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TUESDAY, JUNE 21, wo. i
Pastor of Norwegian Lutheran
Church of Calumet Leaves
Next Monday.
Be v. Martin Bufsvohl. of tho Nor
ttt'sl.in Lutheran church of 1UJ
J.uket, who re dig nod i'iiie time ugo
from tho pastorate i'f the church,
leaves for Marinette. Wis., next Mon
thly afternoon. Ik will preach his
farewell senium next Sunday inorn
Itm. u.ul tho church Is planning to
tender him a farewell reception Sun
day evening, for which a good program
has been prepared.
ll !- with regret that the friend; of
Rev. Itufsvold and hi. family view
llnir departure. Bev. Bufsv'ld has
,eiel the Bed Jacket church nearly
live years, during which time ho and
hi.4 family have made many friends.
llev. Bufsvi.ld will have his family
in .Marinette for the summer vacation
and will not take up any work him
self fur two ..r three month. He has
a number of tails frnn congregations
In various parts of the country under
consideration, but has not accepted
any of them as yet. v-
While at the convention of the Nor
wegian Lutheran En e church of
America at Valley i'ily. . R. this
month, llev. Bufsvold was elected to
Never.il important positions In the
thnrch synod. He Is chairman of the
hoard of organizations f the t hun h,
which hs the head council of the synod.
He al-o was elected president of the
vMiod, but declined to a -eept thi
llev. S. Romsdahl of Eargo. . IK.
who com. h to tak-.' up the ministry
of the local church about the middle
of July, h a former pastor of the
church. Seven years a:-o he resigned
the pastorate after serving
years. Since that tlm
Annual National Gathering of A
filiated Societies to be Held
in August.
he ha-
for six
been at
Isaac Nlva pleaded guilty In Justice
Flshi r's court yesterday to having in
Ills possession pike underweight. The
arrest was made by Warden John Gipp.
Niva was fined and costs, and the
lish aliased to be undorw eight were
confiscate.! by the officer.
Another similar case is pending in
Justice Fisher's court, the defendant
being named r.elll. This case w ill come
up for examination tomorrow morning.
Tho annual convention of the Slove
nlan-Croatiu I'nlon of tho Unite
States will bo held at South Banco,
ug. 1, 2 , 3, and 4. This wus decided
at the meeting of tho representatives
who went to South Bunge last week to
uirutigc for the convention.
Tho Slovenian-Croatian population
of Houghton and Keweenaw counties
Is very large and the order has more
members In tills district than in ull
the rest of the United Slates. lie
sides a few societies In Minnesota, the
delegates to this convention will all bo
from tho upper peninsula.
The numerous societies of Calumet
called by many names but Ktlll be
longing to the union, are now holding
elections to name delegates to th
convention at South Range. Tho St.
Joseph's society met last Sunday and
elected the following delegates: Frank
Sedlar. Mike Klobucher, Paul Spo
liar. Paul Schnellcr, peter Paslch, Jot
M. Sumanich. Mike Sunlch and Jo
seph Stcfanich. The elections of the
other societies will be held during the
month. Many others outside the ap
pointed delegates, nre planning to at
tend, so that the .10 or 00 who will b
appointed will not be alone in the fes-tiville.".
'It cured me" or "It saved the life
of my child." are the expressions you
bear every day alwmt Chambt t lain'.
Cone, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
This is true the w orld over where
H-w vplicit-ic t"nedy Vn "hen inlro
diK'cd. No other medicine in use for
diarrhoea c r bowel complaints !ns n -ceived
smell general approval. The
secret of the sueevs of Chiunberlain'.H
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
is that it cures. Sold by Eagle Drug
Store. Calumet; Laurium Pharmacy,
The Junior baseball nine was easily
defeated In the deciding game, played
at the Y. M. C. A. park yesterday, by
the "It" Sophomore hoys, tho score
being IS to 7. This was an extra
Karr.e as the regular scheduled series
ended ill a tie between these teams.
Roth teams appeared on the diamond
with their strongest line-ups and It
looked as if a close match would en
sue, but Kills the third year twlrler
was found often for the first time this
season. This and two costly errors in
the early part of the game were suffi
cient to let In enough scores to win
the contest. The feature of the game
was the batting of Weir and the field
ing of the short stop for the second
y ar men' Follow ing Is the score by
R. II. K.
.20343003 3 IS 11 4
.0 2 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 7 8 9
The following are the way the teams
W. I Pet.
"IP Sophomores S f. .61."
