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Founded U80.
Daily Except Sunday.
Published By The
Bus. Mqr.
Business Office 209
Editorial Rooms
Elks' Tampla.
Phona 31
Thona 199
By Mail or Carrier.
Ter year (In advance) 85.00
Ter year (not In advance) 8.00
rer month "
Elngle Usue 03
Complaints of Irregularity In delivery
will receive prompt and thorough In
vestigation. Old subscribers wishing to change
their addresses must furnish old as
well as new addresses In each Instance.
New subscriptions may be ordered
by telephone, mall or carrier, or In
person at the company's office.
Publication and Printing- Office, 104
Fifth Street. Calumet,
Entered at the Post Office at Calumet,
Michigan, as Second Class
Mall Matter.
Anyway, the change In the location
of the prize fight has let the world
know the name of the governor of Ne
vada. The fact thai J.inifs J. Hill If n a
fishing trip to Labrador would stem t
Indicate that he Is hot worrying over
time over the condition of the country
o.' the outlook f'r tl.e railroads.
Although the president signed the
river and harbor bill, he did mi wuh
some regret. Moreover, he lets those
who favor the pork barrel method
know that h Is not In syimpathy with
There are morbidly constituted minds
always ready to Imagine the worst,
when a qu stiwn Is presented involving
the good name of a woman. The Meth
odist minister of a Chicago suburb
whom a Jury has found guilty of slan
der and cast In four thousand dollars
damages because he circulated the
Mory that there had been improper re
lations between a woman church mem
ber and another minister has been
taught a lesson that he needed to learn.
He declared that there was no doubt f
the Impropriety of the relation be
tween the two, because the minister
had admitted that he had been sinful.
It turned out on the trial that the, sin
fulness to which he referred, consisted
in holding back money that he had col.
lected for another purpose to apply on
his unpaid salary which was techni
cally embezzlement. The woman who
brought the suit had been benevolent
and active in the church work. She"
did well In taking the action required
to establish her good name nnd dis
credit the clerical slanderer.
The Zeppelin without Count Zeppelin
at the helm Is like a ship without a
rudder. This probably accounts for
the disaster which attended yesterday's
flight of th' famous aerial express In
Germany. The ship whs in inexperi
enced hands and when an emergency
arose they were at a loss to meet it.
And yet the wreck of the craft Is
striking proof of the fact that aerial
passenger transportation la far from
perfection, licijig Attended with danger
that only the most reckless would cart
to faec. The count Is iiot daunted
however, by the latest misfortune to
his ship ami will Immediately start re
building it, being confident that prog
ress in flying will be fully as rapid as
that on land nnd wnter transportation.
And Judging from the wonderful head
way he has made with dirigible air
ships he has good reason to feel optim
istic, despite his most recent reverse.
The dirigible s probably the most
practicable of all aerial craft for pass,
enger service, but until It Is perfected
accidents more or less eerie. us than
that of yesterday must be expecteil.
According to the National Assoe ia
tbn for the- stinly and Prevention of
Tuberculosis moro than J13.0ni.rK)
paid annually to quacks who com
Iund bogus consumption cure., uf
course there Is no method by which
the ac tual figures ran be eibtalne-e). ami
the association would have done bet
ter If It had not attempte-e! to be sta
tistical on that point.
The fact remains that quarks who
pretend to cure consumption by means
which are fraudulent e.n their facn
reap rich harvest out e.f sufferers who
naturally grasp at 'draws. Tho asso
elation claims that jnere than $3,000,
000 Is expended Jn soliciting the pat
ronage of victims, but perhaps that,
too, U guesswork. It Is true, however,
and has been true for a long time, that
abeut all of the quack cures for con
sumption rentaln morphine, e, plum
and e ho!ereform. They do not e nre
tuberculosis, but Ihey ba I to the for
mation of vll habit,, nnd hasten death.
