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j Ilougliton Department
Last Few Day of Season Will Be
Wisconsin Aggregation Victor in Yes
terday's Contest by Score 34 to 0
Houghton's Recent Lack of Practice
Plainly Noticeable First Half of
Contest Ended 12 to 0.
' The Marinette high school football
team, holders of the AYisconsin ttuui-!-
plonship. Saturday defeated the
V Houghton, aggregation in the jime
' )luyed at Marinette by tlu score of
34 to 0. There was h record attend
q mice at the mutch. Houghton's recent
' suspension of practice wiih plainly a
i telling f.utor, though Marinette had
the heavier and faster team. Tho game
was speedy und dean mid a far letter
exhibition than the score would Indi
cate. Marin tto used the new style
football more than the old pi um;e play.
. The score ut the conclusion of the llrst
half vn 12 to 0. The game was free
from serious accidents.
Marinette held the Houghton team
lightly, Judging from the following in
the Marinette department of the Mt
nomiiiee Herald -Lender:
"The Houghton high school team
will mevt the 'Marinette eleven
Thanksgiving i.ttcrnoon at Riverside
In a battle for the championship of
northern Wisconsin and the upper
peninsula of Michigan. The Houghton
. teum, after a vigorous correspondence
with Menominee, refused to play the
disputed game over again by which
they gained the t hampionship. Mari
nette has. therefore, challenged them
for the turkey day game, which will
relieve them of their title as effectually
as Menominee could have done It.
"The Marinette boys endeavored first
to Ket a game with one of the contest
ant Tor the state title, but they all
allied off for some reason or other, and
In spite of the royal entertainment
which Marinette has been showing
them, none seem to want their meat.
'The contest between the two
schools will attract a great deal of lo
cal Interest owing to the high feeling
which has been running over the out
come of the game with the copper
country boys."
The third annual banquet by th
Taken Advantage of by Many Hunt- Range Farmer Accused cf Shooting at I Minnesota Alumni association of the
ers Nimrods More Careful at What
They Shoot at This Year and in
Consequence Accidents Have Been
After Removing 2,500 Tons of Or From
the Boat it is Gotten Into Deeo
The spoil of th hunter must com
School Teacher Will Have Examine-1 Michigan College of Mines, was held
tion in South Range Court Tomorrow I at the Commercial club Wednesday
MorningObjects to People Driving night. says the Duluth .News-Tribune
Through Farm. The membership in Duluth und on thf
range was well represented
John Lukkinen will be given a hear- pr. (jeorge A. Koenlg. professor of
in rapidly from now until the end t fling tomorrow morning In Justice Jar- I chemistry, and James 'Usher, Jr., pro-
Water and i Now on th Way Down the 8'H,on' Including th throe days vis court at South Hang. Lukkinen r4.Bsor of mathematics, of the college
the Lakea Steamer Hoyt is Still
The last of the Anchor liners will
probably be In port west bound next
to arrive
ia uiso expelled today bound west
The Cod .rus will arrive Monday and
the Wissabickon also will be one of
the last Anchor Line boats for the
The Western Transit line has call-d
off its boats for the season so the
number of vessels to conn; lure now
is limited. The season Is far enough'
advanced that own. rs do not care to
take the risk of sending their carriers
out, beiug content with the receipts
of the earlier months.
grace, ir me viaugnter H to be any- is a fanner living buck of llultic and u IlouBhton. were lruesta of honor at
tnmg near tne- murks of a year ago. he la charged with attempting to kill, the banquet.
