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Question of Salar of Sck Employes
to Bs Considered.
The lighting committee r the
Houghton board of trustees has been
working out a I'lan to effect an "ii
.,mv m the lighting of the streets in
th rtinlvitur mx-tions of Hist and st
Houghton, by rcpla. Ing eight arc lights
with double that number of tungstens,
and will make a report upon the mat
ter at the next meeting of the cum-il.
It is probable that m.-et;ug may ha
called during the present week, at
w hich also the matter of continuing
the salaries of city employes h. are
HI. but whose pay has been going on
during their illness, will be Mat MBnM
gome of the trustees have been the re
cipients of objections on the part of
some of the village taxpayers, who
w it. ted to know If the village was a
"charitable Institution,' calling atten
tion to a couple of cases in whieh the
salaries of employes are said to he go
ing right on notwithstanding the tem
porary Inactivity of the persona re
ferred to.
During the past s-.is..n fie village
has had constructed over three miles
of macadamized streets, beetudlBg
Shelden street, west of the bridge, and
most of the hlllsldu streets, effecting
a great Improvement in the appear
ance of the village and making the
streets much better for team traffic
The work has all been done by the reg
ular city street department, mi r Ua
supervision of Superintendent Cibson.
and the outlay has been no greater
than Is usually Incurred each month
tor the street department.
Somebody Took Overcoats and Pants
From a Peddler.
Max Llntzer. a Houghton peddler.
MM to tile canal yesterday afMMMOa
with a lot of stuff 0 sell and entered
one of the dwellings to try to dispose
of some of his wares, leaving his team
tied outside, on coming out again
ne found that a satchel had disap-
. arej containing two overcoats and
thiee pair of trousers. He bepin n
search for a man who had suggested
to him the tying of Ids team but was
UMble to locate him, but believes he
could pick him out If he sees him. on
returning to Han .ck, Mr. Detzner was
notified by telephone that the satchel
had been found in the woods, but that
the clothing it had contained, was
missing. Tis morning a "John Doe"
warrant was Issued by Justice Little
of Houghton, charging the larceny of a
satchel containing clothing to the val
ue of twenty-eight dollars.
George Deaaiey of Dodgevllle was
arraigned before Justice Little this
morning, charged with being drunk
and disorderly. He was fined two .hi
lars and costs.
And Dynamite's a Toy!
A Btlletto Is not a weapon, but 8
tool, holds a New York Judge. Possi
bly be winds the clock with a revolver
and uses yellow backs for the family
cook book. Cleveland Plain Dealer.
c load;.
nmilforr.,Jrcij,n Ji
a, nal..f Mlhr DakaM d
-lkirl,ouror,nr - I
d H.".'!"'ra, ?'!?." "ir ""i m"u ssj tun Or cAr
(.. . ' """"""in imui. uf k,ual itlr V i r--
HOIIl l,n. nMlhr,i.l,,.,. 1
Tjwaa I wn I g p i
I 1 l a
tl I 1 a
- 1 Whether I lk g
i a I f 1 U
Li 11
44 42 Clenr sw 8 .Ofi
uftele 12 Si Cloudy n 10 1.60
i "ewwsre ... IfaJl dsaff sw r, n
rrtawai ff 40 ClaaMf 12 0
Pweaah ... 46 4J i'loudy s 6 I
Ki 4x 4S Cloudy sw 4 n
ejfirltea 40 S8 Clear n 4 .10
m, ieri 4S 44 oiily S 1 0
HtkOc. fi0 48 Pt. Cdy sw R 0
MMftl Clear sw 12
St Peol r,0 48 Cloudy a 4 0
- hflii. R8 58 Clear w 4 0
Washington n o Cloudy nw 1.00
Wiulpa .. 34 34 Clear sw 10 0
tii. mm baa rnvmi bndgan ofletetrkt, wen at MnngMoa vmrn
.,,,,..,.. iattuna made by the Wrd erf I " Allll Mfce HsaMMaa of the marine
. rvlH ...akin iu th total .. lawa. Thin was the sc.-., ml visit Of the
$ Jo.ouo. areas follows. Highway fund,
$41,ooo; ivf lopment lliirwui, $1,000;
rpiirr Country Fair. Il.fioo: general
ruiiil. $7H,"io; i4r fund, tt9i; coun
iv olli.fis snlaii.s. $-:t,iM)i; land a,---
ount. Jl.ooo; soldiers relief fund,
.nii i m un ouiu of an error made by
the finance committee in including the
highway fund with the other items. In
-, .Mi ng the state and county taxes
i. the township rolls, it w is ne. essnry
to do the work over again, causing a
;d. Ia m giving out the figures.