Them are three klmta of "cures
which nre neit cures. There are the
neestrums which am sold over the
counter, there am "Institute's" which
t1-e1 their victims by aid ef the mails
and there are, finally, hom-Tnfvl
jredlijmpn,red In good faith but ae
(To be taken before and aftar meals
and frequently during interims. Shake
well and swallow slowly. Do not gulp,
but make your mental maw amass all
sides of each pellet.)
"Music has charms"; harmony helps
Breathe freely and fully i the more
you expand your chest the less you
will contract co'ds.
The "milk of human kindness" is in
no wise related to bad milk the milk
of human fiendishness.
When the sun shines take a run
around the block; then another.
When you grow old live again with
the young.
Most so-called chest protectors are
targets for colds and coughs.
Long hourt of labor mean short
hour of life.
Fly season is here. The sooner you
get rid of them the longer your baby
will stay here.
Disease germs don't go visiting if
you don't take them along.
Eat and drink moderately in order
that you may do so again tomorrow.
Open windows close the door to con
sumption. Any decent animal would rebel
against the condition of our street
cars. We not only "stand it" but wo
pay for it.
Air should be taken fresh from the
winds of heaven; don't breathe can
ned or boxed air.
Run up your shades and let the
sun's rays dance all over your house;
they bring health without undue hi
larity, nor will they wear out the car
pets. When you are asleep let fresh air
as well as the angels guard over you.
Mothers' milk for mothers' children;
cows' milk for calves.
Bottle fed children an evidence of
maternity run dry. Let the Fates
"God lent his creatures life and air
And waters open to the skies;
Man locks him in a stifling lair.
And wonders why his brother dies."
A green grass plot and leaf studded
branches will do more for your health
than man's concoctions.
.."Earth to earth, ashes to ashes" is a
motto which has no business over the
Have yeu noticed that every War
ner appedntee' Is laboring incessantly
for Kclley and since pat says he has
"cut loese from Warncrlsm ?" Isn't it
Hgniile-ant? ami doesn't it appear Just
a little ludicrous? Shepcrd Republi
can. Pat Kelley's petition was circulated
in tiiis city for twe weeks, and sent
back with erne solitary name-, pat Is
personally all right, but any man that
is suspected of having been expesel
to Warrie-rlsm. must be thoroughly fu
migated before the fellows will tie up
to him In this community. iSt. Iuls
This fre.m the Isabella Ce.unty Re
publican would net Indicate that Mr.
Kclley Is set solid In Isalnlla, his old
home-, as his managers have trice to
make It appear: "To anyone not fam
iliar with the facts In the case,atiel
Judging fnm the write-up In a few
papers, Patrick H. Kelley's "opening
-pe e i h" at Mt. Ple-Hsant was a whirl
wind eif enthusiasm. As a matter of
fact, the affair was a e'eeideel "freist."
Not mere- than 60 veiters were present,
and of that number, a majority faver
Chase S. frlrn fer gevcrneir. There Is
no disguising the fact that Isabella
eeiunty is overwhelmingly In favor ef
the Soe man for governor, ami a talk
with the loading republicans of the
county will convince the skeptic upen
this pednt."
Pat Kelley has given it out that he
has cut Peso freim Warner! Afte-r
furnishing the campaign oratory for
Warner for six years; after heddlng
Fred' hat auto-eampaigning with him
for thre-e terms; after repeatedly tur
Ing the state nnel te lling the., poopley
that WVtxricr was the euintcsence of
all that was pure nnd goexl; after dc
foneling the administration right up to
last wee-k, he comes out In a speech
at Mt. Pleasant and says ho Is through
with his chum! More power to ye, Pat.
Hut you am late; two years too late.
