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Witnesses Heard for tha Prosecution
Yesterday Afternoon.
iAftT several witnesses for tha de
fense liaj been heard In the case of
Matt F.skolii, charged with keetdnK
& disorderly house, 'Attorney Anxrus
W. Kerr, of counsel for the. defense,
moved ttiat the case bo taken from
the Jury and the defendant ucquittcd.
The day's session yesterday, up to
3 o'lltick in the afternoon, was occu
pied in securing a Jury. Eva Miyotte.
the principal witness for the state '
testified to having lived at the MciVj
l.otel, nnd told her experiences nnd!
tho - of other girls, relating to alleged
im.' ratifies that took vhuo ther 1
OtT.1 Bourn ssa testified to having
Feen girls going into the hotel nt laic
Incurs. Here the case for the people
rented nnd at this point the motion
of Attorney Kerr was made.
The Jury was sequestered while the
matte- watt being argued, nnd when
they were brought hack the cor:t di
rected that they give a verdict or ac
quittal, which 'was rendered without
the Jury leaving their seats.
Court adjourned over today on ac
count of the meeting of the board of
supervisors. The next case to be tak
en up will be that of John Or.Ioh of
Calumet, charged with a statutory of
fense. 4
Miler' Department Sto Company is
Arti''s of incorporation were filed
with ' .'y Clerk Kaiser yesterday
aftf.uoou, for the Miller's Department
tore company, an T.inization form
ed for the purpose o. . clllng dry goods,
boots, shoe and general merchandise.
The compiiny is capitalized at $30,000,
divided into 3.000 shares, with a par
value of 110 per share, all of w hich lias
been subscribed. None of the capital
ization is represented by cash, but in
the property, goods, fixtures and Ixw.k
accounts of the Miller inpartment
t tore, located in the Bosch building in
Houghton T-fiao Miller has 2338 shares
of stock. .- MJller, 600 shares and
Albert : ' bon, two shares. The
life -f ..k, .pany is given at thirty
F. V . . ' s'air, president of the Mich
igan College of Mines, has been noti
fied by the Department of the Interior
of his appointment as a delegate to ut
tind tho American Mining Congress,
nt Chicago, Sept. 1'6 too i-y. Dr. Chas.
Ii Itessey, who as president of the
.American. Association for the Advance
ment of Science, has the right to
nan.e two delegates, has also selected
J'resident M Nair as one uf these, hav
ing notified him to that effect yes
terday. The upH.lntrnents reflect Dr.
McN'air'a high standing in tlie mining
World. Among those' scheduled ti wpeak
at the ChungiM. meeting are preshb-nt
Taft, Secretary Fish.-r. Jun.es J. Hill,
Jvh.. Hayes Hammond and Dr. J. A.
Advertise In The News for results.
DWrvYtlAna lifi MM m . nir Kfth mti.'U
lxitiAM.orrononuoua linaa. 1 t'.rwh iinl.uf
. Iwrmsatrn. wtoOi lino, r' ' '. "tih nnlntanf t
0y- L 6) zM n&
pmrwuam lh tll I hrtrw on l ; . . oJnmt,at.t ma HU".
I Htlt01.. lJiclttof r Q tlmi Qjf Mnlr
Vo4: Q tVouAji (S)rln; ... , ntpon ...
kmmm ft with tha artn-) Fine I., r. aniirainra, aaenn4,'
M-k"ur n' - fall. If II tniuala iil luck, Utiri, "iixl .aluclei ol H
ttHm f- . t M atur.
Llpna ...
DudkiCO , ,,.
o. rt 2 !.
Marquette .
Milwaukee .
porL Canal.
St. m i ...
.48 46
.62 r.4
62 62
. 42 3
. 14 40
44 3X
.4H 40
.4t 4
69 64
n 4
A 4
e 6
WUa.lpx ..
,36 24
Twnp, j
Sutlons Sute ef
ij WeaUr.
Final Preparations Being Made For
Annual Exhibits.
Final preparations -re being made
for the ninth annual Copper Countiy
Fair, which will open at the Ainphl
dromt two weeks from today. The
booths, pens and galleries are being
made ready for exhibits which will be
received from all part of the upper
The list of spec: .1 attractions se
cured for this year is. headed by Clenn
H. Curtlss, the noted aviator, in dally
flights with his hydraaeroplane, and
will Include the Fie Pan.ll Sisters,
graceful acrobat , gymnasts and post
urantcs; Bamza nnd Arno, comedy
gymnasts, Capt. Treat's seals and sea
lions and other features.