Juniors 7 C .f.38
"A" Sophomore? 6 fi .f.OO
Freshman 2 10 .ICR
"1 had the pleasure of both mooting
and listening to Chase S. Osborn
while I was In Hay City last week,
Bald William Waas, one of the dele
gates of the local German Aid society
to the ttale convention of the order,
whit h w as held in Ray City last w eek
Joseph YVJlmers of this city, accom-
a tiled Mr. Waas.
Asked us to how sentiment was for
Osborn's candidacy in Ray City and
other parts of the state, Mr. Waas
said that Ray City Is practically solid
r Osborn as are other parts of that
listrlct. "I heard nothing but Osborn,
while I was there." said Mr. Waas. "It
reminded me of tho tipper peninsula
ountlcs. R looks like Osborn all
rlht in that district, nnd you may de
pend upon it I was mightily phased."
Mr. Waas was honored by his fellow
Jermans In tho state by being eloct-
1 grand trustee, nn honor he much
ippreclated. He states that tho next
onvention will be held In Detroit, the
tate metropolis having been chosen.
Tho convention was an excellent
one, according to IMY. Waas. Much
business was transacted, olllcers elect-
1, and the next meeting place chosen.
Mr. Waas enjoyed the trip Immensely,
nnd what pleased him Just as much as
anything while In the lower part of the
tate was the enthusiasm for Chase
osborn, w hom, he nvers, w ill be the
next governor of this state.
Juniors . .
SaTyand Sun'y
Keweenaw Central R.R.
9:00,1:40,5:50 DAILY
P.M. P.M.
"Lac la Belle Special"
Leaves Calumet 9:00 a. m. Sunday
Leaves Lac la Belle 6:05 p.m. Sunday
"William Orosse, John Thillips and
Matt I.ahti, three saloon keepers of
the Renova location, appeared before
Justice l'isher this morning to answer
to a charge of violating tho liquor laws,
It being alleged that they were open on
a Sunday.
The defendants decided to waive ex
amination, and were bound over to the
next term of circuit court. Honda of
$200 each were asked and furnished.
Deputy- Sheriff Ounderson made the
complaint, nnd summoned a number of
witnesses who were alleged to have
been In the saloons drinking nt the
time specified In the complaint.
The St. John's Croatian Mandolin
society gave a very Interesting concert
Sunday evening fn the basement of St.
John's church. Several first-class se
lections were rendered, nnd the concert
was thoroughly enjoyed by a large au
dience. The St. John's Mandolin band
is the only one of its kind In this dis
Laurium Man Says Enthusiasm
for Soo Candidate is Pro
nounced There.
Joseph Smith nnd John Dirk, who
lim to be from Hubbell, but who are
thought to be residents of Milwaukee
and Chicago, respectively, were nrrest-
1 by Marshal James Wills of Laur-
mi yesterday on the charge, of burg-
ry, preferred in behalf of David Pen--rthy
of I.jiurium. Tho men, who
ive made their temporary residence?
Hancock, have been operating In
the various towns of the copper coun
try as chimney sweeps, nnd in this case
Is alleged that while one of the pair
uig his merry little Jingle from the
chimney top nnd scraped the soot from
the Interior of the same, the other.
ho, as assistant, was given the free-
lom of the Interior of the house, used
that privilege to collect articles of
line which he appropriated. ISesides
Mr. renberthy other witnesses will
be summoned.
When arrested the men protested
their Innocence, but upon being search-
1 n gold chain, some canned fruit and
can of tea were found In their pos
session, It being claimed that these ar
ticles were taken from the renberthy
When nrralgned before Justice David
Armit last evening the men entered
leas of not guilty and demanded an
examination which has been set for to
morrow. They have been remanded to
the Houghton Jail to await trial.
