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MY . FHA r VwV, A had
YVa.tS.cs; 04 THE. Z.Xi-Q
Ml M Aki .o N Nee i
NOW luAs f Ht KOAD
TC UCT Ml p rKOie-
-o ' k ut- AH,' r
j Launum
A few iIu.vh ugo wo had a most on
Joyable visit with Captain Thomas
Ibai-m of Calumet, a copper minor
Of long experience, says tllo Ishp in
irift iron ore. For yens he wsa with
the Calumet & Ffeda Mining i iiasjisn j
and a:is om f its ahlont mining men.
I.iii.r ho hocntno associated with ('alu-
mi t tk Arizona and many other copper
mining onterprlsea that hao prnvod
M Tin - rapt lin was on hla
a t,i Santo Domln;;o to look over a
wonderful llnd of copper, hut he was
nol s.i describing It himself. He
had looked over no many Mr "stir.
things" located at a great distance
mic thai he had tie 'hmc lilfeptT
cal roncernlng tho far-away "lnnmn
ui" and was not building anything
.f the latost on his list. The captain
v. ill have a fine ocean trip and will bo
absent nbmM two months
The Country Has Mineral.
Banto DonMngO has copper and gold,
m . r . nickle cobalt and other mater
ials, .md big stories BOOM from there
concerning some of those, but thuri
far tli-- exports have not been large
of course there fa always a chance,
Htal t'."ptain Hoatson was sttrsctsd
by certain representations from a sup
posedly reliable source and lie la going
t" over something lo w that haf
been I oca tad In that country. He Is
not building upon being surprised with
a Krent And, but he will be ready to
take advantage of It should one prove
h Ik it the Santo Domingo end of the
Sure Thing at This End.
The (aolain feels certain he has a
i i' i ;;..o, thing at the American end
of the track. He has well -developed
hii rests In Arizona and Montana thai
I'- niakine urood In a fine a. and
hi exnecti to bo grotty busy looking
nfter them upon Ids return. Ho Is a
brother nt t'anlain James lloalson, of
''ahiinet, a veteran enpper miner with
xpi rlences In eoppor 10 Michigan,
Montana and Arizona, having boon
illy associated with the indus
try in all these states, and Is still
lately Interested . visiting many
:irnps and kee)lng In close touch with
their developments. There's no hct
ter copper miners anywliere than
Stato Profits Considerably From
Growth of Motor Car Industry.
I'i eilmiuarv to his annual report
'(retary of State ITeib-rick C, Mar
"ndah has prepared atntlstlra ahow
l"R the amount of business transacted
1,1 various departments of his offlc
lnriiiif the Bast twelve months, and
y:'s that the h iks show an SSC
lb rerolpta turnetl Into the state treas-
a the your 1'ila of $.'f?.fiJT.H2
' ininiher of manulai luring, iner-
''oitile and other companies Issuing
Iihit of stock organised during tbi
your number 2.01&; 314 churclioa,
flulm, hospltala and other organlsa
t for BJfoftt, were incorporated.
an'l 3.10 companies increased or do
" their capital stock. nsaMM
'' l J.!;i corporations pass.d
'"' b) SsCTOtOQ Of State Mm f in
"'ale .hiring 1911. The amount reprc
nted by the new .mpunicH Is M1
"" l6, while the net liicreaae of . api
tocfc hy old corporation is $7!.
7.040, making the total capital passed
"I'n: hv the secretary of state for one
J"" 4:i,2.-7,r,05.
In the three yeara that Mr. Mar
lon, been secretarv of stat.
" " 'ncoms of the" department has In--'"1
per cent, the Inerwise bo
" iih.ro than double th. receipts for
10. While the revenue of the d
''"tiiient has Increased over Joo p.-r
",,t the c ost of lorlcal help haS In
"""I but 10 gar cent. This Increase
'.:. .f the aeeretnry of j
tate'l ib parttnoiit may be attributed
i L -",( M rwea i m kni AN Of THI'j AlxD I 3 AKT FOR rtP.HI srw 7
MUK.il '.I
largely to the plienoinanftj !; t Hi and
development of the motor car iimlustry
' MlchigmBi ic.s from motor car li
cense tans yield a eatT income of
ntmt) Jltinoo, whih- the Hanchlse f- .
from m .V nioto,- , u- O0MflM tlliiiR ar
ticles of Incorporation amount to a con
Biddable sum in the course of a year.