uuniers are swarming to tne woods in ansa Rogers, u Houghton young: lady, I Tho' largest number present were
The steamer Hransfoid of the Haw- various direction, determined to ae- engaged ua teacher at the Heltry school from the ranges. A number of toubts
good line, has been released from her ture ,iair U)elr 'cn,,, fhare of deer about three and one-half mile from were responded to by Professors Koe-
lf Hit more, 'i ne county clerk s office toum Range, was being driven to nK allj nher and others
entrance to Sisklwit bay. Isle Royale. "now a reai number or permits is- bcuooi iwo weens ago Dy caesar i.ucn- Victor Rakowsky acted us toastmus-
and has left on her trip down the lake 8UeU tul '''lir' but lne ""'"her of deer essi, a liveryman from South Range, ter,
killed is railing far below tne average vvnen Lukkinen is alleged to nuve de-I Those present besides the guests of
While the big boat w as removed Pr Pi lous reasons. uiberately llred at the couple. honor, were as follows
from the reef late Sunday and her 1 "e copper country nas been tlie in order to go to tlie school by a h. t,. Uartlett, A. S. Renson. M. D
departure was niado Monday after- mot'i; for ,'u,,Jr'd,, o hunters this shorter route the liveryman decided to Rotsford D. D. Cuvun M. W. Coleman
noon the fact was not known until fa" anJ lt ' ,,,tle wonder that more drive through Lukklneii's farm. Only j Collins, V. XV. Cram, XV. XV. J
yesterday, when one of the tugs uecmenis nave not nuppeiied. Ho far n snori distance una been traversed Croze F. A. Glass (I. It. Leavis W. A
which had been working on the ly one fatal accident in this coun- when shots were heard. Looking In MeCurdy. D C Peacock W J Perk-
wreck returned to Port Arthur. ' ,v ,ia9 bo'n chronicled and when the the direction from which the shots ins, c. K. Qulnn, Victor Itakowsky. I
Tlie lightering of the Urunsford was uumocror uuniers in me woous is con- em nuppoaeci io nave ueen nrcd UUK. j. shields. ' J. Snroat II P Stcln-
doii by the tug Whalen und a barge I sldercd. It Is nothing short of mlracu- klnen is Bald to have been seen with a dach, J. A. Stewart, P. P. Thomas, J.
of the Canadian Tow ing und Wreck- ''us that fatalities nave riot been more rule in ins nand. Complaint was made W. Van Kvera, T. S. Williams, J. H.
lug company of port Arthur, after she numerous, ureatcr precaution is be- io Aiarsnui jiusso or outn itango una Hoveland und John Drake.
had been abandoned by th crew. The I"1 exercised this year. It Is said, anl a rew hours later the accused was tak
K-hip w as in a most precarious con- I this may account for fewer casualties. I en into custody In a saloon In South j SONS OF ST. GEORGE ELECT.
d it Ion and would undoubtedly have Many a hunter has missed a chance Kange.
1 roken up had another storm develop- to shoot at a deer, thinking it might Lukkinen is said to have stated that Trimountain Lodge Holds Meeting and
ed before she was released. e a tinman Deing. i ne slightest ru.i-joe uui noi want peopie unving tnrougn j . Selectt Officers.
U lie big w recking tug Favorite of tie in the woods was a pretext for tak- nis farm, and later reports have It that I At a recent meeting of the DuUe
the ureal Lakes Towing and Wrecking wg a snot Dy many a rew years ng.i, " cnuma to nave been Biiooting chick- of Wellington lodiro Sons of St
company, w hich arrived at the scene but the experiences of theso same ens. He has been out on bail ever I Oorge of Trimountain officers for
of the w reck after the lightering had hunters lias been a lesson to others. amco n? .was nrresteu. the coming term were chosen. The
been completed, towed the Hransford Hunters returning from thu woods i e circuit court resumed sessions j sj follows:
to uie ssoo, arriving mere yesterday ciaim tnni a great many deer nuve wus oioruing ancr a unort recess. Tne Worthy president Charles II. Rob
noon. i ne sieanier was snort or iuei oeen wouiuieu tnis year and no one i o'jnuu jvovkckv vs. jonn ssiein- i (.fts.
rendering uie towing mat far neces- got mem.- it was impossible to tracK ouck, u buu io recover uaniages, was Worthy vice president (lorge J 1
sary. r rom mere on sue proceeded a ieer during tne nrst ten days or iuen up. . i ne court win uiso prooaoiy Trethewey.
