes to be noted are that of
vice-president and financial secretary,
Mr. Lublch taking the place of Mr.
Raelovinac. as flint vke-preslt'.ent, and
Mr. Jurovich defeating Mr. Marohnie
for the office of financial secretary.
It will be seen that the defeated
candidate for financial secretary has
been named a member the board of
trustees, while Mr. Gasparovich of this
city received a place on the trial board.
Dr. Grahek also has been named phy
sician for the society, which Is a very
pleasing appointment locally.
Kansas City Wins.
The convention this morning decid
ed on Kansas City. Kas., as the next
meeting place, three years hence, the
city receiving the most votes. The
convention close-d at noon today, and
the respective delegates will be leav
ing for their homes this evening and
Presentation Made.
A pleasing feature of the session
this morning was the decision te do-1
nate J.'nO to Joseph Marohnie, the! re-1
tiring financial secretary of tho se-1
elcty. for past services rendered, and
as an appreciation of his worth. This
decision was unanimous. Mr. Maroh-:
nie declined to take a personal check
for that amount nnd the delegates de
cided to buy him n diamond pin val-
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senile time with relatives 'lit Ironwood
Richard Llddiceuit, Sr..' of the Kear-
sarge", Js visiting with "iron country
friends. 1 '
Rev. li. Stelweck and wife have ur
ivcel home from Detroit, and will oc
upy the pulpit of his church tomeir
ow at the- Calumet M. 11.
William Rtyant has returned to his
home at Kearsarge after visiting with
friends In Wisconsin points.
Miss Hannah Rack man has geme te
Ann Arbor enter1 the I, of M. train
ing school for rinse's.
Miss K. Johann Is home from a tour
of Huropc nn c ities, where she- has been
studying Parisian styles and othe-r
features of the halrdresslng art.
The funeral of the late Henry Sobey
toek place this afternoon from the
Calumet M. K. church. Re v. K. Sed
vreck officiating.
Mrs. O. W. Hebbnrd nnd Miss Root
of Marquette, are visiting In Calumet
with friends.
nt thfit iimnnnt rtt tin.. Cli. tifll
her home at Kearsarge after spending ,.. ... ..,',. , ,
nie has held the office of financial stv- ,,atk tomorrow
retary fer the past eleven years and trii abroad.
Joshua Veale of Calumet. Is expec ted
from a three months'
Hake Linden high school Is to have
an Independent football -team. This
decision was recently made by the
beiys. At the time of the forming of
the high school scheilule of the conn
ty, the hoys did net take nn interest
In the game and thought that there
would neit be enough time fer prnc
tlce but with tile opening of the sea
son a team was organized. The'y will
not be ready for games for some
weeKs. out .win play several games
with othe r high schools of the county
be fore the season cennes te an end.
A numhe-r of local peeiple expect to
leave early next wee k for Valler, Mont.,
a ne-w railroad town, In order to par
ticipate in the s. government lan.l
opening of 70,(i(io acres of Irrigated
land. This land Is situated C miles
north of 3re.it Halls. Mont., and is to
he- thrown open to entry and settlo
ment. A feature, is that title" can bo
iieviulrcil by emly 30 dnys residence.
RubscrJba for Th News.
If quailty is a consider
tion you cannot afford
to overlook our line of
Trunks and Suit Cases
Examine our Wardrobe
Trunks it teats them all
his work while In office lias been high
ly appreciated, tie did not wish re
election to the office, as his business
Interests in Allegheny Interfered with
his work as secretary of the society.
Resolutions Adopted.
A resoluthm was passed this morn
ing thanking the citizens of Calumet.
the village councils of Laurium and
Red Jacket, and the press for the
splendid way In which the elele-gates
had been entertained during the ir two
weeks' stay. This resedution has been
placed on record. Several of th dele
gates stated that Calumet has been
an ieleal spot fetr a convention and
leave here with many feelings of re
Kret. The decision to erect nn education
al college for the Croatians of this
country ns detailed in last night's
News found a ready response this
morning, when over $3,000 was sub
scribed by the delegates personally.
Mr. Marohnie stated to. the News late
today that he believes that within a
period of three months $50,000 will be
It is not generally known that the
scheme to build and establish a Croa
tian college was ihe outcome "f h
suggestion of Attorney Anthemy Lu
cas of this city.
Rev. C. J. Johnson of Calumet haves
today ftr .Uuiising where ho takes up
his work us pastor r the M. 12. chinch.
The case of ('has. Leiononen, charg
ed with complicity in the Henry Mat
won muriler, will be continued in Judge
Wm. Fisher's court today.
The new reinforced concrete lloer
on the Wleder garage on Sixth street
will probably be compl. ted today. The
floor Is one of the lirst of its kind in
this section.
The f une nil of tho late Henry Sobey.
who met death in an aedelent at the
Tamarack mine, was conducted this
ultcrnoon with Lake View interment.
Re-v. K. Selin of Calumet de-parted
this week for Marepiette, Wis., where
hi' will till the pulpit of the Swed! jh
M. H. church. A reception has ben
planned for him by his new parhv-i-C'hers
this e -nino;.
The Calumet high school will re
sume its sessions on Monday mornlnt
after having b.-en closed for three da.v'j
this week fer fumigation.
Key. S. (J. Harger of Hastings, Micl r,
is expe cte-tl in Calumet about the latter
part of the month to take charge f
the pulpit of the- Calume t Hnpti-t
church, to which ho has been called '
I TSieCab
Reglna Smith of Milwaukee, has or
ganized dancing classes at the Wash
ington school hall. Juvenile class fit
10:20 a. m., aelults class at R p. m. o i
Saturday's only. Private lessons b'v'
appointment. Rhone 343 J-l North. V'
Fred Paul left for Ann Arbor yes
terday afternoon, and will ente-r the
IT. of M.
Capt. J. M. Wilcox of Mass City,
was a Calumet business visitor yes
terday. Johnsem Jarvls of Dctntit, Is visiting
with frie-nds and relatives in Calumet
for a couple of weeks.
Mr. ami Mrs. Thompson of Palno.
vllle, o are In the city on a visit.
Robert Hall, of Stncpole, has re
turned home afte r ppe ndlng a few days
In Calumet.
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