Had you mado this declaration two
years ago, and been sincere In It, the
presumption Ia ym would have had
very little opposition now. Your dec
laration of last week but goes to prove
that your six. years eulogy ef Warner
was not . what you tried to Impress
un the people, anel realizing this
they will be slow to view your new
smacks of pcditiral bunceeme, fejr what
can you,b now without the aid ef
Warner llltlo Job lot . of offlce-hdd-
era? KIkton Review,
remain, f anel J ll well ' f stabllshed,
that In oreler tei make a . succe ssf ul
fight against consumption, one must
have fresh air. rest and wholesome
food. Quack mtneelle must tx slnin-
tBy Dr. Hyman Cohen,
Second Assistant Mfdi
jQcal Inspector of Chicago.
cradle. Poverty and ignorance have
put it there and keep it there; let us
take it off.
The strenuous life is often the ruin
ous life.
When you don't know what o eat
eat nothing.
Work is wholesome; to idle is to
Strong drink makes weak men.
Teasing a baby to make it laugh is a
crying shame.
If you "appreciate" the air when you
come into the house you had better
stay out.
Children of tender age working in
factories means a crippled citizenship.
If you make a dusl bag out of your
lungs you may ba throwing the first
shovel full of earth on your own
Barring acciderrt, you should live as
long as you want to if you live as you
ought to.
An uncongenial occupation warps
the body and withers the soul.
To be healthy, to b able to share in
the world'a work and get an adequate
return, to repay posterity for the many
gifts received what greater good for
tune can one desiref
Tight lacing is a narrow practice.
If we would appreciate the value of
our health before it is broken it would
depreciate less.
Foremost among the factors that
make for good health are pure air,
pure water, and pure food; the an
tagonistic factors are ignorance, care
lessness, and cupidity.
Hygiene is humanity's hope.
A good laugh may help digestion.
Every room in the house should be
the cleanest, the sleeping room the
cleanest of them all.
Take an air bath whenever you can;
the blood will murmur "Thank you" in
tones of delicious surging and your
skin will echo it.
Laughing is the sunshine of exist
ence; flood yourself with it and let it
overflow others.
Dark living rooms speedily plant
candles at your head.
Evolution has released your teeth
from the task of food getting devote
them to food chewing.
Good health is, the best form of life
Father S was remarkable for
his ready wit. On one occasiem, while
traveling on n steambeiat, u well
known sharper, who wished to" get ln
to the priest's good graces, said:
"Father, I should like very much to
hear one of yeur sermons."
"Well, said the clergyman, "you
could have heard me last Sunday If
yeu hud been where yeu should have
"Where was that, pray?"
"In the eeiunty Jail," answoroel the
bluff priest as he walked away. Tld
iJits. MIDAS.
Midas had come to that point in his
career where everything he touched
turned to gold.
"What shall yeu ever do with the
stuff?" asked his entourage In visible
it I arm.
Midas affected not to be uneasy.
"Just wait till the Ineys begin to touch
me," euoth he, displaying an acquain
tance with economic tendencies far In
advance of his age. Puck,
There are two young men of St.
Louis, partners in a business eencern,
the younger of whom fer n long time
was addicted to the habit of reading
to tho other fxtracts frem letters of a
teneler nature penned by a young wo
man of Chicngo signing herself
Not so very long after the eleler
partner returned from an eastern. trip
In time to attend the wedding recep
tion of his friend and business asso
ciate. In his best manner tho onier of the
firm offered his congratulations to the
brlele. "I do not feel thnt I am ad
dressing a stranger," said he, "seeing
that I have freeiuently had the honor
nnel pleasure of hearing extracts from
his darling Claire's letters,"
"I beg your pardon," responeleel the
bride. Into whoso eyes there crept n
curious expression, "but my name Is
Violet." The Independent.
A trp'.ned ostrich recently discon
certed Its exhibitor at a music hall by
continually endeavoring to break
away from all restraint and to climb
over the feotllghts Into the orchestra.