Marguerite itrunette, ug.l six
month.-, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Al
bert Hrunette. Jr., f Ilurontown. died
this morning. The funeral will be In I.I
tomorrow afternoon from the house,
and will i.e gjdMCted by Itcv. V. 0
I'rout, pastor, of the Ilurontown M. F..
church. Interment will be at the l.r-
- t Dill cemetery.
The death of the daughter of Mr.
MM Mrs. William Uoss Ot I 'bass, II oc
I i r i .d last night, diphtheria being the
cause. Interment took place this
niorn'ng at the Chassell cemetery.
Numbers Arranged for Dance and En
tertainment This Evening.
The evening feature of the Masonic
haJJ dedication program will consist of
an entertainment to be followed by
moving pictures and a dance. Music
will be furnished by the Qulncy or
. he-tra. which has arranged the fol
lowing program of dam number:
c.rand March.
Waltz Kmhintnient."
Two-step "Who Are You With To
night." Waltz "Druid's Prayer."
Two-Step "Stop. Stop, Stop"
Waltz "I'd Love to Live in Love
!and With a Cirl Like You."
Two-Step -"Skipper Susie Green."
Waltz "Rye Waltz."
Two-steps "In the Land of
Waltz "You'll jo the Maine
Hat -
( er. Again."
Two-st. p "i pen Your K I "
W.iltz "Tresjolia."
Two-st.p "Grizzly Hear."
Waltz "The Fascinating Widow
Two-step "Klsa Me."
Waltz "That's What the 1
Tw.-step "Hula Hula."
Waltz "Polai re."
Two-step "Run Heine ami
Your Mother."
Waltz Herman, Lets I lam e
Beautiful Waltz."
rwo-etep- "lnuightera of Am. m i."
Waltz "if You Were a Big Bed
BoSe. "
Their Particular Sin.
A school for poor children having
read in tueir chapter in the Bible the
denunciations against hypocrites who
"strain a: a gnat and swallow a cam
el," were afterwards examined by the
1 benevolent patroness, lady , as to
I their recollection of the ehaptr
"What, in particular, waa the sin
of the Pharisees, children?" and the
lady, "Ating camels, my lady," was
, the prompt reply.
(X b. Department
nd llC". D
( V
r i
Local office IT. S. Weather Pureau,
ll.uiKliton. Mich., Oct. 18, 1911.
Foreca.t tdl 7 p. m. Thursday.
Pepper Country LaaM rains to
nlnht or Thursday.
Upper Mtchiaan: Local rains to
nlKht or Thursday
Lake Superior: Moderate s..uth to
east winds.
Weather Conditions.
A storm of considerable energy Is
reported over Manlt dia and .Saskat
chewan this morning; low pressure
areas extend southeastward from this
center to the Tfjower Ijikes Hnd south
westward to a s. . ..ndarv .1 it urliari'e
ever fvMetada and western Kansas.
Rain has hen Sjesjatral en th. Ijike
Petri. m and Ohio Valley, but due to n
sllgnt Increase in pressure nyr these
sections, fair. aaM asafhet is reporsai
..V'i-'!- t
Tli- I'. S S. Tusearoru, the revenue
l cutter Nitiolilnic th- l.ike Superior
Tuscarora to Houghton thte NMtft
The funeral of the lute (Sottlieb
'. rbst of Houghton was held vrslcrduv
afternoon from the late home of the
deceased, Rev. W. Held Cross, rector of
Trinity church, otllciatlng. and Inter
ment M at Coiesl Mill emetel.