T is not only a PRIVILEGE
I I but the PLAIN DITTY of every man. woman or child
I I who has nn IBLE DOM-Alt to deposit that dollar In a
J L GOOD SATE HANK. They owe It to themselves to
take this precaution and they owe it to the community
In which they live as well as to the great business world at
"TIMES' are always "GOO!)" when our money Is moving
freely through the channel of trade, but become suddenly "nAD'
when people begin to hoard. Panics are caused by widespread
withdrawals of money from circulation. Then it is that LIVE
DOLLARS become DEAD DoLLABK, and everybody is "HARD
First National Bank
Is a good safe bank nnd has nil of the neecssiry facilities for
bringing to life all of the DKAD DOLLARS In this community.
IMentlon was made in :h." columns
last week of a gift of lan.l made; by
ohn Watklns of Calumet, to the
Michigan Audubon society, but Instead
f the tract ef land being 40 acres ae
heretofore announced, It has been
arne'd that the deed was for SO acres
of land.
Mr. Wntkins Is deeply Interested! In
the Michigan Audubon society nnd the
ork which It Is aeeomp'tshlng nn 1
s gift Is for the purpose of enabling
the society to establish o bird and
game preserve. When th.? society lo
comes financially able, tho land will
be used for the purpose for whl ji It
was donated.
The Michigan Audubon society, of
hlch Jefferson Butler of 121 Grum-
mod avenue, Detroit, Is secretary, Is
taking a .prominent part In the nat'on-
movement to preserve all specie
of wild life, particularly the bison, the
ild pigeon and birds and animals
which are native to Michigan.
The land which Mr. Wlatklns has
donated to the society Is admirably
suited to the establishment of a preserve.
Arthur Bader of Laurium has left
for lower Michigan where he will vis
It for about two weeks.
Miss Margaret Jackl of Laurium has
left for Detroit and other cities In
lower Michigan to visit friends and
peints of Interest.
Tho directors of the Northern Mich
igan Agricultural association will meet
In tho Laurium club rooms this even
ing to hear the reports of tho various
committees nnd consider further plans.
The funeral of the late Mrs. KUza
Cnrlyon ot Laurium will lie conducted
tomorrow morning nt 9:00 o'clock by
Rev. K. Sedweek, from the residence,
nnd tho remains will bo taken to
Houghton for Interment.
to Tun punLic.
Wp would respectfully nsk the pub
lic to nsk for ten votes for every dol
lar purchase from the Levin Jewelry
Co. ns Mr. Levin has kindly consented
to help the miners fund In that way
up to July 2Mb. i
191 Committee of Miners' Picnic.
Preparations nro corup'ete for tho
commencement exercises of tho Sacred
Heart schools to be held this evening
at the auditorium of the school. Thlr
teen young people will receive dlplo
mas this evening, they having eomplet
etl the regular courses of study of the
school. The program Is one of exeep
tlonal merit. The salutatorlan. Miss
Margaret Manlx, and the valedictorian.
Miss Florentine Heimlich, us well as
other members of the class have work
ed hard to prepare their numbers und
they will undoubtedly win the appre
ciation of those who attend the cxer-
Ises. The C. & H. orchestra will ren.
tier music during the evening. The
colnmencement address will bo given
hy Kr. Slgismund, former pastor of
the Sacred Heart church
Kev. Father Slgismund, now
of Cincinnati. will be the guest
f honor at the commencement
exercises this evening. Fr. Sigismund
arrived In Calumet this morning for u
short visit with Ins old friends in this
Ity. His presence will undoubtedly
add to the pleasure f tho commence
ment. . .
Tho complete program to bo given
this evening is ns follows:
Processional, C, & H. orchestra.
Salutatory, Margaret C Mantz.
Music, orchestra.
Excelsior, H. S. chorus.
Muslcj orchestra.
Lift Thine Eyes, From "Elijah," class
of 1910. - -
Music, orchestra.
Valse Styrlenne, Wollenhaupt. Nel-
M. Chaput.
Valedictory, Florentine It. Helntlleh.
Music, orchestra.
Address, Rev. Fr. Sigismund.
Presentation of diplomas and award
ing of premiums.
Recessional, orchestra.
Rev. Fr. Sigisraund Will be the
Speaker of Evening Fine
Program Ready.