Much Interest is Being Taken in Ski
Races to be Held Here.
In connection with the ski races
tO be held at the Laurlum Driving
park the afternoon of January 21, It
la bateragtlng to note that one hundred
boys have already entered for several
of the events. Some of the finest ski
raees ever pulled off in this section are
The proprietor Of one of the local
moving picture houses has s. i .i hie
.Monday evening of next week as a
benefit night for the promoters of the
r:ues. the proceeds to he devoted to
purchasing prizes for the winners.
In addition to the boys' races, there
will he laces fOf men, women and
Kills, is well as lease racing on ski-.
The track at the park is to he placed
ir. tlrst -class shape, and it is believed
local amateur records will be broken
John Hill. di. To Sam's civil service
xamlner in Calumet, announced this
i morning that the examinaiion for car-
riors for the La,urlum post office will
likely he conducted In the Lmtrium
townhall on Cchruury it). Application
must be on file in Chicago not later
than 4:. 10 o'clock the afternoon of Feb
ruary 2. Application blanks may be se
cured at the Laurkum post office or of
John Hill, at the Calnine pest OSHOO.
The n embers of I.aiirhim lode No.
SOS, KniKhts of Pythias, will enjoy g
big social session this evening in con
nection With the installatinn . f offi
cers f04f the ensuing year. Tluir will
l o a chicken bOOlUoS and It Is expect
ed the event will prove a very pleas
ant one The new officers are planning
big activ ities for the coming year and
the presence of every member jy de
idled for this evening.
J. C. Hansen h it last night for Du-
1u!h iiu a short business trip.
Henry Wartln of I'owahlc street,
left last night for Doittth to visit for a
few davs.
Ramsey HostSOO has returned frotu
Detroit where ho visited with friends
over the holidays.
The third of the series of hockey
games arranged by the Copper t'otintrv
I ' I l-lt Ml WARN Mb H JHf 1V 1 NOW I 1 n ( . l
HAD TlMI IO VliU LV . jUh .s III 'r-, B,n n.a,'-- II
iO NfcfcVOLS ANVkVAV AK.f . m. ) r f zaSSx
J '-J' WJI-..JI-0 TO SHOCKS ' vW,-;.r- A (MLs.
Junior Hockey league will take place
j Thursday evening at the Palestra and
Cilachuloin, Mohawk.
The annual maatlng of the Laurlum
I lire iloitartm nt will he held toon ir rnu
' irankMB ftanortl are t.. he road, ofll
OarV for the ensuing year elected and
other business transacted.
Strength of an Indian Beetle.
Ono day u nallve servant brought me
a lonpicorn beetle which hf was curry
ing by its feeders, while the beetle was
carrying a stone weighing nearly half
a pound. Hut BOW the feelers could
stand the strain (the beetle was carried
lu this fashion for about forty yjirdst
and how the legs could retain their
hold of a heavy stone which they
could not encompass I cannot conceive.
The length of the beetle was inch
es, its feelers 3 Inches, and It weighed
oue-qunrter ounce only, while the stone
weighed 7V4 ounces. aMMttfcjfl 3V4 by
2A incites tind was 7 Inches lu circuin
fereuce. Kerainpore (Bangs!) Letter.
Lincoln's Passes.
Lincoln's humor often got hltn out of
trying situations and ISttlpOfsd Ids re
fusal of favors, as happened during
the civil wnr when n gciitlejn:in nsked
him for a pass through the federal
lines to Richmond. "I should ba luip-
py to oblige you." said Lincoln, "if my
passes were respected. Hut the fact Is
within the last two years 1 htive given
passes to Richmond to n quarter of n
million meu. nnd not one has got there
Heart Failure.