unoer ner ow n steam. The uransiord season, making n impossible to ten up mo ueorgo v.. iiamiuon mat-1 Worthy treasurer William II Rob
nii mie iaiiK iuu or water, out one i now lar tne animal would travel De-1 umiiuuii, ucimg on toe e-1 rr(R
pump lorwaru is amo to Keep n-r lore dropping, ji may nave gone only iueai ina me court oroer a copy or tne Worthy messenger Albert Nichol
i-ii. a OiUari"r or a mue and men dropped, lrDl,,,,""y ' ue niiiiimun in to oe
The stea'mer James II. Hoyt is still j or It may have gono several miles, sent to Attorneys Clay andNewhamof
aground ut Outer Island. The Held I The snow has helped the hunters and Orand Rapids to assist them in prepar
Wrecking company's tug Ottawa. I the amount which fell was not great I Inff an appeal for a new trial
w hich is to attempt the release of the enough to prove an obstacle
Hoyt, passed the Son last night en So far only one woman in this conn- FORECAST OF MEETING
route to the wreck. She will probably hy has the distinction of havlnsr shot
These Clothes Look Hew
as Long as they Last
A suit that will look smart and hold
shape until it's worn out is worth 1()Q
per cent more than one that looks shabby
and out of shape as soon as the newness
wears off. Isn't that so ?
' Clothciraft
All-Woo! Clothes
will wear out in lime. Hut until
their last Jay, they will hdd their
map and their style.
They are si i I fully and honestly
made out of nothing hut pure wool
cloth. 'Hut's why they last long
and look well as long as they last.
Dach suit carries a SigrieJ Guaran
tee that insures you against disap
pointment. '
And they cost no more than
common clothes $10 to $25 '',
are the ONLY guaranteed Jt
wool clothes at these prices i
A titer tea.
If every man in this town know
how good these wonderful il(i!t,s
are, we would have to doul.le the
size of our store. Ycu can find out
how good they are today.
nrrlve there tonight. It may take sonio a deer, Mrs. C. T. Ferris of Houghton South Rang Council Will DiscuM lm-
time to release the ship, as she Is killing one nar Huron Hay. The Hu-J portant Matters.
in a badly exposed position, especially 1 ron Bay territory Is visited each w.ir The village council of South Range!
In case of a heavy northwest wind.
Yesterday's Holiday Generally Enjoy
ed by Residents of Houghton.
by copper country hunters, women not W'H discuss two very Important que
Infrequently beln members of the tions at its meeting next Thursdiy
parties. , 4l evening. The first of these is the ad
vlsablllty of engaging a night watch
BELLS ON SLEIGHS. an io pairoi ine sireeis from 9 o'clock flcen,
in me evening until 6 o'clock the fol
ComDlvina With Law. r)P u,e uiyinftT of a pliw? In a certain
Worthy secretary John T. Miners.
W. A. S. Ilenjamln Symons.
W. A. M. Sidney Kent.
Worthy chaplain XV. Symons.
XV. I. S. Irvln Kneebone.
XV. O. S Samuel Tubb.
worthy past president James II
Trustee James H. Phillips.
William II. Roberts and John
Miners, who were both re-elected to
office, are entering upon their sixth
term. Roth have made efficient of
Conditions were normal again today Said That Som0 Loca Tmttr, Are lowing morning. Another Issue w
following yesterday's holiday, banks. Not ComDyin With Law be the laying of a pipe In a certrt
brokerage offices, schools and busl- . r,.miirUi .,!.. ,hfl ditch which has been used uh a sewer.
