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Hancock Department
M. E. District Supt. Pasco in Ontona
gon County Yesterday,
lie v. James Pascoe, genurul superin
tendent of tho Houghton District of
tlio Methodist church, conducted quar
terly conferences Saturday und yes
terday ut Rockland und Ontonagon,
these being the last to bo lit Id during
the present church year. Tomorrow
evening Revs, Pascoe, Shaw and Mar
vin, who constitute the program coin
inittcc of the Copper Country Chau
tauqua, will report to the Chautauqua
executive committee tho results of a
recent conference with a representa
tive of the Chautauqua ManuKers' as
sociation, who visited here last week
and presented a list of speakers from
which selections inny be made for next
year's assembly.
Rev. Mr, Pascoe and Rev. W. m
Marvin will leaxe next Sunday evening
with other copper country pastors for
rilnt, t attend the annual Detroit
conference, at which assignments of
pastors for tho ensuing years will be
made. Most of the copper country
pastors will probably be returned,
with the exception of Rev. M. II. Kl
dred of Powublo, who has expressed
a desire to be assigned elsewhere and
who yesterday preached his farewell
sermon to his congregation at Pcwa
bic. A special meeting of the members of
the Hancock M. K. church will be held
this evening to discuss arrangements
for the observance of the fiftieth an
niversary of the church, which will oc
cur In November.
Arrangements for the Final Games of
Season by Hancock.
' The Hancock baseball team will go
to HuhhcU on Sunday next for a dou
ble hcc.dor game with the Hubbell
team, and the llnal game of the sea
son of 1U11 for the locals will take
place ut the Driving park diamond in
Hancock on Sunday, September 24.
Hancock has played good ball this sea
Bon, but luck wub against them ami
they landed pretty dose to the bottom
of the column in the championship
race. Many local grimes have had to
be postponed on account of bid
weather and as a consequence the
treasury Is not so full as In former
years, each team only receiving the re
ceipts for games played at home. Tho
l)oys and fans arc not discouraged and
expect to bo In the race again next
summer with a strong team and re
newed hopes of winning the pennant.
The corps of Hoy Scouts orgmlzod
some time ago among the boys of the
Hancock Congregational church, will
get together tomorrow evening to con
sider plans for active work during the
fall and winter. During the vacation
period most of the boys have been en
joying Independent outings and camp
ing trips, but from now on they will
bo engaged In practicing the work of
the organization and occasional tramp
ing trips will be undertaken.
On Wednesday evening the Mary
and Martha club will hold another
meeting, at which the committee on
nominations, appointed last Friday
evening, will submit Its report and the
election of ofllccrs will take place.
Continuation of the Labor Day Outing
at Hancock Grove.
The second Installment of tho fjjibor
Day picnic, held yesterday afternoon
at tho Hancock prove In west Han
cock, was a perfect success, tho after-
roon being ono of the brightest of the
summer, and a large crowd being In
I Was Cured by Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound
U'oiifitm nirio 'T h.ad fem.ilfl troiv
ble.s for seTcn years, was all rundown,
!i;.!iil.'v''i"i''!;';-!Jan so nervous J
rnuid not ao any
thing-. Tho doc ton
treated mo for dif
ferent things but
did mo no good. 1
got bo )ad that 1
could not sleep day
or night. Whilo In
this condition I road
T.vdla. K. link.
ham's Vegetable
Compouuu, and
heron It 11 SO Blld
wrntnin f iu lHnkham for advice. In
n Bhort time I had gained my average
weight and am now strong and well.
Mrs. Sai-lie Steven. K. 1. ! 2o.
S, JJox 31, Waurika, UKia.
Another Grateful Woman.
ti..r,ini.nn niica T was in a nrr
Tons, run down condition and for three
years could find no help. . . .
"I owo my present good health Xo
Lydia K. lMnkham's Vegetable Com-
pound and Hlood runner wmcu a w
"My doctor knows what helped mo
, a ...Anl nrraliiat It
una aocs not uv uuu
Mrs. Maui Janktte Bates, Vox
134, Huntington, Mass.
n,.OQ vnnr t!an in n difficult one.
