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SATURDAY, CCTOCfclrt 15, 1300.
, mm , -
Paine, Webber & Co.'s Weekly Copper Letter
Facts of Interest Concerning: Properties of
Merit, Prospects for Future and Metal
The General Market-
During t wwk tl'o copper share
I , t has about maintained Us bal
"!;!.,.' without material losses or gains.
Tlnro live " two Important i-mi-.M.-rutioiiH
1,ilh httVC """I'1-'1 th"
,t,.ti..n of Uioso who ii ro nmst Inter
red i" tl.o cn.' r metal and copper
jjjj-in' situation. One or these and. to
'r ii"ti n. the most Important c.-nsid-
,,,ion Is a nun- general realization
tint ili- prlv f the metal has not
ist. because manipulative tactics
l,.',vc plaved a prominent part In kecp
j,'mr the market price for the product
of the mines are Its present low lev 1.
.. t,.n,. Hie advance In general busl-
n conditions and the rise In other
Hl.mo ni Uls. such as iron, lead and
zinc. The price of the metal cannot
W Kept at such a low figure for a very
I.uir period for the natural demand
fr tlie product Is already making It
. if r. It m domestic consumption busl-
',.. mid the policy of large, metal
ni.triufae turers of operating their l'U
,.,.s i,y hand-to-mouth' methods will
not avail for any lengthy period from
this date out. The other consideration
,s ,.en the generally credited ru
mor that the Morgan financial Interests
of New York have decided to take a
hand la the work of formulating a big
n.pper combination. There seems to
he some basis for this rumor and
mining well posted copper producing
Interests there Is n feeling that this
tiling had to come nmno time sooner or
later and that the Morgan people are
the strongest people In the world to
handle it and tlie house which Is with
out doubt that only house which could
work In harmony with all of the vari
ous interests of Importance now in
the oppr producing business. It Is
i.. ii,.vi-.i flmt renre se-ntative 8 of the
Morgan people could approach the
Calumet & liccla people with some
iin nt. The flnancgo-12343. .6. .6. .6. .6
Impe of bringing them Into the ar
la'ig uient. The financial responsibil
ity uf John 1 Morgan and his allied
interests will assure that the market
ing of such a corporation as is planned
could be arranged without much diffl
ciilty as the Steel corporation financing
lias stood the test of time and added
strength and prestige to the Morgan
people. Jf the Morgan people are tak
ing an interest In the copper situation
v. 1th a view toward the formation of a
eupper corporation along the lines of n
!.!. e corporation It is quite certain that
there he some exciting market In
cidents in the interval between the
origination of these plans nnd the con
summation of them.
Lake Copper Company
Kaeh week brings further develop
ments at the Lake Copper company
which continue to further prove our
original contention that the .Lake will
heroine a valuable addition to the cop
per producers of the Michigan district.
The most remarkable showing of the
richest copper yet. found In the shaft
Im In the third level. At the extremi
ties of the drifts on this level, n dis
David Armit
Maths Sailer. t.H fw
Lif Tire, Aeetflewt
and Plate. OI-i
Riohetta Blk-,
Laurium Pbon 266
3-room house and bath, stone
foundation, situated 310 Osceola
st., at a bargain if taken at
Livery & Boarding
Houghton County Electric Light Companf
tance of 700 feet apart they are In the
richest cupper showing It Is possible
to get outside of solid mass stuff. In
the lower level openings, at a depth of
750 feet, the latest blasts continue to
display g o(l looking copper. The fear
that the values with depth will he lust
ly reason of a horizontal faulting do
not seem to be well grounded. In all
the history of copper formations In
the Mkhigan horizontal faulting is a
rare thing and there la no more reason
to fear that the bottom or the Lake
copper values will be thrown to the
cast or west, as it must be, if faulted
as described, that there is to fear that
the bottom of the Wolverine or the
Quincy is faulted in the next hundred
feet of any certain shaft. The lode at
the Lake may fault but It will come
n ugain, as It has In some of the levels,
or it may make a big curve In udjoin
Ing territory but the fear that tlie
bottom of the mine Is faulted to tho
east or w est Is not based on. practical
mr geological reasoning and Is con
sidered In the copper district of Mich
igan as an unreasonable and unreason
ing explanation.