A. T. Roberta of Marquette, owner
f the Fi iM.saard farm at Big Riy.
w ill send a !.erd of bhxxled Ilolstein
Hrian cattle to be exhibit, d, :is tdock
i ing among the purest bred and higlv-
-t priced in the United States. H.
s. Bachcllcr of Seney will send a herd
of prize Calloway cattle to be exhib
ited here.
A new feature for this yer will be
the exhibit of grains nnd grasses by
the various granges of the upper pen
insula. It Is expected that every
grange will be represented. Three
prizes: $20, ll.l nnd $10 will be award
ed. The school children's corn grow
ing contest, which was one of the most
Interesting features last year, promises
to be even better this year. Cold and
silver medals will be presented to the
children exhibiting the best six ears
of ecrn, and prize of $3. $2 and $1
will bo presented for the best exhibits
of six ears from Houghton, Baraga.
Keweenaw and Ontonagon counties.
Besides special prizes which have been
offered by Commissioner S. O. Clinton
of the Bara ;a county schools, open t
that county only, and cash prizes of $3.
12 and $1. for the best essay of j.fty
words or more on corn growing.
M. J. Finnegan of Atlantic, super i
tendent of the live stock department,
has Just made a personal ti ur of in
vestigation in Houghton, Ontonagon
and Biraga counties and lie predicts
that the exhibits this year will be
more numerous and better than over.
Stoc' eligible for entry must be pure
bred nd have jM-digrees.
Secretary John T. McNamara of the
fair lMgan final preparations for the
exhibit immediately on bin return from
tho "boosters" excursion to Detroit
ar.d will devote his entire time, from
now on. to tho details connected with
the exhibit. The premiums' offered for
the exhibits In the various classes and
varieties reach the aggregate total this
year of ft.onn. comparing with $2,300
pai' out last year.
The wrecking tub Manlstbjiie of the
Koid fleet left yesterday for Port Hu
ron where he will be fitted with n
shaft and wheel taken from the wrec k
of the Ottawa at Ashland.
The Minnctonka. formerly the Crat
wick, of the Chicago-Duluth line, was
at Houghton yesterday, and the Min
nehaha, formerly the Alva, arrived
here today, unbound.
The Martin Mullen Is discharging
a cargo of 7.000 tons of coal at the
Copper Hinge docks. One cargo n
week is expected to be received from
now until the end of the season.
U. S. Department
iual .If
lyieal t.nV U. S. Weather Pur'au.
Houghton. Mbh., Sept. 12. 1911.
Forecast Till 7 p. m. Wednsda.
opMT Country: Fair tonight and
Wednesday. Frost tonight, rising tem
perature Wednesday.
Fpper Michigan: Fair tonight nnd
Wednesday, frost tonight, rising tem
perature Wednesday.
Lake Superior: Light variable winds.
Weather Conditions.
Tlie Low Pressure area that had Its
center over the Iike Region em yewte-r-day's
ehart hat moved eastward and
Is central this morning over the New
Kngland States. H Is causing warmer
weather nnd light rnlnn In that vicin
ity. A High Pressure area covers the
Fpper Iwike Region this morning nnd
generally fair ami cooler weather pre
vails over this district. Warmer
weather prevail over the western part
- 6'" ' .J
1 . V .
President Haw den don not believe
that the sample of Houghton water
recently analyzed anil found to be un
fit for drinking unless boiled, came
from the Huron spring. He believes
that the South spring, from which the
new tank Is filled Is the source 'of
contamination, and has e-rdered that
the tank be emptied and i -leaned. It is
also ossihlo that a ooiox rote bottom
will be built in the tank, to prevent
MiiTaco water from entering- it. As
the water from both tanks mingles in
the pipes however, residents of Hough
ton should cany out the recommen
dation of the health etlic r by boiling
the water before it Is used.
