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NO. 20
Expert Appointed to Examine
Books Finds No Lorimer
Fund Evidence
W'lnla Report Apparently Clears Lum
berman and Packer it Proves
Bribery Confession.
Chicago. Nov. It, Neither Kdward
nines' lumberman, nor HlWt Tilden,
ui r, was UN ouatodlaa of tioo.oou
fundi r any fund, which mi to be
, ,1 to "pay the exp. MM s of Lorl
M, .I'M eleetioll." according to Mil ex
pert'fl report Hubiuitletl to the lavestl
gating oouunlttoe todaj
C. S. Funk, gcm-ial manager of the
I, .1 , i national Harvester c panv, tes
I,:,,. I soiii,. time ago that Hin.s hoi
solicited $ lO.niH) from him. to he pan of
It&O.OM fund lo la for putting l...r
lint 'i' mcr." Funk als .. n.i Mines told
him Tilden was the "custodian" of the
Later Alfred A. Ritchie was appolnt
ed M an exN il to examine the in -
counts ainl hank hook.; Of Tilden. H I ins
ii ii, his lumber company. Ritchie re
port d today :
That there is no evidence that the
lumber company or any of its aubai
claries off controlled companies had re
, . . d or disbursed anv moite s in con
nection with the election of Lorimer;
tint there is no evidence that Mines
., in individual had received Off dis
bursed any monc.v s in connection with
the aforesaid election; that tin re is
no evidence Tlhlen had been custo
dian of the fund alleged to have been
raised in connection with the election
of Lorimf
The report also confirms the i, ti
mens of former Senator Holstlaw, who
Coofraood to having received $2. .".00 In
July, llioa, and $700 in August. Lfft,
for big vote tor Larimer,
Perjury Proceedings Possible.
I ...rimer's attorneys, Marble and
lb who have conducted the heal
ing before the Loiimer committee,
went before the Federal grand Jury
ti Ip afternoon. It lo reported
Visit related to possible perjury
. . . I i n.
Not Yet Prepared to Make Statement
as to Congressional Race.
Dr, Kdward T. Abrams. of Hollar
Boy and Hancock, was asked this af
ternoon whether he intended entering
the race for the Republican nomina
tion for Congress, the gUOOtlon being
prompted by movement started by
sec, of his friends In Calumet to offer
him as a candidate. Me replied that
the matter is quite new to him and
I yet he had given it no thought.
II. was not prepare! to ninke a state
men! as to whether he would become
n aspirant for Rep. Young's place. h -
hiring he did not know who is hack
nt the movement in his behalf or how
. t. naive it is. Bo desired mora llmo
to conllder tha proposition before tnak
i'i a statement.
Dr. Abrams said he believes strong
ly in tha primary system of nomina
tion, that while thai system ma u
.t b0 perfect. It gtVOI the people the
lkht to sav who shall serve them. The
time la passing, he eald, when this
... . ... tn.t mnii can sav he wants
ii. i.. ..ii - i..t ..ill,-,, noil hive it
handed to blm. The men chosen must
he II..- choice of the people and elected
: . lely for their ability to serve.
The St. Patrick's Kntcrtalnment cmn
is the name of a new UffgonlOOthW
formed at a meeting held In the St.
Patrick'! parish hall at HanCOC las!
evening for the purpose of giving
at 11. s of entertainments and concerts
this winter. The first entertainment
will he given on Dac 1. Ulcers hav
been elected as follows: President.
TI .as K. Carney; vice president.
Ml Alice Carrlgan; Recrctarv. M aW
MO) Dwyaf treasur.-r. M Carrlgan:
tun i a aire, tor, Mis- May Mvvy. r.
Clio and t'hvletes Is the name of n
M. Id picture offering at the People's
theater of Lagtlgm this evening. Th.1
M ture Is In two reds, I, Ml faM
!' a dramatic jiresentatlon Of the
events Of the by-gone ages. Including
i - . taculnr fire. The pupils ol
invent school were entertained at
the PeophVi yesterday nn.1 witness, d
speelnl picture film, "-lutlas.
Th. ie will he a complete change f
m after today.
Tripoli, Nov. 21 The Italians report
Ihl 1 inks have been repulsed In tlu.c
rotpOff attacks, with twenty-nine MH
d. five aeroplanes dropped I'"'"S
!. .-, Turkish rnmn and destroyed
K An Italian armored cruiser bm
bar led the village of Annus and a fort
nt Mennl near Tripoli.