A I.r. rr rlntin VOIl 11(1 ffOOU. (10
not continue to suffer without giving
1 I.l IN.L l.nm'a ITMfTef.tlda tJODl-
pound a trial. It surely has cured
many cases of fenwile Ills, sucn as iu-
a - ..lmtlnn Hlsnl.lCeniCntS.
ill .. I I Urnmi ir t P.4. ttf'rlOUlO
pains, backache, that bearing-down
feeling, and iieiToua prosirauvu.
attendance. The list of sports sched
uled for last Monday afternoon, but
which wero iostponed on account of
rain, was carried out and some of the
events afforded a great deal of amuse
ment. Refreshments In ubundanco were
provided und thero was dancing all af
ternoon and evening, with music by
tho Isle Royalo band.
Five Franklin Residents Arrested for
Alleged Rioting.
H ive men living at tho Franklin lo
cation on Qulucy hill were arrested
last evening by Deputy Sheriff Vivian.'
the. charge against them being "aiding
and abetting and otherwise participat
ing In u riot, disturbance, and disor
derly conduct .on the day usually
known as Sunday." They were not
locked up but released on tho under
standing that they were to appear bo
fore Justice of tho Peace Kichkcrn
this morning' for a hearing. Tiny all
showed up In due season and their ex
amination was postponed until this af
ternoon. The arrests were in pursuance of the
movement started some time ago to
bring about peaceful and orderly con
ditions on the hill, where noise and
disturbances of various kinds have
been tho usual order of things, the
holiday rest being taken udvnntage of
by some of the, foreign residents to
get together and have what they ap
parently regarded as a good time, end
ing up with brawls and disturbances.
A large number of arrests have been
made on similar charges during the
past two months, twenty-two persons
having been taken in charge and tried
for creating disturbances in that ie-
rlod. The oihVials are determined to
make conditions on the hill, where po
lice supervision Is not available, -as
rjulct and the Sabbath as restful as it
is in the towns and cities.
Announcement was made this morn
ing of the wedding of Frank Wilcox
and Miss Margaret Scott, both resi
dents of Hancock, tho marriage having
tukeu place about a month ago, Rev.
11. C. Khaw of the Houghton M. 1Z
church olllciating. Mr. Wilcox Is em
ployed as engineer at tho Franklin
Junior and he and his bride will make
their home at Franklin.
A recital by music pupils of Miss
Alice It. Camper will be given some
evening this week at the Congregation
al church. Miss Paula Halre will be
the accompanist on the piano, Miss
Jenkins ut the organ nnd Mr. FJddlo,
violinist, will assist. Others who will
lake part In the recital nro Misses
Henwood, Halre. Spitz. Shields, Mc
Namara, McLean, Mrs. Morrow and
Messrs. Richards and Kngstrom.
. I .
. hancock brevities.
William Allan will leave Wednesday
evening for a visit to Detroit.
William Thomas. Joseph Paull, Paul
Carah and William Hosklng are enjoy
ing a two weeks' trip to Detroit.
Mrs. C. 11. Saxby returned this
morning from a visit of a couple of
weeks with friend In Chicago.
A reunion of the members of the
Lanctot family took place yesterday at
the Ii net t farm near the entry In
honor of the birthday anniversary of
Mrs. David Lanctot,' Sr.
Mirths reported to the city clerk re
cently are those of a son to Mr. and
Mrs. Antonio il-Vderlghl of 1040 Summit
street, nnd a daughter to Mr. and Mrs.
Nathan Joelson of 3J Franklin street.
A large delegation of memlwrs of
the Columbus Temple of Honor of
Qulncy went to Trlmountaln Saturday
evening as guests of the Trlmountaln
Temple, nnd enjoyed an evening or
feasting' and good fellowship.
Dr. John llamblyn, who had been
spending an extended summer vaca
tion visiting at hl former borne in
Hancock, will leave today to return to
Tacoma, Wash., where he Is connected
with one of the hospitals.
Mrs. Thomas Coughlln has gone to
Ontonagon to attend th funeral of her
father, the late Paul IKdan, who died
last Friday at the aged of 86 years.
The funcrul was held ut Ontonagon
this morning.
The Hancock board of education
holds Its regular session tomorrow
evening when it is expected that the
high school site problem will be wrest
led with prayerfully and earnestly.