"Turrlble thing happened to BIM in
the poker gauio las' uight."
"What was It?"
"Heart failure."
"You dou't mean It"
"Yes; he hold four hearts and drew
one card; got a spade." RrooUyu Kn
Poor Business.
"The milliner, as usual, is six weeks
behind with my hat"
' Serves you right." growled her hus
band, the eminent magnate "Yon
women will deliberately place a big
construction order without a sign of a
penalty clan e " - Washington Berald
A Sad Case.
wnari tne manor with the man
who's talking to the policeman?"
"Why. that's P.rovvn, the professor of
mnemonics. He's forgotten the mini
ber of uU street" Cleveland Plain
A Genius.
"Your mother in law never pays you
a long visit." said one man to another
"How Is that ? "
"She did OOfO, but I got my mother
to come on a visit at the igna lime.'
Revenge is n kind of wild JnsttCS
which the more man's nature- runs to
the more ought luw to weed It out
Bacon. Indestructible Doll.
A new doll that its inventor claims
Is indestructible Is made of properly
shaped blocks of wood, Joined by
spring steel swivels and hinves.
System in the Safe
If yor have used an old-time safe for
several jears, take a look in. Soma
compartments are over-stuffed.
others unused because they don't fit
books o
in them
books or files you would likely put
in them.
Slobc Calnttef Safd
hus no arbitrary measurement Adjuatable
ahrWe. partitions and unita permit on to he
lha ftRhltect of your own aafr Interior, limit
of a perfect filing intern within the
reach of wvery buaineaa man.
Wa ara tailing aeoatt for thl city.
;. '.. ,w
And Father almost
New York. Jan. s. The outlook for
I gOOd race in the .National league
nasi year is very bright. This race
promises to bo i.trgiiv a repetition of
lhb Mars campaign. The (Hants.
Cubs, l'hillles and Mtrstca are again
the most liktlj contenders, hut with
the material there is on the Cincin
nati team and a change in manage
ment that elub la in a fair wa to do
bettor next year. The Brooklyn, too,
may carry out the premise of the
last part of their season this year and
Union higher up. Jteen the Bostons
are lik ly to win more games and the
Cardinals look as If ge will he tlx
aame roving un crtaint as this year,
varvlng from pennant to second di
vision bail.
Of course, the acquisitions of a win
ter, weeding out and trades ma) after
ens team's outlook ssstesiaHy. hut
while the National league's playing
Strength is not as gnat as that pos
sessed by the Icadels of the Allien, a l
It is at hast more evenly distribut
ed. The (Hants have as good an inlieU!
is could be wished for for next sc. -son
and one that will improv i . I it
the club could stand more hatting
strength in the outfield and mods
badly another tlr:d- lass pitch Of or
t wo.
If Bvera is all right again m xi
Psnr, if a, hard hitting first baseman
Is found and if the pitching staff does
better, whv then the Cubs will have
is good a chance .! winning another
pennant as an.vhndv. As now made
ip no team stands a bettor chance
for the 1912 pennant than the Pi
An Infield composed of Wagner. Mil
ler. McCarthy and Itvrne; Clarke.
urey. ami. hell, laa.h and Wilson to
boose from in the outfield. ('.Ibsen be
hind the bat and two rOUOSJ pltrhera
..I ascsedlng promise in Hemliix and
ii'Toolo make thi' I'lralea look de-
Msdl) loriuidable.
The Phillies are another comhlns-
tioa which looks good. The) havi
strong pitching stalT. a lirst-Tass
it. her and a hustling manager,
ively infield and hitting strength
Hie ..utlleld. It would hi- vorv easv
or the pennant in this lewgue ti
hango liands.
Pole's Manager Will Meet Turk In Or
der to Qualify.
Kansas City. Mo.. Jan. H. "If Frank
lotoh will consent lo meet Zybszko In
ase the Pole defeais .Mahiuoiit 1 wiii
sign up to meet tin Turk at once.
aid Jack Herman, manager 01 KytrS-
zko, hi re today.
All m want is a chance at fjotch."