':i htnoPd. Nov. 21. Henry fy
'' ittla, Jr.. condemnwl to die next
Friday f,,r wife murder, has given H'
'" I'e and Is reconciled to the thought
tt death.
Wealthiest Woman in United States
Celebrates Today.
It en,
York. Nov. II, Mrs. Hetty
the wealthiest and most MO
business woman In the I'nlted
today OOfA Dieted the seventy-
sixth year of her strenuous and event
ful life In perfect health and vigor
Which many a younger man or woman
might well envy. Mrs. (Ireen Is not
much l-Im ii to sent ni and did not
In any ostentatious manner observe
the anniversary of her birth. She
went to her business offices, which
she shares w ith her ion. ' !. Kdward
M. It. ( iret-n, as usual today to attend
to the business mutters connected
with the administration of her enor
mous fortune. Notwithstanding her
age, Mrs. Green contliiu. to look after
her badness Interests an I only lately
has she shown any inclination to turn
over part of the incidental work to her
-on. The latter will probably return
to Texas In the near future, partly on
aeadunt or his own business interests
ii. (hit state, partly to look after his
interests of the Texas Midland railway
which is owned by his mother.
Chiefs of Lower Brule Indians Allege
Treaty is Illegal.
Aberdeen. S. I. Nov 21 That the
Indiana of Lower Brule reservation are
in earnest In their claim that the
whites secured title to the Btaok mils
rattan MoejnMy In the treaty of 1171 and
that the treat Ii MaaaJ ' 'bat it was
signed h a minority of the Indians,
is shown by resolutions which have
been adopted.
The resolutions slate that after an
Investigation it has been found mat
the treat) was not ohnsad ' throe-
fOarthO of adult males in the popu
lation Of the respective tribes and
that the signatures were obtained
through the war department by
threats of removing the Indians from
I heir hoiio s In Indian Territory. The
fooument ends with the statement "the
Sioux nation holds that the Clack Mills
oantttffy and the surrounding regions
never were ceded to the government
ami for which concession is now
The resolutions are signed hv Ader-
eck Dralno. otaslrtnan; fanahaa Rats.
Yellow calf, Oaad Lanee and othoffa
Grand Daughter of Baden-Powell of
Boer War Fame Weds.
Philadelphia; Pa.. Nov. 21. A large
gathering of spectators belonging to
the exclusive social circles of Phila
delphia nnd other large eastern cities
filled st. Peteri npiaoopoi
Third and Pino otreota, at naan today.
I wb. n Miss rjladya Bloanoff Powull,
,k, lighter of Wilfred Powell. British
nsul at this port and grand-daugnter
Cm ral Sir Hob. rt S. Maucn-row -
ell. the famous hero ot tne Moei .
was married to the gjaV. Percy .lames
Itrown, senior curate ol St. Peter's and
recently appointed neon of the fflglann-
ithedral at Manila. Y. k ""'
1 t... i-; i,..i
was pi-riornieo uj -
dJutor Dr. PWUp ht. Rhtnaianaer,
assisted hv the rector ot the cnurco,
Key. K M. .IcITcrys and the Rev. .lames
Baden -PowelL an unci.- of tha hfida,
h eame here from London. Miss
Marv U Powell, a sister of the bride
ssj tha maid of honor nnd GMIhaffl
Harvev best man. Tomorrow the cmi
WW sail for Kngk.nd where they
111 spend their honeymoon hefore
departing for Manila.
WILL COST $203,000.
for Hill Memorial nuildin
Let .-t U. of M.
Ann Arbor. Mich.. Nov. 21.-- The . ,,,
f,,r the Mill Memorial building
0 the Cniversity of Michigan has been
let in part to lam 00 L
liWlct.nrah who is OtK
Ktevart ot
of the Ian
Ml contractors In the United States.
ThO ,-ontract to erect the building.
mdrOOiVe Of heating, plumbing, elec-
levators. decorating.
,r" " r ff.ll. for
seeding and smaller iw
, eapnndtture of ptvaawa. ine wmm
Ing will be finished within a year.
ooitoetlon of pamphlets, newapa-
BOffl and books OH Socialism, coll.s ted
by Joseph
..ibullcr Ol uini
eiits, and was accepted.