The seat sale for the production of
A Woman's Wny" by Grace George,
In the Calumet theater tomorrow eve
ning, opened this morning. A good
demand for seats Is reported. This at
traction will mark the dose of the the
atrical season In Calumet. The theater
will bo closed Friday morning, and re
main closed for the n-xt three weeks
In order to nllow of the Glass Block
Store company to carry out the Inter
ior decorations, nccordlng to the con
tract tho firm secured from the Bed
Jacket council nt a recent special
Fifteen years ago there were three
cremations In England and last year
there were '79.'. '
After a four days' ride from Chicago
to Laurium In an automobile, Mr. and
Mrs. C. 11. Kettenheofen and three chll
dren. also Victor Harrington, arrive
yesterday to spend a few days as the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. K. O'Brien
of Laurium. The entire trip from the
windy city to laurlum was made In
the automobile, and ns one of the party
proudly remarked yesterday. It was not
necessary for them , to use any othe
mode of travel over a single foot o
the Journey. The party followed the
Wisconsin . state road a fur as Wu
tcrsmeet, then went across country to
Rocklnml. a distance of nbout 20 miles
from where no difficulty was expert
enced In reaching Calumet. .
The trip was made In a No. 17 model
Buick ear, forty horse-power. On Its
arrival here, the machine appeared to
be In llrst class condition in every way
It was taken to tho Superior garage
w here It was thoroughly examined and
pronounced etjual to the return trip
No tire trouble wos experienced al
though the machine was not equipped
with new tires when the trip was com
This Is the second time tho trip from
hlcngo to Calumet has been accom
plished In nn automobile, o party hav
Ing made the same trip last summer,
According to those who made the hit
st successful attempt, the roads an In
good condition with tho exception of
tho stretch where there Is no regular
road, between Watersmeet and rock
Considerable Interest Is manifested
In tho accomplishment of this feat hy
local people because of tho fact that
local auto enthusiasts have been un
able t lenve this section owing to the
poor roads In Baraga and Marquette
counties. It apparently opens up a
new public highway from the copper
country to the out9ldo world.
Woman Arresttd on Charge of Slan
der Disputed Bill is Paid.
Mary Mauvrln was arrested yester
day and brought before Justice Fish
er on a charge of slander. W.hen ask
ed to plead, the woman denied the ac
cusatlons Imputed to her. She was
hound over to appear In court Friday
morning of this week, when the exam
Inatlon will take place.
Mike Facial was arrested and
brought before Justice Fisher yester
day, on complaint of WTIlllnm Jacka,
proprietor of the Jacka livery stables,
on a charge of defrauding a livery
hill. Fnginl nt first entered a plea of
not guilty, and was ordered to find
bonds In the sum of J200. In orde?
to avoid this, the defendant stated
that he would change his plea to one
of guilty, nnd was let off with the
payment of the bill and the costs of
the case, $10 In nil.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Thomas Maslln, former
residents of this city, arrived In Calu
met this morning over the Norlhwe'st
crn rond from Bingham, Utah. They
The Man Who Knows QUALITY
Men He Sees It
Is the man who most readily apreclates the cxtrcine superior
ity of the Boston .Store Clothes. By ejuallty we do not mean
only clothes that appeal to tho critic from every viewpoint at
the time ho buys, but clothes that will continue to give him
satisfaction to tho very end the kind that will make him feel
that he has received the biggest value) he ever got In his life.
That's what wo call eiuality. No better demonstration of It
can be found than these
at $20 to $30
Better look these over tomorrow.
Wash Goods
The wash goods department has a matchless display. You
will find yourself short of adjectives when you como to admire
our summer muslins. The assortment comprises the choicest
nnd most novel productions from the designers of the threo
great cotton manufacturing countries England, Franco and
United States. Vvlo have picked and chosen with tho Simpson
reputation for nicety constantly In mind nnd a determination to
add to that reputation this sumer no matter what tho tlmo nnd
trouble necessary to do so. We have a magnificent now store
this summer and wo are g ting to do it Justice.
Dainty Muslin
In the matter of Dainty Undcrwe.v It H f e arcely necess iry, nov
that the iMluslin underwear weather Is here, to go Into detail
with a long list of different styles nnd prices.
Suffice to say that the best kind of underwear Is here for the
very lowest prices that good underwear can bo sold for, and
through a range of prices until you reach the finest underwear
made. Back of all our underwear Is our standard of quality, ex
acted from all manufacturers with whom we deal.
