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MONDAY, JUNE 13, 1910.
American in Paris Invents New Airship
f I 1 1 VY vv l rv
C. & H. Team Shows Good Form
Defeating Mesnard Players
by Good Score
Standings of the Teams.
' W. L.
Kearsage 5
Mohawk 4
jultic ..3
Tamarack 3
Palnesdale . . . . r 8
Qulnry . 2
O. & H 2
Mesnard 0
Ahrneclc . ..... A
The C. & II. cricket team had no
difficulty In disposing of the Mesnard
team in the match played Saturday on
the C. & II. crounds. The local team
was in better form than in any pre
vious con tee t this season and won by
I he Bcoro of 85 to 28. The following la
the detailed Bcore:
C. & H.
Pascoe Hocking, c White, b Rodda..ll
F Sleep, b Perry 18
T. Polklnghorne, c White, b Rodda.. 2
W. T. Martin, run out 4
T. Kills, b Rule 11
('has. Thomas, c Jolly, b Rodda.... 3
J. Ivey, c White, b Rodda 16
A. Elliott, c Jolly, b Perry.
P. Orborne, run out
T. Tregcnza, not out
K. Prisk. b Williams
Total 85
J. Rodda, c Polklnghorne, b Polklng
horne P. McCurthy, b Polklnghorne 0
T. Rule, b Polklnghorne 0
R Jolly, c Martin, b Polklnghorne... 7
J. Harris, run out
J. Williams, b rolklnghorne
R. White, c Thomas, b Thomas
W. J. Rowe, not out
O. Perry, b Polklnghorne
J. Polklnghorne, b Polklnghorne....
F. White, c A. Elliott, b Thomas
Extras 1
Demand of Colleges for Men of
Ability Said to be Greater
Than Supply
Total 2
Mohawk 96, Ahmeek 43.
The Mohawk team defeated the Ah
meek team by the score of 96 to 42
The detailed score was as follows:
E. Cilhert. b Tascoe '
W. J. Wallace, b Pascoe
R. Cullis. c Williams, b Rutter 1
T. Tlnpett, b Pascoe 1
J. Chnnman. c Inch, b Dunstan 14
H. RIckard, b Pascoe
A. Christopher, !) Pascoe 0
T. White, run out
J. Johns, b Dunstan
W. Rerryman, not out
-r(i 42
R Davis c and b Tlppett
T. Dunstan, c and b Tippett 3
C. RIckard. c J. Jones, b Wallace... 31
O. Raragawanth, b Tlppett 7
A. Williams, c Evans, b Tlppett.... 1
J. Pascoe, b Christopher 8
W. Simons, b Tlppett 2
R. Williams, c Evans, b Christopher 1
C. Richards, not opt 21
J. Rutter. b W,allaco 6
J. Inch, run out s
Extra 9
. .2
Bowlers' Averages
J. Pascoe
T. Dunstan
Ahmeek .
T Tlnnett
A. Christopher .....2 37
W. Wallace 2 10
II. Richards 0 11
Baltfo Defeats Tamarack.
' The Raltle team had no difficulty de
feating the Tamarack team In the
match played Saturday, the flnal result
being 63 to 23. Rccause of tho fino
showing made by the Tamarack play
ers against the Mohawk team one
week ago. It was thought that Tama
rack would defeat Raltle Saturday
but the reverse was the case.
Kearsage Bests Qulncy.
The Kearsage team defented the
Qtilnoy team on the Qulncy pitch by
the score of 83 to 17.
The scarcity of first class athletic
trainers in this "country was never
more apparent than right now. For
nearly ten years Princeton has been
experimenting with first one man and
then another In the hope that one
might develop Into a capable handler
of athletes. Thu Tiger authorities had
to confess their failure, for their only
salvation was to bid hlich and get
iveene I'lizpatriek or tho University
f Michigan. The effort to iflnd a man
of ability and develon him u.4 Mike
Murphy wuh developed ut Yale, an
Johnny Mack Is now being develop'
there was not successful.