Klveii to the 1-
ti... ...iiectlon was
wanted by Mar-
1 rWumMo Cornell,
Chicago and
... i..ii... nf-
.intvrrs tlea th" tan
(V.ing MI fr the c cuon.
.. ...i.i..t
vv:,, refused by
i wanted the
Mr. Isl !
Election to remain In
Charity Bsll May Be Deferred
Until Dee. 15.
A m
ctlng of the executive wi
chargO of the p.. parat.oiis .0.
.i.iriiv ball to
be comtuclcil 101
the benefit of
the poor w 1. low s 01 !
oo Ml held last
evening. " IH I
..... .!,.. the ball will he
deferred one
sl" .,. ..rlJnallv set.
lec. I
from me oi -so
as to give th unmlttecs
more tlm
There v
to make Brians'-....
ill be no further
count OR
. nH In . .linn......
VI . .mil '.-
lol, Ot 1,11111'""
xl..tw.l liligllt Wno wnn
. 1 .... hrr friends
f,,r this noti-
iiointnaieo . - . .
,,r yesterday, at.no.m. cl that ene
would not be
amnoni' -
OF 101.
Fargc. Wis.. Nov
11 Polly D
I. a
She was a real
,. ., o-. d UH. Is dean.
;,linu'bter of 1812 th.
flrt settler in !-
Packers Appeal to Associate Jus
tice Day for a Stay of
Pending Action on Request of Defend
ants Trial Will be Postponed
in Lower Court.
Chicago, Nov. -Attorney May or,
counsel for the packers, visited the of
fice of district Attorney Wllkcrson to
day and asked that Judge Kohlsaat's
ord.-r dissolving the packers' writ of
habeas corpus be entered today in
stead of tomorrow as ordered.
Later Mayor and Jamas aVhaoaa, of
the counsel for the government, went
to the United States Circuit Court pre
pared to ask for an immediate cilr of
the order dismissing the pacwrs' plea.
The purpose of asking that the or
der be entered todav. Instead of tomor
row, It was said, was to place the case.
Itl a position where they Would have
a standing before th Supreme tourt.
The entry order, il was said, would be
followed by an appea; to Associate
Justice of the Supreme Court Ihty In
Canton. Ohio.
Judge Kohlsaat subsequently entered
an order (plashing the plea for 11 writ
of habeas corpus. The attorneys for
the packets then BJod an appeal to the
Supreme Court. Transi 1 ipts of the ap
peal, it was stated, had been forward
ed to Canton. Ohio, where the appeal
will he presented to Associate Justice
Day for a stay in the proceedings so
the cases may be sidered h t he Su
preme Court.
At'oiniy Mayer later served a cita
tion on biatrial Attorney Wilkersoti to
notify him that the caw is BO Of in the
hands of the Supreme Court.
IJhsrt. If A- Nov. 21. The first of
t w cut v-four eases against I rs. Nelson
Smith and Amory Smith, charged with
practicing medicine without a license,
will be placed OH trial here today. The
defendants will be represented by the
ex-Cov. .Morris of Wis and other wide
ly known lawyers, ami it is probable
the cases eventually will reach the
I'nlted States Supreme court.
Nord Hansen, Prussian Saxony. Nov.
It Eleven minors wen- killed gf I faU
of rock today In the government pot
ash mine.
TUdrich Explains His Plan
the Monetary System of
Discusses Proposition to Organize National Reserve Assoca
tion Which Would Correct Faults in Present System ana
Secure For the People Immunity From Disastrous Results
of Monetary Panics
Kgaj orhans. November Li. -Mr. Al
drich sM.ke before the American
jtankers' Association today, aa f'"
To the National Monetary Commis
sion is assigned the important task of
devising a plan by which this great
countr) may, in the interest of all of
Its people, of every' class and every
section secure that Immunity which
for half a century has been enjoyed
by the people of every other great
commercial nation, from the disastrous
,-, suits ..f monatan p anion mm a. me
monetary disturbances.
If we can d.-clse for the I'nlted
States a tnoiiotarv svstem which will
protatt the rights and afford OCttTtt)
io hank depositors, which will enable
the batiks at all times to respond to
every legitimate demand for credit and
laHinWlf so essential for the develop
ment of our Industries - we shall have
met the expectations of the public with
relet em c to two Important matters and
have done much to create and main
lain that feeling of confidence in th.
safety and . IT. ctiv eness of bonking In
stitutions which Is so essential to mir
uninterrupted national progress.