The widely advertised net eam to
a sudden end. nnd the professor
emerged from behind the curtain nnd
apologised for the actions of his pet
in about these word: 1 " '
vPtV p3L )V
BEST & RUSSELL CO., Distributors
very seirry tej disappoint you this
hevening. We are compelled to cease
enir hengage-ment until the manage
ment hengage s a new orchestra leader.
"The? one at prese-nt heiupleeyed 'ere
'as ne 'air en tep of ls Vail, and my
bird takes 'im for a hegg." Tit-liits.
1C0S Jeeshua njltc, fer twenty-five
years pastor of old Neirth church,
born in lioston. l)ied there May 22,
174S. ' , . '
1776 The Pynnsylvania livening
Pest ce:itaineel an article suggesting
"The l.'nited States . of America" as
the name of the new nation.
17SI Thomas Jefferson was the
guest of the city of ltoston.
17S'J Discovery of the Mackenzie
1K63 Confederates destroyed the
railroad bridge at Carlisle, Pa.
1864 Salmem P. jChase reslgneel as
Secre-tary of the Treasury.
1871 Hrltlsh Cedumbia entered the
Confederation. 9
1891 PHnce George of Greece arriv
ed In Chicago.
1904 John L. Mitchell, former U. S.
senator from Wisconsin, cj'cd In Mil
waukee. Porn there Oct. 19, 1S42.
George W. Stevens, presielent ef the
Chesapeake & Ohio railway, was beirn
In Utlca, Ohh, Juno 29, 1831. 1'rom
1864 to 1870 he was messenger at the
Utlca station and agent ami telegraph
operator feir the Paltlmoro & Ohb
from 1870 te 1873. Then he became as
sistant dispatcher and dispatcher fer
the Pennsylvania, ami from that posl
tlert went to the W'abash, St. Louis &
Pacific, with headejuarters at St. Louis,
serving eight years as dispatcher, two
years as division superintendent, nnel
several years as assistant to the gen
eral superintendent. Then he went to
the Chesapeake & Ohio. In 18!0-1 he
was general superintendent with hend
eiuarters at Hichmemd. Then he be
came general manager nnel since 1900
he has been the president of the sys
June 22, 29; July 6, 13, 20, 27; Aug. 3,
10. 17. 24, 31; Sept. 7. 14.
De fault having be-en made In the
condition of a certain mortgage made
by Mattl Wiiara anel . Selma Waara,
his wife, of Osceola Township, IT.mgh
ten County, Michigan, to Wickstrom
anel Company, a corporation organized
nnel existing uneler and by virtue of the
laws of tho i state of Michigan, of the
Township of Calumet, Houghton Coun
ty, Michigan, dated the seventh day of
December, A. D., 1909, nnd recorded In
the office of the Register of Deeds for
the County of Houghton nnel State of
Michigan, on the eighth day of Decem
ber, A. D.. 1909, In Liber XX of mort
gages, on pages 130 nnd 131, on which
mortgage there Is claimed to be due at
the date of this notice, fer principal
nnel Interest, the sum of One Thousand
Three Hundred Seventy-ene Dedlars
and seventy-seven cents $1,371.77) nnd
nn attorney's fee of twenty-five (23.00)
Dedlars, ns provided for In said mert
gage, nnel no suit or proceeellngs nt
law having been Instituted to re-cover
the memeys secured by said mortgnge,
or any pHrt thereof.
Notice Is Hereby Given, that by vir
tue of the power of sale contained fit
said mortgage, nnrl the statute In such
case made nnd provided, on Mevnday,
Robert Bums
Made of the same leaf, and with the
same care. Mild in flavor a. mild
ness that's 70r than zvrapper-decp,
mild all through but just as satisfy
ing as a heavy Havana which costs
you and your health much more.
Robert Burns 10c (when you've
time for a long smoke).
Little Bobbie 5c (for odd moments
nf the dav and niht).