The University of Michigan Is try
ng something of an experiment by en
gaging Alvin C. Kraonzlein, the ol
I'nlversity of Pennsylvania hurdle
and broad jumper. It is an expert
ment only In so fur as Kraenzleln ha
been secured from Mercersburg aca
demy, where ho has been ulnco hi
short stay at the University of "Wis
consin. The success which Kracns
eln had had at Mercersburg and hi
only natural ability to teach and to
how men by actual work how a thing
hould. he done, make It almost cer
tain that he will succeed at Michigan
Kraonzlcin was one of tho groates
ill-nround athlete ever developed In
this country. At one time ho hoU
three world's records, to sny nothing
f bin Intercollegiate marks. His
world records were the 120-yard hur
lies, 15 1-5 seconds; 220-yard hurdles,
3 3-5 second., and the broad Jump
feet, 4 1-2 inches. While Kraonz
loin's marks for the high hurdles and
he broad Jump have since been bet
ereu, tnu is because ho was never
roperly extended In competition. Ills
former trainer, Mlko Murphy, says he
frequently caught Kraenzleln over the
high sticks In 15 seconds, and even 14
4-5 seconds, and that In the broad
Jump he had frequently cleared 25
feet In practice.
Kraenzloln'a greatest performance
was at the intercollegiate champion
ships in 1900, when he scored 18 points
for Pennsylvania, a record, never bo
fore equaled. Ho iwon the 100-yard
dash, both hurdles, and was second In
the broad Jump. In this latter event
he allowed his competition of the pre
vious day to stand, and did not com
pete In tho final, or he might have
scored 20 points. In addition to his
sprinting, hurdling and jumping
Kraenzleln had a mark of 6 feet In
the high jump, 42 feet In tho shot-put,
125 feet In the hammer throw, CO sec
onds In the quarter-mile, and, lastly,
he was a good pole vaulter. It Is be
cause or his many-sidedness as an
athlete and his success In coaching at
Mereerburg that Michigan men feci
they have made no mistake. It was
from 'Morcernburg that Johnny Mack
went to Vale, where ho has been mak
ins good cVer since.
- .. - ....
A?'.?? Amphibi A.ropl.n.m,d. .ntir.1, .f .U.I ni ,lumium
Well Known Authority on Boxing
Thinks Field too Large to
be Limited
with a floating car.
Tarls, Juno 13. An American resi
dent, Mr. Motsant, has constructed a
novel monoplane airship. R 3 made
entirely of steel and aluminum. No
wood or canvass have boon used in the
constructions. The wings are mado of
thin aluminum and the lower part of
steel. The motor and pilot seats are
placed In a car built to float on water.
with two flat stabilizers on each side.
The machine Is fitted with a G0-hirt;e
power motor and already Molsant has
made somo short flights in it.. Thi ud-
MntEges claimed are strength of con
notion and its nullity to light Jn
tiio water without dJinage to th-j nlr-
:V.'p or Inconvenience to the dilvtr,
Hu. uld later demoiiKti.Rlons prove th
value of this metallic monoplane, it
will undoubtedly lo r.dopted (generally
over the world.
Fred Merkle Is doing fine work at
first base for the Giants.
Outfielder Ray Ppcnecr has boon sold
to Dayton by the Cleveland club.
Shortstop Doolan of the Phillies ha
'been suspended three days for umpire
Tnflelder Me'e, semi-professional of
Chicago, has reported to the St. Louis
Harry Wormwood pitched an eleven
mnlng no-hit no-run game for the
Fall River, New England league team,
Manager 'MVOrnw of tho fllant.s says
bases are not utolcn on the catcher,
but on the pitcher. He says It la up
to the pitcher o keep a base runner
Cose to first base.
Ann Arbor, Mich., Juno 13. "Tails
you win," said. Ralph Craig to Joe
Horner Friday afternoon as the tnvo
flipped a coin outside the office of the
University of Michigan Athletic asso
ciation, but It was not for the coin
that was at stake, but tho captaincy
of the 'varsity track team for 1911.