Calumet & Ariz.na
The report .Yom P.lsbeu that the
Calumet & Arizona people have b'
considering the purchase of the Chat-
tuck property, on a basis of $35 per
yhare for control Is not given credence
by those who know. At the same tim
it Is generally understood that the
Calumet it Arizona people would not
be adverso to securing control of the
Shattuck if the terms can be made rea
sonable. The Shattuck has a very val
liable ore body well developed. Th
company luu complete equipment and
Is In uood financial condition. The
property adjoins the Calumet & Arl
zona and the ore body runs into thr
Calumet & Arizona territory, so that
at Bonio future time there must b
working agreement reached as to tho
limitations of the ore. Tho Shattuck
official assert that they have
opened In the mine which has a net
value of at least $12,000, OnO. This sum
may be considered somowbjt extra va-
You Aire
It is in your power. You can avoid
taking this chance, we will help you.
A comparative test will prove to
you that the
Rochester, New York
Suits and Overcoats
Are better by far for workmanship
and style than most clothing that is
sold In this town. -
Confidence is not gained in a day,
nor m year, and is too valuable an as
set to be lightly treated. By proper
attention to strict and honorable busi
ness methods we have ined the
confidence of our ' customers, and we
do not propose to forget it by any Im
proper practice in conducting our busi
ness. Are you alive to the possibilities of
humbug in the clothing business?
1 2
to be lure of getting the
very I ate A corredt cuitom mu
style in your footwear at ';
I a reasonable price, is to j .7,
come to us for a pair of jf'
Thpy have every style-feature I 'IJt
to be found in the most eipeo- I't
tive New York cuAoru-built ; j h
hoes and in Regal jiM
quarler-ize$ we fil i jl
can give you a Jvf ;j
ma Je-to-meat- r) ' 1
$350 Bff: m
$4o nj: ) iff
$5 Jf $m
Kant but tho ore is exceptionally high
Annie, In fact It is in ubout the same
ili elans ore as the Irish Mas shaft
fleveloped when the Calumet & A mo
na first entered the ranks as a proilu
cer of cornier. We unnersianu mui
while no aureements relative to the
transfer of control have been mailt
formally, tentative considerations hav
hem offered and the price suggested
hv the Shattuck Jieoide is considered
out of reason. There, is very reason
hie expectation that there will be
further attempt to reconcile the dim
ence now existing arm to urniR aooui
an ufllliation later on. The Calumet
& Arizona has made another pmall
navment on the claim in the Court
land district but the large final pay
ment on the most important property
upon which tho greater amount of de
velopment work has been done has not
vet been made und the option has been
extended for some time pending fur
ther opening at greater depth. During
the week the Calumet it Arizona stock
has been very weak In the market and
there seemed to be some evidences of
forced selling. We ate rather Inclined
to the opinion that this stock can be
'purchased with Impunity on any fur
ther decline, believing that it will ap
preciate very rapidly In value once the
metal situation begins to show eviden
ces of greater strength.
Superior & Pittsburg
OfJleials of this property recently re
turned from their regular viit to the
great southwest are more enthusiastic
about the future of the Superior &
Pittsburg than they are about any oth
er property they visited. The latest
developments In the thirteen hundred
foot level of the Hoatson shaft indicate
that the original content of Captain
James Hoatson that the greatest val
ues in high grade ore would be with
the greater depth was based on a pret
ty good knowledge of the situation In
ithe Uisbee district. The fact is that
'the Superior & Pittsburg company has
developed some unusually strong ore
bodies and that the returns from' the
lower openings In these ore bodies In
dicate n higher percentage of copper
than In the lower levels.
Isle Royale
The unusual activity in Isle Koyale
stock this week was Imsed upon .1 TP
port that the Haltic lode had been found
in "A" shaft. This report has come
out several times In the past. In this
case, as In previous Instances the re
port Is erroneous. The shaft has late
ly 'opened some better looking copper
In tho bottom but there is by no means
any certainty that its Identification as
the Haltle lode is assured. For the
month of September the Isle Itoyalo
mndo a very good record because of
smaller rock shipments and high grade
rock. The total tonnage handled In
the mill was less than In many months
Michigan has decided to discontinue
the unequal struggle until the price of
copper goes higher. Thursday the
company laid off l'.o men and there n re
but 25 men remaining at work at the
property and It Is understood that this
number will constitute the working
force at the mine for the remainder of
the winter season. If the price of
copper should go higher there is a pos
sibility that the Michigan will resume
operations on the old scale but the ex
pectation is that no attempt will be
made to resume operations again until
next spring. In the meantime the dia
mond drill exploration and ether ex
ploraTory work will be continued In
the hope of finding copper formation
that carry greater values than thos
upon which the Michigan mine has op
erated for the past few years. The
rumor that the officials of the Mass
company had decided upon a similar
course of action Is denied. At least
nothing is known locally of such a
view of the Interest taken In Lake
slock in the market attention Is wisely
0 1 reeled toward the' Indiana and the
North Lake properties. At the latter
A powder to bo shaken Into the nhm-v If mi
hsvo tin-el, china li-er, try Allen" I'o.t-Kw.o. It
rn tho fcrt snd irmk ne-w eir tlht ulicvn out.