At the regular weekly .It til of the
Houghton Light Infantry on fhuisda
evening next, preparations will te
made for getting the at'iiet!.1 associa
tion in shape for the fall and winter
season. Football, indoor baseball, bas
ket ball and hockey will be among the
athletic activities of the soldier boj s
and strong, fast teams in each will be
formed. Officers of the football team
v. Ill be selected at the meeting on
Thursday night.
Thomas J. Anketell of Ietrolt, pres
ident of the Anketell Lumber & Coal
company, arrived at Houghton this
morning on the Tlonesta from Duluth
aioj was met at the Copper Range
dock by a number of prominent local
Democrats. Mr. Anketell wrote ahead
asking that a delegation of Democrats
meet him in the Interests of the can
didacy of Woodrow Wilson for the
Democratic nomination for president
of the United State.
. .;. .j. ,. j. j. . .j. 4. j. .. .j. .j. ;.
IM. Leach left yesterday afternoon
for a business trip to the iron coun
try. M. Irvine has returned from a trip
to Chicago, where he made purchases
of fall goods.
Attorney Howard Streeter of De
trot is visiting his parents, Judge and
Mrs. A. T. Streeter.
The regular fortnightly dancing
party of the Onlgaming club will be
held Thursday evening.
The Pythian Sisters of Houghton
will entertain at a dancing party in
the Citizen's bank hall this evening.
Carl R Brand has left for Milwau
kee and thence he will go to New
York to enter the navy as a yeomen.
Mrs. Anna Rlckard, Roy RIckard
and Mn Charles Dennett left yester
day for a visit with relatives, at Iron
Reginald R Hore, instructor of geo
logy at the Michigan Col!eg- of Mines,
has returned from a visit to h!:j former
home at Toronto, Ontario.
Superintendent Cibson has complet
ed the paving of Dodge street, north ef
She Men, the roadway having r.een ma
cadamized and e-ovored v ith stamp
sand ami rolled and a new curb and
gutter of cement laid.
Wisdom's Real Object.
Wisdom does not enow Itself so
much la precept as In life In a firm
ness of mind and mastery of appetite.
It teaches us to do, as well as to talk;
and to make our actions and words
all of a color. Seneca.
of Agriculture.
of the country. Fair weather Is Indi
cated for thin vicinity for the next 3C
hours. Light variable winds will pre
vail. C. o. TITCKF.R.
Acting oinclul In Charge. '
Starch to Remove Ink Stains.
Solutions of Btarch ll remove ink
stains from fabrics, each application
being allowed to dry until It can be
brushed off before another Is appllod.
The Real Consideration.
The great thing In this world Is not
to much where we stand as where we
are going. Holmes.
Japan Becoming Western.
Japan is Increasing Its Imports of
Australian woe and frozen meats.
The people are rapidly adopting wst
ern clothing and a meat diet.
Slapping Came of tho Bontoo lgorreto
a Unique Contest.
Every nation has Its own Idea of
"port. That of the wild Isorrotes ol
northern Luzon used to consist prin
cipally of hend hunting, a grisly und
bloody recreation which tho American
occupation dlscourngeHl. Rut not all
tho pastimes of tho Igorrotes nro no
liorriblo as this. Ono rather amusing
gum of which they aro fond Is thu
described by Dean O. Worcester In tho
National Geographic Magazine:
A constabulary ofilecr tolla us that
If we want to see n unique contest w
must ask for the Flapping game of the
Uoutoc Igorrotca. we want to seo all
there Is going nnd cay ft.
A wooden lench is brought out, and
two lltho and muscular young men
step forward. ' One of them squats on
the bench, grasping his right thigh In
his hands so as to tighten the muscles
as much as possible.
The other stands besldo him and
stretches out his right arm. lie
throws his arm back and then sweeps
it forward In a full round arm swing.
The blow falls on thin ulr, close to tho
tightened thigh muscles of his oppo
nent lie now swings his arm back again,
his whole body turning with it; rises
on the toes of his left foot and puts
every ounce of strength which he pos
sesses into a blow delivered with the
flat of his hand upon tho rigid thigh
of his opponent Knots of muscle
eprlng out on his arm, back and legs
as he strikes aud tho blow cracks HUe
a revolver Bhot. -
The recipient endeavors, sometimes
with poor succe, to preserve an ex
pression of contemptuous indifference.