Mrs. A. A. Tillman returned on Sat-
urday from Grand Ituplds where she
attended the annual grand lodge os
sion of tho Pythian 'Sisters, as repre
sentative, of ligle Harbor Chapter of
this city.
Tha Gloomy Enaliehman.
Tim nan liinv he wildly running, the
birds may bo making love, and tho sun
brUMnntly shining In a sky of exqu
Ito blue, but la tho henrt of tho aver
niN Englishman thero seems a per
letual Good Friday, and lu 11 mind
Iho fixed idea that life is ouo long, un
ending Monday morning and the
month eternally November. London
A Discussion on Talk.
Tommy Pon. what Is tho dlffeTcnei
between a dialogue nnd a monologue?
pop When two .women talk, my son,
it'a a dlalomio: but when a woman car
ries on a conversation with ber hus
band lt'M ft monologuo. Exchange.
. - ; i
A Punier.
WIllte -ra? Pa Yes. Willie Tench
rr says wo're here to help others. Ta
Of course we arc. Willie Well, what
are tho others her fort Chicago
. Contractor Frank Hushnell started
work this morning on tho Calumet
street paving excavation and Is mak
ing good headway. The street car
tracks probably will bo removed thl
week and after tho grade Li establish
ed the active work of laying the new
pavement will commence. Contractor
Tabor sub-let the contract for the
excavating to William Anderson of
Calumet ami the latter In turn sub
let the contract to Mr. Itushncll.
Tho Ijiko Linden Independents de
feated tho A lioness team In an Inter
esting game on t ho Lake Tendon
grounds yesterday, the final score be
ing 12 to 7.
The Mohawk Cubs won from the
Hustlers by the score of 5 to 3, in
eleven innings. Tho teams have met
twlco before and yesterday's game
was tho first won by the Mohawk nine.
The funeral of the lato John Pue,
who died suddenly Saturday morn
ing, was held this afternoon, with
services from the Hubbell Congrega
tional church in charge of Hev. I K.
Ing of Calumet. The remains were
Interred at the Maple Hill cemetery.
Kmmett Connelly and John Perrault
of Hubbell leave tomorrow for St.
Paul, where they will enjoy a two
weeks' vacation.
Itev. and Mrs. W. M. Ward of the
Laurlum M. 11 and .Itev. and. Mrs. C.
I Adams of the Calumet M. K church
are guests of Rev. 11. II. Malllnson
today. They will visit the local stamp
mills. "
Graham Pope Experts Shipment of
Monument Base Soon.
Graham Pope, donor of the proposed
soldiers' monument to the village of
Houghton, this morning expressed Ilia
satisfaction with the site on Pearl
ktrect selected by the council for the
location of the statue. Mr. Pope would
have preferred, however, to have It
placed nearer the business section of
the town. Dakota street near the
bridge being In his opinion the best
available site if arrangements could
have been made Ut secure a narrow
fctrln for the widening of the street,
to allow of a driveway on either sido
of the monument plat.
He Is desirous of having the foun
dation and curbing laid aH quickly as
possible, In order that the cement may
have time to set before the arrival of
the large stones that are to be used
In erecting the pedestal for the monu
ment, nnd which he at any time ex
pects to hear have been shipped from
"I wish," said Mr. Pope, "that peo
ple would not refer to the soldiers'
monument ns 'Graham Pope's Statue'
or the 'Pope Monument.' as many have
been doing. Some one remarked the
other day 'It was a pity that they
couldn't wait until Pope was dead be
fore erecting a monument to him, evU
dently having a ndstaken Idea as to
the purposes of the monument. It re
minds me of an incident that I noticed
at Charleston, S. C, where a hotel
keener wlto hail fought in the Confed
erate army during the Civil Whr had a
large statue of himself erected In one
of the pnrks. It was dedicated to
'General' Wagner, but. I found that the
man had not been an olllcer at all and
had placed the title on the monument
ho thought It would look
Tknmn Robcoo of C hateell Fished
Fished Out of Portage Lake.
On Sunday night at about half pa.it
H k nitleer 11I. Itourassa of
n...ciiti,t mill another man heard
What the Kidneys Do
Tk.i. Ilnraaftinn Work KoeDS U
Strong and Healthy.
All tho Wood in tho body passes
through tho kidneys onco every three
mtnutcs. The kidneys Alter the blood.