Cure rcMiil', swollen, hoi, wrarlnu (r-U Ki-lirxe-n
corn nj bunions if All ntn and riven rout mid
fomfirt. Tit It tlft. Sold b- ml ,ru, ihH nnd
lOne Klorop. i.V. Ain't nrrrvt nny luhul .liilf. Knr
FKKK trial iHk:-o, 11I-0 Krrv hHineln of the
KOOT-F.AK m-rv 'RN-PAl, nrw httcii
tioti, sdrtress Allen ?. OttasTCd, La lioy , K. V.
an outcrop lias rieen noun on nu
ll! face, near the railway track and u
diamond drill Is being set up in the
formation und will start drilling at
once. This will save going inrougn me
heavy overburden which obstructed
much of tho previous dlumond drill
work at the North Luke. At the Indi
ana the two drills ure doing good work
and making good time. The advan
tageous location of the Indiarm se ins
to Indicate that it ought to locate the
lode In one of the drills within a month
or six weeks.
On commenting on the desirability
of Wolverine as an Investment pur
chase among the list of coppers one
often hears the Ktatement that the life
of the mine Is limited. Tho assertion
Is quite true but it must be remem
bered that tho Wolverine has ground
opened in advance for fully ten years
and this ground all shows the average
Wolverine grade of K'-arsarge lode
ink. It maintains a product of re
fined copper of close to too tons per
month and it can be- counted 011 to
keep up this record for at hast t
years aiieaei anu we are or ine opinion
that ordinary expectations Justify the
prediction that tho life of the mine will
be limited by fully twenty years of
continued dividend activity. This Is
based on the fact that the lowe r open
ings show a continuance of good val
in s and there la no reason to far that
the company can maintain Its prmlue
tion record at the rate of lO.OOD.Ooi)
pounds yearly In the future as it has
in the recent past.
Greene-Cananea- - .
The strong buying In (jrecjue-Canan
ea which -ttns "been fn evidence" for tlr
past three we eks has bee n, lar ge ly, for
Investment account and the purchases
have been entirely for those who are
usually In position to know the actual
condition f-the metal market as well
is the physical condition ef the prop-
ertv and its capacity in the way of
copper production. During the past
three years the unde rground and above
surface equipment eif this property has
been ove-rhaiiled, Improved nnd made)
modern in every resp'e;t, so that today
the company can produce copper at a
rate lower than at any time in Its his
,tory. Extensive outlays have heen
made for equipment to make this pos
sible-, nf course the capitalization of
the (Jreene-Cananea Is so large that
there must be a material advance in
the metal be-fore It retlects in 11 large
way In the market value of the share
but the fact remains that Oreene
Cnnanea Is capable of production at
the rate of 50,000,000 pounds yearly
and the- September record of close
4.000.000 is but an indication f what
may be expected! In the future wh
tthe metal warrants the output In
Tho report that the
has been closed down
a private- dispatch but
Michigan min
Is coiiMrmeel by
it is understood
that tho ijvttt.'igenirtH .! fciilernplates
work in. iUiiitLer part m itlw -propi r ty
eif an exploratory character.
It is ol'lhially stated that negotia
tions which have been iinderAvay for
some- tlnmpt be twe en ho- Grecne
Cananea Cppjpcr 'ornplnjf; 'And the
Phclph, liod'ge people whe reby the hit
ter's lndiana-Sonora copper mine In
Mexico .passes-to. the c-oplrol of the
Gre-ene-Cnae n have been completed,
and that the stock e.f the company will
be exchanged on the basis of 2! shares
of Indiana-Soneira for one share of
Calumet, Mich., Oct. 16. Amalgam
ated was the feature of tho gcn-ral
marke t today, se lling at 83. Coalition
unel Greene-Cananeii in the lioston
market were traded In In largo lots,
the former advancing to 2GU, and the
latter to 10"i. and closing prae tie ully at
the top." This loeks more than ever
like the beginning of tlie long eh layed
and much talke-el of boeun In the Cole
Ityan stocks.