The Judges examine his thigh. If tha
blow has been hard enough blood will
show Just beneath the skin nnd he
will not have tho stisfaction of taking
n whack at his opponent, but if this
result has not luxni achieved tho other
must take his seat on the bench nnd
submit to be smitten.
The contest continues until one suc
ceeds in producing tho bloody mark
on the other.
Ho Has the Right Idea and tho Nerve
If Ho Can Only Work Them.
The old man .was perched upon a
high stool, figuring up the day's sales
of dry goods, groceries and hardware,
when his son came in with a rush.
"Say, pop," exclaimed tho young
man, "If I enn buy a $300 horse for
$150, will you tako a chattel mortgage
on him and help roe out with the
"What kind of a hoss, my sou?" in
quired tho father cautiously.
"Bay, four years old, sixteen hands
high, weighs a thousand pounds and is
sound In wind, limb and bottom."
"That sounds good to me, my son,
nnd I want to do all I can to help you
along in the world." And ho reached
down into tho Aft for his roll. "How
much do you want?"
"A huudrtHl and forty-nine fifty."
Tho old man gasped and caught hold
of the desk.1
"What?" he exclaimed.
"A hundred and forty-nine fifty.
I've got half a dollar."
Slowly the old man shoved tho roll
back Into the safo.
"My son," he said softly, "you are
wasting time trading bosses. What
you ought to elo is to go into the loan
and trust business." W. J. Lampton
in Llpplncott's.
In tho Good Old Days.
Of course the old fashioned belle
may have walked barefoot halfway
to church to keep from snoiUriff her
Sunday shoes, but she didn't put her
coiffure in the bureau drawer when
soe went to bed. Galveston News.
Another Discovery.
"Shakespeare was one of the ablest
of brokers."
"How do you make that out?"
"Ily tho number of stock quotations
he furnlshexl." New York Times.
Makes your out-of-order Stom
ach feel fine in five
Take your our, out-of-order stom
ach or maybe you call It Indigestion,
pyspepsla, Gastritis of Catarrh of
Stomach; It doesn't matter take your
stomach trouble right with you to
your Pharmacist and ask him to open
a fiO-oont case of Pape's Diapopsln
and let yon eat one 22-grain Trlan
pule and see if within live minutes
there is left rny trace of your former
The correct name for your trouble
Is Pood Permentat Ion food souring;
the Digestive organs become weak,
there is lack of gastric Juice; your
food is only half digested, nnd you
become affected with less of nppctlto.
pressure nnd fullness after eating,
vnmitlnsf nausea, heartburn, griping
In bowels, tenderness In the pit of
stomach, bad taste in mouth, consti
pation, pain In limbs, sleeplessness
belching ef gas, biliousness, sick
headache, nervousness, dizziness or
many other similar symptoms.
If your nppctlte Is fickle and noth
ing tempts you, or you, belch gas, or If
y'ii feel bloated nfter eating, or your
food lies like ie lump of lead on your
stomach, you can make tip your mind
that at the bottom of all this there Is
but one cause fermentation of un-
fl"ested food.
Prove to yourse lf In five minutes that
your stomach Is as good ns any; that
there Is nothing really wrong. Stop
this fermentation nnd begin entlng
what you want without fear of dis
comfort or misery.
!Almo.t Instant relief Is waiting for
you.- It Is merely a matter of how
soon you take a little Dlapcpsln.
History of an Odd Gift of tho Emperor
of Germany.
There is shown In the Ilobeazollcrn
museum a gift of the emperor of Ger
many, the "death dice," with which
oue of his ancestors decided a difficult
case in the seveuteentb century. Their
history is an interesting one.
A young girl bad been murdered.
Suspicion fell upon two soldiers, Ralph
and Alfred, who were suitors for ber
hand. Both the nccusect mcu denied
their guilt, and even torture failed to
extract a confession from either of
them. Then Elector Frederick William
decided to cut the knot by means of
the dice box. The two soldiers should
throw for their lives and the loser
should bo executed as the murderer.
Tho evout was celebrated with great
pomp and solemnity.
Ralph bad the first chance and
threw sixes, the highest possible num
ber. The dice box was then given to
Alfred. He fell on his knees and
prayed aloud: "Almighty God. thou
knowest I am lnnoceut. Protect roe, 1
beseech thee!"