They work night nnd day. W?ien
healthy, they remove n'bout 600 grains
of lmpuro matter dally, wnen un
healthv some part of this Invpuro mat
tor Is left In the Wood. This brlnigs
on many diseases and Bymptoms
pain In the back, headache, nervous
ness, hot, dry skin, rheumatism, gout
gravel, disorders of tho eyesight ami
hearing, dltxlness, Irregular heart, tic
blllty. drowsiness, dropsy, deposits In
tho urine, etc. JJut If you keep the
filters right you will have no trouble
with your k'dneys.
Jamca Jdcllardy, 304 7th st, Calumet,
Atloh..' says: "I know that Doan'a
vi.inrv T1 nosscss great curative
powers. Aly back was lame and there
wns mt,fh fain In my kidneys. A
short time oftcr i began using- Doan's
Kidney Pills, these difficulties wero
corrected and I am now enjoying good
For sal by all dealers. Price 60
cents. Foster-iMIlburn Co., Huffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
More than a akin aalve ie needed to
cure pilee permanently.
Don't be disappointed If you fail to
get a lasting cure of piles with salves.
Tho cause of piles is more than skin
deep. It is sluggish, llabby veins
pockets tilled with thick, bad boo.
HKM-UOID, a tabl.t lonle remedy,
Is taken inwardly, acts on the circula
tion und cures all kinds of plies thor
ough ly.
l for lit days' Mipply at Eagle Phar
macy, Calumet, Mich., Li iirlum phar
macy, lurlum, Mich., and all drug
gists. Dr. leonhardt Co., Kt-ttlon II,
uffalo, N. V., mall a lice booklet.
lies for 'help from someone in the
lake in the vicinity of thu Peninsula
Wholesale Grocery docks. Hastening
towards tho upot wheiiee tho cries
seemed to proceed u man was seen
floundering in tlie water ttinl yelling
lu.-dlly for assistance With tho aid of
a long plank the two men succeeded
after much exertion In lauding the
man on the dock, and with teeth
haltering from the cold, he was tak-
n to tho (ounty building to have his
drenched clothing dried. He gave his
riamo as Thomas Hoseoe and said he
was from Chussoll, ut could not toll
how he came to fall into tho lake.
The Houghton chapter of the Order
of the Kastern Star will bold a regular
meeting Thursday f ver.ing for the pur
pose of electing olllccrs for tho ensuing
In the Rage of Battle They Turn From
Dull to Brilliant Colore.
In tho cardens of Singapore it is the
custom to stock the ismds with all
manner of queer flshes, many or tueni
of the fighting variety so dear to too
heart of the orientals. This species of
flsh la ao combntlve that it 1 only nec-
eesary to place two of them uear encu
other, like fighting cocks, and perhaps
to Irritate them a little to bring on a
lively conflict.
They at once charge each other wltn
fin a erect, at the some time changing
color in their excitement from tlie dull
est of gray greens to brilliant reds and
blues. Indeed, confinement in close
quarters la not needed to arouse their
combative propensities.
Place two class Jars clone togetuer.
nna et lhtH Hirhtlm? ftsll in euCll
and they will at once swlra round aud
endeavor to charge each other through
the interposed glass.
Eyeu a single Dsn seeing bimseir re
floetpA in a mirror will dart at his
own Image and, irritated all the more
hv hl failure to reach hi supposeu
enemy, will assume the most brilliant
hues. Beelmr his reflected antagonise
do the same, he will redouble his ef
forts to reach him. Exchange.
Photographs For Laweuite.
One call for services a professional
photographer dislikes above all others
and that is to get an order ror a pic
ture that is to be URed ns evidence in
a lawsuit The photographers who are
most in demand Tor this purpose ore
iho busiest ones, those who make a
specialty of taking pictures ot news
events for the papers and magazines.
When nnv one wants photographic evi
dence he Is likely to remember the
name of some firm ot professionals
that be has seen often In print and
oaks them to do the job.
"We wouldn't mind that sort oi
work an much If taking the picture
was all that there was to it," paid one
of theso picture men. "We got $3 or
ss for the Picture. Later we get a
snbioena, and wo have to send to
court the man that took It, to swear
that he recognizes his work, that he
took the picture, that he never was
arrested nnd a lot of other fool stun:
that uses un a day's time. Therefore
wo never touch such n Job knowingly."