The Cobalt stoeks were strong with
Kerr Lake in good elemand em the an
nouncement, of the Increase of the
quarterly dividend rate ut yesterday's
meeting. ). ; ' .
The local curbs were lifele-ss though
holding jinn. lo,0i0 shnres of Kly Cen
tral was truded In on tin? New York
Charing house banks average cash
leserve i.".8r ; reserve Imre-ase r,"43,
375; reserve less '. S. Increase $r,737.
CS; loans decrease $2,.'S!I,.0(); spe
cie decrease $4.llf.,-00; legals increase
$2,013,000; deposits decrease $32,377.
500; circulation Increase $1538,900; ac
tual cash reserve-"$-R.20; reserve less
IT. S. Increase $8,2'.ej.82." ; loans de cre ase
$24,137X00; specie Increase $1,217,300;
le-gals tncreuse $1,233,400; de posits de
crease $23,2S3.500; circulation Increase
$825,800; spe.eie decrease $l.7f.4,!00; le
gals Increase $48,(o0; total deposits de-cre-nse
$41,'JlD.700; eliminating etc., de
crease $28,510,200; nggre;;:;te reserve
on di posit decrease $2.138. 800; per l'C!lt
of legal reserve 17.30 for five days. U
serve Increase, $8,291,753; other anks
lean decrease', $25,208,500.'
lioston. Oct. 15. The News llureau
rays:Tho Isl,. Itoyal situation seema
not to lie clearly understooel. The ro-
i lm,.-..i.m..n In thn mnnlhk rnll.
per production Is construed as an cvl -
elY-nee of h- betterment in uude t gretund
conditions which has not taken place-.
It should' he. - sale! that In tnkolng
over from the Illgelow intere-sts.
27,oOshares ff the 13.000 shares of
outstanding Isle Itoyal stock. Calumet
nl Ilecla did so re luctantly. The ac
ceptance of this stock was. In some
measure at least, made obligatory if
It was to secure the other Wgelo.v
stocks It really wanted.
In thellrst place. Calumet has no
faith In the roppe-r possibilities of tin
Isle Itoyal lode, upon which the Plg
t low management has mnel lavish ex
penditures both In underground op
Inps and In surface equipments t th
Nos. 4. R, and shafts.
These heavy expenditures irc yet
t show nny substantial return, ami
hare dfpretrd-the treasury cnth n-
til now the company Is In titt to me
xterit e.f some-thing like $1011,000. The
aluinet and He-cla Company, while
.ruinating the management, but own
ing only 1H per cent, of the total cup-
al Is under no mortal responsibility
keep advancing money to meet
Isle Uoyal payrolls anil de-fray cost ef
unprofitable exploratory work, and has
then fi.rc concluded to reduce! expend
itures to the minimum and try if pos
sible to ge t some ne t mone y out of tho
Paine, Webber Ac Co. say toel.iy:
lioston Something Is certainly go
ing In under the surlace in regard o
uppers. A ve ry strong po l Is ne--uiiiul
it ii'g Amalgamated and tho
est posted people are- buying. Tho
toek was the strongest eif the whole
list today and elose-d at the top. '1 ho
oeal market did not get In step ex-
ept in a few specialties. Tlie sane'
buying whleh has been noticeable the
past few days continued in P.utte
Coalition. One house taking over 5,0n
hares up to -'I'i, another house has
be-on accumulating Greene around 10',2
ill day.
The fl ro traders bought North
P.utte and succeeded In gettm.;
through .o but toward the- close- a little
realizing forced price down again. The
advance in Amalgamated has attract
ed attention to Copper Itange. Th-s
stock rallied on small transaction'
with a close of SO'i bid and no sto k
offered under SI. We advise buying
Range at this time as any be tter news
on the metal win
cause a sharp u.i-
v a nee. Foster.
Gay & Sturgls says:
Itoston, Oct. IP.. The general list
sold oiT with the exception or coppers
and the market presented usual Sat
urday afternoon appearance. The be
lief Is growing that progress is re-ally
being made towards an agreement
which will adjust the copper difficulty.