Horner Is a Orand Rapids boy and
member of tho literary 'It class.
while Craig is a Detrolter and a mem
ber of the same -law, and when It
came to deciding who should fill the
shoes of Don May and lead (Michigan's
athletes to the great Penn relay games
and the eastern Intercollegiate next
year the members of this year's team
all knew their cholco lay between
Craig and Horner, but who, they could
not decide.
iRoth of thorn are two of tho great
est athletes ever turned out by Koene
Fltzpatrlck and were the only west
erners to capture first places at the
Intercollegiate. Craig equaling the
world's record In the furlong dash, and
Horner winning the" shot-put with
Owing to their athletic prowess tho
members of tho team were unable to
decide between tho two for tho cap
taincy ond so they choose that a flip
of the roln should settle It. Thus fate
robbed. Cralg of tho honor and turned
It over to Horner.
Buckingham Montgomery, Eddie Mc
Goorty's trainer, arrived In Milwau
kee Saturday from Apploton. where
McGoorty fought a hard eight round
bout with Young Mahoney of Racine.
Friday night. Ruck states that Kddle
had the best of the boiit ond was never
In danger, while Joe Rudar of Racine,
claims that Mahoney had the shade.
Reports from Apploton, however, are
to the effect that .McGoorty had Ufa
thing well In hand.
Montgomery says that McOoorty is
now ready for Jack (Twin) Sutllvan.
Natioial Lsague.
W. . I Prt.
Chicago 28 15 .051
New York 28 17 .C22
Cincinnati 22 19 .&37
Pittsburg 21 20 .512
St. Louis 21 24 .407
Rrooklyn 20 25 .444
Philadelphia 17 24 .415
Roston 1G 29 .356
American Laagu.
W. L. Pet.
Now York 23 13 .6S3
Philadelphia 2S 14 .C66
Detroit 31 18 .033
Roston 22 21 .512
Cleveland 17 20 .459
Washington 21 26 .446
Chicago 15 26 .3C6
St. Louis 9 33 .214!
National Laague.
There were no games scheduled
tho National league yesterday.
American League.
R. II. F.
Chicago 0 6 1
Washington .'..2 11 0
Ratterles Young
Groome und Street.
and Payne;
R. II. F.
R. II. F.
..8 14 1
..3-5 3
Detroit f J .
New York
Ratteries Wllletts and
Warhop and Mitchell.
R II. F.
St. Louis 6 6 3
Philadelphia 1 4 1
Ratterles Powell, Ralley and Allen;
Morgan, Krnuso and Lapp.
National League.
Philadelphia, Pa., June 13. Fhiladeh
There has been organized an Inter
national Swimming federation, which
will have absolute control of all inter
national swimming contests In the fu
ture. The A. A. U. has been Invited
to Join the new association and the
question of Joining Is now being con
sidered 'by the .board of governors of
tho A. A. U., and will no doubt be fa-
orably acted upon. Walter II. Llg-
nger, one of the members, TmmIovcs
much good will result In tho organiza
tion of such a federation.
Mohawk Defeats Lake Linden on Mo
hawk Diamond Yesterday Afternoon.
The baseball games played In the
Copper Country league yesterday af
ternoon wore of a very interesting na
ture. Mohawk defeated Lake Linden
by the wcore of 11 fo 1; Huron defeated
Winona IS to 1, and Hancock defeated
Hancock 8 to 5.
Many a Calumet Household Will Find
Them So.
To have the pains and aches of a
bad back removed; to be entirely free
from annoying, dangerous urinary dis
orders Is enough to make any kidney
sufferer grateful. To tell how this
reat change can be brought about
will prove comforting words to hun
dreds of Calumet readers. .
O. H. Obenhoff, 139 Dodge street,
Houghton, Mich., says: "I consider
Doan'a Kidney Pills to bo the best
dney remedy on earth. Kidney trou
ble kept me In misery for four years,
pains In tho small of my back being
the principal symptom. My back ach
ed at night was very lame In tho morn
ing and bothered me when I stooped
or lifted. I tired easily, felt languid
and nervous and had occasional dizzy
spells. Doan'a Kidney pills gave me
great relief."
For sale by all dealers. Price
cents. Foster-Ml.burn Co., Ruffan,
New York, sole agents for tho United
Remember the name Doan'a and
fake no tther.
rum enui out i'liisotirg. The game
was played on a soggy field. All runs
were scored In first inning when Phil
ndelphlu made four hits und Pittsburg
three errors. . '
Pittsburg ..0 0 0 0 0 0,0 0 00 7 C
Philadelphia 500000 0 0 05 C 0
Ratterles Llefield, Leever, Gibson;
McQulllen, Dooln.