The same
at 10 o'clock In the forenein, the un
eicrsigneel will, at the front ibior of the
Court House in the Village of Hough
ten, in Houghton County, Michigan,
that being the County In which the
premises to be sold are situated and
being the place w he re the Circuit Court
fer the County of Houghten Is held,
sell at public auction. te the highest
bidder, the premises described In unlet
tneertgage, or so much thereof as may
be necessary to pay the aniount so as
aforcsiiel due on mild mortgage, with
seven per cent Interest, and all legal
costs, tegcther with said atterney's
fees, which said premises are described
in salel mortgage as follows, to-wit:
All that certain piece or parcel of land
situate and being in the Township of
Osceola, In the County of Heughten
and State of Michigan, and described
as follows, to-wlt; The Southeast cpuar
tcr (SEVi) of the northwest epiarter
(NW'J) of Section Twenty-nine (29),
Township Fifty-six (S) North, Range
Thirty-three (33) West.
Py C. J. Wickstrom, Manager,
Dated June 20. 1910.
C. Albert Marsch,
Attorney for Mortgagee. (
Lusiness address:
Calumet, Michigan.
June 22, 29; July 6, 13.
The Probate Court for the County of
At a session of said Court, held at
tho Probate Office In the Village of
Houghton In said county, on tho
21st day of June, A. D. 1910.
Present: Hon. George C. llcntley,
Judge of probate.
In the matter of tho Estate of Ben
jamin Chynoweth, deceased.
Mary Chynoweth having filed In said
court her final administration account,
and her petition praying for the al
lowance thereof nnd for the assign
ment and distribution of the residue of
said estate,
It Is Ordered, That the 18th day of
July, 1910, nt ten o'cleick In the fero
noetn, at said probate office, be and Is
hereby nppedntcd for examining nnd
allowing said account and hearing said
It Is Further Ordered, That public
notice thereof bo given by publication
of a cepy of this order once each week
for three successive weeks previous to
said day of hearing, In The Calumet
News, u newppaper printed and circu
lated In said ceunty.
(Seal) " GEO. C. DENTLKY,
Judge of Probate. t
A true ropy,
Geo. D. Freeman,
Register of Probate.
Juno 29; July 6, 13, 10.
The Probate Court for the County of
At a session of said , Court, held ot
tho Probate. Office In the Village of
Houghton In said county on the
27th clay of June, A. D. 1910.
Present: Hon. Ge-o. C. Pentlcy,
Judge of Probate.
In the matter of the Estate of Mattl
Koskela, deceased.
Maria, A. Koskela having filed In
said court her petition praying that
the administration ef said estate be
granted to Maria A. Koskela or to
semic other suitable person.
It is Ordered, That the 23th day of
July, A. D. 1910. nt ten o'clock In the
forenoon, at said probate office, be and
Is hereby appointed for hearing said
It Is Further Ordered. That public
notice thereof he given by publication
Presents his son
Little Bobbie
5c Cigar
Exactly halfxhz
size exactly
teas in a bod.
dealer sells both.
Chicago, III.
for three successive weeks previous to
said day of hearing, In The Calumet
News, a newspaper printed and drcu
lated In said county.
Judge of Probate.
A true copy.
Geo. I). Freeman,
Hegistrr of Probate.
Galbrailh & McCormack,
Attys. for Kstate.
PusincsM aeldress:
Calumet, Mich.
June 13. 22, 29; July 5.
The Probate Court for the County of
At a session of a Id Court, held at
the Probate Office, In the Village of
Houghton in tin Id county, on the
Gth day of June, A. D. 1910.
Trcsent: Hon. Geo. O. Ilentlcy,
Judge of Trobate.
In the matter of the Estate of Caro
line E. Nilson, deceased.
Charles A. Nelson nnd Henry "W.