The Heleware is scheduled n,' places in general resuming their tne ,aw rocarulnf navng bells on Thort' l ome question now whetli
re here today. The Mahoning activity after a brief rest. Kveryone h ,,Pllu.,no, utm t,in.r r the village will hire a night watch-
....... i a..... . . i i ... .i ii.. l.iii . I --" ..-v v...r, i km ,n i ainewoiue ami j
..u t ...jy io nouuay. A.any (,,Bervt.d b a ,n th,9 A t t man s n councilman ra , least does ju,)bartl of Houghton bee
M,o were unable to get away to bun ,aw dyn 1885 reaJlj: not favor ..the plan. This condition owner8 of a t 11 of
deer took advantage of yesterday and any of wmM have the tnarHnn, comft t) work aililUnn
driven faster than walk nl noon ,timJ '"'""in till midnight, already owned lots 1
?. highway or -private A hscriptlon list circulated among , b,1ok, ami has hllut"k
f'ireuit Court resumed this morning
after a holiday yestenbiy. The court
is occupied with the suit of Sophia
Koskela v. John Steinbaek. The wo
man is suing to recover damages
caused by a lire. Mr. Steinb.-u-k owns
a farm mar Oscar an l a fire started
on his property, which spread to hers,
doing considerable damage. The court
will also take up the Haiui!t..n matter
left late Wednesday evening for the
woods. They returned again last
The public and parochial schools In
Houghton resumed sessions this
morning.' This is' quite 'o'utV.f'the or
dinary as the Friday following Thanks.
giving in the past has always been
or cause to bo
on any public
road used by the public in this state M","ln ss prdo for donations towards
or any street of an Incorporated cltv meeting the salary of a night watch
.or village therein, any sleigh or cuLter "'n- was freely signed,.
or othep vehicle used as a pubstltu'e
for either drawn by horses or mule VILL SEEK APPROPRIATION.
"I.,- V... 1, .1 I L
a holiday. The change grows out of '" " , V" ,
a ruling by state Superintendent uf W,n )f, B,, lff,,ln wiout having bells
Harrington and Grunlond With Good
Preliminaries Make Up Card.
One t,f the best wrestling cards
ever pulled off In Houghton county will
be beld tomorrow evening at Smith
Range when Tim Harrington of Rntte
and I. Oninlond of South Range will
wrestle at catch weights. The wrest
ling will he mixed styles.
Rang., fans lelieve tn.lt two of 1Ilf.
falls will he atf h-as-cateh-can, figur
ing that the rane man will down his
ipponent In his favorite stylo much
quicker than I he Otrnish style nrtlt
an do the J,,b. The wrestling will
be preceded by good preliminaries,
among those matched being Karl Len
to and V. Wlrtanen. Lei, to Is picked
for the winner In this mutch but his
opponent. It Is believed, will make
him work hard for victory.
The contests wlll .be pulled off in
the South Range roller rink nnd
Captain John Mitchell of Trimountain
will referee the Cornish style and Leh
to the other style.
If this match is a success the
wrestling committee will nrrange other
good cards for the range towns. i
on at least one of the animals so used
or without having bells attached to
such sleigh, cutter or other vehicle bo
drawn In such a manner as to warn
foot travelers of Its approach, ho or
they shall on conviction thereof be fin
ed in the sum not exceeding $2.1 or In
default of payment of said fine shall
be imprisoned In the county Jail for n
period not exceeding ten days in th'
Thomas E. Tniehlood, professor of "'screiion or me court t.erore whom
ine conviction is nail: I'roviihd tliat
the provisions of this n't shall apply
to the upper peninsula alone."
Public Instruction L. L. Wright. At
a recent meeting of school officers In
Houghton that gentleman said school
boards had no richt to create holidays,
and that school work could be sus
pended only on days commonly and
generally observed as legal holidays.
oratory at the University of Michi
gan, will give a recital at the Kerredge
theatre this evening on "Ingomar."
The recital consists of dramatic read
ings from that play. Professor True
blood appears under the auspices of
the Star Lyceum course.
Officers Chosen and Money Appro
priated for Trophy.
Declared Not Guilty of Father's Mur
der Because of Insanity.
Duluth. Minn.. Nov. 26. A Jury In
district court Wednesday afternoon
pronounced RJorn Ostby, the lS-year-old
slayer of his father, John (1. Ost-
The Houghton nun cluh held its "' nut KU'y (,f murder because of
annual meeting this week nt the- Dou- ,ns'inlty.
glass House and elected officers for Tnfi iury found that he Is possess d
the coming year. In addition to this r a homicidal mania, which means
it was decided to appropriate $40 to tnat ho must be confined In a sta'e
purchase silver cup which will bo hospital for the criminally Insane un II
offered as a trophy for the season. tne urt shall consent to his release.