Good buying of Coalition and Gre-.-ne-Cnnanea
was se-en today nnd Amalga
mated was very strong. Whether or
n,.t tii. .tn-nirth In the latter stock
is caused by those well advised on the
situation e.r Is simply the result of a
lot of speculators rushing in on cour
rent rumors remains to be se-cn. In
any event a sharp break in copper pri
ces must occur before arrange ment la
completoel and this may result In tem
lrsrily lower prices for stocks. Cer
tainly epiite extreme fluctuations must
oeeure and caution should be exer
cised. I. J. Sturgia.
(Fafne. Webber & Co.)
Amalgamated S3 4 S3
Adventure S'i . 15
Allouez r,,J,.i c0
Arcadian 4 U
Atlanta ll'i 12
Arizona Commercial 4l?i 45Vi
P.oston Corbin 20 Vi 30 V.
Itoston Cons 14 14-
Calumet & Arizona SUM. loo
Calume t & lle-cla 650
Centennial 39 40
Coaldition 26 26i
Ceippe r Itange 801. 81
Daly West 7i 8 'a
Kast Itutte Utt ll1-
Franklin 16 1"
Giroux s S7
Granby 95 ...
Greene Cananea 10 10
Hancock H HVa
Helvetia 6?i 7
Ule Koyalc 24',i 25
Keweenaw 2 ...
Lake 36 37
La Salle H?i
Mass 6
Mkhigan U la
Mohawk 60 61
Nevada Cons 2l',i 24
Nipissing H llf'
North P.utte 5'J,'i 00
North Lake ... 8
(tjibway s
old Dominion 514 52 V't
Osceola 160
Parrot 30 vi 31
(juiney SS ...
Shannon 15 16
Superior it lioston 14' 13
Superior & Pittsburg .... 13 15 Is
Superior Coppe r &S1, 51
Tamarack cc 68
Trinity 11
Ctah Copper 47r4 4s',i
t. S. Mining 56 56 V
Ptah Cons 4 3 Vi 43Vi
United Copper 9 !
Victoria 3 4
Winona 7 "Vi
Wyandot 214 21a j
Wolverine H7 130
Gay fc Sturgl furnish the? following
New Yeirk Quotation-;
Amalgamated 81
Anaconda s
Locomotive 60
Smelters ''6
American Sugar 13-
Atehlson 121 7h
P.altlmorc & Ohio 117
78 V
' Brooklyn Rapid Transit
Cohrado 1'ue I 45
Krle 3'i
American Car Kndry 71
Louisville & Nashvill-' ...153'i
M. K. & T 47
Missouri Pacific !'
N w York Central 1 33 TH
North. Pacillc 152
P.-nme 14T
Reading 1677
C. & 0 6!'4
Hock Island 4'j
So. Uiilway
I. S. Steel
St. Paul ...
So. pacific .,
.. 30 1
.. 91N.
J. A.
Minnear & Co. ay today:
report that there were pome'
Established i&SO
Paine, Webber & (g?o.
Boston, Mass.
Members New York Stock Exchange
' lioston Stock Exchange
" Chicago Hoard of Trade
extend orders For Cash or Margin in all Stock
lionds. Grain, Provisions and Uotton.
Calumet Office "Paine Webber Building
M. J. O'BRIEN, Res. Mgr.
Telephones 60, 89 and 139.
The Markets
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1909. ..
J. A. MINNHAR & CO., Brokers
State Bank Bldg.
Phones 64 and 75
Gay & Sturgis
50 Congress St., Boston, Mass.
Members of The Boston Stock Exchange
Bonds and Stocks, Listed and Unlisted
Our faclltles for handling your stock business Is unsurpassed
Direct private wire to Jioston, Duluth and Houghton.
Also direct connection with Hornblower & Weeks,
Members of the New Y ork Stock Exchange, with offices at
Chicago and Detroit.
heavy sale s ef coppe r maile this week
coupled with varying reports en the
metal situation caused some good buy
ing of copper stetcks with consequent
gains. The Lake stoeks we-re some
what neglected. Amalgamated, itutte
Coalition, and North Hutte r-howed tin
greatest gains. We are In re e ipt of a
private wire from Olobe stating that
the Arizoiia-l'eminercial smelter was
blown in yesterday. This will add in-te-rest
te all ef the (.Hobo Issues next
week. Chief was a good trader teiday.