"There is general agreement .among
intelligent students of the subject that
,,, ueeomidish these benetlcienl results,
imS orovtda a bettor reorganiza
tion of credit, a thorough reconstruc
tion of banking systems ami mcuioo.
"The failure of our monetary sys
tem can be largely attributed.
(I) To our Inability to enforce that
effective . .. upomtloa gf banks which
l necessary to protect the public In
terests as well as their own In times
of stress or crisis;
"(2) To the limitations ami restric
tions impose. I by atlti.piate.l or ob
solete laws with reference to the treat
ment of reserve', and
"(3) To a deic tiv. Inelnsti. and tin
scientific system Off note-Issues.
propose today to discuss briefly
some of the salient features of the plan
to remedy these directs and prevent
failures through the organization of a
national reserve association.
National Commission to Hear Cabinet
Members This Week.
Washington, 1). C, Nov. 21 The
National Waterways CommloaloB was
culled to order here today by 'hair
man Senator Uurton ol Ohio, to hold
a series of hearings with a view r
obtaining every availai.h- Information
concerning the important subject of
water-power. The commission will
consider fundamental principles per
taining to rights in ami utilization of
water-powers; the proper relation of
the Kederul government to their de
velopment in the public domain o if
navigable rivers under the Jurisdiction
of Congress; the best method of utilis
ing water-powers as a problem of hy
draulic engineering: tin- most desirable
line of division between state and na
tional control, etc. Anions, those Invit
ed to attend the hearing! are Attor
ne Ceneral Wlckershain, Clfford I'tn
c hot, Secretary Fisher and Louie Uran
dels. it is expected that the commis
sion will embody its findings in a
voluminous report t.. '..ngn-ss.
Nebraska to be Inspected by Jury in
Beeks Case.
Boaton, Mass., Nov. 21. To further
the ends of histlce the I'nlted States
battleohlp Mehtfaaka, left her pia
with the North Atlantic squadron and
is now berthed at the Charteatowa
navy sard awaiting Inapactlan by the
Jury in the case of lames Beeks. who
was placed on trial in the I'nlted
States circuit court have today for the
alleged murder of Alexander All. 11
Hecks and Allen, both negroes, wa re
messmates on the Nebraska. The kill
ing of Allen occurred on the battle
ship while she was at the Charlestown
navy yard last May. It Is OSfjOOUd
the Jury will be asked to view the
MM 1 the trugedy. n application
of counsel for the accused negro the
iinvv tie nartinetit ordered the Nebraska
t., Mtan to Huston for the trial.
, laims that the shooting of Allen was
In self-defence.
Mopednle. Mass., Nov. 21. n the
w. dding anniversary of her mother and
lor grandmother. Miss Dorothy Dra
per, daughter of the former Coventor
of Massachusetts and Mrs. Eben 8.
Draper, today became the brl le of
Thomas Ctattle Caun.-tt. Jr., of Cam
bridge. The ceremony was performed
at noon In the Memorial church of this
place and was followed by a large re
icptlon at "The Ledges," the Draper
summer home.
Green May. Wis.. Nov. 21. -Charges
hive been Mod against Mattie CteffhV
ti-nson of Stulng, Wisconsin, alleging
she murdered the seven-year-Nelson,
hv giving her poison
d.l Hilda
d candy.
The girl died Kebruary 3. 101 0
and Acute Monetary
"It is proposed to organize the banks1
,,f tin- country into local , assodat ions
and these Into district associations,
each with distinctive functions and
each with local self-government and
to organize till district associations in
the National lb erve Association. The
orvanlzatlon propogod Is not a bank,
but a co-operative union of all the
banks of the country, for definite pur
ooses and with very limited and cleur-
bj defined functions. It is in eft.-ct an
extension, or ev.-l itn.n. t the en arum
house idea to in. 1 t the n.-.ds and 1 e
uulremeiits of the entire country.
"The plan of organization includes
positive provisions.
"(1) To maintain the Integrity and
independence of existing banks, .-tat.
and national. The new organi.an "
Is outside of superimposed upon, the
exist lug system. The proposed ass..
elation is not a bank and is not a cm
petltor In any sense for the business of
existing banks. In Its ownership and in
Its domestic business. It Is confined
strictly to banks and the government
"C!) It provide! clearly n an equal
ity of privileges and advantages to all
banks, great or small. wherever lo
cated. "(3) It provi.hs equality in rates of
discount or le discount to all banks,
nnd these rat. s are to be uniform
throughout th. country. I Ills. It is oe-
lleved will insure steadiness and M a
suitableness ol 1 ites everywhere;
"(4) lis organ itlon is of a form and
character that w ill effectually prevent
the control of Its operations by polit-
leal Influences al or national.