Nelson, administrators of said estate,
having filed In said court their petition
praying that the time for the present
atlon of claims ugalnst said estate bo
limited and that u time and place be
appointed to receive, exmlno and ad
Just all claims nnd demands against
salel deceased by and before salel court,
It Is Ordered, That four rmmths from
this date bo allowed for creditors to
present claims against said estate;
It is Further Ordered, That the 11th
day of October, 1910, at ten o'clock In
the forenoon, at said probate office, be
nnd is hereby appointed for the exam
(nation and adjustment of all claims
and demands against said deceased,
and that notice thereof bo given by
publication once each week, for three
successive weeks previous to said day
of hearing, In Tho Calumet News, u
newspaper printed and circulated In
said county.
A true copy.
Judge of Probate
Geo. D. Freeman,
Register of Probate.
June 1, 8, 13, 22. 29; July 6, 13, 20, 27;
Aug. 3, 10, 17, 24.
Default having been made in the
conditions of a certain mortgage made
by Nicholas S. Pray and Cecelia Hray,
his wife, of tho township of Calumet,
county of Houghton nnd state of Mich
igan, to William J. Reynolds and Jo
seph Jcffery, co-partners under tho firm
name of Reyncdds & Jcffery, of tho
samo place, bearing dato tho twenty
eighth day of November, A. p. 1903,
and recorded In the office of tho Regis
ter of Deeds fer the county of Hough
ton, Michigan, on the feurteenth day
of December, A. D. 1903, In Liber CJQ
of Mortgages, on pages 149 to 151 In
clusive, which said mortgage was duly
assigned by tho said William J. Reyn
olds and Elizabeth A. Reyncdds, his
wife, and Joseph Jcffery and Eliza
beth J. Jcffery, his wife, to Henry
Hoehner, of Calumet township, Ilough
tem county, Michigan, by a certain as
signment of mortgago dated the tenth
day of November, A. D. 1906, nnd re
corded In tho offlco of the Register of
Deeds for said county of Houghton,
Michigan, on tho twelfth day of No
vember. A. I). 190, In Liber NN of
Mortgagor on page 329, which said
mewtgago was thereafter and on, to-
wlt, tne said tenth day of November,
A. D. 1908 assigned by the said Henry
Hoehner to Joseph Jcffery, of Caiu-
met township, Houghton county, Mien-
Igin, which said Inst mentioned ns-
of the Register of Deeds for the said
county of Houghton, Michigan, on the
fifteenth day of November, A. D. pios
Liber NN of Mortgages on paguSl,
i which said mortgago there is claim,
d to be duo at the date of this no
he the sum of two thousand five hull.
dred twenty-one nnd 90-100 dollars
2,321.90), and no suits or proceeding
at law or in equity having been Insti
tuted to recover the moneys secured
by said mortgage, or any part thereof;
Now, therefore, Py virtue of the
lower of sale contained In the said
mortgage, nnd the statute In such cas0
made and provided, notice Is herebv
given that on Thursday, tho twenty-
iirth day of August, A. D. 1910, at ton
o'ebtek In 'the forenoon there will be
seld ut public auction to the highest
bidder, at tho front door of the Court
House In tho village of Houghton, in
the county of Houghton. Michigan
(that being tho place w here the Circuit
Court for said county is holdcn) the
premises described in said mortgage,
or so much thereof as may be neces
sary to pay the amount due on said
mortgage with seven per cnt interest
and all legal costs ns provided for in
said mortgage, nnd an attorney fee of
thirty-five (33) dollars, as nlso provid
ed for In said mortgage. The prem
ises describ d in said mortgage being
oil those certain pieces or parcels of
land situat d in tho village of Laur
ium, county of Houghton and state e.f
Michigan, and described as follows, to
wlt: Lots numbered seventeen (17),
eighteen (18), and nineteen (19) n
Plock numbered twelve (12) In the
Second Addition to tho village of Cal
umet (now Laurium) according to tho
plat thereof of record In the office of
the Register of Dcds for said ceumty
of Houghton, Michigan, together with
tho tenements, heredlaments and ap
purtenanccs thereunto now or here
after belonging or in anywise apper
taining or thereupon situated.