TI.e total enrollment of tlie portage
township schools was vestcrduy un-
,,, , ,t ,y Superintendent J. A. Docile
us 10, whic h is a slight increase over
laat year. Two hundretl and flatt) two
ot the number are In the high school,
the rema n.ler being In th grades, pri
mary ami kindergarten.
Mr. ami Mrs. Thomas ll enka and
wife have voaa to Daaath, ehdra Mr,
Beyaafca will hava charge of the etti
sitle sales department of A II Kriegcl
A i'oinpan. fOf vhli h tlrm h. had been
local manager for several years past.
Uegimiid Cantor ift lodaj for nint
! ' .-iime work at the Bunk automo
bile factory, after a visit t.. his home
In Houghton.
J. 11 DulYesne and family left to
day for their home at I'orl Worth.
Tales Mr. Dul-Yesne attended the
too tile Railway convention at Atlan
tic city ami saw the opening gume
of the world s scries at New York last
Ballll 1 II J . then coming to the copper
eoiintrv a bri. f visit.
The Young l.a. lies' league of the St
Ignatius elmr. ii will gie a card arty
tomorrow evening in the church hall.
Progressive padfe and live hundred will
b. plaved.
Application for citizenship paper
was made vesterda b Sanal Geiiett
M Han. ... k. born in r.ni.i.la ami en
tered the I'nited States by way of tin
o 111 ISfifi.
Mis. Joseph Vivian and daughter
Janet who have been visiting at the
home of Mrs. Johnson Vivian, left is
terday for Milwaukee and Chicago
where they will spend a few days be
fore returning to their home at Hutte.
m.m iag. I.. use was issued this
morning to Jdin Sutcy and AAtonls
Schwelger of Calumet.
The Steam, r PaiBC is expected Frl-
da with a cargo of M.UUO tons of coal
for the Copper Rang! Consolidated.
Ab, .in thirty-live thousand tons more
ere expected to be received before the
close of the Season of navigation.
Jose ph llov. land, who for the pusl
two yean has been Meal repreeaata
tie for A. P. Silliman A- Company,
d.al.rs in diamond drills, is making
arrangements to remove to Hihhing.
M inn.
A Nature Faker.
X. hen hawk early tried to pluck a
diamond stud from tne shirt bosom ot
Thomas Norwood of Urookdale, N. J
It Is supposed the bird thought It Was
dealing with a glowworm. Norwood
tried to beat off tho bird with his
1.. i.d: but tailed, and then Jonah, n
pet game rooster, flew to its master's
aid and pecked out the hawk's eyes
Finally Not wood wrunk the haw k's
neck, but not before the bird, whore
whips measured four feet between the
tips, had lorn most of the clothes off
Dim. It had also got in one xrab on
the fn.it hi ul rooster and torn out most
of the lntter's tai' Jonah was still
game enough to put to tllRht a nelrch
bor's bulldog that hnd butted In to see
the fracas.
of Agriculture
Ihls ntornlnff, West India llurrl
cejrss, repotted Monday near San Do
mingo, hat moved northward some
distance off (he Atlantic Coast, caus
ing heavy rains and hlxh winds from
Tampa to N. w York; the former re
tort in 2. SO Inches Of rain in 24 hours,
the latter I maximum wind velocity
of r.J miles freem the southeast. A
sIlKbt creel of higher pressure over the
central Mississippi Valley separates
1 ' ' i in areas The barometer Is
also high over the Northeast and an
immense field of verv high press ur
BOVeTl the entire Northwest and North
Puc iflc Coast. The Indications are for
Increasing cloudiness In this vicinity
with rain tonight or Thursday. Mod
erate south te east winds nre expect
ed. H. It Cowdrlck,
ffic ial in Charge.
Spooning Censors There.