' ( r ) Fivcry n' ana has leen taken.
ever) sifeguai o'opieo io pifM-in ...
vond gwontlor the pnanthttMp of its
control hv air corporation or cm
blnatlon of corpora tssao, banks or otb
else. by anv individual or oomhtna-
tion of indlvi
. Isew here for
"() The d.
operation ami
Were .illlicil
or adapt to 1
ills In Wall Street ot
elfish or sinister pur-
beating principle Is . 0
not yent 1 alia t loll .
hat vv e could not adopt
ir use an organization
Bank Leader Asks Support for
Non Partisan Demand for
O. Wstts, of Nashville, President of
the Association, is Heard in
Notable Address.
New Orleans, Ia , Nov. 21 -If
the proposed plan for the lOffWM
ot tin- onrrenc) nnd tianking sstem af
the UnitiMl Slate; be kept non-parti-pan,
Its enactment into law will be an
easy accoinpllsbment. And it could be
kept a non-partisan Issue. If the 4,000
bankers here would work sealously to
that end upon their return home.
So de.lared r. 9. Walts. prc-eL M
,,1 the American Hankers' AaOQCUUlan,
in addressing
members here
the convention of its
today. Mi Watts stray-
id. be said
trom the beaten path ol
prat edent
to discuss the thetnw which
has been made tile Keynote Ol ion
volition proceedings.
"Surely there Is no gootl reason why
the question should become a partisan
one." he said. "There Is no party prin
ciple Involved in such a co-operative
ng. ney and nothing but prejudice or
tha extreii.lt for an i-sue, which Par
tainly does not exist In this day. could
emtio either Of the tWO great political
narties to treat tha subject different U
from what they should proposals
e..o, Inalili or pur,- 10011, 01 im.
proveinents, or the building of a great
.anal. If by any chance It drifts un
avoidably b the bankers and business
men into a partisan alignment, tin- mi
ll bop,- of making it an effective issue
,,, ti,,- party opposing the plan would
lie in Its ability to appeal to prejudice
through talk Of centralization and con
trol by special interest. Neither prop
osition COttM be maintained before the
thoiight'nl citizenship of this country.
.-... 1 when the light of reason entered.
the party making sucn an appeal w..
. 1 1.1
suffer as such patties havi
fered in the past.
alwax s suf
We can
show that instead of neum
m the proposal is d. . en
tile power coming to the
central agency
tor all hanks in J"'
such a way as the power
tin. ciii.-f uecottve of th.
Is placed in
nation. The
1. resident becomes
the composite ol
American ideas
.ml when not so mere
occurs a shitting of authority, no
Central Raaarvo AoeechUtoa would at-ra-g
be the composite of the share-
to Improve
United States
like the central banks af Kurope or the
second bank of the I'nited States.
Among the provisions of the plan
int. , .led to remedy defects and MM
existing evils are;
"(1) To Insure the maintenance of
... 1 1 . serves bv the association
and its OaemPOm Willi sucn ptviiwi
for discounts and note-issues as shall
enable tho organization to respond
prompts at all times to normal or un
usual demands for credit or currency
without danger of undue expansion or
(: To provide for concentration of
the eaoh reserves of all the banks to be
used for the assistance and supirt f
any. iiml.r assured decentralisation of
control. Scattered reserves have been
found useless In times of pressure, de
posit balances In the reserve associa
tion are to be counted as legal re
serves, (3) To authorize the association to
rediscount through its. listrict branches
under local cntrol. commercial paper
... ... ..,l.lna
ot a definite haracter lor individual
bunks to. be used in replenishing th. lt
4) To give to individual hanks the
facilities for an increase of their re
porvm and loaning power which will
enable them to adopt the pollcv which
h.i- been universally effective In other
countries Of allaying excitement, cre
ating confidence and preventing punuv.
bv prompt payment of all demands and
obligations as presented and at the
sain, time granting a Jgberal line ..!
BHill to all deserving customers in
of uncertainty and distrust.