Herman an Id. "Il one must hen, l ill
mout firat to got at hlni we will do it.
I will give (Sotrh 110.004) aa his end or
the purse to meet 7. hszko. If he
don't like that 1 will back the Pole
on a winner-take-all basis."
Chicago's Mayor Lays Down the Law
to the Wrestlers.
Chicago, '!:.. '! llgT
rlson yeaterdaj laid down t'i ' to
wrestling promoW 1 1,
"The aport In the future will bg 00
the square or there will be no mat
bouts In Chicago," was the dictum of
the mayor, emphasized by a lusty bang
with his fist on h' desk. There'
will be no repetition of the fiasco at
the i ..iseum and I have issued STflfM
to the chief of police lo allow no more
permits for wres.l ng hunts without the
promoters first complying with nil the
provisions, one ol which la thai the
major must approve all.'
One-fourth of the cane sugar crop
Of the world Is grown in the ItrTtlsh
empii i ,
got away with it at that
v ("anihridge. Mass.. Jan. 8.
I John I.. Sullivan and Jake Kll-
rain, with whom he fought what
W was probably his most famous
battlo have started on a vau-
devillo tour which, it is eaieT,
v will mark their final appsorsnce
v beior.' the public. Sullivan has
grown so fleshy that he was to-
day nnantdaaoosly lectod laj
I- iiionihorshlji in the New England
v I'ai .Men's club and will BO mi-
Some Queer Ideas of Justico As Prac
ticed Down In Cuba.
John J. MeCraw hid Just as hard a
time SM aping iirn st wldio m CtthO
with the (Hants as Jack Johnson docs
teet) time he starts out in his mo
lt OT, according to the stories the New
York manager told on his return from
the south.
Stories were sent out from CMOS
one day to the effect that MoOraw
and Umpire RlflMt wen each fined
$-0, hut this was almost a daily oc
currence if ha stories come straight
from the manager.
"A day wasn't a day in Cuba un
h ss I was haled Into court and l'"r
nothing, t.m." says MciJrau. 'It got
so that whether I was fishing for
sharks or was walking in tin street
and some one spoke some sort of a
rigmarole to me in Spanish. I d Juet
draw enough money to pay a fine and
go to court, listen to a ht of Span
ish lingo, pay 'y and go outside and
wait to ho brought back The first
three times I was fined it was for
not having some kind of I new auto
mobile license the fudge had thouiiht
f over night. The thud tune I was
lined the Judge nit Iocs., and decided
it would cost KM Met. I settled
through an Interpreter far $:'(.
"The time Rigler was brought into
i ..art with BM because I said MeSkOsa
would never be us great a- Mathevv
son. the Judge said to hlni, I under
stand, of course. Senor Higler, that
vou were only a bystander and there
fore partly innocent. Hut I'll havo
to fine you $:o also."
Presbyterians May Bar Game From
Theological Seminaries.
New York, Jan. ,S. Kvoi v preOh) -
ti rv in the Fnited States has been up
pealed to hy tho Presln t or ia n sv nod
Of West Virginia to protest agains
Intercollegiate football. This presbv
torv. through its stated clerk. Rev. J
r. l.oyonberger. has sent a letter to
the presb tories asking each t
iiiest tho general assembly of the
Presbyterian church to .all a aonfat
.nee of all the president- ol Presbyter
ian colleges to consider the suhjei t of
intercollegiate athletics. particularly
football, "and to inquire especially into
! "nt on the manhood, the morals
and the physical development of stu
dents participating in such games.''
rile synod of West Virginia gives
as tho reason the recent death o(
William I Merr.v man, who under
the cure of the preebyferv of Wheel
ing, was studying for the ministry
He was injured i irtober '24 in a foot
ball game. The petition win . ..nie bc-
e the New York presb.v tery noat
Portland, i re.. Jan. 4. "I think
Frank Chance and Connie Ma k the
w. I. est and most successful mana
gers in 'basehail today and I am going
to do all I can to put the Northwestern
league- (Tub managers In the same tate
gorv," said Fielder Jones new l olei tSd
president of the league, todav. N..
rowdyism will be tolerated. I'll have
the best of umpires and I'll stand be
hind them unless I know they are
wrong, which Isn't often in baseball to
At the various ( anacllan ports of
try last year i..sw persons were re-
Jeeted. 15.404 being ritlaena of the
Culled States,
By Fred .