Flirt cope, or more polttcl. spool,
censors, will be Santa Monica s latest
Innovation in the direction Ol beach
purity ir present plans are realized. It
It proposed to detail special police ot
I c to patrol the sands and h;.v lor
t articular duty the regulation oi
the l ulu and Leandarturf. tor which
Monica st rand i
ly i.einous. A further function on the
part of this detail will be the enforce
merit of the newly passed ordinance
touching upon skirts for men's bathing
suit end at least knee length tor
oostucies of women bathers. The po
Ucen n are to be given pMntt) MM
ere in the matter of what is loo lurid
court in and will be empow ered ti
mukc arrests at their discretion.
A Mariner at Fifteen.
John Dudley Hall, a fifteen year old
pinoiii (Qa.) high school boy, wan
dcieV into New York police heudc.uur
ters 1. mking Tor shelter Since JJM
8 he worked his wav to Savannah
Hamburg, Germany; Letth, Scotland;
Dundee Scotland; l.clth again, Ham
burg .wiln. London, England, and then
to New York. He had a letter Iron
Daniel Svenson. assistant superintend
ent ul ic Savannah Port society, stat
!ng the boy had had his parents' con
sent P- travel, to shlji as seaman, or tr
go sailing In any other capacity n
ship's master might wish. Hall salt'
he was hungry, having been In New
York several days, spent, all hM
monev and could not Bad work. H
was sent to the Children's society.
Pope Leo XIII. and the Pigeon.
The illness of the DOfa recalls a
touching story which went the rounds
at the time ot the illness ot leo XIII.
Kvery day at a certain hour a pigeon,
after the manner of Noah's dove, used
to come to the study of the pontitl,
who, no matter what the business In
hand was, would go to the bird and
feed It On the day that the pope was
seized with his fatal Illness tlx- pigeon
came as usual, but found the window
closed. The bird Happed its wlnjf
against tho pnne and then struck the
glass with its beak. The pope heard it
and ordered the window to be opened
and his camerler to feed It. The bird
would not eat, but perched Itself on
the dying pontiff's couch, and there
dpiimnstrnted its delight at seeing Its
old friend and protector.
Wild West Stunts in France.
A French artillery officer, Lieuten
ant Ansteau, at a fete organized by a
regiment :n camp at Slssone success
fully undertook a feat that puts him
in the advanced wild west class. I It
took -K horseH from his battery, ar
ranged them In a column of fours, and
drove tin t.i while standing on the
backs of the last four. The reins re
Haired Uiaatlirfd over LjMM feet and
he was Obliged to wrap his arms In
cloth to pr vent their bruising the
flesh. Thus equipped, he guided his
team through several evolutions, end
ing in a charge at the dead run, and
bringing nte team of to to a halt with
out disorder. The horses had had nr
sp ' Ial training
From the Crowd.
The cautious player had been In for
nearly half an hour without scoring a
single run, and the fielders were be
ginning to get annoyed. Ills gentle
play at last grew M pronounced that
they closed In to within a few feet of
him, walling eagerly for a catch. Tho
light lagan fc, full. It was essential
that !:. v.ic-ket. which was the last,
should fall before UM time came to
draw stumps Closer and closer came
the fielders, until there was barely
room for tho paftjei to raise his bat
Suddenly a thin piping voice was
henrd from amongst tho spectators:
"Look out, HUP" It said. "Take care
you don't get your- pockets picked!"
Ducks Trained to Call Wild Birds.
With ropes .cthered to a collar on
their legs, thirty wild mallard ducks,
owned by duck hunters of ('lark coun
ty, are being dally rehearsed for their
prospective roles of llvo decoys,
which they will pte) starting with the
op ring of the hunting season on Oct
1 Six weeks ago the birds were feath
ered balls of fuzz, but with can tul
treatment and teed they havo devel
oped Into splendid specimens.