Dated this twenty-seventh day of
May, A. I). 1910.
Assignee of Mortgagee.
Kerr & Petcrmann,
Attorneys for Assignee.
Ilusiness address,
Calumet, Michigan.
Juno 1, 8, 13, 22. 29. nnd July 6.
Default having been made In thecon
dltions of a certain mortgage made by
John Messner and Rarbara Messner,
his wife, of the township of Calume t,
Houghton county, Michigan, to Ernst
Hollmann, of the township of Osceola
In said county, bearing date tbe four
teenth day of November, A. D. 1900,
and recorded in tho office of the Reg
ister of Deeds for the County of
Houghton, Michigan, on tho twenty
eighth day of November, A. I). 1900,
In Liber DD of Mortgages on pages 98
and 99, which galdortgage was duly
assigned by the executors of the last
will and testament of said Ernst r.nll
mann, lately deceased, by assignment
dated September fourteenth, A. D.
1906, nnel recorded In tho ollice of the
Register of Deeds for said county of
Houghton, October 6, 1906. in Liber JJ
of Mortgages on pages 269 to 272, to
tho residuary legatees named in said
Last Will and Testament, and by said
residuary legatees by assignment on
the eighteenth day of September, A.
D. 1906, to the Bollman Land & In
vestment company, a corporation or
ganized and existing under and by vir
tue of the laws of tho state of Wis
consin, which said last assignment
was recorded in the office of the Reg
ister of Deeds for, said county of
Houghton on tho sixth day of October,
A. D. 1906, In Liber J J of Mortgages
on pages 272 to 275, on which aaid
mortgage there Is claimed to be due
at Uie dato of this notice the sum of
two thousand nine hundred fifty-thrrt
and 88-100 ($2,953.39) dejllars, and no
suits or proceedings at Jaw or In
eeiulty having been instituted to re
cover the moneys secured by said
mortgage, or any part thereof:
Now, therefore, by vlrtuo of the
power of sale contained In said mort
gage, and the statute In such case
made and provided, notice Ij hereby
given that on Thursday, the seventh
day of July, A. D. 1910, at ten o'clock
in the forenoon. there will be sold at
public auction to the highest bidder,
at the front door of the Court House
In lh Vllt.urn of Houghton, lit th
County of Houghton. Michigan. (Hint
being tho place where the Circuit
Court for said county Is holdcn) the
rlhed in said mortgage.
or so much thereof ns may bo neces-
sarw to pay the amount duo on sain
n,rtn-afr. with six Der cent Interest
nnd nil legal costs as provided for in
said mortgage, and an attorney ieo m
thlrty-fivo (35) dollars, as als. provid
ed for In said mortgage. The prem
ises described In said mortgage uuns
an ihnnfl certain nieces or parcels 'f
land situated and b'elng in the town
ship of Calumet. In the county e.
Houghton and state of Michigan, and
described as follows, to-wlt: I'"
viv tz nnd Four (O nt' a
certain portion of lot numbered Three
(3) adjoining said lot Four CO anJ
running the full length of said I i
Three (3). Said lots Five anel 1-ur
. .!.. in ,wk numbcrrti
Thlrty-slx (36) In the plat of the Finn
Addition to the Village or i"
according to the recorded plat "rre
on file in tho office of tho Register or
Deeds for said counfy of Houghton,
reserving and excepting therefrom . tj
.... e... hn minerals ni
previous K'"""" " i . en
ores upon snld land and the right to
mine the same to within fifteen feet ol
tho surface of tho rock, together
tho tenement, hereditaments n.-. -
pjrtcnances thereunto now or n
after belonging or in any."
talnlng or thereupon isituated.
Dated this twelfth day oi
Assignee of Mortice.
Kerr petcrmann,
Attorneys for Alnc.

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