, To irrnnt the power for further
non-Issues to this c-operatlve asso
ciation of all the hank authorltv
which Is now vested In national lianks
mattered throughout the cuntry and
bv riipiiring the association to for
ward its notes to any subscribing
member al once upon application and
nlthonl charge for transportation
Prompt redemption of all notes Is re
ipilred at the several brain In s of the
() To give authority to the reserve
(Continued on Page Threa)
holding banks, and. therefore, stand
Bsg for the best In our business life.
Keep Politics Out.
"The Currency Commission and of
ficers of your Association bave been
In a number of ,,nt. 1 . n vith the
fholl I II 00 and ini-inh. rs of the Nation
al Monetary 'i-mmisslon. and thot
having the responsibility of forming a
plan shovsed remarkable willingness to
hear and adopt any suggestions tend
ing to keep the control awa from
secu!atlve marts, keep it apart from
political control or prevent its being at
any time a political issue, keep the
investments of a eliuracter that would
make an ,ontto of little value com-.an-d
to such an outlay as necessary
to a. .piite It.
'"Those expressing a fear on the
anoatlaa of control seem to ileal ootts
in generalities instead of giving some
good reasons for the belief that an)
selfish interest would seek control, or
that if sought it could be attained. The
plan expressl prohibits the holding
of shares by any individual or other
than hanking orporat ions, ho that di
rect stock control is forever impossi
ble, and, therefore, to get even indi
rect control it would be necessary for
such interests to purchase control of
the majority of the shares of more
than half in number and amount of the
twenty thousand independent banks of
the country. The use of such a stu
pendous sum as necessary Is highly
Impractical. The suggestion appears
foolish to those analyzing the silua
tioO and to be a serious reflection on
the good sense of those in mind when
special control is mentioned.
Undoubtedly those interest which
according to passing speech and hur
ried composition are designated as
Wall Street' favor the National Re
serve Association or any plan of mon
etary reform making for stability and
prosperity and relieving the best bank
ers of New York from the greal strnn
of crop movements, trade expansion
and panics. Hissing the relative!)
snutll number of stock gamblers
around .New ) ..rk s Stock Kxchange
we find there hanks, business houses,
industrial and rallwa corporations
vitally interested in OVOff section of
the country and who have learned what
one aptly expressed during the yeaj
In saying that his institution and al
lied interests 'makes dollars out of
the general prosperity of the rmniin
where they could make only pennies
ut of special privilege.' The real Wall
Siieet prefers prosperity to special
privilege, and knows that they serve
themselves most when building up the
commercial, manufacturing, agricul
tural, transportation and banking in-t-
tests of the whole country."
Replace Old Two-Cent Foreign
Single Card.
The post office department has noti
fied Postmaster Wickstrom of th. is
suance of a new L'-ccnt foreign single
postal card, to replace the old card.
know n in postal circles as the "W card.
A description of the new card fol
lows: The size of the card is 3V4 by 54
Inches (the same as the "Fi" card)
The paper Is of cream color, and the
design Is printed In red Ink. A por
trait of Ceneral 1T. S. tlrant. looking
to the right, is used as the subject of
the stamp The portrait appears
vv Ithln a frame the inner lines of which
are rectangular, with inwardly curv
ing corners. Above the portrait and
following the curve of the ellipse aro
the words "1. 8. Postal Card." and
helow It Is the name "Orant" In a
curved ribbon. The denomination is
expressed In words and numerals In
the lower portion of the frame. To the
left of the stamp, In a single line of
plain Oothle capitals, is the Inscrip
tion. "This side of card is for address
only." In the upper left corner of the
card appears the following Inscription
in Knglish and FYench: "Universal
Postal 1'nion. I'nion Postale 1'niv. r-
UnttOd States of America. Rtats-
1 11 is D'Araerlqna
The production of "E" cards has
been discontinued, and the new No.
7 cards will he Issued on postmasters'
requisitions for foreign single cards as
the supply of "E" cards at the dis
tributing sub-agencies becomes ex
hausted. 3 1'ndamaged "FJ" cars must not
be returned to the department. They
will continue valid for postage indefin
San Antonio, Texas. Nov. 21 Cop
ies of three manifestos, bearing Cen
eral Reyes' name and calling on the
Mexican srrnv and Mexican people t
revolt against the Madero government
are today In the hands of local secret
ervlee men and will be laid before
the Federal district attorney here.