I'nusual e cuts marked the baseball
season of IflJL , n w of the most ex
traordinary things noted prove that
hasobull, with its urn ortaintv . is as
r.ow today as it was a decade ago.
U In n Lajoie strikes out the fans are
amazed. Kd Walsh of the White Sox
fanned him thrice in one game at Chi
eago. Vena Qreasj of Cleveiaad and Cleaver
Alexander of the Phillies, big ajpjl
recruits, proved the njiolnolll Of their
respective teams in the box.
Frank liakera two home runs, on
succeeding davs, was unheard of in
world's series games.
For a hopeless tallendor in on. IsS
gne to win a series from a pennant
contender in a rival organization was
what the llrovvna did to the Cardinals.
Nov York, on the road, in a gruel
ling pennant finish, won twelve games
from the strong teams of the National
IS iglie.
MM Cubs, battled to the labt in the
i ace without one dependable pit. Ti
er. l ive American league teams changed
majnaaTSra New York. Hostnn. Wash
ington. Cleveland and Chicago.
C.orge Stovall took a tailtud team,
Cleveland, and landed it third In the
American league race and was not
given a job as manager in a major
b igue.
Vean (rogg met Kd Walsh four times
and won all of his games.
The Detroit team got away to a wln-
rung fifteen-game had. but bowed to
the .lass of the Athletics.
The White Sox barely crowded into
the first division, but won the Chicago
:ty championship from tho Cutis, who
Were ran Bars-up in the National.
The Athletics upset tradition h.v win
ning the series from the (Slants after
losing the fir.' t game
Hlll.v Murray, the Pittsburg scout
nredlcta that Jack Harry will be thi
area tea I shortstop in the business with
in two years,
Kmory J. Muns. .ii. a pitcher on thi
i noriiii,! oi .viicmgun lea ill. was
married to Mbs Pearl tJardfior. of li
Salle. 111., todav.
SM r.o.eiieio may not no tne man
ager of th, Chattanooga bunch. It.
wants the same salarj that he received
from the Nationals, $4.5oo, which is out
of the question.
Yule is to have a hockey nnk that
vv ill cost some Mlttee.
The Ponnsv lv aula and Michigan foot
ball teams will meet on either Nov.
M -':t next fall.
Harvard and MtOhJejOa have heetj
dropped from Cornell's baseball sched.
nle which has just boon annouiucd
Gophers Anxious to Secure Gridiron
Metch W,th Eastern Team.
Ithaca, n. v.. Jan. s. in the absence
of Graduate Mamiger Kent no official
information could be obtained as to
whether or not Minnesota was nego
tiating with Cornell for a fee, hall
game next fall.
It Is known, however, tha prelimin
ary correspondence has passed !.
ween the two managements and that
tin advisability of going so far west
as Minnesota has been discussed at It
haca In view of the fact that COfliaM
1. to play Michigan at Ann Arbor next
fall and seeking for a game with
either Trim eton or Dartmouth, to be
Bfgyjred away from home.
New York. Jan. ft. Earner Strieklott.
lie overer of the sptthait has written to
President Kbbett of Hrooklyn. ask
ing him t. use his Influence In having
him restored to good standing. Strh k-
tt Jumped the Itrooklvn team four
i five vears ago to Join the San ,l..se
(Oh of the outlaw Calllornla stat.
According to general opinions if
Hank lay receives the support ot
the press and public, gets all the work
out of his nlavers. nreervf i.ei(..,i
: harmony on the team, digs up a couple
of :t(n hitters, and one or two Alex-
en-janders. and runs the t.un with t j
ai uieness of Mr. Muck, he will he i
I w hair of a suceoss as a mamigei ,. ih.