New York-Chicago, wet grounds.
Rruoklyn-Kt. Louis, wet grounds.
Roston-Cincinnatl, two games; rain.
American League.
Cleveland -Roston. rain.
Detroit, Mich., Juno 13. Two .homo
runs, one by Crawford and the other
by Wolter, the latter with a man on
base, were the features. Cobb tripled
in the fourth, but was thrown out try
ing to stretch it to u homo run,
R. IT. F.
New York...l 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 04 8 4
Detroit 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 03 6 1
Ratterles Vaughn and Mitchell;
Wlllett, Stroud and Stanago.
St. Louis, Mo., June 13. Philadelphia
had no trouble defeating tho locals to
day. Plank was hit freely but St. Louis
could not get Its runners across the
plate. i . i,.f ,
a , i f. R. II. F.
St. Louis...! 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 12 8 5
Philadelphia 0 0 0 1 0 3 10 16 10 1
Ratteries Lake, Waddell, Kllllfer;
Plank, Lapp. ' ii
Chlengo,. 111., Juno 13,' Washington
hit Smith and ' Scott' hard, defeating
Chicago three to' nothing. ' Smith turn-
, ed oneof his nrtkles Iff the sixth In
ning and Was forced to retire. Chlongo
obtained Outfielder George Rrowne
from Washington by tho waiver route.
! ' R. II. K.
Chicago .'...0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 6 2
Washington 1 0 0 0 0 I 0 0 13 11 0
Ratterles Smith, Scott and Payne;
Relsllng and Street. ;'
l!Il!y Mad.li! 1 I all worked dp over
th Idea of picking tho ten icvit -si
fighters, but Ml I says such 11 pick 1"
iniposvitde. 'Why. no man living :;an
it'll ou the ten greatest flghU"',"
tuid Rill iu he sat down with the
spcks and a iead pencil. "I'll w.i.e
you a list, but I won't nuino tho up
bctt. They all too go d. Why,
there's a Dunui of boys I might have
forgotten who belong iu the list, but
her goes," and i e wrote:
Jem iMace, 'Mike lonovan. Rilly Ed
wards, Jack Dempsey, Jack 'MoAu
lifte, Charley Mitchell, Jyhn I Sulli
vhii, Kid Lavlgne, Young Griff j. Ji
Wolcott, Jem Driscoll. peter Jackon,
Terry MoGovem, Rob Fitzsimmons,
wln Corbett, Kid McCoy, Tjinniy
Ryan, Jack Johnson, George l)ixu.
Rattling Nelson, Joe Cans. "Ivi v if
you Insist on me naming the ten best
it these Hi mark them on tho -die,"
said Rill, ani ho started to piek out
the ten. He was busy for about 11
minute and .finally brought tho list
over with a mark at the ld r.f vi rj
name. "There is no use of trying f
tell you the ten best. Why I can say
something great about every name on
the list. Why, look at Rilly Fdwards, '
the old-time lightweight. Rilly used
to lick men weighing 200 pounds un 1
flavor thought anything of it. Thou
Jem Mace, and oh, what'd tho uee c
me talking, this Is the best I can do
J L T U-at3 I
f man is an i
whether he will or no. Some men
simply advertise their own dum
foolishness by saying; MI dont need
to advertise." But the WISE MAN
uses brains and tells his story
boldly upon the printed page-telling
the people the things which they
want to know. And this is also
just what the wise man wants to
have them know. This is SUC
1 CESSFUL advertising- simple
i tiling with all. vet minhtv nrnfilnhl-
NEERS In a business attracting at
tention as Automobile-Aeroplane In
dustry. Our machines known from
coast to coast. Two years perfecting
new devices. Experimental stage
passed. Additional funds needed to
increase producing facilities. Onlv
$100,000 corporation. J40.000 paid in
earned over 20 per cent. 100 per cent
possible. Part Jrcaaury stock offered
same basis original investors. No
debts, bonds preferred stock Splen
did offices factory sales organiza
tion. E. C. Co., Rooms 1C54-5-6-7-8-9.
08 Jackson Rlvd., Chicago. 184
News Want Ads bring results.