Cadet the constant tutorage of Jess
Trot h the ducks ate learning by con
slant practice to call to their wild
brothers nnd sisters in the nlr. Van
COWer Correspondence Portland Ore
!!!' vv !I!eII",!,
It iH a positive r.ic-t thai a dose of
Pape's Cold Compound taken every
two hours until three consecutive
doves are taken -ill cure (iiippe or
break up the ni'.-a severe cold, either
In the hvjtd, chest, back, stomach or
i on oiatlnctl) fi . i the cold bl '
ing and all the disagreeable grippe
symptom! lenvtes after the very first
dose. It prompt ly ends the most mis
erable headnch. . dullness, bead and
nose ntuffed up. feverish, aneoMng,
sore throat, mnniriir of the nose mu
cous catarrhal discharges, soreness
stiffness and rb, u mittc twinges
pnpe's Cold c iiipound Is the result
of three years' r, enrch nt a cost il
more than fifty thousand dollars and
contain' no oulnine. which we have
conclusively demonstrated Is not ef
fee five la the treatment of colds o
Tul-,- this harmless (impound as
e.ilected. with the knowledge that
tnet Is no other meoMelno made any
where rise In the world, which will
c ur.- vonr cold or end Stippe misery
as promptly and althout any other a-
Matanfte or bad after-effects as a 2f
rent package of Pap'" f'"ld Com
pound, which any druggist In the
world fnn supply.
He had a plophy lact Ic bent.
And led a sterile life.
Had hyiicnk- children und
A sanitary wife.
Lived in a fumigated house
n I a . .re as. pt Ic- suit s,
Ate germicidal food and smoked
Hciiicottned. cheroots.
His milk was always pasteurized,
lie drank denatured water;
II, nCcT forgot to swat the Mies.
M iaqultoee he would slaughter.
Id s. reelled his doors and windows
IPs office disinfected :
Against microbea , . f every kind
He felt hiasBrtf protected.
He exercised; he slept bv rale
And timed his every breath;
His health was excellent and he
Defied disease ami death.
His plan was a , antral 1
Hut dun the measly luck.
He went and got rim over by
A ten -ton power truck!
v' Chicago News.
, f .
Lightning Blinded Him.
With the sight of one eye totally
destroyed by lightning arid but little
hope of saving the giber, Harry Ad
ams submitted to a delicate surgical
operation at the home of his
lather at Atlantic City. N J. Mr. Ad
ams, who Is twenty-four years old, la
interested In I Philadelphia autotruck
company and was In the offices of the
concern when the severe electric
storm broke. Standing before a larr.e
mirror opposite a window on the
Broad street side of the building, the
re lection Of the vivid Hash Of light
ning so affected his optic nerves that
he fell to the floor unconscious When
he was revived it was found that the
young man had lost his sight and h
was rushed in an ambulance to a hos
pital. Later he was removed to his
home in this city. Specialists who
made the operation fear his Injuries
are permanent.
Home Helps.
A newspaper can be made use of In
i variety of ways In the household. It
Is invaluable for rubbing up the kitch
en grate, and does as good work as
i brush. It can be used for cleaning
stained bottles. Nearly fill the battle
with water and Into this put small
pieces of newspaper until the water Is
filled with them, suggests an exchange
Work them around with a stick, alter
which wash out with clean water, and
l he bottle will be found as clear as
Another Definition.
"politics is like marriage and you
know what tho pretty widow said
about marriage at the seashore." The
spe alter. Congressman Hurdwick ol
Georgia, smiled and continued: "A
somewhat passe summer girl, at the
end of u season that had left her fur
ther off than ever from the matilmo
Btel harbor, looked siwlly seavvnrd and
said; 'Well, marriage is a lottery.' Hut
a fair young widow, whose engage
ment to a millionaire of fifty-two
summers had Just been announced -this
fair young widow with a toss of
the head "etorted: 'Don't you believe
It. It's a game of .skill.'"