President Pitch wired us that a car
leiad e.f e.re had bee n shlpp d last we ek
which will re turn about $3.4a0. (Jreene
selling up to 10. The copper share
market has e very indication of further
activeity next week. The New York
list showed fair strength at the open
ing. It looked fer a time as though
the advance in the Itoston market was
brought about for the purpose of seal
ing Ne w York stocks. In the latter
market there was eiuite some distribu
tion of stocks before the close and
slight losses resulted. The bank state
ment was better than expected.
(J. A. Minnear &. Co.)
I J Asked
.S3 .'JO
!00 223
.70 .so
214 2
1 l'i.
16 17
.OS .7-'
7i. 7'.
.15 .25
l'i 1
6 6 b
4 5
t; 7
5 6'1
6 7
8 9
t 9
3 4
.50 .73
11 ll'i
2 3
365 37
3 4
.... 1
7",2 7
15i 13',a
1 1
.50 .55
7 1
1 1 '4 1 1 la
A. & M
P.Ik. Mt
15. & S
15. S. C.as
P.. P.alk
Col. Con
Cumb. l.'ly ....
Cal. Corbin ...
Cal. Mont
Coi'bin Cop. . . .
Inspiration ....
Coldfleld Con.
(I lobe Con
Globo Cem
Hancock .....
Ida. Morii
Keweenaw ....
131 It si-
I S. & A
L. S. t S. ...
Live Oak
Mont. Tonopah
Nev. t'tah ....
It Is in time of iirddrn mishap or
accident that Chamberlain's Liniment
can be relied upon to take the place
of the family doctor, who can net al
ways b? found at the moment. Tin n
it Is that Chamberlain's Liniment Is
never found wanting. in cases of
sprains, cuts, wounds and bruises
Chamberlain's Liniment taken out the
soreness and drives away the pain.
Sold by F.agle Drug Store. Calumet.
and Laurlum Phrmcy, Laurium.
at a Glance
State Savings Bank Bldg.
Phones 4S0, 605 and 820
Oneco IVi 1
Kay Central 2Vi 21-
Mont. Clinton 13 .26
North Iike 7"i 8
ojibway 8 tV
It. Coal 23 .27
Uay Con 1!
S.in Antonio 7Vi 8
Shattuck 22 22'.i
& (J SO .'.'0
S. & IS 14- ll"i
S. & P 15 15'i
S!lvT (.viecti 33 .4(
Smth. Col 07 .10
Tuolumne 4 4't
Tonopah t',s C'M
W. A 90 .:.
Yukon R S1!
San nosaliu, I1. 1"
Yuma 1
Sierra 5V 5
Dr. Kerr Tuppe-r gave a short ad
dress to the students of the Calumet
high siheiol yesterday aftermeon. ills
talk was along educational lines. The
students ..f the high school have con
sented to devote a small amount of
money tewaids buying ne-w seleetioiis
lor the orcln-stra.
All of the exterior work to th- Po
lish church parsonage has bee 11 com
pleted, and carpenters are now at rk
on the Interior. This building has been
built of concrete blocks, und is very
substantial. It has been wired for
elee tricily. and is to be steam heate d.
It eoiitalns eight roeuns.
A daughter arrlveel at the home of J.
V.. Howe-, age nt of the Copper llango
railroad in Laurium, and wife, this
Capt. L. A. Anderson of the Scandi
navian Salvation Army of Calumet,
will give an address on "India" at the
Mnbnwk, Sons of St. Oe-orgc hall, thl
Prlah IVnbe-rthy and Fred Carreau
ef the- Ite-ding store of 1'lrth street have
returned from a week's hunting trip In
Keweenaw county.
Hart and Magann, the evang-'lhH.
who are- to conduct services at th"
Calumet M. L church, nro expected In
this city one week from today.
James Nekervis and lave and An
drew Sw lnton of Calumet are- expoe led
home today freun a wee k's hunting trip ,
in Keweenaw county.
The South Sle-re railroad has a force
of men engaged In repairing bridge-s
on this division. The men are- atwmk
en the bridge adjoining the Calumet
dam this week.
The wedding f Miss Alvina pedlant
to Steve Mowhoskl, ti member of the
Tamarack band will bi solemnised 'it
the St. Anne's church en Tuesday
morning next.
I'M ward J. Johnson, of the C. II.
mine office, h ft yesterday for Mllwair- .
ke e and Madison. Wis., and It Is likely ,
that before his return he will visit tlx
southwest. lilfhard Trestrall of Calumet, left
last evening; for Itutte, Mont., where
he expects to rpeiiel some time among
f '

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