The Boston Store
, J.,J. ARNOVITS, Prop.
To give something useful, genuine and to bo
forever nppre elated. giVe Table Silver-fruin
this noted establishment for quality -Warren's
Note both items and Prices:
Ten Spoons, Sterling Silver, 6 for $3.75
Tea Spoons, l'lnted 6 for $1X0
Besaert Spoons. Sterling Silver, " $7.50
Dessert Spoons, liated.,,,6 for $2.03
Be rry Spoons,- Sterling each $5.00
Berry Spoons, IMated eat h $1.25
Knives und Forks, dozen, $2.50, $4.00,
$4.50, $3.00, $10.00, and up.
There can bo no discussion a unit Wmit..m
One of our Quality nor Warren prices both are riRlit.
Sterling sil- Kngraving free,
ver patterns.
Warren Jewelry CompV
321 Fifth Street Calumet, Mich.
One of our light
weight Stein
Blocli blue serge
suits, a Sailor or
Panama straw
hat, some Poris
Knit or B. V. D.
underwear, cool
Negligee shirt, light Lisle hosiery
and a pair of Ralston or Stetson
oxfords, in black or tan, and you
can be comfortable these hot days
We have just opened-up an elegant line
of fine Wash Neckwear
tin mnttPi -&.UL11
accompanied the remains of Lee, their
four-year-old son, who died In the
western state, nbout one year ago. Mr.
and Airs. Muslin decided to exhume
the remains nnd bring the body to Cal
umet for re-Interment. This will take
place tomorrow afternoon nt Lake
View cemetery. Mr. nnd Mrs. Maslln
will spend about three weeks here, vis
iting nt the home of Mrs. Charles Be-
tallick of Depot street, Laurium.
A meeting of the several committees
nnd those Interested In the Fourth of
July celebration for Bed Jacket, will
be held this evening in the Bed Jacket
town hall, for the purpose of hearing
the reports and transacting other business.
FOB SALK, cheap, a small cook stove,
Ice box, kitchen table, Iron bed, etc.
Call 214 Eighth street. x
FOB SALK Household goods; nlso
fine piano. Apply W. B. Bradford,
138 Calumet nvenue. x
FOR SALE Tw o good milch cows. 333
Osceola St. 135
ANTKD Three 'dish
Michigan cafe.
washers nt
WANTKD American girl for general
housework. 203 Bewablc street, cor
ner of Second, Lnurium. x
WANTED To rent with privilege of
buying n good upright piano. B.N
Barshall, 431 Cth St., Calumet Phono
393 J. x
LOST Bocketbook containing sum of
money, between C. & II. park nnd
Bed Jacket. Finder return to Ne.vs
ofllce. Bewnrd. 191
.OST Ladles' gold watch and hair
fob on Fifth or Sixth street. Bed
Jacket. Finder return News office
Bewnrd. 191
FOB BENT Desirable room In Bed
Jacket, close In. Bensonable. Inquire
Calumet News. x
FOB BENT Desirable room In Bed
Jacket, close In. Bensonable. In
quire Calumet News. x
TO BENT O round floor flat In the
Hermann block. 6th street. Inquire
Hermann's Jewelry store. x
FOB BENT Three rooms In Bed Jnc
ket; desirable location; electric llgrht,
bath, etc. Apply G.. coro of News of
fice. Calumet. t
TO BENT 6 rooms No. 34 Willow nvc.
Electric light and toilet $16.00 per
Phone 155 or 379 Calumet, Michigan
Undrtkinfl Parlor at th Old 8UA
Harper-Thomas Co.
Phona 14 Holman Bldg, Calumet, Mich.
All calls attandad to either dy or
night. Wa also hand! freth cut flow
era for any occasion.
Michigan College of Mines
F. W. McNAIR, President.
Located in the Lake Superior dis
trict. Mines and mills accessible for
College work. For Year Book and Rec
ord of Graduate apply to Ttwnt
Room 20-21 Calumet. 8tate Bank Bid
Phonf 655, Cafumet, Mieh.
Complete Stock of first Class Jewflry
407 Fifth St. :: Calumet
month. 191

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