(Cincinnati team.
Writ RE DiD rn7
322 WOS
Chicago, 111. Jan. 7. Jack Johnson
believes Hattling Nelson, former light -v
eight champion, will bo killed In the
ring if he does not stop fighting, .la k
said Nelson was depending too much
Sg his constitution and in one of his
fights he would receive a punch over
the heart which would kill him. The
Champion was so sincere in this belief
thOi he thinks something should be
gcSM t.. make Nelson retire from the
According to Johnson pugilism would
suffer more af the death of an ex
champion In the ring than It possibly
could in any other way. The game
was receiving enough criticism at the
1 resent time, said the champion. Jack
said he would begin light training In
a week. Little boxing will be attempt
erf owing to a sore Jaw caused by the
P idling of a tooth. He will do most of
his preliminary work at o'Connoirs.
Wood Pulp Spun Into Yarn With Sheen
and Gloss.
An nitifleial silk Indu tt v of enor
mous proportion has been built up
with the development of the manufac
ture f a lustrous yarn from wood pulp
Factories In Austri i. Fran., e. Corman .'
and more recently in Fngland turn out
inar.v thousands of pounds Of the yarn
every day. A great plant is just start
ing the manufacture in this country.
iinnr fhoilnr Po Tho nulli mad
L ' , ,...
Jliein :-iiue- iit-t-n, in, 01 imi, inn.. 01...
v irictv sf wood, is dissolved In various
(hembals. and the solution is spun
into a beautiful varn. the sheen and
gloss ol which, the Scientific Ameri
can says, outrivals the most costly co
coon silks.
In certain tcMllo lines, notably the
l-raids and trimmings for women's
('rer-'c and hats and in knitted neck
ties, the artificial silk, or wood silk, as
It is sometimes called, has practically
replaced the real article. Probably
per cent, of the braids and passemen-teri-
.vv inanufactred are wood silk,
t' ihe retail customer seldom reat-
! is fact.
True synthetic silk has been made
hv chemists. It ia said, absolutely du
plicating the product of the cocoon In
evcrv respect, but this achievement had
commercial value because of the
;rat 1 .i production. A Frencli-
inan. Htlare do hard-nnet, was the
first to make Wood silk on a couinei -
cial basis; ami although ho Is now
wealthy, It ia said that he went info
bankruptcy s.-voral times before he
was finally successful. The first yarn
he made from nitro-eollulose solution
was highlv explosive and dangerous.
Mtor numerous failures lie discovered
i way of denltrating the finished varn.
German and Knglish chemists made
further improvements
All tho artificial silks take the same
dvestuflfs as "otton and are readily
cd. tho luster being brilliantlv acen-
' . ited. especially h.v certain shades.
Cave has to he taken while the Kkelns
are wet. a- the fllaindifs lose much of
their strength while in this condition.
but as soon as Hie .varn dries again it
is as strong as ever- and the luster re
turns with all its original brilliancy.
The nrttakaal filaments, when dry are
of almost hu rt ditlble tlnei ess. one
pound of yam in aaajM ases, contain
ing as much as i(Mi miles of individual
filaments. The bulk of the .varn spun
contains about 33.000 yards to the
pound, eighteen filaments being twisted
together ;.. form the yarn.
Cott.ui pulp is used Instead of wood
pulp In some of the foreign artificial
silk factories, hut wood pulp seems
to hi regarded as more suitable At
the pi . s. nt ti,., about per cent, of
the worlds ( on sumption of silk yarn
Is the artificial product Many mil
lions have been -pent In KUrop,. Hnd
America In perfection of the various
pro, sSSSa for spinning and the pioneers
ss a rule, got little of the profits.
The first American group to exploit tha
prodix t expending over Sl.oeo.Ooo ln
experimenting, without obtaining any
return w hatever
It appears that a student can get
along very well on 93 a month at the
Impel ia university of Japan. His
food, loom and light cost 11.20 a
month his tuition . rents, paper and
b - oks so cents leaving yet a dollar sacs
" rilli for other exoenses
Classified ads bring results.

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