Omaha. Neb.. Nov. 21. A building
ocuple.l by the Moot Printing companv
and other firms, was damaged to the
extent of $17:..aaa by Are today. The
publishing department of the S t
cign Camp of the Woodmen of the
World sustained a loss of f. .0.000.
Peoria, ill.. Nov. 21. Avery Manu
facturing Co.. makers of traction en
gines and thrashing machinery, suf
fered a loss of tlf.O.OOO by fire today.
Washington. Nov 21. For the first
time In more than seven years, the
meeting of the cabinet was held at the
White House today instead of in the
. xeculive offices. Taft's cold Is Im
proved, but his physician advised him
not to venture over to his ofTice.
Former Chief Engineer of Dulutb
& Northern Before Stan
ley Committee
John D. Rockefeller, He Says,
Control For Million Dollars.
Big Earnings Now.
Washington No .1 Mow John D
Rockefeller secured control of the val
uable Dulutb, Maanha & Northern K.
K. through a han of a million dollars,
how the value .,f the property is said
to have been ' padded" to make it ap
pear worth more than seven millions,
and how the road is now earning more
than tWO hundred dollars a share in
dividends, were told the Stanley Steel
trust investigating committee today by
Charles H. Hartz. formerl chief en
gineer of tlie road.
Hartz told how he one- owned forty
nine shares of stock In the road but
had to sell It to the Rockefeller inter-e-ts
for thirty dollars a share in or
d r, he claimed, to make his Job "e-
Victim's Companion Endssvora
Question Her Character.
Lincoln Center, Nov. 21. The possi
bility of Miss Chamberlain, victim of
tlie "tarring part."" telling her own
tory on the witness stand todav at
tracted visitors to the court from thir
ty tnilesarouiul The testimony brought
out yes tenia) has . r.ateil generally a
more serious view of what was before
looked upon as a joke.
Kdward Ricnl, who was Miss
Chamberlains companion at the time
she was dragged out of the buggy. In
which she was riding with Kicrd, and
tarr.d, testified today. The trend ot
his testimony was to cast reflection up
on Miss Chamberlain's character.
Kicrd admitted that while in the
buggy he twice attempted to attack
Miss Chamberlain, but that she re
pulsed blm and tusked him to take her
back homo. I Hiring his testimony he
said SherifT Woolford had told him if
he testified he ( Rlcord ) had imptoper
relations with Miss Chamberlain he
would lie sent to prison.
Woolfi.rd followed RUord on the
stand and denied Rlcord'a charge
against hi .
Benjamin Painter and Watson S. ran
ton told Of their jart In the tarring af
fair. Scranfon, said none of the three
men now ..n trial were present.
Contrary to general expectations.
Miss Chamberlain d.d not testify this
forenoon. Her story probably will be
heard late todav and will close the case
for the day.
Chicago, Hot, '.i. One hour before
charges against him and three other
police ofhcials were scheduled to bo
heard. Police Captain Plunkett. com
manding the liesplalnes street dis
trict, resigned. Plunkett, with hanjaBa
andtor Dorman and Lieutenants Am
I t. is. ..ml Howard, was to go on trial
befor.- the civil service commission,
charg.-d with failure to obey orders
it-gulatlng vice conditions 011 the West
The funeral of the late John Kriatan.
cldentally killed Saturday night on
the Mineral Hange railroad, took place
tMs morning at St. Josephs Sloven-
Ian church. Interment was in Iake
View cemeterv.
n inquest to Inquire Into the cir
cumstances surrounding the death of
the man is f.. be conducted by Coroner
R. H. Rule this afternoon In the Tam
arack club house.
New York. Nov. 21. Friday Is the
day set fo rsentenclng William J. Cum
mins, the former Nashville promoter,
convicted yesterdsy afternoon of grand
larceny. The Jury decided Cummins
took for his own use 1140.000 deposit
ed with the Carnegie Trust Co., which
he practically controlled as a fund to
be held In trust for several smaller
Chicago. Nov. 21. The scheduled
conference of the committees of shop
employes of the Rock Island railroad
this morning waa postponed until af
ternoon. It is probable another con
ference with the railroad officials will
be asked. The men have asked for
increased wages and improved work
ing conditions.
New York. Nov 21. William Hep
burn, aged "4, principal owner gf the
Hi.ston National League baseball club,
nn.l n well known lawyer Is dead
Washington. Nov 21. Census bureau
n ports the cotton ginned prior to No
vember ,13th as ILlTet.OOO bales.
, le
iy SO
h h
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