Shoots w ill be held every Sunday ' PJ'n smiled broadly w hen ho w s
morning for the next four months. sked how he felt about tho verdict,
commencing with December 1, nnd replied, "Oh, I knew I would get
continuing to April 1. a minimum of 1 haven't worried about the r--
T.r,0 birds to be shot nt In the trophy ,,,,,t a nil-"
contest. The membership of the club The Jury retired to consider the
has reached J50 and every one Is en- case Tuesday afternoon nt 4:20. It
thiislastlc over the prospects of the reported Its verdict to .Judge W. A.
com Ins season. The officers chosen Cant, before whom the netlon was
Jnmc'j Crgan of . Ontonagon - has
gone to Washington, I). C. to appear
beforo the riven and; harbors com
iiilttee. with a view to securing an ap
proprlatlon of sufficient Rizo to mak-:
certain Improvements ln,th ontona
gon harbor. At a recent mas meet
Ini? In Ontonagon It was de.-lded to
:end someone to the capital and Mr
d.rgan was selected. He has been In
the government service at Ontonagon
for a great many years, having chargo
of the lighthouse at that place.
nhcrtrt roe Th
Free If it Fails
Your Money Back If You
Are Not Satisf Jed With
the Medicine We
President John C. Pryor.
Vice-president John J. Zealand.
Field Captain F. I. Cairns.
Secretary-treasurer John M. Viv
ian. Fxecutlve Committee Lei eh Swift.
John H. Rice and R. M. IMvvards.
tried, at 3:10 o'clock yesterday aftei
Your Out-cf-Order Stomach Feels Fine
Five Minutes After Taking a Little
Diapepsin Hundreds of News Read
ers ar Needlessly Suffering as
Cure is Waiting.
livery year regularly more than
million stomach sufferers In the Unit
ed Slates. England and Canada take
Rape's Diapepsin and realize not only
Immediate but lasting relief.
This harmbss preparation will di
gest anything you eat and overcome
a sour, gassy or out-of-order stomach
five minutes afterwards.
If your meals don't fit comfortably,
or what you eat lays like a lump of
lend In your stomach, or If you have
heartburn, that is a sign of Indigestion.
t t from your Pharmacist a C0-cent
case of Rape's Diapepsin and tuke a
Elks and Hibernians of Hancock
League Clash in Big Game.
Houghton takes nn especial interest
in the big Indoor haehnll game to V
played in Hancock this evening be
tween tho Rlks nnd Hibernians, both
leaders In Hancock Fraternal leagu.
will meet. Neither one of theso teami
has met defeat this season, both hnvo
played five games nnd won them all.
uo.se just as soon, as you can. There This evening the tennis will play
win be no sour risings, no belching of their sixth game of the schedule an.1
undigested food mixed with ncid, no barring a tie, the perfect percentage
stomach gas or heartburn, fullness .r must foe broken Into for one of tho
heavy feeling In the stomach, Nausea, tennis.
Debilitating Headache's, Dizziness or The special interest frof the Housth
Intestlnal griping. This will all go, ton side lies in the personnnl of the
and besides, there will b, no sour f o id white and purple team, for several
left over In tho stomach to poison your members of the Elks' team nre Hough
breath with nauseous odors. ton players and the rooters who g
I 'ape's Diapepsin is a certain cure from here will be strong supporters
for out-of-order stomachs, because it of the "Rest Players On Rirth." At
takes hold of your food and digests .'t tentlon is being paid these games by
Just the same as if your stomach Houghton people this winter and the
wasn't there. attendance has been noilcenbly In-
Rdief in five minutes from all atom crensed by the number from this sldi
neh misery s waiting for you at any of the lake.
drug store.
Theso large 60-cent cases contain
more than sufficient to thoroughly cure
almost any case of Dyspepsia, Indiges
tion or any other stomach disorder.