New York Bun.
A Curious Locomotive.
The Dnrleellmr-nitnalayas railway Is
one of the most curious In the world.
It la of two foot cauce and on ac
count of the steepness Is full of loops,
curves nnd snlrals. many of tho curves
having ouly seventy feet radius. Some
of the gradients are as high as ono
foot In twenty-' lent. A special type ot
locomotive, the Oarratt, bad to be
made for It at Manchester. This loco
motive was required by the speclflca
lions to be able to travel on reverse
curves not exceeding sixty feet radi
os, with only twenty feet of leugtn ot
tan nt between the curves. The en
gine consists of a frame supported at
each end by four wheeled bogles, eacn
of which Is described as a mlulature
locomotive without boiler. The boiler
is carried on the frame between the
bogles. Youth's Companion.
Doth Wrong.
. Bandy and his master drove up to
tbo small stntlort as the train approach'
cd. 'Here's ycr train. Blr. said Kan
dy. "That is not my train,' replied the
master, who had his own ideas about
correct speech. 'Tint it's tho tram I
am going by.H But It Lappened to bo
a special train and didn't stop at the
station, whereupou Sandy exclaimed.
"We're balth wraog. for if neither
your train nor the ono ye're gaun by,
bat if a the ane that's gane by you.'
"Bay, m aroma, can Anna seo In the
dark. like a catr
"Woy, child, what makes yon ask
roch a auestlon 7
. Ob, last night when Cousin Cart
wna here I beard Anna say in the
dark room, 'Yon must really shave
oftener, Carl.' "-Exchange.
"Tour wife never slogs any more-
Did she loso her voice Y
"No; she found her senses." Toledo
Wade. ' ' '
Self Indulgence deprives n man of ev
erytalng that might make him great
Classified Ads bring results.
Governors of Many States Will Attend
Conference to Be Held at Spring Lake, N. J.
: ' if $mi :
( x .tyl 0:m., :
A variety of liujtortaut subjects 1 on tho program for dLscusslon at the governors' conference to be held at Spring
Lake, N. J., Sept. 12-1C Tho chief executives of the states of Wyoming, Kentucky, Montana, Alabama, Illinois,
Massachusetts, New York, Mississippi, Missouri. Nebraska, Iowa, Oregon nnd ML. i.'ean will Ie the Bankers. More
than thirty governors have promised to bo present. Addresses will be made on "Strengthening tho Power of the Ex
ecutive," "Km ploy era' Liability and Worklngmen's Compensation," "The Inheritance Tax and State Comity," "The
night of the State to Fix interstate Tralllc Kates," "State Control of Public Utilities" and "Problems of Prison La
bor." Governor Wilson will welcome the delegates. William Georgo Jordan is secretary of the conference.
Wouldn't Take Foy's Money.
Kddle Coy. the actor, lives near New
Pochello arid owns a motor car. The
other day the comedian was in a hurry
to get to New York to attend a re
hearsal. The car was In front of his
home. He gave the crank a twist.
Something broke In the engine nnd the
The Committee has outlined a campaign of develop
ment work, and believes that the property owneu vy r,j
Central s of great potential value.
Wolverine dir. ctors m-t Thursday
semi-annual dividend of $1 p-r share
2 to shareholders of record Sept. 30.
company paid a dividend of $5. The
31 a share was not unexpected.
During the past six months Wolverine lias maintained
a regular production at the rate of
pounds per annum. This copper was
of approximately 7.5 cents per pound,
received a fraction nbpvo I2.r, cents
inps for the year are now running very close to ."i0o,
000 on a xloek Issue of 60,000 shares, or e-pial to a little
less than $9 per share.
The company is now sinking a shaft on the Osceola
lode. Some drifting was done on the llrst level of this
s'hart, 'i: feet deep, but It disclosed no important re
sults. Wolverine had a surplus In excess of 1700,000 ac
cording to the last annual report.
No. 1 shaft of Indiana Is now close to 300 reel In depth.
This shaft has to go well over 1,000 feet in depth before
reaching tho deposit or vein which was disclosed in No.