Then he arose to his feet nnd threw
the dice Tvitb such force that one of
them broke. The whole one showed
six, the broken ono also gare six on
tho larger portion, and the fragment
split off showed one. This was a
total of thirteen, ono beyond Ralph's
throw. The audience held its breath
In amazement.
"God has spoken," cried the prince.
Ralph, appalled by what be regarded
as a sign from heaven, confessed hlo
guilt and was sentenced to death.
The Swiss peasants are of tho opin
ion that tho con.stant shrinkage of the
Alpine glaciers Is due to tho building
of mountain railroads.
Collins & Peterson
Embalmers and
Up-to-dat parlors 413 Pino St.
Efficient and prompt service both
day and night,
Parlor 'phono 623. Collins resi
dence 139. Peterson residence 525J.
Sept. 5-12-19-2C
The Probate Court for the County of
At a session of said Court, held at
the Probate Of lice In the Village of
Houghton in said County, on the
second day of September A. 1. P. HI.
Present: Hon. Geo. C. P.ontlcy, Judge
of Probate,
In the Matter of the Pstate of Rcln
hold Arfman, Deceased.
Kate Arfman having filed in said
court her petition praying that tho ad
ministration tf said estate be granted
to Kate Arfman or to some other suit
able person,
It is Ordered, That the Twenty-Seventh
day of September A. 1. 1911, at
ten o'clock In the forenoon, nt said
probate office, be and is hereby ap
pointed for hearing said petition;
It Is (Further Ordered. That public
notice thereof be given by publication
of a copy of this order, for three suc
cessive weeks previous to said day of
hearing. In the; Calumet News a news
paper printed and circulated In said
(Seal) ' GTX). C. PFATTI.KY,
A true copy. Judge of IYobate.
Llllas G. Mitchell,
Ite-glster of Probate,
A. V. Kerr,
Attorney for Petitioner.
Sept. R-12-19-2C
The Probate Court for the County of
At a session of said Court, held nt
the Probate Office In the Village of
Houghton In said County, on the
2nd day of September A. D. 1911.
1 'resent: Hon. Geo. C. Pentley, Judge
of Probate.
In the Matter of the Estate of Wll
Ham Sakkinen, Deceased.
Anna K. Johnson, administratrix,
having filed In said ceurt her petition,
praying for the license to sell at pri
vate sale the Interest of said estate In
certain real estate therein described.
It Is Ordered, That the 2nd day of
October A. P., 1911, nt ten o'clock In
the forenoon, nt said probate office,
bo and Is hereby nppolnted for hearing
said petition, nnd that all persons In
terested In said estate appear before
said court, nt said time nnd place, to
show enuse why a license to sell nt
private sale the Interest of said estate
In said real estate should not be
It la Further Ordered, That public
notice thereof be given by publica
tion of a copy ef this order, once each
week, for three successive weeks pre
vious to said day of hearing. In the
Calumet News, n newspaper printed
and circulated In said county.
(Seal) , ORO. C. PF.NTM7V.
A true copy. Judge of Probate.
Mllas G. Mitchell.
Register of Probate.
G. A.. Mnrsch,
Attorney for Pstnto,
Puslness address: Calumet, Mich. I
I The Cardinal s
I It Was but Lamely Enforced X
X Till an Example Was Set 'X.
Copyright by Am Ican Press Asso-
elation. 1911. T.
I'M-!' ! I- I-I-l XA'l'frMrHrHrHrWr
Cardinal Richelieu white prime min
ister was virtually king of Frauce.
During his administration dueling be
came so common among tho higher
classes, especially the officers of the
army, that it was evident if the prac
tice were not checked these two classes
would become depleted. The cnrdlnal
issued an order against such fighting,
but It was not obeyed. In order to
show that ho was in earnest In the
matter ho made an example of the
Count de Boutevllle, a member of the
exalted houso of MontmoreucI, who
had disobeyed the edict. Tho count
was beheaded. This had a wholesome
effect, but not sulllclent to eradicate
the evil.
There was nt this time a young lieu
tenant in tho army, Jean do la Tour,
married to Yvon. a lovely young wom
an of twenty-four, who had borne him
two children. Jean was a poor swords
man, and his wife realized that if com
pelled to light according to the codo
she would probably lose him. She
urged him to practice, and when he
excused himself on the ground that ho
had no one to fence with she offered
to be ids opponent.