Miss Dusenberry has resigned as
mlllkjier at I. Miller's store and return,
ed yesterday to her home In lower
Michigan ; ....L.UI
We are r.o positive that onr remedy
will permanently relieve constipation,
i. matter how chronic It may be, that
we offer to furnish the medicine at
our expense should It fail to produce
s.lt i.-l' ictory results.
It Is worse Hum useless to attempt
to cure constipation with cathartic
drugs. I-axativcs or cathartics
do much harm. They cause a reaction,
Irritate nnd weaken the bowels and
tend to make constipation more chrori
lc. Resldcr, their Use becomes a III
bit that Is dangrrous.
Constipation 1 caused by a weak
ness of the nerves and muscles of th
large Intestine or descending colon. To
expect permanent relier you must
therefore tone up nnd strengthen tho.e
organs and restore them to healthDr
Tho discovery of tho nctlve prin
ciple of our remedy Involved the labor
or tho world's greatest research chem
ists. As an active ngent it possess.'
the valuable qualities of the best
known Intestinal tonics as well as be
ing particularly pleasant and prompt
In Its results.
We want you to try Rexall Order
lies on our recommendation. They nre
exceedingly pleasant to take, being en-
ten like candy nnd nre Idenl for chil
dren, delicate persons and old folks.
as well as for the robust. They nt
directly on tho nerves and muscles of
the bowels. They apparently have a
neutral action on other associate or
gans or glands. They do not purg.
cause excessive looseness nor create
any Inconvenience whatever. They
mny be taken at any time, day or
night. They will positively relieve
chronic or habitual constipation, If not
of surgical variety nnd the myriads
of associate or dependent chronic nll
ments, If taken with regularity for a
reasonable length of time. They come
in two sizes of packages, 12 tablets,
10 cents; 3 tablets, 25 cents. Sold
In Oahimet only at our store The
Rexall Store. Vastblndcr and Read.
A real estate deal was closed
Houghton this morning whereby If. S
rioodell of Palnesdalo and Dr. I L.
amo the
the park
Houghton. Dr. Huhba
3, and 4 of the
fine residence
thereon. The rest of the property nd
joins. Mr. Ooodcll intends building
In the future. The property was sol
by V. XV. Nichols.
i union i nangsgiving service was
held at 10.30 o'clock yesterday morn
lug at the (irace M. K. church. All of
the Protestant churches In Houghton
and ITincock Joined for the occasion
1 lie sermon was delivered by Rev.
Frank P. Knowies, pastor of the
Houghton Presbyterian church. A
special program of music was offered,
and an offering taken up for the
Raul nnd Julio Madero, students at
the Michigan College of Mines, are
visiting In Minneapolis.
I lie Houghton High School and
Michigan College of Mines basketball
teams will play In the college gymna
sium this evening.
Captain and Mrs. Harry Roberts of
Duluth are visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. W. I). Caverlev.
Will Curley, president of the stu
ueni nouy of tne M. C. M.. went to
Negaunee yesterday to snend the dav.
The village lost a valuable horse
yesterday. The animal was bought
two weeks ago nnd cost the village
t3-'S. It is the second one to die In
mo twin cities recently, the city of
Hancock losing one a few days ago.
Mrs. Abel Olson went to Marquette
yesterday for a short visit.
Marriage licenses were Issued this
morning to Charles Palsosarll of Kenr
rarge and Sophia Wlrraneml of Calu
met; and Joseph Goyetto nnd Mary
Chart rand of Hancock.
Myrtle Vial, the ten-months-old
daughter of Joseph Vial, died Thurs
day afternoon.
Walter S. Pricket t has returned to
Sklnaw after a brief visit In the cop
per country.
A. II. Parsons of Rochester. N. Y
is registered at tho. Douglass House
Captain fleorgo Hooper of Victori
es In Houghton.
W. T. McMahon of Detroit Is a guest
ai ino uouglass House.