Get the
si. K head.., lies' Always trace them to buy liver, delayed, fermenting
toad la the bawels or a Mch stomach. Poisonous matter. Instead of being
throun out. Is rc-abs.uh.d int the b d. When this poison reaches the
dedicate brain tissue it causes congestion and that dull, awful throbbing,
si, k, mug headache. , , , .
.cs.ateis remove- the cause by stimulating the liver, making tho poison
me.v and out and purifying the I.I The effect Is almost instanta.
n. uis Ladles Whose s.n-ltiv.- organ bins are .specially prone to sick
b.ada, h. s. need not suffer, lor the.-, can be .,ulckly cured by Cascarets. one
taken tonight will straighten yui out by morning -a Ill-cent box means a
Meat bend and per feci health for months Don't
forgM the children their little insides need a good,
gggsesnaa4w cleansing, too. Children gladlv lake
ndflfeiLnV taste good
M m
inn nor hot II
bin: buxet
i m im i in
Bnnejr wna It rhea he began to
Study Clic k.
Richardson was .all iieii he pub
lished Ids HM novel, "Pamela."
At Th years of age
Michael Angela
Mil 111. "I am still learning."
Milton in bis blindness, when
r. completed "Paradise Iost."
Benjamin West was ;i nheg be
commenced his series of paintings. ne
of which Is "Christ Healing the Sick."
John Kenrble wrote- out "Hamlet
thirty times, and said on quitting the
Mage i age. now be ginning to iiriclc-r-siarul
iny art."
At the age of so Nunez, born In
Valladolld In 1470, engaged in making
n collection of Spanish proverbs, with
e planatloriS.
Sir Waller Scott resumed bis pen
at to redeem all enormous liability.
For a similar reason, but of a more
advanced ago, Mark Twain renewed
bis literary labors.
Care of a Piano.
When dosing the house for a short
Vacation take precautions to keep
metis out of tho piano felta. The
buck of every key Is surrounded with
felt, on each hummer are little pads
of felt and the Hoft substance Is found
in vnrtoni other places Insldo the
case. Moths and mice will ruin a
plauo in a very short time If care Is
not taken to prevent thum from do
ing so. (Jura camphor loses lta
pungency soon; moth balls lend a (lis
agreeable odor for a long time after
they aro removed; but some sticks of
sandalwood, or a bit of cotton satu
rated with this odorous oil, will keep
avay moths quite as well as other
"smelly" stuffs, and is a pleasant per
fume at that. Also take care to place
small blocks or pegs of wood under
the pednls. Mice will always find their
way Into a piano through these open
n" Drug itere
mi mum '
More Marked in Mongrels Than In
Dogs With Pedigrees.
I generally llrul. writes a well known
Bngtlah scientist, that mongrel dogs
When they happen to be sociable llavcl
a keen s. rise of humor. An aristocrat
ic ,la with I pedigree may have some
inherited smartness, but has no orig
inality. A common yellow- dog with no
anceslrv to speak of, who has to gain
bis living with his wits, could give him
cards and spades at his own tricks in
two lessons.
Once I took Into the house out of
pity a mongrel petlev iog who insist
ed on Installing himself at my door
step and alvvavs came back, no matter
how often In- was c hased a wa v . I had
at that time- a t ecligreed water spaniel
and I 'c a to leach him some tricks
when I took him out along a quite
rad at times. The yellow dog. who
made friends with him, always cumo
along and beat the water .spaniel at
his own tricks without training. Then
be began to plav trickH of his own on
the spaniel. When he had a bone- ho
looked out for his comrade, and when
he saw him loping along he would lay
the- hone in his path and disappear.
The spaniel alvvavs made for the bone,
but the- yellow dog, Just as he was
about to grab It, would dart fram bis
hiding place and seizing It, run off
with It. This happened over and over
agnitti bul the- high bred spaniel never
tumble el to the Joke.
A man at Munich who lost $10,000
I beak notes In tho street a few days
ago, an-- advertised 300 reward to
the Under, received a check for $9,
700 from the finder, a man of a busi
nesslike turn of mind, who wrote that,
to avoid delay, he had kept off hia

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