Jean was much pleased at the idea,
and hts wife nt ouco procured n suita
ble costume. She was about the same
height and weight as her husband, and
It was apparent from the first that she
would make a very suitable adversary
for practice puroses. Whilo Pe la
Tour was naturally sluggish in his
movements, ruadame was remarkably
quick. Ho started in as her instructor,
but It was not long before ho was
worsted by his pupil.
lilt Yvon know very well t?nt she
was not capable of bringing him up
to a standard that would make hlra a
match for accomplished swordsmen.
Unknown to her husband, she took les
sons of tlie most skillful fencing mas
ter in Paris, pledging him to keep the
matter n secret Ho had gooel rea
son to observe his pledge, for his pupil
soon became moro proticlent in bis art
than himself.
The inevitable was not long in com
ing. Jean do la Tour ono day, during
drill, stepped in a puddle of water nnd
J bespattered a comrade's newly polish
ed boots. Yvon was in her chamber,
engaged with her maternal duties,
when an officer called and asked for
her husband. She told her caller that
Jean was not nt home, and the officer
left with her a challenge for him from
Lieutenant Jacques do Fontayne to
mortal combat for having bespattered
his boots. Madame promised to deliver
tho message, and tho officer withdrew.
When Do la Tour returned to his
quarters his wife asked him to drive
with her to their country place near
Paris to assist her In laying out sonio
changes she wished to make. Jean
consented, nnd the two drove to a
houso and grounds near St. Cloud.
Jean was surprised to see several
servants there, including Francois,
whom lis wife had brought with her
from ber own family when she was
married. Yvon took her husband to a
room on the top story, with but on3
window near tho ceiling, and, while
telling him of the change she proposed
to make in it, suddenly stepped into
the hall. Jean beard the key turned
in tho door and his wifo going down
tho staircase. He was a prisoner.
In n few minutes Francois came up
and told his master that Mme. de la
Tour desired that her husband should
remain in seclusion for a few days,
and she hoped ho would not worry.
He would bo given whatever ho wish
ed for. Do la Tour, at a loss to know
the cnuso of his imprisonment, was
Mme. do la Tour, returning to Tarls,
sent word in tho name of her husband
that in view of the cardinal's order
he would only meet Lieutenant da
Fontayno on the promise of all con
cerned not to divulge the affair and
would insist on fighting masked.
A reply canio consenting to tho
terms and asking that De la Tour
would name his seconds in order that
the terms might bo ngreed upon. In
reply to this word was sent that Do
la Tour, fearing a second might be
tray blm to tho prime minister, would
trust no ono with .h(s; interests. .He
would appear at dawn the next morn
ing at the village of V., a few miles
from Tarls, ready, to fight Do Fon
tayno with rapiers. Tho reason given
for this unusual courso was that De
la Tour was more afraid of losing his
life by the cardinal's ax than Do Fon
tayno's sword. An assent to this was
received by Mme. de la Tour, and the
preliminaries were closeel.
Tho next morning Yvun. dressed In
a suit of clothes belonging to her
husband, was driven to V nrrlvin
on the ground Jnst as day was break
ing. She found not only Do Fontayne,
but two seconds attending him.
Tardon, monsieur," said one of
these men, "but it Is not usual for af
fairs like this to be fought out alone
by tho principals. Finco you have no
seconds, in case you disable Lieuten
ant de Fontayne it is expected that
you will fight with me, nnd if you dis
able me you will have to fight my
Yvon. not flaring to speak lest hr
voice belray her, simply nodded an as
sent. She wore her husband's rapier
at her sldo and. drawing it put herself
in a position of defense.
Now, Mme. do la Tour, though she
expected to meet skillful swordsmen,
knew that if she showed her own pro
ficiency she would give herself away
for these men all knew that Do la Tour
was a bungler. Being a woman, at
first ber nerve failed her, and she came
very near losing her life by a single
thrust of her adversary. The thought
of her two innocent children, who
would be rendered motherless if she
did not control herself, made her per
fectly cool, aud, though she did not do
what sho was capable of doing, she did '
all that was necessary. Sho dreaded
killing her adversary or even wound
ing him. She therefore sent his weap
on flying in tbo air.