Harry Annon of Oreen Rav Is call
Ing on, the candy trade in the Conner
A number of Houghton neonle went
io rainesdalo last evening to nttend
a party given In the library hnll. One
of tho c. II. orchestras furnished
Dress Reveals Tempcrmeiit
.-ill JlS
Chicago, 111., Nov. 23. Miss May
Morris of Imdon. daughter of Win.
Morris, an advocate of dress reform.
would not only change the prevailing
styles for reasons of comfort and
health, but also would have women
dress according to their temperament
nnd moods. For instance, she wears
gowns of sober colors when she Is sad
and quite nnd of brilliant red and
gold when gay.
Miss Morris delivered an Illustrated
lecture on "Pageantry and tne
Masque" at a reception given by Mrs.
James Adams. 220 - Homo avenue,
Oak Park, at the Warrington Opera
house. After the lecture she expressed
her views on dress reform nnd In
formally discussed Chicago, whose big
buildings, she said, composed tho
A Model Feudal Baron
-nn interesting South American
haracter. typo of a civilisation th..t
has largely disappeared, died In Lima,
eru- ,aRt Monday In the person of
en. Miguel Igleslas. He lived on -in
estate of 2.400 square miles, which
had been in his family since 1574, or
wunin io yeara nf the date of the con
quest of Peru by plzarro. There were
20.000 head of cattle on this estate and
n population of about 4.000 persons,
over whom Igleslns ruled as absolute
lord. Ho made and enforced thell
laws, provided for their education and
moral welfare, and n)ver had a ra
belllon. Drunkenness on nny day biit
Easter Sunday was punishable by a
fine of $5. A wlfe-beater was pun
Ished by a $2 line. The fines collected
largely supported the schools. It wn
the life of the feudal barons of tli-
middle ages brought down Into the
twentieth century.
Oen. Igleslas took a prominent part
In the government of the country.
particularly at the time of tho war
with Chile. He was secretary of the
treasury and of war when hostilities
egan. He conducted , the defense .if
.ilma In so determined a manner as
to win high commendation. Aflcr the
surrender he- made his escape and Im
mediately began efforts to secure
peace at any price. It was through
him mainly that a treaty finally was
onclude! with the victorious Chileans.
He was elected provisional president
of the country, but his rule wa dis
puted by Oen. Andres Cnceres, who
headed the party which wished to con
tinue the war. A civil conflict be
tween Igleslns nnd Cnceres resulted,
In which Igleslas was defeat d. He re
tired, for a time to Kurope, but later
returned to his estate, which he rare
ly left thereafter even to nttend the
sessions of the congress, of which ha
background for tho wonderful electri
cal display which makes this t lty the
marvel of tho world.
"I dress according to my emotions,"
said Miss Morris. "If I nm sad I do
not put on bright colors, those I re
serve for my happy days. I have been
told that blue is my color, but I 1'
not wear it whin In niy gayest inond.
Then I want red vivid red and K"l1.
I love the light, the beautiful,
glaring lights of the Chicago nk'liK"
said Miss Morris. -Chicago does nt
appeal to mo in the gray daytime, it
Is at night when tho city is at it's
best, with the wondrous bright limits
everywhere shining out against t!i"
great buildings which loom up Rray
and cold in the gloom."
was a member. He was .S" years V.J
when he died Rull'aio Kxpress.
The Spanish Main, long somnolent,
appears to be waking up. TIm-iv wns
the usual Kinllo the other day when
It was announced that the "navy"
of Honduras, consisting of the Kiui
boat Tatumhia, had been destroyed.
Rut later accounts make the affair
gruesome. R appears that the "navy'
captured a Rrltish steamer, which
was smuggling, and put a prize cn-wr
aboard. Thereupon. the smugglers
got their captors drunk, threw th' nt
overboard and scuttled the gunboat.
The tale comes from two survivors.
This talo directly follows the report
of a Rrltish captain, arriving at
Mexican port, that he had been board
ed by pirates, whom he repulsed.
Rut this story seems to have been
discredited. Rut these narratives secin
to suggest the propriety of a Failed
States real naval vessel off the o;ist
of troubled Central America. Wash
ington Herald.
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