2 drill hide about two years ago. This is the objective
point of No. 1 shaft. A second shaft Is to be started, pro
bably before winter Is here. Developments at the Husey
llowo property will bo watched carefully by Indiana as
It may Indicate a new lino of operations to bo pursued
ut that property. Tlie strength In Indiana shares this
week, when they void freely at $S was due not to any
Iriportant property developments, but rather to the de
rlro of some who bought the stock at high prices to even
up. Unless Indiana sold some of its treasury stock In
the open market the company's funds
ipfktng the question of further financing open for con
Centennial Is said to be Just paying its way with cop
ler selling at 12',i cents per pound.
Renting continues to maintain a
which shows a prolU of closo to $30,000 monthly.
Old Dominion declared a quarterly
f 50 cents per share. The payment
S to shareholders of record Sept. 20.
A meeting of the Putto Alex Scott
putte recently, but no action was then taken on the dlvt
0ei:d question, although the subject was discussed.
Shannon is producing at the rate of 60C tons of copper
monthly. ThJs Is showing tho company a profit of better
10 tiM
-2jt2rrir tea
machine was put out of commission.
The next best thing for Mr. Foy to
do was to catch a train. A car was
coming along the road and ho hailed
it. There was no one on it but the
driver. He readily consented to take
the comedian to the station. When
they arrived there Mr. 1'oy offered the
driver a dollar bill.
"No, thank you," replied the car's
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and announced a
payable October
Six montns ago the
cut In the rate to
close to 10.000,000
produced at a cost
and the company
per pound. Karn-
Instead of issuing
c'ccidcd to make
issue of $t."0,000.
is Imped with the
erty on a self-sustaining burls.
must be quite low,
regular production
dividend this wee
will be made Oct
directors was held In
creasing the surplus to that extent. , 1
driver, 'I don't want your money, Mr.
fh" eomrdL.n thought that tlie man'
was certainly a queer chauffeur. "Oh,
you know me, then?" he asked.
"Yes, by reputation." replied tlie
other. "And here's my card."
On tho card, Mr. Poy says, was en
graved "W. H. Vanderbllt" N. Y. Tel
egraph. COPPERS
than $10,000 or closo to $500,000 per annum.
The Salt Lake group wero lower this week. Talk ot
passing dividends and none too favorable mine develop
ments Forvod to causo considerable price recessions.
It will likely take another month before any Important
news will be forthcoming from developments at the 2,800
level of North Putte. In the meantime we have been
eble to discern some Very significant buyin? In tho issue.
Alloiievs went up five points easily on local buying. Ir
uspoetlve of the outcome of th Calumet & Heela con
solidation Alloucz can be regarded as one of the must
attractive of the Lake Superior issues.
llohcmla Is doing no work at its property. Develop
ments to date have not been very flattering. The com
pany will likely await tho result of operations by the
Itussey Howe company before rcrunilng ucttve work
$300,000 bonds r.oston & Corbln baa
tbo issue but $:'(,0,000 ot an authorized
The bonds have ben underwritten. It
money thus obtained to put tho prop
Olroux was a trlllo lower this week on tho report that
tho lire at the Giroux shaft had not yet been extin
guished. The flames are reported to be smouldering al
though no serious results are expected. Tlie shaft had te
bo sealed up once more.
Reports from Torcupine Indicate that most of tbo com
I antes hnvo recovered from tho recent disastrous forest
II vs, and that In a ense it was a blessing In disguise.
Dome Kxtenslon remains tho speculative feature of tho
camp, nnd wo get some very promising reports on this
I roperty.
The precious metal stocks were In considerable demand
this week. Investors umloui i t'" feel that ns long as
copper shares are so Inactive 1. ney can bo quite safely
Invested in some of th divide' 1 paying gold and silver
stocks. The Tonopa'h and Coimlt Issues were favored In
tho movement.
Tamarack will likely poon operate Its entire property
pinglo shaft. This course was adopted as the production
cos! were above tho price the company is receiving for
Its cqpper. Union tho Calumet Heela merger goes
through Tnmnrack may find it necessary to even further
curtail operations. v
There foema to be wome question raised as to the abil
ity of Copper Range to earn $3 rrr haro per annum with
copper oelllng at Its present price. Wo are given to
understand, however, that tho company Is able to meet
all dividend requirement with copper quoted at 12!t,
and any prico higher than that which 3 obtained is In
! ';
i '
1 ;

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