Do Fontayno picked it up with tho
intention of continuing the fight but
his second interfered, claiming that
It was not now his part to fight By
this time Yvon's nerve was as steady
as a rock. She pinked her adversary,
though unintentionally, then disarmed
him. Tho third man she served as she
had served the first Then she strode
uway to ber carriage without turning
back for a glanco at the three men,
who stood looklug at ono another and
her in astonishment
But madame did not have a chance
to mount the steps of the carriage tha
footman had let down for her. Tho
sound of horses' hoofs was heard, aud
an officer, followed by a dozen horse
men, rode up.
"By order of his eminence the rrlmd
minister," ho said, "I arrest you all
and am ordered to conduct you to the
Palais Cardinal."
Tho affair had got out at the bar
racks, some ono wishing to curry favor
with the man who ruled Franco hav
ing peached. Yvon was permitted to
ride back to Taris in her carriage, tho
others on horseback, all surrounded by
guards. At the Palais Cardinal they
were obliged to wait several hours be
fore the minister was ready to recelvo
them; then when they were admitted
to bis presence by the thundercloud
on his face they saw their doom.
Yvon had worn her mask up to this
moment. The cardinal saw it and said
with icy sarcasm:
"Lieutenant do la Tour, you remind
me of the ntr!ch, which hides his hend
In the sand to conceal its body. Your
head will look better till I am through
with it uncovered. You will oblige me
by removing your mask."
"Pardon, your eminence," interposed
Do Fontayne, "I doubt if he is De la
Tour. This ono is a marvel with the
rapier; Do la Tour is an indifferent
fencer. This ono disarmed us all in
"We have need of such men," said
the cardinal to Yvon. "You would be
better employed in my service. 1 would
seo you fence with Carrier. If you
can disarm Carrier you will save your
head. Unmask!"
"If I unmask, your eminence, I can
not fight" 1
"Not fight unmaskedl Well, then,
wait till you have fought"
Carrier was ono of those picked men
tho cardinal kept about him for pro
tection and a marvel with tho rapier.
Tho two were given foils, this being a
great advantage to Yvon. who dreaded
bloodshed. For nwhllo it was a drawn
game between the two, but finally, by
one of those quick moves that only a
gift nerve, so to speak, can accomplish,
Yvon placed tho button of her foil
against ber adversary's heart
"Enough! cried tho cardlnaL ''Vic
tor, unmask!"
Yvon took ofT her face covering, and
in doing so her hair, which had in so
many frays became unloosened, fell
on her shoulders.
"A woman!" exclaimed Richelieu, as
tonished. "A woman, your excellency," sn
replied. "Tho wlfo of Lieutenant da
la Tour."
"Your husband! Where Is he?"
"Shut up in our country place. I
tricked hlra. Knowing of your emi
nence's edict ngainst men fighting
duels, 1 determined to fight in bU
place. Surely tho order docs not apply)
to women."
"You are very shrewd," said his emi
nence dryly.
At this point nn attendant announc
ed to the cardinal that Lieutenant do
la Tour was without nnd begged to bo
ndmitted. Tho request was granted,
and Do la Tour, very hot aud very red
and very angry, entered. Ho looked
at overybody, finally fixing his eyes on
his wife. Then ho turned to the car
dinal. "I havo heard, your eminence, tliafi
my wlfo has been fighting In my stead
nnd that tlie party was brought here
by your eminence's order. Mcanwhila
I havo been shut up liko a dog and
have Just escaped."
"Your wifo has saved you first from
a better swordsman and second from
my beadsman." Then turning to Yvoni
"Mme. do la Tour, her majesty has
graciously appointed you ber mistress
of tho robes. By your pluck and skill
you havo saved every ono of these
men. Including your husband, from tho
Then Yvon approached her husband
shamefacedly, hung her head and
glanced up at him appcalingly. H9
half turned nway from her with fold
ed arms, tapping ono arm -with bte
"You havo mado mo ridiculous," no
I would,'! Interposed the cardinal,
"that every woman ia France would
mako her husband thus ridiculous. To
show you and others that sho has
benefited you tho king promotes you
to bo captain."
Then Jean embraced his wife.
It boa been claimed that the reforra
tho cardinal was no desirous of mak
ing really began from that time. Ba
that as it may, Captain and Mme. 09
la Tour always stood high In hla emi
nence's favor.

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