Calumet& HeclaMn'gCo
Who with to tell their house or buy
house1: on Co. Land; who have roo.rii
to rent or who with to rent roons, art
invited to advertise In th rolu.e
without any expense
Fireworks Scare Wild Geese.
The great grain fields of the Sand-
born ranch In Shasta county. Call-
fornia, are Ingeniously protected at
night from the vast flocks of wild
gees and other aquatic fowl that do
Immense damage to crops, by means
of a display of fireworks. Skyrockets
and Roman candles were bnneM in
largo quantities by the management
of the ranch, and men are stationed
at various points. Whenever a flock
Is heard "honking" In the distance.
several skyrockets or a shower of col
ored bails from a Roman candle are
Bent upward, and. as a result, the
birds give the ranch a wide berth.
Duluth, South Shore and
Atlantic Railway
Excursion Bulletin
June 1 to Sept. 30. Summer Tourist Fares to Eastern Canada, New
York and New England. Optional Routes.
June 3 to July 30. Every Friday low rates by train and steamer to
Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland and Ruffalo.
June 7-15-22. Annual Spring Excursions to Cheboygan, Alpena, De
troit. Toledo, Cleveland and Ruffalo. Usual low fares.
3 to 10.
Annual Tournament North American Skat League, De-
June 12th and every Sunday until October 30.
June 4th to 10th. Annual'Conventlon United
Church of America, Minneapolis, Minn.
Sunday excursion fares.
Norwegian Lutheran
FOR SALE 9-rOom house, mudcrr
conveniences, steam heat, good foun
datlon and plumbing. Apply S50 Cam
brla st., Calumet.
OU SALE Lot a, block 4 Wuivelin
St., Florida. Apply at Mrs. Chap
man's boarding house, 123 Koaraarg
st. south.
FOR SALE Houso and barn, 701 cor.
Waterworks and Pine sts. Apply
& II. mine office or 218 5th oL
8-roin houke fur sale. No. 37a ot
Calodonla st. Particulars at Wick-
strom & Co's Store pine st- .
KOU SALE House 1772 Roundary St.,
Calumet & llecla location. Apply
John McCarthy on premises.
FOR tAl,i; ti room house No. i)it
Swedetown road. Apply on prem
FOR bALbv 4 room house. No. 491
behind Culumct dam, Inquire wlthli.
FOR SALE 5 room house und barn
annlv at 3G3 Caledonia st. x
FOR SALE 9-room house. No. 4240
10th st. Apply C. A. II. Co.
FOR SALE Seven-room
Caledonia st, Calumet,
FOR SALE House No. 4036 Oak SU
Yellow Jacket. ' . .
FOR SALE Four room coti"Tge, 120J
'Middle st. Calumet..
FOR SALE 5-room house' cheap. J45
Caledonia street.
Laurlum street.
room house, 1624
FOR SALE House No. 3133 Tunue.
' st, Swedetown.
FOR SALE No. 2758 Columbia street
8 rooms.
nla street.
-7 room house, . 351 Caledo-
FOR SALE Home No. 4&1 Caledonis
at Albion.'
FOR SALE live room house, 852 Al
bion. .
FOR SALE 7-room house, 4087 Cone
FOR SALE House U16 )leela at.
FOR SALE 3129 Tunnel st.
FOR SALE 1523 Heel, st.
Cool and refresh
ing. Quenches
the thirst.
TRY IT. You nnd your
family will like it
FINER flavored
beer you never
In Pint and Quart Rottles.
Telephones in all
towns of the Cop-
June 18, 13, and 20. O. A. R. Encampment, Holland, Mich.
June 29 to July 3. Annual Convention, National Educational Ass"n..
Roston, Mass. Optional Routes.
June 28 and 29. Summer Ceromonlal Session, Ahmed Temple, June 29.
July 2nd and other days. Convention Fares to North Pacific Coast.
California, Oregon, Washington, etc.
July 2-3-4. Low rates for Independence Day.
July 6 to 10. National Convention of Elks, Detroit, Mich. '
July 12 to 19. Annual Pilgrimage to Ste. Anne de Reaupre, Quebec.
July 20-21-22. Sons of St. George Reunion nt Iron Mountain.
Watch for announcements of other excursions.
Apply to Ticket Agts for particulars
per C
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